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. W^memk ~ -'>/ y -- ■ - ■■::-,/■:... ' 







High Grade Shoes 

Exquisite Slippers 

Hosiery to match 

Gowns or Footwear 

id West Lexington Street - baltimork, mi>. 





Sold at all first -class cafes and by jobbers 
WM. LANAHAN & SON, Baltimore. Md. 




Capital and Surplus, - 2,500,000.00 

i SPECIAL feature of our 
Banking Department is 
the attention given to 
Lady Depositors. <J A 
special Teller, separate 
from the main Banking Department 


Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent and Silver Storage 
Room. Interest Allowed on Deposits :: :: 


DOUGLAS H. GORDON , President 


SAMUEL C. ROWLAND Vice-President 

CHAS. D. FENHAGEN .... Secretary and Treasurer 
WALTER D. FOCKE ...•••■ Asst. Treasurer 

HOWARD N LEEKE Asst Secretary 

j. * " * ; 


LM C W\jni\J Satins, Laces, Gloves, 

DYE more Ladies' 
Fine Dresses, Delicate 
rvVC Xa/HPK^ Summer Fabrics, Silks, 

I Feathers, Men s 

Clothes, Carpets, Rugs, 








Blinds, Lace Curtains, Blankets, Furs, etc., and 
do them better than any other concern in the 
United States :: :: :: :: :: 

We began business forty-one (41) years ago 

Today Our Name is 


332 N. Howard Street 342 N. Charles Street 

208 W. Lexington Street 

1411 N. Charles St 


Society Visiting List 

"BLUE book;' 

For the Season of 1910. 









Compiled by Caroline P. Remington, 


Miss Caroline F. Remington. 

PRICE, $3.00. 

published by 
Lucas Brothers, 


|ci:CK?r ? \M,Soi)\ 


Formerly of 

O'NEILLS Dress Making 



Gowns of all 



(Unto «s iiaps 

Largest Variety 


MAPS JOc to $20.00 GLOBES 25c to $3000 


Jo P. 






Clh\ applies 



1774 iaio 





. \ 1-1 I \ I. * I DO, 

-I RFLCS *4il.iilic> 




s. k. Corner Howard and Saratoga Streets 

Wm.C.I'ai.i: President Richard Gwix.n . . 2nd Vice-Pres. 

Jas. II. Preston, V.-Pres.& Coun. W. H. Dashiell Cashier 

Lawful Depository ,*r any Trustee, Receiver, Guardian, Executor 
or Administrator, Agent, Public Officer or Fiduciary 

Commercial Department— Large and small accounts received subject 
to check. w 

Savings Department— Deposits received from 25 cents up; i% percent. 
interest paid. 

Safe Depoi it Bo i - fS.00 and upward. 

Foreign Exchange and Lett* 'lit to all parts of the World. 

Department for Ladies* Exclusive Use. 

1 1 



Financial 10-24 

Too Late to Classify * 28 

Index to Advertisers 25-26 

Marriages 29-34. 

Maiden Names of Brides on the Marriage List 35-37 

Debutantes 39-41 


Alphabetical List 43~-73 

Educational 274-276 

Street Directory 277-318 

Roland Park, Roland Avenue and Lake Roland 321-329 


Principal Churches 330-331 

Hotels, Flats and Apartments '. 331-33^ 


Johns Hopkins University 333-33& 

Staff of Johns Hopkins 331 1 

Johns Flopkins Club 340 

Charcoal Club 340 

Maryland Club 341-349 

Baltimore Club 350-357 

Baltimore Country Club 357 

University Club 35S-363 



Bachelors' Cotillon 364-370 

Junior Cotillon 37 l ~373 

Green Spring Valley J hint Club 376-379 

Elkridge Hunt Club 380-384 

Woman's Literary Club of Baltimore 385-386 

Woman's Club of Roland Park 3*7 

Evening Dispensary for Working Women and Girls 3 <s 7 

Sudbrook Park Golf Club 388 

Arundell Club 39 1 

United Daughters of the Confederacy 39 1 

1 )aughters of the Confederacy in the State of Maryland 392 

Maryland Line Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revo- 
lution 39^ 

Thomas Johnson Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. . 393 

Society of Colonial Wars 393 

1 he Maryland Society of the Colonial Dames of America 394 

Daughters of American Revolution 394 

General Smallwood Chapter, Daughters of American Revolution. . 395 

Baltimore Yacht Club 395 

Catonsville Country Club 396 

Patapsco Hunt Club 396 

G .V P. Phoki Mi. Vi Biros 8200 M 


l l'H< M.-VI IK Y. < Alll.NCT WORK, K KIM NIS11 1 \( i, MATRKSSES, 

BIjIF OOTERS, window shades. 

si'i;ei.\i, PUEMTURB MADE TO oudkk 

s-.i7 JV. Howard Btrket - BAI/TIMORE, MI>. 






ST. PAUL 5775 

Whelan, Duer & Lanahan 



213 East German Street, main floor keyser bldg. 









^antoira <&a\b mb 


SUarqufa ^tlurr mxb 


UlarrttPH <&mtm?tal fHrah 


iCa Ifallirrra iHtmrijmr 


NfrkUta anb Haga anil 


3Tittg?r SUnga Unrgurttfa 





lEurrytbing in JBatrlirs, IGorkrts aui> (Chains 





Stammiu iftrrrhants 

310 !N". Charles St. - Baltimore, Md. 


Capital $20n,0i' 
Undivided Profits $76,000.00 


North Avenue, West TRUST CO. 

BANK Receives savings accounts and active accounts 

—— subject to check. 

COURTS Attends to Orphans Court and Circuit Court 

=== _____— — _, business as Executor, Administrator, Guardian, 
Trustee, CElc. 

STORAGE Stores household effects in its Warehouse of 

- Fire-Proof construction, built expressly for that 


Win. A. Marburg 
Henry C. Matthews 
Matthrw C. Fenton 
Jacob W. Slagle 

HENRY S. KING, Piesident. 
J. Wm. Middendorf 
P. Bryson Millikin 
John W. Lowe 
Edgar G. Miller, Jr. 

Jos. A. Bolgiano 
Harry R. Jones 
Benj. F. Bennett 
Henry S. King 


1 u 


h u z 

Z U) 0Q 

ojo 18-3 S 
DCCL eCGc75 


National iExrijattg? Sank 



Surplus and Profits 


Centrally located and fully equipped with every facility for 
the transaction of all business handled by a modern Bank 


A safe and convenient place for keeping valuable papers 
at all times and jewelry during your vacation : : : 






Assistant Cashier 

ytizvcantiid Orust £$ iDeposit (To* 

aF ^nnlH^>^^^ 

v 1 +/ *^ VI I V 

PAID-UP CAPITAL .... 1,500,000 

Surplus and 

Undivided Profits .... 3,000000 

Transacts a General Trust, Financial and Banking Business. 

Interest Paid on Deposits frcm Date of Deposit. 

Letters of Credit and Foreign Drafts on all Parts of the World. 



W. W. Spence 

E. Austin Jenkins 
Stewart Brown 

JOHN GILL of R . . . . President 

Wm. H. Blackford 

WILTON SNOWDEN . Vice-President 

Aubrey Pearre 

A. H. S. POST . Second Vice-President 

H. A. Orrick 

Blanchard Randall 

JOHN McHENRY . . . Treasurer 

Lawrason Riggs 

JOS. R. WALKER . . . Secretary 

N. W. James 

John D. Howard 
J. B. Ramsay 

T. H. FITCHETT, Asst. Sec. and Treas 5 

Decatur H. Miller 

Simon Rosenburg 

John K. Shaw, 

txprutxur (Cotnmittrr 

Wm. B. Hurst 
Howard E. Young 


hdwin Cj Baetjer 
Theo. F. Krug 


Jacob B. Cahn 


Walter B. Brooks 


Solomon frank 
John Black 


Wm. B. Oliver 


Alex C. Nelson 
A. H. S. Post 
Wilton Snowden 
John Gill of R. 

ZruBt (Commit!*? 

new york: 

James T. Woodward 


Alonzo Potter 




Robert J. Lowry 


Hon. Henry G. Davis 



N. W. Cor. Calvert and German Streets 




Transacts a General Trust and 
Banking Business 

Interest Allowed on Deposits Subject to Check 

A Legal Depository for Court and Trust Funds 

Correspondence and Interviews Invited 



L. S. Zimmerman Acting President 

J. V. McNeal Vice-President 

Carroll Van Ness Secretary 

Jervis Spencer, Jr Treasurer 

T c . f Asst. Secretary 

Ivan Skinner j Agst Treasur( ? r 


Josiah L. Blackwell George C. Jenkins 

G. Clymer Brooke J. Y. McNeal 

Joseph R. Foard Oscar G. Murray 

P.. Howell Griswold, Jr. Henry F. Shoemaker 

A. Barton Hepburn Janus Speyer 

Grier Ilersh Douglas M Wyl'.e 

John T. Hill L. S. Zimmerman 





Townsend Scott & Son 

djankers and *Jjnokef*s 

F A Y e: T T e: strezft 

opposite the: post office: 

Transact a General Banking and Invest- 
ment Business. 






(She (Emtttnrntal (grunt (Enmpang 



Depository of the United States, State of Maryland and the City of Baltimore 

iFirst National lank of Ualttntnrr 

CAPITAL $1,000,000 SURPLUS AND PROFITS $525. f 00 DEPOSITS $6,300,000 


H. B. WILCOX, President WM. S. HAMMOND, Cashier 

JOS. R. FORD. Vice-President SAM'L \V. TSCHUDI, Assistant Cashier 



WM. A. DICKEY - - President W. J. Dickey & Sons, Incorporated 
JOS. R FOARD, .... President Joseph R. Foard Company 


JOS. FRIEDENWALD, - - President Crown Cork and Seal Company 

JOHN HUBNER Real Estate 

NATL. W. JAMES of N. \V. James & Co., Lumber 

ALEX. T. LEFTWICH - of Ricards, Leftwieh & Co.. Wholesale Tobacco 
LOUIS MULLER - - President Louis Muller Co.. Wholesale Grain 
BLANCH ARD RANDALL - - of Gill & Fisher, Grain Exporters 

WM. C. ROU>E - of Rouse, Hempstone & Co., Wholesale Notions 

HUGH SISSON of Hugh S IS son& Son. Marble 

JAMES A. SMYSER Varietv Iron Works 

JAMES T. WOODWARD. President Hanover National Bank, New York 
H. B. WILCOX - - President 

JAMES L. McLANE, President 

HENRY C. JAMES, Cashier 

EDWIN W. ADAMS, Ass't Cashier 


Sf BALTIMORE %££?%% 

Cordially solicits your business, feeling 
confident that its well known facilities 
will render an account, once establish- 
ed, of permanent and mutual satisfac- 
tion and profit. 


®rtp Rational 
jHnrliamra Sank 


Wants your 
Bank Account 

Correspondence and Interviews 
are Solicited. ^ Special Attention 
given to Ladies Accounts. 


$2,000,000 President 

Capital, Surplus, and Profits $590,000 00 - - Resources, $3,250,000.00 

ifflanjlattb Natumal Sank 


Thorntox Rollins. President H. S. Platt. rice-President 

James C. Fknhagkn, Cashier G. Hakky Barnes, Asst. Cashier 

John J. Buffington . . . . of John J. Buffing-ton & Company, Seed Merchants 

W. J. Chapman . . . President W. J . Chapman Coal Company 

John M. Dennis . . . Vice-President Louis Muller Company, Grain Exporters 

Jos. I >i Giorgio President Atlantic Fruit Company, Fruit Importers 

W. W. Edmonuson of J. A. Edmondson & Sons, Wholesale Grocers 

James C. Fenhagen Cashier 

Hon. A. B. Fleming Fairmont. W. Va. 

George J. Gould President Missouri Pacific R. K. 

Edward A. Jackson Coffee Importer 

F. S. Landstreet President New York Dock Co. 

C.O'DLee Real Estate and Insurance 

J. S. Mac Donald President J. S. MacDonald Company, Jewelers 

H.S.Piatt Vice-President Hopkins Place Savings Bank 

Thornton Rollins President 

F. C. Seeman J. A. Dobson & Company, Wholesale Glassware 

H. M. Wagner H. M. Wagner & Company Wholesale Grocers 

S. Davies Warfield President ContinentalTrust Company 

J. H. Wheelwright Vice-President Consolidation Coal Companv 



nnrismBNT SECURITIES members of 



Interest Allowed on Deposits, Subject to Check 










The Handicraft Club of Baltimore 


Pottery, __ /~4£~\ ^v Wood-Carving 



Jewelry T \^>^-S$<J ^ Tooled Leather, 

Fabrics ^ B a etC * 

Ol)£ 3fan6icraft £l)op 



"TIM double postals sent out 
m October iwost be re- 
turned by tbe 30fli ©f that 
montli, other wise, correc- 
tions asad extra names will be 
charged r^O eciit^ oacli line. 







dtamgtt ani» Smiusttr IBattktns. 

RECEIVE ACCOUNTS of Banks, Bankers, Corporations, Firms, and 

Individuals on the most favorable terms. 

Paying - Coupons, Dividends, &c. 
INTEREST ALLOWED on Current Balances and at special rates for 

time deposits as agreed upon. 

MEMEERS OF STOCK EXCHANGE. (Private Wire to Brown 

Brothers & Co., New York, Philadelphia and Boston.) Execute 

orders for Purchase and Sale of Stocks and Bonds in this and 

other markets. 
RAILROAD, MUNICIPAL and other Bonds issued, and Loans 


IN DOLLARS, for use in this Country, Canada, Mexico and the 

West Indies, and in STERLING, available in any part of the 

World. Credits are issued against deposits of cash, securities or 

satisfactory guarantee of repayment. 
INTERNATIONAL CHEQUES also issued in various denominations. 
ACCEPT CUSTODY OF BONDS, STOCKS and other Securities, and 

Collect Coupons and Dividends for Credit customers while abroad. 
BILLS OF EXCHANGE bought and sold, and Drafts drawn on 

principal cities of Great Britain and the Continent. 
REMITTANCES OF MONEY made to and Collections made in all 

parts of the world. 


New York, Philadelphia, Boston. London. 

Correspondence Invited 


A Page 

Adams. J. M 209 

nrmiger Co., The James R 13 

Asendorf. Madame A 193 


Baltimore Trust & Guarantee Co.. 

The 22 

Bailey. Banks & Biddle, 

Insert between pp. 46 and 47 

Baltimore Steam Packet Co 103 

Baltimore School of Art Needlework.. 190 

Brehm's Ill 

Brown & Sons. Alexander 24 

Bowers & Sons. William 85 

Bryn Mawr School 275 

Calvert Bank 10 

Calvert School 274 

Continental Trust Co., The 19 

Casino. The 6 

Clark & Co 249 


Daly & Co.. Owen 22 

Decorative Art Society 190 

Dunn's 85 

Dulanv Co.. Wm. J. C 86 

gjdgewortb Boarding and Day School. 276 

Elder-Harrison Co 250 

Enright 7 

European Conservatory of Music 97 

Ferri. Julius 104 

First National Bank of Baltimore 20 

Fisher, Emil Outside Back Cover 

Footer's Dve Works First Flv Leaf 

Ford's .'. . . 189 

Friendly Inn Association 254 

Friends School 274 

Fuller. Albert E 338 


Gardiner Dairy 



Hacker, Richard 250 

Handicraft Shop, The 22 

Haney, J 276 

Hardy's 254 

Hamlileton & Co Outside Back of Book 

Hamburger «fc Sons, Isaac 390 

geineck-Lloyd, Mine. Anita 169 

Heineman. Fred 68 


Ilennegan-Bates Co 151 

Hess' Sons. N 41 

Hildebrandt & Co 110 

Hilgarten Marble Co 124 

Hopper, McGaw & Co 42 

Hotel Sherwood 38 

Hunter's Rye Inside Front Cover 

Hutzler Bros. Co 112 

Hurler's 222 

Insurance Co. of North America, of 

Philadelphia 150 

International Trust Co First Fly Leaf 

Jefferson School for Boys. The 275 

Jenkins t V Sons Co.. Henry W 124 

Johnson. William 38 

Jones. Dr. John Weslev 196 

Jones. W. E ' 210 


Kammarman. B 34 

Kirk 15S 

Kirkpatrick, Dr. Aloha M 152 

Klingstine 37 

Knabe Pianos 97 

Knipp & Sons, John C 210 


Lanahan & Sons. Wm.. Inside Front Cover 

Le Compte & Co 190 

Les Beaux Arts 104 

Levin & Sons. J 320 

Loudon Park Cemetery 27 

Lucas Bros., Inc 7 

Lucas Bros., Inc 337 

Lucas Bros.. Inc 33S 

Lvcett 9S 



Maryland Trust Co 

Maryland National Bank 21 

Mercantile Trust & Deposit Co 17 

Medical & Standard Book Co 28 

Merchants & Miners' Transportation 

Co 69 

Metropolitan Savings Bank 170 

McDowell & Co 210 

Moore & Co 85 


National Exchange Bank 15-16 

National Bank of Baltimore. The 20 

National Mechanics' Bank, The 21 

Neely & Ensor 189 

Notice from Miss Remington 23 




O Page 
< >riental Rug Co 320 

Patapsco Superlative Flour 9 

Quandt, M 121 


Reese & Son. Percy M 209 

Resinol Chemical Co. ..Inside Back Cover 
Robinson, L. A 70 


Sadtler & Sons. G. T 98 

Schumacher & Co.. A 398 

Security Storage & Trust Co 14 

Sherwood Pure Rye Ill 

Shulman, X 320 

Sigmund & Son. Albert TO 

Skihitzki. Paul 104 

Stark .V: Son. P 158 

Steinhacb. J. P 8 

Stewart ^ Co 222 

T Page 

Taylor & Co.. R. Q 102 

Taylor. E. B 240 

Timanus' Arch Market 249 

Townsend Scotl & Son 19 


Variety Store 276 


Whelan. Duer & Lanahan 13 

Williams & Co.. B. D 254 

Wing, Ying Lung & Co 158 

Woolton, Harry.. 12 

Wyman Top Inside Front Cover 

Yeaton & Co 390 


Calvert School 274 

Friends School 274 

Bryn Mawr School 2_<5 

Jefferson School for Boys, The 275 

Eda,eworth Boarding and Day School. 270 

Commercial and Society Engraving 


Lucas Brothers 


221-223 E. Baltimore Street 

Lots Unofer Perpetual Care at Moderate Prices 

loudon |>aFk Cemetery 




I .. 


Treas. and Genl Mgr. I 

i :: 



Sunk dlmpnrtrrs 
^^^ <£ngrauerB 


All Fiction bought of us can be exchanged within seven days upon pay- 

ment of 10 cents. 

Further exchanges on the same terms. 





Ahrens, Mr. Adolph H., 

Amos, Miss Josephine C, 

Barnwell. Rev. Middleton S., 

Bulkley. Maj.H.D., 

Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 

Cox, The Misses, 

Cox, Mr. Doug. J., 

Futcher, Dr. and Mrs. Thos. B. (nee Howard ). 

Gilpin, Mt. and Mrs. Henry B., 

1 [inton, Mr. Edwin, 

Klots. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P., 

Marshall. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lee, 

Martin. Mrs. Hamilton, 

Martin. Miss, 

Martin. Miss Lucile, 

Smith, Mrs. Frederick H., 


803 N. Calvert St. 

Young Men's Christian Asso. 


27 W. Preston St. 

27 W. Preston St. 

27 W. Preston St. 

23 W. Franklin St. 

(for the Winter) Stafford. 

14.04 Park Av. 

Winter) Washington Apts. 

( for the 

(for the Winter) 

7 E. 

Eager St. 
Park Av. 
Park Av. 
Park Av. 





Athey, Mr. and Mrs. Caleb N. (nee Helen Wilmer), 1902 Eastern Av. 

Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. John Sellers (nee Gretchen Banks), 

The Esmond, Spruce St., Phila., Pa. 
Married October 27, 1909. 


Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Leon (nee Helen Thomsen), 

Chestertown, Md. 

Bitta, Chevalier and Mrs. Enrico Giobbe della (nee Mary Stanley). 

19 Passeggiata di Riptta, Rome, Italy. 
Married August 14, 1909. 

Bogue, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Jr. (nee Alice F. Wylie), 843 Park Av. 

Married January 5, 1909. 

Boyce, Mr. and Mrs. A. Page (nee Anne Gordon Thorn), 

3 E. Mt. Royal Av. 
Married January 16, 1909. 

Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Arrell (nee Margaret Jenkins Lilly), 

Sherwood, Balto. Co., Md. 
Married January 26, 1909. 

Brent, Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh C. (nee Eleanor A. Turnbull), Colon, Panama. 

Married September 17, 1909. 


Catlin, Capt. and Mrs. George de Grasse (nee Sarah McC. Grasty), 

Fort Snelling. Minn. 

' Clotworthv, Col. and Mrs. C. Baker (nee Ella T.Reeves), 

Garrison P. O., Md. 
Married August 7, 1909. 


Dammann, Mr. and Mrs. J. Francis, Jr. (nee Isabel Lynde), 

Married November 16, 1909. 

Denison, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. (nee Elizabeth CromwelU. 

Timonium P. O., Md. 
Married November 25, 1909. 



Dieterich, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. (nee May Brown), 

963 Fifth \\ .. N< w York. 

.Married May 26, T909. 

Daniel, Mr. and Mrs.John F. (nee Menetta White Brooks), 

Mt. Vernon, 111. 
Married February 16, 1909. 

Doty,Mr.and Mrs. Leonidas (nee Nannie T. Whiteley) , Catonsville, Md. 

Married April 28, 1909. 

Duer, Mr. and Mrs. John, Jr. (nee Agnes Barton), 

Weyanoke, Roslyn P. 0.,Md. 
Married ( )ctober 5, 1909. 

Foard, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. R. (nee Virginia Lee McMaster), 

"Chamouny," Stevenson, Md. 

Married June 30, 1909. 

Freeman, Mr. and Mrs.John Doug-las (nee Eleanor Ferine), The Walbert. 

Married November 3, 1909. 

Ferguson, Mr. and Mr-. James F. (nee Mary Chisolm Trenholm). 

873 Park Av. 
Married October 28, 1909. 

Garrett, Mr. and Mrs.John W. (nee Alice Warder), Rome, Italy. 

Married December 24, 1908. 

Giddings, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Downley (nee Helen Ashby), 

216 W. Madison St. 
Married April 28, 1900. 

Hann, Mr. and Mr-. Samuel M. (nee Florence Leigh Baker), 

[325 Lul aw Place. 

Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson (nee Mary Shields Poole), 

St. Paul Apts. 
Married ( )ctober 12. [909. 

Hopkins, Dr. and Mrs. Walton II. 'net' Lila Holmes rrenholm), 

15 Maryland Av., Annapolis, Md. 
Married June 23, 1909. 

Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (nee Ague- Cuyler), 140 W. Lanvale St. 

Married January 12, 1909. 

Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Francis, Jr. (nee Clara Douglas Custis), 

200! Maryland A v., Baltimore. 
Married January 30, 1909. 


Hart, Mi\ and Mrs. Harry Maybin (nee Fanny Simons Bayly), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Married April 12. 1909. 

Harrington, Mr. and Mrs. William Watson (nee Sarah Godwin), 

Dover, Del. 
Married October 26, 1909. 


Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. (nee Mellinee G.Rhodes), 

1732 N. Calvert St. 
Married March 10. 1909. 

Janney, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. (nee Lucy Landon Walton), 

The Preston Apartments. 
Married October 6, 1909. 

Knox, Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Mason, Jr. (nee Marion Gordon Bowdoin), 

804 Cathedral St. 
Married April 28, 1909. 


Lord, Mr. and Mrs. John Walter (nee Henrietta Mactier Hoffman), 

303 Club Road, Roland Park. 
Married January 18, 1909. 

Lehr. Dr. and Mrs. Louis C. (nee Marie W.Conrad). 

2033 Florida A v.. Washington, D. C. 
Married November 9, 1909. 


Macy, Mr. and Mrs. Josiah (nee Elizabeth W.Wise), 

13 James St., Morristown. X. J. 
Married May 22. 1909. 

Marye, Mr. and Mrs. W. Canby (nee Mary B. Whiteley), 

"The Wentworth." Cathedral and Mulberry Sts. 
Married April 14, 1909. 

Manley, Lieut, and Mrs. Frederick Willis, U.S. M. Academy ( nee 

Lucia B.Grady). West Point, N. Y. 

Married June 1. 1909. 

Melius, Dr. and Mrs. Edward (nee Marion Heath). Newton, Mass. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. (nee Janet Goucher), The Preston. 

Married September 16, 1909. 

Marriott, Mr. and Mrs. Telfair W. (nee Lucy Brady). 

The Washington Apts. 
Married April 7, 1909. 


Motley, Mr. and Mrs. James M. (nee Ethel Levering), 

327 Addison Ay., Palo Alto, Cal. 
Married May 12, 1909. 

McClure, Mr. and Mrs. James Russell, Jr. (nee Agnes Lewis Selden), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Married October 9, 1909. 

Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. (nee Serena C.Williams), New York. 

Married November 23, T909. 

Montague, Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. (nee Virginia Cabell Tyson), 

Married November 16, 1909. 


Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Parker ( nee .Mary R. Brady). 

2122 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Married January 6, 1909. 

Nesbitt, Rev. and Mrs. John Allison (nee Elizabeth Whiteley), 

Wyncrest Aw, Catonsville, Md. 
Married September 21, 1909. 


Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. (nee Mildred R. Keech) 

Married May 12. 1909. 

Perin, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson E. (nee Rebecca Anderson), 

Berkeley Springs, W. Va. 
Married October, 1909. 


Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Champlin (nee Bettie Campbell Clark), 

Rogers Station, Green Spring Valley, Md. 
Married November 16, 1909. 

Ridgely, Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. (nee Chesebrough) , 

"Woodside Farm," Benson P. O., Md. 
Married March 24, 1909. 

Rutherford, Mr. and Mrs. Paul (nee Rena Stuart Slingluff). 

2216 Garrison Av., Walbrook. 
Married January 30, 1909. 

Roszell, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Dulany (nee Janet Southgate Lemmon), 

Married October 2,1909. 



Slingluff. Mr. and Airs. Thomas Rowland (nee Gertrude 

Randolph Jenkins), 924 Cathedral St. 

Married July 28, 1909. 

Smith. Mr. and Airs. Thomas Marshall (nee Selina Keighler). 

2941 St. Paul St. 
Married June 30. 1909. 

Smith. Air. and Airs. Chas. Howard (nee Jane Swindell). The Severn. 

Alarried September 2S. 1909. 

Symington, Air. and Airs. Donald Leith (nee Elsie Hillen Jenkins). 

Alarried April 19. 1909. 

Symington, Mr. and Airs. John F. (nee Arabella Hambleton). 

Sherwood, Rider P. O.. Aid. 
Alarried January 14. 1909. 

Starr. Air. and Airs. Charles Sharpless (nee Alarjorie Russell 

Alurdoch), "The Alorris," Philadelphia, Pa. 

Alarried November 10. 1909. 

Smith. Air. and Mrs. Edgeworth (nee Yelna Tyson Rawls), 

Address 22 E. Alt. Vernon PI. 

Alarried October, 1909. 

Stewart. Air. and Airs. Charles Alexander (nee Bessie Riach), 

Alt. Washington, Md. 

Tate, Air. and Airs. William (nee Edith Dondge), New York. 

Alarried February 10, 1909. 

Tailer, Mr. and Mrs. T. Suffern (nee Harriet Stewart Brown), 

21 West 51st St.. New York. 
Alarried April 14. 1909. 

Taylor. Air. and Mrs. Wickham (nee Susan P. Selden). 

199 Freemason St.. Norfolk. Va. 
Alarried July 29, T909. 

Townsend. Lieut, and Airs. Julius C, U. S. N. < nee Martha 

B. Gaither). Care of Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Alarried January 14. 1909. 

Tittoni. Lieut, and Airs. Robert (nee Alarie AIcNeal). Philadelphia. Pa. 

Alarried October 2~, 1909. 



Warfield, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua N. (nee Mary Nicodemus), 

Woodbine, Carroll Co., Md. 

Married March 6, igog. 

Wells, Mr. and Mr-. Allien P. (nee Agnes Randall Rrune), 

Columbia University, N. Y. 
Married May 13. 1909. 

Wickes, Dr. and Mrs. Walter (nee Catherine Young), The Washington. 

Married December 17, 1908. 

Wight, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lonev (nee Gladys Mitchell Watts). 

The St. Paul. 
Married February jo. 1909. 

Williams. Capt. and Mrs. Richard, U. S. M. C. (nee Agnes 

Maude Miller >, 

Married April 19, 1909. 

Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Gordon (nee Elizabeth Preston Elliott), 

[318 N.Charles St. 
Married June 5. 1909. 

Winder, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. (nee Corinne H.Pope), 9 E. Eager St. 

Married August 4, 1909. 

Worthington, Dr. and Mrs. Jos, Kent (nee Mary W. Spencer), 

12 13 X. Calvert St. 
Married June J, 1909. 

Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. T. Wilson (nee Elizabeth Pierce). 

1323 N. Calvert St. 
Married October 9. 1909. 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Victor (nee Gertrude Lee Unduch) 

Married October 27, 1909. 

Puune, O. <fc I*. Mi. Vkknu.v lOH-t-Y 






Ashby, Helen. 
Anderson, Rebecca. 

Brown, May. 

Brooks, Menetta White. 

Baker, Florence Leigh. 

Bayly, Fanny Simons. 

Bowdoin. Marion Gordon. 

Brady, Lucy. 

Brady, Mary R. 

Brown, Harriet Stewart. 

Brune, Agnes Randall. 

Barton. Agnes. 

Banks, Gretchen. 


Mrs. Harry Downley Giddings. 
Mrs. Xelson E. Perin. 


Mrs. Alfred E. Dieterich. 
Mrs. John F. Daniel. 
Mrs. Samuel M. Hann. 
Mrs. Harry Maybin Hart. 
Mrs. J. H. Mason Knox, Jr. 
Mrs. Telfair W. Marriott. 
Mrs. Jos. Parker Norris. 
Mrs. T, Suffern Tailer. 
Mrs. Albert P. Wells. 
Mrs. John Duer. 
Mrs. John Sellers Barnes. 

Cromwell. Elizabeth. 
Custis, Clara Douglas. 
Cuyler, Agnes. 
Conrad, Marie W. 
Clark. Bettie Campbell. 
Chesebrongh. Miss. 

Dondge, Edith. 

Elliott. Elizabeth Preston. 

Mrs. Charles C. Denison. 
Mrs. Xormaji Francis Hill, Jr. 
Mrs. Edward Hammond. 
Mrs. Louis C. Lehr. 
Mrs. W. Champlin Robinson. 
Mrs. Martin E. Ridgely. 


Mrs. William late. 


Mrs. Gordon Wilson. 

Grasty. Sarah Mc.C. 
Grady, Lucia B. 
Goucher, Janet. 
Gaither, Martha B. 
Godwin, Sarah. 

Hambleton, Arabella. 

Heath, Marion. 

Hoffman. Henrietta Mactier. 

Mrs. Geo. de Grasse Catlin. 

Mrs. Frederick Willis Manley. 

Mrs. Henry C. Miller. 

Mrs. Julius C. Townsend. 

Mrs. William Watson Harrington. 


Mrs. John F. Symington. 
Mrs. Edward Melius. 
Mrs. John Walter Lord. 




Jenkins, Elsie 1 lillen. 
Jenkins, < rertrude Randolph. 

Keighler, Selina. 
Keech, Mildred R. 


Mrs. Donald Leith Symington. 
Mrs. Thomas Rowland Slingluff. 


Mrs. Thomas Marshall Smith. 
Mrs. I [arry F. Owen-. 

Lilly, Margaret Jenkins. 
Levering, Ethel. 
Lemmon, Janet Southgate. 
Lynde, Isabel. 

Miller, Agnes Maude. 
McMaster, Virginia Lee. 
Murdoch. Marjorie Russell. 
McNeal, Marie. 

Mrs. I [orace Arrell Brow ne. 
Mrs. James Motley. 
Mrs. Julian Dulany Roszell. 
Mrs. Francis Dammann. Jr. 


Mrs. Richard Williams. 

Mrs. Joseph R. Foard. 

Mrs. Charles Sharpless Starr. 

Mrs. Robert Tittoni. 

Nicodemus, Man- 

Mrs. Joshua N. Warfield. 

Perine, Eleanor Washington. 
Poole, Mary Shields. 
Pope, Corinne 1 topkins. 
Pierce. Elizabeth. 

Mrs. John Douglas Freeman. 
Mrs. Henry Patterson Harris. 
Mrs. Charles S. Winder. 
Mrs. T. Wilson Williamson. 

Reeves, Ella T. 
Rhodes, Mellinee G. 
Rawls, Velma Tyspn. 
Riach, Bessie. 


Mrs. C. Baker Clotworthy. 
Mrs. Edward T.Jackson. 
Mrs. Edgeworth Smith. 
Mrs. Charles Alexander Stewart. 

Stanley. Mary. 
Slingluff. Rena Stuart. 
Swindell, Jane. 

Seidell. Siwin I'. 
Spencer. Mary W. 
Selden. Agnes Lew is. 

Mr-. Enrico Giobbe della Bitta. 

Mrs. Paul Rutherford. 
M rs. ( has. 1 toward Smith. 
Mrs. Wickham C. Taylor. 
Mrs. Tos. Kent W'orthinglon. 
Mrs. James Russell McClure, Jr. 

Thorn, Anne ( rordon. 

Mrs. A. Page Boyce. 



Trenholm, Lila Holmes. 
Turnbull, Eleanor A. 
Thomsen, Helen. 
Trenholm, Mary Chisolm. 
Tyson, Virginia Cabell. 

Undnch. Gertrude Lee. 

Watts. Gladvs Mitchell. 
Whiteley, Mary B. 
Wise. Elizabeth. 
Warder. Alice. 
Whiteley, Nannie T. 
Wylie. Alice F. 
Whiteley. Elizabeth. 
Wilmer. Helen. 
Walton, Lucy Landon. 
Williams, Serena C. 

Mrs. Walton Hopkins. 
Mrs. Raleigh C. Brent. 
Mrs. Arthur Leon Brown. 
Mrs. James L. Ferguson. 
Mrs. Walter P. [Montague. 


Mrs. Victor W r ilson. 


[Mrs. Frank Loney Wight. 
Mrs. W. Canby Marve. 
[Mrs. Josiah Macy. 
Mrs. John W. Garrett. 
Mrs. Leonidas Doty. 
Mrs. Henry Bogue. 
Mrs. John Allison Nesbitt. 
Mrs. Caleb N. Athey. 
[Mrs. Thomas S. Janney. 
Mrs. Robert M. Miles." 

Young, Catherine. 

[Mrs. Walter Wickes. 

George H. Klingstine 

Walter H. Klixgstlne 







C. <t P. MT. VERNON 30G1 


260 AY". Riddle Street 




Monument Street near Park Avenue. 
J. H. PRICE, Proprietor. BALTIMORE, MD. 

Convenient to Theatres, Shopping Districts, situated in the best 

residential section of City. Rooms single and en suite, with or 

without baths. Newly remodeled and furnished. $3.00 per 

day and upwards. Special rates for permanent guests. 

Take Maryland Ave. Car from Union and Mt. Royal Stations; Park Ave. 
Car from Camden to Monument Street. 

C. <:«. P. PHONE, MT. VERNON 1335 



William 3ol)rtson 



Lux< :heons 
RE< kitions 

Banquets, Etc. 

!>:{«.) N. EUTAW STRKI'.T 

l»r"T I'HKMTON 4b llll)l>l.i: STM 





Albert. Miss Henrietta Buchanan. 1610 St. Paul St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Taylor Albert. 


Beverley. Miss Rebecca Dulany. 107 W. Lanvale St. 

Niece of Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Belt. 

Bond. Miss Lydia Valentine, 1023 Cathedral St. 

Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Suinmerneld B. Bond. 

Bond. Miss Marian, cS W. Read St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Bond. 

Bresee, Miss Edna, 11 17 X.Calvert St. 

Daughter of Mrs. R. Goldsborough Keene. 

Bonsai, Miss Margaretta Pleasants, iS E. Mt. Vernon Place. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Bonsai. 

Brush, Miss Florence H.. Sheppard Hospital. Station A. 

Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Edward Nathaniel Brush. 

Brady. Miss Katherine, . 804 St. Paul St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James IT. Brady. 

Crawford, Miss Mary, 1621 St. Paul St. 

Daughter of Mrs. Frederick B. Crawford. 


De Ford. Miss Lydia Howard. 401 X. Charles St. 

Daughter of Mrs. William De Ford. 

Ellicott, Miss May Poultney, 813 St. Paul St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ellicott. 

Emory, Miss Laura Hunt. "Ore}- Rock." Pikesville. Md. 

Daughter of Mrs. William Hopper Emory. 


Frick. Miss Susan Carroll Poultney. 1503 Bolton St. 

Daughter of Mrs. Charles Frick. 


Gittinirs. Miss Elizabeth. 613 St. Paul St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gittings. 




Hoff, Miss Anita Frances Renshaw, 1420 John St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Hoff. 

Hoffman. Mi-- Eliza Laurence. 1203 St. Paul St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs.R. Curzon Hoffman. 

Harlan, Miss Helen. 9 W. Biddle St. 

Daughter of Judge and Mrs. Henry D.Harlan. 

House, Miss Eleanor Holland. Roland Park. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Win. A. I louse. 

Levering. Mi-- Anne Eugenia, 1218 N.Charles St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Le< nidas Levering. 

Ligon, Miss Ellen McElroy, "Whitehall." Ellicott City, Md. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. D. Ligon. 


Miller, Miss Credilla. 8oo Cathedral St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence V. Miller. 

Miller, Miss Allison J.. 1209 N.Calvert St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Ik-van Miller. 

Marburg, Miss Christine. 14 W. Mt. Vernon Place. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Marburg. 

Page, Miss Rosalie Braxton, 9T7 N.Calvert St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Carter Page. 

Petre. Mi— Constance, Charles- St. Ave., Station \. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Petre. 


Ransom,Miss Virginia Sanford Barroll, 16 E. Biddle St. 

Daughter of Mrs. Joel Rathbone Ransom. 

Ridgely, Miss Alice G., 1007 X.Calvert St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otho E. Ridgely. 

Rohe, Miss Margaret, The Mt. Royal. 

Daughter of Mrs. George 11. Rohe. 

Rouse. Mis- Roberta Hampton. 1 1 18 St. Paul St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Rouse. 

Randall. All- Emily Prune. t6 W. North Ave. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard Randall. 



Ranson. Miss Frances W.. 

Daughter of Mrs. Henry Warfield Ranson. 

The Preston. 

Spencer. Miss Elizabeth Coleman, 

Niece of Mrs. Charles Alexander Gambrill. 


Waring, Miss Mary Clare, 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Emory Waring. 

Williams, Miss Corinne ; 

Daughter of Mrs. E. Calvin Williams. 

1213 N. Calvert St. 

131 1 Eutaw Place. 
1307 St. Paul St. 
15 E. Preston St. 

Watts, Miss Elsie, 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. C. Watts. 

Wood, Miss Elizabeth, Fifth Ave. and Park Heights 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Wood. 

Willson, Miss Dorothy Tyson, 6 E. Piddle St 

Daughter of Mr. William B. Willson. 

Yearley, Miss Marie, 1319 N. Charles St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. C. Yearley. 

For Who's Who? 
— The Blue Book j 

For What's What " 
in Footwear? 

rpHIS IS the Store ol AUTHORITA- 
J- TIVE Shoes. Every style of 
Shoes for Women we show is in 
perfect accord with Fashions man- 
— date. And they're all effects of 
marked distinction. 




= Importers and Grocers = 
Nos. 344-346 NORTH CHARLES STREET, Corner Mulberry 

""THE greatest care given in the selection of our varied slock of Fancy 
and Staple Groceries, Wines and Cigars. Cfl Purity and Quality our 
first aim. ^ A. Department especially for all things pertaining to Teas, 
Dinners and Receptions, such as Bonbons and Confectionery, German 
Favors, Salted Almonds. Wafers and Other Good Things :: :: :: 


Society Visiting List. 

1909- 1910. 


Abel. Dr. and Mrs. John J.. Charles-St. Aw. near Cold Spring Lane. 

Abell, Mrs. Edwin F.. 16 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Abell, Mr. Walter \\\, 16 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

( "Woodbonrne." Covins, Md. ) 

Abell, Mrs. Chas. Shepherdson. "Marble Hall.*' Gorans. Md. 

Abell, Mrs. Walter R., 703 Cathedral St. 

Abell, Mr. and Mrs. Arunah Shepherdson, "Guilford," York Road. 

Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon (nee Tiffany), Boston. 

Abercrombie, Dr. and Mrs. Ronald T. (nee Jennie Scott Waters), 

4 E. Preston St. 

Adams, Mr. and Mrs. John Morrow, 102 Roland Aw. Roland Park. 

Adams, Mrs. John Quincy, 102 Roland Aw, Roland Park. 

Adams, Mr. T. Irving. 1003 X. Calvert St. 

Adams, Mr. Alvin P., 1003 X. Calvert St. 

Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Stowell (nee Goldsborough), Norfolk, Va. 

Adams, Dr. and Mrs. Frank Bennett, 2124 St. Paul St. 

Adams, Mr. Frank Blackford, 2124 St. Paul St. 

Adams, Miss Mary Beirne, 2124 St. Paul St. 

Adams, Dr. and Mrs. James Fred, (nee Nellie B. Appold), 

1314 X. Charles St. 

Adams, Misses A. E. and L. !>.. 506 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Adsit, Dr. and Mrs. Henry (ne'e Peachy P. Brown), 

112 Ashland Aw, Buffalo. X. V. 

Agnus. Gen. and Mrs. Felix, 7 W. Biddle St. 

Agnus. "Miss, 7 W. Biddle St. 

"Nacirema," Stevenson P. O., Md. 

Ahrens, Mrs. Geo. Adolph (nee Hall), ^7 Dolphin St. 

Ahrens, Mr. Adolph 11.. 42-44 S. 8th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Ahrens, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. George (nee Ebers), Germany. 

Aiken, The Misses, 2215 N.Calvert St. 

Aiken, The Messrs., 2215 N.Calvert St. 

Albert, Mr. and Mrs. A. James, 13 W.Chase St. 

Albert, Mr. and Mrs. J. Taylor (nee P.uchanan ), 1610 St. Paul St 

Albert. Mrs. Henrietta P.uchanan. l6lO St. Paul St. 

Albert, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Seabrook (nee Mary Eskridge), 

W. 116th St, New York City. 

Albert, Mrs. Jacob. "Stoneyhurst." Merryman Aw. Roland Park. 

Albert. Miss Virginia Greenway, 

"Stoneyhurst." Merryman Aw, Roland Park. 
Albert, Mr. Henry Greenway, "Stoneyhurst," Merryman Av., Roland Park. 

( For the Winter. ) 
(Havre de Grace, Md.) 

Albert, Mr. Jacob, "Cedar Lawn," Govans, Md. 

Albert, Miss Anna R, "Lystra," G. S. V., Stevenson P. O., Md. 

Albert. Mr. and Mrs. Talbot J., (nee MacGill), io.m X Charles St. 

Albert. The Misses Emily and Mary C. C, 1021 N.Charles St. 

Albert, Mr. Talbot J., Jr.," 1021 N.Charles St. 

Albert. Mr. and Mrs. Frank (nee Taylor)', Hotel Sherwood. 

(Catonsville, Md.) 

Albert, Mrs. Charlotte R., 2201 N. Charles St. 

Albert, Miss Virginia, 2201 N.Charles St. 

Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. William Fontaine (nee Emily Read Potter), 

Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Allen, Miss Susan W., 24 W. Biddle St. 

Allen. Mr. and Mrs. William Miller. The Plaza. 

Allen. Miss Elizabeth M, The Plaza. 

Allen. Dr. L. M, 809 Park Av. 

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Yorke (nee Mary Van Lear Findlay), 

41 Ridgewood Road, South Orange, N.J 

Allison, Rev. and Mrs. D. Prescott (nee Thode), 2211 N.Charles St 

Allmond, Mr. Marcus P»., Jr., -jm St. Paul St 

Allnutt, Mrs. Edmund Severn. 29 Cedar A.V., Montclair, N. J 

Allnutt, Mr. Severn Robert, 32 South Si 

AmbUr. Mr. and Mrs. James Murray, 8 E.Preston St 

Ambler, Miss Sallie 11.. 8 E.Preston St 

Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sweetman, 225 W.Preston St 

Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Montfort (nee Eleanor M.Matthews), 

1 [5 Wendell Av., Pittsfield, Mass. 


Ammidon, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. (nee Estelle Josephine Hoyt)-, 

1212 St. Paul St. 

Ammidon, Miss Julia B., 
Ammidon, Mrs. John P., 

The Marlborough. 
The Marlborough. 

112 E. Madison St. 

Amos, Miss Josephine P., 

Amsden, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Faulkner (nee Marjorie Cary Dunham), 

U. S. N., U. S. S. Milwaukee. 

Ancker, Mr. and Mrs. Walter W., 

Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. 
Anderson, Miss Lisa D., 
Anderson, Miss Grace Douglas, 

Anderson, Mrs. Albanis Logan, 
Anderson, Miss A. Edvvina, 
Anderson, Miss Leona M., 

Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. H., 

Andrews, Mrs. R. Snowden, 

Andrews, Miss, 

Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Allen, 

Andrews, Mr. Matthew Page, 

Applegarth, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus W., 
Applegarth, Miss Jennie, 
Applegarth, Mr. C. Gault, 

Appold, Miss Alice Taney, 
Appold, Miss Emily V. R., 
Appold, Miss Bertha V., 
Appold, Mr. Lemuel T., 

Archer, Mr. and Mrs. C. Graham (nee Poullain), 

Archer, Miss Mary A., 
Archer, Mr. Robert, 

( "Shamrock," Bel Air, Md. ) 
Archer, Mr. James J., 
Archer, Dr. Wm. S., 
Archer, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W., Jr. (nee Lee), 

Archer, Mr. George, 

Archibald. Mrs. E. Brenton, 

Armistead, Miss Elizabeth Allen, 

Armistead, Mr. George, 

Armistead, Mr. and Mrs. S. Gordon (nee Howell), 

Armistead. Mrs. John I. (nee Poor), 

203 Ridge wood Road, Roland Park. 

917 Prince St., Alexandria, Va. 
917 Prince St., Alexandria, Va. 
917 Prince St., Alexandria, Va. 

The Preston. 
The Preston. 
The Preston. 

908 N. Calvert St. 

107 W. North Av. 

The Rennert. 

821 St. Paul St. 

849 Park Av. 

The Montreal. 
The Montreal. 
The Montreal. 

1026 N. Charles St. 
904 N. Calvert St. 
904 N. Calvert St. 
904 N. Calvert St. 

1042 Belvidere Terrace. 

1834 St. Paul St. 
1834 St. Paul St. 

"Shamrock," Bel Air. 
"Shamrock," Bel Air. 
"Shamrock," Bel Air. 

The Albany. 

to E. Mt. Royal Av. 

1702 St. Paul St. 
1025 Cathedral St. 
114 E. Preston St. 
910 McCulloh St. 

4*5 A 

Armistead, Miss Fanny Carter, 1521 29th St., Washington. 

Armour, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. (nee Sara II. Stanley), Coburg, Ontario, Can. 

Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., Roland Park. 

Armstrong, Miss Mary Hughes 

Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. 1 loratio G. (nee Mullikin), 

Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Addison C. (nee Alice S. Whiteley), 

669 High, Newark, N. J. 

Arlington, Miss, 726 Reservoir St. 

Ashbridge, Mr. Sydney, N. E. Cor. Walbrook A v. and 10th St., Walbrook. 

Ashby, Dr. and Mrs. T. A., 1125 Madison Av. 

Ashby, Miss, 1125 Madison Av. 

Assheton, Mrs. W. Herbert, Rock Spring Farm, Warrentbn, Va. 

Athey, Dr. and Mrs. Caleb X. ( net- Helen Wilmer), 1902 Eastern Av. 

Atkinson, Rev. Th< -.. The Walbert. 

Atkinson, Dr. and Mrs. A. Duval (nee Taylor), 921 N.Charles St. 

Atkinson, Dr. and Mrs. Robert, 2105 Oak St. 

Atkinson, Mrs. Matthew S., Garrison P. O., Baltimore Co. 

Atkinson, Mr. Matthew S., Jr., Garrison P. O., Baltimore Co. 

Atkinson, Mr. Allmond B., Garrison P. O., Baltimore Co. 

Atkinson, Miss Lisa Blow, Garrison P. O., Baltimore Co. 

Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W., 21 14 Mt. Royal Av. 

Atkinson, Miss Margaret N., 1303 John St. 

Atkinson, Miss Louisa D., 37 Chestnut St., Boston, Mass 

Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gibson, Stevenson, Green Spring Valley, Md. 

Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. (nee Brown), "Evesham," Govans, Md. 

Atkinson, Miss Blanche, 621 St. Paul St. 

Atkinson, Mr. Robert, 621 St. Paul St. 

Atwater, Mrs. A. P., 1308 Madison Av. 

Atwater, Miss Emily Paret, 1308 Madison Av. 

Austen, Miss Lucilla Colgate, "Briarfield," P. O. Station L., Baltimore. 

Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. (nee Edna G. Shertzer), 

Highway and Lippincotl Av., Riverton, N. J. 

Austin, Mrs. Wm. Lucien, 2907 Clifton A v., Walbrook. 

Austin. Miss Martha fyloore, 2907 Clifton Av., Walbrook. 

Austin, Miss Bertha Knight, 2907 Clifton A v., Walbrook. 

Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Bertrand (nee Ethelyn Phipps), Pikesville, Md. 

Avery, Mr. and Mrs. Coleman (nee Nellie Baer), 

2109 St. James Av., Walnut I Mils. Cincinnati. Ohio. 

KUJi i .. 

dailly- Banks 


Gems -Jewelry Watches- 
6 ilvef\wai\l- China-Glass 
Bronzes **> Ob JECisy Anj 

vited to inspect this unusual es- 
tablishment and to examine the 
Stock finely as a mattei\of in- 

/2/8-20-22 CAesfnuf Street 


Bailey, Banks y Biddle Co. 


The Bailey, Banks & Biddle Company has for years transacted 
business by mail to the satisfaction of its patrons. 
No illustrated catalogue is issued. New articles are photo- 
graphed as they are added to stock. Upon inquiry, complete 
series of photographs, showing newest designs and prevailing 
styles in all departments, will be mailed to patrons at a distance. 


containing descriptions and prices, of any articles desired, will 
be mailed on request. 


Careful and varied selections are sent for inspection without 
obligation to purchase, placing a stock of unusual merit at the 
disposal of out-of-town patrons. 


delivered at residences in Baltimore, express prepaid. 
1218-20-22 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia 


Backus, Aliss M. B., 210 W. Madison St. 

Bacon, Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. (nee Taylor), Boston. 

Badart, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (nee Mary C. Sneeringer), 

1317 N. Charles St. 

Baer, Mrs. E. Ridgely, 713 Park Av. 

Baer, Dr. and Mrs. William Stevenson. 4 E. Madison St. 

Baer, Mrs. George H., 919 N. Calvert St. 

Baer, Lieut, and Mrs. Jos. A., U. S. A. (nee Lelia Skipwith Lee), 

West Point, X. Y. 
Baetjer, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Henry (nee Carey), 

35 Melvin Av., Catonsville, Md. 

Bagby, Mr. and Mrs. George P., 1136 Cathedral St. 

Bagge, Miss Hedvig, 611 Park Av. 

("Eyrie," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Baily, Mrs. James, 1025 St. Paul St. 

Baily, Miss Emily B., 1025 St. Paul St. 

Baily. Miss Florence, 1404 [Madison Av. 

Baily. Mr. and [Mrs. G. Frank, 1038 X. Calvert St. 

Baily, Mr. T. Carey, 1038 X. Calvert St. 

Baily, Mr. James, 1038 X. Calvert St. 

Bailliere. Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence, "Peggy Stewart House," Annapolis. Md. 

Bainhridge, Miss E. X., 1320 Bolton St. 

Bainbridge, Miss Mary C, 1320 Bolton St. 

Baker. Miss Alice Hayden, 11 10 Madison Ave. 

Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Wm., Catonsville, Md. 

Baker, Mr. Henry J., Catonsville, Aid. 

Baker. Airs. Chas. T-, Jr., Catonsville, Md. 

Baker, Air. Wm., Jr., Catonsville, Aid. 

Baker, Air. and Airs. Samuel. 18 E. Eager St. 

Baker, Aliss Elizabeth, 18 E. Eager St. 

Baker, Air. and Airs. Leonard P. (nee Florence E.Clark), The Alt. Royal. 

Baker, Air. and Mrs. Bernard X., "Ingleside," Catonsville, Md. 

Baker, Air. and Airs. Chas. E., 1405 Eutaw Pi. 

Baker, Aliss , 1405 Eutaw PI. 

Baker, Aliss Edith Mildred, 1405 Eutaw PI. 

Baker, Aliss Emma R., 1405 Eutaw PI. 

Baker, Air. Benj. Whiteley, Raleigh, X. C. 

Baker, Air. and Airs. J. Paul (nee Xorris), "Avon," Waverly. 

Baker, Air. Wm. S. G.. 834 Park Av. 

Baker, Aliss Eva Graff, 834 Park Av. 


4- B 

Baker, Mrs. Geo. B., New York. 

Baker, Miss Mary Jordan, New York. 

Baker. .Mrs. J. G.. Church of the Redeemer, Charles-St. Av. 

Baker. Mrs. Cornelius S., Port Deposit, Md. 

Baker, Mr. Thomas Stockham, Port Deposit. Md. 

Baker, Mr. and Mrs. \Ym. Whitely, "Tanglewood," Catonsville, Md. 

Baker. Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry, 2008 Park Av. 

Balch. Miss Grace. 1.309 17th St. X. \\\. Washington. D. C. 

Baldwin, Mrs. Robert, 17 E. Eager St. 

Baldwin. Mr. and Mrs. Summerfield, 1006 N. Charles St. 

Baldwin. Mr. Willard A., 1006 N. Charles St. 

Baldwin, Miss Juliet C, 1006 N. Charles St. 

Baldwin. Mr. Summerfield, Jr., 1006 N. Charles St. 

Baldwin. Miss Dorothy Sewell, 1006 N. Charles St. 
("Hillside Farm," Warren, Md.) 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gambrill (nee Moss), 

8 Hillside Road, Roland Park. 

Baldwin, Mrs. William H., 717 Park Av. 

Baldwin, Miss Sarah R., 717 Park Av. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. (nee Elizabeth B. Manly), 

"Westholme," Ellicott City P. O., Md. 

Baldwin, Mr. Carroll, Union Club, New York. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. (nee Bartlett), 

204 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. E. F., Mt. Washington, Md. 

Baldwin. Miss Mary E., Mt. Washington. Md. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Douglas (nee Eleanor G.Lawrence), 

1405 Mt. Royal Av. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Rignal Woodward (nee Hopkins), 1105 Cathedral St. 
Baldwin, Mr. Oliver P., 1105 Cathedral St. 

Baldwin. Mrs. Frank G., "Pen-y-Bryn," Garrison P. O., Md. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. F. (nee Elizabeth D. Boykin). Norfolk, Va. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. James Mark. of [18 W. Franklin St. 

Baldwin, Mrs. Helen Green. of u8 W.Franklin St. 

Baldwin, Miss Helen Green, of [18 W.Franklin St. 

( Paris, France. ) 

Ball, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R., 3102 Walbrook Av., Walbrook. 

Ball, Mi^s Alice W., 213 W. Monument St. 

Ballagh, Dr. and Mrs. J. Curtis (nee Jackson), 

415 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

i? 49 

Baltzell. Mr. and Mrs. Henry E., "Fairleigh," Wyncote P. O.. Pa. 

P.altzell. Mr. Edward Digley, "Fairleigh." Wvncote P. O., Pa. 

Baltzell. Mr. Henry E.. Jr., "Fairleigh." Wyncote P. O.. Pa. 

Baltzell, Mr. Wm. "Hewson 3d, "Fairleigh," Wyncote P. O., Pa. 

Baltzell, Dr. and Mrs. William Hewson (nee Alice S.Cheney). 

Wellesley, Ma^s. 

Bandell, Miss M. Suzanne, "Tree Tops," Stevenson, Md. 

Banks, Mrs. Andrew, 21 19 Bolton St. 

Banks, The Misses, 21 19 Bolton St. 

Banks. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew, Jr., 1604 St. Paul St. 

Banks, Miss Anne Mann. 1604 St. Paul St. 

Banks, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. (nee Garey Tiernan Walton), 

1301 Maryland Av. 

Banks, Mrs. Henrietta Gaither, 12 18 X. Calvert St. 

Banks, Mr. Charles L., 1218 X. Calvert St. 

Bansemer, Mrs. Wm. G., 500 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Bansemer, Miss Caroline S., 500 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Bansemer, Mr. Wm. Sherman, 500 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Barclay, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cochrane (nee Anita Caldwell 

Goldsborough), "Rockingham Farm," Warrenton, Va. 

Barker, Mrs. Geo.. 25 Madison A v., Xew York. 

Barker, Miss Adele. 2? Madison Av.. New York. 

Barker, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. (nee Higbie), 1009 Broad St., Newark, N. J. 

Barker, Mr. and Mrs. John A., Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Barker, Mr. and Mrs. John A., Jr. (nee Mary Dulany), 

Roslyn P. O., Baltimore Co.. Md. 
( Summer. "The Bungalow," Charmian P. O., Pa.) 

Barker. Dr. and Mrs. Lewellys (nee Halsey), 1035 X". Calvert St. 

Barnard, Mrs. William T., 1735 Park Av. 

Barnard, Dr. and Mrs. Jas. S., 21 12 N.Charles St. 

Barnes. Mr. J. T. Mason, 137 W. Mt. Royal A v. 

Barnes, Miss Elizabeth Mason, 137 W. Mt. Roval Av. 

Barnes, Miss, "Louise Home,'' Washington, D. C. 

Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. John Sellers (nee Gretchen Banks). 

The Esmond, Spruce St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
(Bryn Mawr, Pa.) 

Barnett, Lieut. -Col. and Mrs. George ( nee Delia Montague), Peking, China. 

Harnett. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R.. 413 Hawthorn Road. Roland Park. 

Barrett, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. (nee Dulin), . Florida. 

(Address 107 W. Monument St.) 



Barroll, Mrs. Benj. C, 16 I-:. Biddle St. 

Barroll, Miss May. 520 Park Av. 

Barroll, Miss Mary. 

Barroll. Mr. Edmund, St. James Hotel. 

Barron, Rev. and Mr?. Frederick H. (nee Mary C.Butler), 

""The Manse," Elkins, W. Va. 

Barry, Mrs. Robert C. 1305 Maryland Av. 

Barry, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKean (nee Matthews), \2i\ Maryland Av. 

Barry, Mr. J. Ramsay, Maryland Club. 

Barry, Miss Anna M., Rider P. O., Sherwood, Md. 

Bartlett. Mrs. David L., 16 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Bartlett, Mrs. D. Lewis, 38 W. 25th St. 

Bartlett. Mr. and Mrs. Edward L., Jr., 207 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Bartlett. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. B., Gaithersburg, Md. 

Bartlett. Miss Alice Ri.egs, Gaithersburg, Md 

Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. George B. (nee Riggs), Gaithersburg, Md. 

Bartk-tt. Miss Vashti R., Gaithersburg, Md. 

Bartlett. First Lieut. Marry G. ( U. S. M. C), 

Marine liar. League Island, Philadelphia. 

Bartlett. Mrs. J. Kemp, 
Bartlett, Miss Helen Conkling, 

Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. J. Kemp, Jr., 

Bartlett, Mr. Robt. Dixon, 
Bartlett, Mr. J. Kemp, Jr.. 

Bartol, Mr. James, 

Barton. Mr. and Mrs. Randolph, 
Barton, Miss Katherine K., 
Barton, Mr. Carlyle, 
Barn .11. Mr. David W.. 

Barton, Mr. Albert K. 1 L. V. R. R.), 

604 Reservoir St. 
604 Reservoir St. 

2100 Mt. Royal Terrace. 

Princeton ( lnh ersity. 
Princeton University. 

1025 Cathedral St. 

"Vaucluse," Roslyn P. O., Md. 

"Vaucluse," Roslyn P. O.. Md. 

"Vaucluse," Roslyn P. O., Md. 

"Vaucluse," Roslyn P. ( ).. Md. 

South Bethleham, Pa. 

Barton. Mr. and Mrs. Boiling W., Jr. (nee Elsie Seeger), 

•• ^nnandale," Roslyn P. ( ).. Md. 

Barton, Dr. Boiling W., 
Barton. Mr. Robt. Kirkland, 

Middleburg, Va. 
S. Bethlehem, Pa. 

Barton. Mr. and Mrs. Randolph, Jr. (nee Eleanor Addison Morison), 

"Airslie," Roslyn P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Marshall (nee Margaretta Ferriday), 

[310 W. 13th St., Wilmington, Del. 



Basinger, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. G. (nee Evelyn Byrd Buckner), Savannah, Ga. 

Bassett, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wesley, 

Basshor, Mrs. Thomas C., 
Basshor, Miss, 
Basshor, Miss Florence. 
Basshor, Mr. C. Hazeltine, 

Bastable, Mrs. Virginia, 

Batchelor. Mrs. Kemp Battle, 

Bates, Miss Octavia Williams, 

Bates, Mr. and Mrs. James Odbert, 
Bates, Miss Julia Odbert, 

Bateson, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Maine, 
Bateson. Miss Alice. 
Bateson. Miss Isabel, 

2947 St. Paul St. 

1329 Linden A v. 
1329 Linden Ay. 
1329 Linden A v. 
1329 Linden Av. 

222 W. Madison St. 

1021 Cathedral St. 

The Mt. Royal. 

"Winston," Catonsville, Md. 
"Winston," Catonsville, Md. 

2109 N. Charles St. 
2109 N. Charles St. 
2109 N. Charles St. 

Battelle. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parkman (nee Mary Gittings Gillett). 

New York. 
I Baugh, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin P. (nee Grace H. Munnikhuysen) , 

16th and Locust Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Baugh, Miss Elise, 

"Rose Hill," Old Pimlico Road. 

Baugh, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. (nee Annesley Bond), 

The Upton, 329 Dolphin St. 

f Baugher, Miss Julia, 

Baugher. Mr. and Mrs. J. Winchester, 

Baugher, Mr. E. Chauncey, 

Baugher, Miss Florence V., 
Baugher, Miss J. Bertha, 
Baugher, Miss Blanche E. L., 
Baugher, Mr. Cyril Wilson, 
Baugher, Mr. F. Reginald, 

Baugher. Mr. and Mrs. J. Winchester, 

Baughman, Mrs. L. Victor (nee Abell), 
Baughman, Mr. E. Austen, 

Bayard, Mrs. Richard B., 
Bayard, Miss Ellen Howard, 
Bayard, Mr. Richard H., 

Baylies, Mr. and Airs. John H., 

Baylies, Miss, 

Baylies, Miss Jennie Howard, 

Bayly, Miss Mary Gittings. 

27 School Lane, Ardmore, Pa. 

Winchester, Mass. 

Maple Terrace, Govans, Md. 
Maple Terrace, Govans, Md. 
Maple Terrace, Govans, Md. 
Maple Terrace, Govans. Md. 
Maple Terrace, Govans. Md. 

Ardmore, Pa. 

Poplar Terrace, Frederick, Md. 
Poplar Terrace, Frederick, Md. 

907 Cathedral St. 
907 Cathedral St. 
907 Cathedral St. 

1701 N. Calvert St. 
1 701 N. Calvert St. 
T701 N. Calvert St. 

The Montreal. 

("Lystra Springs/' Stevenson P. O., Green Spring Valley.) 


Bayly, Mr. and Mrs. N. Rogers, Batesburg, S. C 

Beale, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Blow (nee Liirman), 

334 Delaware .\v.. Buffalo, X. Y. 

The Sherwood, Monument St. 

2522 Madison Ay. 

Address 112 W. 20th St. 

505 Cathedral St. and Sudbrook, Md. 

Beall, Mrs. E. S., 

Beall.. Mrs. John Hoff (nee Shipley), 

Beall. Mrs. Henry D.. 

Beacham. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B., 

Beasley, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. S., 

Beatley. Mrs. Charles Nash, 

Beatty, Miss Laura M., 

Beatty. Mrs. Margaret L, 
Beatty, Miss Mary, 
Beatty. Mr. Castleman, 
Beatty, Miss Virginia, 

Beirne, Mr. Richard Foulke, 

Belding, Mr. and Mrs. William S., 

823 Hamilton Terrace. 

St. James' Rectory, Long Branch, N. J. 

2218 N. Charles St. 

in E. 25th St. 

in E. 25th St. 

in E. 25th St. 

1 1 1 E. 25th St. 

The Bristol, Eutaw PI. 

104 W. Oakdale Road, Roland Park. 

Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Harman Brown (nee Bella Smith), 

Ruxton, Baltimore Co.. Md. 

Bell. Mr. and Mrs. G. Allison \Y.. Dixon Park, Mt. Washington, Md. 

Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Marshall (nee Lord), 

929 Ridge A v., Allegheny, Pa. 

Belt, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S., 
Belt, Mr. Harry Dulaney, 

Belt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wendell, 

Belt, Mr. Charles W., 

Belt, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred McGill, 
Belt, Miss Ariana McE., 

( Temporary address, Columbus, Ga. ) 

107 W. Lanvale St. 
107 W. Lanvale St. 

1703 St. Paul St. 

103 W. Lanvale St. 

1031 Cathedral St. 
103 1 Cathedral St. 

Belt, Mrs. S. Sprigg, 
Belt, Miss Elizabeth Ellin, 
Belt, Miss Susan North, 
Belt, Mr. Randle Moale, 

Belt, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. P., 

Bennett, Miss Ellen Lowndes, 
Bennett, Miss Harriet Gibson, 
Bennett. Mr. Chas. Lowndes, 
Bennett, Mr. Pennington Tilton, 
Bennett, Mr. Beverly Bladen, 
Bennett, Mr. Francis Lloyd, 

"Thurland," Owings Mills, Baltimore Co. 

"Thurland," Owings Mills. Baltimore Co. 

"Thurland," Owings Mills, Baltimore Co. 

"Thurland," Owings Mills, Baltimore Co. 

Mt. Washington, Md. 

"The Heights." Sykesville, Md. 
"The Heights," Svkesville, Md. 
"The Heights," Sykesville, Md. 

The Heights," Sykesville, Md. 
"The Heights," Sykesville, Md. 

The Heights," Sykesville, Md. 



Bennett. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Bond, Ellicott City. Md. 

Benson. Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., 2635 N. Charles St. 

Benson. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney, Jr., 118 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Bentley, Miss Mary Gray, 1215 John St. 

Bentlev, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Longden, 

•'Rokeby," Roslyn P. O.. Baltimore Co., Md. 
Bentley. Miss Constance, "Rokeby," Roslyn P. O.. Baltimore Co.. Md. 

Bergland. Maj. and Mrs. Eric (nee McFarland), 1116 N.Charles St. 

^Bergland, Dr. and Mrs. John McFarland (nee Alice Lloyd Pitts). 

12 W. Preston St. 

Bergland. Mr. Eric Leonard, 

Bergland, Mr. Wm. Scott, 

Berkley, Dr. and Mrs. Henry J., 

Berry, Miss Christina D.. 
Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L., 

Berry, Mrs. Isabella C, 
Berry, Miss Elizabeth H., 

Berry, Mrs. John S., 

Berry. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, 

Berry. Mr. and Mrs. T. Alexis. 
Berry, Miss Margaret Atkinson, 

Bevan. Dr. and Mrs. Chas. F., 
Bevan. Miss Lula Howard, 
Bevan. Miss Mathilde H.. 

Bevan. Mrs. Charles F., 

Bevan. Miss. 

Bevan. Mr. H. Cromwell, 

Bevan. Mr. William Francis. 
Bevan, Miss Eleanor Leonard. 
Bevan, Mr. Wm. F.. Jr., 

Bevan, Mr. Thomas H., 

Bevan Mr. and Mrs. Richard A., 

Bevan. Lieut. Wm. Francis (U. S. Marine Corps, Annapolis, Md.). 

1022 St. Paul St. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Princeton University, N. J. 

1305 Park Av. 

322 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 
322 Hawthorn Road, Roiand Park. 

911 St. Paul St 
911 St. Paul St 

The Severn. 

1513 Bolton St. 

1303 John St. 
1303 John St. 

807 Cathedral St. 
807 Cathedral St. 
807 Cathedral St. 

1 30 1 Linden A v. 
1301 Linden Av. 
1 30 1 Linden A v. 

1713 Bolton St. 
1713 Bolton St. 
1713 Bolton St. 

Arlington, Md 
Arlington, Md. 

Bevan, Miss Annie M., 
Beverly, Miss Rebecca Dulany. 
Bew, Miss L. G., 

Bidwell, Mr. and Mrs. O. Bird, Jr., 
Birch, Mrs. Mary F., 

The New Willard, Washington 

107 W. Lanvale St. 

1771 N St.. Washington, I). C. 

109 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

1801 St. Paul St. 

-.4 B 

Birckhead. Mr. P. Macaulay. 509 Park Av. 

Birckhead, Mrs. Lennox, "Anneslie," Rodgers Forge P. O., Md. 

Birckhead, Mr. I^ennox, "Anneslie," Rodgers Forge P.O.,Md. 

Bird, Mrs. Edgeworth, 22 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Bird, Mr. and Mrs. W. Edgeworth (nee Imogen Rcid), 

314 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Bird, Miss Sallie, 314 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Bird, Mr. Brooke Gwathmey, 314 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Bird. Mr. Feilding Lewis. 314 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Bird, Rev. and Mrs. Andrew Reid (nee Lizette F.Moore). 

"The Manse," Laurel, Prince George's Co., Md. 

Bird, Miss M. L., 21 19 Maryland Av. 

Birkmaier, Mr. and Mrs. George L., The Albion. 

Birkmaier, Miss Ethel Randolph, The Albion. 

Bispham, Maj.and Mrs. William N. (nee Gray), Fort Leavenworth. Kan. 

Betta, Chevalier and Madame Enrico G. della (nee Mary Stanley), 

19 Passeggiata di Ripetta. Rome, Italy. 

Black, Mr. and Mrs. H. Crawford, 113 W. Monument St. 

Black, Mr. Harry C. 9 St. Mildred's Court, London, E. C, England. 

Black, Mr. and Mrs. Van Lear (nee Gary), 1205 Eutaw PI. 

Black, Mr. John Merryman, "Willow Brook," Cockeysville, Md. 

Blackford. Mr. and Mrs. Win. PL, 1310 Eutaw PI. 

Blackford. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. (nee Whitridge), 18 W. Read St. 

Blackford, Mrs. Eugene, The Holland, Linden Av. 

Blackford, Mr. Eugene, Jr., The Holland, Linden Av. 

("Clive," PikesnlL, Md.) 

Blackwell, Mr. and Mrs. J«><iah Low, 023 X. Charles St. 

Blackvvell, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clayton (nee Katharine L. Middendorf), 

210 W. State St., Trenton, N. J. 

Blaker, Mr. and Mrs. Richard X. R. (nee Mary ECGodby), 

"Maryland," Courl Road, Eltham, Kent. 

Blakistone, Miss, 968 Howard St. 

rtlakistone, Mr. and Mrs. George (nee Price), 48 W. Biddle St. 

(Rider P. O., Baltimore Co., Md.) 

Blakistone, Mrs. Walter, 2003 N.Charles St. 

Blakistone, Miss Nannie Thomas, 2003 X. Charles St. 

Blakistone, Miss Claire, 2003 X. Charles St. 

Blanchard, Mr. and Mrs. Peter (nee Margarel Lindsay), 

129 W. Lanvale St. 

B 55 

Bland, Mr. and Mrs. John Randolph, "Bellevue," Catonsville, Md. 

Bland, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Howard (nee Mary Paul), 204 E.Chase St. 

Blankenship. Mr. and Mrs. John M., 1605 St. Paul St. 

Blick, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Bates, The Belvedere. 

Blick, Miss Emily Bates, The Belvedere. 

Blick, Miss Mariana M., The Belvedere. 

i "Rosemere," Ruxton P. O., Md.) 

Bliss, Mr. and Mrs. Win. J. A. (nee West), 1017 St. Paul St. 

Blodgett, Rev. and Mrs. Chauncey H. (nee Tempe A.Hamilton). 

St. John's Rectory. Fall River. Mass. 

Bloodgood, Miss Mary C, 19 W. 20th St. 

Bloodgood, Miss, 19 W. 20th St. 

Bloodgood, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. (nee Edith Holt), 904 X.Charles St. 

Bloodgood, Miss Henrietta. 659 Marshall St.. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bloomfield, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice, 861 Park A v. 

Bloomfield, Miss Elinor Marie, 861 Park Av. 

Bloomfield, Mr. Arthur Leonard, 861 Park Av. 

Blossom, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hill (nee Alice Morison) Abroad. 

Blumner. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Geo. (nee Sidney Wetherall ! , 

1202 Madison Av. 

Blunt. Miss Alice Key, The Albion. 

Boarman, Mr. and Mrs. R. R., Towson, Md. 

Boehm, Miss Amelia E., 216 W. Madison St. 

Boehm. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, 523 X.Charles St. 

("Overlook,"' Severn River, Robinson P. O., Md.) 

' Boehm. Mr. and Mrs. G. Herbert (nee Kimball ). 

MacSherry Lane and Roland Av. (Roland Park P.O.) 

Boggs, Mrs. William, 815 Hamilton Terrace. 

Boggs, Miss Frances de G, 815 Hamilton Terrace. 

Boggs, Miss Minnie J., 815 Hamilton Terrace. 

Boggs, Miss Katherine A., 815 Hamilton Terrace. 

Boggs. Mr. Walter J., 815 Hamilton Terrace. 

Boggs, Miss Grace E., 815 Hamilton Terrace. 

Boggs. Miss. Catonsville, Md. 

Boggs, Mr. and Airs. F. Henry, 1408 Bolton St. 

Boggs, Miss Edith F., 1408 Bolton St. 

Boggs, Mr. Fenton, 1408 Bolton St. 

Boggs. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graves, The Cecil Apartments. 

Boggs, Miss Evaline Clapp. The Cecil Apartments. 



703 Cathedral St. 

843 Park Av. 
843 Park Av. 
843 Park Av. 
843 Park Av. 
843 Park Av. 

The Gordon, 103 W. Franklin St. 

The Gordon, 103 W. Franklin St. 

The Gordon, 103 W. Franklin St. 

The Gordon. 103 \Y. Franklin St. 

Bogue, The Misses, 

Bogue, Mrs. Robert H., 

ie, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Jr. (nee Alice F. Wylie), 
Bogue. Mr. Robert H., 
Bogue. Mi^s Alice M., 
Bogue, Miss Nellie, 

Boise, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Bardwell, 
Boise, Miss Margaret Gait, 
Boise, Miss Marion B., 
Boise, Miss Kathryn I hi Chatel, 

Boiling, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Melville, 

1748 Corcoran St. \. W 

Boiling. Mrs. Robert, 

Bolton. Mr. and Mrs. Frank C, 

Bombaugh, Mrs. Chas. Carroll, 
Bombaugh. Miss, 
Bombaugh. Miss Mira Lloyd, 

Bonaparte, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. (nee Dav), 

( "Bella Vista." Mount Vista P. O., Md. ) 

Bond, Mr. Geo. Morris, Sherwood P. O.. Md 

Bond. Miss, 
Bond, Miss Christiana, 
Bond, Miss Isabel Morris. 
Bond. Miss Elizabeth Morris, 

Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E., 

Bond, Dr. and Mrs. Allen Kerr (nee Louise Gambrall), 

Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. ( nee Murdoch), 
Bond, Miss Elsie Murdoch, 
Bond, Miss .Marian. 

Bond, Mr. Hugh Lennox. 3d. 5 Randolph Hall, Cambridge, Mass 

Bond, Dr. and Mrs. Summerfield B. (nee Valentine), 1023 Cathedral St 

1023 Cathedral St 

Washington, D. C. 

Annapolis, Md. 

1206 St. Paul St. 

836 Park Av. 
836 Park Av. 
836 Park Av. 

601 Park Av. 

1402 Bolton St. 

1402 Bolton St. 

1402 Bolton St. 

1402 Bolton St. 

726 Reservoir St. 

849 Park Av. 

8 W. Read St. 
8 W. Read St. 
8 W. Read St. 

Bond, Miss Lydia Valentine 

Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lennox, 
Bond, Miss Eloise Beale, 
Bond, Mi-ss Anna Penniman, 

Bond, Rev. and Mrs. Beverly W., 
Bond, Miss 1 Lelen Elizabeth, 

Bond, Mr. William I... 
Bond, Mr. Frank M., 

Bond, Dr. Beverly W 

Bond. Mr. Duke, 


"Mount Royal," 2001 Park Av. 
"Mount Royal," 2001 Park Av. 
"Mount Royal," 2001 Park Av. 

Falls Church, Va. 
Falls Church, Va. 

Station E, Baltimore. 
Station E, Baltimore. 

Purdue University, La Fayette, Ind. 

515 Cathedral St. 

B 57 

Bond, Mr. and Mrs. James, 936 N. Calvert St. 

Bond, Miss Jane Lee, 936 N. Calvert St. 

Bond, Mr. Carroll T., 936 N. Calvert St. 

Bond, Mr. and Mrs. James Stnart (nee Sarah C. Caler), 1704 Guilford Av, 

Bond, Dr. James A., 

Bonsai, Mr. and Mrs. Leigh (nee Pleasants), 18 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Bonsai, Miss Margaretta Pleasants. 18 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Bonsai, Mr. and Mrs. J. Purviance (nee Margaret C. Tuck), Stevenson, M<i. 

Bonsai, Mr. and Mrs. W. Roscoe (nee Potter), ( Summer ) Lenox, Mass. 

Ryenelds, Hamlet. X. C. ( for the Winter). 

Bonsai, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adair (nee Ellinor Donnell Stewart). 

"Willoughby." Eccleston P. O.. Md. 

Booker. Dr. and Mrs. W. D. (nee Manning), 208 W. Monument St. 

Booker, Mr. John Manning, 208 W. Monument St. 

*T>cone, Miss Mary K., "Vesper Hill," Ruxton, Md. 

Boone, Mr. Charles H., 1002 X. Charles St. 

Boone, Miss Elizabeth M., 1002 X. Charles St. 

Boone. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kennedy, "Oak Hill," Lake Roland P. O., Md. 

Boone. Mrs. Daniel A. (nee Carroll), 103 \Y. Lanvale St. 

Boone. Mi--. 103 W. Lanvale St. 

Boone, Miss Ellen J. Carroll, 103 W. Lanvale St. 

Boone, Mr. Edward A., 103 W. Lanvale St. 

Boone, Mr. and Mrs. R. Sanchez (nee Ada O'Donnell), 210 E.Chase St. 

Boone, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. (nee Isabel B. Plarris), 

Devon, Chester Co., Pa. 

Bordley, Dr. and Mrs. James, Jr., Mt. Washington, Md. 

Borum, Mr. and Mrs. Seth (nee Hodges), 268 Freemason St., Xorfolk, Va. 

Bosler, Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. (nee Carolyn Dickey Dulany), 

11 11 N. Charles St. 

Bosley,TVtr. and Mrs. Arthur Lee, 1406 Mt. Royal Av. 

( Arundel-on-the-Bav, Aid. ) 

Bosley, Mr. John Wise, 712 St. Paul St. 

Bosley, Mr. W. Pearce, 71 J St. Paul St. 

I'.. -ley. Mr. Charles B., 712 St. Paul St. 

Bosley, Mr. J. Marcus, 712 St. Paul St. 

Boulden, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newton, The Rochambeau. 

Bouldin, Mr. Augustus, 1712 X. Charles St. 

Bouldin, Miss Mary Virginia, 1712 N. Charles St. 

Bouldin, Miss Grace Evelyne, 1712 N. Charles St. 

Bourne. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 11.. Winona Apartments. 

5H B 

Bouton, Mr. and Mrs. E. H.. Roland A v.. Roland Park. 

Bouton, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leonard ( nee Mary G.Spencer), 

5 Avon St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Bowdoin, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. (nee Murray), 

"Rockburn," Elk Ridge P. O., Md. 

Bowdoin, Mrs. Wm. Graham (nee Price). 1106 N.Charles St. 

Bowdoin. Mr. Graham. Jr., 1106 N.Charles St. 

Bowdoin, The Misses, 865 Park Av. 

Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. Almon Farrel (nee Nina Beall Armistead), 

T(So4 Rivermont Av., Lynchburg, Va. 

Bowie, Mrs. Howard S., 811 Hamilton Ter. 

Bowie, Miss Virginia Berkley, 811 Hamilton Ter. 

Bowie. Mr. E. Berkley, 811 Hamilton Ter. 

Bowie. Mr. Allen S.. 811 Hamilton Ter. 

Bowie, Miss Eleanor Howard, 811 Hamilton Ter, 

Bowie, Mr. Carter Lee, The Albany, Centre St. 

Bowie, Mr. A. B., 1728 McCulloh St. 

Bowie, Miss, 1728 McCulloh St. 

Bowie, Mr. and Mrs. Washington, Jr. (nee Kirk), 1921 St. Paul St. 

Bowie, Miss Minnie W., 137 W. Lanvale St. 

Bowie. Mr. and Mrs. William D., Washington Apartments. 

Bowling, Mrs. Fannie Patterson, 1801 St. Paul St. 

Bowling, Miss Mary A., 1801 St. Paul St. 

Bowling, Miss Isabel Hall, 1801 St. Paul St. 

Bowling, Mr. John Patterson, 1801 St. Paul St. 

Bowling, Miss Florence L., 1801 St. Paul St. 

Bowling, Mr. and Mrs. Augustine M., 

Washington Apartments, Mt. Vernon PI. 

Bowling, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R, 20 W. 25th St. 

Bowly, Miss Louise, 103 1 Cathedral St. 

Bowne, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S., The Altamont, Eutaw PI 

Boyce, Mr. and Mrs. Fred. G., 217 E. Preston St. 

Boyce, Mr. Fred. G., Jr., 217 E. Preston St. 

Boyce, Mr. and Mrs. A. Page (nee Anne Gordon Thorn), 

3 i ; .. Mt. Royal A v. 

Boyce, Mr. and Mrs. W. Graham (nee Elsie Simmons Gillet), 

809 Park Av. 

Boyce, Mr. and Mrs, I leeward E. (nee Amabel Lee George), 

223 E. Biddle St. 

Boyd.Mr.A. Hunter.Jr., The Washington. 



Boyden, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. (nee Hayward), \2 E.Chase St. 

Boyden, Mrs. E. C, 12 E.Chase St. 

Boykin, Mrs. Robinson (nee Robinson). The Mt. Royal. 

Boykin, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. (nee Maria Pinckney Xorris), Earl Court. 

Boykin, Mr. Henry V., The Mt. Royal. 

Boykin, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. (nee Irwin), 1211 X.Calvert St. 
Boykin, Miss Mary Irwin, 

Boykin, Mr. Wm. A., Jr., 

Boykin, Mr. Robert Hill, 

Boyle, Mrs. Tames W., 

Boynton, Mr. Jesse L., 

Brackett, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R., 

Bradenbaugh, Mrs. Sidney E., 

Bradford, Mr. A. W., 

Bradford, Mr. Smith N., 

Bradley, Ensign and Mrs. Willis W.. Jr. (U.S.N.) (nee Sue Worth- 

ington Cox), 907 N.Calvert St. 

121 1 N. Calvert St. 
121 1 N. Calvert St. 

Havana, Cuba. 

218 E. Eager St. 

Baltimore Club. 

41 Marlborough St., Boston, Mass 

"Rangers' Lodge," Harford Co., Md. 

116 E. Franklin St 

7 E. Eager St. 

Brady, Mr. and Mrs. James H., 
Brady. Mr. James H., Jr., 
Brady, Mr. George M.. 
Brady, Miss Katherine, 

804 St. Paul St. 

804 St. Paul St. 

804 St. Paul St. 

804 St. Paul St. 

Brady, Mr. John Faunce Morgantown, W. Va. 

Bradv. Mr. and Mrs. S. Proctor (nee Emorv), ''Grey Rock," Pikesville, Md. 

Brandt, Miss Minnie, 
Brandt, Miss Letitia, 
Brandt, Mr. Jacob, 

(Buena Vista, Pa.) 
Brandt, Air. and Mrs. Jackson, 

11 E. Read St. 
11 E. Read St. 
11 E. Read St. 

1 2 14 Mt. Royal Av. 

2200 Eutaw PI. 
2200 Eutaw PI. 

Branham, Dr. and Mrs. J. H., 
Branham, Dr. Henry Gwyn, 

Branham, Mr. Hugh McG, U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis. Md. 

Branham, Miss Grace B., Bryn Mawr. Pa. 

Branham, Mr. Hindi McCulloh (U. S. X.), Annapolis, Md. 

Brantly, Mrs. Mattie W., 21 18 X.Charles St. 

Brantly, Mr. W. T.. The Mt. Royal. 

Brenan, Mr. and Mrs. Matt S., 926 N. Calvert St. 

Brennan. Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. (nee Adelaide Lanahan), New York. 

Brent. Miss Ida S., 1125 Bolton St. 

60 B 

Brent, Mr. Robert I'.. 919 N.Calvert St. 

Brent, Mrs. Joseph Lancaster, 816 St. Paul St. 

Brent, Miss Nanine M., 816 St. Paul St. 

Brent, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan K. (nee Brown), 816 St. Paul St. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 

Brent. Mr. Hugh, 2124 Maryland Av. 

Brent, Mr. Harrison, 2124 Maryland Av. 

Brent. Dr. Hugh Warren, 2124 Maryland Av. 

Brent, Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh C. (nee Eleanor A. Turnbull), Colon, Panama. 

Bresee. Mrs. A. A., 1121 N. Calvert St. 

Bresee, Mrs. Lester (nee Vogeler), The Cathedral Apartments. 

Bresee, Miss Edna, 1117 X.Calvert St. 

Brewster. M.D., Flora A.. 1221 Madison Av. 

Brewster, Mrs. Alice D., 1221 Madison Av. 

Brewster. Miss Xancie. 1027 Madison Av. 

Brewster, Cora Belle. M.D., 1027 Madison Av. 

Brewster. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Harris, Jr., 2 W. Biddle St. 

Brevitt, Mrs. R. Mackenzie. 206 \V. Franklin St. 

Bright, Miss, 814 Cathedral St. 

Bright, Mr. James Wilson, 246 W. Lanvale St. 

Brinkley. Mrs. Joseph B., 3H E. North Av. 

Briscoe, Mr. and Mrs. David S., 12 W. North Av. 

Briscoe, Miss Mary E., 12 W. North Av. 

Briscoe, Mr. J. Straith, The Stafford. 

Briscoe,Miss Rosa S., The Stafford. 

Brogden, Mrs. James McCulloh, 2003 Maryland Av. 

Brogden, Misses, 2003 Maryland Av. 

Brogden, Mr. John G., 2003 Maryland Av. 

Brogden,Mr. fames Charles, 2003 Maryland Av. 
I "Inglewood," Gittings P. O., Md.) 

Brogden, Mr. and Mrs. H. C (nee Helen Iglehart). Rio de Janeiro. 

Brogden, Mr. and Mrs. William (nee Louise Gittings), 231 VV. Preston St 

Brogden, Mrs. Arthur (nee Findlay), 30 E.Preston St 

i Green Spring Valley. > 

Brome,Miss Janette, |" !, 7 Cathedral St. 

Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord, 

"Montrose," Baldwin Sta., Md. & IVnn. R.R. 

Brooks.Miss Isabel, "Montrose," Baldwin Sta., Md. & Penn. R. R. 

B 61 

Brooks. Miss Marilla P., 2501 Madison Aw 

Brooks, Miss Katharine G., 2501 Madison Av. 

Brooks, Miss Eleanor M., 2501 Madison Av. 

Brooks, Mr. H. Phelps, 2501 Madison Av. 

Brooks. Mr. Chauncey. 2501 Madison Av. 

Brooks. Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. (nee Fannv Bonsai). 

28 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 
Brooks. Miss Frances Leigh. 28 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Brooks, Mr. W. B., Jr.. 28 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Brooks. Mr. Stephan Bonsai, 28 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

("Brookheld," Stevenson, Md.) 
Brooks, Miss Alice, 928 N. Charles St. 

Brooks, Mr. Isaac, Jr., 92S N. Charles St. 

Brooks, Dr. Charles Edward. Fayetteville, N. C 

Brooks. Mrs. George Roberts, 2233 Av. N, S. Highlands, Birmingham, Ala. 

Brooks. Mr. and Mrs. G. Frederick, 1428 John St. 

Brosins, Mr. and Mrs. John W., The Guilford, North and Guilford Av. 

Brosins, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T., Barnesx ille, Md. 

Brosius. Miss E. E.. Barnesville. Md. 

Brosins. Miss Mary L.. Barnesville, Md. 

Brosins, Messrs., Barnesville, Md. 

Brosins. Mr. C. T.. Jr., Silver Springs. Md. 

Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Alex, (nee Montague). 712 Cathedral St. 


Brown, Miss Mary Leigh, "Stoneleigh," Rodgers Forge. Md. 

Brown, General Stewart. 24 W. Biddle St. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart (nee Susan Morton), 120 \V. 20th St. 

>^Brown, Mrs. George, Brooklandville P. O.. Md. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. H. Carroll (nee Dalv). 

20 W. 56th St.. Xew York City. 
("Brookland wood," Green Spring Valley.) 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. George. Jr. (nee Martin), 

"The Mill Farm," Brooklandville P. O., Md. 

- Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin M. (nee Katharine Murray Spencer), 

Garrison P. O.. Md. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Miltenberger (nee Chatard), 1126 N. Calvert St. 

Brown, Ex-Gov. Frank, Cor. of Charles and Read Sts. 

Brown, Mrs. George William. 14 E. Chase St. 

Brown, Miss, 14 E. Chase St. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur George (nee Alricks), 1127 St. Paul St. 

Brown, Mr. Horatio Francis. 1068 Pearl St.. Denver. Col. 



Brown. Mr. and Mrs. J. Willcox, 

Brown, Miss Fannie Willcox, 
/ Brown, Miss Eleanor Plunkett. 

Brown, Mrs. Thomas R.. 1033 Cathedral St. 

Brown. Miss Mary Carrington, T033 Cathedral St. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. James Carrington, 616 Reservoir St. 

6rown, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. (nee Jean McC. Albert), 10 W. Biddle St. 

"Elsham," Afton. Va. 

152 E. 35th St., New York. 
[52 E. 35th St., New York. 

The Duponl Co.. Wilmington, Del. 

Pinole, Cal. 

214 E. Biddle St. 
2 id E. Biddle St. 
214 E. Biddle Si. 

The Lawn," Elkridge P. O., P.alto. Co., Md. 
The Lawn," Elkridge P. ()., Balto. Co., Md. 

17 Alexander St., Princeton, X. J. 

Brown, Mr. Y . 1 )onaldson, 
Brown, Mr. John Thompson, 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. William Paul, 
Brown, Miss Edna, 
Brown, Mr. W'm. Paul, Jr., 

Brown. Miss Esther Allison. 
Brown. Miss Rebecca P., 

Brown, Mr. George Dobbin, 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Leon (nee Helen Thomsen) 

Chestertown, Md. 

126 W. Lanvale St. 
126 W. Lanvale St. 

2104 N. Charles St. 

2104 N. Charles St. 

2104 N. Charles St. 

2104 N. Charles St. 

1512 Bolton St. 

15 12 Bolton St. 

1512 Bolton St. 

1512 Bolton St. 

"Wilton," Ellicott City, Md. 

140S Linden Av. 
1408 Linden Av. 
140S Linden Av. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Willard (nee Lathrop), Dongan, Hill, N. Y. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. H. Clay (nee Elizabth Poe Gilpin), 122 W. Lanvale St. 

Brown, Mrs. J. Badger, "The Readmore," 2231 St. Paul St. 

Brown. Mr. and Mrs. J. Burkloe (nee Heflebower), 

Sherwood, Rider P. O., Md. 

Brown, Mr. Emmett Carroll, Seattle, Wash. 

Brown,Mr.and Mrs. Charles B. (nee Eleanor B. Hunter) , 15!/ Bolton St. 

Brown, Mrs. S. E., The Cecil. 

Brown, Mr. Kensett, The Cecil. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 
Brown, Mr. Thos. B. Hynson, 

Brown, Mr. Chas. H., 
Brown, Miss Elizabeth Adele, 
Brown, Mr. Charles Francis, 
Brown. Mr. Horace, 

Brown, Mr. John Wilson, 
Brown, Miss Elizabeth, 
Brown, Mi^s Rosa, 
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Shellman B. 

Brown, Mr. J. B., Jr., 

Brown, Miss M. C, 
Brown, Mr. Emmet, 
Brown, Mr. B. C, 


B 63 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. (nee Margaretta Levering), 

The Oak Road, Germantown, Pa. 

Brown, Mrs. Robert, 910 N. Calvert St. 

Brown, Miss Elizabeth Gilkison. 910 N. Calvert St. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marechal, 717 St. Paul St. 

Brown, Mr. Joseph Marechal, Jr., 7*7 St. Paul St. 

Brown, Miss Mary Clare, 7U St. Paul St. 

Brown, Mr. John Carroll 717 St. Paul St. 

Brown, Mrs. William I., 823 St. Paul St. 

Brown, Miss Susan T., 823 St. Paul St. 

Brown, Mr. W. McCulloh, 823 St. Paul St. 

Brown, Mr. Reginald Stewart, 25 W. 20th St. 

Brown, Mrs. Sarah Tyler, 1416 Harlem Av. 

Browne, Dr. and Mrs. B. Bernard (nee Nicholson), 510 Park Av. 

Browne, Miss Jennie Nicholson, M.D., 510 Park Av. 

Browne, Miss Mary Nicholson, M.D., 510 Park Av. 

Browne, Miss Ethel Nicholson, 510 Park Av. 

Browne, Dr. B. Bernard. Jr„ 510 Park Av. 

Browne, Mr. De Courcy B., 510 Park Av. 

Browne, Dr. and Mrs. William Hand, Sherwood, Rider P. O., Balto. Co.. Md. 
Browne, Miss Lucy Hand, Sherwood. Rider P. O., Balto. Co., Md. 

Browne, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Lee, Sherwood, Rider P. O.. Balto. Co., Md. 

Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Hand (nee Latrobe), Short Hills, X. J. 

Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Win. H., Jr. (nee Whitaker), Xebana, 111. 

Browne, Mrs. Samuel Tracy, Annapolis. Md. 

Browne, Miss Margaret Wentwonh, Annapolis. Md. 

Browne, Mr. Tracy, Clarksburg, W. Va. 

Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Willing (nee Macgill ). 

"Maleaqua," Catonsville. Md. 

Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Bowyer, Sherwood, Balto. Co., Md. 

Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Arrell (nee Margaret Jenkins Lilly), 

Sher.vood. Balto. Co., Md. 

Browne, Mrs. P. Arreil, 1603 St. Paul St. 

Browne, Mr. T. Parkin Scott, 1603 St. Paul St. 

Browne. Mr. and Mrs. Rufus D. ( nee Hodson ) 

Bruce, Mrs. Edward Blake, 1112 N.Calvert St. 

Bruce, Miss Katherine Baily. 11 12 N.Calvert St. 

Bruce, Miss Rosalind, 1112 N.Calvert St. 

Bruce, Mr. Edward Skipwitli. 1112 N.Calvert St. 

Bruce, Mr. J. Marshal] Hills, 1112 N.Calvert St. 
C'Prest would," Mt. Washington.) 

Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. Win. Cabell (nee Fisher), 8 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 

("Ruxton," Aid.) 

Bruen, Mr. and Mrs. Win. Livingston (nee Elizabeth Archer), 

Waldorf-Astoria, New York City. 

Bruen, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 11. (nee E. D. Keech). Savannah, Ga. 

Brundige, Mr. Thomas W., 2739 St. Paul St. 

Brundige, Miss Mary Worthington, 2739 St. Paul St. 

Brundige, Miss Meta Brogden, 2739 St. Paul St. 

Brundige, Mr. T. Worthington, Jr., 2739 St. Paul St. 

Brune, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. (nee Fisher), 518 Park Av. 

Brune, Mrs. T. Barton (nee Agnes Wirt Randall 1, 2208 Maryland Av. 

Brune, Miss, 615 St. Paul St. 

Brune. Judge and Mrs. Wm. Henry, 1313 X.Calvert St. 

Bruns, Mrs. J. Dickson, 1401 Park Av. 

Bruns, Mr. J. Pierce, 1401 Park Av. 

Bruns, Dr. R. Martin, 1401 Park Av. 

Brush. Mr. and Mrs. Murray Peabody. 1019 X. Calvert St. 

Brush, Dr. and Mrs. Edward Nathaniel, 

Sheppard Hospital. Station A, Baltimore. 
Brush. Mr. Nathaniel H., Sheppard Hospital, Station A, Baltimore. 

Brush, Miss Florence Hawley, Sheppard Hospital, Station A, Baltimore. 

Bryan. Mr. William Shepard, Jr., Mt. Royal Apartment House. 

Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. Carry] Harper (nee Boykiri), 

70 E. Elm. St., Chicago, 111. 

Bryan. Mrs. Frederic A. (nee Mary R. Thompson ). 1109 St. Paul St. 

Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Herndon, 215 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Bryan, Mr. Lay, 208 E. Chase St. 

Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. D'Arcy P.. 521 Roland Av.,Roland Park. 

Bryan, Mr. James Wallace, 521 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Bryant, Dr. Arthur Alexis, 216 W. Madison St. 

Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel F. (nee Hanway), 

3 Centre St.. Watertown, Ma^. 

Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. James Hollis, 13 E. Eager St. 

Buchanan, Miss Lilly S.. 13 E. Eager St. 

Buchanan. Mr. Thos. Gittings, 13 E. Eager St. 

Buchanan, Mrs. William McMechen, 930 X. Charles St. 

Buchanan, Mr. Charles McG, 93° N.Charles St. 

Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Burton Gray (nee Kirk), 2006 Mt. Royal Ter. 

H 65 

Buck, Mrs. Richard B., 1228 St. Paul St. 

Buck. Miss Letitia N., 1228 St. Paul St. 

Buck. Miss Mary R., 1228 St. Paul St. 

Puck. Mr. George G.. 1228 St. Paul St. 

Buck, Mr. Laurance M., 1228 St. Paul St. 

(Clynmalira, Glencoe, ]\Id.) 
Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Walter II. (nee Helen Elise Vogeler), Stevenson. Md. 

Buck. Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. (nee Sallie Warfield), The Arundel. 

Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. (nee Helen Sparks), 

683 Brush Boulevard. Detroit. Mich. 

Buck, Dr. and Mrs. Jeffries (nee Augusta I.Cook), 2844 St. Paul St. 

Buckler. Mrs. Riggin. "Woodmere," Long Island. X. Y. 

Buckler. Miss Anne H.. "Woodmere." Long Island, X. Y. 

Buckler, Mr. Riggin, "Woodmere," Long Island. X. Y. 

Buckler, Dr. and Mrs. H. Warren (nee Herbert), 806 Cathedral St. 

Buckler, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H., Jr. (nee Stevenson), 1201 St. Paul St. 

Buckler, Miss, 145 W. Lafayette Ay. 

Buckler, Miss Mattie, Hotel Marlton, W. 8th St., New York. 

Buckler. Miss Nellie, Hotel Marlton, W. 8th St., New York. 

Buckler, Miss Bessie, The Severn. 

Buckler, Mr. and Mrs William H.. (Abroad.) 

(Of "Evergreen." W. North Av.) 

Buckley, Mr. Clinton S., Park Av. Institute, Bridgeport, Conn. 

Buckman, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil C, Hotel Belvedere. 

Buckman, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M., 1816 N. Charles St. 

Buckman, Mr. John B., 1816 N. Charles St. 

Buckman, Mr. Edward L., 1816 N. Charles St. 

Buckmaster, Mr. Henry C, 21 14 Maryland Av. 

Buckner, Mrs. Charles S., IT -4 Madison Av. 

Buckner, Dr. Charles Teackle. 1337 E. North Av. 

Buddecke. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Douglas (nee Jane Hooper Martin), 

12 E. Read St. 

Buddecke, Miss. Abroad. 

Buddecke, Miss A., [311 John St. 

Bulkley. Major and Mrs. H. D., 

The Marlborough, Eutaw PI. and Wilson St. 

Bull, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berry, 419 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Bull, Mr. B. Kenneth, 419 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Bull, Mr. and Mrs. B. Harrison. 207 W. Lanvale St. 

Bull. Miss Louise Hollingsworth, 207 W. Lanvale St. 


Billiard, Lieut, and Mrs. W. (nee Saunders), Shanghai, China. 

Bullet, Mrs. Marie Reuling, de, 103 W. Monument St. 

Bullet, Mr. John C. de. Baltimore Club. 

Bullet, Mr. W. Julian de,. Baltimore Club. 

Bullet, Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. de (nee Laura E. Whiteley), 

"Markland," Catonsville, Md. 
Bullett, Mr. Eugene de, "Markland," Catonsville, Md. 

Bullet. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. (nee Buchanan), 1030 Belvidere Ter. 

Bullitt, Mr. and Mrs. William C, 

222 W. Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bullitt, Mr. John C. 3d, 222 W. Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bullitt, Mr. Win. C,Jr., 222 W '. Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bullock, Mrs. Waller R.. 6330 Howe St.. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Bullock, Mi-- Walter Irene. 6330 Howe St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Bullock, Mrs. Francis S., 2104 N. Charles St. 

Bullock, Mr. and Mrs. Horace (nee J. M. C.Ridgely), Ardmore, Pa. 

Bump, Mrs. Charles Weathers (nee Milholland), 

"Woodlawn Hall," Forest Park. 

Burbank, Mr. and Mrs. Parker S., Roland Park, Md. 

Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. John Henry (nee Zollinger), 

Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin, 6 E. Mt. Royal \\. 

Burgess, the Messrs., 6 E. Mt. Royal Av. 

Burke, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. (nee Forrest), "Ballydugan," Stevenson, Md. 

Burns, Mr. and Mrs. F. Highlands (nee SlinglufT), Stevenson, Md. 

Burns, Mrs. George, 

Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Findley H., 1426 Park Av. 

Burns, Mr. Findley, I'. S. Forest Service, \\ ashington, I). C. 

Burns, Mrs. William F., 3 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Burns, Miss E.Grace, The Albion. 

Burrough, Mr. and Mrs. Horace, Jr., 222 Wood lawn Road, Roland Park. 

Burrow, Dr and Mrs. Nicholas Triganl (nee Emil) S. Bryan), 

Care of Tims. Cook & Son, Zurich, Switzerland. 

Burrows, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1210 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Burrows, Mr. John Shober, [210 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Burrows, Miss Lucie F... 1210 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Busey, Mr-. J. Clarence, "Dumbarton," Pikesville, Md. 

Bush, M rs. Franklin I ... 

Bush, Miss Gertrude L., 



Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Roger (nee Alice Vail Snowden). New York 

Burwell, Airs. Alary W., The Colonial, Ocean City. Aid 

Burwell, Dr. and Airs. Robert Lemmon, 
Burwell, Air. Robt. Stanard, 
Burwell, Mr. \ .. 

1218 Alt. Royal Ay. 
1218 Alt. Royal Av. 
1218 Alt. Royal Av. 

Burwell, Airs. E. H., 
Burwell, Al iss Augusta S., 
Burwell, The Alisses, 

Burton, Airs. J. M., 
Burton, Aiiss, 
Burton, Air. Robert, 

Butler, Airs. O. N., 

Butler, Dr. James H., 
Butler, Aiiss Mabel, 

Buzby, Air. and Airs. Samuel Stockton (nee Hutton), 
Buzby, Aiiss Margarita Van Ness, 
Buzby, Air. Stockton, 

B) rd. Air. John Dozier, 
Byrd, Mrs. Clara Semmes, 
Byrd, Mr. Harvey Semmes, 

Byrd, Airs. Jennie R., 
Byrd, Aiiss Alary Armistead, 
Byrd, Aiiss Margaret Carter, 
Byrd, Aiiss Anne Harrison, 
Byrd, Air. Alfred Henry, 
Byrd, Mr. William, 

134 W. Lanvale St. 

134 W. Lanvale St. 

134 W. Lanvale St. 

1726 N. Charles St. 

1726 N. Charles St. 

1726 N. Charles St. 

1205 St. Paul St. 

1507 Bolton St. 

1507 Bolton St. 

1214 St. Paul St. 

1214 St. Paul St. 

1214 St. Paul St. 

92 Alosher St. 

92 Mosher St. 

92 Alosher St. 

105 W. 20th St. 

105 W. 20th St. 

105 W. 20th St. 

105 W. 20th St. 

105 W. 20th St. 

105 W. 20th St. 

J Fred. Heineman | 



=== A N D 








"Queen of Sea Routes" 

Merchants and Miners Trans. Co. 




Via Newport News 


Via Newport News and Norfolk, Va. 





Accommodations and Cuisine Unsurpassed. 

Send for Illustrated Booklet 

W. P. TURNER, Passenger Traffic Manager 

General Offices : S. E. Cor. Light and German Sts. 







Exclusive Baltimore Agents 
for the Celebrated Hats by 



309 N. Charles Street 

I j. A. ROBJ NSON importer 

41 1 





ILadies' Oailore6 Suits, Street anb 
~3Everun<i (Bowns 




Cairnes. Mr. and Mrs. James Duncanson, Winona Apartments. 

Calwell. Mrs. L. B.. "The Briars," P. O. Station D, Md. 

Cahvell, Miss Katharine M., "The Briars," P. O. Station D, Md 

Camak. Miss Annie. This Winter. The Albion. 

(Athens, Ga.) 

Cameron. Mr. and Mrs. George. Jr. (nee Elizabeth S. Boiling), 

"Ravenscroft," Petersburg, Va. 
Cameron. Miss Helen, "Ravenscroft," Petersburg. Va. 

Cameron, Dr. Frank Kenneth, The Columbia, Washington, D. C. 

Cameron, Rev. James G., 816 N. Eutaw St. 

Campbell, Dr. and Mrs. R. Granville (nee Ellin North Moale), 

31 Jefferson St., Lexington, Va. 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. John Pearce ( nee Mary Bowie Johnson). 

Earl Court. 

Campbell, Miss Anna, 723 St. Paul St. 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. George Stuart (nee Grace H. Appold). 

1026 N. Charles S\ 

Campbell. Miss Mary, 1621 St. Paul St. 

Campbell, Mrs. Robert Hamilton, 1230 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Campbell, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hamilton, The Morris, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Donald (nee Augusta Eccleston Boylston), 

Boston, Mass. 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. (nee Dawson), 1209 McCulloh St. 

Canby, Miss Laura. 520 Park Av. 

Canfield, Miss Isabel, 6330 Howe St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cannon, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton, 1901 Linden Av. 

Cannon, Mr. Clayton P., 1901 Linden Av. 

Cannon, Miss, 923 Cathedral St. 

Cannon, Miss Maretta, 923 Cathedral St. 

Capron, Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. (nee Lee), 1021 Belvidere Ter. 

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Francis King (nee Hall). 509 Cathedral St. 

Carey, Miss Margaret Townsend, 509 Cathedral St. 

'Carey, Miss Louise, Bryn Mawr College. Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Carey, Mr. Francis James, 1 larvard College. 

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. A. Morris (nee Thomas), 1004 Cathedral St. 

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. John E. (nee Murdoch), 838 Park Av. 

Carey, Mr. James, Jr. 838 Park Av. 




Carey, Mrs. Thomas K. (nee King), 

Carey, Mrs. James, 

Carey, Mrs. George G., 

Carey, Miss Margaret Clieston, 

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. George G., Jr. (nee Macgill), 

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Leiper, 

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Henry G., 

Carey, Miss Mary Thomas, 
Carey, Miss Martha Leiper, 
Carey, Miss Helen Hamilton, 
Carey, Mr. Charles H., 
Carey, Mr. James, 
Carey, Mr. I. Irvine, 

827 Park A v. 

46 Mansfield St., New Haven, Conn. 

1228 Madison Av. 
1228 Madison A v. 

Rider P. O., Md. 

115 W. Lanvale St. 

1213 John St. 

2220 N. Charles St. 

2220 N. Charles St. 

2220 N. Charles St. 

2220 N. Charles St. 

2220 N. Charles St. 

2220 N. Charles St. 

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander G., 

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. William Lee, 

Carey, Midshipman Lee Cummins, 

Carr, Mrs. Wilson, 

Car r, Miss Catherine L., 
Carr. Miss Lillie P., 
Carr, Mr. James E., Jr., 

Carr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J., 

Carr, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Y. 
Carr, Mr. and Mrs. \Y. Murray, 
v Carrington, Miss, 

2127 Maryland Av. 

The St. Paul. 

Naval Academy, Annapolis. 

828 N. Eutaw St. 

Liberty Road and Beech Av., Walbrook. 
Liberty Road and Beech Av., Walbrook. 
Liberty Road and Beech Av., Walbrook. 

"Litchfield," Roslyn, Md. 

"Pleasant Plains," Towson, Md. 

Park PL lintel. Sewickley, Pa. 

1033 Cathedral St. 

Carrington, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Codrington (nee Coyle), 

"Loreley," Balto. Co., Md. 

Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Winchester (nee Rosalie Randolph Turn- 
bull), 524 Westminster A v., Elizabeth, N. J. Mrs. Win. Sterett, Phoenix, Md. 

( "I hiddington," Phoenix, Md. ) 
Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (nee Anna Buchanan Merryman). 

Phoenix, Md. 

Carroll, Mrs. Thomas G., 
Carroll, Miss I Jessie Lee, 
( larroll, Mr. T. George, 

Carroll. Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. (nee Saunders), 

Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. (nee Preston), 

1003 St. Paul St. 
1003 St. Paul St. 
T003 St. Paul St. 

206 E. Eager St. 

Ruxton, Md. 

O 73 

Carroll, Mrs. Charles Tucker, 128 W. 59th St.. New York City. 

Carroll. Mrs. J. How ell (nee Marv Rogers ). 

[28 W. 59th St.. Xew York City. 

Carroll. Miss Suzanne. 128 W. 59th St.. Xew York City. 

Carroll, Mr. W. S., 1709 Massachusetts Av., Washington, D. C. 

Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Albert (nee Perkins), Abroad. 

Carroll. Mrs. Mary R. Thomas, 44 W. Biddle St. 

Carroll, Mr. John X., Jr., 902 X.Charles St. 

Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gordon (nee Swan), 

151 Park A v., Greenwich, Conn. 

Carroll, Mr. J. Marshall, Lehigh University. S. Bethleham, Pa. 

Carroll, Miss, 1722 N. Charles St. 

Carroll, Ex-Gov. John Lee, Doughoregan Manor, Howard Co. 

Carroll, Air. Philip A., Xew York. 

(Doughoregan Manor, Howard Co.) 

Carroll. Mr. and Mrs. Charles ( nee Mary C. Randol ) . 

"Homewood," Ellicott City, Md. 

Carroll, Airs. Samuel S.. 1225 Guilford Av. 

Carroll, Miss Elizabeth Maxwell, 1225 Guilford Av. 

Carroll, Miss Mary Sterett, 1225 Guilford Av 

Carroll, Miss Alary Jennings. 

-Blenheim,"' Woodbrook P. O., Balto. Co., Aid. 

Carroll, Air. Thomas AI., 102 E. Aladison St. 

Carroll, Airs. Alary P., "Evergreen," Hampden. 

Carroll, Miss Alary Grace, "Evergreen," Hampden. 

Carroll, Air. Albert H., "Evergreen," Hampden. 

Carroll, Air. and Airs. Walter Cockrill, 

720 Shady Av. E.. E. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Carson, Air. and Airs. Joseph (nee Osborn), 123 East 55th St., New York. 

Carstens, Air. and Airs. Henry F. (nee Greacen), 

Pimlico Road near Kate Av. 

Carter, Aliss Alary Coles, St. Timothy's School, Catonsville. 

Carter, Aliss Sally Randolph, St. Timothy's School, Catonsville. 

, Carter, Air. Bernard, 1212 Eutaw PI. 

^Carter, Mr. Bernard AI., 1212 Eutaw PI. 

Carter, Air. and Airs. Julian Stuart (nee Alice Bowdoin Rush). 

210 E. Biddle St. 

Carter, Air. and Airs. Shirley (nee Alurchison), 8 E. Biddle St. 

Carter, Rev. and Airs. George C, Washington, D. C. 

74 < ! 

Carter. Mr. and Mr?. Charles H. (nee Dangerfield), Sn St. Paul St. 

* Carter. Mr. and Mrs. John R., 15 Chesham St., Belgrave Square, London. 

Carter. Mr. and Mrs. Spencer L. (nee Atkinson), 3^ W.Preston St. 

I Carter, Mr. and Mrs. William G. (nee Polk), Philadelphia, Pa. 

Carter, Mrs. Alexander M.. T404 Park Av. 

Cary, Miss, 22^ W. Preston St. 

Cary, Mr. Wilson M.. 223 \V. Preston St. 

Cary, Mr. John Brune, 

Carv. Miss Frances Daniel. 

(Rider P. O., Sherwood, Md.) 

Cary. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Miles, Jr. (nee Helen Lanahan), 

11 13 X. Calvert St 

Cary, Dr. French S., 600 N. Broadway. 

Caskie, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence, 2233 X. Calvert St. 

Caskie, Miss Alice. 2233 N. Calvert St. 

Casler, Mr. and Mrs. William A., S. E. Cor. Park and Lafayette A vs. 

Cassard, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lipph.cott, 1223 Maryland Av. 

Cassard, Mr. Reese, 1223 Maryland Av. 

Cassard, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lippincott, Jr. (nee Louise Wilson), 

The Walbert 

Cassard, Miss Jeanne, 160 Waverly Place, New York. 

sard, Mr. and Mrs. 1 [erbert, 

-ard, Mi-s Elizabeth II.. 

Cassard. Mr. Hamilton, Garrison Av., Arlington, Md. 

Cassard. Mr. and Mrs. 1 larrison (nee Louise T. Walker) 

Cassard, Mr. Raymond, 1709 Madison Av. 

Cassard. Mr. John, 21 14 St. Paul St. 

Cassell, Mr. Charles E., 1407 Park Av. 

Cassilly. Mr. and Mrs. T. A., "The Hawthorns," Belcamp, Harford Co.. Md. 

iilly, Mr. Robert R„ "The Hawthorns," Belcamp, Harford Co., Md. 

Cassilly, Mr. Thomas A. Jr., "The I law thorns," Belcamp, Harford Co., Md. 

Cathcart, Miss Blanche, 1429 Linden Av. 

Cathcart. Mr. Maxwell, 1429 Linden Av. 

tin, Capt. and Mrs. George de Grasse (nee Sarah McC. Grasty), 

l'. S. A.. Fort Snelling, Minn. 

tor, Miss M.J., 803 St. Paul St. 

Cator, Miss G.Louise, 803 St. Paul St. 

Cator.Mr.P,. I\. 803 St. Paul St. 

Cator. Mr. George, S03 St. Paul St 

C 75 

Cator, Mr. Charles R., The Sherwood. 

Cator. Air. and Air-. William Whitefield (nee Mabel V.Bent), 

511 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Cator, Air. and Airs. Franklin P., 905 St. Paul St. 

Cator, Airs. James H., 934 N. Calvert St. 

Caughy, Mrs. Elizabeth A., 1219 Linden Av. 

Caughy. Air. and Airs. John H., 1219 Linden Av. 

Caughy. Aliss Alamie Virginia. 1219 Linden Av. 

Caughy. Aliss Lyal E., 1219 Linden Av. 

Caughy, The Alisses, 1219 Linden Av. 

Caughy, Air. J. Alarshall, 1219 Linden Av. 

Caughy. Air. and Airs. Michael P., 14T W. Lafayette Av. 

Caughy, Aliss May G. Prendergast, 141 W. Lafayette Av. 

Caulk, Air. and Airs. Wm., Jr. (nee Sarah Louise Applegarth), 

Washington, D. C. 

Causin, Miss Nannie D., 700 N. Howard St. 

Cenas, Aliss Heloise, Xew Orleans. 

Chamberlaine, Air. and Mrs. Robert L. (nee Aledairy) . 

"The Plaza," Park Av. and Wilson St. 

Chamberlaine, Air. and Mrs. Rich. H., 12 W. Hamilton St. 

Chamberlaine. Air. and Airs. R. Lloyd (nee Kloman), 2ji? ATaryland Av. 

Chancellor. Air. and Airs. Arthur Bernard (nee Opie), 

131 W. Lafayette A v. 

Chandler. Air. and Airs. Walter G., 15 Alidvale Road. Roland Park. 

Chandler. Aliss Barbara, 15 Alidvale Road. Roland Park. 

Chandler. Air. Douglas, 15 Alidvale Road, Roland Park 

Chandler. Aliss Emma. "Anneslie." Rodger's FY>rge, Aid. 

Chapin, Mr. and Airs. Edward Leroy (nee Roberta S. Jenkins), 

615 Center St., Pasadena. Cal. 

Chapman. Air. and Airs. John Adams (nee Eleanor Stick ney). 

1315 Ritchie PI.. Chicago. 111. 

Chapman, Miss Bertha, Baltimore Country Club. 

Chase, Air. and Airs. Edward Everett (nee Turnbull), 

Chastain, Airs. James B., 10 W. 43d St., New York. 

Chatard, Air. and Airs. Thos. Marean (nee Eleanor Addison Williams). 

1716 Rhode Island Av., Washington, D. C. 

Chatard. Airs. Ferdinand E. (nee Josephine Miles), 5 VV. Chase St. 

Chatard, Dr. J. Albert, 5 W. Chase St. 

Chatard, Air. William Miles, 5 W. Chase St 

Chears, Mr. Henry Randolph. Baltimore. 

Cherbonnier, Mr. and Mrs. Caleb D.. "Dumaine," Timonium, Md. 

Cherbonnier, Miss Marie Louise, "Dumaine," Timonium, Md. 

Cherbonnier, Miss Lucie B. J., "Dumaine," Timonium, Md. 

Chesnut, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Calvin. in Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Chew. Dr. and Mrs. Samuel C. (nee Agnes Marshall), 

3 Midvale Road. Roland Park. 
Chew. Mr. Samuel C. Jr., 3 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Chew. Mr. Henry D.. 3 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Chew. The Misses, 3 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Chew. Mr. Thomas J., 204 E. Preston St. 

Chew, Miss Jane B., 204 E. Preston St. 

Chiffelle, Miss Henrietta C, 517 Cathedral St, 

Chilton, Mr. Orrick M.. 1511 McCulloh St. 

Chipchase. Mr. and Mrs. W. Edwin, 1817 N. Calvert St. 

Chipchase, The Misses. 1817 N.Calvert St. 

Chipchase. Mr. Walter Nelson, 1817 N. Calvert St. 

("Winston," Blue Ridge Summit.) 

Childs, Mrs. John Norris, T39 Mosher St. 

Chi>m. Mr. and Mrs. Edward J.. West North A v., opposite Thomas Av. 
Chism, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thornley (nee Slingluff), 

West North Av.. opposite Thomas Av. 

Chisolm. Miss E. Z.. 100 E. Franklin St. 

Chisolm, Dr. and Mrs. Francis Miles (nee Baugher), Washington, D. C. 

Chisolm, Mrs. William E. (nee Helen Garnett), 925 Cathedral St. 

Chisolm, Mr. William Garnett, 925 Cathedral St. 

Chisolm, Dr. and Mrs. Julian F. (nee Nannie E. Levering), 

6 E. Liberty St., Savannah, Ga. 

Chopin, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lcroy (nee Roberta S.Jenkins), 

Pasadena, Cal. 

Chunn, Dr. and Mrs Wm. Pawson, 1023 Madison Av. 

Clabaugh. Judge and Mrs. Harry Morris, 

127 Rhode Island A v., Washington, D. C. 

Clabaugh, Mr. and Mr<. Albert T., Mt. Washington, Md. 

Clabaugh, Miss Carolyn L., Mt. Washington, Md. 

Clagett, Miss Elizabeth A., 217 St. Paul St. 

Claggett. Dr. and Mrs. Samuel (nee Jeannette B. Chew). 

"Oakland." Petersville, Frederick Co., Md. 
Claggett. Mr>. Samuel. Sr., "Oakland," Petersville, Frederick Co., M<1. 

Claggett. Miss S. G., "Oakland," Petersville, Frederick Co., Md. 


Claggett, Mr. and Mrs. T. West, 
Claggett, Mr. L. B. Keene, 

Clapp, Mrs. L. Wheaton, 
Clapp, Miss Lucy Mari, 
Clapp, Mr. Frank W., 

Clapp, Mr. and Mrs. H. Rowland, 

Clark, Mr. Duncan C, 

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peyton, 
Clark, Mr. W. Lawrence, 

Clark. Miss Daisy R., -4 A 
Clark, Miss Laura D.,' 

Clark, Miss Elisabeth L., 
Clark, Miss Louise M., 

15 W. Biddle St. 
15 W. Biddle St. 

Port Deposit, Md. 
Port Deposit, Md- 
Port Deposit, Md. 

1226 N. Calvert St. 

803 Park Av. 

in West 20th St. 
in West 20th St. 

"The Maples," Woodbrook, Md. 
"The Maples," Woodbrook, Md. 

1025 Belvidere Ter 
1025 Belvidere Ter 

("The Maples," Woodbrook P. O., Md.) 
Clark, Dr. and Mrs. Jos. Clement, "Springfield," Sykesville, Md. 

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. J. Peyton (nee H.Frances Marshall), 

35 Franklin Av., Saranac Lake, New York. 

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Wra. Bullock, 

Clark, Mrs. L. Lester, 
Clark, Miss, 

Clark, Miss Janey R., 

Clark, Mrs. Benjamin Du Val, 
Clark, Miss Anna E. Blackwell, 
Clark, Mr. Walter L., 
Clark, Mr. Herbert Ball, 

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. James, 
Clark, Miss Angela, 
Clark, Miss M. J., 

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Judson (nee de La Tour), 

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. S., 

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 

8 E. Read St. 

529 N. Charles St, 
529 N. Charles St. 

1705 N. Charles St. 

14 E. Mt. Royal Av. 
14 E. Mt. Royal Av 
14 E. Mt. Royal A v. 
14 E. Mt. Royal Av 

49 Washington St., Cumberland, Md. 
49 Washington St., Cumberland, Md. 
49 Washington St., Cumberland, Md. 

1504 Park Av. 

Clark, Mrs. William H., 
Clark, Mr. Henry Calwell, 

Clarke, Mr. William, 
Clarke, Mrs. Albina, 

Clarke, Mrs. Joseph W., 

Clarke, Miss Mary Lyle, 

Clarke, Dr. Powhatan, 

Clarke, Mr. William Bowie, 

Clarke, Miss Adaline Pratt, 

10 E. Madison St. 

907 N. Charles St. 
907 N. Charles St. 
907 N. Charles St. 

Stevenson P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 
Stevenson P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

1429 Mt. Royal Av. 

University Club. 
Navy Department, Washington, D. C. 

The Brexton. 

78 C 

Clarke. Mrs. William E., 206 Laurens St. 

Clarke, Mr. William E.. Jr., 206 Laurens St. 

Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. A. Downing (nee Jean Pendleton), 1637 N. Calvert St. 

Clarke. Mr. anil Mrs. Henry Love (nee Frances Halsey Taylor), 

4346 Lake A v., Chicago, 111. 

Clarkson. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. (nee Marie B. Thelin), 

Mt. Washington, Md. 

Clements. Mi-- Molie, 41 Putnam Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. (for the Winter). 

Clendinen, Miss Alice S., 518 Cathedral St. 

Clendinen, Miss Violet, 518 Cathedral St. 

Clinton. Mrs. C. M.. Genoa, Italy. 

Clinton, Lieut, and Mrs. Thos. M. (U. S. M. C), Genoa, Italy. 

Clot worthy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M.. Perrytrians, Md. 

j^Clotworthy, Col. and Mrs. Charles Baker (nee Ella T.Reeves), 

Garrison P. O., Md. 

Cloud. Mrs. Daniel. 520 Park Av. 

Cloud. Miss Virginia Woodward. ;jo Park Av. 

Cloud, Miss Rebekah M., 520 Park Av. 

Cloud. Mr. Daniel. Jr.. Falston, Md. 

Cloud. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Woodward, 

"Sunset Lodge," Boulder Lane and Sunset Path, Roland Park. 

Coale. Mr. and Mrs. R. Dorsey (nee Hovvison), 17 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Coale, Mr. and Mrs. William Ellis (nee Colston), The Arundel. 

Coale, Mr. Thomas E., The Walbert. 

Coale, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac. Jr. (nee Harriet C.Jackson), 

407 Hawthorn Road. Roland Park. 

Coale, Miss Elizabeth P.. 918 Madison Av. 

Coale, Miss Carrie P., 118 Roland Av., Roland Park 

Coates, Dr. Charles E.,Jr., Baton Rouge, La. 

Cochran. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Francis (nee Nina Gill), 

"Woodhrook," Charles-St. Ave. 

Cocke, Rev. and Mrs. Henry Teller (nee Maria L. Snowden), 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Cockey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward (nee Scarff), 1423 Linden Av. 

Cockey, Mr. and Mrs. Edward R., 1221 McCulloh St. 

kins, Mr. Fames M., The Belvidere. 

'( "Rosemere," Lake Station, Ruxton P. O., Md. ) 

Coe. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Baldwin (nee Marguerite Almy Hall). 

The Preston. 



Cogswell, Mrs. Andrew K., 
Cogswell, Mr. Latrobe, 

Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob I., 

Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Alan M.. 

Cohen, Mrs: Israel, 
Cohen, Miss Eleanor S., 

Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Benj., 

Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Mendes, 

Cohen, Miss, 

Cole, Miss Bertha, 
Cole. Mr. Lloyd, 

Cole, Mrs. Alan (nee Ada White), 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. William R., 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H., 

Cole, Mrs. George Byron. 
Cole. Miss Edith. 
Cole, Miss Natalie. 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Donald. 
Cole. Mr. Ralph X.. 

Cole. Miss Flora E.. 

Coleman. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Campbell. 

Collis, Mr. Lloyd, 

(Columbia University Club, N. V.) 

Colston, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M., 
Colston, Mr. George Anderson, 
Colston, Mr. Frederick C, 
Colston. Mr. John A. Campbell, 

31 W. Mt. Roval Ay. 
31 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

1727 Guilford Av. 

562 7th St., Brooklyn, X. Y. 

810 St. Panl St. 
810 St. Paul St. 

Portland, Ore. 

825 N. Charles St. 

415 N. Charles St. 

115 W. Monument St. 
1 15 W. Monument St. 

1207 X. Calvert St. 

927 N. Calvert St. 

1315 John St. 

The Albion. 
The Albion. 
The Albi in. 

Canton, Ohio. 
Canton, Ohio. 

Buena Vista, Va. 

'"The Heishb 

810 St. Paul St. 

1016 St. Paul St 

1016 St. Paul St. 

1016 St. Paul St 

1016 St. Paul St. 

Colvin, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander R. (nee Tarleton), 

Davern Av.. St. Paul, Minn. 

Combs, Mr. Daniel, 

Compton, Mr. R. Keith, 
Compton, Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith. 

Compton, Mr. J. H. Sothoron, 

Cone, Dr. Claribel. 

Cone, Dr. and Mrs. Sydney M.. 

Congdon, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert, 

Congdon, Mrs. Henrietta C, 
Congdon, Mr. Samuel H.. 
Congdon, Miss Elizabeth C, 

700 St. Paul St. 

130 W. Lafayette Av. 
130 W. Lafayette Av. 

1031 Cathedral St. 

The Marlborough Apartments. 

2^26 Eutaw PI. 

Scranton, Pa. 

1312 Park Av. 
1312 Park Av. 
1312 Park Av. 


Conklin, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E., Hotel Belvedere. 

Conley, Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. (nee Helen Abell Baughman), 

Guilford. Frederick, Md. 

Conlyn, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A., no W.Madison St. 

Conlyn, Mr. T. Bryce, no W. Madison St. 

Conlyn, Dr. Edward S., 935 Madison Av. 

Conner, Mr. and Mrs. James Alfred (nee Torrence), 715 N.Calvert St. 

Conrad, Mrs. Sallie Howard, The Stafford. 

Conrad. Mr. Charles Angelo, The Stafford. 

Conradi. Mr. and Mrs. Luther. 2032 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Conway, Miss Sarah W., 918 St. Paul St. 

Conway, Miss Isabel. _ 918 St. Paul St. 

("Traymore," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Conway, Mr. William M., 918 St. Paul St. 

Conway, Miss Ella Blakistone, 968 N. Howard St. 

Cooch, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Webb (nee Eleanor Bedford Wilkins), 

Newark, Del. 

Cook, Mr. and Mrs. William L., Hotel Stafford. 

Cook, Mr. Thomas G., Stafford Hotel. 

Cook, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Wireman, 

2219 Pleasant Av., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Cook. Mrs. George Hamilton, 1001 St. Paul St. 

Cook. Miss Jane James, too* St. Paul St. 

Cook,Miss Frances Swayne, 1001 St. Paul St. 

Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. B., 2844 St. Paul St. 

Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Grafflin, 1222 N. Calvert St. 

Cook, Mrs. Isabel E., 814 Park Av. 

Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J., Towson, Md. 

Cook, Mr. and Mrs. J.Glenn, 4601 Garrison Av. 

Cook, The Messrs., -l^oi Garrison Av. 

Cook, Mr. J. Henry. 10 S. Calvert St 

(o.-k, Ah-, and Mrs. Richard Walton, 3015 Belvieu Av., E. of Garrison Av, 

Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. J. Addison (nee Sams), 150 W. Lanvale St. 

Cooke, Miss Chine Tyler, 150 W. Lanvaie St. 

Cooke, Miss Molly E., Waterbury, A. A. Co., Md. 

Cooke,Mr.and Mrs. F. Irving (nee Irene H.Kemp), Ruxton,Md. 

Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. J. Crossan (nee Jenkins), "Denbigh," Roland Park P.O. 

Corbett, Mr. and Mrs. 11. Guy (nee Nannie B. Brown), "Elsham," Afton, Va. 



Cordell, Dr. and Airs. Eugene Fauntleroy, 
Cordell, Air. Littleton Tazewell, 

257 W. Hoffman St. 
257 W. Hoffman St. 

Corkran, Air. and Airs. Benjamin \\\, Jr.. 

200 Goodwood Gardens. Roland Park. 
Corkran, Air. and Airs. Lloyd Griffith, 

200 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

200 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Corkran, Air. B. Warren, 

Corkran, Aliss Alary Elizabeth, 

Corner, ATr. and Airs. William H., 
Corner. Aliss Camilla LI., 
Corner, Aliss Llelen C, 
Corner, Aliss Alary C. 
Corner, Air. Thomas C. 

1432 McCulloh St. 

"The Knoll," Elkridge P. O.. Aid. 

"The Knoll," Elkridge P. O.. Aid. 

"The Knoll," Elk-rife P. O., Aid. 

"The Knoll." Elkridge P.O.. Aid. 

"The Knoll," Elkrife P. O., Aid. 

("Studio," 260 W. Biddle St.) 

Corner, Air. and Airs. Benjamin Cator (nee Conrad), 

Neabsco P. O., Prince William Co., Va. 

Corner, Air. and Airs. Solomon F., 
Corner, Aliss Alary Rosalie, 
Corner, Aliss Elizabeth Dove, 

Corner, Mr. and Airs. James J., 
Corner, Air. James J.. Jr., 

204 E. Biddle St. 
204 E. Biddle St. 
204 E. Biddle St. 

202 E. Chase St. 
202 E. Chase St. 

Cortland, Air. James, 1506 Park Av. 

Cortland, Air. J. Wakefield, 1506 Park Av. 

Costell, Air. and Airs. Lawrence (nee Nannie Brooks), Wiltshire, England. 

Coster, Air. and Airs. Edward L. (nee Stewart). Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Cottman, Air. and Airs. J. Hough, 1015 Cathedral St. 

Cottman, Mr. Thomas E., T015 Cathedral St. 

Cottman, Air. and Airs. L. Warrington (nee Alary C.C.Howard), 

1015 Cathedral St. 

Cottman, Air. Nicholas Romanoff. 

Cottman, Air. and Airs. Clarence, 

Cotton, Rev. and Airs. Henry Evans, 

Condon, Aliss Martha, 

Coulbourne, Mr. and Airs. Robert AL, 
Cnulbourne, The Alisses, 
Coulbourne. Air. R. AL. Jr.. 

Coulter, Air. Mifflin, 

Coulter, Air. and Airs. James Mifflin, 

6 W. Read St. 

5 W. Biddle St. 

Apartment A, The Arundel. 

ion St. Paul St. 

The Royalton. 
The Royalton. 
The Royalton. 

1219 John St. 
1331 Bolton St. 

Coulter, Air. and Airs. James Mifflin, Jr. (nee Helen AI. Cowman). 

1327 Bolton St. 

Coulter. Airs. Carleton (nee Nancy Coulter), 120 W. Lanvale St. 



Coulter, Mrs. Robert Ogilvie, 

Coulter, Mr. and Mrs. George Archibald 

Coulter, Miss 1 lelen S., 

Cover, Mr. and Mrs. Loring A., 

Covington, Mr. and Airs. Harry F. (nee 

Cowdrey, Mrs. Stevens G., 

Cowdrey. Miss Mary Hall. 
Cowdrey, Miss Ruth, 

Cowles, Miss Mary A.. 

Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hargate (nee 

Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 
Cox, Miss Rebecca Janney, 
Cox, Miss Josephine Merriheld, 
Cox, Mr. Douglas Janney, 

Cradock, Mrs. Thomas, 
Cradock, Miss Katherine, 
Cradock, Miss Julia S., 
Cradock, Miss Agnes Carroll, 
Cradock, Mr. Thomas, Jr., 
Cradock, Mr. Arthur, 

Craig, Mr. and Mrs. James, 

Craig, Mrs. Thomas, 
Crai.u'. Mis> Ailsa, 

Craig, Mrs. John A., 

Craig, Mr. and Mrs. William Pinkney, 

Craighead, Mr. and Mrs. Frank \V.. 

Craighill, Dr. and Mrs. Jas. M., 
Craighill, Miss Annie Price, 

Crampton, Mrs. Savington W., 
Crampton, The Misses, 

Crampton, Mr. and Mrs. Warren II.. 

Crane, Miss Lydia, 

Crane, Miss Josephine Stone, 

Crane, Mrs. Henrietta, 
Crane, Mi^> Flprence 1 1., 
Crane, Miss Alice L., 
Crane. Miss Nettie O., 

Sandy Spring, Md. 

(nee Mary Louise Pavne), 

1415 McCulloh St. 

Catonsville, Md. 

T014 X. Charles St. 

Priscilla Upshur), 

34 Edgehill St., Princeton, X. J 

Town's End, Carlisle, Pa. 
Town's End, Carlisle, i 'a 
Town's End, Carlisle, Pa. 

Frances L. Buckler), 

Lawrence, L. I. 

907 N. Calvert St. 
907 N. Calvert St. 
907 N. Calvert St. 
907 N. Calvert St. 

"Trentham," Pikesville P. O., Md. 

"Trentham," Pikesville P. O., Md. 

"Trentham," Pikesville P. O., Md. 

"Trentham," Pikesville P. O.. Md. 

"Trentham," Pikesville P. O., Md. 

"Trentham," Pikesville P. O., Md. 

"Fairhaven," Govans, Md. 

1822 St. Paul St. 

1822 St. Paul St. 

"Ravens wood," Govans, Md. 
"Ravenswood," Govans, Md. 

2226 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1730 N. Charles St. 
1730 N. Charles St. 

1022 Cathedral St. 
1022 Cathedral St. 

313 Dolphin St. 

313 Dolphin St. 

237 W. Lanvale St. 

237 W. Lanvale St. 

237 W. Lanvale St. 

237 W. Lanvale St. 

C S3 

Crane, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. 

"Osborne Lodge-on-Severn," Omar P. 0., Anne Arundel Co., Md. 

Crane, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas (nee Gertrude Jackson"), 

The Belvedere. 
Crane, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Treat (nee Maria L. Riggs), 

American Consulate, Guadeloupe. W. I. 

Crane. Lieut, and Mrs. Jchn Alden (nee Mary Sterett McKnn). 

Fort McKinley, Manila, P. T. 
Crane. Mr. Louis Burton. Easton, Pa. 

Crane. Miss Edith Campbell, 242 W. Hoffman St. 

Crane. Miss Claris Isabel. 242 W. Hoffman St. 

Crane. Miss Helen Bond. 242 \V. Hoffman St. 

Cranston. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hill (nee Ethel P. Slocum). 

201 Waterman. St., Providence, R. I. 

Craven, Lieut.-Ccmdr. and Mrs. Thomas T. (U. S. X 1. 

Care of Navy Department. Washington, D. C. 

Crawford, Miss Elizabeth D., 1335 Bolton St. 

Crawford. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Chauncey (nee Elizabeth Dixon). 

1224 Madison Av. 

Crawford. Mrs. Fred C. (nee Campbell). 1621 St. Paul St. 

Crawford. Miss Mary H.. 1621 St. Paul St. 

Crawford. Miss Bessie, 1621 St. Paul St. 

Crawford, Mr. Frederick C, 1621 St. Paul St. 

Crawford, Miss Mary. 1621 St. Paul St. 

Crawford, Miss Helen, 206 W. Monument St. 

Crenshaw. Mrs. Nathaniel Bacon, 

Lake bet. Charles and Bellona Avs., P. O. Station H. Md. 
Crenshaw. Miss Fanny Gilmor, 

Lake bet. Charles and Bellona Avs.. P. O. Station H. Md. 
Croft. Mrs. Henry C. 

Cromwell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hammond (nee Brown), 

Wilton, Ellicott City P. O.. Md. 

Cromwell, Mr. and Mrs. Richard. 1041 St. Paul St. 

Cromwell, Miss Sallie George, 1041 St. Paul St. 

( "Springfield," Timonium P. O., Md. ) 

^Cromwell, Mr. and Mrs. Philip George (nee Mary Cator Webb), 

206 E. Chase St. 
Cromwell. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Herbert (nee Mildred Lee). 

Timonium P. O.. Md 
Cromwell. Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Jr. (nee Michie). 

"Foxhall," Cor. Ingleside and Edmondson Aves., Catonsville. 

Cromwell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kennedy (nee Franklin ), 

Lake Roland P. O.. Md. 
• Cromwell, Dr. and Mrs. Martin John (nee Jenkins), 

Lake Roland P. O.. Md. 


Cross, Miss Virginia C. Breckenridge, 1520 Park Av. 

Cross, Miss Elizabeth O. Breckenridge, 1520 Park Av. 

Cross, Mr. W. Irvine. "Xordley Farm," Stevenson P. 0., Md. 

1 14 E. Eager St. 
114 E. Eager St. 

701 N. Calvert St. 

Hotel Rennert. 

Cross, Mrs. E. J. D., 
Cross, Mr. Francis R., 

Cross, Mrs. Andrew B., 

Crouch, Dr. and Mrs. J. Frank, 

Crown, Mrs. J. Randolph, 
Crown, Miss Laura Tegmeyer, 

Crozer, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (nee Robinson), 

( Thomasville, Ga.) 

Cugle, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin (nee Eleanor Davidson) 

Cugle. Miss, 

Culbreth, Miss Ella, 

Culbreth. Dr. and Mrs. David M. R., 

Cullen, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. (nee Beckwith), 

Cnllen, Dr. Ernest K., 

dimming. Mrs. Harriet V., 

825 St. Paul St. 
825 St. Paul St. 

Upland, Pa. 

1707 Park Av. 

216 W. Madison St. 

The Albion. 

1307 N. Calvert St. 

3 W. Preston St. 

Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

1225 Linden A v. 

dimming, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Gordon, 

"The Locusts," Freedom, Carroll Co., Md. 

Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. L. (nee Bogue), 
Cummings, The Misses, 

Cunningham, Mr. William, 

Cunningham, Miss Julia Janes. 
Cunningham. Miss Lillie Happer, 

Cunningham, Mr. Earl J., 

dishing. Mrs. Wiley E., 
dishing, Mr. Joseph W., 

dishing, Miss Annie, 

Cushing, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Whelan (nee Fendall), 

10 Chesapeake Av., W., Towson, Md. 

2719 St. Paul St. 

3 W. Franklin St. 

2001 Maryland Av. 
2001 Maryland Av. 

15 W. Mulberry St. 

1024 Cathedral St. 

The St. Paul. 
The St. Paul. 
The St. Paul. 

Boston, Mass. 

Kid lev Park, Pa. 
Ridley Park. Pa. 

708 Park Av. 

Cushing, Mrs. W. A., 

Cushing, Dr. and Mrs. 1 larvey. 

Custis, Mrs. William Parke, 
( !ustis, The Missi 

Cutter, Lieut, and Mrs. L. T., 

[772 Columbia Road, Washington, D. C. 

Cuyler, Mr. and Mrs. John Potter (nee Baker), 






Store and Factory Down Town Store 

307 North Calvert Street 27 West Baltimore Street 

Near Saratoga Near Hanover 


Book Binders 



WM. BOWERS & SONS, (0pp „ elR _ t) 

Manufacturers J_ Fin P. CamagCS, 

Automobiles and Harness 







Books, Leather and 
Brass Goods, Art 
Pottery, Bric-a-brac 


Wedding Presents a Specialty 


Wedding Invitations in the Latest Styles 




Dabney, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Minor (nee Rosalie B. Diffenderffer), 

The Alt. Royal. 

Daingerfield, Mrs. Henry, The Alarlborough Apartments, Washington, D. C. 

Daingerfield, Miss Katharine, 

The Marlborough Apartments, Washington, D. C. 

Daingerfield, Mr. Henry, 

Daingerfield, Mr. P. B. Key. Maryland Club. 

Daingerfield, Mr. and Mrs. Barbour (nee Alice Rasin), 

Sunderland Place, Washington, D. C. 

Dalcour, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav T. (nee de Bullet), Ellicott City, Aid. 

Dalcour, Mrs. A. J. (nee de Bullet), Ellicott City. Aid. 

Dall, Mrs. Joseph E., The Brexton. 

Dall, Miss Etta A., The Brexton. 

Dallam, Miss Frances S., 522 Summit Aw. Hagerstown. Md. 

Dallam, Miss Elizabeth. 522 Summit Aw, Hagerstown. Aid. 

Dallam, Airs. Henry Clay, 1216 Bolton St. 

Dallam, Mr. Lucien, 1216 Bolton St. 

Dallam, Mr. and Airs. C. Braxton (nee Fisher), 708 St. Paul St. 

Daly, Air. and Airs. Owen, 1006 Cathedral St. 

Daly, Aliss Adele E., 1006 Cathedral St. 

Daly, Aliss Irene A., 1006 Cathedral St. 

Dame. Dr. and Airs. William Ai.. 1409 Bolton St. 

Dame, Rev. and Mrs. William Page (nee Josephine Putney), 

1409 Bolton St. 

Dammann, Air. and Airs. J. Francis, Upton, 731 W. Lanvale St. 

Dammann, The Alisses, Upton, 731 W. Lanvale St. 

Dammann, Air. F. William, Jr., Upton, 731 W. Lanvale St. 

Dammann, Aliss Alice G., Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Dammann, Aliss, Hotel Rennert. 

Dammann, Air. J. Francis, Jr., Chicago, 111. 

Dandridge. Aliss X. S.. 

Dandridge. Alajor Philip P., 

Daniel, Air. and Airs. John F. (nee Menetta W.Brooks), Mt. Vernon, 111. 

Darling, Aliss Nancy Klingle, 124 W. Lafayette Av 

Darrell, Air. and Airs. Charles, 2130 Oak St. 

Darrell, Miss, 2130 Oak St. 

Darrell, Aliss May H.. 2130 Oak St. 

Darrell, Aliss Alarie Josephine, nog N. Eutaw St 

Darrell, Air. and Airs. Harvey Cavendish (nee Anna L. Beck). 

1 100 X. Eutaw St. 



2927 St. Paul St. 

181 1 Guilford A\i 
1.S1 1 Guilford Av. 
181 1 Guilford Av 

2340 Madison Av. 
2340 Madison Av. 

2514 Madison A v. 

10 E. Lafayette Av. 
10 E. Lafayette Av. 
10 E. Lafayette Av. 

2010 Maryland Av. 
2010 Maryland Av. 
2010 Maryland Av. 

136 W. Lanvale St. 

Dashiell, Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas L.. 

Dashiell, Mrs. Charles \\\. 
I >ashieil, The Misses, 
I >ashiell, Mr. Franklin, 

1 )ashiell, Mrs. Louisa T., 
Dashiell, Miss Mary T., 

i )ashiell, The Misses, 

Daugherty, Mrs. P. A., 

Daugherty. Mr. and Mrs. William G., 

Daugherty. Miss Emma D., 

Daves, Mrs. Edward Graham, 

Daves, Miss, 

Daves, Miss Jennie H., 

Daves, Mr. and Mrs. John C. (nee Pitt), 

Davidson. Mr. and Mrs. William T., 

( 112) "The Cordova," Washington, D. C 
( 112) "The Cordova," Washington, D. C 

Garrison P. O., Md 

3:)3 E. North Av 
303 E. North Av 
303 E. North Av 

206 W. 52d St.. New York City 

Davidson, Col. and Mrs. J. Hull (nee Elizabeth McCann), New York City 

Davidson, Mrs. Frederick il., 2ro2 Eutaw Place 

Davies, Mrs. John F., 1206 John St 

Davies, Mr. and Mrs. Seabury, 1424 Bolton St 

Davie-. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Langdon (nee Alice Pendergast), 

[406 Park Av 
Davies, Mr. and Mrs. John F. (nee Annette Levering). 

"Aldcroft," Catonsville, Md 

Davidson, Miss Harriet N 

Davidson, Aiiss Louise, 

Davidson, Mrs. Jos. E., 
Davidson. Mr. J. 1 lamilton, 
1 )avidson, The Misses, 

Davidson, Mis- Eleanor H 

Davis, 1 Ion. 1 1. G., 

Davis, Mrs. I Ienry G., 
Davis, Mr. li.G.Jr., 

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. John T., 

Davis, Miss Mary Winter, 

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. George Gibson, 

Davis, The Miss< 

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Howard, 

Graceland, Elkins, W. Va. 

Elkins, W. Va. 

Of 109 \Y. Monument St. (Abroad). 

York Road, above Rogers Forge. 

137 W. Lanvale Si. 

412 E. Twenty-second St. 

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Gansevoort, 

1706 Madison Av. 



Davis, Mr. and Mrs. M. B., Relay P. O.. Md. 

Davis, The Misses, Relay P. O., Md. 

Davis, The Messrs. Relay P. O., Md. 

Davis, Dr. and Mrs. John Staige (nee Kathleen Bowdoin), 

1228 N. Calvert St. 

Davis, Miss Martha Williams, 

Davison, Mrs. Calvin T., 

Dawkins, Mr. Walter I., 

Dawkins, Miss Eva, 

Dawkins, Miss Frances Alethea, 

Dawson, Mrs. Edgar, 
Dawson, Miss, 
Dawson, Mr. Edgar R., 

Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hill (nee White), 

Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. Roger T., 

Dawson, Messrs. A. Maurice and E. Rowland, 

Dawson. Mrs. Mary, 

Dawson, Mrs. Olivia Coulter, 

Dawson, Mrs. Rachael W. T., 

Daw son, Mr. Thomas Matthews, 

Dawson, Miss Edith M., 

The St. Paul. 

1220 N. Charles St. 

St. James Hotel. 

1220 W. Lafayette Av. 
1220 W. Lafayette Av. 

8 E. Madison St. 
8 E. Madison St 
8 E. Madison St. 

Stevenson, Md. 

1716 N. Charles St. 
1716 N. Charles St. 

Deale, Miss Nannie P., 
Deale, Miss Sally B., 

DeFord, Mrs. William, 
DeFord, Miss Lydia Howard. 

2 Boulder Lane, Roland Park. 

1331 Bolton St. 

2414 Madison Av 

1400 Eutaw PI. 

1318 Linden Av. 

21 14 Maryland Av 
2114 Maryland Av. 

401 N. Charles St. 
401 N. Charles St. 

Deford, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Jr. (nee Smith), 

(Oakdene, Brooklandville, Md. ) 

Deford, Mr. and Mrs. B. Frank (nee Drewry), 

(Elenola, Rider P. O., Md.) 

Delano, Mr. and Mrs. James (nee Edith Sinclair Barnard), 

913 N. Charles St. 
24 E. Eager St. 

Delia Torre, Miss, 
Delia Torre, Mr. Frank, 

Deming, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 

Deming, Mr. and Mrs. J. C, 
Deming, Mr. J. C, Jr., 

Dempsey, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henry, Jr. (nee Kensett), 

Denegre, Mrs. John, 

1629 N. Calvert St. 
1629 N. Calvert St. 

215 Mosher St. 

1713 Park PI. 
1713 Park PI. 

931 St. Paul St. 

1401 Park Av. 

90 1) 

Denig, Lieut, and Mrs. Robert Livingston, U. S. Marine Corps, (nee 

Aland B.King), The Shirley. 

Denison, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. (nee Elizabeth Crcmwell), 

Timonium P. ( )., Md. 
Denison, Mr. Robert M., Jr., Timonium P. 0.,Md. 

Denison, Mr. and Mrs. 1 1. Marcus. 10 E. Read St. 

Denison, Mrs. John M., 1024 N.Charles St. 

Denison. Miss Helen. 1024 N. Charles St. 

Denmead, Mr. and Mrs. Talbott, 2830 St. Paul St. 

Denmead, Mr. and Mrs. Garner W. (nee Leonie von Knobloch), 

The Mt. Royal. 

Denmead. Mrs. Carrie J., Earl Court. 

Denmead, Miss Helen B., Earl Court. 

Dennis, Ex-Judge and Mrs. J. Upshur (nee Murdoch), The Albion. 

Dennis,Miss Dora L., The Albion. 

Dennis. Mr. J. Murdoch. The Albion. 

Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. John Mcpherson (nee Chiles), 

"Essex," Sherwood (Rider P. 0.),Md. 

Dennis. Mr. and Mrs. James Teackle, 

Care of Thos. Cook & Son, Cairo, Egypt. 

Dennis, Air. and Mrs. Archibald Russell, 1532 Park Av. 

Denny, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Littrell (nee Elizabeth C. Hollingsworth), 

4169 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

1 >enny, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M.. 

Denny, Mr. and Mrs. James W., 1900 Linden Av 

Dent, Miss Margaret K., 916 St. Paul St. 

De Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. A. Eugene, 118 W. Lafayette A v. 

Deringer, Mrs. B. McLean, "The Terraces," Philipsburg, Centre Co., Pa. 

Despard, Mrs. Burton, 1806 Pine So, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Despard, Dr. Duncan L., 1806 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

(Monterey, Blue Ridge Summit P. O., Pa.) 

Detrick, Miss Lillie, 104 E. Biddle St. 

Detrick, Miss Katharine, 104 E. Biddle St. 

Detrick, Mr. and Mrs. William H., Ruxton, Md. 

Detrick, Mr. Louis F., Ruxton. Md. 

Detrick, Mr. and Mrs. J. S., 205 E. Preston St. 

Detrick, Miss Mabel, 205 E. Preston St. 

Devenny, Mr. and Mrs. Hermann (nee Gulielma Penn McCann), 

319 I la/el Road, Sewickley, Pa. 



DeVries, "Mrs. William R., 
DeVries, Rev. William Levering, 

Devries, Mr. and Mrs. J. Oliver, 

Devries, Mr. and Mrs. Christian, 
• Devries, Miss Viola M., 

Devries, Mr. Harry A., 

Dewing, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Edwin (nee Susan Latimer Franklin), 

130 E. 67th St.. New York. 

32J E. Capitol St.. Washington, D. C. 
327 E. Capitol St.. Washington, D. C. 

513 Park Av. 

Stevenson, Green Spring Valley, Md. 
Stevenson, Green Spring Valley, Md. 

Rose Hill, Pikesville, Md 

De Witt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles. 
De Witt, Miss Irma, 
De Witt. Miss Beatrice. 

De Witt. Mr. and Mrs. Charles. Jr.. 

Dick, Miss Eliza M.. 

Dickerson, Mr. Edwin T.. 

Dickey, Miss Jeannette M., 

Dickey, Mrs. Elizabeth J., 
Dickey, Miss Henrietta S., 
Dickey. Mr. Charles E., Jr., 

Dickey. Mr. and Mrs. Philip S., 
Dickev, Mr. Chas. E., Jr., 
Dickey. Mr. Edmund D. V., 
Dickey. Mr. Philip S., Jr., 

Dickinson, Miss Laura D., 

Dickson. Miss Henrietta, 

Didier, Mrs. Henry A., 
Didier, Miss Helen, 

Didier, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lemoine, 
Didier, Miss Angela de Bernabeu, 
Didier, Miss Edith Northrop, 

5 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 
5 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 
5 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

Rogers Ave., Pimlico. 

35 Melvin Av.. Catonsville. Md. 

2414 Madison Av 

114 E. Eager St. 

2129 N. Charles St. 
2129 N. Charles St. 
2129 X. Charles St. 

1829 X. Calvert St. 
1829 X. Calvert St. 
1829 X. Calvert St. 
1829 X. Calvert St. 

1 125 St. Paul St 

315 W. Monument St. 

13 E. Read St. 
13 E. Read St. 

1722 N. Calvert St. 

1722 N. Calvert St. 

1722 N. Calvert St. 

1722 X. Calvert St. 

Didier. Miss Isabel Steuart, 

Dieterich, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. (nee May Brown). 

963 Fifth A v.. Xew York. 

Diffenderffer, Mr. W. H., 1810 N. Charles St 

(Ridge and Beech Avs., Walbrook.) 

Diffenderffer. Mr. J. K. E., Beech Av. and 15th St., Walbrook. 

Diffenderfrer, Dr. C. R., Beech Av. and 15th St., Walbrook 

Diffenderffer, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stewart, "Oaklands," Garrison P. O., Md. 

Diffenderffer. Miss Salome L.. The Arundel. 

Diffenderffer, Miss Susan Christine. The Arundel. 

Dilworth, Mrs. Emma B., 1529 Eutaw PI. 

Dilworth, Mr. Edward F.. 1529 Eutaw PI. 

92 13 

Dimmock, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 576 W. 161st St., New York. 

Dimmock,Miss Natalie, 576 W. [61st St., New York. 

Dimmock, Mr. and Mrs. James C, 

Dinneen, Mrs. John 1 1.. Mt Erin, Walbrook. 

Dinneen, Mr. John 1 1.. Jr., Mt. Erin, Walbrook. 

Dinneen, Mr. M. Hale, " Mt. Erin. Walbrook. 

Dinneen, Mr. Henry II.. Mt. Erin. Walbrook. 

Dinneen. Mr. M. Archibald, Mt. Erin, Walbrook. 

Dinneen, Miss Eleanor C, Mt. Erin, Walbrook. 

Dinning, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lawrence (nee Nora Kathleen Lemon). 

Sherwood ( Rider P. ( ). ). Baltimore Co.. Md. 

Ditman, Mr. and Mrs. W. C, 1008 Cathedral St. 

Ditman, Miss Grace Barrow, too<8 Cathedral St. 

Dixon. Mrs. M.J.. Columbia, Conn. 

Dixon, Miss Irene E., Columbia, Conn. 

Dixon. Mrs. William T., 1224 Madison Av. 

Dixon. Miss Mar}' Bartlett, 1224 Madison Av. 

Dixon. Miss Julia Bartlett, 1224 Madison Av. 

Dixon. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac H. (nee White), 823 Park Av. 

( "Cliff ehurst," Roland Park. Baltimore Co.) 

Dixon. Mr. and Mrs. George Dallas, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Dallas. Jr.. (nee Agnes R. Groonie). 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Dixon. Mr. and Mrs. Robert B., "North Bend." Easton. Md. 

Dixon. Miss Florence Amoss, "North Bend," Easton, Md. 

Dixon, Mr. James, "North Bend," Easton, Md. 

Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Amoss (nee Needles), 1806 St. Paul St. 

Dobbin, Mrs. Thomas M.. 1308 Bolton St. 

I )< bbin, Miss, 1308 Bolton St. 

Dobbin, Miss Rebecca. 1308 Bolton St. 

Dobbin, Miss Anne Bathnrst, 1308 Bolton St. 
("WaysicTe," Relay P. O., Md.) 

1 bobbin, Mr. Robert A.. "Armagh." Elkridge, Md. 

Dobbin. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A., Jr. (nee Maria Tilton Hemsley), 

' Armagh," Elkridge, Md. 

Dobbin, Dr. and Mrs. George W. (nee Dunderdale), 56 W. Biddle St. 

Dobbin. Mrs. Isabel L., 262 W. Hoffman St. 

Dodd. Mr. J. 1 1.. Care of Country School, Charles-Street Av. 

Donald. Mi-. 1 33 1 Bolton St. 

Donaldson, Mr. and Mrs. John J. (nee Shoemaker), 1033 N.Calvert St. 
Donaldson, Miss Miriam S.. 10.33 N.Calvert St. 



Donaldson, Miss Elizabeth W., 

(Brown, Shipley & Co., 123 Pall Mall, London.) 

Donaldson, Mrs. Wm. W. (nee Hoogewerff), Relay P. O., Balto. Co., Md 

Donaldson, Miss Elsie, 

Donaldson. Miss Mary. 

Donaldson, Miss Lucy, 

Donaldson, Miss Harriet F., 

Donaldson, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B 
Donaldson, Miss Charlotte M., 
Donaldson, Mr. Thomas, 

Donaldson, Mrs. Nannie Beirne, 

toooi Euclid Aw, Cleveland, Ohio. 

1 5 18 Connecticut A v., Washington. D. C. 

Elkridge, Howard Co.,Md. 

West River, Md. 

Lawyer's Hill, Relay P. O., Md. 
Lawyer's Hill, Relay P. O., Md. 
Lawyer's Hill, Relay P. O., Md. 

80=; Hamilton Ter. 

Donaldson, Mr. and Mrs. Francis (nee Annie Harvey Talbot), 

1325 Perry St., Davenport, Iowa. 

Donaldson, Mr. W. Macfarland, 

Donn, Mrs. John W., 

Donnell, Mrs. William, 

Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B., 

Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, 

Dorsey, Miss, 

Dorsey, Mrs. John W., 

Dorsey, Miss Comfort Worthington, 

Dorsey, Mr. Charles H., 

Dorsey. Mr. John W., 

Dorsey, Mrs. Robert, 

Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. (nee Hattie Bowie), 

Dorsey, Mrs. Nancy Browne, 

Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. John R., 

Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R., 

Dorsey. Mr. Frank G., 
Dorsey, Miss Nannie E., 

Dcsh, Mrs. Catherine B., 
Dosh, Miss A. Katherine, 
Dosh, Miss Mary K., 

Dosh, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 

Doty, Mr. and Mrs. Leonidas (nee Nannie T. Whiteley), 

Doughty, Misses, 

Delta Phi House, S. Bethlehem, Pa. 

135 W. Lafayette Av. 

TT20 St. Paul St. 

"Wiklwood," Mt. Washington. 

Roland Park. 

Ellicott City, Md. 

2 1 j. W. La n vale St. 
214 W. Lanvale St. 

Dravo, Ala. 

Potsdam. N. Y. 

Newport, Ark. 

Rockville, Md. 

171 1 N. Calvert St. 

730 Roland Av. 

The Arundel. 

The Albion. 
The Albion. 

1525 Linden Av. 
1525 Linden Av. 
1525 Linden Av. 

Govanstown, Md. 
Catonsville, Md. 
13 W. Chase St. 

M D 

Dougherty. Mr. and Mrs. Henry PL, 1813 N. Charles St. 

Dougherty. Mr. Harry R. 1813 N.Charles St. 

Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson, Earl Court. 

Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. James Clarence, 126 W.Lafayette Av. 

Doyle, Mr. Romulus G., 126 W.Lafayette Av. 

Doyle, Mr. Arthur R.. 126 W.Lafayette Av. 

Doyle, Mr. James C. Jr., 12G" W.Lafayette Av. 

Dresham, Miss Lucilla A., Poplar Hill, Roland Av. 

Drewry, Dr. and Mrs. Cooper R. (nee Mary Tasker James), 

Tower Hill, Catonsville, Md. 

Drexel. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. (nee Rita Armstrong), 

22 Grosvenor Square, London, Eng, 
Drexel, Miss Margaretta A.. 22 Grosvenor Square, London, Eng. 

Drexel, Mr. Armstrong, 22 Grosvenor Square, London, Eng. 

Drexel. Mr. Anthony. Jr., Care of Drexel & Co., Philadelphia. 

Droege, Ali^s Mathilde 2730 N. Charles St. 

Dryden. Miss Ida E , 2414 Madison Av. 

Du Barry. Mr. and Mrs. F. Dnane (nee Alice Maud Rich), 206 E. Biddle St 

Dudley, Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin William (nee Ethel Croxall Slingluff), 

215 N. Mill St., Lexington, Ky. 

Duer, Mrs. John, 609 Washington PI. 

Duer. Miss Isabel, 609 Washington PI 

Duer, Miss Edith, 609 Washington PI 

. Duer, Mrs. A. Adgate (nee Marshall), "Weyanoke," Roslyn P. O., Md. 

Duer, Miss Henrietta Adgate, "Weyanoke," Roslyn P. O., Md. 

Duer. Miss Margaret Lewis Marshall, "Weyanoke," Roslyn P. O., Md. 

Duer. Mr. and Mrs. John, Jr. ( nee Agnes Barton), 

"Weyanoke," Roslyn P.O., Md. 

Duer, Mr. Thomas Marshall, "Weyanoke." Roslyn P. O., Md. 

Duer, Mr. A. Adgate, "Weyanoke," Roslyn P. O., Md 

Duer. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas EL (nee Blodgett), 1020 N.Calvert St. 

Duer, Mis. Edith, 1020 N.Calvert St. 

Duer, Mr. Leland Blodgett, 1020 N. Calvert St. 

("Allstone," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Duer. Mr. Henry Townsend, Claverly Hall, Harvard, Cambridge, Mass. 

Duer. Dr. and Mrs. S. Naudain, 1916 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Duer, Mrs. Edward Franklin, 1804 St. Paul St. 

Duer, Mr. Edward Page, 1804 St. Paul St. 

Duer, Mr. Henry Lay, 1804 St. Paul St. 

Duer, Mr. Howard Stevens, 1804 St. Paul St. 

Duer, Miss Virginia Rose, 1804 St. Paul St. 

Duer, Mr. Bruce White. Superintendent B.& 0. R. R., Chicago, 111. 



Duff, Miss Mary G., 
Duff, Mrs. M. C, 

Duffy, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (nee Sams), 

Dngan, Mr. Cumberland, 
Dugan, Miss, 

Dugan, Miss Mary Coale, 
Dugan, Miss Harriet Buchanan, 
Dugan, Mr. Cumberland, Jr., 
Dugan, Mr. Joseph M., 

The Concord, Washington, D. C. 
The Concord, Washington, D. C. 

138 W. Lam-ale St. 

"The Wilderness," [lchester, Md. 

"The Wilderness," Ilchester, Md. 

"The Wilderness," Ilchester, Md. 

"The Wilderness," Ilchester, Md. 

"The Wilderness," Ilchester, Md. 

"The Wilderness." Ilchester. Md. 

Dugan, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand C. (nee Boone), 

Dugan, Mr. and Mrs. Hammond J. (nee Markoe), 
Dugan, Miss Mary T., 

Catonsville, Md. 

9 W. Chase St. 
9 W. Chase St. 

Dugan, Mrs. Eleanor G., 1418 Bolton St. 

Duke, Mr. and Mrs. W. Bernard, "The Ridge," Sherwood, Balto. Co. 

Dukehart, Mr. and Mrs. Morton Mel. (nee Mabel Comyges). 

The Wentworth, 31 1 Cathedral St. 

Dulany, Mrs. Walter (nee Nellie Simmons), Address 7 W.Preston St. 

Dulany, Miss Mildred, 
Dulany, Mr. Grafton Lloyd, 

Dulany, Miss Eleanor Grafton, 

Dulany, Mr. and Mrs. H. Rozier, 

Dulany, Mr. and Mrs. John M. (nee Mary R. Weedon), 2730 N. Charles St. 

Dulany, Mr. and Mrs. James Clarke (nee Josephine Lanahan), 4 W. Biddle St. 

Dulany, Miss Edith Claire, mi X.Charles St. 

Dulany, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Gordon (nee Reid), Winona Apartment. 

Dulany, Mr. Walter Guy, "Stoneyhurst." Merryman Aw, Roland Park. 

Address 7 W. Preston St. 
Address 7 W. Preston St. 

812 St. Paul St. 

Washington, D. C. 

Dulin, Miss, 

Duncan, Prof, and Mrs. Lewis, 

Duncan, Mrs. Rich. McKim, 
Duncan, Miss Emily W.. 

Dunham, Mr. and Mrs. James A., 

Dunham. Mr. Francis H., 

Dunn, Miss Louisa K., 

Dunn, Mrs. C. Irwin, 

Dunn, Com. Herbert O. (U. S. N.), 

Dunott, Mrs. Thomas J., 
Dunott, Miss Catherine Forne, 

Dunott, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Z., 

107 W. Monument St. 

New York. 

411 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 
411 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

1617 St. Paul St. 

The Royalton, Xew York City. 

851 Park Ay. 

26 E. Preston St. 

New York. 

Care of 1312 N. Charles St. 
Care of 1312 N. Charles St. 

\y.2 N. Charles St. 

M I > 

Dushane, Mr. John A., "Bryn Dun," Roland Av. 

Dushane, Miss Nanna Duke. "Bryn Dun," Roland Av. 

Dushane, Miss Alexandra, "Bryn Dun," Roland Av. 

Dushane, Miss Lucilla A., "Briarfield," Station L, Roland Park. 

Duvall, Mr. and Mrs. G. Howard, Sudbrook Park. 

Duvall, Mr. Ridgely, Sudbrook Park. 

Duvall, Mr. and Mrs. William E. Post, Sudbrook Park. 

Duvall. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mareen (neeGoldsborough), 2009 N. Charles St. 

Duvall, Mr. Algernon S.. 2211 X.Charles St. 

Duvall, Mr. Herman von Kapff, Seattle, Wash. 

Duvall. Mr. and Mrs. Hobart, 24 E.Madison St. 

Duvall, Mr. Walter, 24 E.Madison St. 

Duvall. Mrs. Marius, Norfolk, Va. 

Duvall, Miss Ellen, Norfolk, Va. 

Duval, Mr. and Mrs. Hanson Rawlings (nee Elizabeth Curzon 

1 1 <>ff man ), New York. 

Duval, Miss M. R., 704 N. Howard St. 

Duval. Mr. L. Kemp. Metropolitan Club, Washington, D. C. 

Duval, Mr. Edwin P. R., Country School, Charles-Street Av. 

Du Yak Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel (nee Catharine Giese), Weyanoke Av. 

Du Vivier, Mr. and Mrs. George (nee Elder), New York. 

Dwyer, Mr. Daniel W., 24 E. Madison St. 







Piano Department under the 

direction of 



Lebert and Stark's method (used in Berlin, Stuttgart and 
Paris Conservatories); Etudes by Loeschorn, Czerny, Cramer, 
Clementi, Moscheles, Kullak, Hugo, Chopin, Henzelt and Liszt 
together with compositions from the best Classic and Romantic 
pianoforte literature. 




Xycett Stationers 

317 N. Charles Stieet 

Engravers Booksellers and 

COur Aim 
Odd Things not to be found elsewhere 

There are so many new and original additions to our stock in the 
special lines we carry, namely LEATHER GOODS, DESK and LIBRARY 
ARTICLES in BRASS and other METALS, Pictures inc.uding unique 
ART that it would be impossible to tell you ^heie) about them all. We 
invite your inspection or your request for information. "WRITING 
PAPERS and the stamping of same is our special work, also the 
engraving of "WEDDING INVITATIONS, Visiting Cards and all Social 
Forms. Requests for samples will be promptly complied with. 

(dur iflnttn — Elegance at Moderate Cost 









d d 

1 e c t 1 

o { 

Dresden, Mintons Wedgwood and Coalport 
China, Lihhey aid Hawkes Rich Cut Glass. 

Also a large line of Silverware 
Suitable for Wedding Gifts 




Eager, Rev. and Airs. John H., "The Druid," Mt. Royal Av. 

Eager, Miss Elizabeth G., "The Druid," Alt. Royal Av. 

Eager, Mr. John Howard, "The Druid," Mt. Royal Av. 

Eager, Mr. Charles A., "The Druid." Mt. Royal Av. 

Eager, Mr. Geo. Taylor, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 

Earle, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel T., 1431 Linden Av. 

Earle, The Misses, 1431 Linden Av. 

Early, Mr. John D., 711 Park Av. 

Early, Miss Eveline Rieman, 711 Park Av. 

Earl}-, Air. and Airs. Alexander Rieman. "Chudleigh," Roslyn P. O., Aid. 

Earp, Airs. George, 22 W. Biddle St. 

Earp, Aiiss, 22 W. Biddle St. 

("Earpdene," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Easby, Air. and Airs. Erancis H., Philadelphia. 

Easter, Mrs. Hamilton, 1313 Park Av. 

Easier, Aliss Elizabeth, 1313 Park Av. 

Easter, Air. Charles B., 1313 Park Av. 

Eaton, The Alisses, 119 W.Franklin St. 

Eccleston, D.D., Rev. J. H., 910 St. Paul St. 

Edie, Lieut. -Com. and Airs. John R. (U. S. N.) (nee Caroline Boyd Hilles), 

1747 Rhode Island Av.. Washington, D. C 

Edmondson, Air. and Airs. Ernest Singleton (nee Rushton), 

1723 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Edmondson, Air. and Airs. W. Winder, 904 St. Paul St. 

Edmondson, Air. Joseph Airey, 904 St. Paul St. 

Edmondson, Air. J. Hooper, 904 St. Paul St. 

("Blythewood," Charles-Street Av.) 

Edmondson, Air. and Airs. Frank Gordon (nee Katherine AI. Waters), 

Eversham Av., Govans, Aid. 

Edmondson, Mr. and Airs. Win. Winder. Jr.. "Bellevieu," Manchester, 

Edwards, Rev. Evan Alexander, Howard Park. 

Edwards, Airs. R. \\\. Howard Park. 

Edwards, Air. and Airs. Joseph F. (nee Alarie Louise Abel!), 

Egerton, Air. and Airs. Bayard Calvert, 2215 St. Paul St. 

Egerton, Aliss Ellen Calvert, 2215 St. Paul St. 

Egerton, Miss Carolyn von Barries, 2215 St. Paul St. 

Egerton, Air. and Airs. Samuel E.. Jr., 406 Hawthorn Road. Roland Park. Aid. 

Egerton, Dr. and Airs. Kennon W.. 2105 N.Calvert St. 


100 E 

Egerton, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart (nee White). i E. Mt. Royal Av. 

Ehlen,Mr. and Mrs. Frank, "The Rest," Towson, Md. 

Ehlen, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Snowden (nee Marie Randall Parker), 

The Westover, Park Av. 

Eichelberger, Miss E. L., 14-26 Park A v. 

Eichelberger, Mrs. Byrd Gambrill, 

Eisenbrey, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Philip. Jr., 1116 N.Calvert St. 

Eisenbrey, Miss Irene C, it 16 N.Calvert St. 

Eisenbrey, Miss Ella D., 1116 N.Calvert St. 

Elder, Miss Ellin North Garrison, Balto. Co., Md. 

Elder, Mrs. Robert North, "Robins wood," Garrison, Balto. Co., Md. 

Elder, Miss Elizabeth H., "Robinswood," Garrison, Balto. Co., Md. 

Elder. Mr. Franklin Voss, Chicago, 111. 

/ Elder, Mr. and Mrs. William Voss (nee Poe), Garrison P. O., Balto. Co., Md, 

Eldridge, Pay Director and Mrs. C. H., Washington, D. C. 

Ellard, Mr. and Mrs. John W., The Washington. 

Ellett, Mrs. Francis M., r.4.30 Linden Av. 

Ellett, Miss, [430 Linden Av. 

Ellett, Miss Mary Garland, 1430 Linden Av. 

Ellicott, Miss. The Albion. 

Ellicott, Miss Nannie Poultney, 1220 Linden Av. 

Ellicott, Miss Nancy Poultney, 1221 N. Caivert St. 

(Normandy Heights, Roland Park.) 

Ellicott, Mr. and Mrs. C. E., Melvale, Md. 

Ellicott, Mr. David B., 1209 John St. 

Ellicott, Mr. and Mrs. C. Lewis. 1209 John St. 

( "Rockland," Darlington, Md.) 

Ellicott, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Tyson (nee Eugenia Deyden), 

Mt. Royal Flats. 

Ellicott, Mr. and Mrs. William M. (nee King), 

20 E. Mt. Vernon Place (for the Winter). 

Ellicott, Mr. and Mrs. Francis, 813 St. Paul St. 

Ellicott, Miss May Poultney, 813 St. Paul St. 

Ellicott, Miss, 900 St. Paul St. 

Elliott, Mrs. Lily Tyson, "Westholme," Ellicott City, Md. 

Elliott, Dr. A. Marshall. [028 N. Calvert St. 

Elliott. Mrs. Virginia E., 230 W. Lanvale St 

Elliott, Mrs. Joseph P., '6 I-:. Eager St. 

E 101 

Elliott. Mrs. Warren G., 1318 X.Charles St. 

Elliott, Miss Margaret, Church Home and Infirmary. 

Elliott, Air. Charles, Mt. Royal Apartments. 

Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Rhett (nee Marion L.Patterson), 

6 Hillside Road. Roland Park. 
Elliott, Mr. John H., 6 Hillside Road. Roland Park. 

Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Ireland (nee Corinne B. Vickers), 

2026 Mt. Royal A v. 

Ellis, Dr. and Mrs. R. H. P., 22 N. Carey St. 

Ellison, Mr. and Mrs. H. Howard. Jr. (nee Elsie Foard). Radnor, Pa. 

Elsroad, Mr. and Mrs. J. Towson, Catonsville. Md. 

Ely. Dr. and Mrs. Richard T.. 205 Prospect Aw. Madison, Wis. 

Ely, Mr. Richard T., 205 Prospect Aw, Madison. Wis. 

Emerson, Mr. and i>Irs. Isaac. 2500 Eutaw PI. 

Emery. Mr. and Mrs. John Ralph, 104 W. Eager St. 

Emery, Mr. John Hall, 1120 N.Charles St. 

Emery, Mrs. Ella Porter, 943 N. Calvert St. 

Emory, Mrs. Richard ( nee Marian G. Heiskell), 

"'Cherry Tree Lodge," Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Emory, Mrs. William Hopper, "Grey Rock," Pikesville, Md. 

Emory, Mr. William H., Jr.. "Grey Rock," Pikesville. Md. 

Emory, Miss Laura Hunt. "Grey Rock," Pikesville. Md. 

Emory, Mr. and Mrs. J. Brooks (nee Catherine F. Linthicum), 

Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Emory, Mrs. Mary Davidson, 303 E. Xorth Aw 

Emory, Mr. and Mrs. German H.LI, (nee Lucy S. Stump), The Berkeley. 

Emory, Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer, 2004 Maryland Av. 

Emory. Mr. Wilmer, Jr., 2004 Maryland Av. 

England, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1507 Park Av. 

^England, Mr. Joseph Townsend, -J^>U^ ^ /"Wc^^ 1507 Park Av. 

England, Miss Charlotte Barnard, 1507 Park Av. 

Englar, Miss Margaret T., 1529 Eutaw PI. 

Estep, Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. (nee Sudler), 

"Tudor," Lothian P. O., Anne Arundel Co., Md. 

Etting, Miss Josephine, 826 N. Eutaw St. 

Evans. Miss Mary, 1418 Linden Av. 

Evans, Mr. H. C, U, §, G?9. Survey, Washington, D. C. 

102 E 

Evan?, Mrs. Henry C 817 N. Charles St. 

Evans, Miss Ethyln Garrettson, 817 N.Charles St. 

Evans, Miss May Garrettson, The Albany. 

Evans, Miss Marion Dorsey, The Albany. 

Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Garrettson (nee Ella Warfield), 

226 \V. Lain ale St. 
Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Cortlandl de Lacey, 

1001 University Pathway, Straus' Point, N. !l. 
Evans, Miss Melva \ .. 1001 University Pathway, Straus' Point, N. H. 

Evans, Dr. and Mrs. Philip S., Jr. (nee Mary Grace Levering). 

Ynng Chow, China. 
(Address 1316 Eutaw Place.) 

Ewing, Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson, too Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 
Ewing, Mr. H. Gordon, 100 Edgevale Load. Roland Park. 


R. Q. TAYLOR <& CO. 

Hats, Umbrellas, Canes, Leather Hat Cases, 

Hand Satchels, Dress Suit Cases, Steamer 

Rugs and Lap Covers. 

DUNLAP '.& CO., New York. CHRISTY C& CO., London. 





The Popular Route Between North ana South 


Leave Bay Line Piers 10-13 Light Street, toot of 
Barre Street, daily, except Sunday, at 6.30 P. M. 

direct for Old Point Comfort, " Fortress Mon- 
roe" Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va. Railroad 

connections to all points South : : : : 


Tickets or sale Bay Line Ticket Offices. 107 E. Baltimore Street. Light and Barre 

Streets Albaughs. 2 East Eayette Street, Seaboard Air Line Office, 

Continental Trust Building : also on board Steamers. 

President & Gen' I Manager 

Gen I Pass. Agent 

Traveling Pass. Agent 





liatr Br^Bs^r nnh Utg iMakrr 




c. &. P. Phone 

C. P. Telephone Mt. Vernon i:J4S 






£&A £&r 

<jSL<z.ti*/ /icn'n/ed *z<y*e/lie6 Lsic Cscc*'n-/^rty<i //ate* c&tox liAe/c/ieS 

Kts(a.-ri</ /tat'n/*<i ccl/urn*S r /cttiS, <7 (we<& a-nct /mlS* /o cva-ei*. 


E Fabyan, Dr. and Mrs. Marshall (nee Eleanore McCormick), Boston, Mass. 

Fahnestock, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (nee Bessie Wetherill), 2503 Madison Av. 

Fahnestock, Mr. Albert, 2503 Madison Av. 

("Halten Farms," Baltimore Co.) 

Fairchild, Mr. Henry L., 

Fairfax. Mrs. Donald MacXeill, 167 Prospect St., Hagerstown, Md. 

Fairfax. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Percy, 24 E. Madison St. 

Fairfax. Miss Caroline O., The Brexton. 

Fairfax, 2nd Lieut. John Carlyle (2nd U. S. I.), Fort Logan, Col. 

Fairfax, Mr. William Redwood. Fredericksburg, Va. 

Fairfax, Mrs. I. C, 162 East 46th St., New York. 

Fant, Miss Josephine, 12 W. Madison St. 

Farber, Mrs. Annie E., 1012 X. Charles St. 

Farber, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. (nee Mercer), 925 X.Calvert St. 

Farber, Mr. Brent Harrison, 925 X. Calvert St. 

Farber, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J.. 1613 St. Paul St. 

Farber, Mr. and Mrs. G. Adolph (nee Katharine Goldsborough), 

1 147 Linden Av.. Memphis, Tenn. 

Farber, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S., 175 9th St.. Troy, X. V. 

i . Farnandis, Miss Elizabeth D.. Stockdale, Belair. Harford Co.. Md. 

Farnandis, Mr. Walter, in Waverly Ter. 

Farquharson, Mrs. Ray G., "Wildwood," Garrison. Md. 

Fassig. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Lanard, Porto Rico. 

Faunt Le Roy, Mr. and Mrs. William Reid (nee Frances Garrett Robinson), 

3217 Westwood Av.. Walbrook. 

Fearn, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, Washington. 

Feild, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bird, 265 Bute St., Norfolk. Va 

Fenhagen, Mr. and Mrs. James Corner (nee Marion Stansbury). 

'"Maple Lodge," Catonsville, Md. 

Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. J. Norman, 1421 Bolton St. 

Fenton, Miss Rebecca, 1421 Bolton St. 

Fenwick, Mrs. Henry A.. r 18 W. Lanvale St. 

Fenwick, Mr. G. Bernard, 118 W. Lanvale St. 

Fenwick. Mr. Charles G.. 118 W. Lanvale St. 

Ferguson, Mr. J. Du Gue, 873 Park A v. 

Ferguson. Mr. and Mrs. James F. (nee Mary Trenholm). 873 Park Av. 

Ferguson. Mrs. J. Henry. The Albion. 


1 06 F 

Ferguson, Mr. J. Harry, Maryland Club. 

Ferguson, Mr. George 11.. 921 St. Paul St. 

Field. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wm. (nee Von Lingcn), 6oi Cathedral St. 

Findlay, Mrs. John Van Lear. 927 St. Paul St. 

Findlay, Mr. and Mrs. [ohn V. L.. Jr. (nee Courtenave O'Donnell), 

26 E. Mt. Vernon PI. (for the Winter). 
("Oakland Manor.'" Howard Co.. Md. ) 

Findlay, Mi<s Ellen Boyd. iot6 Cathedral St. 

Findlay, Mis? Mary P. Boyd. 1016 Cathedral St. 

Findlay. Mr. Robert. 30 E. Preston St. 

Finney. Dr. and Mrs. John M. T.. 1300 Eutaw PI. 

Fischer. Miss C, 9 E. Biddle St. 

Fischer, Dr. and Mrs. John S. (nee Maude McShane). 9 E. Biddle St. 

Fischer, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. C. (nee Brown). 

"Stoneleigh," Rodgers Forge P. O., Md. 

* Fishburn, Mrs. Randolph E.. 1004 X.Charles St. 

Fisher, Mrs. William, 1005 Cathedral St. 

Fisher, Mrs. Charles D., 814 N. Charles St. 

Fisher. Mrs. William A., 8 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Fisher, Dr. and Mrs. William A., Jr. (nee Anne C.Baylor), jr; Park \\. 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Janon (nee Lemoyne). 

"The Caves." Eccleston P. O., Md. 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Este (nee Sallie McLane), 1301 Park Av 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harmanus, 10 Beechdale Road, Roland Park. 

Fisher, Miss Grace Mactier, 10 Beechdale Road. Roland Park. 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Edward McC. (nee Fee). 

10 Beechdale Road. Roland I 'ark. 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Frank (nee Sara Patterson Barker), The Berkeley. 

Fisher, Mr. William 11.. 1318 Bolton St. 

Fisher, Mr. Wm. 1 1.. Jr.. 1318 Bolton St. 

Fisher, Mrs. Parks, 

Fisher, Mr. Frank S., The Brexton. 

Fisher, Mr. Parks. Jr.. 

Fisher. Mr. C. MacClure. 5 W. Preston St. 

Fisher, Dr. Robert W.. West Virginia. 

Fisher, Mr.and Mrs. Richard D., 1420 Park Av. 

Fisher, Mis-. Grace Winchester, 1420 Park Av. 

Fisher, Mr. Roberi A.. T420 Park Av. 

-F 107 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fairbank (nee Mary Leslie Robinson), 

Elizabeth. X. J. 

Fisher, Mrs. Frank, 1416 Bolton St. 

Fisher. Mr. Alfred, 1416 Bolton St. 

Fisher, Mr. Charles. 1416 Bolton St. 

Fisher, Mr. Frank, Jr., 1416 Bolton St. 

Fisher, Mr. Marion P., 1416 Bolton St. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 

Fisher, Mrs. Ellicott (nee Tyler), 

The Belgravia, 18th and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Fisher, Miss Mary B., 122 W. Franklin St. 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Howard (nee M. C. Post), 3737 Park Heights Ay. 

Fisk, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Lyman (nee Carter), 

41 W. 50th St., New York City. 

Fiske. Dr. John D.. 3000 Walbrook Aw, Walbrook. 

Fiske. Mr. Herman Linthicum. 3000 Walbrook Aw, Walbrook. 

Fitzgerald, Dr. Delano, Union Club, N. Y. 

Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G.. "Esperanza," Garrison P. O., Md. 

Fitzhugh, Mrs. H. M., Westminster, Md. 

Fitzhugh, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Maynadiei Westminster, Md. 

Fitz-Patrick, Miss Frances A., 2229 N. Calvert St. 

Fitz-Patrick, Mr. Thomas, 2229 N. Calvert St. 

Fleming, Miss Kate R., "Bonnie Bluff," Lake Station. X. C. R. R. 

Fleming, Miss Elizabeth B., "Bonnie Bluff." Lake Station. X. C. R. R. 

Fleming. Mr. and Mrs. John Perkins, 224 X. Church Road, Ardmore, Pa. 

Fleming, Dr. and Mrs. George A., 1018 Madison Aw 

Fleming, Miss Marjorie, iot8 Madison Av. 

Fleming, Miss Katherine, 1018 Madison Av. 

Fletcher, D.D., Rev. William A., Rector of the Cathedral. 

Flick, Mrs. R. Jay (nee Henrietta Ridgely), Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Flocken, Mr. Frederick S., 6 E. Centre St. 

Flournoy, Mr. and Mrs. Parke P., Jr. (nee Josephine H.Teackle). 

847 Park Av. 
Foard, ilk 1 , and Mrs. Joseph R. (nee Virginia L. McMaster), 

"Chamouny," Stevenson. Md. 

Foard. Miss. 121 W. Lanvale St. 

Focke, Mr. and Mrs. Walter D.. Woodlawn Hall, Forest Park. 

Foley, Miss, 706 Park Av. 

Foley, Miss Nannie M.. 706 Park Aw 

Foley. Mr. Thos. J., 706 Park Aw 


Foley, Misses, 
Foley, Mr. L. R., 

Follis, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Holden (nee Riggs), 

Fontaine, Mr. Berkeley Minor, 

Forbes, Mrs. Sydney II., 

Forbes, Miss Jane Dawson, 

Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. (nee Chew), 

Forbes, Mrs. Alice F., 

Forbes, Mrs. Alfred T., 

Forbes, Mr. George, 

Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. Harris Lightfoot, "Fern 

Ford, Mrs. John T., 
Ford, Messrs, 

Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hyland (nee Frances 

14 E. Lafayette Av. 
14 E. Lafayette A v. 

3 E. Read St. 

714 St. Paul St. 

1206 N. Calvert St. 
1206 N. Calvert St. 
1206 N. Calvert St. 

1815 N. Charles St. 

27 W. North Av. 

27 W. Chase St. 

Brook," Smithsburg, Md. 

1536 N. Gilmor St. 
1536 N. Gilmor St. 


Ford, Dr. and Mrs. William W. (nee Loulie Neilson), 1134 Cathedral St. 

Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 

"Carlford Manor," Park Heights and Ford's Road. 

Forman, Mrs. Frederick Watts, The Preston, Preston and Guilford Av. 

Forman, Mr. and Mrs. James Cranston, 118 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Forman, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hemsley, The St. Paul. 

Forman, Miss Emily Hodges, 1418 Bolton St. 

Forney, Mr. and Mrs. G. Hoke, 1623 St. Paul St. 

Fort, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Edwards (nee Adele Brooks), 

2233 Av. N, South Highlands, Birmingham, Ala. 

Fosbroke, Rev. and Mrs. Houghton, 

Foster, Dr. and Mrs. M. Whilldin, 
Foster, Miss Isabel. 

Foster, Dr. and Mrs. William G.. 

("Terrace Dale," Towson.) 

Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben, 

Foster, Mrs. Reginald (nee Reiba Thelin), 

Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D., 

Foster, Mr. and Mrs. E. Edmunds, 

Fouke, Mr. and Mrs. Francis W.. 

Fouilhoux, Mr. and Mrs. J. Andre (nee Jean Butler Clark), 

King's Mill Apartments, Portland, Ore. 

9 W. Franklin St. 
() W. Franklin St. 

W. Franklin St. 

2301 N. Charles St. 

Mt. Washington, Md. 

330 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

23 E. 22d St. 

Westminster, Md. 

-t" 1 109 

Foutz, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton R. (nee Lawson), 1416 Harlem Av. 

Fowler, Mrs. John H. (nee Morris), Hotel Belvedere. 

Fowler, Miss Louisa McEndree, Catonsville, Md. 

Fowler, Miss Susan, 420 W. 118th St., New York City. 

Fowler. Miss Amelia de Pan, of 1200 N. Charles St. (Abroad.) 

Fowler, Miss Meta Oliver, of 1200 X.Charles St. (Abroad.) 

Fowler, Miss Alice Silvie, of 1200 N.Charles St. (Abroad.) 

("Monterey," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Fowler, Judge and Mrs. David, The Mt. Royal Apartments. 

Fowler, Mr. Laurence Hall, The Mt. Royal Apartment-. 

(Catonsville, Md.) 

Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, "The Terraces," Cumberland, Md. 

Foxwell, Rev. and Mrs. Gilbert M. (nee Marian B. Strong), 

Grace Church Rectory, Union Hill, N. J. 

Foye, Miss M. Frances, Europe, Care of Brown, Shipley & Co., London. 

Frame, Mr. and Mrs. Paul (nee Gretchen Howard Rieman), The Walbert. 

France, Air. and Airs. Joseph Chalmers, 219 W. Lanvale St. 

France, Dr. and Airs. Joseph Irwin, 15 W. Mt. Vernon Place. 

Frank, Airs. Samuel L., 1825 Eutaw PI. 

Frank, Air. Edwin S., 1407 Eutaw PI. 

Franklin, Air. and Airs. Fabian. 

Old Colonial House, Riverside Drive and 100th, St., New York. 
Franklin, Aliss Alargaret L., 

Old Colonial House, Riverside Drive and 100th St., New York. 

Franklin, Col. and Airs. Walter S., 24 E. Alt. Vernon PI. 

Franklin. Air. Walter Simonds, Jr., 24 E. Alt. Vernon PI. 

Franklin, Air. George Small, 4 E. 41st St., New York City. 

Franklin, Aliss Florence D., 2418 Alaryland Av. 

Franklin, Airs. Benjamin (nee Shiff), 36 E.Preston St. 

Franklin, Dr. and Airs. Charles Alayer (Airs. Anne B. O'Ferrall), 

5 E. Preston St. 

Frary, Airs. Julia L., 922 AlcCulloh St. 

Frary, Aliss, 922 AlcCulloh St. 

Fraser, Air. and Airs. Gilbert (British Consul), 609 Cathedral St. 

Freeland, Miss, 825 Park Aw 

Freeman, Alisses, Lake Station, Balto. Co. 

Freeman, Air. and Airs. Bernard, 225 E. Biddle St. 

Freeman, Air. Randall S., 225 E. Biddle St. 



Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. John Douglas (nee Eleanor Perine), Hie Walbert. 

French, Mrs. George Ross, 43 W.Preston St. 

French, Mr. II. Findlay, 43 W. Preston St. 

French, Mrs. George F., 2233 Av. N, South Highlands, Birmingham, Ala. 

Frick, Mr.and Mrs. J. Swan (nee Elsie W.Dana), 126 W.Franklin St. 

( "1 hinting Ridge.") 

Frick, Miss Nannie T., 1523 Bolton St. 

Frick, Miss Elizabeth P., 1523 Bolton St. 

Frick. Miss Katharine Graham, 1523 Bolton St. 

Frick, Mrs. Charles (nee Denison), 1503 Bolton St. 

Frick, Miss Susan Carroll Poultney, 1503 Bolton St. 

Frick, Mrs. William, The Stafford. 

Frick, Miss Mary C, The Stafford. 

Frick, Mr.and Mrs. Frank, Jr. (nee Devries), 127 W. Lanvale St. 

Frick. Mr. H. Edge worth, Care Fore River Shipbuilding Co., Quincy, Mass. 

Frick, Mr. Frank, 

Frick, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 

Frick, Mrs. Charles, 

Fuller. Mrs. A. L. Moale, 

Fullerton, Mrs. E. A., 

Fulton, Miss Mary E., 

Fulton, Mr. William W., 

Fulton, Miss D. G., 

Fulton, Mrs. Albert EC., 
Fulton, Mi<s Laura K.. 

1 5 14 Park Av. 
101 Ridgewood Road. Roland Park. 

15 1 5 Park Av 
1533 Park Av. 

Denver, Col. 

X77 Park Av. 

702 Linwood Av., Tuxedo Park, Balto. Co. 

2 E. Preston St. 

I>el\ edere I lotel. 
Belvedere i [otel. 

( rlyndon, Md. 

Funk, Mr. Harry Hughes, 

Furber, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. (nee Jenkins), 

Civil Engineer, LJ. S. X., 720 E. 5th St.. Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Futcher, Dr. Thomas Ii., 23 \Y. Franklin St. 




38 W. Lexington Street Baltimore, Md. 






Bottled Beer. 

The World's Best 
Table Brand. 

Not Best because it is 


But Cheapest because 

it is Best 

Valuable Premiums go with it— ABSOLUTELY FREE. 

$1.00 a Case, Delivered. 

Both 'Phones 



What the Hutzler Store 

Endeavors to mean to every 

Baltimore Woman 

HPIIERE is a distinct personality in the Hutzler Store. 
We have aimed to bring- about a convenient service, 
to distribute only the best examples of fashion-favored 
merchandise, and in every detail of our organization, 
to impress a feeling of satisfaction with every purchase. 

The principles of this business are fixed, and when 
errors creep in, as they sometimes do, it is because 
some human agency has failed in efficiency. Every 
mistake is promptly, pleasantly, and, if possible, per- 
manently righted. We want to know wherein we fail, 
so that a closer approach to that ideal, perfection, may 

Daily, we are trying to deserve the success that 
has come to Hutzler methods in Baltimore and the South. 

Here is sold everything that should be found in a 
high- class drygoods establishment. The Hutzler Store 
is not a "department store'' in the general and 
modern idea. 

For more than fifty years, Baltimoreans have 
recognized and substantially appreciated Hutzler 
merchandise and Hutzler service. 



Gaddes, Airs. Charles Wesley, 

Gail, Air. and Mrs. George W., 

Gail, Miss Helen. 

Gail, Mr. Geo. William, Jr., 

Gaither, Mrs. George Riggs, 

Gaither, Mr. and Mrs. Ridgely (nee Ridgely ). 

Gaither, Judge and Mrs. Harrv C., 

(Sudbrook Park, Md.) 

York Road and LaPaix Av. 

"Rose Hill." Old Pimlico Road. 
"Rose Hill." Old Pimlico Road. 
'•Rose Hill," Old Pimlico Road. 

510 Cathedral St. 

341 Dolphin St. 

The Preston. 

The Preston. 

527 N. Charles St. 

227 W. Preston St. 

227 W. Preston St. 

602 Cathedral St. 
602 Cathedral St. 
602 Cathedral St. 

Gaither, Mr. and Mrs. Frank B., 

Gaither, Dr. and Mrs. A. Bradley. 

Gaither, Mrs. Alice Stockton, 
Gaither, Miss Nina Williams, 

("Grey Lodge," Pikesville. Md.) 

Gaither, Mr. and Mrs. George R. (nee Granger), 
Gaither, Mr. H. Granger, 
Gaither, Miss Imogen, 

("Oaklawn," Catonsville, Md.) 

Gaither, Air. and Airs. Geo. R., Jr. (nee Ethel Lemmon). 

Kentfield via Upperville, Va. 

Gaither. Air. and Airs. Thomas H. (nee Alavo), 508 Cathedral St. 

Gaither, Air. T. H., Jr., 508 Cathedral St. 

(Ellicott City, Howard Co.) 

Gaither, Air. and Airs. George, 
Gaither, Aliss Fanny C, 

1716 N. Calvert St. 
1716 N. Calvert St. 

Galbreath. Air. and Airs. Joseph Wiley, 
Galbreath, Aliss Alary Bowles, 

The Preston. 
The Preston. 

260 W. Hoffman St. 

in W. Lanvale St 

1503 Park Av 

Gale, Dr. Henry E., 

Gale, Airs. George Lyttleton (nee Buchanan), 

Gale, Airs. Wm. Adams, 

Gale, Air. and Airs. Hamilton Adams (nee Loomis), 

Alurray Hill, Annapolis, Aid 

Gallagher, Air. and Airs. Austin (nee Pierce), 1017 N.Calvert St 

Gallagher, Aliss Caroline Harris, 

The Walbert, N. Charles St. and Lafayette Av 

Gallagher, Air. and Airs. Augustus J. P. (nee Alary Peter), 

Hotel Windsor, Alontreal, Canada 

Gait. Air. Rogers, 

Gamble, Dr. Cary B., Lawyer's Hill, Relay, Balto. Co 



( : 

Gamble, Dr. and Mrs. Cary B., Jr. (nee Jenness), 
Gambrall, Mr. Theodore C, 
Gambrill, Miss Laura, 

( iambrill. Miss Louise, 
Gambrill, Mrs. Albert, Jr. (nee Coulter), 
Gambrill, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey, 
Gambrill, Mr. and Mrs. George T., 

Gambrill, Miss Florence M., 
Gambrill, Mr. George T., Jr., 

Gambrill, Mrs. Charles Alexander, 

Gans, Mrs. Edgar I L, 
Gans, Miss L. Dolores, 
Gans, Mr. Edgar Hilary, 
Gans, Miss Margaret M., 

Gantz, Rev. and Mrs. Albert Dale, 
Gantz, Mr. Geo. C, Jr., 

Gantz, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raymond (nee Birney), 

26 W. Biddle St. 

1303 John St. 

Arundel Club. 

1219 John St. 

913 St. Paul St. 

1419 Eutaw PI. 
1419 Eutaw PI. 
1419 Eutaw PI. 

12 13 N. Calvert St. 

"Beaumont," Govanstown, Md. 
"Beaumont," Govanstown, Md. 
"Beaumont." Govanstown, Md. 

"Beaumont," Govanstown, Md. 

752 West End Av., New York. 
752 West End Av., New York. 

Gantz, Mrs. J. N.. 

Gantz, Miss Lucy Catherine, 

T17 W. 27th St. 

Rosebank A v., Govans, Md. 
Rosebank A v., Govans, Md. 

Gantz, Mr. George C, Jr., Princeton, N. J. 

Garber, Mrs. Henry S., Catonsville, Md. 

Garber, Miss, Catonsville, Md. 

Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Philip (nee Atkinson), 

74 Commonwealth Av., Boston, Mass. 

Gardner, Miss Dora, Ruxton, Md. 

Gardner, Mrs. W111. F., 1224 Maryland Av. 

Gardner, Miss» 1224 Maryland Av. 

Garmendia, Mrs. Corinne B. de, Of "Tuscarora," Frederick, Md. (Abroad). 

Garmendia, Mr. and Mrs. Carlos M. de (nee Eva Myers), 

"Tuscarora," Frederick, Md. 

Garmendia, Miss Pepilla de, Of "Tuscarora," Frederick. Md. (Abroad). 

Garmendia, Mr. de Cordova de, Columbia University. 

Garnett, Mr. and Mrs. James Mercer, 
Garnett, Mr. J. Mercer, Jr., 

1316 Bolton St. 
1 3 16 Bolton St. 

Garnett, Mrs. Edgar M., 925 Cathedral St. 

Garrett, Mrs. T. Harrison, "Evergreen-on-Ave." 

Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. John W. (nee Alice Warder), Rome, Itah 

Gr 115 

Garrett, Air. and Mrs. Robert (nee Katharine B.Johnson), 

Roland Park P. O. 
Garrett, Mrs. Horatio \V. (nee Charlotte Pierson), 

"Evergreen-on-Ave." (Lawrence, L. I. ). 

Garrett, Miss, The Deanery, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Garrett. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y., 6 Boulder Lane, Roland Park. 

Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C, 25 W. 20th St. 

Garrett, Miss Charlotte G., 25 W. 20th St. 

Garrett, Miss Edmonia Lonise, 25 W. 20th St. 

Gan r , Mr. and Mrs. James A., 1200 Linden Av. 

Gary, Mr. and Mrs. E. Stanley (nee Macgill), 857 Park Av. 

Garv. Miss Lonisa Macgill. 857 Park Av. 

Gary, Mr. E. Stanley, Jr., 857 Park Av. 

Gary, Mr. James A., Jr.. Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass. 

(Catonsville, Md.) 

Gatchell, Mr. and Mrs. William Tyler ( nee Gertrude B. Rasin), 

tot;, X. Calvert St. 

Gatchell, Mr. and Mrs. Skipwith Gordon, 1 W. 24th St. 

Gault, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew (nee Mary V. Ruddack), 1422 Park Av. 

Gault, Mr. Matthew, Jr., Colonial Club, Princeton, X. J. 

Gavin, Dr. and Mrs. Frank D. (nee Ridgely), 16 E.Lafayette Av. 

Gegan, Miss Loulie, 520 N. Charles St. 

Gegan, Miss Emily, 847 Park Av. 

George. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. (nee Davis), Woodbrook. Md. 

George, Miss Molly, Woodbrook, Md. 

George, Mr. Samuel Knox, no W. North Av. 

George, Miss Eleanor B., nc W. North A v. 

George, Mr. Robt. E. Lee, no W. Xorth Av. 

George, Mr. and Mrs. Josias Jenkins, 208 E. Chase St. 

C'Ellendale," Long Green Valley, Md.) 
George, Mr. Ellicott, 208 E. Chase St. 

George, Miss Sarah Fenner, 223 E. Biddle St. 

George, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin S., 

"Acorn Grove," Liberty Road, Forest Park. 

George, Mrs. Thomas I. (nee Grason), Towson, Md. 

George, Mr. Richard Grason, Towson, Md. 

George, Mr. and Mrs. Carter, Ellicott City, Md. 

George, Mr. A. E., Hydes P. C, Long Green Vailey, Md. 

Gephart, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Starr, 35 E. Xorth Av. 

Gephart. Mr. Wesley Starr, Jr., 35 E. Xorth Av. 

lit; G- 

Gerry,Mr.and Mrs. Herbert X.. Liberty Road and Beech Aw, Walbrook. 

Gerry, Mrs. M. E., 1223 Ait. Royal Av. 

Ghequier, Mr. T. Buckler, 227 St. Paul St. 

Gibbons,His Eminence Cardinal, 408 N.Charles St. 

Gibbons, Mrs. William II.. Ellicott City, Md. 

Gibbons. Miss Eliza II.. Ellicott City. .Md. 

Gibbons, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 

Gibbs, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Macqueen, 1214 N.Charles St. 

Gibbs, Mr. and Mrs. John Scars, "Searsleigh," Catonsvillc, Md. 

Gibbs, Mr. and Mrs. John S., Jr. (nee Ethel F.Dixon), 1026 N.Calvert St. 

Gibson. Mrs. George S.. 5T4 Park Av. 

Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. George T. M. (nee Macgill), 514 Park Av. 

Gibson, Miss Sara T., 514 Park Av. 

Gibson. Miss Nannie, 5 15 Cathedral St. 

Gibson, Miss Mary F.„ 515 Cathedral St. 

Gibson, Mrs. Frederick, 1311 Park Av. 

Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Guest (nee Eleanor Johnston), 

1311 Park Av. 

Gibson, Miss Angelica R., 13 E. Lafayette Av. 

Gibson, Miss Marie F., The Albion. 

Giddings, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Downley (nee Helen Ashbv), 

216 W.Madison St. 

Giese, Mrs. J. Henry, 21 18 St. Paul St. 

Giese,Miss Florence M., 2118 St. Paul St. 

Gieske, Mrs. William, Groningen, 1 [olland. 

Gieske, Miss C.Dora, Groningen, Holland. 

Gieske, Mr. and Mrs. Hardy C. (nee Evelyn Trenholm), 713 St. Paul St. 

Giffin, Mrs. James Fortesque, 1004 N. Charles St. 

f Giffin, Miss Lilian, 1004 N.Charles St. 

Giffin, Mr. Wallis, 1004 N. Charles St. 

Gildersleeve, Mr. and Mrs. Basil L., 1002 N.Calvert St. 

Gildersleeve, Mr. Raleigh, [50 Fifth Av., New York. 

Gill. (n-n. and Mrs. John, 929. N.Charles St. 

Gill, Miss Agnes Wallace, 9 2 9 N. Charles St. 

("Kenwood." Catonsvillc.) 

Gill, Mr. and Mrs. John, Jr. (nee Kremelberg), 1007 N.Charles St. 

( rill, Mrs. Ernest, "Thornfield," Govanstown, Md. 

Gill, Mr. Ernest Adams, "Thornfield." Govanstown, Md. 

Gill, Mr. Arthur L., "Thornfield," Govanstown, Md. 

G- in 

Gill Mr. and Mrs. William Dorman, Jr., 1208 X. Charles St. 

Gill, Mrs. M. Gillet, - 200 Riclgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Gill, Mr. Howard Warfield, 200 Ridgewood Road. Roland Park. 

Gill. Mr. Royal Warfield, 200 Ridgewood Road. Roland Park. 

Gill, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gillet, Jr. (nee Mabel Easter). 40 W. Biddle St. 

Gill. Mr. and Mrs. Calvert B. (nee Street). The Walbert. 

Gillet. Mrs. A. J.. 141 1 McCulloh St. 

Gillet, Miss Emma J., 1411 McCulloh St. 

Gillet, Mrs. Mary McClure, 1411 McCulloh St. 

Gillet, Mr. Jas. McClure, 1411 McCulloh St. 

Gillet, M r - and Mrs. George Martin (nee Koons), 219 W. Monument St. 

Gillet, The Messrs., 219 W r . Monument St. 

Gillet, Mr. Edward M.. "Bacon Hall Farm," Glencoe, Balto. Co., Md. 

Gillet, Miss Catharine Winter. 855 Park Av. 

Gilman, Mrs. Daniel C. -614 Park Av 

Gilman, Miss, 614 Park Av. 

Gilman, Mrs. John S., "Woodlands," Gorsuch Av., Balto. 

Gilmor, Mrs. William. 500 Park Av. 

Gilmor, Mr. Francis Key, 500 Park Av. 

Gilmor, Mr. John, 500 Park Av. 

(Summerfield, Balto. Co.) 

Gilmor. Mr. Harry, Maryland Club. 

Gilmor. Miss Alice B., 12 E. Read St. 

Gilmor, Miss Bertha, "The Rookery," Eccleston P. O.. Md. 

Gilmor, Miss Ellen, Green Spring Valley, Stevenson P. O.. Md. 

Gilmer, Miss Frances Taylor. Green Spring Valley, Stevenson P. O., Md. 
Gilmor, Miss Jean Howard, Green Spring Valley, Stevenson P. O., Md. 

Gilmor, Lieut. Albert. A. D. C. to General Carter. Department of the Lakes. 

Gilmor, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Jr. (nee Mary O.Maxwell), 

124 E. 74th St., New York City. 

Gilpin, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brooke, 1230 St. Paul St. 

Gilpin, Miss Dorothy, 1230 St. Paul St. 

Gilpin, Mr. Donald Newcomer, 1230 St. Paul St. 

Gilpin, Mr. Kenneth New comer, Boyce, Clarke Co., Va. 

Gilpin, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Elliott (nee Olive Russell), 139 W. Lanvale St. 

Gingrich, Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus M., 608 St. Paul St. 

Girvin, Miss Anna H., 11 17 McCulloh St. 



Gittings, Mr. and Mrs. John Sterett (nee Rosalie May), 

> Ashburton, Baltimore. 

Gittings, Mr. Henry May. Ashburton. Baltimore. 

Gittings, Miss Gladys Hcrmione, Ashburton, Baltimore. 

' -Gittings. Miss Dorothy Rosalie, Ashburton, Baltimore. 

( rittings, Mr. John Sterett, Jr., Ashburton, Baltimore. 

Gittings. Miss Mary Sterett, 
Gittings, Miss V. Elizabeth, 
Gittings. Mr. D. Sterett, 
Gittings. Miss Anna S., 

Gittings, Miss Leila, 

( "Roslin Farm," Upper Falls, Md.) 

Gittings, Mr. and Mrs. James C. (nee List), 
Gittings, Miss Mary List, 
Gittings, Mr. James C, Jr., 
Gittings, Miss Elizabeth. 

("Clover Hill," Finksburg, Md.) 
Gittings, Mr. Ernest, 

Glenn, Mr. John, Jr., 

231 W. Preston St. 

231 W. Preston St. 

231 W. Preston St. 

231 W. Preston St. 

235 W. Preston St. 

613 St. Paul St. 

613 St. Paul St. 

613 St. Paul St. 

613 St. Paul St. 

Maryland Club. 
1 103 N. Eutaw St. 

Glenn. Mr. and Mrs. John M. (nee Mary Wilcox Brown), 

152 E. 35th St., New York. 

Glenn, Rev. William L., 

Glidden, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hughes, 

Emmorton, Harford Co., Md. 
The Cecil. 

Glover, Mr. and Mrs. G. Horton, New York. 

Glover, Mr. G. Horton, Jr., New York. 

Godby. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J., 

Godby, Mr. John Gill, 

Godby. Mr. Alexander, Jr., 

Godby. Mr. Sydney, "Wensley House," Court Road, Eltham, Kent, England. 

Godey, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A., 
Godey. Mr. Thomas R., 

Goddard. Capt. and Mrs. Henry P., 
( It >ddard, Mr. Calvin 1 1.. 

Godfrey. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Alex., 
Godfrey. Miss Jennie, 

Godfrey, M.I).. Isabella K., 

Godwin, Dr. Wm. Francis, 
< rodwin, Miss Anna, 
Godwin, Miss Margaret, 
( lodwin, Mi->-> Alice, 

1704 N. Calvert St. 
1704 N. Calvert St. 

The Albion. 
The Albion. 

"Tnglesidc." Worcester Co., Md. 
"Ingleside," Worcester Co., Md. 

1307 Mt. Royal A v. 

"Sarma," Reisterstown, Md. 
"Sarma," Reisterstown. Md. 
"Sarma," Reisterstown, Md. 
"Sarma," Reisterstown, Md 



Go ldsbo rough, Mrs. Charles (nee Gait), 
pi Goldsborough, Miss Ellen Lloyd, 
Goldsborough, Mr. Charles, Jr., 
Goldsborough, Mr. Lilburn T., 
Goldsborough, Dr. Francis Colquhoun, 

924 St. Paul St. 

924 St. Paul St. 

924 St. Paul St. 

924 St. Paul St. 

924 St. Paul St. 

Goldsborough, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gait (nee Helena Bartow Small), 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Goldsborough, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. (nee Bessie Thomson), The St. Paul. 

Goldsborough, Mrs. Fitzhugh (nee Stump), 

Goldsborough, Miss Mary, 
Goldsborough, Miss Margaret K., 

Goldsborough, Mr. William T., 

Goldsborough, Mr. William Yerbury, 
Goldsborough, Mr. and Mrs. H. Paul, 
Goldsborough, Mr. Harry P., Jr., 

Goldsborough, Mr. and Mrs. Felix V., 

Goldsborough, Mrs. Henry Hollyday, 
Goldsborough, Miss Margaret Lloyd, 

Goldsborough, Mr. and Mrs. Louis P., 

Goldsborough, Mr. M. Worthington, 

Goldsborough, Miss E. M.. 
Goldsborough, Miss Bena T., 

Goldsborough, Mr. Charles, 

Goll, Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. A. de (nee Archer), 

Gombel, Dr. and Mrs. William, 

Goode, Mrs. John B. (nee Lelia Symington), 

415 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 
Goode, Miss Lelia Symington. 415 Woodlawn Road. Roland Park. 

17 E. Eager St. 

Laurel. Md. 
Laurel. Md. 


3029 St. Paul St. 
3029 St. Paul St. 
3029 St. Paul St. 

Frederick Road. 

216 E. Preston St. 
216 E. Preston St. 

35 W. Preston St. 

Md. University Hospital. 

1607 St. Paul St. 
1607 St. Paul St. 

Van Bibber P. O.. Md. 
1704 Madison Av. 

Goodenow, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus King (nee Wade), 
Goodenow, Mr. Rufus King, Jr., 
Goodenow, Miss Isabel F., 

Goodenow, Miss, 

Goodrich, Mrs. Clem., 

1225 X. Calvert St. 
1225 N. Calvert St. 
1225 X. Calvert St. 

The Albion. 

The Stafford. 

( "Melcada," Catonsville, Md. ) 

Goodridge, Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm (nee Perry), 

260 W. 76th St.. Xew York City. 

Goodridge, Mrs. E. Read (nee Pouillain), 1040 X.Calvert St. 

Goodwillie, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, 1015 X. Calvert St. 

Goodwillie, Miss Mary C, 1015 N. Calvert St. 

130 G 

d win, Mrs. Charles Ridgely, "Rose Hill," Pikesville, Md. 

Goodwin. Mr. William Devries, '"Rose Hill," Pikesville, Md. 

Goodwin, Mrs. Charles, Jr. (nee Eleanor M. Wyeth), 24 E.Madison St. 

Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. 11. Skipwith, Easton, Md. 

Gordon. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. (nee Clarke), 1009 N.Charles St. 

("The Orchards," Charles-St. Av., Roland Park Branch P.O.) 

Gordon. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, 1216 St. Paul St. 

Gordon. Miss, 1216 St. Paul St. 

Gordon. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, Jr. (nee Elizabeth Ringo), 

1204 St. Paul St. 
Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Kenneth (nee Balch). 

St. Paul's School. Concord. N. H. 

Gordon. Miss Margaret. 10 W. Preston St. 

Gordon, Mr. Randolph H., 10 W.Preston St. 

Gordon. Mr. Heningham. 10 W. Preston St. 

Gordon, Miss Helen, 12 E. Read St. 

Gordon. Mr. William McKim, Maryland Club. 

Gordon, Mrs. Graham, 27 W. 20th St. 

Gore, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence S. (nee Marie Louise Rouse), 

"Glengyle," Park Heights Ay.. Station E. 

Gorman. Mrs. William H., Catonsville. Md. 

Gorman. Mr. Douglas, Catonsville. Md. 

Gorman. Mr. Albert, Catonsville, Md. 

Gorter, Dr. and Mrs. Nathan R. (nee Norris), r W. Biddle St. 

Gorter. Mrs Marv A.. 1 W. Biddle St. 

Gorter, Miss Meta E., 1 W. Biddle St. 

Gorter. Miss Marie A.. 1 W. Biddle St. 

Gorter. Mr. and Mrs. James P. (nee Nannie W. Poultney), 32 E. Preston St. 

Gorter, Mrs. Albert L. (nee Thompson), 16 E.Chase St. 

jGosnell. Mr. and Mr?. Frank, (212 N.Calvert St. 

^Gosnell. Miss, 1212 N. Calvert St. 

Gosnell, Mr. Frank. Jr., 1212 N. Calvert St. 

Gosnell, Mr. Harper Allen. Little Hall, Princeton, N.J. 

Goucher, Dr. John Franklin, 2313 St. Paul St. 

Goucher, Miss Eleanor, 2313 St. Paul St. 

Goucher, Miss Elizabeth. 2313 St. Paul St. 

uld, Mr. and Mrs. Clarendon I.T.. 1112 N.Charles St. 

("W Hand." South Walbrook.) 

Gould. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. L., 57 W. 52nd St.. New York. 

Gou may, Madame Paul F. de, [534 Park A.v. 

Gournay, Mademoiselle de, [534 Park A\. 

<jr 121 

Gowen. Mr. and Mrs. Francis I. (nee Robinson), 2006 De Lancy PL. Phiia. 
("Deepdrue," Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.) 

Grace. Misses, 503 W. Mosher St. 

Gracelow. Ensign and Mrs. A. Alton. Jr. ( nee Marion W. Fiske). U. S. N . 

Care Navy Dept, Washington, D. C. 
Grady, Mrs. Frank T., 915 X. Charles St. 

Grafflin, Air. W. II., Maryland Club. 

Graham. Mr. and Mrs. John T., The Easton, 305 E. North Ay. 

( 5 Roxbury PL. Mt. Washington. ) 

Graham, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patterson (nee Dorsey), 

102 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Grammer, Mrs. Julius E., 1223 Madison Ave. 

Grammer, Mr. and Mrs. F. Louis, Richmond, Va, 

Grason, Mr. and Mrs. William, Towson. Baltimore Co.. Md. 

Grason, Miss Elizabeth Ridgely, Towson. Baltimore Co.. Md. 

Grason. Miss Harriet R., Towson. Baltimore Co.. Md. 

Grason. Mr. Samuel Chew. Towson, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Grason, Mr. Jackson Piper, Towson, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Grason, Mr. Andrew S. R., Towson, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Grason, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sterett (nee Ellicott), 

Grasty. Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 442 Summit Aw. St. Paul. Minn. 

Graves, Mr. William B., "Grey Rock," Pikesville. Md. 

Graves, Miss, ''Grey Rock," Pikesville. Md. 

Graves, Miss Margaret C, "Grey Rock," Pikesville, Md. 

Graves, Miss Emily E., "Grey Rock," Pikesville. Md. 

Graves, Mr. and Mrs. Rosewell W. (nee Wyatt). Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Gray, Miss Elise Fanny, The Berkeley, 104 W. Eager St 

Gray, Mr. Edward H., The Berkeley, 104 W. Eager St. 

Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Caldwell, 1522 Park Ay. 

Gray, Miss Ethel Rodgers, 1522 Park Av. 

Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Bowman (nee Lyons), 

201 Oakdale Road, Roland Park. 
Gray, Mr. Arthur Rodefer, 12 W. Hamilton St 

Greacen, Mrs. Thomas F., Pimlico Road, near Kate A v., Baltimore. 

Green, Dr. and Mrs. William, 1124 N.Charles St. 

Green, Mr. and Mrs. J. Alexander, Towson. 

Green, Mr. J. Milton, Towson. 

Green, Miss Bessie Chew, Towson. 

Green, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Chew (nee Clara Ewing), Towson. 

Green, Mr. Samuel Alex., Towson. 

Green, Mr. Henry Banning Chew, Towson. 

122 & 

Green, Mr. Herbert, 2407 Maryland Av. 

Green, Miss Ella, 921 N.Calvert St. 

Green. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kirkland, 1625 Park PI. 

Green, Miss Emma G., Rider P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

Green, Dr. and Mrs. J. Royston (nee Mary Chew Grason), Towson, Md. 

Greene. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Eveleth, 1019 St. Paul St. 

Greene, Mr. William Chase, 1019 St. Paul St. 

Greenway, Mr. Eugene, The Stafford. 

Greenway, Miss Mary V., 2322 N. Charles St. 

Greenway. Miss Elizabeth W., 2322 N. Charles St. 

Greenway. Mr. William H., 2322 N.Charles St. 

Greenway, Mrs. J. Henry. "Hokeland," Havre de Grace P. O.. Md. 

(The Stafford for the Winter.) 

Greenway, Mr. and Mrs. Wilton (nee Hilles), 

"Wiltondale," P. O. S., Towson, Md. 

Gregg. Mr. Maurice, 719 Washington PL 

Gregg. Mrs. Andrew, 719 Washington PL 

Greiner, Mr. and Mrs. J. E., 106 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Greiner, Miss Lillian Burchell, 106 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Greiner, Miss Gladys Houston. 106 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Gresham, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Baxter, 815 Park Av. 

Gresham, Rev. and Mrs. Le Roy (nee Mary Jessie Rhett), Salem, Va. 

Griffin, Mr. Edward H.. 1027 N.Calvert St. 

Griffin, Miss Mary W., 1027 N. Calvert St. 

Griffin. Mr. Nathaniel E., Princeton, N. J. 

Griffin. Mr. and Mrs. John Wheeler (nee Emily Barton Brune), 

417 W. 114th St., New York City. 

Griffiss, Mrs. John Irving, 702 Cathedral St. 

Griffiss. Miss Ida, 912 N. Calvert St. 

Griffith, Mr. Louis Phillippe, 2122 Oak Si 

Griffith. Dr. and Mrs. Monte (nee Milnor), The Earragut, Washington, D. C. 

Griffith. Miss P.. Whiteley, Catonsville. Md. 

Griffiths, Rev. Geo. Alexander, 816 N. Eutaw St. 

Griswold, Mr. and Mrs. B. Howell, 1433 Park Av. 

Griswold, Mr. Robertson, [433 Park Av. 

Griswold. Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Howell, Jr. (nee Bessie Brown), 

"Mondawmin," Pennsylvania Av., Ext. 



Grogan, Mr. Charles E., 

Groome, Air. Alex. Cox, 

Grosvenor, Mrs. Robert, 

Grotjan, Mrs. S. F., 

Groverman. Miss Sue R., 

Groverman, Mr. and Mrs. R. H., 

Groverman, Miss Mary S.. 

Guest, Mrs. Charles, 

Guffey, Mrs. Henry Arthur, 

Guggenheimer, Mrs. Isaac, 
Guggenheimer, The Misses, 

Guthrie, Rev. and Mrs. Donald, 

Gwinn, Mrs. C. J. M., 

6 \V. Read St. 

G. S. V. Hunt Club, Garrison P. O., Md. 

126 W. Lafayette Av. 

825 St. Paul St. 

The Mt. Royal. 

2207 N. Calvert St. 

1623 St. Paul St. 

2437 N. Calvert St. 

23 W. 20th St. 

2064 Linden A v. 
2064 Linden Av. 

808 Park Av 

S3 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Gwinn, Mr. and Mrs. Richard (nee Elizabeth Tack), The St. Paul. 

Gwynn, Dr. and Mrs. William C. (nee Louise Harrison EealD. 

3336 O St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 


Successor to 

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SjUgartor ilarhb (&n 

Sharp Street and B. C& O. R. R. 

Show Room 223 North Charles Street 







W. Jenkins &, So 





E. COR. 






Ilaggin, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lee (nee Emma Jackson), 

"Elmendorf," Lexington. Ky. 

Haigh, Mr. and Mrs. William (nee Cox), The Albion. 

(Garrison P. O., Green Spring Valley, Md.) 

Haight, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brainard, 

Haile, Mr. Henry C, 28 Edwards St., Springfield, Mass. 

Haines, Mrs. E. R., 2000 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Hall, Mrs. George W. S., The Winona. 

Hall, Miss Elizabeth W., 337 Dolphin St. 

Hall, Miss Mary S., 337 Dolphin St. 

Hall, Miss Annie A., 337 Dolphin St. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Colman (nee Morris), 1124 Cathedral St. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. (nee Ranson), 1217 Cathedral St. 

(Catonsville, Md.) 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bannister, Jr. (nee Lavely), North A v., West Walbrook. 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs.JLouis P., Atlanta, Ga. 

Hall, Mrs. John W., 1707 Madison Av. 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C, 10T4 Madison Av. 

Hall, Miss Elizabeth, 1014 Madison Av. 

Hall, Mr. N. Ingraham, Charleston, S. C. 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Grayson Mason (nee Caro Rosa Bayard), 

The Plains, Va. 

Hall, Miss Henrietta H., 1208 John St. 

Hall, Miss Isabella B., 1208 John St. 

Hall, Mrs. William Harrison, The Walbert. 

Hall, Miss Elizabeth Mae, The Walbert. 

Hall, Mr. Richard Brown, The Walbert. 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Edward W., The Walbert. 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Linden (nee Woods), 

Sherwood, Md., Rider P. O. 

Hall, Rev. and Mrs. Percy Foster, St. Timothy's Rectory, Catonsville, Md. 
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. (nee Lyon), "Ben Ogil," McDonough, Md. 
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Haines (nee Lazarus), 1526 Park Av. 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Fred. D„ 

Hall, Miss Elizabeth, 857 Hamilton Ter. 




712 St. Paul St. 

727 W. North Av. 

5 W. Franklin St. 
5 W. Franklin St. 

1 201 Eutaw PI. 

151 1 Park Av. 
151 1 Park Av. 

206 W. Monument St. 
206 W. Monument St. 

Munich, Germany. 

"Hambledune," Lutherville, Md. 

912 N. Charles St. 

1 128 Linden Av. 
1 1 28 Linden Av. 

Hall, Miss Virginia Opie, 

Halliday, Mr. and Mrs. John Dick (nee Sadtler), 

Halsey, Mrs. V. H., 
Halsey, Mr. Cabell Nelson, 

Halsted, Dr. and Mrs. William Stewart. 

Hainan, Mr. and Mrs. B. Howard, 
Hainan, Miss Coralie Howard, 

Hambleton, Mrs. Frank Sherwood, 
Hambleton, Mr. T. Edward "3rd," 

Hambleton, Miss Margaretta Dixon, 

Hambleton, Mrs. T. Edward, 

Hambleton, Mr. F. H., 

1 lambleton, Mrs. M. H., 
Hambleton, Mr. Hayward, 

Hamill, Mr. and Mrs. G. Semmes, Jr. (nee Emilie Cushing), Oakland, Md 

Hamilton, Mrs. Matthew Allen, 148 W. Lanvale St 

Hamilton, Miss Sally Alexander, 148 W. Lanvale St 

^Hamilton, Mr. W. Howard, 148 W. Lanvale St 

Hamilton, Mr. Edward W., The Victoria Hotel, Des Moines, Iowa 

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Peter (nee Emilie F.Dougherty), New York 

Hamilton, Mrs. S. Marland, 1003 N. Calvert St 

Hamilton, Miss Ruth, 1003 N. Calvert St 

Hamilton, Miss Grace, 1003 N. Calvert St 

Hamilton, Miss Edna, 1003 N. Calvert St 

Hamilton, Mrs. Lewis Mayer, The Arundel 

Hamilton, Miss Bertha Mayer, The Arundel 

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H., Jr. (nee Frances Barton Duer), 

Pikesville, Md 

Iammond. Mrs. Charles Howes, 

lammond. Miss Mary Goldsborough, 

Iammond, Miss Caroline Goldsborough, 
lammond, Miss Maria Johns, 

lammond, Mr. J. Lempriere, 

iammond, Mrs. Mary Bowie, 

lammond, Mr. and Mrs. Win. Saunders (nee Hall), 

205 Club Road, Roland Park 

lammond, Mrs. Richard Craig, ''Burleigh," Ellicott City, Md 

lammond, Mrs. Matthias, "Burleigh." Ellicott City, Md 

I lammond, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (nee Agnes Cuyler), 140 W. Lanvale St 

Cambridge, Mass. 

24TO 17th St., Wilmington, Del. 

906 McCulloh St. 
906 McCulloh St. 

Easton, Talbot Co., Md. 

205 Club Road, Roland Park. 

H 127 

Hancock, Mr. and Airs. Frank Woodson, 2006 R St.. X. W.. Washington, D. C. 

Hance, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. (nee Robinson), 

2024 De Lancy PL, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Handy, Mrs. Thomas P.. 813 St. Paul St. 

Handy, Mr. William Winder, 813 St. Paul St. 

Handy, Mr. and Mrs. William Littleton (nee Helen Hartley Marshall), 

887 Park Ay. 

Handy, Miss Louise W., 1317 N. Calvert St. 

Hanford. Mr. and Mrs. Farrington, Jr. (nee Elizabeth Barroll Jenkins). 

726 Kingston Aw, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hanna, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley S., 2201 N. Charles St. 

Hann. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. (nee Florence Leigh Baker), 

1325 Eutaw PI. 

Hanson, Mr. Murray, 207 St. Paul St. 

Hanson, Mr. John W., 7 E. Franklin St. 

(St. Denis P. O.. Md.) 

Hanson. Miss, "Belmont." Relay P. O., Md. 

Hanson, Miss Florence, "Belmont," Relay P. O.. Aid. 

Hanson. Mr. Grosvenor, "Belmont," Relay P. O., Md. 

Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Aquilla B. (nee Eleanor Gittings Williams), 

The Alt. Royal. 

Hanway, Miss, 3909 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Han way, Mr. and Mrs. John (nee King), "Pelham Manor," New York 

Hardesty, Mrs. S. V., 1109 St. Paul St 

Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. Wallington (nee Carrie Symington), Norfolk, Va 

Harlan, Dr. and Mrs. Herbert (nee Cator), 516 Cathedral St. 

Harlan, Mr. and Mrs. Henry D., (nee Altemus"), 9 W. Biddle St. 

Harlan. Miss Helen, 9 W. Biddle St. 

(Sudbrook Park.) 

Harrington, Mr. and Mrs. William Watson (nee Sarah Godwin). 

Dover, Del. 

Harrington, Miss Nora, 1331 Park Av 

Harris, Airs. Spencer, 1430 John St. 

Harris, Mr. R. Spencer, 1430 John St 

Harris, Air. and Airs. W. Hall, 511 Park Av 

Harris, Air. J. Alorrison, 511 Park Av 

Harris. Air. and Airs. H. Patterson ( nee Alary Poole), St. Paul Apts. 

Harris, Air. and Mrs. W. Hall, Jr. (nee Lavinia Brush), 215 E. Biddle St 

128 ~H 

Harris, Miss Alice G.. 19 W. Mt. Royal Av 

Harris, Miss Helen Nicholson, 19 W. Mt. Royal Av 

Harris. Mr. J. Nicholson, 30 W. Biddle St 

Hani-. Mr. and Mrs. William Barney (nee Carroll), 2608 N.Calvert St. 

Harris, Miss Mary Kuhn, "Oaklands," Devon, Pa. 

Harris, Col. and Mrs. A. P. D. (nee Mary Mactier Latrobe), Tndia. 

rTarris, Mr. and Mrs. William Hugh (nee Carrie Warfield), 

202 Court St., Binghamton, N. Y. 

Harris, Dr. and Mrs. James, 857 Hamilton Ter 

Harris, Dr. Charles C, 857 Hamilton Ter 

Harrison. Mrs. Charles Kuhn (nee Haxall), 1510 Park Av. 

Harrison. Mr. Charles Kuhn, Jr., 1510 Park Av 

Harrison. Mr. Hartman K.. 1510 Park Av 

Harrison, Mr. Evelyn Arnold, 1510 Park Av 

Harrison. Mr. John T.. 1510 Park Av 

Harrison. Mr. Philip Haxall, 1510 Park Av. 

Harrison, Mr. Hall, Kansas City, Mo 

Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Boiling Haxall (nee Mary R.Stevens), 

1934 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harrison, Dr. and Mrs. Archibald C. (nee Warfield), 31 E. North Av. 

Harrison, Misses, 216 W. Monument St. 

Harrison. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barker (nee Virginia E.White), 

Garrison P. O., Baltimore Co.. Md. 

Harrison. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Tudor (nee Taylor), 

"Woodside," Dickeyville Station P. O., Balto., Md. 

Harrison, Misses, The Arundel. 

Harrison. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh T., "Temora," near Ellicott City, Md. 

Harrison. Miss Katharine, "Temora," near Ellicott City, Md. 

Harrison, Miss Eleanor R., "Temora," near Ellicott City, Md. 

Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bullitt (nee Baker), 1206 N.Charles St. 

Harrison, Mrs. George L. (nee Mordecai), Vevey, Switzerland. 

Harrison, Miss Rebekah, 508 Cathedral St. 

Harrold. Dr. and Mrs. Charles Cotton (nee Helen S.Shaw), 

206 High St.. Macon, Ga. 
Harryman, Mr. and Mrs. George (nee Brooks), 

103 W. Monument St. (for the Winter.) 
( Mi. Washington, Md. ) 

Hart. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maybin (nee Fanny Simons Bayly), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

H 129 

Hartman, Dr. Jacob H., 5 W. Franklin St. 

Hartman, Miss Mary K., ■ 5 W. Franklin St. 

Hartzog, Mrs. Clara Vickers, 2T08 St. Paul St. 

Harvey, Mr. Francis B., 715 Washington PL 

Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua G., Jr. (nee Bessie M. Norris), 

114 Roland Av., Roiand Park. 

Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. O. Howard (nee F. Charlotte Latrobe), 

Hotel Belvedere. 

Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. William P., 932 N. Charles St. 

Harvey, Mr. William Ewing, 932 N. Charles St. 

Harvey, Mr. Roland B., Consul-General to Roumania and Servia. 

Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace P. (nee Josephine Gilmor), 

1 122 N. Calvert St. 
(Stevenson P. O., Md.) 

Harvey. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander. "Chesmont," Catonsville, Md. 

Harvey, Mr. Curran Whitthorne, "'Chesmont." Catonsville, Md. 

Harvey, Mr. Alexander, Jr., "Chesmont," Catonsville, Md. 

Harwood, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Paul (nee Charlotte Sibley), 

"Hagbourne," Catonsville, Md. 

Harwood, Miss Asenath, Hotel Rennert. 

Haskell, Misses Mary A., Eliza R. and Bettie T., 803 Park Av. 

Hastings, Miss M. L.. 

Hatton. Paymaster and Mrs. Richard (nee Cottman), 1015 Cathedral St. 

Haughton, Mrs. Henry Osburne, 1004 N. Calvert St. 

Haughton, Miss Louisa C. O., 1004 N. Calvert St. 

Haughton, Miss Maud M., 1004 N. Calvert St. 

Haughton, Mr. Alan, 1004 N. Calvert St. 

Haughton, Mr. Hugh Latimer, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Haughton, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. (nee Steuart), Richmond, Va. 

Haughwout, The Misses, 2221 N. Charles St. 

Haupt, Dr. and Mrs. Paul, 2511 Madison Av. 

Haupt, Mr. Erik, 251 1 Madison Av. 

Haupt, Dr. Walter Clark, Country School, Chariest St. Ext. 

Hawkins, Mr. David S., 13 E. Read St. 

Haxall, Mr. and Mrs. J. Triplett ( nee Gordon), Of 1037 St. Paul St. 

( "Wilton," Garrison P. O.. Md. ) 

Hayden, Mr. and Mrs. William Mozart (nee Parkhurst), 1418 Park Av. 

Haydock, Miss Sarah G., 601 Park Av. 

130 H 

Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 214 W.Madison St. 

Hayes, Miss Susan, 2T4 W.Madison St. 

Hayes, Miss Mary McB., 214 W.Madison St. 

Hayes, Mr. Wm. McKim, 214 \Y. Madison St. 

Hayes, Mr. A. Gordon, 214 W. Madison St. 

Hayes, Mr. Harold K., 214 W.Madison St. 

Hayes, Mi— Margaret McK., 214 W.Madison St. 

Hayes, Miss Jane P., 12 E. Read St. 

Hayward, Mrs. Thomas J.. 4 E. Eager St. 

Hayward, Mr. and Mrs. E. Bartlett (nee Helen G. Mason), 

1005 N. Calvert St. 

Hayward. Mr. and Mrs. T. Bertram (nee Tyler), 

Brocton Orchards, Harmony Grove, Frederick Co., Md. 

Hayward, Miss Eleanor F., Owings Mills, Balto. Co., Md. 

Havward. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henry (nee Amy Hyatt Bond), 

Sherwood P.O.. Md. 

Hazzard, Miss, The Lenox, 1523 L St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Hazlehurst. Mrs. Francis, 42/ S. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1 [azlehurst, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Blagden (nee Gill ). Catonsville, Md. 

Hazlitt, Miss, 814 St. Paul St. 

Heald, Mr. Edward C, The Albion. 

Healy, Mrs. Thomas M., "Lilburn," Ellicott City, Md. 

Healy, Miss, "Lilburn," Ellicott City, Md. 

Heath, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chapin. The Winona. 

Heath, Miss Anna Huntington, The Winona. 

Heaton. Mr. and Mrs. John Harry (nee Molly Jcnness), Seattle, Wash. 

Hedian, Mrs. Thomas, 923 N. Calvert St. 

Heflebower, Mrs. John Nunn, 2117 Maryland Av. 

Heflebower, Miss Anina Le Doux, 2117 Maryland Av. 

Height-, Miss, 700 St. Paul St. 

Heighe, Mr. and Mrs. John M., 605 N .Charles St. 

lleighe. Mr. and Mrs. Robert 11. (nee Annie McElderry), 7 E. Eager St. 

Helfrich, Mr.and Mrs. Garrett, "Poplars," Catonsville. 

Helfrich, Mr. and Mr-. John S., "Poplars," Catonsville, 

Heimendahl, Mr. and Mrs. W. Edward, 21 19 Maryland Av. 

I leiner. Capt. and Mrs. Gordon G. (nee Kent), Fort Mnnr<>e,Va. 

Helm, Mrs. Wilbur Taylor, 17 W. Biddle St. 

Helm. Mr. Wilbur Taylor. Jr., 17 W. Biddle St. 

H 131 

Hemsley, Mr. and Mrs. R. Tilghman, 1122 Linden A v. 

Hemsley, Miss Lenore Elizabeth, 1122 Linden Ay. 

Hemsley, Mr. Hugh Hambleton, 1122 Linden Av. 

Hemsley. Mr. Philemon Trippe, 1122 Linden Av. 

Hemsley, Miss Mary Marguerite, 1122 Linden Av. 

Hemsley, Mrs. Tilton, 1506 Malster Av. 

Hemsley, Miss Elizabeth Tilghman, 1506 Malster Av. 

Hendrick, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin W. (nee Herring), 1125 N.Calvert St. 

Henderson, Mr. John Steele, Jr., 12 W. Hamilton St. 

Henning, Mr. Ro., Jr., 337-339-340 Equitable Bldg. 

Henriques, Mrs. Joseph, "Hokeland," Havre de Grace P. O., Md. 

(Stafford for the Winter.) 

Henry, Mr. and Mrs. J. Winfield (nee Dulin), 107 W. Monument St. 

Henry, Capt. and Mrs. Morton J. (nee Rebecca Angelica Morison), 

13 14 19th St., Washington. 

Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldsborough (nee Boiling), Arnold, Md. 

Hensel. Rev. and Mrs. Charles A. (nee Baker), 

Hensel, Miss Nathalie Mary, 

( The Rectory. Church of the Redeemer. ) 

Charles and Melrose Ays., Roland Park Branch P. O. 

Hepburn, Lieut. -Com. and Mrs. Arthur Japy ( L~. S. N. ), (nee Roman). 

32 Upshur Row, Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. 

Hepburn, Miss Florence Wilmer, 1300 Madison Av. 

Hepburn, Miss Janet Small, 1300 Madison Av. 

Herbert, Miss Elizabeth Alexander, 

"Edgewood," Theological Seminary, P. O. Fairfax Co., Va. 

Herrick. Mr. and Mrs. John Howard (nee de La Tour), The Rochambeau. 

Hewes, Mr. and Mrs. James, The Rochambeau. 

Hewes. Mr. and Mrs. James Ellicott. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Heyward, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson P. (nee Wilson), 1510 Bolton St. 

Heyward, Miss Elise Wilson, 1510 Bolton St. 

Heyward, Miss Decima Shubrick, 1510 Bolton St. 

Heyward, Mrs. James F., 837 Park Av. 

Heyward, Mr. and Mrs. James F. (nee Perot), 41 W.Preston St. 

Hiatt, Dr. and Mrs. Houston Boyd (nee Sadtler). Clinton, N. C. 

Hickok, Mr. and Mrs. John J. (nee Isabelle Hambleton), 

821 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. 

Hickok, Miss, 38 W. Biddle St. 

Hickok, Miss Mary E., 38 W. Biddle St. 

1M H 

I licks. Mr. and Mrs. R. Randolph (nee Kerr), 

I [olland Apts., Ghent. Norfolk, Va. 

Hightman, Mrs. Etta J., 1211 Bolton St. 

Hightman, Mr. Ellis C, 1211 Bolton St. 

Hi Ik en, Mr. Henry G., . 133 W. Lanvale St. 

Hilken, Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. L., 512 Woodlawn Road,Roland Park. 

Hill, Maj. Nicholas Snowden, The Albion. 

I Mil. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas S., Jr. (nee Berry), 

381 William St., E. Orange, X. J. 

Hill. Mr. and .Mrs. Thomas, 1302 McCulloh St. 

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Wescott, 1302 McCulloh St. 

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Alan (nee Heflebower), 1302 McCulloh St. 

Hill. Miss M.L., 1813 Park Av. 

Hill, Mrs. Win. B., The Severn. 

Hill, Mrs. Louis Bryant (nee Rittler), 320. Dolphin St. 

Hill, Dr. Alexander Scott, Ash-Lyn, Frederick Road. 

Hill, Mrs. Agnes, Ash-Lyn, Frederick Road. 

Hill, Mr. Charles E., 2120 N. Charles St. 

Hill, Mr. John Philip, 2120 N. Charles St. 

Mil!. Lieut, and Mrs. Eben Clayton (nee Lucy L. Atwater), U. S. A., 

Madison Barracks, Sackett's Harbor, X. Y. 

Hill, Mr. Bancroft, • 85 Newbury St., Boston. 

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Phillips (nee Kate M. Montague), Pittsburg, Pa. 

Hill, Mr. Joseph Adna, 1325 N St., Washington, D. C. 

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Francis, Jr. (nee Clara D. Custis), 

2001 Maryland Av. 
Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. (nee Anna C.Grason), 

The I [offman, Ybungsti iv\ n, Ohio. 

Hillen, Mr. and Mrs. T. O'Donnell (nee Eleanor Addison Moale), 

Carlisle House, Green Spring Valley, Md. 
( 1 ro2 X. Charles Si. | 

Hilles, Mr. Jesse. 12 \V. Read St. 

Hilles, Mr. and Mrs. William S. (nee Bessie Beale Wilson), 

jof) Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Hilles, Mr. and Mrs. William Smedley (nee Louise F.stellc Robertson), 

1012 Cathedral St. 

Hillyer, Mr. V. M„ 1430 Park Av. 

I [inckley, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Washington. 

Hinkley,Miss Harriet, 54 W. Biddle St. 

Hinkley.Miss Mary K.. S4 W. Biddle St. 

I [inkley, Mr. John, 54 W. Biddle St. 



Hinkley, Miss Grace, 17 Lowell St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Hiss, Mrs. George R. A. (nee Kirby), 17 W.Chase St. 

Hiss, Mr. P. Hans< n. 211 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Hiss, Miss Mary M., 211 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Hiss, Miss Caroline V., 211 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Hiss, Miss Susan, 211 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Hiss, Dr. and Mrs. Philip Hanson, Jr., 200 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hiss, Mr. and Mrs. Henry S., New York. 

Hiss, Mr. H. Willard, New York. 

Hiss, Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard, Catonsville, Md. 

Hiss, Mrs. Mary J., Catonsville, Md. 

Hoblitzell, Mrs. Oliver O'D.. Jr. (nee Priscilla Paca). 206 E. 25th St. 

Hoblitzell, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver, 100 E. North Av. 

Hoblitzell, Miss Mary E., 100 E. North Av. 

Hoblitzell, Mr. Robert Marshall, 100 E. North Av. 

Hoblitzell, 'Sir. and Mrs. Wm. Woodside, 1603 St. Paul St. 

Hoblitzell, Mrs. Charles B., 1623 St. Paul St. 

Hoblitzell, Mr. Charles Lowndes, 1623 St. Paul St. 

Hobson, Miss, 

Hodder, Mrs. Alfred (nee Mamie Gwinn), 33 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Hodgdon, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander L., 

Hodgdon, Mrs. S. A. D.. 

Hodgdon, Mr. Anderson D., - 

Hodges, Mrs. E. B., 

Hodges, Miss S. E., 

Hodges, Mrs. William E., "Walnut Grove." Clarksville. Md. 

Hodges, Miss Roberta, "Walnut Grove," Clarksville, Md. 

Hodges. Mrs. John, 1418 Bolton St. 

Hodges, Miss Georgiana Williams, 1418 Bolton St. 

Hodges, Mr. John, Jr., 1418 Bolton St. 

Hodges, Mr. George W., 1021 Cathedral St. 

Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. George Harwood (nee Agnes Winslow W.Russell), 

New York City. 

Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. William Lemmon (nee Elizabeth J.Hodges), 

9 E. North Av., Atlanta, Ga. 
Hodges, Mr. John M. G., 9 E. North Av.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Hodges, Rev. Dr. J. S. B., Relay Station, Md. 

Hodges, Mr. Rowland W., Relay Station, Md. 

Hodges. Lieut. John Neal (U. S. A.), Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 

Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. J. Shaler (nee Phoebe Wilmer), 2321 Maryland Av. 



Eden Terrace, Catonsville, Md. 


The Shirley. 

Crisfield, Md. 

Rider P. O.. Balto. Co., Md. 
Rider P.O., Sherwood. Md. 

Sherwood, Balto. Co., Md. 

1420 John St. 
1420 John St 
1420 John St. 

Rider P. O., Balto. Co., Md. 

304 Laurens St. 

112 E. Franklin St. 
112 E. Franklin St. 

Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. George, 

Hodges, Miss Cora, 

Hodges, Mrs. Win. II. 1 nee Price), 

i [odson, Col. and Mrs. Tims. S., 

Hoff, The Misses, 
Hoff, Mr. George. Jr., 

Hoff, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 

Hoff, Mr. and Mrs. Francis H., 

Hoff. Mr. John 1'.. 

Hoff, Miss Anita Frances Renshaw, 

Hoff, Mr. William R., 

Hoffman, Mrs. George P., 

Hoffman, Mr. J. Latimer, Jr., 
Hoffman, Mr. William Gilmor, 

Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Curzon, 
Hoffman, Mr. Richard Curzon, Jr., 
Hoffman, Miss Mary Dorothea, 
Hoffman, Miss Eliza Laurence, 

1 [offman, Mr. Wilmer, 

("Kedleston/" Ruxton, Md.) 

Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. William Gilmor, Jr., 

Hoffman, Miss Frances H., 

Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. (nee Reiche), 

Rogers and Narcissus Aves., Station E. 

Hoge, Miss Mary B., 1402 15th St., Washington, D. C. 

Holden, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua B., Jr. (nee Bonsai), Billerica, Mass. 

Holland. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. (nee Pearl H. Robins), 1624 Linden Av. 
Holland, Mrs. Jackson (nee Mueller), 1305 Linden Av. 

1203 St. Paul St. 

1203 St. Paul St. 

1203 St. Paul St. 

1203 St. Paul St. 

Princeton, N. J. 

Garrison, Balto. Co., Md. 
goo St. Paul St. 

Holliday, Mrs. Daniel, 
Holliday, The Misses, 

Holliday, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Campbell, 

Hollingsworth, Mr. Richard J., 

Hoi lings worth, Mr. Richard J., Jr., 

Hollins, Miss, 

Hollow ay, Mrs, John Q. A., 
Hollow ay, Mr. Edward Lee, 

Hollow ay, M 


2415 N. Calvert St. 

Spottsylvania, Va. 

1 2 13 N. Calvert St. 

1229 N. Charles St. 

1402 Madison Av. 
1402 Madison Av. 
1402 Madison Av. 



Hollyday, Miss Clara Goldsborough, The Church Home and Infirmary. 

("Avonbourne," Easton, Md.) 
Holmes, Mrs. J. E. L., 1308 Linden Av. 

Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Abbot, "Wilton Villa," Roland Park. 

Holmes, Mrs. William Pinkney, 17 E. 21st St. 

Holt, Miss, 911 N.Charles St. 

Holt, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton (nee A. C. Smith'), 

176 W. 87th St., New York City. 

Homan, Mr. Edmond Pratt, The Washington. 

Homer, Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. (nee Jennie Abell), 

"The Ridge," Sherwood. Rider P. O.. Md. 

Hood, Mrs. J. M„ 

Hood, The Misses, La Grange, Ga. 

Hood, Mr. and Mrs. John Mifflin, Jr. (nee Ethel G. Painter). 

102 Oakdale Road, RoiandPark. 

Hooff, Rev. and Mrs. Douglass, 1204 N. Caroline St. 

Hoogewerff, Mr. and Airs. Samuel E. (nee Duval), 

"The Cottage," Relay P. O., Balto. Co., Md. 
Hoogewerff, Miss Francis E., "The Cottage," Relay P. O., Balto. Co., Md. 

Hoogewerff, Com. and Mrs. John A. (U. S. N.), Address, Annapolis, Md. 

Hook, Mr. Jacob W., 1625 Park PI. 

Hooker, Dr. and Mrs. Donald Russell. 

"Cedar Lawn," Homeland Av., Govans, Md. 

2202 N. Charles St. 

Hooper, Miss Minnie E., 

Hooper. The Misses, 

Hooper, Mrs. Theodore, 

Hooper, Mrs. John Walter, 

Hooper, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert (nee Parr), 
Hooper, The Misses. 

Hooper, Miss Mary H., 

Hoopes, Dr. Fannie E., 
Hoopes. Miss M. Ella, 

Hoopes, Miss Florence L., 

Hopkins, Miss Elizabeth J.. 
- Hopkins, Mr. Roger Brooke, 

( -Bagatelle,'* Woodbrook P. O.. Md. 1 

Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S., 
Hopkins, Miss Marion H., 

The Stafford. 

Florence, Italy. 

1821 Guilford Av. 

1526 Bolton St. 
1526 Bolton St. 

1 121 N. Calvert St. 

1307 N. Charles St. 
1307 N. Charles St. 

The Cecil. 

18 E. Preston St. 
[8 E. Preston St. 

Garrison P. O., Md 
Garrison P. O., Md 



Hopkins, Mrs. Lewis X.. 1205 X.Calvert St. 

Hopkins, Miss Elizabeth C, 1205 X.Calvert St. 

Hopkins, Miss Virginia L., 613 St. Paul St. 

Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis X., Jr., (nee Louise Patterson), 

no E. Preston St. 

Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. J. Seth, 19 E. Eager St 

Hopkins, Miss, 19 E. Eager St 

Hopkins, Miss Sarah, 19 E. Eager Si 

Hopkins, Dr. and Mrs. Walton (nee Lila Elolmes Trenholm), 

15 Maryland Aw, Annapolis. Md. 

Hopkinson, Mrs. J. Clifford (nee Clara P>oone), 

Hopkinson, Dr. and Mrs. 15. Merrill, 
Hopkinson, Miss Elsie Lewis, 

Hopper, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W., 

Hopper, Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Minshall, 

Hopper, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C, 
Hopper, Miss Anna P., 

Hopper, Miss Mary Johns, 

Hopper, Miss Leila, 

Hopper, Mr. and Mrs. Francis W., 

Hopper. Mrs. Sallie Cator, 
Hopper, Mr. Stuart C, 

I lorn. Miss M., 

Horner, Mr. and Mrs. C. C, Jr., 

Horner, Mrs. G. P., 

Horner, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clay, 
Horner, Miss Marie D., 

I [orwitz, Mr. S. Gross, 

I [orwitz, Mrs. ( )rville, 

103 W. Lanvale St. 

The Cecil. 
The Cecil. 

1520 Bolton St 

Ruxton, Md. 

117 W.Lafayette Av. 
117 W. Lafayette Av 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Xew York. 

520 N. Charles St. 

The St. Paul. 
The St. Paul. 

91S St. Paul St 


"Elmhurst," 1815 N.Charles St. 

"Maidele," Charles-Street Av 
"Maidele," Charles Street Av. 

University Club. 

Care of Brown, Shipley & Co., London. Eng. 

Horwitz, Mrs. Theophilus B., 
llorwitz, Miss Carolyn Norris, 

830 Hamilton Ter 
830 Hamilton Ter. 

Hoskins, Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. (nee Bessie D.Miller), Mathews, V; 

Hough, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J., 
i fough, The Miss( -. 

Hough, Mrs, Win. D., 
Hough, Miss Mary N., 
Hough, Mr. 1 tarry W . 

1015 St. Paul St. 
1015 St. Paul St. 

I he Royalton, Maryland Av. 
The Royalton, Maryland Av. 
The Royalton, Maryland Av. 



Hough, Mrs. Robert, 

Hough, Miss Fannie Tilghman, 

Hough, Mr. H. C. Tilghman, 

Houstoun, Mrs. J. P. S., 
Houstoun, Miss Mary dimming, 
Houstoun, Mr. James Patrick, 
Houstoun, Mr. Claude E., 

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bowie, 

("Mulberry Hill," Rutland, Md.) 

Howard. Mrs. William, 
Howard. Miss Ida R.. 
Howard, Mr. G. Beauregard. 

1312 N. Charles St. 
1312 N. Charles St. 
1312 N. Charles St. 

1225 Linden Av. 
1225 Linden Av. 
1225 Linden Av. 
1225 Linden Av. 

The Shirley. 

• Howard, Mr. and Mrs. John Duvall (nee Smith), 

Howard, Miss, 

Howard, Mr. Benj. Chew. 

Howard, Mrs. Mary H., 

Howard, Mrs. Frank Key, 
Howard, Miss Nancy H., 
Howard, Mr. Frank Key, 
Howard. Mr. Charles Morris, 

Howard, Mr. McHenry. 
Howard. Miss Elizabeth G., 
Howard, Miss May, 
Howard, Miss Julia McHenry, 
Howard. Mr. John Eager, 
Howard, Mr. James, 

Howard, Gen'l James, 

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McHenry, (nee Carter), 

Howard, Mrs. Edward Lloyd, 

Howard. Mrs. Edward Lloyd, 

Howard. Mr. Charles Ridgely, 
Howard. Mr. D. Ridgely. 
Howard, Miss Nannie H., 
Howard, Miss Rosa C, 

Howard. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ross (nee Louise Thomson). Sudbrook Park. 

, Howard. Mrs. William T. (nee Rebecca Williams), 14 E.Madison St. 

Howard, Dr. and Mrs. William Lee. Morsfell. Azore Islands. 

Howard. Mr. William Lee, Jr., Country School, Baltimore, Md. 

Howard, Miss Lucy A".. 

Howard, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Travis, Jr. ( nee Williams •. 

1838 E. 65th St., Cleveland. Ohio. 

The Cecil Apartments. 
The Cecil Apartments. 
The Cecil Apartments. 

157 W. Lanvale St. 

918 N. Charles St. 

Sherwood. Rider P. O.. Md. 

145 W. Lafayette Av 

401 N. Charles St 

401 N. Charles St. 

401 N. Charles St. 

401 N. Charles St. 

919 Cathedral St. 
919 Cathedral St. 
919 Cathedral St. 
919 Cathedral St. 
919 Cathedral St. 
919 Cathedral St. 

6 W. Read St. 

810 N. Calvert St. 

803 Tark A v. 

Sudbrook Park, Md. 

939 St. Paul St 
939 St. Paul St. 
939 St. Paul St. 
939 St. Paul St. 

i - n 

Howland, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoppin (nee Dobbin), 

165 Angell St., Providence, R. I. 

1 low land, .Mr. and Mrs. Stanley (nee Frances Theobald), Asheville, N. C. 

Howell. Mrs. Darius C, Catonsville, Md. 

Howell. Mr. Alfred Brazier. Catonsville, Md. 

Howell, Mrs. McKellip, 1321 Park Av. 

Howell, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Richard Lewis (nee Gwendolyn Whistler), 

Washington, D. C. 
(For the Winter, Aberdeen, 17 W. 32d St., New York City.) 

Howell. Dr. and Mrs. W. H., 232 W. Lanvale St 

Howell, Miss Janet Tucker, 232 W. Lanvale St. 

Hoxton, Mr. L. G., University of Virginia 

Howison, Mrs. John Worden, 17 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Hubbard. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur W., Hotel Beveldere. 

( Chestertown, Md. ) 

Hnbbell. Mr. and Mrs. George Anchor (nee Browne), Sherwood, Md. 

Hubner, Mr. and Mrs. William Randle (nee Schermerhorn), 

"Cosy Corner," Edmondson and Beechwood Avs., Catonsville, Md. 

Hiiffer, Mr. Herman C, Jr.. Maryland Club. 

Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Thos., 1018 Cathedral St. 

Hughes, Miss Martha K., iot8 Cathedral St. 

Hughes, Mr. Xeill, 1018 Cathedral St. 

Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Thos., Jr. (nee Isabel Brown Graham), 

1018 Cathedral St. 
( "Prospect Hill." Catonsville. Md. ) 
Hughes. Mr. and Mrs. Adrian, 1315 N.Calvert St. 

Hughes. Miss Marian A., 1315 N.Calvert St. 

Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. James Albert (nee Jenkins), 27 W. Mt. Royal Av 

Hughe-. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas ( nee Josephine Reeder), 910 X.Charles St. 

Hulings, Mr. Thomas M., 103 1 Cathedral St. 

Hull, Mr. and Mrs. William Janney, 

"Mt. Vernon Apartments." 610 Cathedral St. 
Hull, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harry, "Mt. Vernon Apartments," 610 Cathedral St. 

Hull. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B., 7*3 Lennox St. 

Hull, Mr. and Mrs. John Baker Thompson (nee Ranstead), 

1026 Cathedral St. 

I lull, Mrs. Robert, 1020 Cathedral St. 

Hull, Miss Caroline T., 1020 Cathedral St. 

Hull. Miss Amy Eleanor, 1020 Cathedral St. 

Hull. Mrs. Robert C, 6701 Cresham Av., Germantown, Pa. 



Hull. Mrs. Anna A. D.. 
Hull, Miss Katharine Dent, 
Hull. Mr. Andrew W-, 
Hull, Miss Anne Adhun, 

Hullihen, Dr. Walter, 
Hullihen. The Misses, 

Hulme, Mrs. Thomas A.. 
Hulme, Miss Charlotte C, 
Hulme, Miss L. Zaidee, 
Hulme, Miss Fannie. 
Hulme, Miss Alice, 
Hulme, Mr. T. Albert, Jr., 

Hull. Mr. Andrew \Y., 

Hulsteyn, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. van (nee Carey ). 

916 St. Paul St. 
916 St. Paul St. 
916 St. Paul St. 
916 St. Paul St. 

Staunton, Va. 
Staunton, Va. 

2201 St. Paul St 
220T St. Paul St. 
2201 St. Paul St. 
220T St. Paul St. 
220T St. Paul St. 
2201 St. Paul St. 

Newport Xews, Va. 

Humrichouse, Miss Nettie, 
Humrichouse. Mr. and Mrs. Levis 

Hundley, Dr. and Mrs. J. Mason, 
Hundley, Mr. J. Winslow, 

Hunt. Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar, 
Hunt, Miss Anita Dunbar, 

Hunt, Miss Laura S., 

Hunt, Miss Esther, 
Hunt, Miss Mary E.. 
Hunt, Miss Fannie B., 

Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. James \\\. 

Hunter. Lieut. Thomas M., 

Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. J. Abell. 
Hunter, Miss, 

Hunter, Mrs. Joseph. 
Hunter, Mr. J. Maurice, 
Hunter, Mr. R. Page, 
Hunter, Mr. Archibald J., 

Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. H. \Y.. 

Hunting, Mr. Eben B., 
Hunting, Miss Stella B., 
Hunting. Miss Eleanor, 

Huntley, Miss Emilie D., 

Hurd, Dr. and Mrs. Henry M., 
Hurd, Miss Eleanor Hammond, 
Hurd. Miss Anna G., 

2 Hilton Aw. Catonsville, Md. 

Sudbrook Park. 

Minford (nee Jean Stockton Huse), 

Berkely Road, Merion, Pa. 

1009 Cathedral St. 
1009 Cathedral St. 

138 E. 40th St., New York. 
138 E. 40th St.. New York. 

-Grey Rock." Pikesville, Md. 

Hotel Rennert. 
Hotel Rennert. 
Hotel Rennert. 

1517 Bolton St. 

Manila, P. I. 

Belair. Harford Co.. Md. 
Belair, Harford Co., Md. 

8th St. and Clifton Av„ Walbrook, Balto. 

8th St. and Clifton Av.. Walbrook. Balto. 

8th St. and Clifton Av., Walbrook, Balto. 

8th St. and Clifton Av., Walbrook, Balto. 

The St. Paul. 

2229 X. Charles St. 
2229 N. Charles St. 
2229 N. Charles St. 

122 W. Franklin St. 

Johns Hopkins Hospital. 
Johns Hopkins Hospital. 
Johns Hopkins Hospital. 



Hurlbutt Dr. and Mrs. A. M.. 
Hurst, Mr. and Mr-. Arthur Rosco, 

1 1 urst, Mrs. John E., 

Hurst, Miss Sallie \\\. 

Hurst. Mr. and Mrs. William B.. 

1 [urst, The Missi 

Hurst. Mrs. A. E., 

Hurst, Mrs. M. A., 

Hurst, Mr. and Mrs. John J. (nee Louise Banks), 

Hur-t. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. (nee Ida C.Emory), 

I [use, Com. H. P., 

Huse, Mrs. H. P., 

918 St. Paul St. 

Of 704 Cathedral St. (Abroad.) 

Of 704 Cathedra! St. ( Abroad.) 

713 Park Av. 
Rennert Hotel. 

905 St. Paul St. 

1 1 W. Preston St. 

1218 X. Calvert St. 

24 E. Presti m St. 

-At Sea." 
•AVil4woo4."Mt. W* 

'ashington. Md. 

Hussey, Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Rodman, 

Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. C. Fred., 
Hutchinson. The Misses, 

Hutton, Mr. and Mrs. Gaun M., 
Hutton, Miss, 
Hutton, A. J i s s Una L., 

Huyett, Mr. E. Gaither, 

Hyatt. Miss X. T., 

I lyatt. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Randolph, 

Hyde, Miss Catherine, 

Hyde. Mrs. Arnold S.. 

1314 Bolton St. 

Bradshaw, Md. 
Bradshaw, Md. 

Alexandrofsky, 838 Hollins St. 

Alexandrofsky, 838 Hollins St. 

Alexandrofsky, 838 Hollins St. 

208 W. Franklin St. 

Catonsville, Md. 

519 Roland Av.. Roland Park. 

201 W. Monument St. 

223 W. Monument St. 

223 \V. Monument St. 

Hyde. Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Pratt. 

Hvnson, Mr. and Mrs. W. George (nee Lucy Erskine Bains). 

1619 St. Paul St 

Hvnson, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Parr, 504 Forest Road. Roland Park 

Hynson, Miss Natalie N., 504 Forest Road, Roland Park 

Hvnson, Mr. Henry P., Jr., 504 Forest Road, Roland Park 

Hynson, Mr. W. Rodney, 504 Forest Road. Roland Park 

Our Antique Seed Pearl Jewelry 



Gems, Precious Stones, Novelties 



Hughes & Woodall 



Chesapeake Steamship Company , 


Elegant Passenger Steamers, COLUMBIA and AUGUSTA 


Baltimore, Ola Point Comfort and Norfolk. 



United States Mail Steamers, ATLANTA and CHARLOTTE 


Baltimore, \Vest Point ana Ricnmond 


For full information apply at city ticket offices. 119 E. Baltimore Street, and Arthur W. Robson 

127 East Baltimore Street. J. Howard Eager. 306 N. Charles Street. T. H. Diener. 

217 E. Baltimore Street or General Offices. Light and Lee Streets 




Gen. Passr. Agt 

A Compltmrut 

tn a 

"Pure Pharmacy, Professional Phar- 
macy, the kind of Pharmacy that most 
of us have been looking forward to as 
one of the bright hopes of the future 
— this is practiced in the establish- 


t of 

Hynson, Westcott 



of Baltimore, to a degree that perhaps 
it is, in no other place in the country." 
— H. B % Mason, in the Bulletin of 
Pharmacy , Detroit 








All Losses in the recent Baltimo'f. and San Francisco Conflagrations Paid 

Cash without Discount. 
The Royal Insurance Company, Ltd. has the largest Net Surplus possessed by 

any Fire Insurance Company in the world. 



Have your Broker obtain the ROYAL'S Policy on your Property. It Costs No Mort. 

c. & p. si. paul M40 TELEPHONES Maryland, courtland 2195 



Iglehart, Dr. and Mrs. James Davidson, 211 W. Lanvale St. 

Iglehart, Mrs. C. Iredell (nee Robinson), T2 E. Lafayette Av. 

Iglehart, Mr. Iredell W., 12 E. Lafayette Av. 

'/ Iglehart, Mr. and Mrs. Francis N. (nee Lucy James Cook), 1226 St. Paul St. 

Iglehart, Dr. and Mrs. N. E. Berry (nee Carr), 16 W. Preston St. 

Iglehart, Mrs. Paul, 
Iglehart, Mr. Joseph A. W., 

Inglis, Mrs. Harvey, 

134 W. Lanvale St. 
134 W. Lanvale St. 

932 N. Charles St. 

I jams, Mr. James Edgar, 

Ingle, Dr. and Mrs. J. Lowrie, 

Ingle, Miss Mary Pechin, 

Ingle, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lowrie, Jr., 

Ingle, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, 

Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. James E., 
Ingram, Miss Florence, 

Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (nee Adelaide Gould) 

Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. James E., Jr., 

Ingram, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence B.. Jr. (nee Aileen B. C. Dammann), 

1344 Humbolt St., Denver Col 

Inloes, Misses, 1219 N. Charles St 

Ireland, Mr. and Mrs. J. Herman, 

"Cherry Tree Lodge," Hawthorn Road, Roland Park 

Irwin, Miss, 1430 Park Av 

1007 W. Lanvale St. 
1007 W. Lanvale St, 
1007 W. Lanvale St. 

The Cecil. 

"Ingram Hall," Park Heights Av. 
"Ingram Hall," Park Heights Av. 

1 1 19 N. Calvert St. 

Park Heights Av. 



10t 25* 50 1 ScU°9 Bottles. 



Jackson, Air. and Mrs. Edward A. (nee Murray), 9TQ St. Paul St 

("Murray Hill," Charles-St. Ay.) 

. Jackson. Miss Annie Rea, 912 St. Paul St. 

Jackson, Mr. Clarence L., 

[ackson, Mrs. John J., 1132 Cathedral St. 

Jackson, Miss Bella Caton, 1132 Cathedral St. 

Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Somerville (nee Harrison), 34 W. Biddle St. 

[ackson, Mr. and Mrs. John J., Jr. (nee Heyl). 

114 S. 19th St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd L., 1210 N.Charles St. 

Jackson. Miss Annie L., 1210 N. Charles St. 

Jackson, Miss Elsie. 1210 N. Charles St. 

Jackson, Mr. Lloyd Lowndes, Jr.. 1210 N. Charles St. 

Jackson. Mrs. Wilbur F., 218 W. Monument St. 

Jackson, Mr. John J., 218 W. Monument St. 

Jackson, Mrs. Edward T., T732 N. Calvert St. 

Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. (nee Mellinee G.Rhodes). 

1732 X. Calvert St. 
Jackson, Rev. John L., 1732 X. Calvert St. 

Jackson. Mr. Ellis L.. Norfolk Landmark Office. Norfolk, Va. 

Jackson, Miss Bessie P.. Falls Church. Va. 

Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. W. A., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Jackson, Mrs. Tatlow, 1033 Cathedral St. 

Jackson, Miss Augusta L., 1033 Cathedral St. 

Jackson, Mr. Tatlow. 112 W. 85th St., New York City. 

Jackson. Miss Frances H., Elizabeth College. Charlotte, N. C. 

Jackson, Mrs. E. E., 816 Cathedral St. 

Jackson, Mr. Richard N.. 816 Cathedral St. 

("The Oaks." Salisbury, Md.) 

Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. (nee Anna Dudley Hart). 

924 N. Charles St 

Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Everett E.. Jr., 105 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

Jacobs, Mrs. J. Elliott, 1429 Park Av. 

Jacobs, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Barton (nee Mary Frick), 

11 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 
(Newport, R. I.) 
Jacobs, Mrs. Barton R., Hotel Sherwood. 

Jacobsen, Mr. and Mrs. John J., 800 Pen Lucy Av., Waverly. Baltimore. 
Jacobsen, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W., 800 Pen Lucy Av., Waverly, Baltimore. 
Jacobsen, Mr. J. Gill, 800 Pen Lucy Av., Waverly, Baltimore 


14S J 

Jamieson, Mrs. Andrew. 904 McCulloh St. 

Jamieson, Miss Charlotte Murdoch, 904 McCulloh St. 

fames, Mr. Norman, 109 W. Monument St. (for the Winter). 

(Catonsville, Md.) 

James, Mr. and Mrs. Charles I., "Tower Hill," Catonsville, Md. 

James, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel \\\. 10 W. Read St. 

James, Miss F.Beverly, 10 W. Read St 

James. Dr. Henry. New York City. 

James, Mr. X. W., Jr.. Mt. Sterling. N. C. 

James, Mrs. William L., The Stafford. 

James, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bacon (nee Miriam Gilman. Loud), 

"Gray Lodge," Elmhurst A v., East Walnut Hills. Cincinnati. Ohio. 

James. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. (nee Ingraham), 1018 St. Paul St. 

James. Mr. William. 1001 St. Paul St. 

James, Rev. and Mrs. Fleming (nee Reba Godwin"). 

5608 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Janes, Mrs. Henry, 13 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Janes. Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. (nee Gary), 13 W. Mt. Vernon PL 

Janney, Mrs. Thomas, "Margaret Meadows," Green Spring Valley, Md. 

Janney, Mr. Thomas, Jr., "Margaret Meadows," Green Spring Valley, Md. 

Janney, Mr. and Mrs. G. Mason, New York. 

Janney, Mrs. Johns H., Garrison, Md. 

Janney. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. (nee Lucy L.Walton). The Preston. 

Janney, Mr. and Mrs. Steuart Symington (nee Frances Moale Spencer), 

Garrison P. O., Md. 

Janney, Miss Ada P., 16 E. Eager St. 

January, Mr. and Mrs. H. Churchill (nee Poe), St. Louis. 

Janvier. Mr. and Mrs. Meredith, 14 W.Hamilton St. 

Jay, Dr. and Mrs. John G., 869 Park Av. 

fay, Mr. Henry I).. 869 Park \v. 

(South Road, Mt. Washington.) 

Jeffers, Lieut, and Mrs. Wm. N. (nee Nannie Cooke Sigourney), 

252 King George St., Annapolis, Md. 

Jeffers, Dr. and Mis. John G. (nee Martha T. Cordell), 

413 N. Carrollton Av. 

Jencks, Mr.and Mrs. Francis M.. 1 Mt. Vernon PL 


Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. E. Austin (nee Lowe), 1300 St. Paul St. 

Jenkins, Miss Mary Adelaide, 1300 St. Paul St. 

Jenkins, Mr. Austin Lowe, 1300 St. Paul St. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Spalding Lowe (nee Sara K.Boone), 

1300 St. Paul St. 

Jenkins, Mr. Louis Lowe, 1300 St. Paul St. 

(Hunting Ridge.) 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W., Jr., "Windy Gates," Roland Park, P. O. 

Jenkins, Miss T. Isabella, "Windy Gates," Roland Park, P. O. 

Jenkins, Miss Eleanor M., "Windy Gates," Roland Park, P. O. 

Jenkins, Mr. M. Ernest, "Windy Gates," Roland Park, P. O. 

Jenkins, Miss Henrietta, 3038 W. North Av. 

Jenkins, Miss Elizabeth Hazlehurst, 3038 W. North Av. 

Jenkins, Miss Marcella T., 3038 W. North Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Taylor (nee Dimmock), 1625 McCulloh St. 
Jenkins, Mr. Chas. Dimmock, 1625 McCulloh St. 

Jenkins. Miss Judith Moale. 1625 McCulloh St. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. George C, N. W. Cor. Chase and Calvert Sts. 

("Seven Oaks," Green Spring Valley, Md.) 

JenHns, Mrs. Edmund P., Care of Mrs. Edward Carter, Warrenton, Va. 
Jenkins, Miss Martha Lee, Care of Mrs. Edward Carter, Warrenton, Va. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seckel, 924 Cathedral St. 

Jenkins, Mr. Frederick I., 

Jenkins, Mrs. Thomas W., Jr., The Mt. Royal. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. (nee Erne Elliott Johnson), 

1521 Bolton St. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. David Wheeler, Baltimore Av., Towson, Md. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. T. Robert (nee Jenkins), 1516 Malster PI. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. F. X., 1913 Park Av. 

Jenkins, The Misses, 1913 Park Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. Wilson T., 1913 Park Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. (nee Mary N.Mackenzie), Govans, Md. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore, San Francisco, Cal. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. (nee Jennie M. Clarke), 

217 S. Franklin St.. Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

Jenkins, Mrs. J. Strieker, 1224 N. Charles St. 

Jenkins, Mr. Hugh, 1224 N. Charles St. 

. Jenkins, Mr. Bruce Vandervoort, 1224 N. Charles St. 

Jenkins, Miss Bertha Lee, 1224 N. Charles St. 

Jenkins, Miss, 721 St. Paul St. 

148 J 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Armour, 140 \V. Lanvale St. 

Jenkins, Mr. Wm. Armour, Jr., 140 \V. Lanvale St. 

("Homestead Farm/'Long Green,Md.) 

)< nkins, Mr. and Mrs. Talbot W., "The Cedars," Irvington, Md. 

Jenkins, .Mr. and Mrs. Michael (nee Jenkins). 616 Park Av. 

("Llewellyn Hall," Roland Park.) 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. John llillen (nee Smith), 1107 St. Paul St. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 

Fenkins, Mr. Henry Miller. 1107 St. Paul St. ( Princeton, N. J.). 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. R. I lillen. 202 E.Lafayette Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. G 202 E.Lafayette Av. 

Jenlins, Miss Lydia M.. 202 E.Lafayette Av. 

Jenkins, Miss Mary Armour, 202 E.Lafayette Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. Michael O., 202 E.Lafayette Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. R. 1 lillen, Jr.. 202 E. Lafayette Av. 
("Ingleside," Long Green Valley, Md.) 

Jenkins. Miss Elizabeth, "Hillendale," Jenkins P. O.. Md. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E., The Condon. 

Jenkins, Miss Elizabeth, 607 Park Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. Robert H., 607 Park Av. 

Jewett, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Judge (nee Ann Ingraham), 

"Lansdowne," Glenville P. ().. Md. 
Jewett. Air. and Mrs. George M., 

Lansdowne, Glenville P. O., Harford Co., Md. 

Johns, Mrs. Montgomery, t 1 7 W.Lafayette Av. 

Johns, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Dyke, San Francisco, Cal. 

Johns, Mrs. Jos., Jr., 1427 Park Av. 

Johns, Miss, 1427 Park Av. 

Johns. Mr. W. E. W., 1427 Park Av. 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hemley (nee James), 225 W. Monument St. 

Johnson, Prof, and Mrs. Wm. Woolsey, 900. St Paul St. 

Johnson, Dr. Charles W. L., 000 St. Paul St. 

Johnson, Prof . and Mrs. Theodore Woolsey (nee Mary C.Craven), 

Franklin St., Annapolis, Md. 

Johnson, Miss, 809 Hamilton Ter. 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. J., 809 Hamilton Ter. 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S., "Rock Castle," Rock Castle P. O., Va. 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley T., Jr. (nee Robertn Grace Booker), 

Brown Station. Lister Co.. N. V. 

Jolnwm. Mr. William Fell, Brooklandville P. O., Md. 

J 149 

Johnson, Mrs. Edward Contee. 

Parker PI, S. Washington St., Winchester, Va. 
Johnson, Miss Anne Moore, 

Parker PL, S. Washington St., Winchester, Va. 

Johnson. Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. (nee Julia Brock), 101 W.Franklin St. 
Johnson, Mr. William Fell, Jr., 101 W. Franklin St. 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Reid (nee Elizabeth P. Oakford), 

"Roslyn," Arlington, Md 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Lucius J., 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold B. (nee Corinne Jackson), 

The Walbert Apartments. 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. (nee Lamb), 

6702 Cresheim Road, Germantown, Pa. 

Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett S., Clover Dale Road. 

Johnston, Miss Carolyn, Clover Dale Road. 

Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett F. (nee Ellen W. Shoemaker), 

Pearre, Washington Co., Md. 

Johnston, Dr. and Mrs. Christopher (nee Madeline T. Tilghman), 

21 VV. 20th St. 

Johnston, Mrs. Josiah Lee, 1202 Eutaw PI. 

Johnston, Miss Ruth, 1215 John St. 

Johnston, Miss Mary W., 815 Park Av. 

Johnston, Lieut, and Mrs. Gordon (nee Anna Julia Johnson) (U.S.A.), 

Fort Riley, Kansas. 

Johnston, Dr. Samuel, 204 \V. Monument St. 

Johnston. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holland (nee Thode), 

124 3d St. N. E., Washington, D. C. 

Johnstone, Miss Emma Elliott, 855 Park A v. 

Jones, Mrs. Andrew D.. 512 Fifth Av.. Xew York City. 

Jones, Mr. Andrew Dickson, Jr., 512 Fifth Av., Xew York City. 

Jones, Mr. Leonard Roane, 512 Fifth Av.. New York City. 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. E. Bradley, 155 Madison Av.. New York City. 

Jones, Miss Beatrice L. Pinkney, 155 Madison Av.. New York City. 

Jones, Mr. Campbell Pinkney, 155 Madison Av., New York City. 

Jones, Mr. F. Bradley, Jr.. Green Spring Valley Hunt Club. 

Jones. Mrs. E. Godfrey, i.^oj Mt. Royal Av. 

v/Jones, Mr. and Mrs. T. Barton (nee Dushane), "Brvn Dun," Roland Av. 
Jones, Miss Marion Dushane, "Bryn Dun," Roland Av. 

Jones, Miss Katharine Barton, "Bryn Dun," Roland Av. 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Stuart (nee Zadie Ethel Pope), r4 E. Read S: 

150 .T 

Jones, Mrs. Theodore F. (nee Joanna C.Meyer), 1104 N.Charles St. 

Jones, Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Courtney (nee Mitchell), 

108 Bornport St., Old Orchard, Mo. 
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. George Frederick, 106 E.Preston St. 

Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L.. 1627 N.Calvert St. 

Jones, Miss Emily R., Princess Anne, Md. 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence (nee Bateson), 1028 Cathedral St. 

Jones, Mrs. F. W., 935 St. Paul St. 

Jones. Miss Annie F.. 

Jones, Dr. John Wesley. [825 Linden Ay. 

Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge Elmore (nee Martha E. T. Manly), 

Josephs. Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Colt, 

T20o X. Charles St. for the Winter 
J< sephs, Miss Mar}' Lyman, 

1200 X. Charles St. for the Winter 

Jubb, Miss Florence, Heidelberg University, Tiffin, Ohio. 

Judik, Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry, 1428 Madison Av. 

Judik, Miss Florine J., 1428 Madison Av. 

Judik, Miss Lillie A., 1428 Madison Av. 

Judik. Miss M. Louise, 1428 Madison Av. 

Judik, Miss Clara C, 1428 Madison Av. 

Wxxt, iHatw attft ilnlanb ifttHuranr? 


Office, Insurance Company of North America, of Philadelphia 

Baltimore, Md. 

CASH CAPITAL. $3,000,000.00 ASSETS, $11,000,000.00 

To the Traveling Public: 

This Company also issues Tourist certificates insuring wearing apparel and other personal 
effects wherever they may be, either in the United States or foreign countries, including the risk 
of Ocean and Inland Transportation. 

The certificates are made payable in London, Paris and Antwerp, as well as Philadelphia, 
New York, and Baltimore. 

CHAS. H. REEVES. Manager 

The Largest and Finest Jewelry Store in the South. 





The Celebrated Patek Philippe id Cc's Watches and 
American Waltham Watches, 

Rich Cut Glass, Clocks, Bronzes. 

Fine Art Goods. 


7 E.BAtriMORE ST. 


0. .'-. P, 'Phono Si. Pnu! 2 Go'-} 

I i 



319 North Charles Slwvt, 

Baltimore, Maryland. 





Kane, Miss Julia Buddecke, The Albion. 

Kapff, Mrs. von, 505 Park Av. 

Kapff, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick von, "Stoneleigh," Rodgers Forge, Md. 

Karr, Miss Frances, 1000 N. Charles St. 

Kearney, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart (nee Armenia Brooks), 

"Laurel Brook." Fallston P. O., Harford Co., Md. 
Kearney, Mr. J. Kearsley, "Laurel Brook," Fallston P. O., Harford Co., Md. 

Keating, Mr. Henry Webster, St. James School, Hagerstown, Md 

Keating, Frank Webster, M.D., "Rosewood," Owings Mills, Md. 
Keating, Lieut, and Mrs. Arthur Barnes (U.S.N.) (nee Louisa Ogle Beall), 

X Q-/5 Xavy Vard. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Keech, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Warren, 2407 N. Calvert St. 

Keech, Miss Grace Guest, 2407 N. Calvert St. 

Keech, Miss Elizabeth Guest, 2407 N. Calvert St 

Keech, Miss Luti M.. 2407 X. Calvert St. 

Keech, Mr. Cyril G., 718 W. 4th St.. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Keech, Mrs. William S., Towson, Md 

Keech, Mr. and Mrs. William S., W. Joppa Road, Towson 

Keech, Dr. and Mrs. E. P., 1014 Cathedral St. 

Keech, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Parkin, Jr. (nee Pagon), 108 E.Preston St. 

Keene, Miss Laura E., 8 W. Hamilton St. 

Keene, Mr. John Henry, Jr., 127 Mt. Royal Av. 

Keene, Mrs. R. Goldsborough, n 17 N.Calvert St. 

Keidel, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 914 St. Paul St. 

Keidel, Mr. Charles, Jr., 914 St. Paul Si. 

Keidel, Mr. Ernest H , 9H St. Paul St. 

Keidel, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, • "Plomewood," Catonsville, Md. 

Keidel, Miss Adela Louise, "Homewood," Catonsville, Md. 

Keidel, Mr. F. William, "Homewood," Catonsville, Md. 

Keidel, Dr. and Mrs. Albert (nee Janet Van Smith), 

"Homewood," Catonsville. Md. 

Keidel, Dr.and Mrs. George C, Catonsville, Md. 

Keighler, Mrs. J. Checkley, Priestford, Harford Co., Md. 

Keighler, Mrs. Samuel Ames, The St. Paul. 

K~eim, Mrs. Charles \Y., Carvel Hall, Annapolis ( for theWinter). 

("Ty-Gwyn," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Keith, Miss May, The Berkeley, Eager St. 


154 K 

Keith, Miss Susie H., 13 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Keith, Mr. and Mrs. Walter \V. (nee Brown), 1904 Prairie Av., Chicago, 111. 

Keller, Mrs. J. G., 222 W. Monument St. 

Keller, Mrs. Charles J., 222 W. Monument St. 

Keller, Dr. Charles J.. 222 W. Monument St. 

Kellogg. Mr. Henry, "Meadowvale," Lutherville, Md. 

Kellv. Dr. and Mrs. Howard A., 1406 Eutaw PI. 

("Liriodeudron," Bel Air, Md.) 

Kelso. Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell, 1406 Park Av. 

Kelso, Rev. George R.. 1406 Park Av. 

Kelso, Mrs. John R.. 404 McMechen St. 

Kemp. Mr. Thomas \\\. 

Kemp, Miss Mary Gibson, Gloucester C. H., Va. 

Kemp, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T., 145 W. Lanvale St. 

Kemp. Miss M.Sibyl, H5 W. Lanvale St. 

Kemp. Miss Agnes Howard, H5 W. Lanvale St. 

Kemp, Miss Virginia Hardy, - 14S W. Lanvale St. 

Kenly, Mr. and Mrs. Albert C, Sherwood. Rider P. O.. Md. 

Kennard, Mr. and Mrs Henry C, 5 • 5 Thirteenth A\ ., Seattle. Wash. 

Kennard. Dr. Henry W.. 515 Thirteenth Av., Seattle, Wash. 

Kennard. Mr. William Hanson. 116 \V. 79th St.. Xew York City. 

Kennard, &fc and Mrs. J. Alfred~(nee Margaretta S. H. Ridgely), 

515 Thirteenth Av., Seattle. \\';\-h. 

Kennard. Mi-- Adelaide G., F4'5 Linden Av. 

Kennedy, Miss, 16 VV. Read St. 

Kenny, Mrs. Cornelius D., 12 W. Madison St. 

Kenny, Miss Emily F., 12 W. Madison St. 

Kenny, Miss Eleanor S., 12 \V. Madison St. 

1 Tarry Knowl." Elkridge, Md.) 

Kensett, Mrs. John R., 931 St. Paul St. 

Kensett, Mr. and Mrs. John R., Jr. (nee Passano), 

26 ! lay a ard A\ . Pimlico. 

Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B., 9" N.Calvert St. 

Kent,Miss Elizabeth C, on X.Calvert St. 

Kent,Mr.and Mrs. Frank R. (nee Whitman). College Park. Md. 

Kerchner, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A.. The Preston. 

Kerchner, Miss Helen Forman, The Preston. 

Kerner, Miss Virginia A., 1208 Linden Av. 

Kerr, Mrs. Charles G., 15*3 Park Av. 

Kerr. Mi- Mary Bowie, 1513 Park Av 

Kerr, Mr. Revcrdy Johnson, 1513 Park Av - 



Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goklsborough (nee Harriet Houstoun). 

1225 Linden Av 

Hotel Sherwood. 
Hotel Sherwood. 

Kerr, Miss May Heberton, 
Kerr, Dr. Eugene. 

Kerr, Rev. and Mrs. Robt. P., 1821 St. Paul St. 

Kerr, Mrs. Frank, 121 1 Eutaw PI. 

Kerrep, Mr. and Mrs. W. Chester (nee Sophie Detrick), Frederick, Md. 

Key. Mrs. Edward, 15 Rue Lesnene. Av. du Bois de P>oulonge, Paris. 

Key. Mr. Edward, Care of Brown, Shipley & Co., London, Eng. 

Key, Dr. Henry J., 

Keys, Mrs. Edward Livingston, 

Keys, Miss Rebecca Norris, 

Keys, The Misses, 

Keys, Mrs. Hugh, 

Keys, Miss M. Katherine, 

Keys, Miss Josephine V., 

Keyser, Mr. and Mrs. H. Irvine (nee Washington), 

621 St. Paul St. 

1410 Bolton St. 

Bannaire," Elkridge, Howard Co.. Aid. 

208 E. Lanvale St. 

24 E. Madison St. 
24 E. Madison St. 

2324 N. Calvert St. 

104 W. Monument St. 

Keyser, Mr. and Airs. Washington Irvine (nee Ethel Howard Whitridge), 

"Glencroft," Stevenson P. O., Md. 

Keyser, Mrs. Henry B. (nee Fischer), 1121 X.Charles St. 

Keyser, Airs. William (nee Brent), 1109 N. Calvert St. 

Keyser, Air. and Airs. William, Jr. (nee Jean C. Hancy), 1001 X. Calvert St. 

Keyser, Air. and Airs. R. Brent ( nee Alcllenry), 1201 X.Calvert St. 

("Dunlora," Eccleston, Aid.) 

Keyser, Air. Samuel S., 

Kilpatrick, Mrs. R. H., 
Kilpatrick, Aliss, 
Kilpatrick, Aliss Alary G., 

Kilpatrick, Air. John Douglas, 

Kimball, Airs. Richard Fuller, 
Kimball, Aliss Charlotte Stuart, 
Kimball, Air. Edward Xorris, 

Care of Alaryland Club. 

1027 St. Paul St. 
1027 St. Paul St. 
1027 St. Paul St. 

New York. 

"Xormandie Heights," Roland Park. 
"Normandie Heights," Roland Park. 
"Xormandie Heichts,*' Roland Park. 

V Kimball, Air. and Airs. Henry Swift (nee Corner), 

Kinear, Airs. James C, 
Kinear, Miss Alary Eudora, 
Kinear, Air. H. Selwyn, 

King, Airs. Joseph, 

King, Air. and Mrs. Wallace, Jr., 

Platteville, Wis. 

4 W. 24th St. 
4 W. 24th St. 
4 W. 24th St. 

913 Cathedral St. 

New York. 



King, Mr. and Mrs. Henry S.. 
King, Mr. Henry Wynn, 

King, Mrs. Charles Alfred Ely, 
King, Mr. Charles A. H., Jr., 
King, Mrs. Frances I'.. 
King, Miss Katherine, 

King, Miss Frances. 

1243 W. Mt. Royal Av. 
1243 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

The Shirley. 
The Shirley. 
The Shirley. 
'I he Shirley. 

512 Park Av. 

King, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Purviance (nee Virginia II. Miller), 

Plaza de Dinamarca, Mexico, D. F. Mexico. 

King. Mrs. Stephen H., Care Brown, Shipley & Co., London. 

King, Mr. John H., Care Brown, Shipley & Co., London. 

King, Lieut, and Mrs. E. J. (nee Egerton ) ( LJ. S. S. Minnesota), 

1 Intel Monroe, Portsmouth, \'a. 

King. Or. and Mrs. John Theodore, 
King, The Misses, 
King, Miss Mar>' Chase, 

King. Mr. John T.. Jr., 

Kinsley, Mi--. 

1425 Eutaw PI. 
1425 Eutaw PI. 
1425 Eutaw PI. 

1425 Eutaw PI. (Princeton, N. J.). 

Kin->lving, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Arthur (nee Sally Archer Bruce), 

St. Paul's Rectory, 24 W. Saratoga St. 

Kintzing, Dr. and Mrs. Pearce (nee Jacobsen), 

Kirby, Mrs. George A., 

Kirk, Rev. and Mr-. Harris E., D.D., 

Kirk, Mr. Henry C, 
Kirk, Miss Lydia H., 

Kirk, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C, Jr., 

1 32 1 X. Charles St. 
17 W. Chase St. 

502 Cathedral St. 

1229 N. Charles St. 
1229 N. Charles St. 

Kirk, Mrs. Charles Douglas, 
Kirk, Miss Laura Devries, 
Kirk, Miss Mary Trippe, 

Kirkland, Mr. and Mrs. O. A., 
Kirkland, The Misses, 

Kirkland. Mr. Robert R.. 

Kirkland, Mrs. Bayly K., 

Kirwan, Mr. George W., 

Klein, The Miss< 5, 

"South Bend," Mt. Washington, Md. 

265 Bute St., Norfolk, Va. 
265 Bute St., Norfolk, Va. 
265 Bute St., Norfolk, Va. 

15 W. Mulberry St. 
15 W. Mulberry St. 

"Vancluse," near Roslyn P. O., Md. 

Nurses' Home, Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Mt. Royal Apartments. 

851 Park Av. 

Klinkowstroeui, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. von (nee Buckler), 

Wilna P. ().. I tarford Co., Md. 

Klots, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Partridge (nee Agnes Boone), 

"Chateau de Rochefort-en-Terre," Moriban, France. 



Knabe, Mr\ and Airs. Ernest J., Jr. (nee Schlens). 829 Park Av. 

("Forest Glade," Catonsville.) 

Knabe, Mr. and Mrs. Win. (nee Alason), Larchmont, X. Y. 

Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Payson, to Club Road. Roland Park, M d. 
Knapp, Airs. E. Payson. 10 Club Road. Roland Park, Aid. 

Knapp. Air. and Airs. George W. (nee Boone), 920 X.Charles St. 

Knapp, Aliss Katharine E., 920 N. Charles St. 

Knapp, Air. George W., Jr., 920 N. Charles St. 

Knapp, Air. William G., 920 N. Charles St. 

Knapp, Air. Alfred AI., 920 N. Charles St. 

Knapp, Air. and Airs. Chas. H. (nee Elizabeth X T . Cushing), 

28 E. Preston St. 

Knight, Mr. and Airs. William AI.. 
Knight, Aliss Elizabeth B., 
Knight. Aliss Ethel, 
Knight, Miss Rebecca Ringgold, 
Knight. Air. Jas. Groome, 

Knight. Miss Helen, 

Knott, Mr, and Airs. A. Leo, 

Knobloch, Mr. and Airs. Erhard von, 
Km bloch, Miss von, 

2131 Maryland Av. 
2T31 Maryland A v. 
213 1 Alary land Av. 
2131 Maryland Av. 
2131 Maryland Av. 

13 E. Read St. 

1029 St. Paul St. 

1612 St. Paul St. 
1612 St. Paul St. 

Knower. Airs. Edward C, 529 N. Charles St 

Knower, Dr. and Airs. Henry McElderry, Toronto, Canada. 

Knox, Airs. Lydia E.. 16 Gramercy Park. New York. 

Knox, Mr. Jas. H. Mason, Of Europe (care of Brown. Shipley & Co.) 

Knox. Dr. and Airs. James H. Mason, Jr. (nee Marion G. Bowdoin), 

804 Cathedral St. 

Knox. Airs. William F.. 
Knox, Aliss Adele Kilburn, 
Knox, Aliss Catharine Phillips, 
Knox, Air. John Colvin, 
Knox, Air. Donald R.. 

Koons, Airs. Elizabeth Brooks, 

Krebs, Air. George W. C, 

Krebs, Air. Roland Sewell, 

Kremelberg, The Misses, 

Krieger, Air. and Airs. Louis C. C. (nee Agnes C. Keighler), 

5 1 lowland St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Ktimmer, Alaj. and Airs. Arnold, 807 N. Eutaw St. 

Kummer, Miss Helen Talbot, 807 X. Eutaw St. 

Kummer, Air. and Airs. J. H., Catonsville, Aid. 

1410 Bolton St. 

1410 Bolton St. 

1410 Bolton St. 

1410 Bolton St. 

1410 Bolton St. 

219 W. Alonument St. 

1724 McCulloh St. 

1039 X. Eutaw St. 

1007 N. Charles St. 


(b/eoant ^lluer Ware 



^Diamonds, ^Pearls, J/eivelry and 71 atches 


Telephone, 377 St. Paul 


Importers and wholesale dealers in 

©rental Art dkw&B 



We have but one price. All Goods marked in plain English Figures 


Established 1884 C. & P. Mt. Vernon 3230 



]W Cabinet Work arm 

919 N. EUTAW STREET fr Repolishing 

BALTIMORE, MD. \ Furniture Storage 



ionMe postals sent out 
in October must 2>e re- 
turned hy the 20th ©f that 
month, otherwise, correc- 
tions and extra names will be 
charged 20 cents each line. 



Suttrrmtlk, Smtblr (Errant 
anft iHtlk fur iFamtlu uar 

3Jrr (£rram in JFauru Malta and Drsinua 

HOT II T E I . E I * II < > N E S 



L:iP>arrer, Air. and Mrs. Oliver M., 1718 X. Charles St. 

Lackey, Mrs. Milford R, 2904 N. Calvert St. 

Lackey, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar F. (nee Mary F. Myer), 2904 N.Calvert St. 

Lacy, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, 1630 Linden Av. 

Lacy, Mr. Robert, 1630 Linden Av. 

Lacy, Miss Helen, 1630 Linden Av. 

Lake, Mr. and Mrs. James, Forest Hill, Md. 

Lake, Miss Marguerite Brunelle, Forest Hill, Md. 

Lamb, Mr. and Mrs. Eli M., 1432 McCulloh St. 

Lamb, Miss Mary Elizabeth, 1432 McCulloh St. 

Lamb, Miss Margaretta W., 1432 McCulloh St. 

Lamb, Mr. and Mrs. F. Emerson, Cloverdale Road. 

Lamb, Miss F. Marie, Cloverdale Road. 

Lamb, Mr. and Mrs. George M., 

"Cedarcroft," Station H, York Road and Gittings Av. 
Lamb, Mr. and Mrs. George M., Jr., 

"Cedarcroft," Station H, York Road and Gittings Av. 
Lamb, Mr. Robert Emerson, 

"Cedarcroft," Station H, York Road and Gittings Av. 
Lamb, Mr. Philip E., "Cedarcroft," Station H, York Road and Gittings Av. 
Lamb, Mr. James G., "Cedarcroft," Station H, York Road and Gittings Av. 

Lamdin, Mr. and Mrs. William F., "Lynhurst," cor. 19th and Edmondson Av. 
Lamdin, Mr. N. Gist, "Lynhurst," cor. 19th and Edmondson Av. 

Lanahan, Miss Margaret, 717 Washington PI. 

Lanahan, Mrs. Charles M., The Washington. 

Lanahan, Mr. and Mrs. William, "Blenheim," Woodbrook P. O., Balto. Co. 

Landstreet, Mr. and Mrs. Fairfax S., 

"May fair." Rogers Station, Stevenson P. ()., Md. 

Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner Martin (nee Gildersleeve). 

53 Marlborough St., Boston, Mass. 

Langdon, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P., The Cecil, Eutaw St. near Dolphin. 

Lanier, The Misses, 27 W. Chase St. 

Lanier, Dr. Berwick B., 27 W. Chase St. 

Lanier, Mr. and Mrs. Herder M., 1703 N. Calvert St. 

Lansdale, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vinton, Jr.. 

4201 W. Maine Av., Forest Park. 

Lansdale, Mr. Herbert Parker, Troy, N. Y. 

Lansdale, Rev. Jos. Tucker, New York City. 

Lansdale, Mr. Philip M., San Francisco, Cal. 




Lansdowne, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. S., 
Lansdownc. Miss, 
Lansdowne, Miss Florence Starr, 
Lansdowne. Mr. George Edward, Jr., 

Larned, Mrs. Helen Murray, 

Lamed, Dr. Charles \\'.. 

Larned, Mr. and Mrs. Frank !l.. 

Larned, Mr. William M., 

Larned, Mr. J. Murray, 

Larned, Mr. Alexander S , 

Larus, Mr. and Mrs. John Ruse, 

Latane. Mrs. James A., 
Latane, The Misses. 
Latane. Mr. James A., Jr., 

Latham. Mr. and Mrs. Lester H., 
Latham. Miss Mabel, 

Lathrop, Miss Annie Hervey, 
Lathrop, Miss Elizabeth Langdon, 

Latimer. Miss Caroline. 

Latimer, Mr. James B., 

Latrobe, Mr. and Mrs. Ferd. C, 
Latrobe, Miss Ellen Virginia, 
Latrobe, Mr. Ferdinand C, Jr., 

Latrobe, Mrs. Charles H., 

Latrobe. Mr. and Mrs. Gamble, 

Latrobe, Capt. and Mrs. Osmun, 

Eighth U. S. Cavalry. Fori Robinson, Neb. 

Latrobe. Mrs. K. Steuart (nee Mactier), 

Latrobe. Mi-s Edna Claiborne, 

Latrobe, Lieut, and Mrs. Osmun, Jr., Jefferson Barracks, Mo. 

Law, Miss Margaretta, 407 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park, Md. 

Lawson, Miss Rosa, 417* N. Charles St. 

. Mr. and Mrs. Beirne, St. Paul's School, Concord, X. II. 

Lay, Mrs. George W., 723 St. Paul St. 

Lay, Capt. and Mrs. 'I bos. \V., 37 W. Preston St. 

425 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 
425 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 
425 Hawthorn Road. Roland Park. 
425 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

1327 Park Av. 
1327 Park Av. 

26r4 Garfield St., Washington, I). C. 


Meadville, Pa. 

814 Park Av. 

2717 St. Paul St. 

1412 Park Av. 
1412 Park Av. 
141 2 Park Av. 

602 W. North Av. 
602 \V. North Av. 

102 1 Cathedral St. 


906 N. Charles St. 
906 N. Charles St. 
906 N. Charles St. 

The Albion. 

Normandy Heights, Roland Park. 

Lay, Mr. R. K . 

Lay, Miss Catherine, 

Lazarus, Mrs. Edgar Marks, 
Lazarus, The Mi 

37 W. Preston St. 
37 W. Preston St. 

1523 Park Av. 
1523 Park Av. 

L 163 

Lazarus, Mr. G. Y., Madison, N. J. 

Lazarus, Mr. Edgar M., Portland, Ore. 

Lazenby, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Allen. 21 17 Callow A v. 

Leacock, Miss, 2130 Oak St. 

Leakin, Rev. Dr. George A., "Laconia," Lake Roland. Md 

Leakin, Miss Margaret Dobbin, '"Laconia/' Lake Roland, Md. 

Leakin, Mr. and Mrs. William Ridgely, Savannah, Ga. 

Leakin, Mr. J. Wilson, 103 W. Monument St. 

Leakin, Miss Susan Dobbin, 103 W. Monument St. 

Leary, Brig.-Gen. and Mrs. Peter, Jr. (U. S. A., Retired), 

The Marlborough, Eutaw PI 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Columbus O'D. (nee Hannah Tyson). 

15 E. Lafayette A v. 

Lee, Miss Josephine, 15 E. Lafayette Av. 

Lee, Mr. M. L. Dawson, 15 E. Lafayette Av. 

Lee, Mr. O'Donnell, 15 E.Lafayette Av. 

Lee, Mr. Frederic Collins, 15 E. Lafayette A v. 

Lee, Mr. Jesse Tyson. 15 E.Lafayette Av. 

Lee. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Francis, 11 15 X.Calvert St 

Lee, Mrs. J. Boykin, The Stafford. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Henrv(nee Elizabeth Tvson), 23 W. 20th St. 
Lee, Mr. Hillyard C, 23 W. 20th St. 

Lee, Mr. Stephen States, 23 W. 20th St. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips F. (nee Margaret Wilson). 

Araby P. O.. Frederick Co.. Md. 

Lee, Mr. J. Collins. 152S Park Av. 

Lee^-Miss Elizabeth Collins. 15^8 Park Av. 

Lee, Mr. Richard H., 15 Franklin St., Providence. R. I. 

Lee, Mrs. William, 203 E. Preston St. 

Lee, Miss Mary, 203 E. Preston St. 

i^Lee, Mr. and Mrs. William, Jr. (nee Munnikhuysen), 1018 N.Charles St. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Donnell (nee Jenkins), 

"Needwood F'orest," Knoxville P. O., Md. 
Lee, Miss, "Needwood Forest," Knoxville P. O., Md. 

Lee, Miss Gertrude, "Needwood Forest," Knoxville P. O., Md. 

Lee, Mr. Adrian Iselin, "Needwood Forest," Knoxville P. O., Md. 

Lee, Mr. Thomas Sim, 3rd, "Needwood Forest," Knoxville P. O., Md. 

Lee, Mr. Joseph W. J., F.R.G.S., "Needwood Forest." Knoxville P. O.. Md. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'D., Jr. (nee Annie McCauley), 

1773 Church St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Lee. Mr. Adrian L., 1773 Church St. X. W.. Washington. D. C. 

164 L 

Lee. Hon. Joseph Jenkins, State Department, Washington, D. C 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart (nee O'Donovan). 

Berkeley Springs, W. Va. 

Lee, Dr. Mann Randolph Page, 25 W. 20th St. 

Lee, Mrs. Francis Dnpont, Washington, D. C. 

Lee, Mr. John Levpold Griffith, 902 N. Charles St. 

( Bel Air. Md. ) 
Lee, The Mi- Bel Air. Md. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Morris (nee Tabb), 

Garrison Station, Green Spring Valley, Md. 

Lee, Rev. and Mrs. Henry B., Jr., Homestead, Baltimore. 

Lefebvre, Mrs. II. P . 122 W. Franklin St. 

Leftwich, Mr. and "Mrs. Alexander T.. 12 E. Preston St. 

Leftwich. Mr. Vivian C. 12 E. Preston St. 

Leftwich, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander T., Jr. (nee Florence 1). Tiers), 

Winter address Philadelphia. Pa. 
(•"Tinkle Bell Farm," Broad Axe. Pa. ) 

Legg. Mr.and Mrs. John Carter, Jr. (nee May Applegarth), 943 N. Calvert St 

Lehr. Mrs. Robert. 16 E. Madison St. 

Lehr, Miss Frances. 16 E. Madison St. 

Lehr. Mr. Robert Oliver, 16 E.Madison St. 

Lehr. Dr. and Mrs. Louis Charles (nee Marie Worthington Conrad), 

2033 Florida Av.. Washington, 1) C. 

Lehr, Mr. and Mrs. Marry Symes (nee Drexel), 20 W. 56th St., New York. 
Lehmayer, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, 1727 Park Av. 

Leidy, Dr and Mrs. C. Fontaine Maury (nee Margaret Ridgelv). 

316 S. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Leland, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Warren (nee Mary S. Lanahan), 

56 E. Division St., Chicago, 111. 

Lemmon, Mr. and Mrs. J. Southgate (nee Dulany), 221 W. Lanvale St. 

Lemmon, The Misses, 221 W. Lanvale St. 

Lemmon, Miss Neville St. G., 221 W. Lanvale St. 

LeMoyne, Mr. J. V., Melvale, Balto. Co., Md. 

Leonard. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Wirt (nee Nellie McBride Jackson), 

1 [9 Beechdale Read. Roland Park. 

Leser, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar (nee Agnus), 7 W. Biddle St. 

Lesley, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Parker (nee Lillian G.Vincent), 

Leland Stanford University, California. 

Letoriere. Mi-. 7 W. Biddle St. 



Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. (nee Webb), 

Levering, Mr. Frederick A., Jr., 

Levering, Miss Georgianna, 

Levering, Air. Webb, 

Levering, Miss Martha Keyser, 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua (nee Woods), 
Levering, Miss Louise Alexander, 

(Ruxton; Md.) 

21 10 Oak St. 

21 to Oak St. 

21 io Oak St. 

?i io Oak St. 

21 io Oak St. 

1316 Eutaw PI. 

1316 Eutaw PI. 

Levering. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Douglas (nee Grace Bennett Wade), 

113 W. Lanvale St. 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Keyser (nee Matthews), 207 W. Lanvale St. 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene, 1308 Eutaw PI. 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene, Jr. (nee Gary), 1217 Linden Av. 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, The St. Paul, Mt. Royal Av. 

Levering, Miss, The St. Paul, Mt. Royal Av. 

Levering, Miss Nellie, The St. Paul, Mt. Royal Av. 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Leonidas (nee Keys), 1218 N.Charles St. 

Levering, Miss Rebecca Norris, 1218 N. Charles St. 

Levering, Miss Anne Eugenia. 1218 N. Charles St. 

("Blendon," Elkridge P. O., Howard Co., Md.) 

Levering, Mrs. Ann S., 1308 Linden A v. 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. William T., "Rose Cottage," Catonsville, Md. 

Levering, Mr. H. Brooke, "Rose Cottage," Catonsville, Md. 

ion St. Paul St. 
ion St. Paul St. 

Levering, Miss Ellen, 
Levering, Mr. Thomas W., 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Wilson, 
Levering, Mr. Harold Wilson, 

Levering, Mr. F. J., 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W., 
'Levering, Mr. Edwin W., Jr., 
Levering, Mr. J. A. Gould, 
Levering, Mr. Leonard M., 2nd, 
Levering, Mr. Arthur C, 
Levering, Miss Mary G., 

Levering. Mrs. Pauline M., 
Levering, Miss Dorothy, 

Levering. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M., 

22 E. Madison St. 
22 E. Madison St. 

222 Laurens St. 

310 W. Lanvale St. 
310 W. Lanvale St. 
310 W. Lanvale St. 
310 W. Lanvale St. 
310 W. Lanvale St. 
310 W. Lanvale St. 

The Cecil. 
The Cecil. 

38 W. Biddle St 

Leviness, Col. and Mrs. Charles T., Jr. (nee Alice J. Dorman), 

120 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson M., 
Lewis, Mr. Mortimer J., 

1214 Eutaw PI. 
1214 Eutaw PI. 


I i 

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Howell, Jr., 

( lakdale Av., Station E, Arlington, Md. 
Lewis, Mr. Lawrence Tayloe, Oakdale Av., Station E, Arlington, Md. 

Lewi-. Ah--. Edwin S. (nee Jessie Norris), Princeton, N. J. 

Lewi-. Mrs. F. M., " ( >ak Lawn," Gilmor Lane, Waverly. 

Lewis, Mr. Herbert W., "Oak Lawn," Gilmor Lane, Waverly. 

Lewis, Miss Emma, 129 W. Lafayette Av. 

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. William Penn, 147 W. Lanvale St. 

Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Langhorne Dabney (nee Helen A. Armistead), 

Norfolk Av., Lynchburg, V;i. 

1813 St. Paul St. 
1813 St. Paul St. 
1813 St. Paul St. 

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ashley (nee Williamson), 902 St. Paul St. 

Lewis, Mrs. Fritz, 

Lewis. Miss Ella Beasten, 

Lewi-. Miss I lilda. 

New York. 

"Whitehall," Elliott City, Md. 

••Whitehall," Ellicott City, Md. 

19 W. Preston St. 

1530 Mt. Royal A v. 
[32] E. Twelfth Av., Denver, Col. 

1307 Bolton St. 

Lightfoot, Miss, 

Ligon, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. 1).. 
Ligon, Miss Ellen McElroy, 

Lilly, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo, 

Lilly, Mr. Alonzo, Jr., 

Lilly, Mr. and Mrs. Channing F., 

Lilly, Mr. and Mrs. William Dixon, 

Lilly, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Jenkins (nee Helen Scott Browne), 

Sherwi >od, Baltimore Co., Md 
Limerick, Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur (nee Boullemet), 

102 Longwood Road, Ro'land Park 
Limerick, Miss (aniline Beaumont, 102 Longwood Road, Roland Park 

Lindley, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob (nee Fannie Tyson), 15 E.Lafayette Av 

Lindsay. Mrs. James E., The Albion 

Lingen, Mrs. George A. von. 10 E. Mt. Vernon PI 

Linthicum, Mr. and Mrs. J. Chas.. 

Linthicum, Mrs. Charles W.. 
Linthicum, Mr. Charles M., 
Linthicum, Mr. George S., 

Linthicum, Dr. and Mrs. G. Milton (nee Howland), 

Lippincott, Mr. Samuel W., 

Littell, Miss Willing, 

Littig, Mr. C. Bosky, 

Littig, Mr. and Mrs. John M.. 
Littig, Miss Clara M., 

705 St. Paul St. 

Sudbrook I 'ark. Md. 
Sudbrook Park, Md. 
Sudbrook Park, Md. 

The Walbert. 

University Club. 

215 W. Lanvale St. 

227 W. Lafayette Av. 

1010 Cathedral St. 
ioio Cathedral St. 

L 167 

Littig, Mr. Chas. Ross, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Little John, Air. and Mrs. Robert Malcolm (nee Rebecca Lee Boiling), 

45 King St.. Flushing, L. T. 

Livezey, Miss, "Elton Park," Catonsville. 

Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. McBlair, 2019 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard ( nee Donnell). 333 Dolphin St. 

Lloyd, Mrs. Edward. "Wye House." Easton, Talbot Co., Md. 

Lloyd, Miss Mary Howard. "Wye House." Easton, Talbot Co.. Md. 

Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. John Eager (nee Theobald), Hubbard Woods, 111. 
Lloyd, Mr. DcConrcy' Hubbard Woods, 111. 

Lloyd. Mr. and Mrs. Upshur (nee Hortense B. Castleman), 895 Park Ay. 

Lloyd. Mr. and Mrs. A. Parlett. 

N. E. cor. Windsor Ay. and 12th St.. Walbrook. 

Lloyd, Mr. Henry Loane. N. E. cor. Windsor Ay. and 12th St.. Walbrook. 

Lloyd, Mr. Eugene MacD.. X. E. cor. Windsor Ay. and 12th St.. Walbrook. 

Lloyd, Commander and Mrs. Edward. Jr. (nee Robimon). 

5 Lighthouse District, Baltimore, Md. 

Lloyd, Miss Fannie O., 200 Goodwood Gardens. Roland Park. 

Locke, Mrs. Leonard E.. 229 W. Preston St. 

Lockwood. Misses, 8 E. Eager St 

Lockwood, Dr. William F., 8 E. Eager St 

Lockwood, Mr., 8 E. Eager St. 

Lockwood, Air. and Airs. HenrY Benedict (nee AlcCay), 

810 Cathedral St. (49 W. 57th St.. New York). 
Lockwood, Aliss Violet, 810 Cathedral St. (49 W. 57th St., New York). 

Logie, ReY. John H., 477 Hudson St., New York City. 

Loney. Air. and Airs. Thomas Poindexter (nee Grace H. Richardson), 

i he Preston. 

Loney, Air. John. The Walbert. 

Long. Airs. John Ricards, 17 E. Eager St. 

Long, Air. and Airs. Ellis B., Esopus, N. Y. 

Long, Airs. Jos. Lewis, 5 E. Biddle St 

Long, Miss Bessie W., 5 E. Biddle St. 

Long, Air. and Airs. David G. (nee May C.Jackson), 

Liberty Aiills, Orange County. Va. 

Longcope. Airs. George. 712 St. Paul St. 

Longcope. Aliss Frances T., 7 12 St. Paul St. 

Longcope, Air. George T., 71- St. Paul St. 

Longcope, Air. Alan P., 712 St. Paul St. 

Longcope, Dr. Warfield Theobald, 342 S. 15th St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

168 Tj 

Longnecker, Mrs. J( hn Barr, Towson, Md. 

Lord, Mrs. Charles King. 24 E. Madison St. 

Lord, Mr. and Mrs. John Walter (nee Henrietta Hoffman), 

303 Club Road. Roland Park. 

Lord, Mrs. Charles \\ .. Ahmad. 

Lord, Mr. and Mrs. Henry M., "Iona," Cockeysville, Md. 

Lord, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robbins, 710 Park Av 

Lord, Miss Laura Griselda, 716 Park Av. 

Lord, Dr. and Mrs. Jere Williams (nee Pope), ioti N.Charles St. 

Loud, Mrs. Granville, 7 W.Chase St. 

Loud. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Granville (nee Katharine John Brown). 

The Readmore, 2231 St. Paul St. 

Lough, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest St. George (nee Eloise L.Roman), 

Guadeloupe, West Indies. 

Love, Mrs. William If.. 6ti Reservoir St 

Love. Mr. Albert T., "Loveton," Cockeysville, Md. 

Love, Miss Louisa. "Loveton," Cockeysville, Md. 

Love, Miss Sallie Howard, "Loveton," Cockeysville. Md. 

Love, Mr. A. Gallatin. "Loveton," Cockeysville, Md. 

Love, Mr. and Mrs. Bolton J. (nee Sara H.George), 859 Park Av. 

Love, Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas (nee Ellen Jenkins George), 

208 E. Chase St. 
(Hyde P. O., Md.) 

Lovell, Mr. and Mrs. J. Quitman (nee Nannie Gordon), 

"Rohinswood," Garrison P. O., Md. 

Low, Miss Louise S.. 1303 N.Calvert St. 

Lowndes, Mrs. Charles D. (nee Nannie Gamble), Lawyer's Hill. Relay. 

Lowndes, Miss, Lawyer's Mill. Relay. 

Lowndes. Miss Elise G., Lawyer'- Hill, Relay. 

Lowndes, Mr. Cary Gamble, Lawyer's Hill, Relay. 

Lowndes, Mr. Edward Breckinridge, Lawyer's Hill, Relay. 

Lowndes, Mr. Charles H. G., Lawyer's Hill, Relay 

Lowndes, Mr. Robt. Glynn. Lawyer'- Hill, Relay. 

Lowndes, Mrs. Lloyd. Cumberland, Md. 

Lowndes, Miss Elizabeth Lloyd, Cumberland, Md 

Lowndes, Mr. '! asker G.. Cumberland, Md. 

Lowndes, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd. Jr.. Rawlings, Md. 

Lowndes, Maj. and Mrs. Charles S. (nee Beasley), Colorado Springs, Col. 

Lowndes, Mrs. Richard Tasker, Jr., Danville, Ky. 

Lowndes. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bladen, Mt. Savage, Allegany Co., Md. 


Lucas, Miss Bertha. 
Lucas, Mr. William F., Jr., 
Lucas, Mr. J. Carrell, 
Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. William R., 
Lucas, Mr. Edw. Bristol, 
Lurman, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav W T ., 
Lurman. Miss Frances Donnell. 
Lurman. Miss Katharine, 
Lurman, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G., 
Lurman. Mr. Gustav W., Jr., 
Lurman. Miss Agnes Tilghman, 
Lurman, Mr. Theodore G., Jr., 
Lurman, Mr. John S.. 

Lurman, Miss Minna, 
Lusby, Miss, 
Lusby, Miss Louisa, 
Lynah, Mrs. James, 
Lyon, Mrs. James W., 
Lyon, Mr; S. H., Jr., 
Lyon, Miss Fannie Moncure, 
Lyon, Mr. Moncure Nelson, 

Lyon, Mr. Samuel H., 
Lyon, Mr. James W., Jr., 
Lyon, Dr. Chas. Edward, 

941 N. Calvert St. 

941 N. Calvert St. 

941 N. Calvert St. 

146 Wilson St. 

208 W. Franklin St. 

"Farmlands." Catonsville, Md. 

"Farmlands." Catonsville. Md. 

"Farmlands," Catonsville. Md. 

808 St. Paul St. 

808 St. Paul St. 

808 St. Paul St. 

808 St. Paul St. 

808 St. Paul St. 

15 14 Park Av. 

15 E. Eager St. 

887 Park Av. 

1040 N. Calvert St. 

Roslvn P. O.. Wester Ode. Md 

Roslvn P.O.. Wester Ogle. Md. 

Roslyn P. O.. Wester Ogle, Md. 

Roslvn P. O.. Wester Ogle. Md. 

101 E. Preston St. 
101 E. Preston St. 

18 Kingsburv St.. Worcester, Mas^. 

Mme. Anita Heineck-Lloyd 

413 North Charles Street 

$orai g>tuit0B 


FOR church 


A&T - ^^^L 




FROM 1-2 P. M. 

JiXetropolitan .Savings j3ank 


Southwest Corner Charles and Saratoga Streets 

C. C. SHRIVER. President 

JAMES J. RYAN. Treasurer 


Surplus $591,255.85 .... Assets, $4,4 19,032.28 


Northeast Corner Calvert and Lexington Streets 




MacCallum, Dr. W. G., 981 Madison Av., New York City. 

MacBryde, Rev. Meade Bolton, Hotel Sherwood. 

MacClure, Mr. and Mrs. Colbert Anderson (nee Amabel Lee), 

6 Colonial Place, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Macferran, Miss Hannah, 147 W. Lanvale St. 

Maccoun, Miss, 1309 Park Av. 

Maccoun, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ellicott (neeAdrian Hughes), 

101 Kirkpatrick Av., Braddock, Pa. 

MacDonald, Mr. and Mrs. J. Stuart, "Chelton," Catonsville, Md. 

Macgill, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. (nee Robinson), 1202 X.Charles St. 

Macgill, Mrs. Charles G. W., Catonsville, Md. 

Macgill, Dr. and Mrs. J. Charles (nee Annie Campbell Thomas), 

Catonsville, Md. 

Macgill, Mrs. Richard G., "Athol Farm," Atholton P. O., Howard Co., Md. 
Macgill, Miss M. Annette, "Athol Farm," Atholton P. O., Howard Co.. Md. 
Macgill, Mr. Richard G Jr., "Athol Farm," Atholton P. O., Howard Co., Md. 

Jf Macgill, Miss Rebecca C, 1021 X. Charles St. 

Macgill. Mrs. Sarah G. ( nee Poullain). Prospect Hill, Catonsville, Md. 

Macgill. Mrs. E. R. 2510 Guilford Av. 

Macgill, Mr. Lloyd T., 2510 Guilford Av. 

Macgill, Mr. Robert H., Jr., 2510 Guilford Av. 

Machen. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. (nee Gresham), 217 W. Monument St. 
Machen, Mr. Arthur W., Jr., 217 W. Monument St. 

Machen, Mr. Thomas Gresham, 217 W. Monument St. 

Mackall, Mr. Thomas B., L T niversity Club. 

Mackall, Mrs. Leonard C. (nee Lawton), Hotel Sherwood. 

Mackall, Mr. Leonard L., Kaiser Wilhelm Strasse 13, Jena, Germany. 

Mackall, Mr. A. Lawton, 497 Yale Station, New Haven. Conn. 

Mackall, Rev. Francis P., Midland, Allegany Co.. Md. 

Mackall, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (nee Mackenzie), The Cecil. 

Mackall, Mr. Charles O'Donnell, The Cecil. 

Mackall. Mr. Colin Mackenzie, The Cecil. 

Mackall, Mr. R. McGill, 3 t6 VY. 56th St., New York City. 

Mackall, Miss Mary Elizabeth, 216 W. Madison St. 

Mackay, .Mrs. Mary Gambrill. 1419 Eutaw PI. 

Mackenzie, Mrs. John C, 1216 Mt. Royal Av. 

Mackenzie, Dr. and Mrs. John X. (nee Clarke), 879 Park Av. 


172 M 

Mackenzie, Miss Sallie P., 1203 Cathedral St. 

Mackenzie. Mrs. John P., 15 E. Lanvale St. 

Mackenzie, Dr. and Mrs. Edward E , 1339 W. North Av. 

Mackenzie. The Misses, 206 W.Franklin St. 

Mackenzie, Mr. Thomas, 206 W. Franklin St. 

Mackenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Norbury (nee Mary Elizabeth Forwood), 

180S Park Av. 
Mackenzie, Miss, 1808 Park Av. 

Mackenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Norbury 3d (nee Sara Roberta Maynadier), 

"Kmtail," Gilmor Lane, near Govans, Balto. Co., Md. 

Macklin. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., Mt. Nebo, Ilchester, Md. 

Mackubin, Mr. and Mrs. James, "Mac Alpine," Ellicott City, Md. 

Mackubin, The Misses, "Mac Alpine," Ellicott City, Md. 

Mackubin, Miss, 24 W. 38th St., New York City. 

Mackubin, Mr. Chas. Carroll, 24 W. 38th St., New York City. 

Mackubin, Miss K.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Mackubin, Miss Florence, The Brexton. 

Mackubin, Mr. and Mrs. George (nee Perrin), 14 F. Eager St. 

MacLaughlin, Miss Hazel M., Winona Apartments. 

MacSherry, Mr. and Mrs. Allan (nee Hillen), 

1008 University Parkway, Roland Park. 
MacSherry, Miss Katharine, 1008 University Parkway, Roland Park. 

MacSherry, Mr. S. Hillen, 1008 University Parkway, Roland Park. 

MacSherry, Mr. Richard, Philadelphia, Pa. 

MacSherry, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Clinton, Abroad. 

MacTavish, Miss Virginia, Rome, Italy. 

Macy, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Richardson (nee Mary Esther Gill), 

Pasadena, Cal. 
Macy. Mr. and Mrs. Josiah ( nee Elizabeth W.Wise), 

[3 James St., Morristown, N. J. 

Magruder, Dr. and Mrs. W. Edward, 922 Madison Av. 

Magruder, Miss Elizabeth F., Church Home and [nfirmary. 

Magruder, Mr. John B., 1104 Brevard St. 

Mahool, Mrs. George, "Meadowvale," Lutherville. 

Mahool, Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry, 2437 Maryland Av. 

Malcolm, Dr. and Mrs. Douglas, 1401 Linden Av. 

Malcolm, Mr. and Mrs. Crichton, 6635 McCallam St., Germantown, Pa. 

Malcolm, Miss Grace, 6635 McCallam St., Germantown, Pa. 

M 173 

Malone. Dr. Edward F., Shepard and Pratt Hospital, Towson. 

Mall, Dr. and Mrs. Franklin P., 1514 Bolton St. 

Mallinckrodt, Mr. and Mrs. Louis K. (nee Mildred Gill), The Montreal. 

Mallon, Miss, 262 Robert St. 

^Mallory, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight F. (nee Bartlett), 

4 Boulder Lane, Roland Park. 

Malster, Mrs. W. T., 181 1 N.Charles St. 

Malster, Miss Florence N., i8ti N.Charles St. 

Malster, Miss Sara R., 181 1 N.Charles St. 

Mandelbaum, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour, Hotel Belvedere. 

Mankin, The Misses, $j E. 21st St. 

v Manly, Mr. and Mrs. William Maurice (nee Mathilde L. Keyser), 

1 109 N. Calvert St. 

Manly, Mr. Christopher Hughes, Harvard. Cambridge, Mass. 

Manly, Lieut, and Mrs. Frederick Willis (nee Lucia Bayne Grady), 

U. S. M. Academy, West Point, N. Y. 

Manly, Mr. C. Hughes, Claverly Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 

Manly, Miss Maria M., 16 W.Hamilton St. 

Manly, Miss Sarah Simpson, The Walbert, N. Charles St. cor. Lafayette Av. 
Manning, Air. Sydney T., The Arundel. 

Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thurston (nee Hewson), Laurel, Md. 

Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Powell T., Washington, D. C 

Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Thruston, 21 11 De Lancy St., Philadelphia. 

Manning, Miss Eleanor Goldsborough, 21 11 De Lancy St., Philadelphia. 
Manning, Mr. J. Thurston, Jr., 2111 De Lancy St., Philadelphia. 

Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Pratt, 918 N. Calvert St. 

Manning, Mr. James Russell, 918 N. Calvert St. 

Maiming, Mr. and Mrs. George Otis, "Melrose," Charles-St. A v., Station H. 

Manning, Miss, "Melrose," Charles-St. Av., Station H. 

Manning, Dr. John C, "Melrose," Charles-St. Av., Station H. 

Manning, Mr. Gordon Alnutt, "Melrose," Charles-St. Av., Station H. 

Manor, Mrs. William F. (nee Lewis), San Francisco, Cal. 

Marburg, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, 11 11 St. Paul St. 

Marburg, Mr. and Mrs. William A. of "A.," (nee Virginia Hack), 

Earl Court. 
(Spring Lake Beach, N. J.) 

Marburg, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore, 14 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Marburg, Miss Christine, 14 W. Mt. Vernon PI 

174 M 

Marburg, Misses, 6 E. Eager St. 

Marburg, Mr. W. A., 6 E. Eager St. 

Marbury, Mr. and Mrs. William L. (nee Slingluff), 159 W. Lanvale St. 

Marbury, Miss ^Catherine Marshall, 159 W. Lanvale St. 

March. Mr. and Mrs. John S., 1414 Park Av. 

Mark, Dr. Nellie V., 940 Madison Av. 

Markland, Mrs. Wrenshall, 1037 N.Calvert St. 

Markoe, Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. (nee Mullikin), 131 W.Lafayette Av. 

Markoe, Col. Frank, it E.Franklin St. 

Markoe, Mr. and Mrs. John Sutherland, (nee Emory), 

"Belmour," Monkton P. O., Md. 

Marriott. Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Wilson. Cleveland Park, Washington, D. C. 

Marriott, Mr. Williams McKim, Cornell Med. College, New York. 

Marriott, Mrs. James 11.. 037 W. North Av. 

Marriott, Mrs. Sophia E., 1007 W.Lafayette Av. 

Marriott, Mr. and Mrs. Telfair W. (nee Lucy Brady), Washington Apts. 

Marriott, Mr. and Mrs. William Haddon (nee Aline T. Bracco), 

10 1 4 Belvider.e Ter. 

Marshall, Miss Lucy P., 3 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Marshall. Mrs. Charles, 1021 Cathedral St. 

Marshall, Mr. Charles A., 1021 Cathedral St. 

Marshall, Mr. James Markham, 25 Broad St., New York. 

^Marshall, Dr. Harry Taylor, i^y^J^ Manila. 

/Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. H. Snowden, 640 Madison Av., New York. 

Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee (nee Brown), Stevenson P. O., Md. 

Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Athelstan (nee Tyson). 

"Koslyn," Pikesville, Md. 

Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. D. Barton, ,. . 887 Park Av. 

/^Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. T. Hartley (nee Margarefta Ta\l<Jf r U/ 

144 W. Lanvale St. 

Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. John W. (nee Edith Cushing), 32 W. Biddle St. 

Mar-ton. Mr. and Mrs. William S., 190 1 N. Charles St. 

Marston, Mr. Peirce, 1901 N.Charles St. 

Marston, Mr. W. Woodruff, Mounl Stirling, N. C. 

Martin, Mrs. David B., 325 Roland A v., Roland Park. 

Martin. Mis- Jessamine, 325 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Martin, Miss Nell, 325 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

m: 175 

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. A. Warfield, 214 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

Martin, Miss Katharine A., The Brexton. 

Martin, Mr. Joseph Osborn, 871 Park Av. 

Martin, Mrs. Charles A., 5428 Greene St., Germantown, Pa. 

Marti", Dr. and Mrs. Frank (nee Coates), 1000 Cathedral St. 

Martin, Mrs. Guillermo H., 103 W. Monument St. 

Martin, Mrs. A. and The Misses, 1404 Park \v. 

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gottschaik, 1720 St. Paul St. 

Martin, Mrs. William R., 900 St. Paul St. 

Martin, Miss Maria F., 900 St. Paul St. 

Martin, Mr. Edward Duffield, 900 St. Paul St. 

Martin, Mrs. John G., 922 Madison Av. 

Marye, Mr. and Mrs. William Nelson (nee Gittings), Annapolis, Md. 

Marye, Mr. William Rose, Annapolis, Md. 

Marye, Mrs. Robert (nee Canby), 875 Park Av. 

Marye, Mr. Robert Turner, 875 Park Av. 

(/marye, Mr. and Mrs. William Canby (nee Mary B. Whiteley), 

The Wentworth, Cathedral and Mulberry. 

Maslin, Mrs. James M., 161 1 Bolton St. 

Maslin, Mr. Frank N., 161 1 Bolton St. 

Maslin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. (nee Ethel Bruce Wright), 

2800 St. Paul St. 

Mason, Mrs. John Thomson. 1216 John St. 

Mason, Miss Gertrude Franchot, 1216 John St. 

Mason, Mr. Stevens Thomson, 1216 John St. 

Mason, Mrs. Jas. Dickinson, 909 N. Calvert St. 

Mason, Mr. J. Dudley, 909 N. Calvert St. 

Mason, Mr. and Mrs. S. Blount, Bogota, N. J. 

Mason, Mr. S. Blount, Jr., 807 St. Paul St. 

Mather, Mr. and Mrs. George Herbert ( nee Pool, 

347 S. State St.. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Mathews, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bennett, 1410 Linden Av. 

Mathias, Miss Louise S., 828 N. Eutaw St. 

Matthai, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 1403 Eutaw PI. 

Matthai, Mr. W. Howard, 1403 Eutaw PI. 

Matthai, Mr. J. Clarke. 1403 Eutaw PI. 

Matthai, Messrs. Albert D. and Joseph F., 1403 Eutaw PL 
("Lexington," Pikesville, Md.) 



Matthews, Col. and Mrs. I). M.. 
Matthews, Dr. Clyde \\. 
Matthews, Mr. J. Marsh, 

( "Brookwood," Dulany's Valley, Md. I 

Matthew?, Mr. and Mrs. James P., 
Matthews, Mr. Noel Hall, 

Matthew-. Mr. and Mrs. Harry J., 

Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C, 

Maund, Miss Margaret E., 
Maund, Miss Elizabeth A., 

Maxwell, Mrs. William K., 

May, Mrs. Henrietta DeC, 

May, Mr. George, 

Mayer, Miss Mary, 

Maynard, Mr. and Mrs. Richard D., 
Maynard, Miss Mary Hope, 
Maynard, Mr. Julien Hillery, 

Mayo, Rev. and Mrs. Robert A., 

5 W. Preston St. 
5 W. Preston St. 
5 W. Preston St. 

noi Madison Av. 

hoi Madison Av. 

1219 Calvert St. 

1302 St. Paul St. 

1609 Park Av. 
1609 Park Av, 

4 E. Eager St. 
Maryland Club. 
1130 Greene St., Augusta, Ga, 

307 W. Lanvale St. 
307 W. Lanvale St. 
307 W. Lanvale St 

West River, Md. 

Mayo, Mr. and Mrs. Wyndam R., Jr. (nee Louise W. Bonsai), Norfolk, Va 

McCann, Mrs. Charles, 1614 N. Calvert St 

McCann, Mr. Charles Andrew, 1614 N. Calvert St 

McCann, Mr. Henry Eugene, New York City. 

McCarter, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. N., Jr. (nee Barker), 

"Rumsonville," Rumson, \. J. 

McCarty, Miss Mary Garnett, 

McCay, Miss Marie J., 
McCay, Mr. A. Harvey, 

McCay, Mr. and Mrs. W. 'I'. Walters. 

McCay, Mr. and Mrs. H. Kent, 

McCay, Mrs. Joshua P., 

McCoy, Col. and Mrs. Harry, 
McCoy, Miss, 

McClellan, Miss Mary De C, 

McClenthen, Rev. William A., 

McClure, Mrs. Ida L., 

McClure, Mr. and Mrs. James Russel, Jr. (nee Agnes L. Selden), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

925 Cathedral St. 

930 N. Charles St. 
930 N. Charles St. 

Saranac 1 ,ake, N. Y. 

23 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

810 Cathedral St. 

East Orange, N. J. 
East Orange, N. J. 

1 7 13 N. Calvert St. 

816 \ T . Eutaw St. 

2124 Oak St. 

McComas, Mr. and Mrs. I lenry Clay, 

1019 N. Charles St. 



McComas, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Parker, 1502 Park Av. 

Mc Comas, ~\lr. and Mrs. Fred. William (nee Matilda Smith), 

15 W. Chase St. 

McConachie, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Douglas, 805 N. Charles St. 

McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. William G., '-'Clover Dale," Eutaw PL Ext. 

McCormick, Mr. Chauncey Brooks, "Clover Dale," Eutaw PI. Ext. 

McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brooks (nee Louise Freeman), 

Tuller. Kan. 

McCulloch, Miss M. G. B.. 

McCulloch, Rev. and Mrs. Duncan, 
McCulloch, Miss Mary W. Carroll, 

McCrae, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas (nee Gwinn), 

McDannel, Mr. and Mrs. T. Flumes, 

McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 

McDonald, Mrs. John D., 

McDonald, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. B., 
McDonald. Mrs. Wm. A., 

McDonnell, Mrs. Eugene, 
McDonnell, Miss Kathleen Alexander, 
McDonnell, Mr. John Chilton, 
McDonnell, Mr. Francis Regis, 

/' McDowell, Mrs. Clarence (nee Barry), 

McDowell, Mr. and Mrs. Edward G., 
McDowell. Mr. Edward, Jr.. 

McDowell. Miss Alithea M.. 

McDowell, Miss Annie, 

McElderry, Mrs. Thomas, 

McElderry. Mr. Horace C, 

McElroy. Mr. and Mrs. William B., 

823 St. Paul St. 

Glencoe, Baltimore Co.. Md. 
Glencoe. Baltimore Co., Md. 

935 St. Paul St. 

3008 St. Paul St. 

New York. 

4 E. Eager St. 

1309 Linden A v. 
1309 Linden Av. 

Address 15 11 McCulloh St. 

Address 1511 McCnlloh St. 

Address 15TI McCulloh St. 

Address 151 1 McCulloh St. 

The Stafford. 

117 W. Franklin St. 
117 W. Franklin St. 

Ihe Cleveland," 1415 Linden Av. 

Boston, Mass. 

7 E. Eager St. 

20 E. Lanvale St. 

510 Angell St., Providence, R. T. 
("Bide a Wee Camp," Lake^ Placid, N. Y.) 

McElroy, Mr. Robert B., 

510 Angell St., Providence, R. I. 
("Bide a Wee Camp," Lake Placid, N. Y.) 

McElroy, Miss Alice Helen, 

=;io Angell St., Providence, R. T. 
("Bide a Wee Camp," Lake Placid, N. Y.) 

McElroy, Mr. John Holt, 

510 Angell St., Providence, R. I. 
("Bide a Wee Camp," Lake Placid, N. Y.) 


McEvoy, Mrs. fames, &>7 Park A v. 

McEvoy, Mr. and .Mrs. James, Jr. (nee Anna G. Lippincott), 807 Park Av. 

McGaw, Mr. and Mrs. George K., 1012 St. Paul St. 

McGaw, Miss Mary Bartol, 1012 St. Paul St. 

^McHenry. Mr. W. Cary, "Falconridge," Pikesville, Md. 

McHenry, Mr. and Mrs. John (nee Priscilla Stewart), 

"Clovelly," Pikesville, Md. 

McTlvain. Miss E.G., 512 Park Av. 

Mcllvain, Mrs. Jas. William (nee Toadvine), 512 Park Av. 

Mclntire, Mr. and Mrs. William Watson (nee Hortense M. Hardesty), 

1305 N. Calvert St. 

Mclntire, Mr. Norman C., 

Mcintosh, Col. and Mrs. David G. (nee Pegram), Towson, Md. 

Mcintosh, Mr. and Mrs. David Gregg, Jr. (nee Charlotte L. Rieman), 

/ -y — j^ Ayl<v , 221 W. Monument St. 


McKean, Miss, 341 Dolphin St. 

McKean, Miss Adrianna, Liberty Road, Balto. 

McKellip, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A., 1321 Park Av. 

McKenna, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. (nee Raisin), Philadelphia, Pa. 

McKeon, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. (nee Elise McVitty), 12 E. Eager St. 

McKim, Miss Mary Randolph, ion Belvidere Trr. 

McKim,Miss Margaret Telfair, ion Belvidere Ter. 

/^ McKim, 'M^. and Mrs. Hollins (nee Lydia Morris), The Severn. 

McKim, Mr. and Mrs. S. Sterett (nee Mary Tucker), The Albion. 

McLanahan, Mr. and Mrs. Austin (nee Romaine LeMoyne), 

Melvale, Station L., Baltimore. 

McLane, Mr. James L., 9^3 Cathedral St. 

McLane, Miss Fanny King, 903 Cathedral St. 

McLane, Mr. and Mrs. Allan (nee James'), 

Garrison P. O., Baltimon Co., Md. 

McLane, Miss, 211 \V. Monument St. 

McLane. Mi- Sophie II.. 211 W. Monument St. 

McLane, Miss Elizabeth C, 211 W. Monument St. 

McLane, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. (nee Grace- Parker), 1005 St. Paul St. 

McLane, Mrs. ("harks K., 

McLaran, Mr. Percy B., 875 Park Av. 

McLaughlin, Mrs. Frederick (nee Helen Wylie), 817 St. Paul St. 

McLaws, Miss Virginia Randall, 1513 Linden Av. 



McLean, Air. and Mrs. Robert (nee Stewart), 

"Gowanlea," Garrison P. O., Md. 
McLean, Rear Admiral Thomas Chalmers, 

Care of Navy Department, Washington. D. C. 

McLean, Miss Elizabeth Harrison, Hotel Sherwood. 

McLean, Miss Emily Gordon, 10 \Y. Preston St. 

McMillan, Mr. and Mrs. J. William (nee Elizabeth Gorman), 

Oak Forest Park, Catonsville. 

McNair, Lieut, and Airs. Frederick V. (nee Agnes Barton Duer), U.S.N. 

McNally, Mrs. Henry R., 240 W. Lanvale St. 

McNally, Miss, 240 W. Lanvale St. 

McNally. Miss Louise D., 240 W. Lanvale St. 

McNeal, Mr. J. V., 729 N. Calvert St. 

McPherson, Airs. Wm. Bruce ( nee Helen Haskell), 

1 1 10 Madison A v. 

AlcShane, Airs. Wm. ( nee Price I, 

McShane, Airs. Julian J., Ellicott City. 

Meeker, Mrs. C. I., 

Aleeker, Aliss Elizabeth, 

Meeker, Aliss, Maine. 

Aleeker, Air. and Airs. Richards Carson, 112 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Meekins, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Roby, 2418 N.Charles St. 

Megraw, Airs. Evelyn Supplee, 1625 Eutaw PI. 

Megraw, Air. William Adams, 1625 Eutaw PL 

Alehl, Air. and Airs. Frederick Howard (nee Lucile Warfield), 

"Winston," 125 Valley Road, Ardmore, Pa. 

Aleiere, Air. Thomas AIcKean, 1724 N. Calvert St. 

Aleiere, Airs. Nannie Buchanan, 1724 N. Calvert St. 

Aleiere, Aliss Ellen Buchanan, 1724 N. Calvert St. 

MeJchers Mr. and Mrs. Gari (nee Corinne Lawton Mackall), 

Craseach Str. 35 Weimer, Germany. 

Melius, Dr. and Airs. Edward Lindon, to E.Chase St. 

Melius, Miss May Thacher, 10 E.Chase St. 

("Beech Hill," Dublin, N. H.) 

Melius, Dr. and Mrs. Edward (nee Marion Heath), Newton, Mass. 

Mercer, Airs. Rich. S., 131 1 N.Charles St. 

Merceret, Alisses, 20 E. Lanvale St. 

Merceret, Air. and Airs. Francis J., 918 AlcCulloh St. 

Merrefield, Aliss Rebecca Janney, 218 \V. Madison St. 

Alerrefield, Air. Jos. Janney, 218 W. Aladison St. 



Merritt, Mrs. James Alfred, Chestertown, Md. 

Merritt, Dr. S. Wickes, Chestertown, Md. 

Merritt, Mr. Robert Gwathmey, 43 Wall St., New York City. 

Merritt, William Alfred, Paymaster Navy Department, Washington, D. C. 

Merritt, Mr. James Alfred, War Department. 

Merryman, Mrs. 1). Buchanan, Absent. 

Merryman, Air. and Mrs. James McK, Brooklandville, Balto. Co., Md. 

Merryman, Mr. and Mrs. E. Gittings (nee McLane). 

"Gerar," Cockeysville, Md. 

Merryman, Mr. Louis McLane. Campbell Hall, Princeton, N. J. 

Merryman, Mr. William D., "Willow Brook," Cockeysville, Balto. Co., Md. 
Merryman, Miss Anne G.. "Willow Brook," Cockeysville, Balto. Co., Md. 
Merryman, Miss Louisa G., "Willow Brook," Ccckeysville, Balto Co., Md. 

Merryman. Mr. and Mrs. W. Bosley, 
Merryman, Messrs. John and W. Bosley, Jt 
Merryman, The Misses, 

Merryman, Miss Rachael H., 

Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., 
Meyer, Miss Isabel Conway, 
Meyer, Mr. Carl Frederick, 

Meyer, Mr. Richard Conway, 

Mickle, The Misses, 

Micks, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rathbone, 
Micks, Mr. Philip Rathbone, 
Micks, Mr. Jay Ramsey, 
Micks. Mr. Ransom K.. 

Middleton, Mrs. John Izard, 

Middleton, Dr. John Izard, Jr., 

Middleton, Mr. and Mrs. John I. 3d (nee Johnson), 
Middleton, Miss Helen, 
Middleton, Miss Maria M., 
Middleton, Miss Sally, 

Middleton, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, 
Middleton. Mr. Nathan A., 

Middleton, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 

"I la\ -fields," Cockeysville, Md. 

, "! laylields," Cockeysville, Md. 

"Hayfields," Cockeysville, Md. 

242 W. Hoffman St. 

119 W. Lanvale St. 
119 W. Lanvale St. 
119 W. Lanvale St. 

Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

6 W. Read St. 

Seneca Falls, N. Y. 
Seneca Falls, N. Y. 
Seneca Falls, N. Y. 
Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

917 Cathedral St. 

New York City. 

1329 Mt. Royal Av. 
1329 Mt. Royal Av. 
1329 Mt. Royal Av. 
1329 Mt. Royal Av. 

29 W Preston St. 
29 W. Preston St. 

Centreville, Md. 

Princeton, N. J. 

Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Herndon (nee Elizabeth Lee Dame), 

Mil<-. Mr-. Francis Turquand (nee Wardlaw), 

Mile-, Dr. and Mrs. Louis Wardlaw (nee Katharine Wistar Stockton), 

Princeton. N. J. 

]VI 181 

«Miles. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. ( nee Serena C.Williams), New York. 

Millard, Mrs. Frances H., 2221 N. Charles St. 

Millard, Miss M. Elizabeth. "Farragut," Farragnt Square, Washington. D. C. 

Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Decatur H., Jr., "Woodri ft," Stevenson, Md. 

Miller, Miss Lvdia. "Woodri ft," Stevenson, Md. 

Miller. Mr. Alfred J.. "Woodrift," Stevenson. Md. 

Miller. Mr. L. Vernon, ■"Woodrift," Stevenson. Md. 

Miller, Mr. Lloyd O., "Tech." Chambers, Boston, Mass. 

Miller, Miss Nannie, 2437 N. Calvert St. 

Miller, Mr. Shepard G., The Mt. Royal. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence V., 809 Cathedral St. 

Miller, Miss Credilla, 809 Cathedral St. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar G., A . Hotel Stafford. 

Miller, Miss Ethel M., / // H^ Hotel Stafford. 

Miller, Mr. Paul H., Hotel Stafford. 

Miller, Mr. Edgar G., Jr., Hotel Stafford. 

("Romaine," Charles and Lake Aves., Station L.) 

Miller, Mrs. Daniel, 605 Park Av. 

Miller, Mr. Daniel, 605 Park A v. 

Miller, Miss Mabel Kirkbride, Europe. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. (nee Janet Goucher), The Preston. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. E. Kirkbride ( nee Elizabeth Turner). 

419 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Miller, Mrs. Llewellyn, Of 149 W. Lanvale St. (Absent.) 

Miller, Miss Amy P.. Of 149 W. Lanvale St. (Absent.) 

Miller. Miss Alice \V.. Of i-|9 W. Lanvale St. (Absent.) 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence M. (nee Sallie Hoxton Randolph), 

Roslyn P. O., Balto. Co., Md. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. S. Bevan, 1209 N. Calvert St. 

Miller, Miss Elise Bevan, 1209 N. Calvert St. 

Miller, Mr. Francis Morris, 1209 N. Calvert St. 

Miller, Miss Allison J., 1209 X.Calvert St. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hodges (nee Allnutt), 

29 Cedar Av., Montclair, N. J 
Miller, Miss Anna Barklie, 29 Cedar Av., Montclair. X. J 

Miller, Mrs. John M., 1805 St. Paul St 

Miller, Mr. George Hollins, 1805 St. Paul St 

Miller, Mrs. Emma Thomas, 2619 St. Paul St 

Miller, Mrs. Alfred B., n 17 St. Paul St 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Xorvell Elliott (nee McGraw), 835 Park Av 



Miller. Mrs. \. ||ar< M. The Winona. 

Miller,Miss Rhett, The Winona. 

Miller, Mrs. Irving, 1226 McCulloh St. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. (nee Hurst), Nev York City. 

Miller, Mrs. S. J., 162 E. Main St., Westminster, Md. 

Miller, Rev. Durbin G., 162 E. Main St., Westminster, Md. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. C. Wilbur (nee Edith Davison), 1220 N. Charles St. 

Miller, Mr. Raymond D., Johns Hopkins University. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Emery H., - Box 119, P. O., Hagerstown, Md. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. T. K., Sr. (nee Grace MacKenzie), Earl Court. 

Miller, Miss M. Stanley, 
Miller, Mr. Theodore K., Jr., 

Milligan, Mr. John J., 
Milligan. Miss Sophia Carroll, 

Millikin, Miss, 

Millikin, Mr. and Mrs. P. Bryson, 

Millikin, Mr. and Mrs. B. Carter. 

Millikin. Mrs. William H., 
Millikin, Miss Margaret R., 

Millikin. Mi.s Emily V., 
Millikin, Miss Jane, 

Millikin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard, 

Millikin, Mr. and Mrs. James, 

Mills, Mrs. Ella W., 
Mills, Miss Jean, 

Mills, Dr. and Mrs. James J (nee Hill), 

Mills, Dr. and Mrs. William A., 

Milnor, Mis-, I )orothy, 

Minetti, Chevalier Pietro, 

Minis, Mr. J. Livingston, 

Minnigerode, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 

Minor, Miss Mary Willis, 

Minor, Miss Mary F., 

Mister, Mr. and Mrs. Beverly W., 
Mister, Mr. George Turnbull, 

Mitchell, Mrs. Richard H., 
Mitchell, Miss Elizabeth kernandis, 

The Washington. 
The Washington. 

603 N. Charles St. 
603 N. Charles St. 

1429 Mt. Royal Av. 

1404 Park Av. 

[3 Murray St., Flushing, N. V. 

151 W. Lanvale St. 
151 W. Lanvale Si. 

151 \\". Lanvale St. 
151 W. Lanvale St. 

"Winston," Catonsville. 

2428 N. Calvert St. 

2731 N. Charles St. 
273 t N. Charles St. 

853 Park Av. 

342 W. Dolphin St. 

lie Farragut, Washington, 1). (*. 

208 E. Eager St. 

The Cecil. 

102 Club Road, Roland Park. 

417 X. Charles St. 

Charlottesville, Va. 

212 E. Preston St. 
212 E. Preston St. 

1013 Cathedral St. 
1013 Cathedral St. 



Mitchell, Dr. and Airs. Jas. Fernandis (nee Eliza H.Webb), 

1344 19th St.. Washington, D. C. 

Mitchell, Dr. and Mrs. Chas. Wellman (nee Crowe), 1002 Cathedral St. 

Moale, Mr. I. Gorham, 1533 Park Av. 

Moale, Mrs. Charles H., 1512 Linden Av. 

Moale, Mr. and Mrs. Francis V. (nee Cora B. Woottcn), 1407 Linden Av. 

10 E. Madison St. 

Aloale, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L., 

Moale, Mrs. Henry, 
Aloale, Miss M. E., 
Moale, Mr. and Mrs. John, 

Alonmonier, Miss M., 
Monmonier, Miss D., 

Montague, Mrs. W. R.. 

Montague, Mr. Walter P., 

Montell, Mr. and Airs. James Egbert. Jr., 

1703 N. Calvert St. 
1703 N. Calvert St. 
1703 N. Calvert St. 

824 N. Calvert St. 
824 N. Calvert St. 







1, Miss Katharine Singleton, 
1, Dr. and Mrs. William A., 
1. Mr. Charles Singleton, 
1. Mr. Egbert Singleton, 

1, Dr. Henry Keech. 

1, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander McKim, 

1, Mr. and Airs. Arthur Cleveland, 306 Ingleside Av., Catonsville, Md. 
1. Mr. Arthur C, Jr., 306 Ingleside Av.. Catonsville, Md. 

Albany Apts., Centre St. 

3008 Evergreen Ter. 

833 N. Eutaw St. 
833 N. Eutaw St. 
833 N. Eutaw St. 
833 N. Eutaw St. 

4139 Frederick Av. 

Woodland Hall. 

Air. and Airs. Benjamin P., 

1303 N. Calvert St. 

("Alassperroko Lodge,'' Monterey, Pa.) 
Dr. Jared Sparks, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Leverett, 117 Academy St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Mr. and Airs. Caleb J.. ,, AIasswocd," Fallston, Aid. 

Air. and Airs. Lawson V. (nee Annie H. Handy), 

The Brexton. 
58 W. Biddle St. 

Moore, Airs. Henry, 

Moore, Air. Ryland Capps, 

Moore. Mr. and Airs. Thomas R. ( Laura G. Applegarth), 

3006 Clifton Av.. Walbrook 

Moore, Air. and Airs. John P. (nee Rosamond Passano), Wilmington, X. C 

Alordecai, Aliss Alary B., The Walbert 

Mordecai, Air. Lewis S., Brooklandville P. O., Aid 

1-4 M 

Mordecai, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. (nee Champe Robinson), 

"Sunnybrook," Stevenson, Md. 

Mordecai, Mr. Henry D., Nevada. 

Mordecai. Mr. Lewis Snowden. Address 212 E. Baltimore St. 

Mordecai, Miss [sabel, 1600 Bolton St. 

Morfit, Major and Mrs. Mason, 1434 John St. 

Morfit, Mr. and Mrs. Mason Pitner (nee Mary L. Harris), 

"The Winston," 1917 Eutaw PI. 

Morfit, Mr. and Mrs. James Clark (nee Elizabeth McE.Donn), 

21 S.Rockhill Road. Webster Groves, Mo. 

V Morgan, Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur P., 315 W. Monument St. 

Morgan, Mr. William T., 2124 St. Paul St. 

Morgan. Mr. W. Archer, 2124 St. Paul St. 

Morgan, Mr. Goldsborough, 2124 St. Paul St. 

Morgan, Mrs. De Witt C., The Albion. 

Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Gerard, The Albion 

Morgan. Mrs. Cbas. S., 6to Cathedral St. 

Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Philip S., Big Springs, Texas. 

Morgan. Mr. and Mrs. John Hurst, The Albion. 

Morgan, Dr. W illiam L., 202 W. Franklin St. 

Morgan, Prof, and Mrs. Morris H. (nee Gibson), 

45 Garden St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Morgan, Miss May, The St. Paul. 

Morgan, Mr. Howard McCay, The St. Paul. 

Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Rowland, Mt. Royal Apartments. 

Morgan, Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Dallam (nee Sallie Chesley Sprigg), 

St. John's Rectory, Waverly. 

Morgan, Mr, Shirley C, Baltimore Club. 

Morison, Mrs. Ernest X. ( nee Priscilla While), 

"Grovemont," Ilchester, Md. 

Morison, Mr. Henry W., "Grovemont," Ilchester, Md. 

Morison, Mr. William G., "Grovemont," Ilchester, Md. 

Morison, Mr. P. A., "Grovemont." Ilchester, Md. 

Morison, Lieut, and Mrs. C. Ridgely (Sixteenth Infantry. V. S. A. ). 

Fort Crook, Nebraska. 

Mori-011, Mi-- Esther, 

Morison, Mr. and Mrs. N. H. (nee Lemmon), 

98 Mercer Av., Plainficld, N. J. 



. Morison, Mrs. Robert B. (nee Elizabeth Williams), 827 St. Paul St. 

Morison, Miss Sidney B., 827 St. Paul St. 

Moritz, Dr. and Mrs. J. Diedrich (nee Martha W.Jennings), 

"Piedmont Lodge,'' Cismont, Va. 

Morley, Dr. and Mrs. Frank, 2026 Park Av. 

Morley, Mr. Christopher D., 2026 Park Av. 

Morrison, Mr. John Wilbur, 

Morrison, Mr. Henry Wilson. 

Morrison, Mr. M. Lloyd, 

Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank, 2017 Eutaw PI. 

Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (nee Mary L. Watters), 

Woodbrook P. O., Charles-St. Av. 

Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. M. Lloyd (nee Aida Hill Robins), 

1714 Madison Av. 

Morris, Mrs. Thomas H., 601 N. Charles St 

Morris, Mrs. John B., 207 W. Franklin St. 

Morris, Mr. and Mrs. John B., Jr. (nee Willing), 

Morris, Miss Elizabeth M., 908 St. Paul St. 

Morris, Miss C. Rosalie, 908 St. Paul St. 

Morris, Dr. Lewis ( L T . S. N.), L T . S. S. Georgia, Atlantic Squadron. 

Morris, Dr. and Mrs. John Norfolk (nee Corinne DeL. Morris), 

"Delmor," Sykesville, Carroll Co., Md. 

Morris, Judge and Mrs. Thomas J., 708 Park Av. 

Morris, Miss Josephine C, 708 Park Av. 

Morris, Miss Lizzie, The Brexton. 

Morris, Dr. and Mrs. Caspar^ 2050 Locust St., Philadelphia. 

Morris, Mr. Caspar, 2050 Locust St., Philadelphia. 

Morse, Prof, and Mrs. H. N., The Cecil, 11 17 N. Eutaw St. 

Moss Mr. Philip B., 422 N. Broadway. 

Moss, Mr. John H., 422 N. Broadway. 

Morse, Mrs. Marian Thompson, 13 E. Read St. 

Mortimer, Mrs. Campbell, 911 N.Charles St. 

Morton. Mrs. Samuel P., Earl Court. 

Morton, Mr. Samuel P., Jr., Earl Court. 

Morton, Mr. John Stewart. Earl Court. 

Morton, Mr. Frederick May, Earl Court. 

Morton, Mr. F. MacDonald, Earl Court. 

Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Copeland (nee Frances Comstock), 10 E. Preston St. 

Morton, Miss Hildegarde ( of Bordeaux), 16 E. Madison St. 


Morton. Mr. and Mrs. Charles (nee Farnandis), 1815 Linden Av. 

Morton, Miss Julia May, 7 E. Mulberry St. 

Morton, Miss M. C. 1711 Park PI. 

Morton, Mr. and Mrs. William E. (nee Appleton), 1711 Park PI. 

Morton, Misses, 4745 Park Heights Av. 

Morton. Mrs. Richard. 908 N. Calvert St. 

Morton. Miss, 908 N. Calvert St. 

Morton, Mr. William Robert, 908 N.Calvert St. 

Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G., 1 Washington Road., Greenville, S. C. 

Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, Jr. (nee Robinson), 

"Severn," Arnold P. O., A. A. Co., Md. 

Morton, Mr. and Mrs. William W, Richmond, Va. 

Morton. Mr. and Mrs. Alan Waller (nee Pitt), The Mt. Royal. 

Motley, Mr. and Mrs. James M. (nee label Levering), 

327 Addison Av., Palo Alto, Cal. 

Mottu. Mr. and Airs. Rodolphe Henri (nee Crown), Earl Court. 

Mudge, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1752 Park Av. 

Mudge, Miss Dorothy S.. 1752 Park Av. 

Mudge, Mrs. A. P., "Willowbrook," Pikesville, Md. 

Mulford, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Jessup (nee Margaret Guest Blackwell), 

Ridgefield School, Ridgefield, Conn. 

Muller, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, Sorrento, Athol Av., Frederick Road, Md. 

Mullikin, Miss Sophia M., 1104 Brevard St. 

Mullikin, Mr. S. Seabrook R.. 214 E. Lafayette Av. 

Mullin, Mr. and Mrs. Michael A., 937 N.Calvert St. 

Mullin, Miss Elizabeth Lester, 937 N.Calvert St. 

Mullin, Mr. Joseph C, 937 N.Calvert St. 

Mumford, Capt. and Mrs. T. S., The Severn. 

Mumford, Miss Jane Jarvis, The Severn. 

Munnikhuysen, Mrs. Howard (nee Bessie Pancoast), 1018 N. Charles St. 
Munnikhuysen, Miss Bessie P., 1018 N.Charles St. 

Munnikhuysen, Mr.. William, Bel Air, Harford Co. 

Munnikhuysen, Misses, Bel Air, Harford Co. 

Munnikhuysen, Miss Hannah T., Stockdale, Belair, Md. 

Munroe. Mr. and Mr-. George S., Club Road, cor. Elmhurst, Roland Park. 
Munroe, Mrs. Geo. A., Club Road, cor. Elmhurst, Roland Park. 

Munoz, Dr. and Mrs. Edmund A., 1S01 Guilford Av. 

Murdoch. Mr. Alexander F„ 30 W. Biddle St. 

Murdoch, Miss Susan Turnbull, 30 W. Biddle St. 



Murdoch, Misses, 
Murdoch, Mr. Charles N., 

Murdoch, Mrs. McKim, 

Murdoch, Mr. and Mrs. Turnbull (nee Neilson), 

Murdoch, Miss Esther R., 

Murdoch, Miss Dora L., 

Murdoch, Mr. and Mrs. John, 
Murdoch, Miss Alison Lawrence, 
Murdoch, Miss Mildred Law, 

Murdoch, Miss Mary Cole, 
Murdoch, Miss Agnes G., 

Murdoch, JVTiss Margaret Falconer, 

Murdoch, Miss Rebecca Campbell, 

Murdoch, Mr. Fridge, 

Murkland, Miss Elizabeth Austen, 

Murkland, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Austen (nee Alice Patterson), Chicago, 111. 

Murkland, Mr. William Urwick, Panama. 

Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwin (nee Austin), 623 St. Paul St. 

1605 Linden Av. 
16C5 Linden Av. 


Towson, Md. 

239 W. Biddle St. 

245 W. Biddle St. 

893 Park Av. 
893 Park Av. 
893 Park Av. 

Hawai-Yuen, China. 
Hawai-Yuen, China. 

Union Protestant Infirmary. 

700 N. Howard St. 

904 McCulloh St. 

Chicago, 111. 

Murphy. Mr. T. K.. 
Murphy, The Misses, 

Murray, Mrs. Anthony Shorb, 

3 Club Road, Roland Park. 
3 Club Road, Roland Park. 

21 E. Eager St. 

f Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. (nee Amelia Norris Keys), 

"Bannaere," Elkridge, Howard Co.. Md. 

Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Clapham (nee Mamie Gibson), 13 E.Lafayette Av. 
Murray, Mr. William H., 13 E. Lafayette Av. 

Murray. Mr. Clapham, Jr., 13 E. Lafayette Av. 

Murray, Mrs. Edward (nee Shoemaker), "Elibank," Elkridge P. O.. Md. 
Murray, Miss Augusta Eccleston, "Elibank," Elkridge P. O.. Md. 

Murray, Miss Francis Key, "Elibank," Elkridge P. O., Md. 

Murray, Dr. and Mrs. T. Morris (nee Clark), 

2107 Massachusetts Av., Washington, D. C. 

Murray, Rt. Rev. and Mrs. John Gardner, D.D.. 

Cathedral Grounds, Charles-St. Av. and University Parkway. 
Murray, Mr. John Gardner, Jr., 

Cathedral Grounds, Charles-St. Av. and University Parkway. 

Murray. Mr. Oscar G., 

The Stafford. 

















1 [ote 

1 Altamont. 


1 Alt;im< 


188 M 

Musgrave, Mr. Thomas H., 
Musgrave, Mr. William, 
Musgrave, Mr. Walter, 
Musgrave, Miss Mary, 

Musgrave, Mrs. A. \ .. 
Musgra\ e, Mr. ( \eo. W. S., 

Mustin, Lieut, and Mrs. (nee Corinne Montague), Philadelphia, Pa. 

Myer, Miss, "Rosland," Roslyn, Baltimore Co. 

Myer, Miss Elizabeth, "Rosland," Roslyn, Baltimore Co. 

Myer, Miss Anna T., "Rosland," Roslyn, Baltimore Co. 

Myer, Mr. Albert T., "Rosland," Roslyn, Baltimore Co. 

Myer. Mr. Robert J., "Rosland," Roslyn, Baltimore Co. 

Myer, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R., 932 N.Calvert St. 

("Litterlouna," Pikesville, Md.) 

Myer. Mr. and .Mrs. Wm. S., 914 N. Calvert St. 

Myer,Miss Eleanor T., 914 N.Calvert St. 

Myer, Miss Eleanora L., 16 E. Mount Vernon PI. 

Myers, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ross, 500 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Myers, Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwin, 1428 Linden Av. 

Myers, Miss M. Calvert, 1428 Linden Av. 

Myers, The Misses, 811 N.Charles St. 

Myers, Mr. William Starr, 26 Bank St., Princeton, N. J. 

Myers, Mr. A. J., 922 McCulloh St. 

Myer-. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Howard, Orkney Lane. Govans, Md. 

Myers, Miss Rebecca, Orkney Lane, Govans, Md. 

Myers, Mr. E. Rogers, Orkney Lane, Govans, Md. 

Myers, Mr. A. Murray. Orkney Lane. Govans, Md. 

Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Howard (nee Rebecca Gaither Smith), 

Bel Air, Harford Co., Md. 
Myer>. Mr. A. Murry, Bel Air, Harford Co., Md. 

Myers, Mr. J. Norris, Jr., 66 Fifth Av., Neu York. 

Myers, Mr. and Mrs. John B. (nee Katherine E. Buck), 2719 St. Paul St. 
Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Guerineau (nee Florence B. Ranstead), 

"The Peabody," 102 Waverly PI.. New York Citv 




(Tut (SHass, (Blassware anb Novelties 

We carry the largest line of Cut Glass in the city, 
prices always one quarter less than elsewhere. 


(Opposite Sun Building) 


Weil-Known Carriage Builders, Have Opened Their New 


The only one of its kind in this City and are ready fcr business. 
We take care of your Automobile from 


That is we store, care for them, make the tops, do all engine and other 
machinery work, furnish new parts for all makes, do painting- and finishing- 
and apply new tires — all under one roof. Our Garage is 165x202 — thoroughly 
modern. We ask for your inspection and solicit a share of your patronage. 

NEELEY & ENSOR New Garage 


SEASON for 1909 and 1910 


Will comprise an -uninterrupted series of 
High -Class Attractive Performances. 

Advance BooKing's and Theatre Parties 
will be given special attention. 

"Z5V?e Program" contains a list of coming 
stars and productions. 



Successors to F. D. HALL & CO. 


lEDDING Invitatioms Announcements and engraving 

for all social occasions. Special designs for Monograms, 

Address Dies and Book Plates; heraldic work 

artistically executed. 

BRIDAL GIFTS of the unusual sort in the latest European 

novelties. Choice and Rare Prints, Mirrors, Desk and Library 

pieces in brass. Monogram China and Glassware, Sheffield 

plate and very smart leather goods. 

Photograph and picture framing our specialty. 






For all Kinds of Household Decoration and Novelties 
Suitable for Wedding' Gifts and Prizes 

Miss ANNA LYMAN, Superintendent 



ILmbroideries and Fancy Articles 

Table Covers, Luncheon Sets, Bureau Cov- 
ers, Quilts, Venetian and Filet WorK :: :: 
Lamp and Candle Shades :: :: :: 

Orders Attended to Miss A. M, McDOWELL 

Promptly President 



Nabb, Miss V. E., Ellicott City, Howard Co., Md. 

Narns, Col. and Mrs. A. P. D. (nee May Latrobe), Indian Army, India. 

Nan, Mrs. Mabel Ford du, 

"Carlford Manor," Park Heights and Ford's Road, Baltimore. 

Nash, Rev. E. Briggs, St. James Rectory, Long Branch, N. J. 

Nash, Mrs. L. C, " Blenheim," Woodbrook P. O., Md. 

Naylor, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence A. (nee West), 1622 Park Ay. 

Neale, Dr. and Mrs. L. Ernest (nee Littig), 108 E. Read St. 

Neale, Mr. and Mrs. A. M., 119 W.Lafayette A v. 

Neale, Miss Isabel Power, 119 W.Lafayette Av. 

Neale, Miss Ethel, 119 W.Lafayette A v. 

Neavitt. Mrs. Elizabeth B.. Centreville, Md. 

Neavitt, Miss Bessie B., Centreville. Md. 

Neavitt, Mr. G. Davis, Centreville, Md. 

Needles, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chase, Roanoke, Va. 

Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. John M., 

Nelson, Miss Mary Cleland, 

Nelson, Mr. John M., Jr., 

("Belvoir," Rider P. O., Md.) 

Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. William Marbury (nee Elsie Coates), 

W. Chesapeake A v., Tonsoy, Balto. Co., Md. 

Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kinloch (nee MacDonald), The Cecil. 

/^Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. (nee Thomson), Arundel. 

Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Charlton (nee Fisher), 814 N.Charles St. 


Nelson, Mrs. Thomas M. (nee Atkinson), 208 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 
Nelson, Miss Adelaide, 208 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Nelson, Mr. William Norborne, "The Plains," Fauquier Co., Va. 

Nelson, Rev. and Mrs. Robert Burwell (nee Sallie Bruce SeddoiD. 

Blacksburg, Va. 

Nesbitt, Rev. and Mrs. John Allison (nee Elizabeth Whiteley). 

Wyncrest A v., Catonsville, Md. 

Newcomer, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo, 105 W. Monument St. 

Newbold, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sanders (nee Adelaide Passano), 

222 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

Newbold, Mr. and Mrs. David M.. Kenwood Av.. Roland Park. 

Newhall, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (nee Blackwell), St. David's, Pa. 

Newman, Mr. and Mrs. T. Lyttleton, "Idyle Wild," Arlington, Md. 

1'9 1 

192 N 

Newman, IMr. Harry E., Country School, Charles-St. Av. 

Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Francis (nee Amy James), 

130 W. 57th St., New York City. 

Nichols, Miss Virginia P., 220 W. Madison St. 

Nichols, Miss Minelle, 220 W. Madison St. 

Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gilman, Jr. (nee Emily Alan Smith), 

83 High St., Newburyport, Mass. 

Nicholas, Mr. Daniel M., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Nicholas, Mrs. Wilson Cary, "Atamaseo," Owings Mills, Md. 

Nicholas, The Misses, "Atamaseo," Owings Mills, Md. 

Nicholas, The Messrs., "Atamaseo," Owings Mills, Md. 

Nicholas, Miss Elizabeth Cary, 417 N. Charles St. 

Nicholas, Mr. Samuel M., Belgrave Apartment, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Nicholas. Miss C. A., 

Nicholson, Mrs. Charles G., 1003 N.Charles St. 

Nicholson, Mrs. Johns 1 1. R. ( nee Pitts ), 

6345 Marchand St., Pittsburgh, Pa 

Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pitts (nee Ethel Kennedy), The Shirley. 

Nicholson, Mr. Joseph Reynolds, New Kensington, Pa. 

Nicholson. Mr. Isaac F., 1018 St. Paul St. 

Nickerson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert (nee Christine Atkinson), Boston, Mass. 

Nicodemus, Mrs. Mary J., 1223 Linden Av. 

Nicodemus, Miss Carrie, 1223 Linden Av. 

Nicodemus, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, 1210 Eutaw PI. 

Nicodemus, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Courtney, 1205 Linden Av. 

Nicols, Mr. and Mrs. G. Wright, 2435 N. Calvert St. 

Nicols, Mr. and Mrs. R. Wilson, 4201 W.Maine A v., Forest Park'. 

Niles, Judge and Mrs. Alfred Salem, 2010 Thirteenth St., Walbrook. 

Nimmo, Mr. and Mrs. Walden Carey, 1734 Bolton St. 

Nininger, Mr. and Mrs. A. Ramsey, Atlanta, Ga. 

Nininger, Mr. Charles Mackubin, Atlanta, Ga. 

Nitze, Prof, and Mr-. William A. (nee Milken), 

5801 Washington A v., Chicago, 111. 

Niver, Rev. and Mrs. Edwin Barnes (nee Post), 1014 St. Paul St. 

Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Horace, 8 W. North Av. 

Noel, Miss, 5 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Noland, Mrs. C. Powell. UL3 Mt. Royal Av. 

Noland, Miss Rosalie Haxall, T3U Mt. Royal Av. 

Noland, Miss Charlotte. 1313 Mt. Royal Av. 

Noland, Miss Kaiherine, 13*3 Mt. Royal Av. 

Nolting, Mr. and Mrs. William G., Club Road. Roland Park. 

Norris, Miss Sue Voss, Garrison, Md. 

Norris. Mrs. Edward T. (nee Mary Murdoch), 30 W. Biddle St. 

Norris, Mr. Alex. Murdoch, 30 W. Biddle St. 

Norris, Miss Henrietta, 920 Madison Av. 

Norris, Mr. J. Olney, 920 Madison Av. 

Norris, Mr. Isaac T.. 9 20 Madison Av. 

Norris, Mrs. William Wyatt, 50 W. Biddle St. 

Norris, Miss Sarita M., Hotel Bellevue, Alassio, Italy. 

Norris, Miss Susan R, Hotel Bellevue, Alassio, Italy. 

Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson D. (nee M.Cabell Perkins), 

/ ^ 143 \Y. Lanvale St. 

Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mark (nee Katherine Kirby Hughes), 

114 Broadmead St., Princeton, N. J. 

Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Parker ( nee Mary R.Brady). 

2122 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Norris, Mr. and Mrs. N. Dorsey, 114 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Norris, Mrs. James Briscoe, 1428 John St. 

Norris, Miss Sue G., 1428 John St. 

Norris, Miss Sophia B., 1428 John St. 

Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet Briscoe, 340 Dolphin St. 

North. Miss, 851 Park A v. 

Norton, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Willcox (nee Evelyn Rutherfoord ) , 

Normandy Heights, Roland Park. 

Norwood, Mrs. Randolph, Port Deposit. Md. 

Norwood, Miss Mary, Tome Institute, Port Deposit, Md. 

N( rwood. Mr. Summerfield, 





Laces of all Descriptions Renovated Equal to New 
Including Curtains, Centre Pieces, Doylies, Table Linens, Etc. 



"Roslyn," Arlington, Md. 

hoi St. Paul St. 

Princeton, X. J. 
I 'rinceton, X. J. 

Prince t<>ii. X. J. 

1217 N. Charles St. 
1217 N. Charles St. 
1217 N. Charles St. 

Oakford, Miss Florence J., 

Ober. .Mr. and Mrs. Gustavus, 

r, .Mr. Beverly, 
( >ber, Mr. 1 >i>imla-. 
( >ber, Mr. J. I [ambleton, 

Ober. Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 

Ober, Mr. Gustavus, Jr., 

Ober, Miss Maria Byrd Nelso.i, 

Ober, Mrs. John K., 1735 Linden Av 

Ober, Miss Mary R., 1735 Linden Av 

Ober, Mr. Eugene H., 1735 Linden Av 

Ober, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K., Elmhurst Road and Long Lane, Roland Park 

Ober, Miss, 38 W. Biddle St 

Ober, Mr. Albert Graham, "Tens-Kwan-Ta-Waw," Lu.therville P. ()., Md 
Ober, Miss Katharine Hambleton, 

"Tens -Kwan-Ta- Wavy," Lutherville P. ()., Md 
Ober, Miss Grace Hambleton, 

"Tens-Kwan-Ta-Waw," Lutherville P. ()., Md 

Ober, Mr. Albert Graham, Jr., 23 Patton Hall, Princeton, N. J 

Ober, Mr. Frank B., 71 Little Hall, Princeton, N. J 

O'Brien, Mr-. E. \Y.. 

O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J., 
O'Brien, Miss Mary Claire, 

Odend'hal, Mr. Lucien C, 

Oakdale Av. and Pimlico Road, Arlington, Baltimore Co 
Odend'hal, Mr. Lucien T., 

Oakdale A v. and Pimlico Road, Arlington, Baltimore Co 
Odend'hal. Mi-- Marie P., 

Oakdale A v. and Pimlico Road, Arlington, Baltimore Co 
Odend'hal, Miss Roberta Claire. 

Oakdale A v. and Pimlico Road, Arlington, Baltimore Co 

I '< nheimer. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gilliams, "Odenwold," Jessups, Md 

O'Donnell, Mrs. E. Louis, 1423 Bolton St 

O'Donnell, Mr. E. Henry, [423 Bolton St 

O'Donnell, Mrs. George W., 210 E.Chase St 

O'Donnell, Mr. and Mrs. Louis (nee Agnes Kennedy Jackson), 

Ruxton, Md 

O'Donnell, Mr. Louis, Jr., Govans, Md 

O'Donnell, Mr. and Mrs. John, Woodbrook, Md 

O'Donovan, Mrs. Charles, 9*5 St. Paul St, 

1:1 » 

1214 N. Calvert St. 
1214 N. Calvert St. 



A^h'Donovan, Mr. and Mrs. John H. (nee Anna M. ShriverV 

- M 

032 JN. Calvert St. 
5 E. Read St. 

O'Donovarij Dr. and Mrs. Charles (nee Shriver), 

O'Dnnne, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene (nee Elsie M. Reardon), 513 Cathedral St. 

Offutt, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Worthington (nee Emily Jenkins), 

"Highlands," Towson, Md. 

^Ogden, Mr. Philip, 718 N. Howard St. 

Ogle, Miss, 301 Dolphin St. 

Ogle, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin (nee Elizabeth Dammann), 73T W. Lanvale St. 
Ogle, Mrs. George, 73i W. Lanvale St. 

Oler, Mr. William H., Catonsville. 

Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kemble, Belvedere Hotel. 

Oliver, Miss Margaret E., Belvedere Hotel. 

Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. Sewall Kemble (nee Lucy Hardy), 

107 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. (nee Lloyd), Ivy Depat, Albemarle Co., Va. 

Olivet, Prof, and Mrs. W. E. (U. S. Naval Academy >, 1129 Park Av. 

Onderdonk, Mrs. Henry, St. James School, Washington Co., Md. 

Onderdonk, Mr. Adrian H., 

"Headmaster," St. James School, Washington Co., Md. 

Onderdonk, Dr. H. U., St. Matthew's Hall, Laramie, Wyo. 

Onderdonk, Mrs. Andrew (nee Gale). 

O'Neill, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey (nee Louise Potter), 

Opie, Dr. Thomas, 

Orendorf, Miss, 

Orendorf, Mrs. Adele M., 

Orrick, Mrs. M. A., 
Orrick, Miss Mary, 
Orrick, Miss Sophia A., 

Orrick, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abert (nee Levering), 
Orrick, Miss Louisa Wright, 
Orrick, Mr. Johnson, 

Orrick. Mr. I lenry Abert, 

( >sburn, Miss Frances N., 

715 St. Paul St. 

Pittsburg, Pa. 

14 W. Franklin St. 
no E. Madison St. 

709 N. Calvert St. 

216 W. Madison St. 
216 W. Madison St. 
216 W. Madison St. 

1018 X. Calvert St. 
1018 N. Calvert St. 
1018 N. Calvert St. 

Princeton, N. J. 

io_m Massachusetts A v., Washington, D. C. 

Osburn, Mr. 1 lerbert S., 

Osburn, Mr. John Carter, 

Osburn, Mr. and Mrs. Carter Gibson, 205 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Osier, Dr. and Mrs. William, Oxford, England. 



Oudesluys, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thompson, 

Oudesluys, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian, 
Oudesluys, Miss Natalie, 

Oudesluys, Mrs. Florence K., 

Owen. Mrs. M. !'».. 
Owen, Mr. Kennedy K.. 
< > w c n. Mr. F. Buchanan, 

Owen. Mi^s Nannie Buchanan, 

Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. (ne'e Mildred R. 

Owings, Mrs. Thomas, (Address 14.02 Bolton 
Owings. Mr. Thomas, Jr., (Address 1402 Bolton 
Owings. The Misses, I Address 1402 Bolton 

Owings, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 

Owst, Mr. Wilberfoss G. 

1409 Eutaw PI. 

1219 McCulloh St. 
1219 McCulloh St. 

404 McMechen St. 

1724 N. Calvert St. 
1724 N. Calvert St. 
1724 N. Calvert St. 

Annapolis, Md. 

Keech ) . 

St. ) Paris for the Winter. 
St.) Paris for the Winter. 
St. ) Paris for the Winter. 

Howard Co. 

811 N.Calvert St. 





John Wesley Jones 




Baltimore, M d. 

c. a. 




PAUL 2886 

MA DISON 5747 

Paca, Mrs. Florence Murray, 
Paca, Miss Adela Kerr, 
Paca, Miss Florence Marie, 

Paca, Mr. and Mrs. John Philemon, 
Paca, Mr. John Philemon, Jr., 

Packard, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 
Packard, Miss Laura Lee, 
Packard, Miss Elise Prioleau, 
Packard, Miss Margaret, 
Packard, Miss Emilie, 
Packard, Miss Josephine, 

Page, Mr. and Mrs. William Carter, 
Page, Miss Rosalie Braxton, 

Page, Dr. I. Randolph, 
Page, The Misses, 

Page, Dr. Robert Stevens, 

Page, Mr. and Mrs. John W.. 
Page, The Misses, 
Page. Mr. Geo. W., 

Pagon, Mrs. William H., 
Pagon, Mr. Robinson Cator, 
Pagon, Mr. Wm. Watters. 

Paine, Mrs. Clinton Paxton, 
Pame, Miss Mabel R., 
e^Paine, Miss Dorothy, 

Paine, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. (nee Thompson), 

Paine, Mr. and Mrs. John Chapin, 

Painter, Mrs. William, 
Painter, Mr. Orrin C, 


2219 Oak St. 
2219 Oak St. 
2219 Oak St. 

1925 Eutaw PI. 
1925 Eutaw PI. 

806 St. Paul St. 

806 St. Paul St. 

806 St. Paul St. 

806 St. Paul St. 

806 St. Paul St. 

806 St. Paul St. 

917 N. Calvert St. 
917 N. Calvert St. 

1206 Linden Av. 
1206 Linden A v. 

Bel Air, Md. 

15th St.. Walbrook. 

15th St.. Walbrook. 

2105 15th St.. Walbrook. 

Earl Court. 
Earl Court. 
Earl Court. 

1 1 15 St. Paul St. 
11 15 St. Paul St. 
1 1 15 St. Paul St. 

200 E. Preston St. 

191 1 Linden Av. 

1 129 N. Calvert St. 
1 129 N. Calvert St. 

Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Honore (nee Grace Greenway Brown), 

187 Lincoln Park Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. A. Mitchell (nee Dixon), 

712 Thomas St., Stroudsburg, Pa. 

Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J., 405 N. Paca St. 

Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Duvall. 

"Woodlawn," Sandy Spring P. O., Md. 

Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. William Pennell, 

1226 15th St. X. W.. Washington, D. C. 

Palmer, Miss Eleanor Duvall, "Wqodlawn," Sandy Spring P. O., Md. 

Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGill (nee Marv LeClair Bosley). 

5 E. Mt. Royal Av. 



Pangbourne, Major and Mrs. J. G., 
Pangbourne, Miss Cavendish, 
Pangbourne. Mr. Roberl Garrett, 

1316 N. Charles St. 
1316 N. Charles St. 
1316 N. Charles St. 

Pangeris Madame ( nee Gerry"), Rome. 

Pannill, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weisiger (nee Kirk), 

6 Redgate Av., Ghent, Norfolk, Va. 
Paret, Pishop and Mrs. William. 

(Of 1 1 10 Madison Av.) Nice for the Winter. 

Paret, Miss, 

Parker, Miss Mary L., 

Parker, Mrs. Oliver A.. 

Parker, Mrs. Adelia B., 

Parker. Miss Sara Jay, 
Parker, Dr. Henry P., 

Parkhurst, Mr. Andrew R., Sr., 

14 10 Madison A v. 

The Stafford. 

1 100 N. Charles St. 

2112 N. Charles St. 

1518 Connecticut Av., Washington, D. C. 
1518 Connecticut Av., Washington, D. C. 

1418 Park Av. 

Plainfield, N. T. 

Parkhurst, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R., Jr., 

Parr, Mr. and Mrs. G. Howell (nee McCreary), The Mt. Royal 

Rider P. O., Baltimore Co., Md., Sherwood Sta 

Parr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry A., Earl Court, 

£- Parr, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A., Jr. (nee Sigoumey), The St. Paul 

Parr. Mr. and Mrs. Ral (nee Jenkins), Earl Court 

(Rogers Station, Green Spring Valley.) 

Parr. Mrs. Charles E., 

Parr, Miss Mary. 

Parr. Miss Katharine I>., 

Parr, Mr. John Henry, 

Parian, Mr. and Mrs. James B., 

Parran. Mrs. William J., 
Parran, Miss Elizabeth, 
Parran, The Messrs., 

Parran, Mr. and Mrs. Francis J., 

The Royalton, 1900 Maryland Av. 
The Royalton, 1900 Maryland Av. 
The Royalton, 1900 Maryland Av. 

Library of Congress, Washington, D. C 

1643 N. Calvert St. 

1708 N. Calvert St. 
1708 N. Calvert St. 
1708 N. Calvert St. 

! 5_>S Park A v. 

2000 Bolton St. 

Parrish, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M., 

( "1 )umbarton," Pikesville.) 
Pascault, Miss Emily, 
Pascault, Miss Etta, 

Passano, Mr. and Mrs.J.F.(nee Mary L. Campbell), 231 VV. Lafayette A\ 
Passano, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 

24 E. Madison St. 
24 E. Madison St. 

I 'assano, Mr>. Leonard, 

Passano, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard, Jr. (nee Ward) 

231 W. Lafayette Av. 
2319 N. Charles Si. 
2608 Guilford A v. 

-H 199 

Passano, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, Jr., Warrenton, Va. 

Passano, Miss Emily P., 113 Hawthorn Rd., Roland Park. 

Passano, Mr. and Mrs. William R.. T823 Linden A v. 

Passano, Miss Parthenia. 26 Hayward Av. 

Pastor, Senor and Madame Don Luis (nee Constance C.Lee"), 

First Secretary Spanish Legation, 1721 Q St. X. \\\. Washington, D. C. 

Paton, Dr. and Mrs. Stewart, 

Care of Mr. Wm. Adair, 22 William St., New York City. 

Patterson, Mrs. Wilson ( nee Sherwood ». 

Care Brown. Shipley & Co.. London. 
Patterson, Miss, Care Brown, Shipley & Co., London. 

Patterson, [Madame la Comtesse Clair da Conturbia, 

Provincio di Milano, Italia. 

Patterson, Miss Laura, 1200 St. Paul St. 

Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. William, 1039 St. Paul St. 

Patterson, Miss Mary, 1039 St. Paul St. 

Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (nee Margaret Tyson Willson), 

6 E. Biddle St. 

^Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Forsyth (nee Elizabeth Loomis Lord), 

not Western Av., North Side, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Patterson, Miss Anna Beck, Mt. Washington, Md. 

Patterson, Miss Ella B., 1637 N. Calvert St. 

Patterson, Mrs. Louise Hillard, The Albion. 

Patterson, Miss Hannah Lo»ise Hillard, The Albion. 

(Penn Dennis, Falls Church, Va.) 

Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F., The Mt. Royal. 

Patterson, Mr. Frederick E., "Brierfield," Perryman P. O., Harford Co., Md. 

Pattison, Mr. and Mrs. Everard K., 109 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

Pattison, [Miss Mary Stuart, 109 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

Pattison, Miss Marguerite Turberville, 109 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

Pattison, Mr. Everard Le Compte, 109 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

Pattison, Mr. Wm. Moffitt, 109 Elmhurst Road. Roland Park. 

Pattison, Miss Cornelia Lee, 109 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

Patton, Miss, "Burnside," Eccleston P. O., Md. 

Patton, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. (nee Margaret E. Hazlehurst). 

424 S. Broad St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Paul, Mrs. D'Arcy, "Woodlands," Gorsuch Av., Balto. 

Paul, Mr. J. Gilman D'Arcy. "Woodlands," Gorsuch Av., Balto. 

Paxton, [Miss Lenora M., 1405 Park Av. 

2110 1* 

Payne, Mr. and Mrs. George II.. 1415 McCulloh St. 

Payne, Miss Katharine E., 1415 McCulloh St. 

Payne, Mr. George Houson, Jr., 1415 McCulloh St. 

Payne, Mr. John Massie, 1415 McCulloh St. 

Payne, Miss America S., 1319 N. Calvert St. 

Payne, Mr. and Mrs, Raphael Semmes, 

"Mecca," Sudbrook Lane, Pikesville, Md. 

Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. (nee Grace B. Goldsborough), 

Paynter, Miss Helen M., The Brexton. 

Peard. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Furnival (nee Price), 

Cor. Falls and Harvest Roads, Roland Park. 

Peard. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie H. (nee Ramsay ). 

Pearre. Col. and Mrs. Aubrey, 1601 Bolton St. 

Pearre, Mr. Aubrey, Jr., 1601 Bolton St. 

Pearre, Mr. Sifford, 1601 Bolton St. 

Pearson, Dr. Frank W., 333 N. Charles St. 

Pegram, Mr. and Mrs. William M., 15 W. Preston St. 

Pegram, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Edward (nee Gary), 1312 Bolton St. 

Peirce, Miss Florence E., i he Cecil. 

Pendergast, Mr. M. Jerome, 

Pendleton. Mr. X. S. D., Berkeley Springs, W. Va. 

Pendleton. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Smith (nee Patterson), The Arundel. 

Pendleton, Mr. Xathan Smith, Jr., The Arundel. 

Pendleton, Mrs. A. Randolph, The Montreal. 

Pendleton, Miss M. L., 210 W. Madison St. 

Pendleton, Mr. and Mrs. John C. B. (nee Mildred Morris), 

207 W. Franklin St. 

penniman, Mrs. X. G., 922 Cathedral St. 

Penniman, Miss, 922 Cathedral St. 

Penniman, Mr. Henry G., 922 Cathedral St. 

Penniman, Dr. Thomas D., 922 Cathedral St. 
("Wyndhurst," Relay P. O., Md.) 

a Penniman. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Griffith, Jr. (nee Helen Alison Fraser), 

609 Cathedral St. 

y^^Penniman. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. D. (nee Stirling), 1122 Cathedral St. 

Penniman. Mr. and Mrs. George Dobbin (nee Dushane), 

Hawthorn Hill. Roland Park P. O. 
Penniman. Mr. John Alex. Dushane, Hawthorn Hill, Roland Park P.O. 

20 1 

Penning. Dr. O. Parker, 1711 St. Paul St. 

Pennington, Mr. and Mrs. Josias, 1119 St. Paul St. 

Pennington. Mr. H. Pleasants. Princeton, X. J. 

Pennington, Miss Sophie C, Mt. Royal Apartments. 

Pennington, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (nee Hanson), 

Brightside, N. C. R. R., P. O., Lake Roland. 

^Pennington, Mr. and Mrs. Yates (nee Thompson), 1024 Belvidere Ter. 

Pennington, Mr. William C, 153° Bolton St. 

Pennington, Mr. Clapham, Abroad. 

Pennington, Mrs. Harper, 141°- John St. 

Pennington, Miss Charlotte, 1419 John St. 

/Pennington, Mrs. Charles J., 1207 N. Charles St. 

^Pennington, Miss Elizabeth Lloyd, 1207 N. Charles St. 

Pennypacker, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. (nee Sara Hill Barnes), 

1 1 12 Broome St., Wilmington, Del. 

Penrose, Mrs. Charles B., 21 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Penrose, Dr. and Mrs. Clement A. (nee Helen Stowe), 21 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Penrose, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. (nee Adeline Gibbs), 1309 N. Calvert St. 

/^Pentecost, Mr. and Mrs. George F., Jr. (nee Wilkins), 

117 W. 84th St., New York. 

Perce, Mr. L. W., Jr., 1015 Madison Av. 

Perin, Mrs. Nelson, 1030 N. Charles St. 

•• Perin, Miss Louise, 1030 N.Charles St. 

Perin, Miss Gladys, 1030 X. Charles St. 

Perin, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson E. (nee Anderson), Berkeley Springs, W. Va. 

Perin, Mr. Laurence, Ronda. Spain. 

Perin. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver (nee Winona King). Ridgefield, Conn. 

Perine, Mr. and Mrs. E. Glenn, 512 Cathedral St. 

Perine, Miss Mildred Washington, 512 Cathedral St. 

Perine, Miss Annie Carson, 5 12 Cathedral St. 

Perine, Miss Eliza Washington, 512 Cathedral St. 
("Homeland," Charles-St. Av.) 

7 Perine. Mr. and Mrs. George Corbin (nee Tyler Cooke), 

Winthirstrasse 41, Munich, Germany. 

Perine, Mr. David M., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Perine, Mr. Washington, 607 Cathedral St. 

Perine. Miss, 607 Cathedral St. 

Perkins, Miss Nannie Armour, 1208 Eutaw Pi. 

2i ,-j 1 > 

. — . — 

Perkins. Mr. and Mrs. Elisha II. (nee Falconer), 710 St. Paul St. 

Perkins, Miss, 710 St. Paul St. 

Perkins, Miss Jean Falcon* 710 St. Paul St. 

Perkins,'Dr. Edgar Shirley, Rochambeau. 

Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H., Jr., 3510 Clifton Av., Walbrook. 

Perkins, Mrs. Richard Keitley, Hotel Rennert. 

Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peirce, Hotel Rennert. 

Perkins, Mr. Elmer Case, Hotel Rennerl 

Perot. Mrs. William 11., 410 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Perot, Mi—. 410 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Perot, Miss Ellen II.. 410 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Perot, Miss Gladys M., 410 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Perot, Mr. Adolphus F., 410 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Perot, Mr. Charles G., 410 Forest Road, Poland Park. 

Perrin, Mrs. John Tayloe, The Brandon, 877 Park Av. 

Perrin, Miss Anne Lee, The Brandon, 877 Park Av. 

Perrin, Miss Rebecca Lloyd, The Brandon, 877 Park Av. 

Perrin, Miss Eleanor Wormeley, The Brandon, 877 Park Av. 

Perrin, Mrs. E. McCay, 

P<rrin. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kennon, 814 Park Av. 

Perry, Mrs. M. N., 920 Madison Av. 

Peter, Miss, 1311 N.Charles St. 

Peter, Miss Emily Mercer, 925 N.Calvert St. 

Peters, Mr. and Mrs. Winfield, in; McCulloh St. 

Peters. Mr. and Mrs. J. Girvin (nee Harriet White 1. 7 E. Mt. Royal Av. 

Peters. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. 360 W. 23d St., New York City. 

Petre, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald \V. (nee Preston), Charles- St. Av., Station X. 

Petre, Miss Constance. Charles-St. Av., Station N. 

Peyton, Mr. and Mrs. Cabell Y., Upper Falls, Md. 

Phelps, Mrs. Charles E., The Shirley. 

Phelps, Mis. Alma, The Shirley. 

Phelps, Miss Martha \\\. The Shirley. 

Phelps, Mr. Frank II.. Clifton A v. and [3th St., Walbrook. 

Phelps, Mr. and Mr-. Charles E.,Jr.(nee Thelin). Howardville, Md. 

Phelps. Mr. and Mi's. John (nee Turner). 3 Upland Road, Roland Park - . 

Phelps, Lieut. W. Woodward, U. S. S. "Mayflower." 

Phelps, Mrs. W. Woodward, 48 W. 59H1 St., New York. 

Phelps, Miss Almira L., The Altamont. 

Phillips, Mr. and Mis. William B., 1335 Bolton St. 

F 203 

Phillips, .Mrs. E. McCay, 

Phillips, Mrs. Marshall A., 1012 N. Charles St. 

Phillips, Miss Julie Marguerite, 1012 N. Charles St. 

Phillips, Miss Eloise Levis, 1012 N. Charles St. 

Phillips, Miss Marie Annina, 1012 N. Charles St. 

Phillips, Mr. Harold Ash, 1012 N. Charles St. 

(Beaumont A v., Catonsville.) 

Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall A., Jr. (nee Annette Pell Townsend), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Philpot, Miss Nannie I., Hotel Altamont. 

Phipps, Mrs. Joseph B., Pikesville, Md. 

Picking, Mrs. Henry F. (nee Laura Sherwood), 14 W.Preston St. 

("Clover Patch," North Hatley, P. Q.. Can.^ 

Picking, Mr. Sherwood, Midshipman U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis. 

Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Winslow S. (nee Grace Douglas Williams), 

Plaza Hotel, New York. 
(Bayville, L. I.) 
Piny on, Miss Theresa, 1725 Madison Av. 

Piper, Mrs. Jackson, The Stafford. 

Piper, Miss Adaline D., The Stafford. 

(Towson, Md.) 

Piper, Mr. and Airs. James (nee Pitts), "The Branches," Eccleston, Md. 

Piper, Miss Ellen, 322 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Pirgnet, Dr. Clemens Fresherr V., 11S W.Franklin St. 

Pirgnet, Baroness V. (nee Van Husen), 118 W.Franklin St. 

Pitcher. Air. and Airs. Gould S. (nee Edna F.Vernon), 

79 Newbury St.. Brockton, Mass. 

Pitt, Mrs. Charles F., Jr., 211 E.Preston St. 

Pitt, Miss Sophie R., 211 E.Preston St. 

("Hillside," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Pitt, Air. Faris C, University Club. 

Pitts, Miss Sophia Norrk The Walbert, N. Charles St. 

Pitts, Aliss Jane London, The Walbert, N. Charles St. 

Pitts, Mr. and Airs. Sullivan, 1009 St. Paul St. 

Pitts, Mr. Sullivan, Jr., 1009 St. Paul St. 

Pitts, Mr. Tilghman Goldsborough, 1009 St. Paul St. 

Pitts, Aliss Alary Bacot, Rider P. O., Aid 

Piatt, Dr. and Airs. Walter Brewster (nee Ferine), 802 Cathedral St. 

Piatt, Air. and Airs. James B. (nee Morton), Earl Court. 

Piatt, Air. Herman S., Earl Court. 

•201 1 J 

Piatt, Mr. and Mrs. William Davenport, 1109 N.Charles St. 

Piatt, Miss Anna E., 1109 N.Charles St. 

Piatt. Mr. Win. D., Jr.. 1109 X. Charles St. 

Piatt, Mr. L. Beach, ttoo N.Charles St. 

/^Playford, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (nee Mary Graham Vickery), 

Uniontown, Pa. 

Pleasant?. Mrs. J. Hall, 12 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Pleasants, Mr. aud Mrs. John (nee Smith), 1115 X. Charles St. 

Pleasants, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. (nee Louisa CarrolP 

"Gretta Hall," Cockeysville, Md. 

Pleasants, Mrs. Richard H., 606 Cathedral St. 

Pleasants, Miss Elm Curzon, 606 Cathedral St. 

Pleasants, Mr. Richard H., Jr., 606 Cathedral St. 

Pleasants, Mr. and Mrs. William A. (nee Frances Albert), 606 Cathedral St. 

Pleasants, Dr. and Mrs. J. Hall (nee Delia Tudor Wilmer), 16 W.Chase St. 

Pleasants, Mrs. J. Pemberton (nee Gallagher), Address The Walbert. 

Pleasants, Mr. Lawrence Pemberton. Address The Walbert. 

Pleasants, Mrs. John, 2103 N.Calvert St. 

Plummer, Miss Eleanor, 513 Park Av. 

Poe, Mrs. John P., Ruxton. Md. 

^ Poe. Miss Margaretta, Ruxton, Md. 

^Poe. Mr. Gresham H., Ruxton, Md. 

Poe, Mr. John Prentiss, Jr., Bulldog, Nev. 

Poe. Mr. Xeilson, Tonopah, Nev. 

Poe, Mr. and Mrs. S. Johnson (nee Cromwell), 1021 St. Paul St. 

Poe, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Allan (nee McCay), 1604 Park Av 

Poe, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur (nee Anne King), 

1922 First Av.. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

^roe, Mr. and Mrs. Neilson, Jr., 146 W. Lanvale St. 

Poe, Miss Sarah Livingston, 146 W. Lanvale St. 

Poe, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Livingston (nee Grace E. Morris), 1517 Park Av. 

Poe. Mis> Amelia 1\. 1221 Madison -\v. 

Poe, Mrs. William C, Relay, Md. 

Poe. Mr. William C, Jr., Relay, Md. 

Poe, Miss Anna Gertrude, Relay, Md. 

Poe, Mr. Frank K.. Utah Copper Mines, Bingham Canyon, Utah. 

Poe, Miss Mary C, 122 W. Lanvale St. 

Polk, Mr. and Mrs. William Stewart, 2902 St. Paul St. 

Polk, Mr. David Peale, 2902 St. Paul St. 


Polk, Mr. and Mrs. Lucius C, 
Polk, Mr. and Mrs. G. Clark, 
Polk, Miss Margaret Hoffman, 

1226 N. Charles St. 

236 Laurens St. 

North Av., Walbrook. 

Pollard, Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. (nee McCoy), 

The Hadding, St. Paul and Lafayette. 

Ponder, Mr. and Mrs. James W. (nee Taylor), 

1309 Rodney St., Wilmington, Del. 

Poole, Mr. and Mrs. George, 

Poor, Mrs. Alfred, 
Poor, Miss Nannie, 
Poor, Miss Ida, 
Poor, Miss Lilly, 
Poor, Miss Kitty, 
Poor, Mr. Harry Taylor, 

Poor, Mrs. Alfred, Jr., 

Poor, Miss, 

Poore, Mrs. M. W. K. (nee Keighler), 

Pope, Mr. George A., 

Pope, Miss, 

Pope, Mr. George A., Jr., 

Pope, Mrs. Mary W., 
Pope, Mr. Micajah W., 

"Benvenue," Woodberry. 

910 McCulloh St. 

910 McCulloh St. 

910 McCulloh St. 

910 McCulloh St. 

910 McCulloh St. 

910 McCulloh St. 

New York City. 

938 N. Calvert St. 

The St. Paul. 

926 St. Paul St. 
926 St. Paul St. 
926 St. Paul St. 

813 N. Charles St. 
813 N. Charles St. 

1000 N. Charles St. 

Porter, Mrs. Ellen Gilman, 

Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reid (nee Dulany). 

3938 Oak St., Kansas City, Mo 

Posey, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian, 
Posey. Miss Mary Regina, 

Posey, Mr. F. Stone, 

Post, Miss Mary M., 

Post, Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. (nee Stump), 
Post, Miss Martha G., 
Post, Mr. A. H. S., 

The Albion. 
The Albion. 

1004 McCulloh St. 

1629 N. Calvert St. 

10 F. Biddle St. 
10 E. Biddle St. 
10 E. Biddle St. 

209 W. Monument St 

Post, Mr. J. E. Howard, 

Potestad, Mrs. Robert E.Lee de (nee George), Columbia, Howard Co., Md. 

Potter, Mrs. Charles, "Sunnyside Place," Newport, R. I. 

Potter, Mr. Charles, Jr., Camden, S. C. 

Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Francis (nee Gwendolyn Gary), 

37 Catherine St., Newport, R. I. 

Potter, Mrs. William S.. 2116 Maryland Aw 

Potter, Miss Marian Legare, 2116 Maryland Av. 

Potter, Miss Julia R< 5S, 2Il6 Maryland Av. 

Potter, Mr. William Knight, 'Ti ^ll^ y /J\jo 1 dy^ ll() Maryland Av. 

Potter, Mr. and Mrs. George L., Cor. Merriman's Lane and C+rarles-St. Av. 

Potts, Rear- Admiral Robert (U.S.N.), Hotel Rennert. 

Potts, Miss Frances Griffiss, Hotel Rennert. 

Pouillain, Mr. T. Xoel, 1040 Belvidere Ter. 

Poultney, Mr. and Mrs. William D. (nee Ellinor D.Wilson), 1506 John St. 

Poultney, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. (nee Blaekford), 

Sudbrook Park. Balto. Co. 

Poultney, Mr. J. Livingston, 2222 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Poultney, Mr. E. Curzon, 2222 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Poultney, Mr. Eugene, The Cecil, Eutaw St. 

Poultney, Mr. Walter de C, 33$ St. Paul St. 

Poultney, Mrs. Thomas, 911 Cathedral St. 

Poultney. Mr. C. Carroll, 911 Cathedral St. 

Poultney, Mr. Evan. 911 Cathedral St. 

Poultney, Mr. Thomas, 911 Cathedral St. 

Poundstone, Com. and Mrs. C. II. (nee Lenita Brandt), U. S. X.. 
f% OfficeESlBowrfirooklyii Xavy-yard. X. V. 

Powell. Mr. and Mr-. Robert Henry, 'The Druid," Mt. Royal Ter. 

Powell. Mrs. Alfred IT, 867 Park Av. 

Powell. Miss Cora B., 867 Park Av. 

Powell. Miss Lucy A.. 867 Park Av. 

Powell. Miss Ellen \\\. 867 Park Av. 

Powell. Rev. and Mr-. Arthur Chilton, D.D., Grace Rectory, 709 Park Av. 

..Powell. Mr. George Hardy, V Grace Rectory, 709 Park Av. 

Powell. Mr. Chilton 'Latham,' Grace Rectory, 709 Park Av. 

Powell. Mr. Paul Rulison, Grace Rectory, 709 Park Av. 

Powell,Miss Sarah Harrison, 01S St. Paul St. 

Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sothoron, 

"Langollen," Annapolis Junction, Howard Co., Md. 
Powell, Mr. Edward Burr, "Langollen," Annapolis Junction, Howard Co., Md 
1 "Adirondack Lodge," Saratoga Springs, N. Y.) 

Powell. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Whiting, Jessups P. O., Howard Co., Md. 
Powell, Mrs. I. C. W.. 529 X. Charles St. 

Powell, Mr-. William M., The Mt. Royal. 

Power. Mr. and Mr-John W. (nee Tormey), 128 W.Lafayette Av. 


Powers, Rev. W. H. H., Towson, Md. 

Powers, Dr. Lelia H., Towson, Md. 

Powers, Miss Marguerite, Towson, Md. 

Powers, Miss Muriel S., Towson, Md. 

Powers, Mr. Douglas H., Towson, Md. 

^ Pratt, M -p q. Enoch, 

Presstman, Mrs. Benj. Cattell, 
Presstman, Miss Marie White, 

"Stoneyhurst," Merryman Av., Roland Park. 
Presstman, Miss Emily Renshaw, 

"Stoneyhurst," Merryman A v., Roland Park. 

Roland Park. 

2 1 W. M o'numenf St. 
Stoneyhurst," Merryman Av., Roland Park. 

Presstman, Miss Anita Renshaw 

Presstman, Miss Virginia, 

Preston, Mrs. J. Alexander, 
Preston. Miss Achsah Carroll, 

Cor. St. Paul and 30th Sts. 

Charles-St. Av., Station N. 
Charles-St. Av., Station N. 

Preston, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander (nee Hannah Gaither Norris), 

50 W. Biddle St. 

6 E. Read St. 

Preston, Miss, 

Preston, Mrs. John F. (nee Thomas), 
Preston, Miss Rita Stuart. 
Preston, Miss Ellen Francis, 

Preston, Lieut.-Com. and Mrs. Charles F. (U. S. N.), 

Preston, Mr. D. Logan, 

Preston, Capt. and Mrs. John F. (U. S. A.), 

Preston, Mr. and Mrs. James H., 

("The Colonies," Pikesville, Md.) 
Preston, Mrs. George J., 
Preston, Mr. George H., 
Preston, Miss Margaret J., 

Price, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, 12 W. Eighteenth St., New York. 

Price, Mr. and Mrs. H. Brooks (nee Sarah G. Almy), 

12 W. Eighteenth St., New York. 

The Brexton. 

116 E. Preston St. 
116 E. Preston St. 
116 E. Preston St. 

Annapolis, Md. 

New York. 

Manila, P. I. 

815 N. Charles St. 

819 N. Charles St. 
819 N. Charles St. 
819 N. Charles St. 

Price, Miss, 

Price, Mr. and Mrs. W. A., 

Price, Mr. T. Buchanan. 

("Tree Tops," Lutherville, Md.) 

Price, Miss Hattie A. B., 

Price, Miss Sydney, 

(Buena Vista Springs, Pa.) 

Price, Dr. and Mrs. Marshall L. (nee Henrietta George), 

"Aigburth," Towson, Md. 

Montreal, Canada. 
48 W. Biddle St. 

The Mt. Royal. 
1202 Eutaw PI. 

3 N P» 

Price, Mr. and Mrs. Richard W., 1229 N. Calvert St. 

Price. Miss Sara B. ; 1229 N. Calvert St. 

Price. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Orne (nee Harrison), 

509 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Price, Mrs. Juliet Hammond, Hotel Sherwood. 

Price. Miss Rosalie Emory, Hotel Sherwood. 

Price. Mr. T. Emory, Hotel Sherwood. 

Primrose, Mrs. William Davis, 1123 N.Charles St. 

Primrose, Miss Ethel, 1123 N.Charles St. 

Primrose, Mi-- Virginia, 1123 N.Charles St. 

Primrose, Miss Florence, 1123 N.Charles St. 

Primr<>>e, Miss Josephine, 1123 N.Charles St. 

Primrose, Miss Marguerite, 1 123 N. Charles St. 

Prichard. Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. (nee Lucette M. Hutton), 

Dobbs Ferry, N. V. 

Pritchard, Rear- Admiral and Mrs. A. J., New St. James Hotel. 

Proctor, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. (nee Ilka Slingluff), 159 W. Lanvale St. 

Protzman, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Clarke, 514 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Provoost, Mr. and Mrs. John M. (nee Lillie Willett), 

252 Linwood Aw, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Pue. Miss Achsah R., Peggy Stewart House, Annapolis, Md. 

Pue, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Morgan, Carroll Co., Md. 

Pue, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H., Morgan, Carroll Co., Md. 

Purcell. Mrs. James Bryan, Abroad. 

Purcell. Mr. T. Noel de Loughmoe, Abroad. 

Purcell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H., 3100 Clifton Av., Walbrook. 

Purcell, The Misses, 3100 Clifton Av., Walbrook. 

Purnell, Mrs. L. 15., "Woodland," Bloomingdale Road. 

Purnell, Mr. J. Hurst, Jr., "Woodland,'' Bloomingdale Road. 

Purnell, Mr. and Mrs. Lvttleton B. ( nee Mary D.Ingram), 

[5 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Purnell, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Henry (nee Goldsborough) , The St. Paul. 

Putnam, Miss M. P., 



Quale, Mr. and Mrs. Grant W. (nee Hannah Gaither Smith), 

Wentworth Apts., Cathedral and Mulberrry. 










We see no reason to change our opinion 
after 75 years. 

May we not count you among our patrons? 







John C. Knipp C& 



Sh >w Rooms 

Factory, 218-220 Clay Street 






Rare Engravings, Etchings, Sporting 
Prints, Restoring, Regilding and 
Eine Framing 

Mcdowell & company 

i wi okfoi a i in 
217 North Charles Street 

IMPORTERS OF A N i> I > i. M.I i< 8 I» 




Rabillon, Miss Marguerite, 
Rabillon, Mr. Leonce, 

Raborg, Mrs. Virginia C, 
Raborg, Miss Hettie Sinclair, 
Raborg, Miss Florence Seton, 

Raborg, Mr. Edward L., 

407 Park Av. 
407 Park Av. 

2201 N. Charles St. 
2201 N. Charles St. 
2201 N. Charles St. 

Hotel Rennert. 

Radcliffe, Mr. and Mrs. George L. (nee Mary McKim Marriott), 

1014 N. Calvert St. 

Radcliffe. Mr. Thomas Broome, 
Radcliffe, Mrs. Sophie D., 

Raddatz, Prof. Charles F., 

Raine, Mrs. Frederick, 

Ramsay, Col. and Mrs. Henry Ashton, 
Ramsay, Miss Margaret Key, 

Ramsay, Mr. and Mrs. John B. (nee Cullen), 

Ramsay, Miss Annie R., 

Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard (nee Susan Brnne), 
Randall. Miss Emily Brune, 
Randall, Mr. Frederick Brune, 
Randall, Miss Katharine Brune, 

"Cloud Capped," Catonsville, Md. 

Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R., 

Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Burton, 

Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt W. (nee Colston), v , 

Dobbs Ferr . -on-Hudscn, N. Y 

Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Watson Beale (nee Virginia Marshall Wilson), 

211 W. Lanvale St. 

135 W. Lanvale St. 
135 W. Lanvale St. 
135 W. Lanvale St. 
135 W. Lanvale St. 

16 E. Center St. 

109 Ridgewood Av., Roland Park. 
109 Ridgewood Av., Roland Park. 

303 W. Monument St. 

131 W. Mt. Royal Av. 
131 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

1218 St. Paul St. 

701 N. Calvert St. 

16 W. North Av. 
16 W. North Av. 
16 W. North Av. 
16 W. North Av. 

Annapolis, Md. 
1 5 13 Linden A v. 

Randall. Mr. William. 
Randall, Miss Mary E., 
Randall, Miss Emily, 
Randall, Miss Fannie, 

Randall, Mr. Richard Lemmon, 

Randol, Mr. and Mrs. William Merwin (nee Mary Diggs Lee) 

Randolph, Dr. and Mrs. Robt. L., 

Broadmore, Colorado Springs, Col. 
816 Park Av. 

Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. George F. (nee Dearborn), 
Randolph, Miss Katherine F., 

Randolph, Mrs. Innes, 
Randolph, Miss Maud, 

1017 N. Charles St. 
1017 N. Charles St. 

The Walbert. 
The Walbert. 


212 Ft. 

Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. Harold (nee Gary). 

(After Jan.) 222 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Randolph, Mrs. Ethel Patterson, University of Virginia. 

Ransom, Mrs. Joel Rathbone (nee Maud L. Barroll), 16 E. Biddle St. 

Ransom, Miss Virginia Sanford Barroll, 16 E. Biddle St. 

Ransom, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Archibald (nee Ann B. Passano), 

Ranson, Mrs. Henry Warfield, The Preston. 

Ranson, Miss Anne Crossan Cooper, The Preston. 

Ranson, Miss Frances W., The Preston. 

Ranson. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. H., 3 E. Preston St. 

Ranson, Miss, 3 E. Preston St. 

Ranson, Mr. A. R. H., Jr.. 3 E. Preston St. 

( "Hilton," Catonsville, Md. ) 

Ranstead, Miss Kate A., 1703 Bolton St. 

Rasin, Mrs. Robt. C. 1905 Linden Av. 

Rasin, Mr. and Mrs. John Freeman (nee Alys Montague), 212 E. Biddle St. 

Rasin. Mr. Carroll \V., 1009 N.Calvert St. 

Ravenel, Mrs. Win. C, Frederick Road, Catonsville, Md. 

Ravenel, Mr. and Mrs. Robert T., FYederick Road, Catonsville, Md. 

Ray, Pay Director and Mrs. Charles M., Washington, D. C. 

^Rawlins, Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. (nee White), 2202 N.Charles St. 

Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. (nee Bertha L. Thomsen), Jenkintown, Pa. 

Rayner, Mr. and Mrs. Albert W., 1814 Eutaw PI. 

Rayner, Miss, 1814 Eutaw PI. 

Rayner, Mr. and Mrs. Isidor 

Hotel Rennert and The Highlands, Washington, D. C. 

Rayner, Mr. and Mrs. William B. (nee Coulter). 

1312 Connecticut Av.. Washington, D. C. 

v/ Read. Mr. and Mrs. Benj. linger. Sudbrook Park. Md. 

Read, Mi^s Elizabeth Middleton, Sudbrook Park, Md. 

"Faraway," Tow son, Md. 

Reardon, Mrs. George Evett, 71- St. Paul St. 

Reardon, The Miss< 712 St. Paul St. 

Rede, Mr. and Mrs. Wyllys (nee Carolyne Potter), Quincy, 111. 

Redwood. Mrs. Francis Tazewell (nee Mary Coale), 918 Madison Av. 

Redwood, Mr! George Buchanan, 918 Madison Aw 

Redwood, Mr. and Mrs. William Morris (nee Nina W. Boykin), 
£"" 52 Cumberland Circle, Asheville, N. C. 

Redwood, Mr. and Mrs. John (nee Mead), Ruxton P. O., Balto. Co., Md. 

R. 213 

• •• Reed, Mrs. William (nee Emily McKim), 871 Park Av. 

Reed, Mr. and Mrs. John L., 2113 N.Charles St. 

Reed. Mr. and Mrs. L. Sextus (nee Elizabeth Dulany Ridgely), 

New York City. 

AT<eed, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. (nee Maude T.Howell), Catonsville, Md. 
Reed, The Misses, Catonsville. Md. 

Reeder, Mrs. Oliver, 910 N. Charles St. 

Reeder, Miss Olive, 910 N. Charles St. 

Reeder, Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard (nee Kensett), Earl Court. 

Reeder, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice L., 1625 Edmondson Av. 

Reeder, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. (nee Irene H. Judik), The Montreal. 

Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Meredith, 1505 Mt. Royal Av. 

Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Meredith, Jr. (nee Boyd), 1505 Mt. Royal Av. 
Reese, Mr. Guy Harrison, 1505 Mt. Royal Av. 

Reese, Mr. and Mrs. James Stone, 1931 Park Av. 

Reese, Mr. Edward B., 1931 Park Av. 

Reese, Miss Frances Gilpin, 1910 Park Av. 

Reese, Miss Catherine Stabler, 1910 Park Av. 

Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. (nee Edith Ford), 

"The Roserie," Ford's Road, near Park Heights Av. 

Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S., 1812 Linden Av 

Reese, Mr. Howard H., 1812 Linden Av. 

Reese, Miss Lina Foote, 

(Hagerstown, Md.) 
Reese, Miss Josephine M., 167 Prospect St., Hagerstown, Md. 

Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Philip R., Jr., The Preston. 

. Reeves, Mr. Charles H., 926 N. Charles St. 

Reeves, Mr. C. Harry, Jr., 926 N. Charles St. 

Reeves, Mr. Charles B., 926 N. Charles St. 

/>^Reeves, Prof, and Mrs. Jesse Siddall (nee Griswold). 

Dartmouth College, Hanover, X. H. 

Regester, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Frank (nee Thomas), 2715 St. Paul St. 

Regester, Mrs. E. Gillingham, The Delman, Chelton Av., Germantown, Pa. 
Regester, Miss Elizabeth, The Delman, Chelton Av., Germantown. Pa. 

Reiche, Miss Fannie Kyle. 101 E. Twenty-fifth St. 

Reiche, Miss Lina von Sommer, 101 E. Twenty-fifth St. 

Reiche, Miss Mary Crawford, 101 E. Twenty-fifth St. 

Reiche, Miss Louise D., 101 E. Twenty-fifth St. 

/^Reid, Mrs. Andrew, The Severn. 

214 R 

Rcid. Mr<. Andrew Melville, 1210 N. Calvert St. 

Reid. Mr. Howell Lewi-. 1210 N.Calvert St. 

Reid. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fielding, 60S Cathedral St. 

Rcid. Mr. and Mrs. William George, '"The Cedars," Irvington, Md. 

Reid. Miss Julia Galusha, 'The Cedars," Irvington. Md. 

Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Valentine (nee Alice Atwater Carter), 

"Kirklee'' Road, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Reifsnider, Mrs. Charles T., Westminster, Md. 

Reifsnider, Mr. J. Smith. Westminster, Md. 

Reifsnider. Miss Bettie. Westminster, Md. 

Reifsnider, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T., Jr. (nee Jane Carew), The Montreal. 

Reily, Mr. and Mrs. George Wolf, Jr. (nee Louise Haxall Harrison), 

1501 N. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Reinhardt, Miss Bertha. Europe. 

Remington, Miss Caroline P., 918 St. Paul St 

("Traymore," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Remington, Mrs. W. W., 24 E. Madison St. 

Remington, Mr. and Mrs. Beekman, "Cloverlea," Morris Plains, X. J. 

Remington, Miss Amelia Fish. "Cloverlea," Morris Plains. N. J. 

Remington. Miss Hattie A.. 403 E. 22(1 St. 

Remington, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G., 403 E. 22d St. 

Remsen. Mr. and Mrs. Ira, 214 W. Monument St. 

Remsen. Dr. Charles M., Johns Hopkins Hospital 

Remsen, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Mallory (nee Mary Putnam), 

22- E. 72d St., New York City. 

Renouf, Prof. Edward, 416 W. Hoffman St 

Rennert, Dr. and Mrs. Hugo Albert (nee Rasin), Philadelphia, Pa 

Rennert, Mrs. Robert. Hotel Rennert. 

Renshaw. Mrs. William. 

Care of Messrs. Hinckley, Spamer & Hisky. 215 N.Charles St. 

Renshaw, Mrs. Joseph, 717 Washington PL 

Renshaw, Mr. and Mrs. A. Howard (nee Hopkins), Noroton, Conn. 

Renshaw, Mr. Paul. Noroton, Conn. 

Ren-haw. Mr. Robert II.. Jr., 1420 John St. 

. Railing, Dr. and Mrs, George, 103 W. Monument St. 

• Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. William, 229 W.Preston St. 

Reynolds, Miss Xora Lightfoot, 229 W.Preston St. 

Reynolds, Miss Minna Davis, 1303 John St 

R 215 

/Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Graeme (nee Eleanor A. G. Brogden), 

1816 St. Paul St. 

Reynolds, Dr. and Mrs. Geo. B., 809 N. Charles St. 

Reynolds. Miss Mary E., 809 N. Charles St. 

Reynolds. Mr. Stanley M.. 809 N.Charles St. 

Rhett, Mrs. Charles H., 28 W. Biddle St. 

Rhett, Mrs. Albert, 53 Pineapple St.. Brooklyn. X. V. 

Rhett. Mr. Albert H.. 53 Pineapple St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Rhett, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lowndes (nee Francis Marvin Fairfax), 

New York City. 
Rhoades, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. (nee Nora Ward), 

2302 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rhodes, Mr. Frank V., The Colonial, N. Charles St. 

' Rhodes. Air. and Mrs. James Mauran, Jr. (nee Ella Brock Johnson), 

"Villa Nova," Ardmore, Pa. 

Rhodes, Mr. Charles C, 1210 John St. 

Riach, Miss Louisa Gilmor, 1606 St. Paul St. 

Riach, Miss Alice, 2108 Maryland A v. 

Riach, Miss Rebecca Frances, 2108 Maryland Av. 

Rice, Mr. and Mrs. John Clark (nee Katharine Atkinson), 

224 Marlborough St., Boston, Mass. 

Rich, Mr. William, The Clifton, 600 N.Broadway. 

Rich, Mrs. Arthur J., "Richleigh," near Reisterstown, Balto. Co., Aid. 

Rich, Miss, "Richleigh," near Reisterstown, Balto. Co., Md. 

Rich, Miss Virginia W., "Richleigh," near Reisterstown, Balto. Co., Aid. 

Rich. Miss Emily R.. "Richleigh," near Reisterstown, Balto. Co.. Md. 

Rich, Air. and Airs. Charles Schroeder, Paradise, Catonsville, Md 

Rich, Air. and Airs. Edwin N. (nee Baldwin), 925 St. Paul St. 

Rich, Rev. Ernest, Blue Ridge Summit. Pa. 

Richards, Surgeon Theodore Wright (U. S. N.), U. S. S. Kansas. 

Richards, Dr. and Airs. Theodore W. (nee Carpenter) (U. S. X. ). 

191 1 X St., N. W., Washington. D. C. 

Richards, Air. and Airs. B. Howard, The Condon. 

Richardson, Air. and Airs. John, 1215 N.Calvert St. 

Richardson, Air. John A., 

Richardson, Air. John Wesley, "The Druid." Alt. Royal Ter. 

Richardson, Air. and Airs. George J., Lutherville, Aid. 

Richardson, Air. and Airs. Albert Levin (nee Dorsey), 817 N.Charles St. 

2Jfi R 

Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Krewson (nee Annie L. H. Rntnbold), 

Ricketts, Miss Aida Carey, 1533 John St. 

Ricketts, Mrs. Adelaide V., 1533 John St. 

Ricou, Mademoiselle Sara E., 417 N.Charles St. 

Rider, Mr. William 11.. The Rochambeau, Charles and Franklin Sts. 

Ridgely, Miss Eliza, 825 Park A. v. 

Ridgely. Miss Margaretta S., Liberia. Africa. 

Ridgely. Mr. and Mrs. John (nee Stewart), "Hampton," Towson, Md. 

Ridgely, Miss Helen S., "Hampton," Towson, Md. 

Ridgely, Mr. David Stewart, "Hampton," Towson, Md. 

Ridgely. Mr. Julian White. Cambridge. Mass, 

Ridgely, Mr. and Mrs. John, Jr., (nee Louise Humrichouse), 

5475 Vernon Aw, St. Louis, Mo. 
Ridgely. Mrs. Howard. The Marlborough Apts. 

Ridgely. Mr. and Mrs. Otho E. (nee Thomas), 1007 N.Calvert St. 

Ridgely, Miss Ellen Frances, 1007 N. Calvert St. 

Ridgely, Miss Lisa Howard, 1007 N. Calvert St. 

Ridgely, Mr. Charles R., 1007 N. Calvert St. 

Ridgely, Miss Alice G., T007 N. Calvert St. 

Ridgely, Mr. Otho E., Jr.. 1007 N.Calvert St. 

Ridgely, Mrs. Hardie, 10 E. Madison St. 

Ridgely, Miss Elizabeth Dorsey, 923 St. Paul St. 

Ridgely, Mr. Gustave W., "Mooreland," Liberty Road, Baltimore. 

Ridgely, Mr. and Mrs. Ruxton Moore (nee Gaither), 510 Cathedral St. 

Ridgely, Mrs. Nicholas G.. "Woodside," Benson P. O., Md. 

Ridgely. Mr. and Mrs. Martin E., "Woodside," Benson P. O., Md. 

Ridley, Dr. and Mrs. Frank Morris, Jr. (nee Mabel Douglas Hood), 

La Grange, Ga. 

Rieman, Mrs. Joseph H., 221 W. Monument St. 

Rieman, .Mr. C. Alexander, 221 W. Monument St. 

("Dumbarton Farm," Rodgers Forge P. O., Md.) 

Rieman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ellet (nee Goodwin), 

"Farm Gates," Rodger's Forge P. O., Md. 

Rieman, Mr. and Mrs. Howard, "Ridge Rest," Towson, Md. 

Rieman, Mr. Gilbert, "Ridge Rest," Towson, Md. 

Riggs, Mrs. Lawrason, 814 Cathedral St. 

Riggs, Mr. Alfred R., 814 Cathedral St. 

Riggs, Mr. \\\ P., 814 Cathedral St. 

Riggs, Mr. Lawrason, 814 Cathedral St. 

Riu-s, Ah-. F. G., 814 Cathedral St. 

Riggs. Mr. H. G., 814 Cathedral St. 

R 217 

4 Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Levering (nee Cromwell), 9^3 -N. Charles St. 

("Notting Hill," Catonsville, Md.) 

V 'Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B. (nee Symington), 

"Montrose," Catonsville, Md. 

Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. T. Dudley (nee Lanman), 12 E. Biddle St. 

Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee (nee Louise A.Tate), 

2040 N. 63d St., Overbrook, Pa. 

Rinehart, Mrs. E. Thomas, 1902 Park Av. 

Rinehart, Miss Ella Warden, 1902 Park Av. 

Rinehart, Mr. T. Warden, 1902 Park Av. 

Rinehart, Miss Alice McBlair, 1902 Park Av. 

Ritchie, Mrs. Albert, 1224 St. Paul St. 

Ritchie, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cabell (nee Elizabeth C. Baker>, .. 

"Beverly." Catonsville, Md. 

Roach, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph (nee Caroline Ferguson), 611 Park Av. 

("Eyrie," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 
Robb, Miss Mary C, Hotel Sherwood. 

Robb, Mr. Philip Lightfoot, 124 W.Lafayette Av. 

Robb, The Misses, 124 W. Lafayette Av. 

Robbins, Mrs. Ernest Ames, Jr. (nee Edith Williams), 1100 N.Charles St. 

Robbins, Miss Elizabeth C, 1204 N. Caroline St. 

Robbins, Miss Mathilda B., 525 N. Carey St. 

Roberts, Mr. Daniel S., 725 Park Building, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Roberts, Mr. Robert F., 2000 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Roberts, Miss Caroline, 2000 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Roberts, Miss Ellen T., 2000 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 11 16 St. Paul St. 

Roberts, Dr. and Mrs. William M. (U.S.A.) (nee Ella Pendergast), 

Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. Charles B., 703 St. Paul St. 

Roberts, Air. and Mrs. Thomas H., 500 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Roberts, Mrs. Rosamund, 508 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Roberts, Miss Dorothy, 508 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. H. (nee Fisher), 1012 Cathedral St. 

Robertson, Mr. Alex. H., 1012 Cathedral St. 

Robertson, Miss Katharine F., 1012 Cathedral St. 

Robertson, Mr. and Airs. W. Hanson (nee Bessie Hughes), Mt. Washington. 

Robins, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, 1714 Madison Av. 

Robins, Miss Mabel H., 1714 Madison Av. 

Robins, Mr. Harrison, Jr., 1714 Madison Av. 

218 R 

Robinson, Mrs. Edward A. (nee Canby), 

of 10 W. Read St. (South Lhis Winter.) 

Robinson. Miss Esther Baily, of 10 W. Read St. (South this Winter.) 

Robinson, Miss Alice C, of 10 W. Read St. (South this Winter.) 

Robinson. Mr. E. Ayrault, Jr.. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Champlin (nee Bettie Campbell Clark), 

Rogers Station. Green Spring Valley. 

Robinson. Dr. G. Canby. 342 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Robinson, Mr. Francis W.. 342 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Robinson. Miss Lota. Care of Mrs. Rich Morton. 821 Equitable Bldg. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Moncure (nee Sallie Abell), The Rittenhouse. 

("Upland," Pa.) 
Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph (nee Metcalf), New York City. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. William Pitt. 109 Ridgewood Road. Roland Park. 
Robinson. Air. R. Cator, 109 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Robinson, Mr. and Airs. A. Jackson, Springfield Av., Forest Park, Balto. 

Robinson, Mr. W. Leslie, 1613 Park PL 

Robinson. Air. and Mrs. Conway (nee Jane Stcckton Dorsey), 

Yokohama, Japan. 
Robinson, Air. and Airs. Hanson (nee Leftwich), 

1073 Woodward Av., South Bend, Ind. 

Robinson, Miss Louisa H., 12 E. Lafayette Av. 

Robinson, Air. and Airs. Ralph (nee Xellie Gowen), 1010 X.Charles St. 

Robinson, Air. and Airs. George D. F. (nee Elizabeth Bash Sloan), 

"Hansel Hall," Windsor Hills, Aid. 

Robinson, Aliss Anne Irvine, The Brightley Flats, 12 E. Read St. 

Robinson, Aliss Alary M., 219 W. Lafayette Av. 

Robinson, Rev. and Airs. Joseph Haswell (nee Alary A. Levering), 

12 X. Alain St.. Hanover. X. H. 

Robson, Air. and Airs. Arthur W.. St. James Hotel (for the Winter) 

Robson. Mr. Charles Stockett. St. James Hotel (for the Winter) 

( Oddicombe House. Catonsvilie, Aid. ) 
Roby, Airs. Joseph, 891 Park Av 
Roby, Aliss, 891 Park Av 
Roby, Airs. Henry Albert. Care of 891 Park Ax- 
Roche, Airs. Henry C, 1407 Madison Av 
Roche, The Alisses, 1407 Aladison Av 

Roche, Air. and Airs. Henry J. (nee Josephine ShriverV 

"The Castle," Enniscorthy, Ireland. 

Roder, Airs. John W., The Westover, Park Av. 

Roder. Aliss Ellen S., The Westover, Park Av. 

Roder. Aliss Marie C, The Westover. Park Av. 


n 219 

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Raleigh (nee Morison) , 

Rogers, Mrs. Edmund Law, 932 McCulloh St. 

Rogers, Mrs. Henry \\\. "Essex." Sherwood, Rider P. O., Md. 

Rogers, Miss Julia R.. 821 X. Charles St. 

Rogers, Miss Maria B., "Lystra Springs," Green Spring Valley, Md. 

Rogers, Col. Charles B., "Lystra Springs," Green Spring Valley, Md. 

Rogers, Mrs. Grafton Dulany, Westminster, Md. 

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. R. Dorsey (nee May Martin), 

"Dorsey Hall," Ellicott City, Md. 
Rogers, The Messrs., "Dorsey Hall," Ellicott City, Md. 

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. James Lyon (nee Alice Levering), 

McDonough P. O., Md. 

Rogers, Mr. Kennedy Grogan, McDonough P. O.. Md. 

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. John G., Ellicott City, Md. 

Rogers, Miss Rose V., 1706 Madison Av. 

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. (nee Wilkins)), Watertown, Mass. 

Rogers, Air. Joseph, 218 E. Eager St. 

Rohe, Mrs. George H., The Mt. Royal. 

Rohe, Miss Margaret, The Mt. Royal. 

Rolando, The Misses, 1309 Park Av. 

Rollins, Mrs. Daniel (nee Wyman), "Homewood Villa," Charles-St. Av. 

Rollins, Air. Thornton, 746 W. Fayette St. 

Roman, Airs. Eloise (nee Lowndes), 52 Washington St., Cumberland, Aid. 
Roman, Air. and Airs. J. Philip (nee Alary Clark), 

52 Washington St., Cumberland, Aid. 

Rose, Air. and Airs. Richard Contee (nee Nina P. Didier), 

1722 X. Calvert St. 

Rosset, Air. and Airs. Thomas Childs de (nee Ida Evans Randolph) 

The Walbert. 

Ross, Aliss Georgina C, Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Ross, Mr. and Airs. Leroy Williams (nee Anna Alae Ehlen). 

549 9th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Roszel, Air. and Airs. S. George, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Roszell, Air. and Mrs. Julian Dulany (nee Janet Southgate Lemmcn), 

Roszel, Dr. and Airs. Brantz Mayer, University Club, Balto. 

(Sewanee, Tenn.) 



Roszel, Mrs. ( reorge !'».. 
Rt »szel, Mrs. Anna M.. 
R< iszel, Mr. ( le< >rge B., 

Roulston, Mr. Robert Bruce, 

Rouse, Mr. and Mr?. William C, 
Rouse. Miss Elizabeth Stribling, 
Rouse, Mr. John Gould, 
Rouse, Miss Evelyn Chapman. 
Rouse, Miss Roberta Hampton, 

Rous, Mrs. Charles, 
Rous, Miss Marion C. 
Rous, Miss Helen Woods, 

248 W. Hoffman St. 
248 W. Hoffman St. 
248 W. I I off man St. 

Country School for Boys, Charles St. 

1 1 18 St. Paul St. 

1 1 18 St. Paul St. 

1 1 18 St. Paul St. 

1 1 18 St. Paul St. 

1 1 18 St. Paul St 

252 W. Hoffman St. 
252 W. Hoffman St. 
252 W. Hoffman St. 

Rous, Dr. Francis Peyton, Rockefeller Inst, fur Med. Research, New York. 

Rowland, Mrs. Henry A., 

Rowland, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C, 
Rowland, Mr. C. Ranson, 

Rowland. Air. J. Harvey 2d, 

Rowland. Dr. and Airs. Jas. M. H., 
Rowland. Al iss India, 

Ruff, Mr. William Henderson, 

Rumbold, Capt. and Mrs. Henry E. W., 
Rumbold, Miss Ethel L. H., 

915 Cathedral St. 

15 W. Madison St. 
IS \V. Madison St. 

Princeton, N. J. 

1204 Madison A v. 
1204 Madison Av. 

1925 G St., Washington, D. C. 

Wood Hall, Dunlap, Va. 
Wood Hall, Dunlap, Va. 


Rumbold, Mr. Edmund L. H., 

Rumbold. Mr. and Mrs. C. 11. Hollins (nee Emma Wilson), 

"Escatawba," Callaghan P. O., Alleghany Co., Va. 

Rumsey, Dr. and Mrs. Charles L., 

Russell, Mrs. fames A.. 
Russell, Mr, William II. M., 

Russell, Dr. Wm. Wood, 

Russell, Miss. 

Russell, Miss May W.. 

Russell, Mr. James, 

812 Park Av. 

Hotel Sherwood. 
Hotel Sherwood. 

1208 Eutaw PI. 

Cor. Edmondson and Walnut Avs. 
Cor. Edmondson and Walnut Avs. 

Erie, Pa. 

Rutherfoord, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hawks-ley (nee Seddon), 

203 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park, Md. 
Rutherfoord, Miss Ellen Bruce, 209 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park, Md. 
Rutherfoord. Miss Anne Clark, 209 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park, Md. 
Rutherfoord, Miss Rosalie Seddon, 209 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. Aid 
Rutherfoord, Mr. Alex. H., Jr., 209 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. Md. 

Rutherford, Mr. and Mrs. Paul (nee Rena Stuart Slingluff), 

2216 Garrison Av., Walbrook. 

Ryland, Mr. S. P., Jr., ir W. Chase St. 

^p I A donMe postals sent out 
In October uuist 1>« re- 
turned l)y the 20th ©f that 
iaonth, otherwise, correc- 
tions and extra nances will be 
charged 20 cents each line. 















A Complete Line of Furniture ana Houseiurnisnings 



Delicious Ice Cream Soda and Sundaes 


Open Evenings 

18-20 East Baltimore Street 


Sadtler, Mrs. George T., 
Sadtler, Miss Florence Plitt, 

Sadtler, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Plitt, 

Sadtler, Mr. and Mrs. George Washington, 
Sadtler, Miss Sophia P. B., 

1622 Bolton St. 
1622 Bolton St. 

Sadtler, Mrs. Benjamin, 
Sadtler, Miss Clara Virginia, 
Sadtler, Miss Kate, 

Sadtler, Rev. and Mrs. John G., 

Sadtler, Mrs. Charles Herbert, 

SarTord. Miss Maud E., 

Sams, Rev. James J., D.D., 

Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. G., 

Sanders, The Misses, 

Mt. Washington, Md. 

26 East 25th St. 
26 East 25th St. 

14 East 25th St. 
14 East 25th St. 
14 East 25th St. 

St. Mary's Rectory, 600 R oland \v. 

1610 Bolton St 

1037 Cathedral St. 

150 W. I. an vale St. 

706 Reservoir St. 

1322 McCulloh St. 

Sanders, Mr. Franklin, 

Sanderson, Mrs. W. C, 
Sanderson, Miss E. Louise, 

Sanford, Mrs. Samuel King, . 

Sands. Mr. and Mrs. Frank X., 

Sappington, Miss Elizabeth C, 

Santos, Mrs. Alexander (nee Long), 

Sargeant, Mr. and Mrs. George H. (nee Dubois), 

Sargent, Mr. Thomas B., 

Sattler, Mrs. Edmund, 

Sattler, Mr. George William, 
Sattler, Miss Emma, 
Sattler, Mr. Augustus E., 

Sauerwein, Mrs. Mary G., 

Savage, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Adams (nee Hoge), 

300 Goodwood Road, Roland Park 

Scarff, Mrs. J. H., 1701 N. Charles St 

Scarlett, Mrs. William Geo, Hotel Belvedere 

Scarlett, Mrs. Robert Wetmore, 120S N.Charles St 

Schaefer, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund (nee Eugenia Martin), 

714 Court St.. Lynchburg, Va 

Schaefer, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund, Jr. ( nee Mary A. Harvey >. 

712 Court St., Lynchburg, Ya 


1322 McCulloh St. 

Bellevieu Manchester. 
Bellevieu Manchester. 

1016 X. Calvert St. 

Woodbrook, Balto. Co.. Md. 

926 X. Calvert St. 

18 W. Preston St. 

517 Cathedral St. 

239 W. Biddle St. 

914 St. Paul St. 

2519 N. Charles St. 
2519 N. Charles St. 
2519 X. Charles St. 

29 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

224 S 

Schaefer, Mrs. Henry, 1812 N.Charles St. 

Schaefer, Miss Eleanora, 1812 N.Charles St. 

Schaefer, Miss Anita McKim, 1812 N. Charles St. 

Schaefer, Miss Martha E., 1812 N. Charles St. 

Schaefer, Mr. Harry, t8i2 N.Charles St. 

Schaefer. Mrs. Charcilla P., The Berkeley. 

Schaeffer, Miss Ellen Morton, 11 1 W. Lanvale St. 

Schaeffer, Mr. and Mrs. Morton. 1206 John St. 

Scharff, Mr. and Mrs. John Paul (nee Edith Snowden), Chicago. 

Schenck, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin, 1007 St. Paul St. 

Schenck, Miss Mary Shippen, 1007 St. Paul St. 

Schenck, Dr. Charles Carroll, 1007 St. Paul St. 

Schenck, Mr. James Carroll. Castleton, Md. 

Schenck, Mr. Edwin, Jr.,Ct- 29 Chestnut St., Newark, N. J. 

Schenck, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott P., Address, 1 102 N.Charles St. 

Schermerhorn, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seymour, The Rochamheau. 

Schermerhorn, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan R., Beaumont A v., Catonsville, Md. 

Schley, Mrs. William C, 33 E. North Av. 

Schmucker, Judge and Mrs. Samuel D., \J\2 Park Av. 

Scott, Mr. and Mrs. James, 21 12 St. Paul St. 

Scott. Mi-s Xora Elizabeth, 2112 St. Paul St. 

Scott, Miss Margaret Josephine, 2112 St. Paul St. 

Scott. Miss Anna Florence P., 2112 St. Paul St. 

Scott. Mr. George Morton, 2112 St. Paul St. 

Scott. Miss Edith Stockton, 

Scott, Mr. and Mrs. T. Parkin (nee Nina E.Scott), 

Rolling Road, Relay, Md. 

Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Townsend, "Woodcliffe," Mt. Washington, Md. 

Scott. Miss lk-k-n Townsend. "Woodcliffe," Mt. Washington, Md. 

Scott, Dr. and Mrs. S. I., Sandy Spring, Md. 

Scovell, Mr. Robert J.. 237 W. Lanvale St. 

Seager, Miss, 1226 McCulloh St. 

Seager, Mr. Edward, 1226 McCulloh St. 

Sears, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Edmund (nee Mary Ellen Balch), 

St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. 

Seddon, Mr and Mrs. William C. (nee A. C. F. Judge), 

206 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Seddon. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M.. 1732 St. Paul St. 

Seddon, Miss, 1732 St. Paul St. 

Seddon, Mr. S. Venablc, New York. 


Sedwick, Aliss Margaret, 
Sedwick, Miss Elizabeth, 

Seeger, Mr. and Mrs. Paul A., 

Seevers, The Misses, 

(South Av., Alt. Washington.) 

/^Selden, Mrs. S. P. (nee Baltzell), 
Selden, Miss Alice H., 

Selden, Mr. Montgomery O., 

13TI John St. 
131 1 John St. 

"Annandale,"' Roslyn P. O.. Aid. 

869 Park Av. 

131 \Y. Lanvale St. 
131 W. Lanvale St. 

Selden, Airs. Montgomery O., 

Selden, Air. William Allen, 

Selden, Air. Robert D , 

Selden, Air. Arthur Taylor, 

Sellman, Dr. and Airs. W. A. B., 
Sellman, Air. Reginald O., 

Sellman, The Alisses, 
Sellman, The Alessrs., 

Sellman, Airs. Lee Wilson, 

Sellman, Airs. S. Belle, 

Sellman, Air. and Airs. Richard B., 

Semmes, Aliss Julia Egerton, 

Semmes. Air. and Airs. John E. (nee Fiayward), 
Semmes, Aliss Frances C, 
Semmes, Air. John E., Jr., 

Seth, Airs. T. Alexander, "Windsor Place," Windsor Alill Road, Walbrook. 
Seth, Aliss Frances B., "Windsor Place," Windsor Alill Road. Walbrook. 
Seth, Air. Alexander L.. "Windsor Place," Windsor Alill Road, Walbrook. 

529 X. Charles St. 
529 N. Charles St. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Baltimore Club. 

The Alt. Royal Apartment. 
The Alt. Royal Apartment. 

1429 John St. 
1429 John St. 

1421 Park Av. 

1418 Alt. Royal Av. 

212 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

10 E. Eager St. 
10 E. Eager St. 
10 E. Eager St. 

Seudder, Aliss Sylvia, 

Sexton, Air. and Airs. S. B., 
Sexton, Aliss Emma E., 
Sexton, Aliss Alay E., 

Shackelford, Air. and Airs. W. T., 
Shackelford, Air. W.T., Jr.. 

Shackelford, Aliss J. O.. 

Shackleford, Aliss Isabel, 
Shackleford, Aliss Florence R., 
Shackleford. Aliss Lyna, 

Shanklin, Air. and Airs. Arthur P. 

Sharp, Judge George M., 

1914 Eutaw PI. 
1914 Eutaw PI. 
1914 Eutaw PI. 

1307 Park Av. 
1307 Park Av. 

1307 Park Av. 

1705 X. Charles St. 
1705 X. Charles St. 
1705 X T . Charles St. 

1714 N. Charles St. 

2105 St. Paul St. 

•i.'s e 


haw, Mr. and .Mr-. Win. Checkley (nee Stewart >. 

1321 Qg1ft Vir>r p / ' St., Macon, Ga. 
Shaw. Mi-- Anne De Butts, [321 Oglethorpe St.. Macon, Ga. 

Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart, Marquette, Mich. 

Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Checkley Jr., Macon, Ga. 

Shearer, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas, 905 N.Charles St. 

Shearer. Mi-- Mary B., 905 N. Charles St. 

Shearer, Dr. Thomas L., 905 N. Charles St. 

Sherburne, Mr. and Mrs. John Henry, Jr. (nee Mary Patterson Harris), 

92 High St.. Brookline, Ma--. 

Sheridan. Mrs. John. "Bruce House," Mt. Savage. Md. 

Sheridan, Miss Annie, "Bruce House," Mt. Savage, Md. 

Sherman, Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Mason (nee Martha Keyser Levering), 

American Episcopal Mission, Hankow, China. 

Sherwood. Mrs. Robert H., 14 W. Preston St. 

( "Clover Patch." North 1 1 at ley P. Q„ Can. ) 

Sherwood, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney (nee Agnes f\ Smith), 

Cor. Calvert and jyl Si-. 

Shertzer, Dr. and Mrs. A. Trego, S. W. Cor. Preston St. and Maryland Av. 
Shertzer, Mr. and Mr-. Tyrrell Bradbury, 

S. W. Cor. Preston St. and Maryland Aw 

Shift, Miss M. C. Eugenie, 36 E. Preston St. 

Shirr, Miss Florence, 36 E. Preston St. 

Shipley, Mrs. William H., "Green Spring," Garrison, Md. 

Shipley, Mrs. C. Howard, Rider P. O., Sherwood, Baltimore Co., Md 

Shipley, Miss Ruth E., Rider P. O., Sherwood, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Shipley, Mr. Howard B., Rider P. O., Sherwood, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Shipley, Dr. George, 823 Hamilton Ter. 

Shipley, Mrs. Ida C, 41 Putnam Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Shippen, Mrs. Edward (nee Nicholson), 209 W. Monument St. 

Shippen. Dr. Lloyd P. ( (J. S. X. ). 2 19 W. Monument Si. 

Post, Mr. J. E. Howard, 209 W. Monumenl Si. 

Shirk, Mr. Laac H., 2133 Maryland Av. 

Shirley, Mr. and Mrs.Joseph \\\. 1'. O. Station E, Baltimore. 

Shoemaker, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M., Jr., "Burnside," Eccleston P. O., Md. 

Shoemaker, Mrs. Edward (nee Turnbull), 1031 X.Calvert St. 

Shorh. Mr. and Mr-. E. V.. 

Shreve, Mr-. R. T.. 11 1 W. Lanvale Si. 

(Ocean City. Md. ) 

S 227 

Shreve, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, Lee (nee Gale), 

Chesapeake Ay., Towson, Md. 

Shreve, Mr. and Mrs. Oswald T. (nee Buchanan). 1315 John St. 

Shreve, Mr. C. A. Buchanan, 13 15 John St. 

Shriver, Mrs. J. Alexander, 518 Cathedral St. 

Shriver, Mr. John S., 518 Cathedral St. 

Shriver, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence, 606 St. Paul St. 

Shriver, Miss Olivia B., 606 St. Paul St. 

Shriver, Mr. and Mrs. J. Alexis (nee Van Bibber). 

"Olney Farm," Wilna P. O., Harford Co. 

Shriver, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Owings, 607 St. Paul St. 

Shriver, Mr. Mark Owings, Jr., 607 St. Paul St. 

Shriver, Mr. and Mrs. C. Columbus (nee Payne), 1319 X.Calvert St. 

Shriver, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F., 621 W. North Av. 

Shriver, Mrs. Henry Courtney, 17 15 Bolton St. 

Shriver. Mr. Alfred Jenkins, University Club. 

Shriver, Mr. Edward Jenkins, 10S W. Mulberry St. 

Shriver, Mr. Robert H., Care of Fitz-Gerald, Wedge & Co. 

Shryock, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J., 1401 Madison Av. 

Shryock, Miss Annie B., 1401 Madison Av. 

Sibley, Mr. and Mrs. Frank (nee Markoe), New York City. 

Sills, Mr. and Mrs. John \Y.. The Marlborough. 

Sills, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. (nee O'Donndl). 1423 Bolton St. 

Simons, Mr. Bond Ion, 873 Park Av. 

Simonton, Miss Helen M., 904 McCulloh St. 

Simmons, Miss, 807 St. Paul St. 

Simmons, Dr. and Mrs. Horace Melville, 1706 Park PI. 

Simpson, Ccm. and Mrs. Edward, 

American Embassy. 125 Victoria St., London, Eng. 

Simpson, Mr. E. Ridgely, Princeton University, Princeton, N. J. 

Simpson. Mr. and Mrs. Robert, "Maple Hill," Falls Road and 37th St. 

Sims, Mrs. Mary Turnbull, Mt. Royal Apartments. 

Sinclair. Mr. Arthur. Sr., Vienna. Fairfax Co., Va. 

Sinclair, Miss Lelia Imogen. 1028 Cathedral St. 

Sinclair, Mr. Arthur. Jr., 1028 Cathedral St. 

Singer, Mr. and Mrs. John Vincent. 3631 15th St., N. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sioussat, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, "Stoney Croft/' Lake Roland P. O., Md. 


Sioussat, Mr. Wm. Leonard, ^~\~ Madison A v., Chicago, 111. 

Sioussat, Mr. St. George Leakin, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Sioussat, Mr. and .Mr-. Maurice Jos. Tallyrand (nee Doyle), The Cecil. 

Sippel, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 1728 Linden Av. 

- SCO, Mr. Charles T., 2229 N. Charles St. 

Sizer. Mr. and Mrs. Rohert R., 

69 W.85th St., New York, and "Norwood," Port Washington, L. I. 

Sisters of Notre Dame, Charlcs-St. Av. 

Skerrett, .Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. (nee Mary Preston), Berlin, Germany. 

Skinker, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rives (nee Elizabeth B. Selden), 

493] Laclede Av.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Skinner. Mrs. Annie W., 15*4 Malster Av. 

Skinner, Miss lna, I5U Malster Av. 

Skirven, Mrs. M. A., 1415 Linden Av. 

^Slade, Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. (nee Carolyn McCormick), New York City. 

Slagle, Mrs. Charles W., 1227 Linden Av. 

Slagle, Mr. Carlton M., 1227 Linden Av. 

Slagle, Mr. and Mrs. D. Clinton (nee Bessie Ingram), 

208 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Slagle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Jr., Roland Park. 

Slagle, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob W., Hotel Belvedere. 

Slingluff, Mr. and Mrs. Horace (nee Johns), 1624 Bolton St. 

Slingluff, Mr. Horace, Jr., 1624 Bolton Si. 

Slingluff, Miss A. C, 1624 Bolton St. 

Slingluff, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lee, 1624 Bolton St. 

Slingluff, Mr. and Mrs. C. Bohn, 159 W. Lanvale St. 

Slingluff, Miss Ella, 159 \V. Lanvale St. 

Slingluff, Mrs. C. Bohn, 159 vV. Lanvale St. 

Slingluff, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse (nee Kernan), 2925 N.Calvert St. 

Slingluff, Mr. and Mr>. Fielder Cross (nee Johnson ). 

[02 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Slingluff, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rowland (nee Gertrude R. Jenkins), 

924 Cathedral St. 

Slingluff, Mr. Fielder C, Jr., San Francisco, Cal. 

Slingluff, Dr. and Mrs. Frank, 1702 N.Calvert St. 

Slingluff, Mr. Hambleton, 170-' N. Calvert St. 

Slingluff, Mr. Thos. Cross, 1702 N.Calvert St. 

Slingluff, Mr. Frank, Jr., Midshipman, I'. S. N. Academy, Annapolis. 



Slingluff, Mrs. Richard Sewell, 

Frederick, Md. 

^"Slingluff, Mr. and Mrs. Upton (nee Emma E. Wigart), 

2301 Douglas St., Omaha, Neb. 

Slingluff, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac, Gloucester C. H., Va. 

Slingluff, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee (nee Mary Imogen Dorsey), The Cecil. 

Sloane, Mr. and Mrs. Francis James, 202 W. 79th St., New York City. 

Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher (nee Buzby), 23 E. Eager St. 

23 E. Eager St. 
6 W. Madison St. 

Sloan, Miss Mary Buzby, 

Sloan, Miss Nannie E., 

("Fairlea," Lutherville, Md.) 

Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. Robert N., 

"Fernwood," Green Spring Valley, Lutherville Rural Free Delivery. 

Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. George F., Jr. (nee Buela Helene Parker), 

102 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Sloan. Mr. and Mrs. Frank B., Hansel Hall, Windsor Hills, Balto. 

Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. F. Eugene (nee Josephine Richards), 

Hansel Hall, Windsor Hills, Balto. 

Sloan, Miss Mildred Cushing, 

Sloan, Miss Isabelle H.. 
Sloan, Miss Elizabeth B., 
Sloan, Mr. George F., 

Slocum, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 

Small, Miss Alice H., 
Small, Miss Florence McL., 

Small, Mr. and Mrs. Henry II., 

Smallwood, Mrs. Tames B.. 

Hansel Hall, Windsor Hills, Balto. 

1 103 St. Paul St. 
1 103 St. Paul St. 
1 103 St. Paul St. 

1208 N. Calvert St. 

The Cleveland, 1415 Linden Av. 
The Cleveland, 141 5 Linden Av. 

Germantown, Pa. 

1518 Linden Av. 
200 W. Lafayette Av. 
t6 E. Franklin St. 

Brooklandville, Md. 
Brooklandville, Md. 

Smith, Mrs. Alan P., 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Alan P., Jr. (nee McShane), 

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Ryno (nee Brown), 
Smith, Miss Fannie Winchester, 

> Smith, Mrs. Walter Prescott (nee Charlotte Williams), 18 E.Madison St. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Talbot D. (nee Juliette E. Whiteley), 

311 W. Lanvale St. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. A. Crawford (nee Albert), 
Smith, Mr. A. Crawford, Jr., 
Smith, Mr. Marshall, 

*"" Smith, Rev. and Mrs. Chester Mansfield, 

Smith, Mrs. Frederick H., 
Smith, Miss Julia Elizabeth, 
Smith, Mr. Frederick R., 

The St. Paul. 
The St. Paul. 
The St. Paul. 

847 Park Av. 

1424 Park Av. 
1424 Park Av. 
1424 Park Av. 

280 S 

Smith, Mr. Shaler <i.. Delta Phi Clubhouse, New York. 

Smith, Miss Virginia Hope, The Preston, E. Preston St. and Guilford Av. 

Smith, Capt. John Donnell, 505 Park Av. 

Smith, Mrs. Rodney B., Mt. Washington, Md. 

Smith, Miss Margarel Meredith, 1329 Park Av. 

Smith, Mis- Virginia, 1329 Park Av. 

Smith, Miss Neva V., 2 W. 39th St., New York. 

Smith, Mrs. J. Van, 2 W. 39th St., New York. 

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. G. Marshall, 1009 Madison Av. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Aston (nee Elizabeth W. Rieman), 

"Ridge Rest," Towson P. O., Md. 

Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Livingston, 20 W. Madison St. 

( Woodmere, Long island ). 

Smith, Mrs. Thomas Marsh, 311 Roland A v., Roland Park. 

Smith. Mrs. Frank T., Princess Anne, Md. 

Smith. Mr. Robert W., Baltimore Club. 

Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Flower (nee Rogers). 719 Park Av. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hopkinson, Jr. (nee Annie Kidder;, 

Wilmington. X. C. 

Smith. Mr. and Mrs. R. Man son (nee Whitridge), 4 E. Biddle St. 

Smith. Miss Olive Cushing, 4 E- Biddle St. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. R. Marsden, 696 Reservoir St. 

Smith, Mr.and Mrs. Fred. W. (nee Eva F.Churchill), 

3495 Brookline A v., Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Smith, Mr. Robert \\\. 3 Midvale R^oad, Roland Park. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. T. Marshall (nee Selina Keighler), 294J Si. Caul St. 
Smith, Mrs. Mary Marshall, 813 E.Grace St.*, Richmond, Va. 

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Lee ( nee Elsie G.Henry), -701 N. Calveii St. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Levering (nee Jennie Wrenn), 

"Kitwells," Green Spring Valley, Md., Stevenson P.O. 

Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Tunstall (nee Fairfax), The Preston. 

Smith, Miss Marion Tunstall, The Preston. 

Smith. Mi- Rosalie Tunstall, 107 W. North Av. 

Smith. Mi- Anita Tunstall. 107 W. North Av. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George R. Gaither (nee Eugenia Rogers), 

Ellicott City, Md. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Victor (nee Bird), 22 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 


^Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Edgeworth (nee Velma T. Rawls), 

Address 22 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Mr. Willoughby N, 

Mr. Raleigh Colston, 

Mrs. Samuel Richardson, 

Mr. and Airs. Courtauld Wharton. 

216 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 
216 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

1230 N. Calvert St. 
1230 N. Calvert St. 

1206 John St. 
1206 John St. 

2200H Etitaw PI. 

Mr. D. C. Wharton 2d. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H., 
Miss Helen Alford, 

Miss M. Alice. 
Miss Elizabeth W., 
















Smith. Mrs. B. F., 
Smith, Miss Julia E., 






Maryland Club. 

The Baltimore News. 

923 Cathedral St. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nichols, 

Mr. and Mrs. Beverly W., 

Miss F. Barbour, 
Miss L. Hopkinson, 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T., 
Dr. Joseph T., Jr., 

Mrs. William H. V., 
Miss Mary J., 
Miss Charlotte E., 
Mr. Joseph J., 

Mr. Oscar W., 

Mrs. Carlyle Herbert (nee Herbert). 

"Edgewood," Theological Seminarv P. O.. Fairfax Co., Va. 

132 W. Lanvale St. 


The Cecil, N. Eutaw St. 
The Cecil, N. Eutaw St. 

939 N. Calvert St. 

939 N. Calvert St. 

939 N. Calvert St. 

939 N. Calvert St. 

The Arundel. 

1625 Eutaw PI. 

1325 Bolton St. 

220 E. Biddle St. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roberts. 

The Misses, 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Q. H., Jr. (nee Isabel Opie), 

Mr. Truxtcn, 

(Of 1311 Park Ay.) South for the Winter. 
(Of 131 1 Park Av.) South for the Winter. 

Mr. Harry B., 1311 Park Av. 

Mr. Frank- B.. 

Mr. and Mrs. Granville (nee Rebecca Hurst), 

Mrs. John E., 

Mr. Arthur Fisher, 

Mr. Guy F*itz-Gerald, 

Mr. and Mrs. John Walter, Snow Hill, Worcester Co., Md. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Howard (nee Jane Swindell). The Severn. 

131 1 Park Av. 

1 1 W. Preston St. 

Westminster. Md. 
Westminster, Md. 
Westminster, Md. 



Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Capito, 2025 Maryland Av. 

Smith, Mr. Fitzgerald C, 2025 Maryland Av. 

Smith, Lieut, and Mrs. W. D. (nee Egerton), West Point, N. Y. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore James, Castle Heights, Geneva, N. Y. 

Smoot, Mr. C. D., 422 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Smoot, Mrs. L. R., 422 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Smull, Mrs. Georgie, 2018 Mt. Royal Terrace. 

Smull. Mr. Miltenberger Neale, 2018 Mt. Royal Terrace. 

Smull. Mr. and Mrs. George Warner (nee Laura Cockev), 

1814 N. Charles St. 

Smull, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert (nee Helen May Ferguson), 1618 John St. 

Snead, Mrs. S. U., 417 N.Charles St. 

Snead, Miss Margaret K., 417 N. Charles St. 

Snead, Miss Susie U., Herkimer St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1317 N. Charles St. 

Sneeringer, Mr. Wm. J., 
Sneeringer, Mr. Wm. J., Jr., 

Snell, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe, 
Snell, Miss Janet S., 

Snowden, Mr. and Mrs. Basil H. (nee Wilkins), 
Snowden, Miss Mary Bedford, 
Snowden, Miss Sarah English, 

Snowden, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W.. 

Snowden, Mr. and Mrs. Wilton, 
Snowden, Miss Mary R., 
Snowden, Miss M. Louise, 
Snowden, Mr. Wilton, Jr., 

Sollers, Mr. and Mrs. Somerville, 

Sollers, Mr. Basil, 

Sparrow, Mr. Carroll M., 

Spear, Miss Louise D.. 

Spear. Mr. and Mrs. James O., 
Spear, Miss Margaretta L., 

Spear, Mr. James O., Jr., 

Spcer, Mrs. Margaret Taylor. 

1317 N. Charles St. 

311 W. Hoffman St. 
311 W. Hoffman St. 

216 E. Biddle St. 
216 E. Biddle St. 
216 E. Biddle St. 

239 W. Biddle St. 

605 Cathedral St. 

605 Cathedral St. 

605 Cathedral St. 

605 Cathedral St. 

131 1 John St. 

1208 Bolton St. 

Johns Hopkins University. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

407 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 
407 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Wm. dlaw 11 Road, Roland Park. 

Speller, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Newman (nee Roberta Thorburn Hughes), 

"Shadyside" and Tilbury Av., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Spence, Mr. W. \\ '., 

Spence, Mr. and Mrs. W. W., Jr. (nee Wade), 

Spence, Mrs. ( lharles Reid, 

1205 St. Paul St. 
1205 St. Paul St. 

Catonsville, Md. 


Spence, Mr. James C, 
Spence, Miss Charlotte C, 

Spencer. Mrs. John, 
Spencer, Miss, 

Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Jervis, 
Spencer. Mr. Jervis, Jr.. 
Spencer, Mr. Richard Ragan, 

Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. (nee Whiting), 

Spencer, Mr. Lindsay Coleman, 
Spencer, Miss Elizabeth Coleman, 

Sperry. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Evans, 

Spier, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wade (nee Barker), 

Spooner, Mrs. D. N., 
Spooner, Misses, 

Sprague, Mr. and Mrs. Emile S., 

Spngg, Mrs. George H., 

Sprigg, Miss Maria Eleanor, 

Spruill, Dr. St. Clair, 

Stabler, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan, 
Stabler, Miss Florence, 
Stabler, Mr. J. Herbert, 

Stabler, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, Jr., 
Stabler, Mr. Raymond P., 

Stabler, Mr. E. Alford, 

Stabler, Mr. Llewellyn M., 

Stabler, Mr. Harry Snowden, 

7 E. Biddle St. 
7 E. Biddle St. 

925 Cathedral St. 
925 Cathedral St. 

Garrison, Md. 
Garrison, Md. 
Garrison, Md. 

317 Dolphin St. 

1213 N. Calvert St. 
1213 N. Calvert St. 

1808 N. Calvert St. 

Orange, N. J. 

Boston. Mass. 
Boston, Mass. 

The Brexton. 

St. John's Rectory, Waverly. 

The Hoffman, 305 W. Hoffman St. 

1002 Cathedral St. 

339 Dolphin St. 
339 Dolphin St. 
339 Dolphin St. 

6to Reservoir St. 
6to Reservoir St. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

149 W. Lanvale St. 

804 N. Calvert St. 

Stanford, Mr. and Mrs. Farrington, Jr., 276 Kingston Aw, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Stanley, Mr. James G., 

Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. (nee Robinson), 

Stansbnry, Miss Sophia M., 

Staples, Rev. Frank Flay, 
Staples, Miss, 

Stark, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. (nee Stickney), 

L T niversity Club. 

218 W. Lanvale St. 

206 W. Monument St. 

827 Hamilton Terrace. 
827 Hamilton Terrace. 

Norfolk. Va. 

Starr, Miss, 

Starr, Miss Clara Edith, 

Starr, Miss Elizabeth Ellen, 

114 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 
114 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 
114 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Starr, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sharpless (nee Marjorie Russell Murdoch). 

"The Morris." Philadelphia, Pa. 

j:!4 S 

Staub, Mrs. Richard Parran Henry, T714. N.Calvert St. 

Staub, Mr. and Mrs. John Tegmeyer, 1714 N. Charles St. 

Staub, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parran Henry, Jr., 1714 N.Charles St. 

Staub, Mr. and Mrs. William Henry, 809 Hamilton Terrace. 

Steele. Mi>> Mary, The Arundel. 

Steele, Miss Rosa, The Arundel. 

Steele, Miss Kate, The Arundel. 

Steele. Mrs. I lenry M. ( nee McKim), 

Steele, Mr. and Mrs. S. Tagart (nee Thompson), 20 W.Madison St. 

Steele, Mr. S. Tagart. Jr., 29 Claverly 1 1 all, Cambridge, Mass. 

Steele, Mr. John N., ■ ?T Broadway . New York City. 

Steele, Mr. and Mrs. John N. Steele, Jr. (nee Katharine Lyman), 

Rushrun, W. Va. 

Steele. Medical Inspector and Mrs. John Murray (U. S. N.), 

Garrison Forest, Md. 

Steele, Mr. and Mrs. J. Guy W. (nee Rogers), Westminster, Md. 

Steele, Mrs. Ella Harris, 857 Hamilton Ter. 

Steele. Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter (nee Mary E. Hazlehurst), 

2226 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Steiner, Mrs. Lewis H., 1038 N. Eutaw St. 

Steiner, Miss Gertrude R., 1038 N. Eutaw St. 

Steiner, Miss Bertha R., 1038 N. Eutaw St. 

Steiner, Miss Amy L., 1038 N. Eutaw St. 

Steiner, Mr. Bernard C, 1038 N. Eutaw St. 

Steiner, Dr. Walter R., 4 Trinity St., Hartford, Conn. 

Stellman, Mrs. George P., 

Stellman, Mr. and Mrs. William H., Sudbrook Park. 

Stellwagen, Miss Catherine Cook, 1813 St. Paul St. 

Stellwagen, Mr. Henry E., 1813 St. Paul St. 

Sterett, Mrs. Mary H., 907 St. Paul St. 

Stetson, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene \V. (nee Josephine Shaw ). Macon, Ga. 

Steuart, Mrs. Donaldson, 2001 N. Calvert St. 

Steuart, Miss Mary Bartow, 2001 N. Calvert St. 

Steuart, Miss Frances M., 2001 N. Calvert St. 

Steuart, Mr. Archibald, 2001 N. Calvert St. 

Steuart. Mr. and Mrs. W. Donaldson, Jr. (nee Elizabeth If. Matthews), 

1304 John St. 

Steuart, Miss Isabel C, 839 Park Av. 

Steuart, Miss M. Louisa, 839 Park Av. 

Steuart, Miss Emily B., 839 Park Av. 



Steuart, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur (nee Ellicott), 

Xormandy Heights, Roland Park. 

Steuart, Miss Hannah Fox, 
Steuart, Miss Susan E., 

Steuart, Mr. and Mrs. James L., 

Steuart, Mrs. James H., 
Steuart, Miss Henrietta, 
Steuart, Mr. James Edmondson, 

Steuart. Mrs. William A., 

Stevens, Mrs. Francis Putnam. 

Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J., 
Stevens, Miss Cynthia J., 
Stevens, Miss Sarah Eccleston, 

Stevenson, The Rev. and Mrs. J. Ross, 

Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew, 

Stevenson, Mr. Henry Neville, 

Stewart. Mrs. Charles Morton, 
Stewart, Mis-. 

Stewart, Miss Doris Liirman. 
Stewart, Mr. S. Liirman, 
Stewart, Mr. W. Donnell, 

Xormandy Heights, Roland Park. 
Normandy Heights, Roland Park. 

10 Union St., Montclair, X. J. 

1035 St. Paul St. 
1035 St. Paul St. 
1035 St. Paul St. 

Dixon Park, Mt. Washington. 

731 W. Xorth Av. 
731 W. Xorth Av. 
731 W. Xorth Av. 

13 16 Park Av. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

25 W. 20th St. 

'"Cliffeholme. " Garrison. Md. 
"Cliffeholme," Garrison. Md. 
"Cliffeholme," Garrison. Md. 
"Cliffeholme," Garrison. Md. 
"Cliffeholme," Garrison, Md. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Redmond Conyngham( nee Katherine Lattimer Small), 

"Skyfield," Eccleston P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. W. Plunket (nee Elsie F. Cassatt), Haverford, Pa. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Lurman (nee Anna Gilmor), 

"The Rookery," Eccleston, P. O., Md. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. C. Morton, Jr. (nee McHenry). 

"Finlagen," Eccleston P. O., Md. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (nee Elizabeth Poultney Pleasant-). 

2S Common St.. Dedham, Mass. 

Stewart, Mrs. John, Jr. (nee Keyser), 104 W. Monument St. 

Stewart, Mr. David, The Colonial, 1005 N T . Charles St. 

Brown, Shipley & Co., London. 

Oglethorpe St.. Macon, Ga. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (nee Roberts), Westminster, Md. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. William A., Jr., "Idylwild," Ilchester. Md. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Alexander (nee Bessie Riach), 

Mt. Washington. Md. 

Stewart. Mrs. John Henderson, 1205 X. Calvert St. 

Stewart, Mrs. David, 
^f Stewart, Mrs. John, 


Stickney, Mrs. Franklin Edward-. 

Stickney, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 
Stickney, Mr. George Lewis, 
Stickney, Mr. I [enry, 

Stieff, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P., 
Stieff, Miss Florence, 

Stieff. Mr. George W.. 
Sum. Mr. Fred R.,Jr., 

Stier. Dr. and Mrs. Jay 1 1 ugh, 

Stiles, Mrs. Somerville Hopper, 

Stiles, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund S., 

The Washington Apts. 

1612 Park Av. 
1612 Park Av. 
1612 Park Av. 

1222 St. Paul St. 
1222 St. Paul St. 
1222 St. Paul St. 
1222 St. Paul St. 

"Liliandale," Ferryman, Harford Co. 

[821 Guilford A v. 

21 1 W. Lanvale St. 

"Wilna Farm," Wilna, Harford Co., Md. 
"Wilna Farm," Wilna, Harford Co., Md. 
•'Wilna Farm," Wilna, Harford Co.. Md. 
1609 N.Calvert St. (for the Winter). 
"Wilna Farm," Wilna, Harford Co., Md. 

Stirling. Mr. and Mrs. Archibald. 
Stirling. Mi-s Margaret Eyre, 
Stirling. Mr. Archibald, Jr., 
Stirling. Mis- Anne Lloyd, 
Stirling. Mr. O. Mathiot, 

("Wilna Farm," Wilna, Harford Co., Md.) 

Stirling, Miss Virginia U., 1609 N. Calvert St. 

Stirling. Miss Elizabeth. 1609 N.Calvert St. 

Stirling. Mr. J. Edward, 1609 X. Calvert St. 

Stirling, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. (nee Sara V. Daingerfield), 

Graham Court, 1 16th St. and 7th Av., N. Y. 

Stirling, Miss Elizabeth N., Westminster, Md. 

Stirling. Mr. and Mrs. G. Howard (nee Sellers), 

W. Alleghany A v., Towson, Md. 

Stirling, Rear-Adm. and Mrs. Yates (U. S. N.), 209 W. Lanvale St. 

Stirling, The Misses, 209 W. Lanvale St. 

Stirling, Lieut. -Com. and Mrs. Yates (U. S. N.) (nee Adelaide Egbert), 

Baltimi ire. 
Stirling. Ensign Archibald ( U. S. X.). Baltimore. 

[613 St. Paul St. 
I613 Si. Paul St. 

Stitt, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. (nee Mary L. Pendleton ), Hot Springs. Ark. 

/ St. John, Mr. and Mrs. William Henry (nee Eleanor Tarleton Reynolds), 

81 Sigourney St., 1 1 art ford. Conn. 

Stockbridge, Mrs. Henry, n N.Calhoun St. 

kbridge, Judge and Mrs. Henry, Jr., 11 X.Calhoun St. 

Stockbridge, Mr. Enos S., n X. Calhoun St. 

Stockbridge, Mr. Henry 3d, 11 N.Calhoun St. 

Stockdale, Mr. and Mrs. James T. (nee Anne Poultney Robinson), 

16 Gillespie St., Schenectady, N. Y. 

kton, Mr. Howard, 31 Commonwealth A v., Boston, Mass. 

kton, The Messrs., 31 Commonwealth A v., Boston, Mass. 

Stirling, Miss Elizabeth Upshur, 
Stirling, Miss Marjorie Lloyd, 

S 237 

Stokes, .Mr. and Airs. Bradley T.. 24 E.Madison St. 

Stokes, Miss Anna Alden, 24 E. Madison St. 

Stokes, Miss Mary Charlton, 24 E. Madison St. 

Stokes, Dr. and Mrs. William Royal (nee Dunderdale), 1639 N. Calvert St. 

Stokes, Miss Elizabeth H., 619 St. Paul St. 

Stokes, Miss Nannie C, 619 St. Paul St. 

Stokes, Miss Emma Louisa, 506 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Stokes, Mr. William B., 506 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Stokes, Dr. J. Ernest, Salisbury, N. C. 

Stokes, Mr. and Mrs. John, "Briarfield," Station L, Roland Av. 

Stokes, Miss Phyllis Austen, "Briarfield," Station L, Roland Av. 

Stone, Rev. and Mrs. George Barker, Washington, D. C. 

Stone, Mrs. S. Bainbridge, 223 W. Lanvale St. 

Stone, Miss Mary Bainbridge, 223 W. Lanvale St. 

Stone, Miss Marion R., 240 W. Lanvale St. 

Stone, Miss Lucy Vernon, 240 W. Lanvale St. 

Stonebraker, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (nee Edith Dushane Hynson), 

Stork, Mrs. Wm. Lynch, .... 

Stork, Miss Bellah W., ...'. 

Stork, Mr. and Airs. John W. (nee Hortense Mclntire), The Winona. 

Storrs, Mr. and Mrs. Gervas, Jr. (nee Mullikin), 214 E.Lafayette Av. 

Storrs, Miss Rebecca Lewis, 214 E. Lafayette Av. 

Story, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., 2324 N. Calvert St. 

Story, Mr. F. W. Marion, 2324 N. Calvert St. 

Stovall, Mr. and Mrs. John Willis (nee Wright), Sto vail, Miss. 

Stowe, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Godwin, 10 E. Alt. Royal Av. 

Stowe, Miss, 10 E. Mt. Royal Av. 

Stowe, Air. Thomas G., Jr., 10 E. Alt. Royal Av. 

Stowell, Rev. and Mrs. Horace Wood (nee Lydia Presstman Reynolds), 

St. James' Rectory, Westernport, Aid. 

Stowell, (of Cal.) Air. and Mrs., The Alt. Royal. 

Straughn, Air. and Airs. John, The Mt. Royal. 

Straus, Mr. and Airs. J. L., 1812 Eutaw PI. 

Straus, Air. W. R., 1812 Eutaw PI. 

Straus, Air. Philip, 1812 Eutaw PI. 

Street, Dr. and Airs. David, 712 Park Av. 

Street, Air. D. Corbin, 712 Park Av. 

Strong, Aliss Alary, New York City. 

Strong, Dr. and Airs. Richard Pearson, Manila, Philippine Islands. 

298 S 

Strother. Mrs. Richard II., 1025 Cathedral St. 

Strother, Mr. and Mrs. T. Nelson, Ruxton, Md. 

Strunz, Mr. and Mrs. Hans (nee Vinton), Dresden, Germany. 

Stryker, Mr. Heber Halsey, 84 William St., New York City. 

Stryker, Mr. Clarence Wilson, St. John's College, Annapolis, Md 

Stryker, Miss Rosabel C, 918 Madison A v. 

Stryker, Mrs. P. W., 134 W. Lanvale St. 

Stryker, Miss Elizabeth, 134 W. Lanvale St. 

Stuart. Miss Nannie O., 153° Bolton St. 

Stuart, Mr. T. Keating, 1530 Bolton St. 

Stuart. Mr. and Mrs. William (nee Sue C.Williams). 

Stow N. B., "Bursehouse," Scotland. 

Stuart, Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. (nee Mary Ridgely), St. Davids, Pa. 

Stump, Mr. and Mrs. H. Arthur, 1034 N. Calvert St. 

Stump, Mr. and Mrs. Bertram N., 

"Stafford Farm," Emmorton P. O., Harford Co., Md. 

Stump, Col. and Mrs. Herman (nee Mary Fernandez De Valasco), 

"Waverley," Belair, Md. 

Stump, Mr. and Mrs. A. Hamilton, 125 W. Lanvale St. 

Stump, Miss Marnie W., 125 W. Lanvale St. 

Stump, Miss May G., 125 W. Lanvale St. 

Sudler, Col. and Mrs. John Emory, "Tudor," Lothian, Md. 

Sudler, Miss Elsa, "Tudor," Lothian, Md. 

Sudler, Mr. Ralph Erie, 2116 St. Paul St. 

Sudler, Miss Anette M.. 2116 St. Paul St. 

Sudler, Mr. Emory, 21 16 St. Paul St. 

Sudler, Miss Harriet M., 2116 St. Paul St. 

Sudler, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 1-:.. 2526 St. Paul St. 

Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Felix R. (nee Buchanan), 1728 N.Calvert St. 

Sullivan, Miss Mary, 1728 N. Calvert St. 

Sullivan, Miss Nannie Lloyd, 1728 N. Calvert St. 

Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Felix R., Jr. (nee Nancy Willing Murray), 

"Elihank," Elkridge P. C, Md. 
Sullivan, Mr. F. Buchanan, 

The Margrave, Chestnut and 20th Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Mark (nee Marie McM. Buchanan), 

15 E. 10th St., New York City. 

Supplee, Col. and Mrs. J. Frank, 1625 Eutaw PI. 

Supplee, Miss Daisy K., 1625 Eutaw PI. 

Supplee, Mr. Albert Cummings, 1625 Eutaw PI. 

Supplee, Mr. J. Frank, Jr., West Forest Park. Maine A v., Baltimore. 

S 239 

Supplee, First Lieut. Henry Clay M., Fort Brady, Sault Sainte Marie. Mich. 

Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Eben (nee McAtee), 515 Park Av. 

Swan, Miss Isabel. 30 W. Biddle St. 

Swan, ■Mx. and Mrs. Donnell (nee Ella Dallett Wilson), Earl Court. 

Swan, Miss Laura, 1200 St. Paul St. 

(New York.) 

Swann, Mr. and Mrs. Sherlock (nee Deford). 908 N. Charles St. 

(Country Address, P. O. Station "H.") 

Swett, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Plummer (nee Anna Howard Poole), 

in X. Beacon St., Hartford, Conn. 

Swett. Rev. Canon and Mrs. Paul F. (nee Louise P. Thompson) , 

Garden City. Long Island. X. A". 

Swindell, Mrs. George E., 126 E. 19th St.. Xew York City. 

Swindell. Miss Bertha V., 126 E. 19th St., Xew York City. 

Swindell, Miss Georgie. 126 E. 19th St.. Xew York City. 

Swindell. Miss Marguerite C, 126 E. 19th St., New York City. 

Swindell, Mr. G. Benson, Care Morgan, Harjes, Paris. 

Swindell, Mr. Henry, Care Morgan, Harjes, Paris. 

Swindell, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B., 504 Cathedral St. 

Swope, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Forrest (nee Helen Baltzell SeldenL 

T24 W. Lanvale St. 
Symington, Mr. and Mrs. W. Stuart, Jr. (nee Harrison), 

2 Boulder Lane, Roland Park. 

Symington, Lieut. -Com. Powers, (U. S. X'.), U. S. S. West Virginia. 

Symington, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. (nee Clare Randolph), 

218 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Symington, Mr. Charles J., 415 Woodlawn Road. Roland Park 

Symington, Maj. W. Stuart, The Governor. 

Symington. Mr. John F., 615 Park Av. 

Symington. Mr. and Mrs. E. Harrison ( nee Emily X*. Taylor ). 

Rochc-tcr. X. Y. 

/Symington, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Leith (nee Elsie Hillen Jenkins). 


Symington, Miss Louise Wallace, "Montrose." Catonsville. Md. 

Symington, Mr. Thos. Alexander (U. S. X T .), "Montrose," Catonsville, Md. 

Svmington, Mr. and Mrs. John Fife of S. (nee Arabella Hambleton). 

Sherwood, Rider P.O.. Md. 

/Symington, Mr. and Mrs. William Wallace (nee Bland), 

"Walnut Lawn,'' Catonsville. 

Sypher, Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. (nee Boarman), 








Latk op No. 114 RICHMOND ST.. 


I'lniNi.s. Mr. VEBNOM -+O-+O a n i) 4-!*41. 







. . . FRENCH COOK . . . 




Society (Taterer 



Tabb, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lloyd, West Point, Va. 

Tabb, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, West Point, Va 

Tabb, Mr. and Mrs. John, Gloucester C. H., Va. 

Tabb, Miss Mary Lee, Gloucester C. H., Va. 

Tabb, Miss Rebecca Lloyd, Gloucester C. H., Va. 

Tabb, Mr. Joseph James, Gloucester C. H., Va. 

Tabb, Mr. Wilmer T., University of Virginia. 

Tabb, Mr. and Mrs. John Prosser (nee Mackenzie), 1216 Mt. Royal Av. 
Tabb, Miss Nellie Mackenzie, 1216 Mt. Royal Av. 

Tabb, Mr. John Mackenzie, 1216 Mt. Royal Av. 

Tabb, Mr. H. Noble, 712 St. Paul St. 

Tailer, Mr. and Mrs. T. Suffern (nee Harriet Brown), 

21 W. 51st St.. New York. 

Tait, Mrs. John R., 127 W.Lafayette Av. 

Tait, Miss Dorothy Gordon, 127 W. Lafayette Av. 

Taliaferro, Mr. and Mrs. John Christopher. 209 E. Biddle St. 

(Upper Falls, Baltimore Co., Md.) 

Taliaferro, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Hardy, The Portsmouth, Washington, D. C. 

Tappan, Mr. and Mrs. William, 1419 Bolton St. 

Tappan, Air. Benjamin, 1419 Bolton St. 

Tappan, Miss Elizabeth, Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania. 

Tapscott, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 923 St. Paul St. 

Tarleton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. (nee Plympton), 

Tate, Mrs. James E., 2040 N. 63d St.. Overbrook. Pa. 

Tate, Mr. Douglas R., Tacoma, Wash. 

Tate, Mr. and Mrs. William (nee Edith Doudge), New York 

Taveau, Mrs. Delphine, 2517 Madison Av. 

Taveau, Miss, 2517 Madison Av. 

Taveau, Mr. Rene, 2517 Madison Av. 

Taveau, Mr. and Mrs. Augustin L., 2517 Madison Av. 

Taveau, Mr. H. S., 2123 N. Calvert St. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald H. (nee Mary M.Parker), 

Harvest and Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Knox (nee Lucy J. Miller), High Bridge, N. J. 

Taylor, Mrs. Lawrence Matthew ( nee Maud Morton Lucas), Perryman, Md. 

Taylor, Mrs. Benjamin Jones, 144 W. Lanvale St. 

Taylor, Miss Louisa S., 103 W. Monument St. 

Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Robertson (nee Templeman), 1627 St. Paul St. 

Taylor, Dr. and Mrs. R. Tunstall (nee Templeman), 2000 Maryland Av. 


2i2 T 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. A. K., New York City. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Catonsville, Md. 

Taylor. Mr. George Winship, Catonsville, Md. 

Taylor. Mr. Robert, Jr., Catonsville, Md. 

Taylor, Miss Jennie McComb, "Cedarhurst," Long Island. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. (nee Lillian Gary), 

13 Central Park W.. New York City. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. K. (nee Hard), Lawrence, Long Island, N. Y. 

Taylor. Miss Katherine A.. 1304 Eutaw PI. 

Cascade, Washington Co., Md. 

Taylor, Mr. Robert A.. 1304 Eutaw PI. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K., 1615 Park Av. 

Taylor, Mr. Jacob H., 1808 Eutaw PI. 

Taylor, Miss M. Katharine, 1808 Eutaw PI. 

Taylor, Miss Irene May. 1808 Eutaw PI. 

Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. (nee Lyda Potter Day), 1808 Eutaw PI. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. (nee Nannie D.Potter), 1435 Mt. Royal Av. 

Taylor. Mr. Howard R., 922 N. Charles St. 

Taylor, The Misses, 922 N. Charles St. 

Taylor, Mr. Howard. 922 N. Charles St. 

Taylor, Mr. James E., 9 2 ^ N. Charles St. 

Taylor, Mrs. Winfield J., 837 Park Av. 

Taylor. Mr. J. Heyward, 837 Park Av. 

Taylor, Dr. Frederic, 204 E. Read St. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baker (nee Eyre), 

Of Norfolk, Va., 1413 Park Av. (for the Winter). 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B., Shady Side P. 0., Northampton Co., Va. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Wickham C. (nee Susan P. Selden), 

199 Freemason St., Norfolk, Va. 

Teackle. Mrs. St. George W., The Brexton. 

Teackle, Mr. St. George W., Jr., The Rockingham, Broadway, X. Y. 

Tegmeyer, Mrs. John H., 825 St. Paul St. 

Temple, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Douglas (nee Hodges), 

Walnut Grove, Clarksville, Md. 

Thayer. Mr. and Mrs. John B., Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thayer. Dr. and Mrs. William S. (nee Reid), 406 Cathedral St. 

Thayer. .\Ik M. Ku-ill, 1213 N. Calvert St. 

Thelin. Mr. E. Gnswold, Mt. Washington, Md 

Thelin.Miss Genevieve K., Mt. Washington, Md. 


X 243 

Thelin. Mr. William C. Buffalo, N. V. 

^Theobald. Dr. and Mrs. Samuel, Cor. Cathedral and Howard Sts. 

Theobald. Mr. Samuel, Jr., Amocher, Staten Island, X. Y. 

Theobald, Mr. and Mrs. Francis DeWolf (nee Dulany), 

"Stoneyhurst," Merryman Av. 

Theobald, Miss, 712 St. Paul St. 

Thode, Mrs. William (nee Van Bokkelin), 2211 N.Charles St. 

Thorn, Mr. DeCourcv Wright. 600 Cathedral St. 

("Blakeford," Centreville P. O.. Md.) 

Thorn. Mrs. J. Pembroke, 828 Park Av. 

/ Thorn, Mr. J. Pembroke, Jr., 828 Park Av. 

Thorn, Mr. and Mrs. II. R. Mayo ( nee Hopkins). Hillside, Roland Park. 

Thorn, Mrs. Pembroke Lea, 221 W. Monument St. (for the Winter.) 

Thomas, Mr. Daniel M., 606 N. Charles St. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. (nee Alice Whitridge), 1010 St. Paul St. 
Thomas, Miss Alice Lee W., 1010 St. Paul St. 

Thomas, Mr. John Hanson, 1010 St. Paul St. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H., Jr. (nee Chadwick), 1033 St. Paul St 

(Nahant, Mass.) 

Thomas, Mr. John Marshall, 922 St. Paul St. 

Thomas, Mr. John Gregg, 922 St. Paul St. 

Thomas, Miss Ellen M., 116 E.Preston St. 

Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. George P., Jr., 1508 Park Av. 

Thomas, Miss Cora Elder, 1508 Park Av. 

Thomas, Mr. Holmes, 2 W. 21st St. 

Thomas, Miss Marie Louise, 2 W. 21st St. 

Thomas, Mrs. George, The Cleveland, 141 5 Linden Av. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dickinson (nee Huyett), 21 10 Maryland Av. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. John Baynard, 2125 X. Charles St. 

Thomas, Miss X~ancy Scott, 2125 N. Charles St. 

Thomas, Miss M. Carey, ''The Deanery,'* Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Thomas, Dr. and Mrs. Henry M. (nee Zoe Care}-), 1228 Madison Av. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 2207 Eutaw PI. 

Thomas, The Messrs., 2207 Eutaw PI. 

Thomas, Miss Eliza S., 1102 McCulloh St. 

Thomas, Mr. George Leiper, 1102 McCulloh St. 

Thomas, Rev. and Mrs. Upton Beall (nee Emily Johnston Hoffman), 

St. Ann's Rectory, New Martinsville, W. Va. 

244 T 

Thomas, Mrs. John L., 1316 Linden Av. 

Thomas. Miss Zaidee T., 1316 Linden Av. 

Thomas, Mr. John L., Jr., 1316 Linden Av. 

Thomas, Mr. William Strobel, 1316 Linden Av. 

Thoma^. Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Colston, The Cathedral Apts. 

("Ranfurly harm." Ruxton, Md.) 

Thomas, Mr. Reginald C, 

Thomas, Mrs. Morris A., Paris, France. 

Thomas, Miss Genevieve, Paris, France. 

Thomas, Mr. Harry T., Charles-St. Av. 

Thomas, Dr. and Mrs. Henry B., 1007 Cathedral St. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. T. Rowland (nee Mary Lewis Thomas), 

1702 Guilford Av. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. J. Sewell, 2715 St. Paul St. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dickinson. 21 10 Maryland Av. 

'Thomas, Miss Kate M.. 1735 Park Av. 

Thomas, Miss Fanny O., 2619 St. Paul St. 

Thomas, Miss Susie Mayer, 2619 St. Paul St. 

Thomas, Miss Lina A., 2619 St. Paul St. 

'Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. Frederic C. (nee {Catherine D. Brown), 

Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, N. Y. 

Thompson, Miss Elizabeth Y., 16 E. Chase St. 

Thompson, Mr. Richard H., 1109 St. Paul St. 

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Eustis (nee Baker), 212 E.Chase St. 

I hompson, Mr. R. L., 212 E. Chase St. 

Th< mpson, Mr. Henry F., 29 \Y. Biddle St. 

Thompson, Miss Charlotte de Macklot, 29 W. Biddle St. 

( "The 'Terraces," Camden, S. C. ) 

Thompson, Mr. Henry Oliver, 202 W. Monument St. 

Thompson, Mrs. Albert Eccleston, 2205 Eutaw PI. 

Thompson, Mrs. James Madison, 20 W. Madison St. 

Thompson, Mrs. J. M.,Jr. (nee Gill), 929 N.Charles St. 

Thompson, Mr. J. M., Jr., 

Thompson, Miss Julia IT. Care of Carey & Glenn, 16 St. Paul St. 

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. P. Byrd, Atlanta, Ga. 

'Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Webster, 

308 Woodlawn Road,Roland Park. 

Thompson. Miss Alice L., 1020 Cathedral St. 

T 245 

Thompson. Mrs. A. W., The Country School, Charles-St. Ay. 

Thompson. Miss Ella, The Country School, Charles-St. Av. 

Thompson. Mrs. Deborah Poole, 

"Maple Hill." Falls Road and 37th St.. Baltimore. 

Thomsen, Mr. Alonzo L., Maryland Club, Balto. 

(University Club, New York.) 
I'homsen, Mr. John J., 13 E. Read St. 

Thomsen, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ivah, 1928 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Thomsen, Mr. and Mrs. William, 2730 N. Charles St. 

Thomsen, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Edward, 321 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Thomsen, Mrs. Francis J., 2108 Chelsea Ter., Walbrook. 

Thomson, Mrs. Julia S., Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Thurston, Mrs. James, Frederick Road, Catonsville. Md. 

Tiernan, Mr. Charles Bernard, 405 St. Paul St. 

Tiffany, Miss Alice T., Hotel Sherwood. 

Tiffany, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert T. (nee Harriet F. Poultney), 

132 W. Lafayette Av. 

/tiffany, Mr. and 'M^ George Peabody, Jr. (nee Wyatt), 

'Tnwood," Lutherville, Md. 

Tiffany, Dr. and Mrs. Louis McLane, 831 Park Av. 

Tilghman, Miss Mary, 709 St. Paul St. 

Tilghman, Miss Agnes R., 709 St. Paul St. 

Tilghman, Miss Henrietta M., 709 St. Paul St. 

Tilghman, Mrs. Charles H. (nee Donnell), 36 W. Biddle St. 

Tilghman, Miss Elizabeth Donnell, 36 W. Biddle St. 

Tilghman, Miss Agnes Riddell Owen, 36 W. Biddle St. 

Tilghman, Mr. Richard Lloyd, 36 W. Biddle St. 

("Grosses," Easton, Md.) 

Tilghman, Mr. C. Herman, "The Elmhurst," 1815 N. Charles St. 

Tinges, Miss Charlotte, 1221 Bolton St. 

Tinges, Miss Emma W., 1221 Bolton St. 

Tinges, Mrs. H. Murray, 105 W. Lanvale St. 

Tinges, Mr. Murray \Y.. 105 W. Lanvale St. 

Tinges, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., 233 W. Lafayette Av. 

Tinsley. Dr. Alexander, 2102 St. Paul St. 

Tinsley, Miss Harriet Garland. 2102 St. Paul St. 

Tinsley, Mr. Alex. Lee, 2102 St. Paul St. 

Tittoni, Lieut, and Mrs. Robert (nee Marie McNeal), Philadelphia, Pa. 

Todd, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic C, Ruxton, Md. 

24'-. T 

Tome Mr. and Mr-. Peter. The Albion. 

Tompkins, Col. and Mrs. John A.. 905 Cathedral St. 

Tompkins, Dr. and Mrs. John A., Jr. (nee Fredericka G. McLane), 

905 Cathedral St. 

Tongue, Mr. T. W., Maryland Club. 

Tongue, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Turner, 116 W.Lanvale St. 

Tongue, Miss .Mary V., 116 W.Lanvale St. 

Tormey. Mrs. Ellen M.. 513 Park Av. 

Tormey, Mr. Alfred Jenkins. 513 Park Av. 

Tough, Mrs. Lyttleton M-. 1301 Linden Av. 

Tough. Miss Elsie Bevan, 1301 Linden Av. 

Tower. Mrs. George A. (nee Hanway), The Cecil. 

Townsend, Lieut and Mrs.Julius C. (nee Martha B. Gaither) (U. S. X.). 

Care of Navy Dept., Washington, 1). C. 

Town-end. Mr-. John S., The Sherwood. 

Townsend, Mr. John S.,Jr.. The Sherwood. 

Tracy, Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Sanford (nee Maria Groonie Knight), 

Brattle Road, Syracu-e. X. V. 

Trench, Mr. Stewart A., University Club. 

Trenholm. Mr. Glover Holmes. The Gordon A.pts., Franklin St. 

Trenholm, The Messrs., The Gordon Apts.. Franklin St. 

Trenholm, Miss, The Gordon Apts., Franklin St. 

Trevi-Simmondetti, Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto (nee Katherine Belle Noble), 

127 Avenida Jalisco, City of Mexico. 

Trimble. Mrs. Isaac Ridgewav(nee Jones), S W.Madison St. 

Trimble, Mrs. David C, 8 W.Madison St. 

Trippe, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cross, 1522 Eutaw PI. 

Trippe, Mr. and Mrs. James McConky (nee Kirby), 1522 Eutaw PI. 

Trippe, Mr. Andrew Noel, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Trippe, Miss H. M.. 529 N. Charles St. 

Trippe. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E., 6 W. Read St. 

Trippe, Mr. Richard, 615 St. Paul St. 

Trippe, Mr. and Mrs. R. Hayward (nee Dawson), 1716 N.Charles St. 

Trundle, Mr. and Mrs. W. Burns, 2414 Madison Av. 

Trust, Mrs. Edwin H., 1031 St. Paul St. 

Trust, Miss, 1031 St. Paul St. 

Tuck. Mr. and Mrs. Philemon H. (nee Dorcas V. Jamison), 

926 Cathedral St. 

Tuck, Miss Grace Devries, Stevenson, Md. 


Tuck, Judge and Mrs. S. P., Zeitoun, Egypt 

Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (nee Mary McE. Taylor), 1304 Eutaw PI. 
Tucker, Mrs. Wesley A., Washington Apartments. 

Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. John Southgate, The Lenox, Washington, D. C. 

Tucker, Mrs. Luther H., 
Tucker, Mr. Wentworth, 

Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. W. Frank (nee Helen Dulany), 

Hotel Sherwood. 
Hotel Sherwood. 

Tunstall, Mr. and Mrs. W. Brooke, 
Tunstall, Mr. Robertson Taylor, 
Tunstall, Mr. Wm. Brooke, Jr., 

Turnbull, Miss Fannie T., 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester B., 











Airs. J. Lisle, 

Miss Janet Graeme, 

Mr. Graeme, 

Air. and Mrs. Nisbet, 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, 
Miss Eleanor Laurette, 
Miss Grace Hill, 
Mr. Edwin Litchfield, 
Mr. Bayard, 

("La Paix," Rodger's Forge, Md.) 

Mrs. A, Nisbet, 
Miss Anna Graeme, 
Miss Olivia W'hitridge, 
Mr. Laurence C., 
Mr. A. Nisbet, Jr., 

Mr. Horatio Whitridge, 

Mr. Henry Rutherford, 

Mr. and Mrs. John, 

Miss Ellen M., 
Mr. Henry C, Jr., 

123 W. Lanvale St. 
123 W. Lanvale St. 
123 W. Lanvale St. 

1602 Park Av. 

'Auburn Cottage," Rodger's Forge. Aid. 

121 1 John St. 
121 1 John St. 
121 1 John St. 

508 Park Av. 

1530 Park Av. 
1530 Park Av. 
1530 Park Av. 
1530 Park Av. 
1530 Park Av. 

1629 Park PL 
1629 Park PL 
1629 Park PL 
1629 Park PL 
1629 Park PL 

70 W. 55th St., New York City. 

Baltimore Av., Towson, Aid. 

Waverly Terrace, Franklin Square. 

"Auburn," Rodger's Forge, Aid. 
"Auburn." Rodger's Forge, Aid. 

Air. and Airs. Wm. E., 
Airs. Laura, 

Turner, Rev. and Mrs. William R. 

Turner, Mrs. Sidney, 

Turner, Airs. Joseph, 
Turner, Aliss Alarie, 
Turner, Aliss Eleanor Alay, 
Turner, Miss Virginia, 
Turner, Mr. Thomas Lee, 

AIt ; Royal Apartments. 
Alt. Royal Apartments. 

Washington, D. C. 

Cecil Apartments. 

11 W. Biddle St. 

11 W. Biddle St. 

11 W. Biddle St. 

11 W. Biddle St. 

11 W. Biddle St. 

248 T 

Turner. Mr. and Mrs. William P., 212 E. Lafayette Av. 

Turner, Mr. and Mrs. George J., 222 W. Lanvale St. 

Turner, Mr. Frank G., Baltimore Club. 

Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Barreda, 7 W. North Av. 

Turner. Miss Dorothy C., 7 W. North Av. 

Turner, Mr. Robert B., 7 W. North Av. 

Turner. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Ashby, 186 Claremont Av., New York City. 

Turner. Mrs. Ida L., 3 Upland Road, Roland Park. 

Turner, Mr. Arthur Gordon, South Av., Mt. Washington, Md. 

Turner, Mr. and Mrs. James F. (nee Elizabeth Clarke Thelin), 

Mt. Washington, Md. 
Turner, Mr. Edward Raymond, Mt. Washington, Md. 

Turpin. Miss, 305 W.Hoffman St. 

Turtle, First Lieut, and Mrs. Lewis, Artillery Corps (U. S. A.) (nee 

Louise H.Wheeler), Fort Washington, Md. 

T wells, Mrs. Rutherford C. (nee Josephine H. Reardon), 910 N. Calvert St. 

• Tyler. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred ( nee Anne Johnson Poe), 

Ruxton, Balto. Co., Md. 

Tyler, Miss Eleanore Murdoch, The Hoffman, 305 W. Hoffman St. 

Tyler, Mr. and Mrs. E. Murray, Laurel, Md. 

Tyler, Miss Clara V., '! he Cecil. 

Tyson, Mr>. Frederic, 251 W. Preston St. 

Tyson, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm van Vechten (nee Muriel F. L. Gault), 

Tyson, Mr. Robert, Westminster, Md. 

Tyson, Mrs. James W., 615 St. Paul St. 

Tyson, Mrs. Mordecai Dawson (nee Harrison), The Walbert. 

Tyson, Mr. James Wood 3d, The Walbert. 

Tyson, Mrs. Jesse (nee Johns), Cylburn, Station L, Balto. Co., Md. 

Tyson, Miss A. Estelle, 11 14 McCulloh St. 

Tyson, Miss Eliza G., 11 14 McCulloh St. 

Tyson, Miss Adelaide P., 1114 McCulloh St. 

Tyson, Mr. A. Morris, 817 Park Av. 

'Tyson. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S., 133 W. Mt. Royal \v. 

Tyson, Miss Virginia Cabell, "Roslyn," Pikesville, Md. 

Tyson, Mr. B. Howard, Maryland Club. 

Tyson, Mr. Jesse, Jr., Absent. 



(filtotre (&xatn\?s, jlnrotgumg 

atti all Srltraras in Svasntt always en ijattii 


1309-1311 MARYLAND AVENUE, [Near Prestcn Street] 


Q\)t jEittnt Btart 


5 W. Lexington Street, - Baltimore, Md. 




Richard Hacker 



^lnrtH to UlraBur? 

&hop at 

203 ^nrth Gharlrs ^trrrt 



Elder-Harrison Co. 


The Finest Old Sherwood and Mt. Vernon Pure Maryland Rye 
The Finest Champagnes, Madeiras, Ports, Sherries, etc. 

William V. Elder 
Charles K. Harrison, Jt. 


(Breeit Spring ValU? [^g/J 
015 4^ ure 52tarylan6 3^yc 

\_the best for medicinal purpose*] 



Alfred Morton & Compan 
William Grant & Sons, Sc< 
Morton's Three Star and ^ 
LaCave & Co.'s Sherries a 
A. Guiot & Co's "Angelic 
Pol Roger, Champagne 

U. S. for 

y's Sauternes and Clarets 

>tch Whisk .'es 

/intage Champagne Brandies 

nd Forts 

a " French Olive Oil 

206 WATE 




■l .-,11 


Uhler, Mr. and Airs. Philip R., 

Ulman, Mrs. Alford J., 

Ulman, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob A. (nee Cary), 

Ulman, Dr. S. Jay, 

254 W. Hoffman St. 

2801 N. Charles St. 

Brooklandville, Md. 

1725 Park Ay. 

Underhill, Mr. and Mrs. Morris (nee Helen O'Donovan), 

102 E. 31st St., New York City. 

Undnch, Mr. and Mrs. Wtn. Lanahan, "Terrace Dale," South Towson, Md. 

Unduch, Mr. J. Lloyd, "Blenheim," Woodbrook P. O., Md. 

Upshur, Col. George M., Maryland Club. 

Upshur, Mr. Franklin, Snow Hill, Md. 

Upton, Air. and Airs. Roger (nee Lloyd), Devereux, Marblehead, Mass. 

Urquhart, Dr. and Airs. Richard A., 20 W. Preston St. 


Vail, Airs. Agnes Deming, 

Vaile, Airs. Charles Albert, 

Valentine, Air. and Airs. George, 
Valentine, The Alisses, 

Valentine, Aliss, 

Valiant, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph William, 

Van Bibber, The Alisses, 

Van Bibber, Hon. and Airs. Geo. L., 
Van Bibber, Dr. and Mrs. A. F., 
Van Bibber, Aliss Lena Chew, 

1713 Park Av. 

Ruxton. Balto. Co., Aid. 
Ruxton, Balto. Co., Aid. 

1023 Cathedral St. 

108 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

21 W. Chase St. 

"Hurricane Hill," Belair, Aid. 
"Hurricane Hill," Belair, Md. 
"Hurricane Hill," Belair, Aid, 

105 W. Monument St. 

Vanderpoel, Airs. Aaron J., 

Van Dusen, Air. and Airs. George Cross (nee Blanche S. Brune), 

1423 Harmon PI., Alinneapolis, Minn 

Van Ness, Airs. Eugene, 1515 Park Av 

Van Ness, Air. and Airs. Carroll (nee Rosalie Porter). The Alontreal 

Van Ness, Air. and Airs. Bartow (nee Butler), 1021 Cathedral St 

Van Ness. Dr. and Airs. Eugene McE. (nee Smith), 200 W.Lafayette Av 

Van Wvck, Aliss Alary B., Short Hills, N. J 

Van Wyck, Aliss Annie E., Short Hills, N. J 

Van Wyck, Air. William, Morgan, Harjes & Co 


252 "V 

Vernon, Col. and Mrs. George W. F., 104 E. 25th St. 

Vernon, Miss Anne D., 104 E. 25th St. 

Vernon, Ensign and Mr-. Walter Newhall (nee Sidney Patterson Saunders), 

Annapolis, Md. 

Vernon- Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. (nee Ida Thomas Miller), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Veazey, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, 2907 St. Paul St. 

Veazey, Mr. George Ross, 2907 St. Paul St. 

Venable, Mr. Richard M., University Club. 

Vickers, Mr. Win. II., 210S St. Paul St. 

Vickery, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. M., [223 X.Calvert St. 

Vickery, Miss Mabel R. H., 1223 N.Calvert St. 

Vickery, Mr. Thomas Harold, 1223 N.Calvert St. 

Vickery, Mr. Stephen G., 1223 N.Calvert St. 

Vincent, Mr. and Mrs. J. Colin, "Grey Gables," Lutherville, Md. 

Vincent, Miss Mabel, '"Grey Gables," Lutherville, Md. 

Vincent, Miss Eleanor Clark, "Grey Gables," Lutherville, Md. 

Vincent, Mf. Sidney C, "Grey Gables," Lutherville, Md. 

Vincent, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Blanchard, 1 Wibner St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Vinton, Mrs. Hammond, 14 Hillside Road, Roland Park. 

Vinton, Miss Eleanor Latrobe, 14 Hillside Road, Roland Park. 

Vinton, Miss Lilian Hazlehurst, 14 Hillside Road, Roland Park. 

Vivier, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R. du (nee Elder), New York City. 

Voeke, Mr. H. B., 103 E. 25th St. 

Vogeler, Mr. Charles A. W., Stevenson, Green Spring Valley, .Md. 

Vogeler, Dr. William, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Volck, Miss Annie C, 1601 Linden Av. 

Volck, Miss Fanny B., 1601 Linden Av. 

Volck, Dr. A. J., 1601 Linden Av. 

Volck, The Messrs., Texas. 

Volck, Dr. and Mrs. George A., Houston, Texas. 

^£i IK donilo postals son I out 
m October uiust be re- 
turned by the 20th of that 
uiontL, otherwise, correc- 
tions and extra names •will he 


?f<v& 20 cents eacli line. 

' ) 



B. D. WILLIAMS & CO. rosters 

. . . HIGH GRADE . . . 

Coffees, Teas, Sugars, Cocoas, 
Chocolate and Olive Oil 

Our patrons comprise the leading Clubs, Hotels, 
Restaurants, Lunch Rooms and Families in the City 



C. & P. PHONE ST. PAUL 5289.- 

HARD Y—T3/)e Shirt Man 

AsK Baltimore's best dressers and 
they'll tell you that Hardy makes 
the best fitting' and most satisfac- 
tory Shirts to be had. :: :: :: ;: 


ORESS WEAR NOW ^ *-" " ■*»• * "- -' ' " ^>- 



Provides Work for Homeless Men 

Pine Kindling for Kitchen and Furnace Use. Choice Oak for Fire Place 



C.&P. Phone, St. Paul 278 307-9-11 S. SHARP STREET 



Wade, Miss Mary A., 

Wade, Mr. and Mrs. Win. A., 
Wade, Dr. J. Percy, 

Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C, 
Wagner, Miss Mary Small, 
Wagner, Miss Etta C, 

Wagner, Mrs. James V., 

Wagner, Miss Mabel, 
Wagner, Miss Anne M., 
Wagner, Mr. James Fisher, 
Wagner, Mr. Basil, 

Wailes, Miss Elizabeth Leonard, 

Waldran, Dr. Donna Ann, 

Walker, Miss Emma, 

Walker, Mrs. Edmund Rhett. 
Walker, Mr. Joseph Roger, 

St. James Hotel 

Catonsville, Aid. 
Catonsville, Aid. 

Gilmor Lane, Waverly, Bako. 
Gilmor Lane, Waverly, Balto. 
Gilmor Lane, Waverly, Balto. 

139 W. Lafayette Av. 

1610 Park PI. 

1610 Park PI. 

1610 Park PL 

1610 Park PI. 

809 Cathedral St. 

917 Madison Av 

1317 W. Lanvale St. 

The Winona. Park Av. 
The Winona, Park Av. 

Walker, Mr. and Airs. Elisha H., 

"Daumquhazel," Station H, York Road and W T alker Av 
Walker, Mr. Robert Hunt, 

"Daumquhazel," Station H, York Road and Walker Av 
Walker, Air. Wm. Cooper, 

"Daumquhazel," Station H, York Road and Walker Av 

Walker, Air. Edward A., 

Walker. Air. and Airs. Xorvell R., 

Walker, Air. and Airs. John Aloseley, 
Walker, Airs. John M., Sr., 

Wallace, Air. and Airs. Samuel A., 

Wallace, Airs. Richard AT., 

Wallace, Aliss Alary W., 

Wallis, Airs. Benjamin, 
Wallis, Miss Adelaide B., 
Wallis, Air. Benjamin Franklin. 
Wallis, Aliss Alary Belle, 

339 Dolphin St. 

11 W. Chase St 

The Aleadows." Owings Mills, Md. 
The Aleadows," Owings Alills, Aid. 

Grove St.. Plainfield, X. J. 

2231 N. Calvert St 

1015 Madison Av. 

604 W. North Av. 
604 W. North Av. 
604 W. North Av. 
604 W. North Av. 

1004 N. Charles St. 

Wallis, Air. Severn Teackle, 

Walsh, Mr. and Airs. Harold (nee Gilder), 

"Bellevue," Upper Falls, Baltimore Co.. Aid. 

Walter, Airs. Alfred, 929 St. Paul St. 




Walter. Mr. and Mrs. Moses R., 
Walter. Miss, 
Walter. Miss Jeanie, 
Walter. Mr. Raphael, 

Walter, Mrs. Edward Julian, 

W T alters, Mrs. Edwin, 

Walters, Mr. Henry, 

Walton, Mrs. Tiernan (nee Garey), 

Walmsley, Mrs. A. B., 

Ward, Mrs. H. P., 

Ward, Miss Mary Wilson, 

Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Henry V., 

Ward. Mr. and Mrs. Francis X.. 
Ward. Mr. Charles Francis, 
Ward, Mr. Thomas Johnson. 

Ward, Miss Bessie, 

Ward, Mr. and Mrs. George, 

2801 N. Charles St. 
2801 N. Charles St. 
2801 N. Charles St. 
2801 X. Charles St. 

Earl Court, St. Paul and Preston Sts. 

5 W. Mt Vernon PI. 

[301 Maryland Ay. 

Schiaalenburgh, N. J. 

22 E. Eager St. 
22 E. Eager St. 

1009 N. Calvert St. 

24T7 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
2417 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
2417 Spruce St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ilchester, Md. 

"Five Oaks,"Owings Mills, Md. 

Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Atwater (nee Beata McDowell), 

208 E. Biddle St. 

Ward. Mrs. Win., 

Warden, Miss Ella L., 
Warden, Mr. James B. 

Warden, Mrs. Hugh, 
Warden. The Misses, 
Wardlaw, Miss, 

2608 Guilford A v. 

129 W. Lafayette Av. 
129 W. Lafayette A v. 

no W. 23d St. 

no W. 23d St. 

Princeton, X T . J. 

^Ware, Mr. and Mrs. George Long (nee Charlotte Lindsay), 

24 Lexington Road, Concord, Mass. 

Wardwell, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton R. (nee Margaret Brundige), 

2 too St. Paul St 
Warfield, Mr. and Mrs. R. Emory (nee Davies), 

T05 E. 79th St., New York City. 
Warfield, Mr. Douglas. 105 E. 79th St., New York City. 

Warfield, Mrs. Henry M. 
Warfield, Mr. S. Davies, 
Warfield, Mr. Henry, 

34 E. Preston St. 
34 E. Preston St. 
34 E. Preston St. 

Warfield. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mactier (nee Denison), 

Timi iniuin 1'. ( ).. Balto. Co., Md. 

Warfield, Dr. and Mrs. Mactier (nee Mary Campbell Murdoch), 

700 N. Howard St., Cor. Monument St. 
Warfield, Mi^ Maria, 700 N.Howard St. 

Warfield. Miss Mary Hutchinson, 700 N.Howard St. 

\V 257 

Warfield, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin, 1223 Linden Av. 

Warfield, Miss Louise, 1223 Linden Av. 

Warfield. Mr. Edwin, Jr.. 1223 Linden Av. 

("Oakdale," Howard Co.) 

J/ Warfield. Mr. and Mrs. Joshua X.. Jr. (nee Mary Nicodemus), 

"Woodbine," Carroll Co., Md. 

Warfield. Mrs. Thomas W.. 1213 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. 

Warfield, Miss Nina H., 1213 Beacon St., Brookline. Mass. 

Warfield. Mr. T. W., Jr., Chestertown, Md. 

Warfield. Mr. J. Davidge, Denver, Col. 

Warfield, Dr. Ridgely B., 845 Park Av. 

Warfield, Mrs. Margaret E., 2015 Maryland Av. 

Warfield. Mrs. Gustavus. "Inwood." Glenwood. Howard Co., Md. 

Warfield, Miss Evan S., "Inwood," Glenwood, Howard Co.. Md. 

Warfield, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hoffman. "Springfield.*' Sykesville, Md. 

Waring, Mr. and Mrs. Robert K., n 17 St. Paul St. 

Waring, Mr. Benjamin H.,Jr., 1117 St. Paul St. 

Waring, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mowton Saunders (nee Le Compte), 

5231 Kimbark A v.. Chicago, 111. 

Waring, Mr. B. H., 1311 Eutaw PI. 

Waring, Miss 131 1 Eutaw PI. 

Waring, Miss Rebecca E., 1311 Eutaw PI. 

Waring, Mrs. William Emory, 1311 Eutaw PL 

Waring. Mr. William Emory, Jr., 131 1 Eutaw PL 

Waring, Miss Mary Clara, 13" Eutaw PL 

("W r oodleigh," Catonsville.) 

Warner, Mr. and Mrs. C. Hopewell (nee Frederica L. Clegett). 

15 E. Lanvale St. 
Warner, Mr. Wm. Culbreth Hopewell, 15 E. Lanvale St. 

Warner, Mrs. George Krebs, 18 E. Lanvale St. 

Warner, Miss Nettie C, 18 E. Lanvale St. 

Warner, Mr. Walter B., 18 E. Lanvale St. 

Warner, Mrs. Alexander, 613 St. Paul St. 

Warner, Miss Emma, 613 St. Paul St. 

Warner, The Messrs., 613 St. Paul St. 

Warren, Dr. and Mrs. F. M. (nee Estelle Carey), 

46 Mansfield St.. New Haven, Conn. 

Warrington, Mr. William Jarvis, New Belmont Hotel, Atlantic City, N. J. 
Warrington, Mrs. Emily A.. New Belmont Hotel, Atlantic City, N. J. 

Warrington, Miss A. V., 39^3 Baltimore Av., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Washburn, Mr. and Mrs. Wyman F., Jr., 

25H "W 

Washburn, Mrs. Charles W., The Albion. 

Washburn, Mrs. A. E., 1109 N. Charles St 

Washburn, Mr. and Mrs. Howard L., 1402 Eutaw PI. 

Wasson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. (nee Sarah Charlotte Browne) 

Waters, Mrs. William S., 225 W. Lanvale St. 

Waters, Mr. and Mrs. J. Seymour T., 225 W. Lanvale St. 

Waters, Mr. Horace, 105 \V. Lanvale St. 

Waters. Gen. and Mrs. Francis E., 1114 N.Calvert St. 

Waters, Miss [Margaret Winans, 1114 N.Calvert St. 

Waters. Miss Mary Hester, 1114 N.Calvert St. 

Waters, Mr. Rich. Thomas, 1114 N.Calvert St. 

Waters, Mr. Richard T., Dendron, Va. 

Waters, Miss Emily R., "Reechwood," Princess Anne, Md. 

Waters, Mr. and Mrs. Levin L., "Beechwood," Princess Anne, Md. 

Waters, Miss Eliza Worthington, "Beechwood," Princess Anne, Aid. 

Waters, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Elzey (nee Helen Knight), The Stafford. 

Waters, Col. and Mrs. John, "Dumbarton," Pikesville, Md. 

Water-, Mr. Robert E., 24 E.Madison St. 

Water-, Miss Marguerite E., 24 E. Madison St. 

Waters, Mr. Carlos R., 47 W. 47th St., New York. 

//'Waters, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. (nee Wilson), 

Princess Anne, Somerset Co., Md. 

Watkins, Rev. and Mrs. Wilbur F., Jr., St. John's Rectory, Mt. Washington. 
Watkins, Miss Esther Patterson, St. John's Rectory, Mt. Washington. 

Watkins, Mr. Frank D., 208 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Watson, Mrs. Wm. Livingston (nee Swan), 365 Genesee St., Utica, X. Y. 
Watson, Miss Alice, 365 Genesee St., Utica, N. Y. 

Watson, Rev. William, Mt. Calvary Clergy House, 810 N. Eutaw St. 

Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W., 1209 St. Paul St. 

Watson,Miss Ida M., 1209 St. Paul St. 

Watson, Miss Lucy L., 1209 St. Paul St. 

Watters, Mrs. William J. II., 1021 N.Charles St. 

Waiters, Mr. B. Courtney, ■ 1021 N.Charles St. 

Watters. Mr. Sydney, 1021 N.Charles St. 

Waiter-, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. H., Jr. (nee Nancy Lee), 

"Brick House Farm," Ellicott City, Md. 

Walter-, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson Commoosie (nee Adelaide A.Thomas), 

4806 Champlain Av., Chicago, 111. 

Watt-. Mr. and Mr-. J. II. C, 15 E.Preston St. 

Watts,Miss Mary Dorsey, 15 E.Preston St. 

^\r 259 

Watts, Miss Elsie H., 15 E.Preston St. 

/s-Watts, Mr. Hugh Farnandis, 

Mr>Md) M^m 

Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Dorsey (nee Tdoline Austell), 

Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Philip, ' /T^~- Q Pikesville, Md. 

Watts. Mr. and Mrs. Lister !\. Pikesville, Md. 

Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sydney (nee Bond), Pikesville, Md. 

Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bartley (nee Cassard), 21 14 St. Paul St. 

Ways, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 39 W.Preston St 

Ways, Miss Margaret Elizabeth, The Walbert. 

Weatherly, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Everett, 5^9 N. Charles St. 

Webb, Mr. and Mrs. B. DeFord (nee Chisolm), Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Webb. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lee (nee Jennie Power), 

rig W.Lafayette A v. 

Webb, Miss Elizabeth Kremelberg, 1000 N. Charles St. 

Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Everett, Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Webb, Rev. and Mrs. William Rollins, 

"Monticello," Windsor Mill Road, Walbrook. 

Webb, Mrs. Charles, 200 E. Read St 

Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. (nee Cator), 1123 St. Paul St. 

Webb, Miss Carrie Pattison, 1123 St. Paul St. 

Webb, Miss Elizabeth Pattison, 1123 St. Paul St. 

Webb, Miss Katharine D., 1123 St. Paul St. 

Webb, Miss Helen Deford, 2120 St. Paul St. 

Webb, Miss Alice Prescott, 2120 St. Paul St. 

Webb, Mr. Walter Howard, 2120 St. Paul St. 

Webb, Miss Ella, 2030 Park Av. 

Webb, Mr. Edmund J., 2030 Park Av. 

Webb, Mr. Charles S., 14 E. Biddle St. 

Webb, Mr. and Mrs. George R., Garrison and Belle Avs. 

Webb, Miss Hyla A., Garrison and Belle Avs. 

Webb, Miss Celeste, Garrison and Belle Avs. 

Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Armstead Moore (nee Fulton), 1310 Bolton St. 

Webster, Mrs. Lee, Cockeysville, Md. 

Weeks, Mr. and Mrs. A. Kirkland, 1333 Mt. Royal Av. 

Weeks, Miss Louise Kirkland, 1333 Mt. Royal Av. 

Weeks, Mr. John C, 1333 Mt. Royal Av. 

Weeks, Mr. and Mrs. John Lafayette, Englewood, N. J. 

Weerth, Mme. de, Paris. France. 

Weil, Mrs. Albert. 1725 Park PI. 

Welbourn, Mrs. John E., Tokio, Japan. 

Welbourn, Miss Elizabeth Edloe, Tokio. Japan. 

Welbourn, Rev. J. Armstead, Tokio, Japan. 

Welbourn, Mr. and Mrs. E. Hambleton (nee Emma Dawson), 

_'_•_' Laurens St. 

Welch, Dr. William H., 807 St. Paul St. 

Welch. Mrs. Dixon. "Noxid," Columbia, Conn. 

Weld. Rev. and Mrs. C. R., LL.D, 119 W. Franklin St. 

Weld, Mrs. W.George, 

/^Weld. Mr. and Mrs. Albert H., "Hazeldene," Ellicott City P. O., Md 

Welker, Capt. and Mrs. Philip A. (nee Gertrude Lanahan), 

910 N. Charles St. 

Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Potter (nee Agnus Randall Brune), 

Columbia University, New York. 

Wells, Miss Grace, 933 N.Calvert St. 

Wells, Miss H. L., 933 N. Calvert St. 

Wells,Miss Zoe, P.D.H., 1223 Mt. Royal Ay. 

Vest, Miss Katherine E., The Arundel. 

West, Mr. Laurance, 1600 Park Av. 

West. Mr. William Christopher, 1600 Park Av. 

West, Mr. Geo. Page, 1600 Park Av. 

West, Mr. Edward R., Catonsville, Md. 

West, Mr. Rowland C, Catonsville, Md. 

West, Mr. Edward R.. Jr., Catonsville, Md. 

West, Dr. and Mrs. Marshall B.(nee Anne Evans Bresee), Catonsville. Md. 

West. Mrs. Minnie Sellman, 1418 Mt. Royal Av. 

West, Miss Jane Wilson, 514 Park Av. 

West, Mr. and Mrs. William (nee Duer), 

Westcott, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Tylden, 906 St. Paul St. 

Westcott, Miss Anna Marie, 906 St. Paul St. 

Westcott, Miss Eunice May, 906 St. Paul St. 

Weston, Mr. and Mr-. Cornelius, 5 Midvale Koad. Roland Park. 

Weston. Mr. B. Latrobe. 5 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Weston, Mr. Henry Bancroft; 5 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Weston, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur I tazlehurst, 

113 I law thorn Road. Roland Park. 

Wetherall, Mrs. M. P., 1202 Madison Av. 

Wetherall, Miss, 1202 Madison Av. 

^W 261 

. Wetherall, Mr. and Mrs. William G. (nee Mary Pinkney Hanan), 

15 E. Eager St. 

Wetmore, Mrs. Russell (nee Wilson), 202 E. Read St. 

Is Whedbee, Mr. James S.,trJ>W4 Baltimore Club. 

Whedbee, Mr. Thomas M. The Walbert. 

Whedbee, Mr. C. Maurice, The Walbert. 

Whedbee, Miss Clare M, The Walbert. 

Whedbee, Mr. M. Manly, in Fifth A v., New York City. 

Wheeler, Mrs. J. Harold (nee Emma Hillard^, 1919 Maryland Av. 

Wheeler, Mr. John P., 1919 Maryland Av. 

//Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold, Jr. (nee Olivia Dulany), 812 St. Paul St. 

Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Everett P. (nee Alice Gilman), 

735 Park Av., New York City. 

Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. J. D., 122S N. Calvert St. 

Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. J. Columbus, Jr. (nee St. Clair) , 

Wheelwright, Mr. and Mrs. Jere Hungerford, 10 W.Madison St. 

Whelan, Miss Mary, The Preston, Cor. Preston and Guilford Av. 

Whelan, Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Graf, i8r2 N. Calvert St. 

Whelan, Mr. William Creagh. 1812 N.Calvert St. 

Whelan, Miss Mary C. Mackubin, i8r2 N.Calvert St. 

Whelan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A., 1300 N. Calvert St. 

Whelan. Miss Edith, 1300 N. Calvert St. 

Whelan. Miss Alice IT., 1300 N. Calvert St. 

Whelan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A., Jr. (nee Josephine E. Waring), 

The Preston. 

Whelan, Mrs. Edmund J., 122 Mosher St. 

Whistler, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Delano, Europe. 

Whistler, Mrs. Joseph, Europe. 

(1034 N.Calvert St.) 

^Whistler, Mr. and Mrs. Ross W., Europe. 

White, Mrs. Charles R., Catonsville, Md. 

White, Miss Louise T., Catonsville, Md. 

//White, Mr. C. Ridsely, .L- Catonsville, Md. 

White, Mr. Wm. Winchester, c£-"fOw</ Catonsville, Md. 

White, Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Taylor (nee Violet Poe), 132 W. Lanvale St. 

White, Mr. J. McKenny, 2202 N. Charles St. 

White, Mr. Edward N., 2202 N. Charles St. 

White, Mr. and Mrs. J. McKenny, Jr., New York. 

T* White, Mrs. Francis, 11 14 St. Paul St. 

^White, Mr. Richard J., 1114 St. Paul St. 

262 W 

White. Mr. and Mrs. Miles, Jr. (nee Bonsai), 1130 N.Calvert St. 

White, Mr. and Mr?. Francis A., 1221 N.Calvert St. 

("Normandie Heights," Station L.) 

White. Mr. and Mrs. G. Howard, Catonsville, Md. 

White, Mr. W. Wilson, Catonsville, Md. 

White. Dr. Geo. I Inward. Coyle-Richardson Bldg., Charleston, W. Va. 

White. Mi^s Mary S., The Albion. 

White, Mrs. Edward H., 12 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

White, Mrs. Gideon, 819 St. Paul St. 

White, Miss Eleanor, 819 St. Paul St. 

White. Miss Barbara Frick, 819 St. Paul St. 

White, Mr. Arthur, Howard Co. 

White. Mr. and Mrs. Horace W. (nee Elder), 

"The Knoll. •'Garrison P. O., Md. 

White. Mr. Horace, Jr.. "The Knoll," Garrison P. O., Md. 

White, Mr. Robert E., -The Knoll," Garrison P. O., Md. 

White, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (nee James), "Tower Hill," Catonsville, Md. 

White. Mr. and Mrs. Julian LeRoy(nee Bcylard), 

Of 2400 W. North Av. (Abroad.) 

White. Miss Nannie \\\, The Arundel. 

White. Mr. John C, The Arundel. 

White, Mrs. J. Charles, The Lenox, 1523 L St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

White, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Robinson, 

"Glenhurst," St. Denis P. O., Baltimore Co.. Md. 
White. Miss Mary, ••Glenhurst," St. Denis P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

White, Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson, Ellicott City, Md. 

White, Mrs. Charles Ridgely (nee Cary), Sherwood, Rider P. O., Md. 

White. Miss Cornelia, Cor. Madison Av. and Dolphin St. 

White, Mr. and Mrs. George L., Reisterstown, Md. 

White, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lucas ( nee Gerry). [223 Mt. Royal Av. 

White, Miss Ellen Douglas, 1401 Linden Av. 

White, Dr. and Mrs. Walter W. (nee Leonore G.Doyle), 

Broadway and Chase St. 

Whitehead, Mrs. Joseph Boykin, The Severn. 

Whitehead, Miss Carrie Lee, The Severn. 

Whitehead, Dr. and Mrs. John Boswell. Jr. (nee Mary Ellen Colston), 

1016 St. Paul St. 

Whiteley. Mr. William S.. Vineyard," Gilmor Lane and 29th St. 

Whiteley, Miss Annie Holmes, "Vineyard," Gilmor Lane and 29th St. 

Whiteley, Mr. Albert, "Vineyard," Gilmor Lane and 29th St. 



Whiteley, Mr. and Mrs. J. Holmes, 1008 N. Charles St. 

Whiteley, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Gustavus (nee Stone), 223 W. Lanvale St. 

Whiteley, Mr. and 'Sirs. Benjamin, 533 Westminster A v., Elizabeth, N. J. 

Whiteley. Mrs. Benjamin. "Tanglewood,"' Catonsville, Md. 

Whiteley, Miss Elizabeth C, "Herndon," Catonsville. Md. 

Whiteley, Mr. B. Albert, Catonsville. Md. 

Whiteley, Miss Emma R., "Herndon," Catonsville, Md. 

Whiteley. Mrs. Rebecca E., "Markland," Catonsville. Md. 

Whiteley. Mr. and Mrs. Seth H.. 

Whiteley, Mr. and Mrs. Stockett Mathews (nee Hester A. Hopkins), 

Moylan. Pa. 

Whitelock. Mrs. William, "Wildwood," Mt Washington P. O., Md. 

W nitelock, Miss Susan, "Wildwood," Mt. Washington P. O., Md. 

Whitelock, Mr. and Mrs. George, 29 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Whitelock, Miss Roberta Clarkson, 29 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Whitelock, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wallace, 75§ West End Av.. New York City. 

Whiting, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C, Earl Court. 

Whiting. Miss Agnes Gordon, Earl Court. 

(Catonsville, Md.) 

Whiting, Air. and Airs. G.W. C. (nee Nathalie Contee Thomas). 

112 E. Preston St. 

Whiting. Air. and Mrs. George Armistead (nee Butler), Earl Court. 

( "Maycroft," Relay, Md.) 

Whiting, Miss Julia B., 317 Dolphin St. 

Whiting, Miss Nina Carlyle, 317 Dolphin St. 

Whiting. Miss Aland Neville, 3*7 Dolphin St. 

Whiting, Airs. Neville, Virginia. 

Whiting, Dr. and Airs. Henry A.. 33 W. Alt. Royal Av. 

Whiting, Dr. Edith. 33 W. Alt. Royal Av. 

Whitman, Air. Francis S., 3100 Clifton Av.. Walbrook. 

Whitman, Air. Horace S., 3100 Clifton Av.. Walbrook. 

Whitman, Air. and Airs. Ezra B. (nee Glenn). 2432 N.Charles St. 

Whitman, Air. and Airs. Eben Edmond (nee Jane W.Harvey).. 

150 E. 38th St.. New York City. 

Whitman, Airs. W. W., 1410 Linden Av. 

Whitney. Air. and Airs. Joseph dishing, 58 W. Biddle St. 

(Stevenson, Aid.) 
Whitney. Aliss Florence W., 216 W. Aladison St. 

Whitney, Airs. Joseph, Shirley, Station E, Baltimore. 

Whitridge, Dr. William, 829 N. Charles St. 

264 W 

Whit ridge, Mr. and Mrs. Morris ( nee Mackenzie), 1203 Cathedral St. 

Whitridge, Mr. William, 18 W. Read St. 

Whitridge, Mr. and Mrs. John (nee Edith Byrd Jackson), 

1216 N. Charles St. 

Whitridge, Dr. and Mrs. Andrew H. (nee Gary), 840 Park Av. 

Whitridge. Mr. and Mrs. William H., 604 Cathedral St. 

Whitridge, Miss, 604 Cathedral St. 

("Glencairn," Stevenson P. 0., Md.) 

Whitridge, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio L. (nee Matilda B.Emory), 

Stevenson, Md. 

Whitridge, Dr. and Mrs. Roland B. (nee Devries), 1008 Belvidere Ter. 

Whitridge, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (nee Bowie), 14 W.Madison St. 

Whitridge, Mr. Thomas, Jr.. 14 W.Madison St. 

Whittingham, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert, The Westover. 

Whyte, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Pinkney, Jr. (nee Herbert), 

Ruxton, Balto. Co., Aid. 

Whyte. Air. Charles Gilmor, Ruxton, Md. 

Whyte, Mr. and Mrs. Clymer, 201 Ridge wood Road, Roland Park. 

Whyte, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (nee Miller), 700 Cathedral St. 

Whyte, Miss, 700 Cathedral St. 

Whyte, Miss Louisa Hollings worth, 700 Cathedral St. 

Wickes, Ex-Judge and Mrs. Pere L., 920 St. Paul St. 

Wickes, Miss Katharine B., 920 St. Paul St. 

Wickes, Miss Henrietta E., 920 St. Paul St. 

Wickes, Mr. B. Chambers, 920 St. Paul St. 

("Longwood," Jamestown.) 

Wickes, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. (nee Ethlinde Page), 1419 Park Av. 

Wickes, Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. (nee Catherine Young), 

Washington Apartments. 

vAVickes, Mr. and Mrs. Pere L.. Jr. (nee Anna Clara Boal), 

Sinclair Ter., 920 Sheridan Road S., Highland Park, 111. 

Wickes, Dr. and Mrs. Henry W., New Orleans. 

Wight. Mrs. Charles Q, 2519 Madison Av. 

Wight,Miss Mary C. 2519 Madison Av. 

Wight, Miss Fauntleroy C, 2519 Madison Av. 

Wight. Mr. and Mrs. John Hyatt (nee Etta Mayes), 909 N.Charles St. 

Wight,Miss Margaret A., 909 N.Charles St. 

( "W'ildwood," Garrison, Md.) 

Wight.Mr. Edward Hyatt. Princeton, N. J. 

' W 265 

Wight, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Loney (nee Gladys M. Watts), The St. Paul. 
Wight, Mr. and Mrs. William D., 14 E.Preston St. 

Wight, Mr. and Mrs. W. H., "Kinloch," Cockeysville, Md. 

Wight, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunlop, "Kinloch," Cockeysville, Md. 

Wight, Mr. and Mrs. C. S., 1227 N. Charles St. 

Wight. Miss Anna M., 1227 N. Charles St. 

Wight, Mr. Earle C, 1227 N.Charles St. 

("Bonnie Blink," Cockeysville, Md.) 
Wilcox. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Buckley (nee Wirt), 52 W. Biddle St. 

Wild, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bertram (nee Elise Steuart Moritz), 

928 Cathedral St. 

Wilkin, Mrs. Julia Belle, 704 Cathedral St. 

Wilkin, Miss Louise W., 704 Cathedral St. 

Wilkens, Mrs. William, 2240 Eutaw PI. 

Wilkins, Mr. and Mrs. George C, Hamilton Court, West Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wilkins, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blackstone (nee Howell), 

8 Rue Eugene Lah-iche, Paris, France. 

Wilkins, Mr. and Mrs. F. G., Parkton, Md. 

Wilkins. Mrs. Joseph, 213 W. Lanvale St. 

Wilkins, Miss Anne C, 1000 N. Charles St. 

Willett, Mrs. John C, 1722 N. Charles St. 

Willett, Miss Ludlow Carroll, 1722 N. Charles St. 

Willey, Dr. and Mrs. Waitman Thomas (nee Elsie M.Powell), 

2129 St. Paul St. 
Willey, Mr. and Mrs. Day Allen, 154 Wilson St. 

Williams, Miss Rebecca D., 1432 Park Av. 

Williams, Miss Maria D., 1432 Park Av. 

Williams, Miss Emma J. D., 1432 Park Av. 

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. G., Europe. 

Williams, Miss Susan May, 

Bradenbaugh, Mrs. Sidney E. Williams, 

("Rangers' Lodge," Harford Co., Md.) 
Williams, Miss Elizabeth Hawkins, 812 St. Paul St. (for the winter). 

Williams, Mrs. John H., in E. 73d St., New York City. 

Williams, Miss Rebecca W., 1 it E. 73d St., New York City. 

Williams, Miss Betsey Dorsey, tit E. 73d St., New York City. 

Williams, Mr. John H., in E. 73d St., New York City. 

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D., 1521 Park Av. 

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. James Cooke, Eleanor, Fla. 

Williams, Miss Eleanor Addison, Eleanor, Fla 

Williams, Mr. James C, Jr., Eleanor, Fla. 














































Mr. John 1 [.. 


Mr. Dorsey McC, 

Mrs. James W., 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H., 

M rs. J. Savage, 
Miss Lucy W., 
Miss Elizabeth H., 

Mr-. K. Calvin. 
Miss Adelaide, 
Mr. R. O.C, 
Miss Corinne, 

Mr. and Mrs. Krnanlt H., 

Mr. G.Harlan. 
Miss Carrie H., 
Mr. Howard T., 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 
Mr. Mason L. W., 
Miss Elizabeth Chew, 
Miss Matilda W., 
Mr. Henry, Jr., 
Mr. George Weems, 
Mr. John H. C, 

The Misses, 

Mr. R. Gordon, 

Mr. Henry Winslow, 

Mr. and Mrs. N. Winslow 
Mr. Frederick R., 
Miss Elizabeth Otis, 
Mrs. Samuel Otis, 
Mrs. Xath. Felton, 

Calumet Club, New York. 

Ellicott City, Md. 
Ellicott City, Md. 

Elk Ridge P. 0., Baltimore Co., Md. 

42 W. Riddle St. 
42 W. Biddle St. 
42 W. Biddle St. 

1307 St. Paul St. 

1307 St. Paul St. 

1307 St. Paul St. 

1307 St. Paul St. 

814 St. Paul St. 

1428 Park Av. 
1428 Park Av. 
1428 Park Av. 

407 W. Lanvale St. 

407 W. Lanvale St. 

407 W. Lanvale St. 

407 W. Lanvale St. 

407 W. Lanvale St. 

407 W. Lanvale St. 

407 W. Lanvale St. 

712 St. Paul St. 

1016 N. Calvert St. 
1016 N. Calvert St. 

(nee Anne Foster), 2 E. Biddle St. 

Bel Air, Harford Co. 


1707 Linden A v. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Witherspoon, 227 W. Preston St. 

Mr. George, 227 W. Preston St. 

("Grey Lodge," Pikesville, Md.) 

Miss Susan, "The Hermitage," Centreville, Md. 

("Hattura," Biarritz [B. P.], France.) 

Dr. and Mrs. J. Whitridge, 1128 Cathedral St. 

Mrs. Dudley (nee Mary [sabelle Joins), Belvedere Hotel. 

Dr. Dudley, Address, Baltimore Club. 

^V 267 

Williams, Dr. and Mrs. William Whitridge (nee Louise Stevens Dennie), 

Boston, Mass. 

vVilliams, Mrs. Phoebe B., noo N.Charles St. 

Williams, Miss Louisa Stewart, 6 E. 47th St., New York. 

VVilliams, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. C , 1726 N. Calvert St. 

Williams, Miss Anne Elizabeth Chew, 1726 N. Calvert St. 

Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Claggett, 204 E.Preston St. 

Williams, Mr. Theodore R., Bel Air, Md. 

Williams, Mrs. Frederick, 

Williams, Mrs. John fl. C, 2126 Oak St. 

Williams, Mr. Henrv Howard. 2126 Oak St. 

Williams, Mr. John H. C. Jr., 2126 Oak St. 

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. James W., Lystra Springs, Rogers Station, Md. 

vVilliams, Mr. and Mrs. W. Berkley (nee Steele), 

Edgevale and Beechdale Avs., Roland Park. 

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lancaster ( nee Rebekah G. Watkins), 

1202 St. Paul St. 

Williams, Capt. and Mrs. Richard, U. S. M, C. (nee Agnus Maude Miller), 

Williams, Miss Nellie C, 2620 N. Charles St. 

v^Williams, Mrs. George Huntington, 803 Cathedral St. 

Williams, Mr. Robert W.. Harvard L niversity. 

Williamson, Mrs. L. Tiernan, 902 St. Paul St. 

Williamson, Miss Selby, 902 St. Paul St. 

Williamson. Mrs. T. W., The Arundel. 

Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. T. Wilson (nee Elizabeth Pierce), 

1323 N. Calvert St. 

Williar, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 1004 Mosher St. 

Williar, Mr. J. A., Jr., 1004 Mosher St. 

Williar, Miss. The Washington Apts. 

Willoughby, Mrs. Joseph S.. 1415 Mt. Royal Av. 

Willoughby. Miss Mary Nondas, 1415 Mt. Royal Av. 

Willoughby. Air. Joseph S., 1415 Mt. Royal Av. 

Wilmer, Mr. Joseph, • Rapidan. Va. 

/Wilmer, Miss Mary Condit, 2321 Maryland Aw 

v Wilmer. Air. John W.. 2321 Alaryland Av. 

Wilson, Miss Elizabeth. Ellicott City, Md. 

Wilson, Miss Eleanora G., 1524 Linden Av. 

Wilson, Miss Grace R., 1524 Linden Av. 


Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Appleton (nee Wade), 1013 St. l?aul St. 

Wilson, Miss Adelaide Stansbury, 1013 St. Paul St. 

Wilson, Miss Virginia Appleton, 1013 St. Paul St. 

('•Oakley," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Wilson, Miss Sarah, 20 E. Lanvale St. 

Wilson. Mr. Joseph, New York City. 

Wilson. Mrs. Henry P. C, 822 Park Av. 

Wilson, Mrs. John B., 1604 St. Paui St. 

Wilson, Mrs. C. Webster, 1.33 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Gordon (nee Elizabeth P.Elliott), 

1318 X. Charles St. 

Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. James W., 505 Park Av. 

Wilson. Mr. James T., 505 Park Av. 

Wilson. Mrs. William, 827 N. Charles St. 

A'ilson, Dr. and Mrs. Robert T., 820 Park Av. 

Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. William Bowly, 1228 N. Charles St. 

Wilson. Miss Ella Chapman, 1228 N. Charles St. 

Wilson. Mr. Melville, 1228 X. Charles St. 

("Glen Alpine," Catonsville.) 
Wilson. Mr. Harry R., 

Wilson, Mrs. William Thomas, 1129 St. Paul St. 

Wilson, -^Ir,. and Mrs. John Sawyer, Xew York City. 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. John Sawyer. Jr. (nee Stella Middleton), 825 Park Av. 

( Stevenson, Md.) 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Dallett Hemphill (nee Lila L.Bradbury), 

* 1 15 E. Eager St. 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Merryman (nee Mary Archer Turner), 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chambers, 

"Gaywood," Bellona Av., Govans, Md. 
Wilson, Miss Juliet Chambers, "Gaywood," Beilona A v.,. Govans, Md, 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C, 1925 Park Av, 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. William lluttmi, 1023 X.Calvert St. 

Wilson, Mrs. Richard C, 221 E. Biddle St. 

Wilson, Mr. Samuel Burns, 221 E. Biddle St. 

Wilson, Mrs. John Glover, "Tree Tops," Stevenson, Md. 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Blake (nee Lansdowne), 1526 Park Av. 

Wilson, Miss Mary Lansdowne, 1 526 Park Av. 

Wilson, Mrs. Cora Mason, The Albion. 

Wilson, Mrs. Joseph A., 134 W. Lanvale St. 



Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Louis N., 1136 W. North Av 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sen ft. The Cathedral Apartments. 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Victor (nee Gertrude Lee Unduch), 

























llson, Mr. William Buckler, 
llson. Miss Dorothy Tyson, 

llson, Mrs. Mabel Dent, 
llson, Dr. Horace Guion, 

nans, Mr. Ross, 

nchester, Mr. William, 

nchester, Mrs. J. Marshall, 
nchester, Miss Maria, 

nchester, Mr. Sydney, 

nchester, Mrs. Maud Tarlton, 

nchester, Mr. and Mrs. H. Carroll (nee 

6 E. Biddle St. 
6 E. Biddle St. 

Gallup, New Mexico. 
Gallup, New Mexico. 

1217 St. Paul St. 

The Montreal. 

1421 Linden Av. 
1421 Linden Av. 

Wilmington, Del. 

20 Kent St.. St. Paul Minn. 

Fannie A. Hosmer), 

nchester. Mr. Henry Carroll, Jr., 

nchester, Mr. Frederick G., 

nder, Mr. and Mrs. Richard B., 

nder, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lloyd, 

nder, Miss, 

nder, Miss Mary Parker, 

nder, Mrs. Charles S., 

nder, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. (nee Curir 

nder. Dr. and Mrs. R. Bayly, 

1111, Miss Man - , 

nn, Miss Annah, 

nslow, Mrs. Caleb, 5T4 

nslow, Miss, 514 

nslow, Dr. and Mrs. John Randolph, 

nslow, Dr. and Mrs. Randolph, 

nslow, Mr. and Mrs. John Leiper, 

nslow, Mr. Caleb, 

nslow. Dr. Fitz-Randolph, 

nslow. Miss Eliza L., 

nslow, Miss Jean P., 

nslow, Miss Mary Fayssoi x, 

nslow, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards Fayssoux, 

nslow, Dr. and Mrs. Nathan, 


419 N. Charles St. 

1 W. Biddle St. 
3 W. Biddle St. 
3 W. Biddle St. 
3 W. Biddle St. 

me H. Pope), 9 E. Eager St. 

244 W. Lanvale St. 

The Sherwood, Monument St. 

219^ E. North Av. 

Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 
Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

W/ncote Lodge." Roland Park. 

1900 Mt. 
1900 Mt. 
1900 Mt. 
1900 Mt. 
1900 Mt. 
1900 Mt. 
1900 Mt. 

Royal Ter. 
Royal Ter. 
Royal Ter. 
Royal Ter. 
Royal Ter. 
Royal Ter. 
Royal Ter. 

2120 Callow Av. 
31 12 W. North Av. 

270 W 

Winter, Mr. and Mrs. Irvah Lester (nee Rebecca Fenton Clark), 

Hubbard Park, Cambridge, Mass 

Winthrop, Mr. and Mrs. Greenville Bayard, 175 W. 87th St., New York. 

Wirgman, Mr. and Mrs. George Hollins (nee Essie Jackson), 

"Wirgman's-on-the-1 1 ill," Romney, W. Va. 

Wise, Mrs. Frederick May, 100 Roland A v., Roland Park. 

Wise, Miss Julia. too Roland A v.. Roland Park. 

Wise, Mr. Henry A., 11 W. Mulberry St. 

Wise, Dr. Edward M., 706 N. Howard St. 

Witherspoon, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie (nee Eleanore J. Howison), 

52 Walton PL, Chicago, 111. 

Wolff, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar, Garrison P. O., Md. 

Wolff, Mr. Frederick W., 1408 Harlem Av. 

Wolff, Mrs. S., 140S Harlem A v. 

Womble, Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke Mitchell, in W. Monument St. 

Wood. Mrs. Joseph P., 1429 Park Av. 

Wood, Miss Margaret Potter, 1429 Park Av. 

ood. Mr. and Mrs. Robt. W., 815 St. Paul St. 

Wood, Mr. and Airs. William Bell (nee Mary Watkins), 


Wood, Mrs. Rufus K., 704 B St., Sparrows Point. 

W< »od, Mrs. P. Bryson, The Mt. Royal. 

Wood,Miss Rose, The Alt. Royal. 

Wood, Mrs. George W., 15 12 Park Av. 

Wood, Miss Viola A., 1512 Park Av. 

Wood, Mi--. 1 512 Park Av. 

Wood, Mr. Morgan I., New York City. 

Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (nee Clotilde von Kretschman), 

109 W. North Av. 

Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., Fifth Av., Park Heights. 

Wood, Miss Dorothy, Fifth Av., Park Heights. 

Wood,Miss Elizabeth, Fifth Av., Park Heights. 

Wood,Miss Helen, Fifth Av.. Bark Heights. 

W< od, Mr. Fred B.. 43 X. 50th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wood, Miss Ida, 2038 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Woodall, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, "Walton," Royal Oak, Talbot Co., Md. 

Woodruff, Mr. and Mrs. George C, South St., Litchfield, Conn. 

Woodruff, Dr. and Mrs. Charles S., 823 Hamilton Ter. 

"W 271 

Woods, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C, The Preston, E. Preston St. 

Woods, Dr. and Mrs. Hiram. Jr., 842 Park Ay. 

Woods, Miss Mary Rebekah, &12 Park Av. 

Woods, Mr. Alan Churchill. 842 Park Av. 

W< »ods, Mrs. Katharine. 

Woods, Miss Lucv C. 219 W.Lafayette Av. 

Woods, Miss Ethel S.. 2ig W.Lafayette Av. 

W< .ods, Mrs. Charles F.. Sherwood, Md., Rider P. O. 

Woods, Miss Eliza McCalmont. Sherwood. Md.. Rider P.O. 

Woods, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C, Lutherville, Md. 

Woods, Dr. Charles F., Lehigh Uni.. Bethlehem, Pa. 

Woods. Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 21 13 St. Paul St. 

Woods, Mr. Laurence H., Santa Clara, Cuba. 

Woodside, Mr. Charles, 46 W. Biddle St. 

Woodside, Mr. James S., 1020 S. Paul St. 

Woodside. Mr. F. P., 117 W. Lanvale St. 

W< 'odville, ]\Iiss Elizabeth. Temporarily — "The Hermitage." Centreville, Md. 

("Hattura." Biarritz [B. P.], France.) 

Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henley (nee Margaret Stewart), 

1307 John St. 

Woodward, Mrs. Mary Johnson, 1406 Park Av. 

Woodward. Miss Daisy, 1406 Park Av. 

Woodward, Miss, 2517 N. Charles St. 

Woodward, Miss Mary. Walbrook Av. and 13th St., Walbrook. 

Woodyear. Mr. and Mrs. William E., 2014 Maryland Av. 

Woodyear, Mrs. William Edward. 4 W. 20th St. 

Woodyear, Miss Elizabeth Yellott, 4 W. 20th St. 

Wool ridge, Mrs. Robt. A., 1709 Park Av. 

Woolridge, The Misses, 1709 Park Av. 

Wootton. Mrs. Elsie Contee, i-!07 Linden \v. 

Wootton. Miss Mary M.. u n 7 Linden Av. 

Worthington, Mrs. William Cooke, 11 13 X.Charles St. 

Worthington, Mr. Richard H., 1113 N.Charles St. 

Worthington, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. (nee Mary T. Yellott). 

Worthington, Mrs. M. G., 11 Grosvenor Road, Westminster. S. W. London. 

Worthington, Dr. and Mrs. J. Kent (nee Mary W. Spencer ). 

1213 N. Calvert St. 

j: j 


Worthington, Mr. and Mrs. George, 121 W. Lanvale St. 

Worthington, Mr. Daniel Murray, 121 \Y. Lanvale St. 

Worthington, Mr % Addison Foard, i-'i W. Lanvale St. 

(Lawyer's Mill, Relay Station. Md.) 

Worthington, Miss Helen McLean, 1432 John St. 

Worthington, Miss M.Alice, 1432 John St. 

Worthington, Mr. Ellicott H., 

Worthington, Mr. and Mrs. Hall (nee Dorothy Smnll), Wilmington, Del. 

Wrenshall, Mr. and Mrs. John C, T037 N.Calvert St. 

Wrenshall, Mr. and Mrs. John C, Jr. (nee Mason). 

103 Locust St., Harrishurg, Pa. 

Wright. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton A., 1602 Park Av 

Wright. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clinton (nee Sallie Howard Murdoch), 

1 laverford, Pa 

Wright, Miss Elsie C, 

Wright, Judge and Mrs. D. Giraud, 
Wright. Mr. and Mrs. W. II. DeCourcy (nee Eyre), 
/ Wright, Mr. R. Alexander, 

Wright, Miss Alma M., 

Wroth, Rev. and Mrs. Peregrine, 
Wroth, Mr. Lawrence C, 

Wroth, Dr. Peregrine, Jr., 

Wyatt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Handheld, Jr. (nee Meta V. N. Hutton), 

211 E. Diddle St. 

126 W. Lafayette A v. 

142 W. Lanvale St. 

14 1 3 Park Av. 

Elkton, Md. 

The Severn. 

215 E. Preston St. 
215 E. Preston St. 

Union Protestant Infirmary. 

Wyatt, Mr. J. B. Noel, 

Wyatt. Miss Marion B., 

Wyatt, Mr. and Mrs. William E., 

Wyatt, Miss Mary L., 

Wyeth, Mr. Charles M.. 
Wyeth, Mr. Nathaniel J., 

Wylie, Mrs. Robert M., 
Wylie, Mr. Douglas M., 

Wylie, Mrs. Wm. A., 
Wylie, Miss Mary Montgomery, 
Wylie, Mr. Wm. Bruce, 
Wylie, Mis>-< Xina Campbell, 

Wysham, Mr. and Mrs. George F., 

5 Club Road, Roland Park. 

"Inwood," Lutherville, Md. 

Gwynnbrook, Md. 

17 Rue Delambre, Paris, France. 

8 W. Hamilton St. 
8 W. Hamilton St. 

818 Park Av. 
818 Park Av. 

817 St. Paul St. 

817 St. Paul St. 

817 St. Paul St. 

817 St. Paul St. 

The Albion. 


Yearley, Miss Louisa V., 
Yearley, Miss Mary, 
Yearley, Miss Alar}- Louisa, 

Yearley, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 15. C, 
Yearley. Miss Marie, 

Yeaton, Mr. and Mrs. J. Southgate (nee Ridgely), 
Yeaton, Miss Margaret Howard, 

Young, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bennett (nee Leftwich), 

Young, Mr. and Mrs. Louis F., 

Young, Mrs. Alexander, 
Young, Miss Rosalie O., 

Young, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fendall, 2219 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Young, Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Hampton (nee Colston), 707 St. Paul St. 

Young, Mrs. William H., 707 St. Paul St. 

Young, Capt. and Mrs. Frederic A. (nee Gertrude Orendorf), 

no E. Madison St. 

Young, Dr. and Mrs. Andrew (nee Charlotte S.Murdoch), Shensi, China. 

Catonsville, Md. 
Catonsville, Md. 
Catonsville, Md. 

13 iq N. Charles St. 
1319 N. Charles St. 

2019 Maryland Av. 
2019 Maryland Av. 

2005 N. Charles St. 

The Arundel. 

301 Dolphin St. 
301 Dolphin St. 


Zell, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stanley, 209 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Zell, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Carroll, 1022 N. Calvert St. 

Zell, Miss Gertrude Carroll, 1022 N. Calvert St. 

Zell, Mr. Oliver Carroll, Jr., 1022 N. Calvert St. 

Zell, Mr. George A., The Stafford. 

Zell, Mr. and Mrs. George Leeds, 812 St. Paul St. 

Zell, Lieut, and Mrs. Edward M. (nee Mary Priscilla Williams), U. S. A., 

1726 N. Calvert St. 

Zollinger, Miss Mary G., 1808 St. Paul St. 


(Eaiueri g>rlj0nl 



s ^1 v 

) I . i M I N I A KV ^B BT GERMAN 


V. M. HILLYER, A. B. (harvard), HEAD MASTER. 



IU M. LAMB, Asso. Pri ncipal r/-\l\fV iLa^L 

Thorough Teaching and Supervised Study, Silent study rooms. 

Only boys and girls of good character received. 

Entirely separate — High School. Intermediate, Primary and 

Kindergarten Departments. 
Preparation for College and for Business. 
j-, j Class numbers strictly limited. 

r eatlires: Each student examined twice annually by Physical Instructor 
I and the School Physician. 

J Superior Athletic Fields. 
/ Heating apparatus, plan of ventilation, hygienic arrangements 

of the most approved sort. m 

\ Physical Ideal— "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body." 
Hot and Cold Lunches provided. 

Kei Swimming Pool, 50X22 ft. New Gymnasium, 90X33 ft. 45 ft. above ground leve 





MISS EDITH HAMILTON, M. A. Bryn Mawr College, Head Mistress 




25 til YEAR 



ffitg Jrifgrgmt ii>ri}ool for loga 







C. &. P. Telephone, Mt. Vernon 4690. 




122 4. 124 W. KRANKLIN STREET, 


Pupils Prepared for College. Regular or Elective Course of Study, 

Thorough Instruction in Music and Art. 

KPS. H. P. LEFEBVRE, Principal. 

MISS E. D. HUNTLEY, Associate Principal 

Artistic Hair Dressing- in the latest style Tonics and Toilet 

Manicuring: Undulation Marcel Wave by experts Ai tides, Combs, 

bhampooing Scientific Scalp and Facial Trcutments brushes, etc. 










We want you to know our goods as we do. 
When purchasing Candies, Stationery, Calen- 
dars, Pictures, Picture Frames, Photo Goods, 
Post Cards, Novelties, etc., and you wish the 
best at moderate prices, see us. So many 
nice things for such little money. 




xmas store VARIETY STORE 

221 NORTH 




Baltimore Society Visiting List 

19 lO 






Mrs. N. 




Mr. and 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Manson Smith. 
Miss Olive Cushing Smith. 

Mrs. Joseph Lewis Long. 
Miss Bessie W. Long. 

Mr. William Buckler Willson. 

Miss Dorothy T. Willson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson. 

Mr. James ('. Spence. 

Miss Charlotte C. Spence. 

Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Carter. 

Dr. and Mrs. John S. Fischer. 

Miss ('. Fischer. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Post. 

Miss Post. 

Mr. A. H. S. Tost. 

Mrs. Benj. C. Barroll. 

Mrs. Joel Rathhone Ransom. 

Miss Virginia Sanford Ransom. 

Miss Lillie Detrick. 

Miss Katharine Detrick. 

Miss Mary Rosalie Corner. 

Mr. and Mrs. Solomon F. Corner. 

204 Miss Elizabeth D. Corner. 

206 Mr. and Mrs. F. Duane Du Barry. 

208 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Atwater Ward. 

209 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Taliaferro. 

210 Mr. and Mrs. Julian Stuart Carter. 

211 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Handheld 


212 Mr. and Mrs. J. Freeman Rasin. 
214 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Paul Brown. 
214 Miss Edna Brown. 

214 Mr. Wm. Paul Brown. Jr. 

215 Mr. and Mrs. W. Hall Harris. Jr. 

216 Mr. and Mrs. Basil H. Snowden. 
216 Miss Mary Bedford Snowden. 

219 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. de Bullet 

220 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Quarles Hew- 

lett Smith. Jr. 

221 Mrs. Rich. C. Wilson. 
221 Mr. Samuel B. Wilson. 

223 Mr. and Mrs. Heyward E. Boyce. 

223 Miss Sarah Fenner George. 

225 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Freeman. 

225 Mr. Randall Stanley Freeman. 


Mrs. Mary A. Gorter. 

The Misses Gorter. 

Dr. and Mrs. Nathan R. Gorter. 

Mr. and Mrs. Benj. H. Brewster. Jr. 
Mrs. Chas. T. Winder. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lloyd Win- 
Miss Winder. 
Miss Mary Parker Winder. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Clarke Dulany. 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cottman. 
Miss Agnus. 

Gen'] and Mrs. Felix Agnus. 
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Leser. 

9 Judge and Mrs. Henry D. Harlan. 

9 Miss Helen Harlan. 

11 Mrs. Joseph J. Turner. 

11 The Misses Turner. 

11 Mr. Thomas Lee Turner. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. T. West Clai, r gett. 

15 Mr. L. B. Keene Claggett. 

17 Mrs. Wilbur Taylor Helm. 

IT Mr. Wilbur T. Helm, Jr. 

19 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Brown. 

22 Mrs. George Earp. 

22 Miss Earn. 

24 General Stewart Brown. 

24 Miss Susan W. Allen. 



W. Biddle St.. Bolton St. 






















13 -7 






Dr. and Mrs. Cary B. Gamble, Jr. 

Mrs. Charles H. Rhett. 

.Miss Charlotte de M. Thompson. 
.Mr. Henry P. Thompson. 

Mr. J. Nicholson Harris. 
Mi-. Alexander F. Murdoch. 
Miss Susan T. Murdoch. 
Mrs. Edward T. Norris. 
Mr. Alexander Murdoch Norris. 
Miss Isabel A. Swan. 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Marshall. 

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Somerville 

Mrs. Charles H. Tilghman. 

The Misses Tilghman. 

Mr. Richard Lloyd Tilghman. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Lever- 
Miss Ober. 

Miss Mary E. Hickok. 
Miss Rebecca M. Hickok. 
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gillet Gill. 











Mrs. .1. Savage Williams. 
Miss Lucv W. Williams. 
Miss Elizabeth II. Williams. 

Mis. Mary R. Thomas Carroll. 
Mr. Douglas Gordon Carroll. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Blaklstone. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Preston. 
Mrs. William Wyatt Norris. 

Mr. and Mis. Henry Buckley 


Miss Harriet Hinkley. 

Miss Mary K. Hinkley. 

Mr. John Hinkley. 

Dr. and Mrs. George W. Dobbin. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Whitney. 

Mr. R via ml < '. Moore. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Snowden. 

Miss Esther R. Murdoch. 

Mr. Thomas B. Sargent. 

Mrs. King. 

Miss Dora L. Murdoch. 


Miss [da S. Bicnt. 

Mr. Basil Sollers. 

Mr. Ellis C. Hightman. 
Mrs. E. J. Hightman. 

Mrs. Henry Clay Dallam. 
Mr. Lucieri Dallam. 

Misses Tinges. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. D. Lilly. 

Mrs. Thos. M. Dobbin. 
The Misses Dobbin. 

Mr. and Mrs. Armstead Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Edward 

Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Rodman 

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Mercer Garnett. 
Mr. J. Mercer Garnett. Jr. 

Mr. William II. Fisher. 
Mr. Wm. II. Fisher. Jr. 
Miss Bessie Bainbridge. 
Miss Mary C. Bainbridge. 
Misses Smith. 

Mr. and Mis. .James- Mifflin Coul- 
ter, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Coulter. 
The Messrs. < 'oultcr. 
Mrs. Olivia Coulter Dawson. 
Miss Donald. 

Miss Elizabeth D. Crawford. 
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Phil- 

1402 The Misses Bond. 

1408 Mr. and Mrs. F. Henry Boggs. 

1408 Miss Edith F. Boggs. 

1408 Mr. Fenton Boggs. 

1409 Rev. and Mrs. William M. Dame. 

1409 Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Page Dame. 

1410 Mrs. W. F. Knox. 
1410 Mrs. Edward L. Keyes. 

1410 The Misses Knox. 

1410 The Messrs. Knox. 

1416 Mrs. Frank Fisher. 

1416 The Messrs. Fisher. 

1418 Mrs. John Hodges. 

1418 Mrs. Eleanor G. Dugan. 

1418 Miss Georgiana Williams Hodges. 

1418 Mr. John Hodges. 

1418 Miss Emily Hodges Forman. 

1410 Mr. and Mrs. William Tappan. 

1410 Mr. Benjamin Tappan. 

1421 Mr. and Mrs. .i. Norman Fenton. 

1421 Miss Fenton. 

Ill':: Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Sills. 

ill':; Mrs. E. Louis O'Donnell. 

141':: Mr. E. II. O'Donnell. 

1424 Mr. and Mrs. Seabury Davies. 

1503 Mrs. Charles Frick. 

1503 Miss Susan Carroll Poultney 


1507 Dr. .lames H. Butler. 

1507 Miss Mabel Butler. 

1510 Mr. and Mrs. Wilson I'. Ileyward. 

loio The Misses Heyward. 

Bolton St., Brevard St., N. Broadway. 



1512 Mr. John Wilson Brown. 

1512 Miss Elizabetb Brown. 

1512 Miss Rosa Brown. 

1512 Mr. and Mrs. Shellman B. Brown. 

1513 Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Berry. 

1514 Dr. and Mrs. Franklin 1'. Mall. 
1517 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hunter 
1517 Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Brown. 

1520 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hopper. 

1521 Mr. and Mrs. Thos. W. Jenkins. 
1523 The Misses Frick. 

1526 Mr. and Mrs. Herhert Hooper. 

1526 Miss Mary Bo wen Hooper. 

L526 Miss Margaret Hooper. 

1530 Miss Annie O. Stuart. 

1530 Mr. T. Keating Stuart. 

1530 Mr. Wm. C. Pennington. 

1600 Miss Isahel Mordecai. 

1601 Col. and Mrs. Aubrey Pearre. 

1601 Mr. Sifford Pearre. 

1601 Mr. Auhrey Pearre, Jr. 

1610 Mrs. Chas. Herhert Sadtler. 

1611 Mrs. James M, Maslin. 
1611 Mr. Frank N. Maslin. 

1622 Mrs. George T. Sadtler. 

1622 Miss Sadtler. 

1624 Mr. and Mrs. Horace Slingluff. 

1624 Mr. Horace Slingluff. Jr. 

1703 Miss Kate A. Ranstead. 

1713 Mr. Wm. F. Be van. 

1713 Miss Eleanor Leonard Bevan. 

1713 Mr. Wm. F. Bevan. Jr. 

1715 Mrs. Harry Courtney Shriver. 

1734 Mr. and Mrs. Walden C. Ximmo. 

2000 Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Parrish. 

2119 Mrs. Andrew Banks. 

2119 The Misses Banks. 


1104 Mr. John B. Magruder. 

1104 Miss Sophia M. Mullikin. 


Church Home and Infirmary : 
Miss Margaret Elliott. 
Miss Clara Goldshorough Holly 

Miss Elizabeth F. Magruder. 

Johns Hopkins Hospital : 

Dr. and Mrs. Henry M. Ilurd. 
Misses Ilurd. 

Dr. Ernest K. Cullen. 
Dr. Chas. M. Remsen. 

Corner Broadway and Chase Sts.. Dr. 
and Mrs. Walter Walton White. 
422 Mr. Philip B. Moss. 
422 Mr. John H. Moss. 

600 Mr. William Rich. 
600 Dr. French S. Cary. 


11 Mrs. Henry Stockbridge. 11 Mr. 

11 Judge and Mrs. Henry Stock- 11 Mr. 

bridge, Jr. 

Henry Stockbridge 3d. 

Euus S. Stockbridge. 


2011 Miss Mary J. Tucker. 2420 

2117 Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Lazenby. 




si. 4 


Mr. and Mrs. Edwards F. 


Miss Annie R. Ramsay. 

Mrs. Andrew B. Cross. 

Mrs. Adele M. Orendorf. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Alfred 

< Conner. 
Mr. J. V. McXeai. 
Mr. Harry Snowden Stabler. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McHenry 

Mr. Wilberfoss G. Owst. 

824 Miss M. Monmonier. 

824 Miss D. Monmonier. 

904 Miss Emily V. R. Appold. 

904 Miss Bertha V .Appold. 

904 Mr. Lemuel T. Appold. 

904 Miss von Riesen. 

907 Ensign and Mrs. Willis W. 

lev. Jr. 

907 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cox. 

907 Misses Cox. 

907 Mr. Douglas Janney Cox. 




N. Calvert St. 































Mr. and Mrs. Wm. II. II. Anderson. 

Mrs. Richard Morion. 
Mi88 Morion. 
Mr. Win. Robert Morton. 
Mrs. James 1). Mason. 
Mr. J. Dudley Mason. 

Mrs. Robert Brown. 
Miss Elizabeth G. Brown. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Kent. 
Miss Elizabeth C. Kent. 

Miss ids Griffiss. 

Mr. and Mrs. Win. 8. Myer. 
Miss Eleanor T. Myer. 
Mr. and Mrs. Win. C. Page. 
Miss Rosalie B. Rage. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Pratt 

Mr. James Russell Manning. 
Mrs. George II. Baer. 
Mr. Robert P. Brent. 

Miss Ella Green. 

Miss Mary Musgrave. 

Mr. Walter Musgrave. 

Mr. William Musgrave. 

Mr. Thomas II. Musgrave. 

Mrs. Thomas Iledian. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Farber. 

Mr. Brent Harrison Farber. 

Miss Emily Mercer Peter. 

Miss Sappington. 

Mr. and Mrs. Matt S. Brenan. 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cole. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. R. Myer. 

Miss Grace Wells. 

Miss II. L. Wells. 

Mrs. Wm. McShane. 

Mrs. .lames II. Cator. 

Mr. and Mrs. .lames Bond. 

Miss .lane Lee Bond. 

Mr. Carroll T. Bond. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Mullin. 

Miss Elizabeth Lester Mullin. 

Mr. Joseph C. Mullin. 

Miss Poor. 

Mrs. Win. II. V. Smith. 
Miss Mary J. Smith. 
Miss Charlotte E. Smith. 
Mr. Joseph J. Smith. 

Miss Bertha Lucas. 
Mr. William F. Lucas, Jr. 
Mr. J. Carrell Lucas. 
Mrs. Ella Porter Emery. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Carter Legg, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Keyser, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Basil L. Gilder- 

1003 Mrs. S. M. Hamilton. 

Hio3 The Misses Hamilton, 
loo:; Mr. T. Irving Adams. 

1003 Mr. A. P. Adams. 

1004 Mrs. Henry 0. Haughton. 

1004 Miss Louisa C. O. Haughton. 

1004 Miss Maud M. Haughton. 
1004 Mr. Hugo L. Haughton. 

1004 Mr. John Alan Haughton. 

lour, Mr. and Mrs. E. P.arllett Ilay- 


1007 Mr. and Mrs. Otho E. Ridgply. 

1007 Miss Ellen Francis Ridge. v. 

loo? Miss Lisa Ridgely. 

1007 Miss Alice <;. Ridgely. 

1007 Mr. Charles R. Ridgely. 

10117 Mr. oiiio E. Ridgely. Jr. 

inns Dr. and Mrs. Roland B. Whitridge. 

1011 Miss Mary Randolph McKiin. 

loll Miss Margaret Telfair McKim. 

1013 Mr. and Mrs. Win. Tyler Gatchell. 

1015 Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Goodwillie. 

1015 Miss Mary C. Goodwillie. 

1010 .Mrs. Samuel K. Sanl'ord. 

1016 Mr. Henry W. Williams. 
TOP; Mr. R. Gordon Williams. 

1017 Mr. and Mrs. Austin Gallagher. 

1017 Mr. Winslow Pierce Gallagher. 

1018 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abert Or- 


1018 Miss Louisa Wrighl Orrick. 

1018 Mr. Johnson Orrick. 

1019 Mr. and .Mrs. Murray P. Brush. 

1020 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas II. Duer. 
1020 Miss Edith Imer. 

1020 Mr. Leland P.. I >uer. 

1021 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Capron 

1022 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Carroll Zell. 
PrJU Miss Gertrude Carroll Zell. 

1022 Mr. Oliver Carroll Zell. Jr. 

L023 Mr. and Mrs. Win. HuttOD Wilson. 

1024 Mr. ami Mrs. Vales Pennington. 

1025 Miss Elisabeth L. Clark. 

PUT. Miss Louise M. Clark. 

louo Mr. and Mrs. John s. Gibbs, Jr. 

1027 Mr. Edward II. Griffin. 

IOL'7 Miss Mary W. Griffin. 

1028 Dr. A. Marshall Elliott. 

1030 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. de Bullet. 

1032 Mr. and Mrs. John II. O'Donovan. 
]o.::: Mr. ami Mrs. John J. Donaldson. 

1033 Miss Miriam S. Iioiialdson. 

1034 Mr. and Mrs. II. Arthur Stump. 

1035 Dr. and Mrs. Lewellys Barker. 

N. Calvert St. 










1 1 1 6 







Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wrenshall. 
Mrs. Wrenshall-Markland. 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Frank Daily. 
Messrs. Daily. 

Mrs. James Lynah. 
Mrs. E. Read Goodridge. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Graham Archer. 

Mrs. William Keyser, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Manly. 

Mrs. Edward Blake Bruce. 
Miss Katharine Daily Bruce. 
Miss Rosalind Bruce. 
Mr. Edward Skipwith Bruce. 
Mr. J. Marshall Hills Bruce. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Miles Cary. Jr. 

Gen. and Mrs. Francis E. Waters. 

Miss Margaret Winans Waters. 

Miss Mary Hester Waters. 

Mr. Diehard T. Waters. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fhilip Francis Lee. 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Philip 

Kisenbrey. Jr. 
Miss Irene C. Eisenbrey. 
Miss Ella Devries Eisenbrey. 

Mrs. R. Goldsborough Keene. 

Mr. Lester Bresee. 

Miss Edna Bresee. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ingram. 

Mrs. A. A. Bresee. 

Miss Mollie H. Hooper. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace 1'. Harvey. 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin W. Hendrick. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Miltenberger 

Mrs. William Painter. 

Mr. Orrin C. Painter. 

Mr. and Mrs. Miles White. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Brent Keyser. 

Mrs. John Henderson Stewart. 

Mrs. Sydney H. Forbes. 

Miss Jane Dawson Forbes. 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Forbes. 

Mrs. Alan Cole. 

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Slocum. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Bevan Miller. 

Miss Elise Bevan Miller. 

Miss Allison J. Miller. 

Mr. Francis Morris Miller. 

Mrs. Andrew M. Reid. 

Mr. Howell Lewis Reid. 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Boykin. 

Miss Mary Irwin Boykin. 

Mr. Wm. A. Boykin. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gosnell. 

Miss Gosnel). 

Mr. Frank Gosnell, Jr 

1213 Mrs. Charles Gambrill. 

1213 Mr. Lindsay Coleman Spencer. 

1213 Miss Elizabeth Coleman Spencer. 

1213 Mrs. M. Russell Thayer. 

1213 Mr. Richard J. Holliiigsworth, Jr. 

1213 Dr. and Mrs. J. Kent Worthington. 

1214 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. O'Brien. Jr. 

1214 Miss Mary Claire O'Brien. 

1215 Mr. and Mrs. John Richardson. 

1218 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hurst. 
121s Mrs. Henrietta G. Banks. 

1219 Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Matthews. 

1221 Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. White. 

1221 Miss Nancy P. Ellicott. 

1222 Mr. and Mrs. Graffln Cook. 

1223 Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Vickerv. 
1223 Miss Mabel R. 11. Vickery. 

1223 The Messrs. Vickery. 

1225 Mr. and Mrs. Rufus King Goodenow. 

1225 Mr. Rufus King Goodenow, Jr. 

1225 Miss Isabel F. Goodenow. 

1226 Mr. and Mrs. II. Rowland Clapp. 

1228 Dr. and Mrs. John Staige Davis. 

1229 Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Price. 

1229 Miss Sara B. Price. 

1230 Mr. and Mrs. Robert. H. Smith. 
1230 Miss Helen Alford Smith. 

1300 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Whelan. 

1300 Miss Edith Whelan. 

1300 Miss Alice M. Whelan. 

1303 Mr. and Mrs. Benj. 1'. Moore. 

1303 Miss Louise S. Low. 

1305 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. W. Mclntire. 

1307 Dr. and Mrs. David M. R. Cul- 

1309 Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Penrose. 

1311 Mr. and Mrs. Edw. C. Carring- 
ton. Jr. 

1313 Judge and Mrs. Wm. Henry Brune. 

1315 Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Hughes. 

131 5 Miss Marian A. Hughes. 

1319 Mr. and Mrs. C. Columbus Shriver 

1319 Miss America S. Payne. 

1323 Mr. and Mrs. T. Wilson William- 

1609 Miss Virginia U. Stirling. 

1609 Miss Elisabeth Stirling. 

1609 Mr. J. Edward Stirling. 

1609 Miss Nancy L. Stirling. 

1614 Mrs. Charles McCann. 

1614 Mr. Charles Andrew McCann. 

1627 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Jones. 

1029 Miss Delia Torre. 

1620 Mr. Frank Delia Torre. 

1629 Miss Mary M. Post. 

2 g2 

Calvert, Carey, Caroline Sts. 


















Mr. and Mrs. A. Downing Clarke. 

Miss Ella B. Patterson. 

Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Royal Stokes. 

Mr. and Mrs. James B. I'arran. 

Mr. and Mrs. John II. Baylies. 

The Misses Baylies. 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Slingluff. 

The Messrs. Slingluff. 

Mrs. Henry Moale. 

Miss Moale. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Moale. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Godey. 

Mr. Thomas R. Godey. 

Mrs. William J. I'arran. 

Miss Elizabeth I'arran. 

The Messrs. I'arran. 

Miss Mary DeC. McClellan. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Gaither. 

Miss Fanny C. Gaither. 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Didier. 

Miss Angela de Bernabeu Didier. 

Miss Edith Northrop Didier. 

Mi>s Isabel Stewart Didier. 

Mr. and Mrs. It. Contee Rose. 

Mrs. N. Buchanan Meiere. 

Miss Meiere. 

Mr. T. McKean Meiere. 

Mrs. Mary B. Owen. 

The Messrs. Owen. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. C. Williams. 

Miss Anne E. C. Williams. 

Lieut, and Mrs. Ed. M. Zell. 

Mr. and Mrs. Felix R. Sullivan. 

Miss Sullivan. 

Miss Nannie Lloyd Sullivan. 

Mrs. Edward T. Jackson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fdw. T. Jackson. 

Rev. John L. Jackson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Adreon. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Evans Snerry. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Graf. Whelan. 

Mr. Win. Creagh Whelan. 

Miss Mary C. M. Whelan. 











Cor. I 









Mr. and Mrs. W. Edwin Chipchase 

The Misses Chipchase. 

Mr. Walter Nelson Chipchase. 

Mr. F. J. Levering. 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Dickey. 
The Messrs. I >ickey. 

Mrs. W. Donaldson Steuart. 
The Misses Steuart. 
Mr. Archibald Steuart. 

Mrs. John Pleasants. 

Dr. and Mrs. Kennon W. Egerton. 

Mr. II. S. Taveau. 

Miss Helen Lansdale. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Groverman. 

The Misses Aiken. 

The Messrs. Aiken. 

Miss F. A. Fitz-Patrick. 
Mr. Thomas Fitz-Patrick. 
Mr. T. F. P. Fitz-Patrick. 

Mrs. Richard M. Wallace. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Caskie. 

Miss Alice Caskie. 

alvert and 23d Sts. Mr. and Mrs. 

Sidney Sherwood. 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Story. 
Miss Josephine V. Keys. 
Mr. F. W. Marion Story. 
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Warren Keech 
The Misses Keech. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Campbell Hoi 

Mr. and Mrs. James Mullikln. 
Mr. and Mrs. o. Wright Nicols. 

Mrs. Charles W. Guest. 

Miss Nannie Miller. 

Mr. and Mrs. Win. Barney Harris. 

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Lee Smith. 

Mrs. Milford F. Lackey. 

Mr. and Mrs. ((scar F. Lackey. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Slingluff. 

10 Mr. J. Henry Cook. 


22 Dr. and Mrs. R. II. P. Ellis. 5'J5 Miss Mathilda B. Bobbins. 


1204 Rev. and Mrs. Douglas Hooff. 1204 Miss Elisabeth C. Robbing. 

Carrollton Av., Cathedral St. 



Dr. and Mrs. John G. Jeffers. 




and Mrs. S. M. Buckman. 
John B. Buckman. 



Mr. and Mrs. Grant W. Quale. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Canity Marye. 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton M. Dukehart. 

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Sloan. Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. William S. Thayer. 

Rev. and Mrs. Harris E. Kirk. 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Swindell. 
Mrs. C. S. Brawner. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred. B. Beacham. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. H. Gaither. 
Mr. T. H. Gaither. Jr. 
Miss Rebekah Harrison. 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kins - Carey. 

Miss Louise Carey. 

Miss Margaret Townsend Carey. 

Mr. and. Mrs. Ruxton M. Ridgely. 
Mrs. George Riggs Gaither. 
Mr. Samuel W. Dorsey. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Glenn Perine. 
The Misses Perine. 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene O'Dunne. 

Mr. Duke Bond. 

The Misses Gibson. 

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Harlan. 

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Sar 

Miss C. Henrietta Chiffelle. 
Mrs. J. Alexander Shriver. 
Mr. John S. Shriver. 
Miss Alice S. Clendinen. 
Miss Violet Clendinen. 

Mr. De Courcy W. Thom. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wm. Field. 

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Gaither. 
Mr. II. Granger Gaither. 
Miss Imogen Gaither. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Whitridge. 

Miss Whitridge. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Sno\vden. 

Miss Mary R. Snowden. 

Miss M. Louise Snowden. 

Mr. Wilton Snowden, Jr. 

Mrs. Richard H. Pleasants. 

Miss Ellin Curzon Pleasants. 

Mr. Richard H. Pleasants, Jr. 

Miss Perine. 

Mr. Washington Perine. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fielding 

600 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Fraser. 

609 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Penni- 


610 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Janney Hull. 
610 Mr. and Mrs. J. Harry Hull. 
(510 Mrs. Charles S. Morgan. 

700 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Whyte. 

700 Miss Eliza C. Whyte. 

700 Miss Louisa Ilollingsworth Whyte. 


Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Howard Smith. 

Mrs. Andrew Reid. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hollins McKim. 

Capt. and Mrs. T. S. Mumford. 

Miss J. J. Mumford. 

■ Miss Caroline Lee Whitehead. 

Miss Bessie Buckler. 

Mrs. John S. Berry. 

Mrs. Joseph Bovkin Whitehead. 

■ Mrs. William B. Hill. 

702 Mrs. John Irving Griffiss. 

703 Mrs. W. R. Abell. 

703 The Misses Bogue. 

704 Mrs. Julia B. Wilkin. 
704 Miss Louise W. Wilkin. 

712 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Brown. 

802 Dr. and Mrs. Walter B. Piatt. 

803 Mrs. George Huntington Williams. 

804 Mrs. J. II. Mason Knox. 

804 Dr. and Mrs. James H. Mason 

Knox. Jr. 

805 Mr. and Mrs. ('has. II. Knapp. 

806 Dr. and Mrs. H. Warren Buckler. 

807 Dr. and Mrs. Chas. F. Bevan. 
807 The Misses Bevan. 

800 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence V. Miller. 

Son Miss Oredilla Miller. 

809 Miss Elizabeth L. Wailes. 

810 Mrs. Joshua P. McCav. 

810 Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Lockwood. 

810 Miss Violette Lockwood. 

814 Mrs. Lawrason Riggs. 

814 The Messrs. Riggs. 

814 Miss Bright. 

816 Mrs. E. E. Jnckson. 

816 Mr. Richard N. Jackson. 

903 Mr. James L. McLane. 

903 Miss Fanny King McLane. 

Od.j Col. and Mrs. John A. Tompkins. 

905 Dr. and Mrs. John A. Tompkins, 


Cathedral St. 



















1 1 






li •no 




Mrs. Richard B. Bayard. 
Mi-s Ellen Howard "Bayard. 
Mr. Richard II. Bayard. 

Mrs. Thomas I'oultney. 
The Messrs. Poultney. 

Mrs. Joseph King. 

Mrs. Henry A. Rowland. 

Mis. John Izard Middleton. 

Mr. McHenry Howard. 

Miss Elizabeth G. Howard. 

Miss May Howard. 

Miss Julia McHenry Howard. 

Mr. John E. Howard. 

Mr. Jaincs Howard. 

Mrs. N. G. Penniman. 
Mr. Henry G Penniman. 
Miss Penniman. 
Mr. Thomas D. Penniman. 

Mrs. Samuel Richardson 
Mr. Upton Slingluff. 
Miss Cannon. 
Miss Maretta Cannon. 


Harry S. Jenkins. 
. Thomas Rowland 

Mr. and Mr-. 

Mr. and Mi 


Mrs. John Spencer. 

Miss Spencer. 

Mrs. Edgar M. Garnett. 

Miss Mary Garnetl McCarty. 

Mrs. Wm. E. Chisolm. 

Mr. Wm. <;;irnetf Chisolm. 

Mr. ami Mrs. Philemon H. Tuck. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Wild. 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Martin. 

Dr. and Mrs. Chas. Wellman Mit- 
Dr. St. 


Mr. and Mis. 

Mr<. William 

Mr. and Mrs. 
Miss Adele E. 


A. Morris Carey. 


Owen Daly. 

M [88 I leiie A. I )aly. 

Dr. and Mrs. Henry B. Thomas. 
Mi>s Janette Brome. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Ditman. 
M tee « Irace B. I Mi man. 

Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Hundley. 
Mr. J. W'inslow Hundley. 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. I.ittig. 
Miss Littig. 

Mr. and Mrs. a. H. Robertson. 
M I 98 Kal liarine H. Robei'1 son. 
Mr. Alexander H. Robertson. Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bmedley Hilles. 

1013 Mrs. Richard II. Mitchell. 

1013 Miss Elizabeth Eernandts Mit- 


1014 Dr. and Mrs. E. P. Keech. 

1015 Mr. and Mrs. J. Hoiurh Cottman. 
1015 Paymaster and Mrs. Richard nat- 

1015 Mr. Thomas E. Cottman. 

1015 Mr. and Mrs. L. Warrington Cott- 


1016 Miss Ellen Bovd Findlav. 
1016 Miss Mary P. B. Findlay. 

1018 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hughes. 

1018 Miss Martha K. Hughes. 

1018 Mr. Neill Hughes. 

1018 Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Hughes, Jr. 

1020 Mrs. Robert Hull. 

1020 Miss Caroline T. Hull. 

1020 Miss Amv Eleanor Hull. 

1020 Miss Alice L. Thompson. 

1021 Miss Caroline Latimer. 
1021 Mr. Geo. W. Hodges. 
1021 Mrs. Keui]» B. Batchelor. 

lni'l Mrs. Charles Marshall. 

1021 Mr. Charles A. Marshall. 

1021 Mr. and Mrs. Bartow Van Ness. 

1022 Mrs. Savington W. Crampton. 
1022 Miss Mary Crampton. 

1022 Miss Isabel Crampton. 

1023 Dr. and Mrs. Summerfield P.. Bond. 
1023 Miss Lydia Valentine Bond. 

1023 Miss Emily Y. Valentine. 

1024 The Misses Cummings. 

1025 Mrs. Richard II. Strother. 
1025 Mr. James Bartol. 

1025 Mr. George Armistead. 

1026 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Thompson 


mi's Mr. and Mrs. Laurance Jones. 

1028 Miss Sinclair. 

1028 Mr. Arthur Sinclair. Jr. 

1031 Dr. and Mrs. Alfred McGill Belt. 

1031 Miss Ariana McElfresh Belt. 

1031 Mr. Thomas M. Hillings. 

1031 Mr. J. II. Sothoron Compton. 

1031 Miss Louise Bowly. 

1031 Mr. and Mrs. George -I. Richard- 

1033 Mrs. Thomas R. Brown. 

io:::: Mis< Carringron. 

1033 Miss Mary Carrington Brown. 

1033 Mrs. Tatlow Jackson. 

1033 Miss Jackson. 

1037 Miss Maud Safford. 

1105 Mr. .uid Mrs. Rignal Woodward 


Cathedral St., E. Centre St., N. Charles St. 



Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh ('. Thomas. 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Wilson. 
Mrs. Lester Bresee. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. D. Penniman 
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton C. Hall. 
Dr. and Mrs. J. Whitridge Will- 

1132 Mrs. J. J. Jackson. 

1132 Miss Bella Caton Jackson. 

1134 Dr. and Mrs. William Ford. 

1130 Mr. and Mrs. George P. Bagby. 

1203 Mr. and Mrs. Morris Whitridge. 

1203 Miss Sallie P. Mackenzie. 

1217 Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Hall. 


THE ALBANY. Miss Marion Dorsey Evans. 

Mr. Fred S. Flocken. 

Mr. Carter L. Bowie. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Woodward Cloud. 

Miss May Garrettson Evans. 



Mr. George Archer. 

Mr. Theo. B. Cunningham. 

Mr. Ralph Randolph Latimer. 

Mr. Richard Lemmon Randall. 


21."i Mrs. Wm. Renshaw.. 

333 Dr. Frank W. Pearson. 

401 Mrs. Frank Key Howard. 

401 Mrs. William DeFord. 

4nl Miss Lvdia Howard DeFord. 

401 Miss Nancy H. Howard. 

401 The Messrs. Howard. 

408 Cardinal Gihbons. 

408 Rev. W. A. Fletcher, D D. 

415 Miss Cohen. 

417 Mrs. S. U. Snead. 

417 Miss Margaret Snead. 

417 Miss Elizabeth Cary Nicholas. 

417 Miss Rosa Lawson. 

417 Mademoiselle Sara E. Ricou. 

417 Miss Mary Willis Minor. 

417 Mr. Berkeley Minor Fontaine. 

419 Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Winder. 

517 Mrs. Rutherford C. Twells. 

520 Miss Louilie Gegan. 

523 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Boehm. 

527 Dr. and Mrs. A. Bradley Gaither. 

529 Miss H. M. Trippe. 

529 Mrs. M. O. Srlden. 

529 Mr. Wm. A. Selden. 

529 Mrs. I. C. W. Powell. 

529 Mrs. L. Lester Clark. 

529 Miss Clark. 

529 Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Everett 


529 Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Hopper. 

529 Mrs. Edward C. Knower. 

001 Mrs. Thomas H. Morris. 

003 Mr. John J. Milligan. 

603 Miss Sophia C. Milligan. 

609 Mrs John Duer (Washington PI.) 

609 Miss Isabel Duer (Washington 

609 Miss Edith Duer (Washington 



Dr. and Mis. Walter F. Wickes. 

■ Mr. and Mrs. Telfair W. Marriott. 

Mr. Edmond Pratt Homan. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bowling. 

Miss M. Stanlev Miller. 

Mr. Theodore K. Miller. Jr. 

Mrs. Charles M. Lanahan. 

Mrs. Wesley A. Tucker. 

Mr. A. Hunter Boyd. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Bowie. 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ellard. 

Mrs. F. E. Stickney. 

Miss Williar. 

715 Mr. Francis B. Harvey (Washing- 
ton Place). 

717 Mrs. Jos. Renshaw (Washington 
Place i . 

717 Miss Margaret Lanahan (Wash- 
ington Place). 

719 Mr. Maurice Gregg (Washington 

719 Mrs. Andrew Gregg (Washington 
Placet . 

805 Dr. and Mrs. Alex. D. McConachie 

809 Dr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Reynolds. 

809 Miss Mary E. Reynolds. 

809 Mr. Stanley M. Reynolds. 

811 The Misses Myers. 

813 Mrs. Mary W. Pope. 

813 Mi-. Micajah Pope. 

814 Mrs. Charles D. Fisher. 

814 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Charlton Nel- 


N. Charles St. 


815 Mr. and Mrs. James II. Preston. 

SIT Mrs. Henry C. Evans. 

817 Miss Ethlyn <;. Evans. 

817 Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Richardson. 

819 Mrs. I leorge J. Preston. 

819 Mr. George II. Preston. 

819 Miss Margarel .1. Preston. 

821 .Mis> Julia R. Rogers. 

825 Mr. and Mrs. Mendes Cohen. 

827 Mrs. William Wilson. 

829 Dr. William Whitridge. 

Ex-Gov. Frank Brown, S. W. Cor. 



Major W. Smart Symington. 

Mr. John N. Carroll. Jr. 

002 Mr. John Levpold Griffith Lee. 

902 Dr. Henry W. Cook. 

903 Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Levering 


904 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Bloodgood. 

905 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Shearer. 
905 Miss Mary B. Shearer. 

905 Dr. Thomas L. Shearer. 

900 Mr. and Mrs. Eerdinand C. l.a 


900 Miss Ellen Virginia l.a trobe. 

906 Mr. Ferdinand C. Latrobe, Jr. 

907 Mi-, and Mis. Henry Clark. 
!«i7 Mrs. William II. Clark. 

907 Mr. Henry Calwell (lark. 

908 Mr. and Mrs. Sherlock Swann. 

909 Mr. and Mrs. John II. Wight. 

909 Miss Margarel A. Wight. 

910 Mrs. Oliver Reeder. 
910 Miss Olive Reeder. 

910 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hughes. 
I'll Miss Holt. 

911 Mrs. Campbell Mortimer. 

912 Mr. E. II. Ilamhleton. 

913 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Deford. 

915 Mrs. Frank T. Grady. 

916 Mr. Frank S. Thomas. 

018 Miss Howard. 

020 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Knapp. 

020 Miss Katharine E. Knapp. 

920 Messrs. Knapp. 

921 Dr. and Mrs. A. Dnvall Atkinson. 

922 The Messrs. Taylor. 

922 The Misses Taylor. 

01':; Mr. and Mrs. Josiali Low Itla.k- 


024 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Jackson. 


02! I 









1 ( • 12 






Mr. Chas. H. Reeves. 

Mr. C. II. Reeves, Jr. 

Mr. C. B. Reeves. 

Mr. Isaac Brooks. Jr. 

Miss Alice Brooks. 

Mr. and Mrs. John (Jill. 

Miss Agnes Wallace Gill. 

Mrs. James M. Thompson, Jr. 

Miss Marie J. McCay. 
Mr. A. Harvey McCay. 
Mrs. William M. Buchanan. 
Mr. Charles McC. Buchanan. 

Mr. and Mrs. William I'. Harvey. 

Mrs. Harvey Inglis. 

Mr. William Ewing Harvey. 

Miss Frances Karr. 
Miss Anne C. Wilkins. 
Miss Elizabeth K. Webb. 
Miss Laura Gambrill. 
Mrs. Ellen Gilman Porter. 
Miss Elizabeth M. Boone. 
Mr. Charles H. Boone. 
Mrs. Chas. O. Nicholson. 
Mr. Wallis Giffin. 
Mrs. James Fortescue Giffin. 
Miss Giffen. 
Mrs. Randolph E. Fishlnirn. 

Mr. Frank V. Rhodes. 
Mr. David Stewart. 
Mr. T. W. Tongne. 
Mr. and Mrs. Summerrield Bald- 
The Misses Baldwin. 
The Messrs. Baldwin 
Mr. and Mrs. John Gill. Jr. 
The Misses Kremelberg. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Holmes Whileley. 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Gordon. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Robinson. 
Dr. and Mrs. Jere Williams Lord. 
Mrs. Annie < '. Earlier. 
Mrs. Marshall A. Phillips. 
Misses Phillips. 
Mr. Harold Ash Phillips. 
Mr. and Mrs. Loring A. Cover. 
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Randolph. 
Miss Catherine P. Randolph. 

Mrs. Howard Mnnnikhnysen. 
Miss Bessie Mnnnikhnysen. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lee. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. II. C. McComas. 
Mr. and Mrs. Talbot J. Albert. 
The Misses Albert. 
M is. John M. I lenison. 

Miss iiei. 'ii Denison. 
Mr. John M. 1 tenison, Jr. 

N. Charles St. 








1 1 1 >9 















Miss Appold. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Stuart 

Mrs. Nelson Perin. 

Miss Perin. 

Miss Gladys Perin. 

Mrs. Oliver A. Parker. 
Mrs. Phoebe B. Williams. 
Mrs. Ernest Ames Robbing. 

Mrs. Theodore F. Jones. 

Mrs. Wm. Graham Bowdoin. 
Mr. W. Graham Bowdoin, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Piatt. 
Miss Anna E. Piatt. 
Mr. Wm. Davenport Piatt, Jr. 
Mr. Landra Beach Piatt. 
Mrs. A. E. Washburn. 

Miss Edith Claire Dulany. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. Bosler. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. I. T. Gould. 

Mrs. William Cooke Worthington. 
Mr. Frank H. Worthington. 
Mr. Richard H. Worthington. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Pleasants. 

Maj. and Mrs. Eric Bergland. 

Mr. and Mrs. T.-lfaiv W. Marriott. 

Mr. John Hall Emery. 

Mrs. Henry B. Keyser. 

Mrs. Wm. Davis Primrose. 
The Misses Primrose. 

Dr. and Mrs. William Green. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Josephs. 
Miss Mary ('. Josephs. 

Mr. and Mrs. ('has. C. Macgill. 

Miss Katherine Chase Berry. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bullitt 

Mrs. Charlos J. Pennington. 
Miss Elizabeth Lloyd Pennington. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Dorman 
Gill, Jr. 

Mrs. Robert Wetmore Scarlett. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd L. Jackson. 

Miss Anne L. Jackson. 

Miss Elsie Jackson. 

Mr. Llo.vd Lowndes Jackson, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Macqueen Gibhs. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Whitridge. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ober. 
Mr. Gustavus Ober. Jr. 
Miss Maria Byrd Nelson Ober. 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonidas Levering. 
Miss Rebecca N. Levering. 
Miss a. Eugenia Levering. 
The Misses Inloes. 

1220 Mrs. Calvin T. Davison. 

1220 Mr. and Mrs. C. Wilbur Miller. 

1224 Mrs. J. Strieker Jenkins. 

1224 Miss Bertha Lee Jenkins 

1224 Mr. Hugh Jenkins. 

1224 Mr. Bruce V. Jenkins. 

1225 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Rowland. 

1225 Mr. J. Harvey Rowland, 2d. 

1226 Mr. and Mrs. Lucius C. Polk. 

1227 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Wight. 
1227 Miss Anna M. Wight. 

1227 Mr. Earle C. Wight. 

1228 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bowly Wilson. 
1228 Miss Ella Chapman Wilson. 

1228 Mr. Melville Wilson. 

1229 Miss Hollins. 

1229 Mr. Henry C. Kirk. 

1229 Miss Kirk. 

1307 Dr. Fannie E. Hoopes. 

1307 Miss M. Ella Hoopes. 

1311 Miss Peter. 

1312 Mrs. Robert Hough. 

1312 Miss Fannie Tilgnman Hough. 

1312 Mr. H. C. Tilghman Hough. 

1312 Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Z. Dunott. 

1314 Dr. and Mrs. James Frederick 


1316 Major and Mrs. J. G. Pangbourne. 

1316 Miss Mary Cavendish Pangbourne. 

1316 Mr. Robert (Barrett Pangbourne. 

1317 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Badart. 

J 317 Mr. William James Sneeringer. 

1317 Mr. "William Jas. Sneeringer, Jr. 

1318 Mrs. Warren G. Elliott. 

1318 Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Wilson. 

1319 Mr. and Mrs. Thos. B. C. Yearley. 
1319 Miss Marie Yearley. 

1321 Dr. and Mrs. Pearce Kintzing. 


Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Smith Pen- 


Mr. Nathan Smith Pendleton. Jr. 

Rev. and Mrs. Henry Evan Cotton. 

Mrs. Lewis Mayer Hamilton. 

Mr. Sidney T. Manning 

Mi', and Mrs. Albert II. Buck. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Ellis Coale. 

Miss Bertha Mayer Hamilton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Nelson. 

The Misses Harrison. 

■ Miss Nannie W. White. 

■ Mr. John ('. Wni re. 

Mr. Oscar W. Smith. 

Miss Katherine E. West. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Dorsey. 

■ Miss Rosa Steele. 

Miss Kate Steele. 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Young. 


N. Charles St. 


Miss Salome Lydia Diffenderffer. 
Mi-s Susan Christine Diffenderffer. 
Mrs. S. W. Williamson. 

1701 Mrs. J. II. Scarff. 














Miss Isabel Shackleford. 

Miss Florence Shackleford. 
Miss Lyna Shackleford. 
Miss .Taney R. Clark. 

Mr. Augustus Bouldin. 

The Misses Bouldin. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Shanklln. 
Mrs. Richard Parran Henry Staub. 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Stauh. 
Mr. and Mrs. R. 1'. II. Staub, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. R T. Dawson. 

The Messrs. Dawson. 

Mr. and Mrs. II. I lay ward Trippe. 

Mr. and Mrs. ( ). M. La Barrer. 

Miss Carroll. 

Mrs. John C. Willett. 

Miss Ludlow Carroll Willett. 

Mrs. II. C. Burton. 

Miss Burton. 

Mr. Robert Burton. 

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Craighill. 
Miss Annie Trice Craighill. 


Miss Mary B. Mordecai. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Childs de Ros- 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Hall. 
Miss Claire M. Whedbee. 
The Messrs. Whedbee. 
Miss Louise Randolph. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse i.. Cassard, Jr. 
Mr. Thomas E. Coale. 
Mr. and Mis. .1. Douglas Freeman. 
Rev. Thomas Atkinson. 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frame. 
Miss Margaret Elizabeth Ways. 
Miss Caroline II. Gallagher. 
Dr. and Mrs. < ',. Milton Linthicum. 
Mrs. limes Randolph. 
Miss Maud Randolph. 
Mrs. Win. II. Hall. 
Mr. Ricdiard B. Hall. 
Miss Elizabeth Mae Hall. 
Mrs. Mordecai D. Tyson. 
Mr. Jas. \V. Tyson 3d. 
Mrs. .1. P< nberton Pleasants. 
Mi-. Lawrence L. Pleasants. 
Mr. ami Mrs. Calverl Burk Gill. 
Miss Sophia N. Pitts. 
Miss Jam- I,. Pitts. 
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold P.. Johnson. 
Mr. John Loney. 

1810 Mr. William II. Diffenderfer. 

1811 Mrs. Wm. T. Malster. 

1811 Miss Florence N. Malster. . 

1811 Miss Sara R. Malster. 
1st 2 Mrs. Henry Schaefer. 

1812 The Misses Schaefer. 

1812 Mr. Harry Schaefer. 

1813 Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Dough- 


1813 Mr. Harry R. Dougherty. 

1S1 4 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Smull. 

1815 Mrs. Alice F. Forbes. 

1815 Mrs. G. P. Horner. 

1815 Mr. C. Herman Tilghman. 

1816 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Buckman. 
1816 Mr. John B. Buckman. 

1816 Mr. Edward L. Buckman. 

1001 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Marston. 

1901 Messrs. Marston. 

Miss Anita IJenshaw Presstman, 

Cor. 20tb St. 

2003 Mrs. Walter Blakistone. 

2003 Miss Nannie Thomas Blakistone. 

2003 Miss Claire Blakistone. 

2005 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bennett 

2009 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mareen Du- 


2104 Mr. Charles H. Brown. 

2104 Mr. Charles Francis Brown. 

2104 Miss Elizabeth Adele Brown. 

2104 Mrs. Francis S. Bullock. 

2104 Mr. Horace Brown. 

2107 Mr. William T. Morgan. 

2107 Mr. W. Archer Morgan. 

2107 Mr. Goldsborough Morgan. 

2109 Mr. and Mrs. N. Maine Bateson. 

2109 The Misses Bateson. 

2112 Dr. and Mrs. James S. Barnard. 

2112 Mrs. Adelia B. Parker. 

2113 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Reed. 

2118 Mrs. Mattie W. Brantly. 

2120 Mr. Charles E. Dill. 

2120 Mr. John Philip Hill. 

21 25 Mi'. and Mrs. John Baynard 

2125 Miss Nancy Scott Thomas. 

2129 Mrs. Elizabeth J. Dickey. 

2129 Miss Henrietta S. Dickey. 

2129 Mr. Charles E. Dickey, Jr. 

2^<H Mrs. Charlotte R. Albert. 

2201 Miss Virginia Albert. 

2201 Mr. and Mrs. Wesley S. Ilanna. 

2201 Mrs. Virginia C. Raborg. 

2201 Miss I let tie S. Raborg. 

2201 Miss Raborg. 

N. Charles, E. and W. Chase, Division Sts. 











Miss Hooper. 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Rawlins. 

Mr. J. McKennv White. 

Mr. Edward N. White. 

Rev. and Mrs. D. Prescott Allison. 

Mrs. William Thode. 

Mr. Algernon S. I myall. 

The Misses Carey. 
The Messrs. Carey. 

Mrs. Frances H. Millard. 
Miss L. May Haughwout. 
Miss Emily S. Haughwout. 
Mr. E. B. Hunting. 
Miss Stella B. Hunting. 
Miss Eleanor Hunting. 
Mr. Charles T. Sisco. 
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Foster. 

Miss Mary V. Greenway. 
Miss Elizabeth W. Greenway. 
Mr. William H. Greenway. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Roby Meekins. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ezra B. Whitman. 

Mr. Geo. Wm. Sattler. 
Miss Emma Sattler. 
Mr. Augustus E. Sattler. 

2620 Miss Nellie C. Williams. 

2622 Mr. J. Lloyd Unduch. 






Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. Benson. 
Mr. Rodney Benson. 
Miss Frances S. Elsroad. 
Miss Ella Chase Elsroad. 

Miss Mathilde Droege. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Thomsen. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Mason Dulany. 

Mrs. Ella W. Mills. 

Miss Jean Mills. 

Mrs. A. J. Ulman. 

Mr. and Mrs. Moses R. Walter. 

-Miss Walter. 

Miss Jeanie Walter. 

Mr. Raphael Walter. 

Mrs. J. Alexander Preston. 
Miss Achsah Carroll Preston. 
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Petre. 
Miss Constance Petre. 
Mrs. T. Harrison Garrett. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garrett (Cor. 
Wyndhurst Ave) . 


K» Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Melius. 

10 Miss Melius. 

1 -l Mrs. F. C. Borden. 

12 Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Boyden. 

14 Mrs. George William Brown. 

14 Miss Brown. 

16 Mrs. Albert L. Gorter. 

16 Miss Elizabeth Y. Thompson. 

106 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Jenkins. 

202 Mr. and Mrs. James J. Corner. 

202 Mr. James J. Corner. Jr. 

204 Mr. and Mrs. R. Howard Bland. 

206 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Geo. Cromwell. 

208 Mr. and Mrs. Josias J. George. 

2o8 Mr. Ellicott George. 

208 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Love. 

210 Mrs. George W. O'Donnell. 

210 Mr. and Mrs. R. Sanchez Boone. 

212 Mr. and Mrs. Eustis Thompson. 

212 Mr. R. L. Thompson. 





Mrs. Ferdinand E. Chatard. 
Dr. J. A. Chatard. 
Mr. Wm. Miles Chatard. 
Mrs. Granville Loud. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hammond J. Dugan. 
Miss Mary T. Dugan. 

Mr. Samuel P. R viand. 
Mr. and Mrs. Norville R. Walker. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. James Albert. 
The Misses Doughty. 

Mr. and Mrs. 

Fred William Mc- 

16 Dr. and Mrs. J. Hall Pleasants. 

Mrs. George A. Kirby. 
Mrs. Geo. R. A. Hiss. 

l'I The Misses Van Bibber. 

27 The Misses Lanier. 

27 Dr. Berwick B. Lanier. 

27 Mr. George Forbes. 


1814 Miss Mary 1*. Bull. 

Dolphin, E. and W. Eager Sts., Eastern and Edmondson Avs. 




Mrs. Alexander Young. 

Miss Ogle. 

Miss Rosalie Ogle Young. 

Miss Lydia Crane. 

Miss Josephine Stone Crane. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard II. Spencer. 

Miss Julia B. Whiting. 

Miss Maud N. Whiting. 

Miss Nina C. Whiting. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick II. Baugh. 
Mrs. L. Bryant Hill. 

333 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Howard Lloyd. 

337 The Misses Hall. 

.".:•.. Mrs. Geo. Adolf Ahrens. 

339 Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Stahler. 

339 Miss Florence Stahler. 

339 Mr. J. Herbert Stabler. 

339 Mr. Edward A. Walker. 

:'.4o Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Norris. 

341 Mr. and Mrs. Kidgely Gaither. 

341 Miss McKean. 

342 Dr. and Mrs. William A. Mills. 


4 Mrs. Thomas J. Bayward. 

4 Mrs. William K. Maxwell. 

6 The Misses Marburg. 
G Mr. W. A. Marburg. 

7 Mrs. Thomas McElderry. 

7 Mr. and Mrs. Robert II. Heighe. 

7 Mr. Smith X. Bradford. 

8 The Misses Lockwood. 

8 Dr. William F. Lockwood. 

8 Mr. Lockwood. 

!» Mr. and Mrs. ('has. S. Winder. 

10 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Semmes. 

10 Miss Frances C. Semmes. 

10 Mr. John E. Semmes. Jr. 

12 Mr. and Mrs. Edward II. McKeon. 

13 Mr. and Mrs. James H. Buchanan. 
13 Miss Lily S. Buchanan. 

13 Mr. Thomas Gittings Buchanan. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. George Mackubin. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Wetherall. 

15 Miss Lusby. 

16 Mrs. Joseph P. Elliott. 
16 Miss Ada P. Janney. 

17 Mrs. Robert Baldwin. 

17 Mrs. Fitzhugh Goldsborough. 

17 Mrs. William Renshaw. 

17 Mrs. John R. Long. 

18 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Baker. 

18 Miss Elizabeth Baker. 

19 Mr. and Mrs. J. Selh Hopkins. 
19 Miss Hopkins. 

19 Miss* Sarah Hopkins. 

21 Mrs. A. S. Murray. 

22 Mrs. 11. P. Ward. 

22 Miss Mary Wilson Ward. 

23 Mr. and Mrs. Fisher Sloan. 

23 Miss Mary Buzby Sloan. 

24 Mr. and Mrs. B. Frank Deford. 
114 Miss Jeannette M. Dickey. 
114 Mrs. E. J. D. Cross. 

114 Mr. Francis R. Cross. 

115 Mr. and Mrs. Dallett II. Wilson. 

206 Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Can-oil. 

jus Chevalier Pietro Minetti. 

218 Mrs. James W. Boyle. 

218 Mr. Joseph Rogers. 


i n t Mr. mid Mrs. Frank Fisher, 
104 Miss Elise Fanny Gray. 
104 Mr. Edward II. Gray. 

104 Miss May Keith. 
104 Mr. and Mrs. John Ralph Emery. 
km Mrs. c. i'. Schaefer. 
104 Mr. .-ind Mrs. German II. II. 

1902 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Caleb Athey. 


Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. 
Cor. 19th St. 


The Misses Russell, Cor. Walnut. 
Mr. X. Gist Lamdin, Cor. 19th. 

N. Eutaw St., Eutaw Place. 



805 Mrs. Nannie Beirne Donaldson. 

807 Major and Mrs. Arnold Kummer. 

807 Miss Helen Kummer. 

809 Miss Johnson. 

809 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henry Staub. 

809 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Johnson. 

811 Mrs. Howard S. Bowie. 

811 Miss Virginia Berkley Bowie. 

811 Miss Eleanor Howard Bowie. 

811 Mr. E. Berkley Bowie. 

811 Mr. Allen S. Bowie. 

815 Mrs. William Boggs. 

815 The Misses Boggs. 

815 Mr. Walter J. Boggs. 

Sin Rev. William Adams McClenthen. 

816 Rev. George Alexander Griffiths. 
823 Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Woodruff. 
823 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. S. Beasley. 
823 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Andrews 


823 Dr. George Shipley. 

826 Miss Josephine Etting. 

827 Rev. Frank Hav Staples. 

827 Miss Staples. 

828 Mrs. Wilson Carr. 

828 Miss Louise S. Mathias. 

830 Mrs. Theophilus B. Horwitz. 

830 Miss Carolyn Norris Horwitz. 

833 Miss Katharine S. Montell. 

833 Dr. and Mrs. William A. Montell. 

833 Mr. Charles S. Montell. 

833 Mr. Egbert Singleton Montell. 

857 Dr. and Mrs. James Harris. 

857 Mrs. Ella Harris Steele. 

857 Miss Elizabeth Hall. 

103S Mrs. Lewis H. Stelner. 

1038 The Misses Steiner. 

1038 Mr. Bernard C. Stelner. 

1039 Mr. Roland S. Krebs. 

1103 Mr. John Glenn, Jr. 

1109 Miss Marie Josephine Darrell. 

1109 Mr. and Mrs. II. Cavendish Dar- 


Mrs. Pauline M. Levering. 

Miss Levering. 

— — - Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. T. Sioussat. 

Mr and Mrs. Edward II . Ingle. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mackall. 

The Messrs. Mackall. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graves 


Miss Evaline Clapp Boggs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Horace Borrough. 

• Mrs. William Howard. 

Miss Ida R. Howard. 

■ Mr. (r. Beauregard Howard. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. P. Langdon 

Mr. J. Livingston Minis. 

Mrs. Louis Cassard. 

Mr. Harrison Cassard. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hughes 


Dr. and Mrs. B. Merrill Hopkinson. 

Miss Hopkinson. 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Smith. 

Dr. Joseph T. Smith, Jr. 

Mrs. Sidney Turner. 

Mr. Eugene Poultney. 

■ Mrs. S. I. Brown. 

■ Mr. Kensett Brown. 

Miss Florence L. Hoopes. 

Prof, and Mrs. Harmon N. Morse. 

Mr. Edmond H. Morse. 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis K. Nelson. 

Miss Florence E. Peirce. 

Miss Clara V. Tyler. 

■ Mrs. George A. Tower. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee Slingluff. 


Dr. and Mrs. William Halstead. 

Mrs. Josiah J. Johnston. 
Miss Sydney Price. 

Mr. and Mrs. Van Lear Black. 

Miss Nannie A. Perkins. 
Dr. Wm. Wood Russell. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nicodemus. 
Mrs. Frank Kerr. 
Mr. Bernard Carter. 
Mr. Bernard M. Carter. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lewis. 
Mr. Mortimer Lewis. 

Dr. and Mrs. J. M. T. Finney. 

Mr. Robert A. Taylor. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tucker. 

1308 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Levering. 

1310 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Blackford. 

1311 Mr. B. H. Waring. 
1311 Miss Waring. 

1311 Miss Rebecca E. Waring. 

1311 Mrs. Wm. Emory Waring. 

1311 Miss Mary Clare Waring. 

1311 Mr. Wm. Emory Waring, Jr. 

1316 Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Levering. 

1316 Miss Louise Alexander Levering. 

1325 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Hann. 

1400 Mr. Thomas Matthews Dawson. 

1402 Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Wash- 


1403 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. II. Matthai. 
1403 The Messrs. Matthai. 


Eutaw PL, Eutaw PI. Ext., W. Fayette, E. Franklin Sts. 


1 105 
1 105 




1 41 i» 

14 IT. 

1 A 25 



1 529 



Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Baker. 
The Misses Baker. 

Dr. and Mrs. Howard A. Kelly. 

Mr. Edwin S. Frank. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Oudesluys 

Mrs. Mary Gambrill Mackay. 
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Gambrill. 
Miss Florence M. Gambrill. 
Mr. George T. Gambrill, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. John Theodore King. 
The Misses King. 
Miss Mary < 'hase King. 
Mr. John T. King, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cross Trippe. 
Mr. and Mrs. James McConky 



Mr. Richard Foulke Beirne. 

Mrs. B. B. Dilworth. 
Mr. E. F. Dilworth. 
Mis. John David ECnglar. 
Miss Margaret T. Englar. 

Col. and Mrs. J. Frank Supplee. 
Mr. Albert C. Supplee. 
Miss Daisy K. Supplee. 
Mrs. Evelyn Louise Megraw. 
Mr. William Adams Megraw. 
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roberts 







2 1 1 12 



2200y 2 






Mrs. Howard Ridgely. 
MaJ. and Mrs. 11. 1 >. Lulkley. 
Mrs. John P. Ammidon. 
Miss Julia B. Ammidon. 
Dr. Claribel Cone. 
Brig.-Gen. and Mrs. Peter Leary. 

Mr. Jacob II. Taylor. 
Miss M. Katharine Taylor. 
Miss Irene May Taylor. 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Taylor. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Straus. 
Messrs. Straus. 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Rayner. 

Miss Rayner. 

Mrs. Samuel L. Frank. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Sexton. 

Miss Emma E. Sexton. 

Miss May E. Sexton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mason I'. Moi fit. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Philemon l'aca 
Mr. John I'. I'aca. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Morrison. 
Mrs. Fred II. Davidson. 
Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Branham. 
Dr. Henry G. Branham. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nicholls 

Mrs. Albert E. Thompson. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Thomas. 

The Messrs. Thomas. 

Mrs. William Wilkens. 

Dr. and Mis. Sydney M. Cone. 


Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett S. Johnston 
(Clover Dale Road I . 

Miss Carolyn Johnston (Clover 
Dale Road i. 

Mr. and Mrs. William G. McCor- 

mick (Clover Dale). 
Mr. Chauncey Brooks McCor- 

2500 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Emerson. 

710 Mr. Thornton Rollins. 


7 Mr. John W. Hanson. 
11 Col. Frank Markoe. 
10 Mr. and Mis. Alan I". Smith, Jr. 

100 Miss F. Z. Chisolm. 

112 Mr. J. Latimer Hoffman, Jr. 

112 Mr. William Gilmor Hoffman. 

11 G Mr. A. W. Bradford. 

Franklin St. and Sq., Gilnior St., Gorsuch, Guilford Avs. 




Mr. and Mrs. John II. Herrick. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Scher- 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newton 

r.mi'dt n. 
Mr. and Mrs. James Hewes. 
Dr. Edgar S. Perkins. 
Mr. William H. Rider. 

3 Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Cushimr. 





Mr. Cahell Nelson Halsey. 
Mrs. V. II. Halsey. 
Dr. Jacoh H. Hartman. 
Miss Mary K. Hartman. 

Dr. and Mrs. M. Whilldin Foster. 

Miss Isabel Foster. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Foster 

Dr. Thomas Opie. 

Dr. Thos. B. Futcher. 

Dr. and Mrs. Robt. W. Johnson. 
Mr. William Fell Johnson, Jr. 


103 Mr. and Mrs. Otis Bardwell Boise. 

103 Mr. Glover (I. Trenholm. 

1()3 Miss Trenholm. 

103 Messrs. Trenholm. 

H»:; The Misses Boise. 

117 Mr. and Mrs. Edwd. G. McDowell. 

117 Mr. Edward McDowell. Jr. 

1 1 8 Dr. Clemens F. V. Pirgnet. 
lis Baroness V. Pirgnet. 

119 The Misses Eaton. 

119 Rev. and Mrs. C. R. Weld, LL. D 

122 Mrs. H. P. Lefebvre. 

122 Miss Emilie D. Huntley. 

122 Miss Mary B. Fisher. 

12G Mr. and Mrs. J. Swan Frick. 

202 Dr. William L. Morgan. 

206 Mrs. Mackenzie Brevitt. 

206 The Misses Mackenzie. 

206 Mr. Thomas Mackenzie. 

207 Mrs. John B. Morris. 

207 Mr. and Mrs. John C. B. Pendleton. 

208 Mr. Edw. Bristol Lucas. 
208 Mr. E. Gaither Huyett. 


Mr. and Mrs. John Turnbull (Waverlv Terrace). 


1536 The Messrs. Ford. 

1536 Mrs. John T. Ford 


904 Mr. and Mrs. Keith Compton. 


Mrs. Samuel S. Carroll. 

Miss Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll. 

Miss Mary Sterett Carroll. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. Rowland Thomas. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Stuart Bond. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob I. Cohen. 

Dr. and Mrs. Edmund A. Munoz. 

Mrs. Charles W. Dashiell. 

The Misses Dashiell. 
Mr. Franklin Dashiell. 





Mrs. John Walter Hooper. 
Mrs. Somerville II. Stiles. 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Brosius. 

Mrs. E. R. Macgill. 

Messrs. Macgill. 

Mrs. William Ward. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Passano. 


8 Miss Laura E. Keene. 

8 Mr. Charles M. Wveth. 

8 Mr. Nathaniel J. Wyeth. 

12 Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Cham- 


12 Mr. John Steele Henderson, Jr. 

12 Mr. Arthur R. Gray. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Janvier. 

16 Miss M. M. Manly. 

18 Miss N. S. Dandridge 

18 Major Philip P. Dandridire. 

IS Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldsbor- 

oucrh Henrv. 

18 Mr. ('has. Goldsborough. 

18 Prof. Wilfred P. Mustard. 

18 Mrs. G. Juliet Janvier. 


Harlem A v., Hoffman, Hollins,Howard, John Sts. 

1 108 



















1 2 1 5 


1 'M)-.', 



.Mrs. S. Wolff. 

Mr. Frederick W. Wolff. 


Mrs. Surah .1. Tyler Brown. 
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton R. Foutz. 


Miss Rachel II. Merryman. 
Miss Edith Campbell Crane. 
Miss Claris Isabel Crane. 
Miss Helen Bond Crane. 
Mrs. I leorge B. Roszel. 
Mrs. Anna M. Roszel. 
Mr. George M. Roszel. 
Mr. Jpckson S. Fay. 

Mrs. Charles Rous. 
Miss Marion C. Rons. 
Miss Helen Woods Rous. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Uhler. 

2.")7 Dr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Cordell. 

257 Mr. L. Tazewell Cordell. 

200 Dr. Henry E. Gale. 

201 Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Sloan. 
262 Mrs. Isabel L. Dobbin. 

305 Miss Turpin. 

310 Major and Mrs. Wilburn Hall. 

311 Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Sneil. 
311 Miss- Snell. 

410 Prof. Edward Renouf. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gaun M. Ilutton 
Miss Ilutton. 


S38 Miss Una L. Ilutton. 

Miss Rebecca Campbell Murdoch. 
Dr. and Mrs. Mactier Warfield. 
Miss Maria Warfield. 
Miss Mary II. Warfield. 
Miss Nannie D. Causin. 

Miss M. R. Duval. 


00 Dr. Edward M. Wise. 
Mr. Phillip Ogden. 




Miss Rlakistone 

Miss Ella Blakistone Conway. 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Theobald. 


Mr. and Mrs. Morton Schaeffer. 
Mrs. John F. Davis. 
Miss M. Alice Smith. 
Miss Elizabeth W. Smith. 

Miss Henrietta ll. Hall. 

Miss Isabella B. Hall. 

Mr. David B. Ellicott. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Lewis Ellicott. 

Mrs. J. Lisle Turnbull. 

Miss Janet Graeme Turnbull. 

Mr. Graeme Turnbull. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Carey. 

Miss Mary Gray Bentley. 

Miss Ruth Johnston. 

Mrs. John Thomson Mason. 

Miss Gertrude Franc-hot Mason. 

Mr. Alonzo < '. .1. Mason. 

Mr. Stevens Thomson Mason. 

Mrs. Albert Gambrlll, Jr. 

Mr. Mifflin Coulter. 

Miss Minna I>. Reynolds. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. Alexis Berry. 

Id Hargarel N. Atkinson. 

Miss Margaret Atkinson Berry. 

Mr. and Mrs. Win. Donaldson 

Mr. and Mrs. k. ii. Woodward. 

1311 Mr. and Mrs. Somerville Sollers. 

1311 Miss Sedwick. 

1311 Miss A. Buddecke. 

1315 Mr. and Mrs. Edward 11. Cole. 

1315 Mr. and Mrs. Oswald T. Shreve. 

1315 Mr. <'. A. Buchanan Shreve. 

1410 Mrs. Harper Pennington. 

14l!» Miss charlotte Pennington. 

1420 Mr. and Mrs. Francis II. Hoff. 

1420 Mr. John F. Hoff. 

142() Miss Anita F. R. Hoff. 

1420 Mr. Robert II. Renshaw, Jr. 

1428 Mr. and Mrs. George Frederick 


142.x Miss Sophie Biscoe Norris. 

1428 Mrs. .las. P.. Norris. 
142S Miss S. C. Norris. 

1429 The Misses Sellman. 

1429 The Messrs. Sellman. 

1430 Mrs. M. R. Harris. 

1432 Major and Mrs. Mason Morfit. 

1432 Miss Helen McLean Worthington 

1432 Miss M. Alice WorthiiiKton. 

1506 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. D. I'oultney. 

1533 Mrs-. Adalaide V. Ricketts. 

1533 Miss Aida Carey Ricketts. 

1618 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smull. 

E. and W. Lafayette A vs., E. and W. Lanvale Sts. 



10 Mrs. P. A. Daugherty. 

10 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Daugherty. 

10 Miss Emma D. Daugherty. 

12 Miss Louisa H. Robinson. 

12 Mrs. C. Iredell Iglehart. 

12 Mr. Iredell W. Iglehart. 

13 Mr. and Mrs. Clapham Murray. 
13 Mr. William H. Murray. 

13 Mr. Clapham Murray. Jr. 

13 Miss Angelica It. Gibson. 

14 The Misses Folev. 

14 Mr. I.. R. Foley. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Lindlay. 

l."i Mr. and Mrs. Columbus O'D. Leo. 

l."> Miss Josephine Lee. 

15 The Messrs. Lee. 

1G Dr. and Mrs. Frank D. Gavin. 

202 Mr. and Mrs. R. Hillen Jenkins. 

2o2 The Misses Jenkins. 

202 The Messrs. Jenkins. 

208 Mrs. Charles Webb. 

212 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Turner. 

214 Mr. S. Seabroofe It. Mullikin. 

214 Mr. and Mrs. Gervas Storrs, Jr. 

214 Miss Rebecca Lewis Storrs. 


Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Musgrave. 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Hopper. 

Miss Anna P. Hopper. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Eugene De Reeves. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Neale. 

The Misses Neale. 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lee Webb. 

The Misses Robb. 

Mr. Philip Li-ditfoot Robb. 

Miss Nancy K. Darling. 

Mrs. Robert (irosvenor. 

Miss E. Wright. 

Mrs. John R. Tait. 

Miss Dorothy Gordon Tait. 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Power. 

Miss Ella L. Warden. 
Mr. James B. Warden. 
Miss Emma Lewis. 

Mr. and Mrs. It. Keith Compton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Markoe. 

131 Mr. and Mrs. A. Bernard Chan- 


132 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert T. Tiffany. 
135 Mrs. John W. Donn. 

139 Mrs. James V. Wagner. 

141 Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Caughy. 

141 Miss May G. Prendergast Caughy. 

145 Mrs. Mary H. Howard. 

200 Mrs. Alan Penniman Smith. 

200 Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Van Ness. 

219 Miss Mary M. Robinson. 

211) Miss Lucy C. Woods. 

219 Miss Ethel S. Woods. 

227 Mr. C. Bosley Littig. 

231 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Passano. 

231 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Passano. 

233 Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Tinges. 

1007 Mrs. Sophie E. Marriott. 

1220 Miss Eva Dawkins. 

1220 Miss Frances A. Dawkins. 


15 Mr. and Mrs. John EL R. Warner. 

15 Miss Louise Warner. 

15 Mr. Henry W. Warner 

15 Mr. and Mrs. C. Hopewell Warner. 

15 Mis. John Pinkerton Mackenzie. 

18 Mrs. George Krebs Warner. 

18 Miss Nettie C. Warner. 

18 Mr. Walter Briscoe Warner. 

20 Miss Sarah Wilson. 

20 The Misses Merceret. 

20 Mr. Horace McElderry. 

208 The Misses Keys. 


103 Mrs. Daniel A. Boone. 

103 The Misses Boone. 

103 Mr. Edward Boone, 

in:; Mrs. J. ('. Hopkinson. 

105 Mrs. II. Murray Tinges. 

105 Mr. Murray Waters Tinges. 

105 Mr. Horace Waters. 

107 Mr. and Mrs. Harrv S. Belt. 

107 Mr. Harry Dulany Belt. 

107 Miss Rebecca Dulany Beverley. 

W. Lanvale St. 


11 1 


1 16 


1 is 




ll-: i 




1 M4 
1 34 
l ::4 






1 »:: 

Sllen M. Schaeffer. 

Finest Douglas 

Leiper Carey. 
Thomas Turner 

Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. 

Mr. and Mrs. 


Miss Mary V. Tongue. 
Mr. F. P. Woodside. 
Mrs. Henry A. Fen wick. 
The Messrs. Fenwick. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Meyer. 
Miss Isahel Conway Meyer. 
Mr. Carl Frederick Meyer. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carleton Coulter. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ceo. Worthington. 

Mr. Daniel Murray Worthington. 
Miss Foard. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Clay Brown. 
Miss Mary C. Poe. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Brooke Tunstall. 
Mr. Robertson Taylor Tunstall. 
Mr. Win. Brooke Tunstall. Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Swope. 

Miss Marnie W. Stump. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Hamilton Stump. 

Miss May G. Stump. 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Brown. 
Mr. Thomas B. Hynson Brown. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Frick, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blanchard. 

Mrs. S. P. Selden. 

Miss Alice H. Selden. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Taylor 

Mr. and Mrs. Beverly W. Smith. 
Mr. Henry G. Hllken. 
Mrs. P. W. Stryker. 
Miss Elizabeth Stryker. 
Miss Mabel Frances Stryker. 
Mrs. Paul [glebart. 
Mr. Joseph a. W. [glehart. 
Mrs. Joseph A. Wilson. 
Mrs. F. H. Burwell. 
Mi>> Augusta Burwell. 
The Messrs. Burwell. 
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Daves. 

The Misses Davis. 
Miss Minnie W. Bowie. 
Mr. and Mis. Fdward Duffy. 
Dr. and Mrs. Jos. Elliott Gilpin. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hammond. 
Mr. and Mrs Win. Armour Jen- 
Mr. Win. a. Jenkins, Jr. 

Judge and Mrs. I). G I rand Wrleht. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson I». Norris. 

144 Mrs. B. Jones Tavlor. 

144 Mr. and Mrs. T. Hartley Marshall. 

145 Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Kemp. 
14,"» The Misses Kemp. 

146 Mr. and Mrs. Neilson Poe, Jr. 

146 Miss Sarah Livingston Poe. 

147 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Penn Lewis. 

147 Miss Hannah Macferran. 

148 Mrs. Matthew Allen Hamilton. 
148 Miss Sally A. Hamilton. 

148 Mr. William Howard Hamilton. 

15") Rev. James J. Sams. D.D. 

150 Mr. and Mrs. J. Addison Cooke. 

150 Miss Chloe Tyler Cooke. 

151 Mrs. Win. II. Millikin. 
151 Tli.' Misses Millikin. 

157 Mr. and Mrs. John Duvall How- 

inn Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Marbury. 

159 Miss Katherine M. Marbury. 

1 59 Mrs. C. Bonn Klin-luff. 

159 The Misses Slingluff. 

159 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Proctor. 

207 Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Keyser Lever- 

209 Rear-Ad. and Mrs. Yates Stirling. 

209 The Misses Stirling. 

211 Dr. and Mrs. James D. Iglehart. 

211 Mr. and Mrs. Watson I'.eale Ran- 

213 Mrs. Joseph Wilkins. 

214 Mrs. Jno. W. Dorsey. 

214 Mrs. Comfort Worthington Horsey. 

215 Miss- Willing Littell. 

218 Mr. and Mrs. Fdward S. Stanley. 

219 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. France. 

221 Mr. and Mrs. J. Southgate Lem- 

221 The Misses Lemmon. 

222 Mr. and Mrs. George J. Turner. 

223 Mr. and Mrs. James G. Whlteley. 
223 Mrs. S. Bainbridge Stone. 

223 Miss Mary Bainbridge Stone. 

225 Mrs. William S. Waters. 

225 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. T. Waters. 

226 Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Evans. 
230 Mrs. Virginia E. Elliott. 

232 Dr. and Mrs. W. II. Howell. 

232 Miss Janet Tucker Howell. 

237 Mrs. Henrietta Crane. 

237 Miss Florence H. Crane. 

237 Miss Alice L. Crane. 

237 Miss Nettie O. Crane. 

237 Mr. Robt. J. Scovell. 

240 Mrs. Henry R. McNally. 

240 Miss McNally. 

W. Lanvale, Laurens and Lennox Sts., Linden A v. 



240 Miss Louise D. McNally. 

240 Miss Lucy V. Stone. 

240 Miss Marion R. Stone. 

244 Dr. and Mrs. It. Bayly Winder. 

246 Mr. James W. Bright. 

307 Mr. and Mrs. It. D. Mavnard. 

307 Miss Mary H. Mavnard. 

307 Mr. Julian Hilleary Maynard. 

310 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Levering. 

310 Miss Mary G. Levering. 

310 The Messrs. Levering. 

311 Mr. and Mrs. Talbot Dickson 


407 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Williams. 

407 Misses Williams. 

407 Messrs. Williams. 

731 Mr. and Mrs. J. Francis Dam 


731 The Misses Dammann. 

731 Mr. F. William Dammann. 

731 Mrs. Geo. Ogle. 

731 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Ogle. 

1007 Dr. and Mrs. J. Lowrie Ingle. 

1007 Mr. and Mrs. J. Lowrie Ingle, Jr. 

1007 Miss Mary P. Ingle. 

1037 Mr. Roland S. Krehs. 

1317 Miss Emma Walker. 


206 Mrs. William E. Clarke. 
206 Mr. William E. Clarke. Jr. 

222 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hambleton 

236 Mr. and Mrs. G. Clark Polk. 
304 Mrs. George P. Hoffman. 



Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Hull. 


Mr. and Mrs. R. Tilghman Hems- 

The Misses Hemsley. 
The Messrs. Hemsley. 

Mrs. M. H. Hambleton. 
Mr. Hayward Hambleton. 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Gary. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Courtney 

Dr. I. Randolph Page. 
The Misses Page. 
Miss Virginia A. Kerner. 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Levering, Jr. 
Miss Nannie Poultney Ellicott. 

Mrs. Mary J. Nicodemus. 

Miss Carrie Nicodemus. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Warfield. 

Miss Louise Warfield. 

Mr. Edwin Warfield. Jr. 

Mrs. H. V. dimming. 

Mrs. J. P. S. Houstoun. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Kerr. 

Mr. James I'. Houstoun. 

Miss Mary C. Houstoun. 

Mr. Claud" E. Houstoun. 

Mrs. Charles W. Slagle. 
Mr. Carlton M. Slagle. 
Mrs. Charles F. Bevan. 
Miss Bevan. 
Mr. II . Cromwell Bevan. 

1301 Mrs. Lvttleton M. Tough. 

1301 Miss Tough. 

1305 Linden Avenue. 

1305 Mrs. Jackson Holland. 

1305 Mrs. Eugene Blackford. 

1305 Mr. Eugene Blackford. Jr. 

1308 Mrs. Ann S. Leverinsr. 

1308 Mrs. James E. L. Holmes. 

1 ::<>!• Dr. and Mrs. Win. B. McDonald. 

1300 Mrs. W. A. McDonald. 

1316 Mrs. John L. Thomas. 

1316 Miss Zaidee T. Thomas. 

1316 Mr. John L. Thomas. Jr. 

1316 Mr. William Stroebel Thomas. 

13LS Miss Edith Matthews Dawson. 

1320 Mrs. Thomas C. Basshor. 

1320 The Misses Basshor. 

1"20 Mr. C. Hazeltine Basshor. 

1401 Miss Ellen D. White. 

1401 Dr. and Mrs. Douglas 1 Malcolm. 

14i)7 Mrs. Elise Contee Wootton. 

14<>7 Miss Marv M. Wootton. 

1407 Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Moale. 

1408 Miss M. C. Brown. 
140S Mr. Emmett Brown. 
1408 Mr. B. C. Brown. 

1410 Mr. and Mrs. Edward P.. Mathews. 

1410 Mrs. W. W. Whitman. 

Linden Av., E. Madison St. 



1415 Mrs. George Thomas. 

1415 Miss Alice II. Small. 

141.", Miss Florence McL. Small. 

1415 Miss Allthea McDowell. 

1415 Mrs. M. A. Fkirven. 

1415 Miss A. <;. Kennard. 

Ills Miss Mary Evans. 

1418 Mr. Thomas Johnson Evans. 

1421 Mrs. .T. Marshall Winchester 

1421 Miss Maria Winchester. 

1423 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward 

1428 Mr. and Mrs. .T. Edwin Myers. 

1428 Miss M. Calvert Myers. 

14U9 Miss Blanche Cathcart. 

1429 Mr. Maxwell Cathcart. 

14::o Mrs. Francis M. Ellett 

1 130 Misses Ellett. 

1431 Dr. and Mrs. Samuel T. Earle. 

1431 The Misses Earle. 


1512 Mrs. Charles II. Moale. 

1513 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. B. Randall. 
l."iis Mrs. .lames P». Smallwood. 

1524 Miss Elenora G. Wilson. 

1524 Miss Grace R. Wilson. 

1525 Mrs. Catherine B. Dosh. 

1525 Miss Mary K. Dosh. 

1525 Miss A. Katharine Dosh. 

1601 Dr. Adelberl .r. Volck. 

1601 Misses Volck. 

L605 The Misses Murdoch. 

1605 Mr. Charles N. Murdoch. 

1624 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph William Hol- 

1630 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Lacy. 

1630 Mr. Robert Lacy. 

1630 Miss Lacy. 

1707 Mrs. Samuel < >. Williams. 

1728 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sippel. 

1735 Mr. Eugene II. Ober. 

1735 Mrs. John K. Ober. 

1735 Miss Mary R. Ober. 

1812 Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Reese. 

1812 Mr. Howard II. Reese. 

1815 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morton. 

1823 Mr. and Mrs. William Ramsey 

1825 Dr. and Mrs. John Wesley Jones. 

inOO Mr. and Mrs. James W. Denny. 

1901 Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Cannon. 

1901 Mr. Clayton P. Cannon. 

1905 Mrs. Robert C. Rasin. 

1911 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Paine. 

2064 Mrs. Isaac Ouggenheimer. 

2064 The Misses Guggenheimer. 





1 1 




• .') 

Dr. and Mrs. Win. Stevenson P.aer 

Mrs. Edgar Dawson. 

Miss Dawson. 

Mr. Edgar R. Dawson 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Moale. 

Mis. Wesley Wright. 

The Misses Williams. 

Mi 1 . James A. Gnrrettson. 

Mrs. Hardle-Rldgely. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas s. Clark. 

Mrs. Win. T. Howard. 

Mrs. Roberl Lehr. 

Miss Lehr. 

Mr. Roberl O. Lehr. 

Miss Hildegarde Morion. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Levering. 
Mr. Harold Levering. 

24 Mr. and Mrs. Ilobart Duvall. 

24 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Percy Fair- 

24 Mrs. Hugh Keys. 

24 Miss M. Catherine Keys. 

24 Mr. Walter Duval.. 

24 Mr. Daniel W. Dwyer. 

24 Miss Edith Stockton Scott. 

24 Mr. and Mrs. Bradley T. Stokes. 

24 The Misses Stokes. 

24 Mis. C. K. Lord. 

24 Miss Emily Pascault. 

24 Miss Etta Pascault. 

24 Mrs. Charles Goodwin, Jr. 

24 Mr. Roberl E. Waters. 

•_' 1 Miss Marguerite B. Waters. 

■i \ Mrs. w. w. Remington. 

102 Mr. Thomas M. Carroll. 

110 Miss Orendorf. 

llo ('apt. ami Mrs. Fred A. Young. 

112 Miss Josephine P. Amos. 

W. Madison St., Madison Av. 



6 Miss Sloan. 

8 Mrs. Isaac Ridgeway Trimble. 

8 -Mrs. David C. Trimble. 

3 Mr. and Mrs. Jere H. Wheelwright. 

12 Mrs. Cornelius D. Kenny. 

12 The Misses Kenny. 

12 Miss Josephine Fant. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas VVhitridge. 

14 Mr. Thomas Whitridge, Jr. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Rowland. 
15 Mr. C. Ransom Rowland. 

20 Mrs. James M. Thompson. 

20 Mr. and Mrs. S. Tagart Steele. 

20 Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Livingston 

110 Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Conlyn. 

110 Mr. T. Bryce Conlyn. 

210 Miss M. B. Backus. 

210 Miss M. L. Pendleton 

214 Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hayes. 

214 The Misses Hayes. 

214 The Messrs. Hayes. 

216 Miss Mary Elizabeth Mackall. 

210 Miss Amelia E. Boehm. 

210 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Townley (iid- 


21G Mrs. M. A. Orrick. 

21G Miss Marv Orrick. 

216 Miss Sophia A. Orrick. 

216 Miss Florence W. Whitney. 

216 Dr. Arthur A. Bryant. 

216 Miss Cugle. 

218 Miss Rebecca Janney Merrefield. 

218 Mr. Joseph J. Merrefield. 

220 Miss Nichols. 

220 Miss Minelle Nichols. 

222 Mrs. Virginia Bastable. 

222 The Misses Caughy. 




Dr. Donna Ann Waldran. 

Mrs. Francis Tazewell Redwood. 
Mr. Geo. B. Redwood. 
Miss Elizabeth B. Coale. 
Miss Stryker. ■ 

Miss Henrietta Norris. 
Mr. J. Olney Norris. 
Mr. I. T. Norris. 
Mis. M. N. Perry. 

Dr. and Mrs. W. Edwd. Magruder. 
Mrs. John G. Martin. 

Dr. Edward S. Conlyn. 

Dr. Nellie V. Mark. 

Dr. and Mrs. G. Marshall Smith. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hall. 
Miss Elizabeth Hall. 

Miss Mary W. Wallace. 

Mr. L. W. Perce. Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. George A. Fleming. 

Miss Marjorie Fleming. 

Miss Katharine Fleming. 

Mr. J. Chambers Weeks. 

Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Pawson Chunn. 

Dr. Cora Belle Brewster. 
Miss Nancie Brewster. 

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Matthews. 
Miss Matthews. 
Mr. Noel Hall Matthews. 
Bishop and Mrs. William Paret. 
Mrs. William Bruce MePherson. 
Mrs. Charles S. Buckner. 

Dr. and Mrs. T. A. Ashby. 
Miss Ashby ; 


Miss Cornelia White. 

1202 Mrs. M. P. Wetherall. 

1202 Miss Wetherall. 

1202 Mr. and Mis. Henry George Bluin- 

1204 Dr. and Mrs. J. M. H. Rowland. 

1204 Miss India Rowland. 

1214 Dr. and Mrs. George C. Keidel. 

1221 Flora A. Brewster, M. D. 

1221 Mrs. Alice D. Brewster. 

1221 Miss Amelia F. Poe. 

1223 Mrs. Julius E. Grammar. 

1224 Mrs. Wm. T. Dixon. 

1224 Miss Mary Bartlett Dixon. 

1224 Miss Julia* B. Dixon. 

1224 Mr. and Mrs. W. Chauncev Craw- 

1228 Mrs. George G. Carey. 

1228 Miss Margaret C. Carey. 

1228 Dr. and Mrs. Henry M. Thomas. 

1308 Mrs. A. P. Atwater. 

1308 Miss Emily P. Atwater. 

1401 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Shryock 
14(11 Miss Shryock. 

1402 Mrs. John Q. A. Holloway. 
1402 Mr. Edward Lee Holloway. 
1102 Miss Holloway. 

1404 Miss Florence Baily. 

1407 Mrs. Henry C. Roche. 

Ii(i7 The Misses Roche. 

1410 Miss Paret. 

1428 Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Judik. 

142S Misses Judik. 

1704 Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Gombel. 


Madison, Malster and Maryland Avs. 


1706 Mr. and Mrs. Augustus G. Davis. 
I Tnt; Mi<s Rose Rogers. 

1707 Mrs. John W. Hall. 
17"!> Mr. Raymond Cassard. 

1714 Mr. and Mrs. M. Lloyd Morrison. 

1714 Mr and Mrs. Harrison Robins. 

1714 Miss Mabel II. Robins. 

1714 Mr. Harrison Robins, Jr. 

1725 Miss Theresa Pinyon. 

1732 Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Richards. 

1022 Prof. II. N. Morse. 

2340 Mrs. Louisa T. Dashiell. 

u : : 4 < » Miss Mary L. Dashiell. 

2414 Mr. Edwin T. Dickerson. 

2414 Mrs. Rachel W. T. Dawson. 

2414 Mr. and Mrs. W. Burns Trundle. 

2501 The Misses Brooks. Mr. II. Phelps Brooks. 

• Mr. Chauncey Brooks. 

2503 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fahnestock. 

2503 Mr. Albert Fahnestock. 

2511 Dr. and Mrs. Paul Haupt. 

2511 Mr. Erik Haupt. 

2517 Mrs. Delphine Taveau. 

2517 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Taveau. 

2517 Miss Taveau. 

2517 Mr. Rene de M. Taveau. 

2510 Mrs. C. C. Wight. 

2510 Miss Marv C. Wight. 

2519 Miss Fauhtleroy Wight. 

2522 Mrs. John Hooff Beall. 


1500 Mrs. Tilton Hemsley. 1514 Miss Ina Skinner. 

1506 Miss Elizabeth Tilghman Hemsley. i 51G M r> an( j jj rs t. Robert Jenkins 

1514 Mrs. Annie W. Skinner. 


1221 Mr. and Mrs. R. McKean Barry. 

1223 Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Cassard. 

1223 Mr. Reese Cassard. 

1224 Dr. and Mrs. A. Trego Slu-rtzer. 
1 224 Mr. and Mrs. T. P.. Shertzer. 
1224 Mrs. William F. Gardner. 

1 224 Miss Gardner. 

1225 Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Burke. 

Tin-; st. ives. 

1301 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bower Banks. 

1301 Mrs. Tiernan Walton. 

" "."> Mrs. Robert C. Barry. 


1900 Mrs. Win. D. Dough. 

1900 Miss Mary N. Hough. 

1900 Mr. Harry W. Hough. 

1900 Mrs. ( 'liail«s E. Parr. 

1900 Miss Parr. 

1900 Miss Katharine B. Parr. 

1900 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Coulbourn. 

i son m !>si-> < loulbourn. 

1900 Mr. R. M. < loulbourn, Jr. 

1919 Mrs. J. Harold Wheeler. 

1919 Mr. John P. Wheeler. 

2000 Dr. and Mrs. R. Tunstall Taylor. 

2001 Mrs. William Parke Custis. 
2001 The Misses Custis. 

Ijiuil Mr :.n<l Mrs. Norman Francis 

Hill. Jr 






"J ML-.", 



21 10 
211 1 

21 16 
21 16 

•J 1 1 7 
•J 1 1 7 

21 !'•• 

Mrs. James McCulloh Brogden. 2119 

The Misses Brogden. 
Mr. John G. Brogden. 
Mr. J. Charles Brogden. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Emory. 
Mr. Wil ner Emory. Jr. 

Mrs. Edward Graham Daves. 
The Misses Daves. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Woodyear. 

Mr. W-". T. Howard. 

Mrs. Margaret E. Warfield. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Southgate Yeatou 
Miss Margaret IT. Yeaton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Caplto 

Mr. Fitzgerald Capito Smith. 

Mr. Philip S. Dickey. 

Mr. Charles E. Dickey. Jr. 

Mr. Edw. D. V. Dickey. 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sills. 

The Misses Sills. 

The Misses Riach. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Thomas. 

Mr. IT. C. Buckmaster. 

The Misses Deale. 

Mis. wm. s. Potter. 

.Misses Potter. 

Mr. W. M. Knight Potter. 

Mis. John Nunn Iledebower. 

Miss Anina Le Doux Heflebower. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Edward Heimen- 

da hi. 
Miss M. L. Bird. 

Maryland Av., McCulloh, McMechen and W. Monument Sts. 



2)24 Mr. Hugh Brent. 

•2124 Dr. Hugh Warren Brent. 

2124 Mr. Harrison Brent 

2127 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander G. Carey. 

21. -.1 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Knight. 

2131 Misses Knight. 

2131 Mr. .Tas. G. Knight. 

21 33 Mr. Isaac II. Shirk. 

2208 Mrs. T. Barton Brune. 

2321 Mr. and Mrs. J. Shaler Hodges. 

2321 Miss Mary C. Wilmer. 

2321 Mr. John \Y. Wilmer. 

2407 Mr. Herbert Green. 

2418 Miss Florence D. Franklin. 

2437 Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Mahool. 

2733 Mr. and Mrs. R. Lloyd Chamber 


904 Mr. Fridge Murdoch. 

904 Mrs. Andrew Jamieson. 

!)(»4 Miss Charlotte Murdoch Jamieson. 

906 Miss Caroline Goldsborough Ham- 

906 Miss Maria Johns Hammond. 

910 Mrs. Alfred Poor. 

910 The Misses Poor. 

910 Mr. Harry Taylor Poor. 

!»lo Mrs. John I. Armistead. 

918 Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Merceret. 

922 Mrs. Julia S. Frary. 

922 Miss Frary. 

922 Mr. A. J. Myei s. 

932 Mrs. Edmund Law* Rogeis. 

1009 Mr. F. Stone Posey. 

1102 Miss Eliza S. Thomas. 

1102 Mr. George Leiper Thomas. 

1114 The Misses Tyson. 

1117 Miss Anna II. Girvm. 

1117 Mr. and Mrs. Winfield Peters. 

1209 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Campbell. 

1219 Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Oudesluys. 

1219 Miss Natalie Oudesluys. 

1221 Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Cockey. 

1226 Mrs. Irving Miller. 

1226 Miss Seager. 

1226 Mr. Edward Seager. 

1302 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hill. 

1302 Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Westcott 


1302 Mr. and Mrs. Norman Alan Hill. 

1322 Mr. Franklin Sanders. 

1322 The Misses Sanders. 

1411 Mrs. George M. Gillett. 

1411 Miss Emma J. Gillett. 

1-111 Mrs. Edgar Gillett. 

1411 Mr. Jas. McClure Gillet. 

1415 Mr. and Mrs. George H. I'ayne. 

1415 Miss Katharine E. Payne. 

1415 The Messrs. Payne. 

1415 Mr. and Mrs. G. Archibald Coulter. 

1432 Mr. and Mrs. Eli M. Lamb. 

1432 The Misses Lamb. 

1521 Mr. and Mrs. Taos. W. Jenkins. 

1625 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Taylor Jen 


1625 Miss Judith Moale Jenkins. 

1625 Mr. Chas. Dimmock Jenkins. 

1724 Mr. Geo. W. C. Krebs. 
1728 Mr. A. B. Bowie. 

1725 Miss Bowie. 


4(G Mrs. John R. Kelso. 

4<»4 Mrs. Florence K. Oudesluys. 


103 Dr. and Mrs. George Reuling. 

103 Mrs. Marie Reuling de Bullet. 

in:; Mi', and Mrs. Geo. Ilarryman. 

103 Mr. J. Wilson Leakin. 

103 Miss Susan Dobbin Leakin. 

103 Mrs. Guillermo H. Martin. 

103 Miss Louisa S. Taylor. 

103 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Davison. 

103 Miss Davison. 

104 Mr. and Mrs. II. Irvine Keyser. 
104 Mrs. John Stewart, Jr. 

105 Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Newcomer. 

105 Mrs. A. J. Yanderpoel. 

107 Miss Dnlin. 

107 Mr. and Mrs. J. Winfield II»nry. 

109 Mr. Norman James. 

Ill Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke Mitchell 


113 Mr. and Mrs. II. Crawford Black 

115 Miss Bertha Cole. 

115 Mr. Lloyd Cole. 

W. Monument and Mosher Sts., E. Mt. Royal Av. 


•Jul Mrs. Enoch Pratt 

201 Miss Sophie Hyde. 

201 Miss Catherine Hyde. 

::<<- Mr. Henry Oliver Thompson. 

204 Dr. Samuel Johnston. 

206 Mrs. Prank S. Hamhleton. 

206 Mr. T. Edward Hamhleton, 3d. 

206 Miss Sophia M. Stanshury. 

206 Miss Helen Crawford. 

208 Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Booker. 

208 Mr. John Manning Booker. 

209 Mrs. Edward Shippen. 
209 Mr. J. E. Howard Post. 
li'".t I ir. Lloyd P. Shippen. 

21 l The Misses McLane. 

213 Miss Alice W. Ball. 

214 Mr. and Mrs. Ira Remsen. 
L'lb* The Misses Harrison. 

217 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Machen 

1M7 Mr. Arthur W. Macheu, Jr. 

21 7 Mr. Thos < '•. Machen. 


•J 10 




Wilbur P. Jackson. 
John J. Jackson. 

Mrs. Elizabeth 1'.. Koons. 

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Gillet. 

The Messrs. Gillet. 
Mrs. Joseph II. Itieman. 
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Mcin- 
tosh, Jr. 
Mr. ('. Alexander Itieman. 
Mrs. Pembroke Lea Thorn. 
Mrs. J. G. Keller. 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Keller. 

Mrs. Arnold S. Hyde. 

Mr. and Mrs. Enoch I'ratt Hyde. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Hemsley Johnson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald M. Ames. 

Prof, (harlcs F. Baddatz. 

Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Morgan. 
Miss Henrietta Dickson. 


92 Mr. and Mrs. John Dozier Byrd. 

'■>- Mr. Harvey Semmes Byrd. 

li'L- Mrs. E. J. Whelan. 

139 Mrs. John Norris Childs. 

215 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Deming. 
503 Misses Mary and Clementina 

1004 Mr. and Mrs. 

John A. Wllllar. 

1004 Mr. John A. Williar, Jr. 





Mr. and Mrs. Stuart E^erton. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Page Boyce. 
Mr. and Mrs. R. McGill ['aimer. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Burgess. 
The Messrs. Burgess. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Girvin Peters. 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (I. Siowe. 
Miss Edith Stowe. 
Mr. Thomas <>. Stowe, Jr. 
Mrs. K. Brenton Archibald. 
Mis. Benjamin Du Val Clark. 
Miss Anna E. Blackwell Clark. 
The Messrs. I lark. 

Till: MT. ROYAL. 

Mr. Charles Elliott. 
Mise Hattie Price. 
M iss ' icta via Williams Bates. 
Dr. ami Mrs. Win. Minor Dabney. 
Mr. and Mrs. Garner Wood Den- 
Mi-- Sophie < '. Pennington. 
Mr. w. T. Brantly. 
Mr. Henry V. Boykin. 
Mis- sue r. t Sroverman. 

Mr. William Shepard Bryan Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Baker. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Morgan. 

Mrs. Thomas W. Jenkins. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Tyson Elli- 

Mr. and Mrs. Win. H. Turnhull. 

Judge ami Mrs. David Fowler. 

Mr. Laurence Hall Fowler. 

Mrs. Mary Turnhull Sims. 

Mrs. Laura Turnhull. 

Mr. Tasker <•. Lowndes. 

Mr. Shepard C. Miller. 

Mrs. George II. Rohe. 

Miss Rohe". 

Mr. Geo. W. Kirwan. 

Mr. and Mrs. <;. Howell Parr. 

Mrs. Robin sou Boykin. 

Mrs. P. Bryson Wood. 

Miss Hose Wood. 

Dr. and Mrs. W. A. B. Sellman. 

Mr. Reginald O. Sellman. 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Patter- 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Waller Mor- 

Mrs. William M. Powell. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Straughn. 

E. and W. Mt. Royal Av. 




Mr. and Mrs. Frank Loney Wight. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Crawford Smith 

Mr. A. Crawford Smith. Jr. 

Mr. Marshall Smith. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Parr, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. II. W. Hunter. 

Miss Martha Williams I>avis. 

Mrs. Sam'l Ames Keighler. 

Mrs. M. W. K. Poore. 

Miss May Morgan. 

Mr. Howard McCay Morgan. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fitzhugh 


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gwinn. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Levering 
Miss Levering. 
Miss Nellie Levering. 
Mrs. Sallie Cator Hopper. 
Mr. Stuart C. Hopper. 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis II. Purnell. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hemsley Fur- 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lee Carey. 
Dr. Henry Wireman Cook. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Newton Smith. 
Mr. William Cunningham. 
Miss Julia J. Cunningham. 
Miss Lillie II. Cunningham. 



Mr. and Mrs. Rufus W. Apple- 
Miss Jennie Applegarth. 

Mr. C. Ganlt Applegarth. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Van Ness. 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis K. Mallinck- 


Mr. and Mrs. Chas. T. Reifsnider, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Reeder. 

Mrs. A. Randolph Pendleton. 

Mr. William Winchester. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. Lyttleton P>. Purnell. 

17 Mr. and Mrs. R. Dorsey Coale. 

17 Mrs. John W. Howison. 

19 Miss Alice G. Harris. 

19 Miss Helen N. Harris. 

21 Mrs. Charles B. Penrose. 

21 Dr. and Mrs. Clement A. Penrose. 

23 Mr. and Mrs. H. Kent McCay. 

27 Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Albert Hughe 5 ?. 

31 Mrs. Andrew K. Cogswell. 

31 Mr. Latrobe Cogswell. 

33 Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Whiting. 

33 Dr. Edith Whiting. 

127 Mr. John Henry Keene. Jr. 

131 Col. and Mrs. Henry Ashton Ram- 

131 Miss Margaret Key Ramsay. 

133 Mrs. C. Webster Wilson. 

133 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Tyson. 

137 Mr. J. T. Mason Barnes. 

137 Miss Elizabeth Mason Barnes. 

1^10 Mr. and Mrs. John Burrows. 

1210 Mr. John Shober Burrows. 

1210 Miss Lucie E. Burrows. 

1214 Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Brandt. 

1216 Mrs. John C. Mackenzie. 

Edward Lucas 

1216 Mr. and Mrs. John Prosser Tabb. 

1216 Miss Nellie Mackenzie Tabb. 

1216 Mr. John Mackenzie Tabb. 

121S Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lemmon Bur- 


1218 Mr. Robert Stanard Burwell. 

1218 Mr. V. Burwell. 

1223 Miss Zoe Wells. 

1:!:::; Mr. and Mrs. 


1223 Mrs. M. E. Gerry. 

1243 Mr. and Mrs. Henrv S. King. 

1243 Mr. Henry Wynn King. 

1307 Dr. Isabella K. Godfrey. 

1307 Mrs. E. Godfrey Jones. 

1313 Mrs. C. Powell Noland. 

1313 Misses Noland. 

1329 Miss Helen Middleton. 

1329 Miss Maria M. Middleton. 

1329 Miss Sallv Middleton. 

1S29 Mr. and Mrs. John I. Middleton 


1333 Mr. and Mrs. A. Kirkland Weeks. 

1333 Miss Louise Kirkland Weeks. 

1 :;:::: Mr. John C. Weeks. 

1335 Mr. Talbot D. Levering. 

1405 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Douglas Bald- 


1406 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lee Bosley. 
141o Mrs. Joseph S. Willoughhy. 
141.1 Mr. Joseph S. Willoughhy. 

1415 Miss Mary N. Willoughhy. 

141 s Mrs. S. Belle Sellman. 

141$ Mrs. Minnie Sellman West. 

1429 Mrs. Joseph W. Clarke. 

1429 Miss Millikin. 

14. v> .5 Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Taylor. 

1505 Mr. and Mrs. Percy Meredith 

SM W. Mt. Royal Av„ E. & W. Mt. Vernon PL, E. & W. Mulberry St. 


L505 Mr. and Mrs. Percy Meredith 
Reese, Jr. 

1505 Mr. Guy Harrison Reese. 

1530 Mr. AlODZO Lilly. Jr. 

1000 Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Wlnslow. 

I! Dr. Fit/. Randolph Winslow. 

1' Miss Mary F. Wlnslow. 

1900 Miss Jean P. Winslow. 

1000 Miss Eliza I.. Winslow. 

1900 Mr. Caleb Winslow. 

1928 Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ivan 

2000 Mr. Robert F. Roberts. 

2000 Miss Caroline Roberts. 

2000 Miss Fllen T. Roberts. 

2000 Mrs. K. K. Haines. 

200G Mr. and Mrs. Burton G. Buck. 

2018 Mrs. Georgie Smull. 

201S Mr. Miltenberger Neale Smull. 

2026 Mr. and Mrs. Thos. I. Elliott. 


Mr. John Wesley Richardson. 
Rev. and Mrs. John H. Eager. 
Miss Elizabeth <iish Eager. 

'The Messrs. Eager. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Henry Powell. 

2100 Mr. and Mrs. J. Kemp Bartlett. 
2114 Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Atkinson. 


10 Mrs. Geo. A. von Lingen. 

12 Mrs. Edward White. 

16 Mis. Edwin F. Ahell. 

16 Mr. Walter W. Ahell. 

16 Miss HIeanora L. Myer. 

18 Mr. and Mrs. Lei<rh Bonsai. 

18 Miss Margaretta P. Bonsai. 

2d Mr. and Mrs. Win. M. Bllicott. 

22 Mrs. Edgeworth Bird. 

22 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Smith. 

24 Col. and Mrs. Walter S. Franklin. 

24 Mr. Walter Simonds Franklin, Jr. 

2f, Mr. and Mrs. John V. I.. Find- 
lay. Jr. 

28 Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Brooks. 

us Miss Frances Leigh Brooks. 

28 The Messrs. Brooks. 

20 Mr. and Mrs. George Whltelock. 

20 Miss Roberta Clarkson Whitelock. 

i".> Mrs. Mary <;. Sauerwein. 

33 Mrs. C. J. M. Gwinn. 

33 Mrs. Alfred Hodder. 


1 Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Jencks. 

3 Mrs. William F. Burns. 

5 Mr. Henry Walters. 

8 Mrs. William A. Fisher. 

8 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cabell Bruce. 

11 Dr. and Mrs. Henry Barton Ja- 


12 Mrs. J. Hall Pleasants. 

13 Mrs. Henry Janes. 

13 Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Janes. 

13 Miss Susie II. Keith. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Marburg. 
14 Miss Christine Marburg. 

1 ."> Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Irwin France 

10 Mrs. David L. Bartlett. 

Miss Morton. 



1 1 Mr. Henry A. Wise. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Kirkland. 

15 The Misses Kirkland. 

15 Mi-, and Mrs. Alexander L. Cum- 
ins Mr. Edward Jenkins Shriver. 

E. and W. North Av., Oak and N. Paca Sts., Park A v. 



31 Dr. and Mrs. Archibald C. Harri- 

Mrs. William C. Schley. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Starr Gephart 

Mr. Wesley Starr Gephart, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Hoblitzell. 
Mr. Robert Marshall Hoblitzell. 
Miss Marv E. Hoblitzell. 



219J Miss Annah Winn. 


303 Mrs. Joseph E. Davidson. 

303 The Misses Davidson. 

303 Mr. J. Hamilton Davidson. 

303 Mrs. Mary Davidson Emory. 

305 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Graham 

314 Mrs. Jos. B. Brinkley. 

1337 Dr. Charles Teackle Buckner. 


7 Mr. and Mrs. Barreda Turner. 

7 Mr. Robert B. Turner. 

7 Miss Tinner. 

8 Mr. and Mrs. Horace Noble. 

9 Mr. George Kelso Diffenderffer. 

12 Mr. and Mrs. David S. Briscoe. 

12 Miss Mary E. Briscoe. 

10 Mr. and Mis. Blanchard Randall. 

1(! Misses Randall. 

16 Mr. Frederick B. Randall. 

27 Mrs. Alfred T. Forbes. 

107 Mrs. R. Snowden Andrews. 

107 Miss Rosalie Tunstall Smith. 

107 Miss Anita Tunstall Smith. 

109 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wood. 

110 Mr. Samuel K. George. Esq. 
M0 Miss Eleanor B. George. 
110 Mr. Robert E. Lee George. 









Mr. and Mrs. Lester II. Latham. 
Miss Mabel Latham. 

Mrs. Benjamin Wallis. 
Mr. B. Franklin Wallis. 
The Misses Wallis. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Shriver. 
Mis. James Ilomewood Marriott. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Dick Halliday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Stevens. 

Misses Stevens. 

Dr. and Mrs. Louis N. Wilson. 
Dr. and Mrs. Edwd. E. Mackenzie. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Chism 

i opp. Thomas Av. i 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thornley 

Chism (opp. Thomas Av. i 

The Misses Jenkins. 

Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Winslow. 


2105 Dr. and Mrs. Robt. Atkinson. 

2110 Mr. and Mrs. Fredk. A. Levering. 

2110 Miss Georsianna Levering. 

2110 Mr. Frederick A. Levering, Jr. 

2110 Mr. Webb Levering. 

2110 Miss Martha Keyser Levering. 

2122 Mr. Louis P. Griffith. 

2124 Mrs. Ida L. McClure. 

2120 Mrs. John II. C. Williams. 

2126 Mr. Henry Howard Williams. 

2126 Mr. John II. C. Williams. Jr. 

2130 Miss Leacock. 

2130 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Darrell. 

2130 Miss Darrell. 

2130 Miss Mary H. Darrell. 

2210 Mrs. Florence Murray Paca. 

2210 Miss Florence Marie Paca 

2219 Miss Adela Kerr Paca. 

2221 Mrs. A. E. Loney. 


405 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Palmer. 


407 Miss Marguerite Rabillon. 

407 Mr. Leonce Rabillon. 

500 Mrs. William Gilmor. 

500 Mr. John Gilmor. 

500 Mr. Francis Key Gilmor. 

505 Mrs. von Kapff. 

505 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Wilson. 

505 Mr. John Donnell Smith. 

505 Mr. James T. Wilson. 

508 Mr. ami Mrs. Nisbet Turnbull. 

509 Mr. P. Macaulay Birckhead. 

510 Dr. and Mrs. B. Bernard Browne. 


Park Av. 


.".id Miss Jennie N. Browne, M.l>. 

510 Miss Mary X. Browne, M.I». 

510 Dr. B. Bernard Browne. Jr. 

510 Miss Ethel Nicholson Browne. 

510 Mr. De Courcy B. Browne. 

511 Mr. and Mrs. \Y. Hall Harris. 

511 Mr. J. Morrison Harris. 

512 Miss E. G. Mcllvain. 

512 .Mrs. Jas. Win. Mcllvain. 
."lii Miss Prances King. 

513 Mrs. Ellen M. Tormey. 

513 Mr. Alfred Jenkins Tormey. 
513 Miss Eleanor Plummer. 

513 Mr. and Mrs. J. Oliver Devries. 

514 Mrs. George S. Gibson. 

514 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. M. Gibson. 
514 Miss Gibson. 

514 Miss Jane Wilson West. 

515 Mr. and Mrs. Eben Sutton. 

518 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Brune. 

520 Mrs. Daniel Cloud. 

►20 Miss Virginia Woodward Cloud. 

'.i'u Miss Rehekab M. (loud. 

'.i'<i Miss May Barroll. 

.2<i Miss Laura Canby. 

601 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. Bonaparte. 
601 Miss Sarah G. Haydock. 

605 Mrs. Daniel Miller. 
605 Mr. 1 laniel Miller. 

607 Miss Elizabeth Jenkins. 
607 Mr. Robert II. Jenkins. 

611 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Roach. 
611 Miss Hedvig Bagge. 

614 Mrs. Daniel C. Gilman. 

614 Miss Gilman. 

615 Mr. John F. Symington. 

616 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jenkins. 


Miss Haze] M. MacLaughlin. 

M r. and Mrs. James I ». < 'aims. 

— Mr. and Mrs. ('has. Chapln Heath. 
Miss Anna 1 1 mtii ington Heal n. 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stork. 

Mr. and Mrs Thos. II. Bourne. 
Miss Rhetl Miller. 
Mrs. A. IIar«. Id Miller. 

— Mrs. Edmund Rhetl Walker. 
Mr. Joseph Roger Walker. 

Mr. and Mrs. R, Gordon Dulany. 

Mrs. Geo. W. S. Hall. 

706 Miss Foley. 

70»; Misb Nannie M. Foley. 

7<»c, Mr. Thos. J. Foley. 

70S Miss dishing. 

708 Judge and Mrs. Thos. J. Morris. 

708 Miss Josephine C. Morris. 

709 Rev. and Mrs. Arthur C. Powell. 
7n!t The Messrs. Powell. 

711 Mr. John D. Early. 

711 Miss Eveline Rieman Early. 

71_! Dr. and Mrs. David Streett. 

712 Mr. I». Corbln Streett. 

713 Mrs. E. Ridgelv Baer. 

713 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hurst. 

715 Dr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Fisher, Jr. 

71C Mr. and Mrs. ('has. R. Lord. 

71C Miss Laura G. Lord. 

717 Mrs. William H. Baldwin. 

717 Miss Sarah R. Baldwin. 

719 Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Flower Smith 

803 Mr. Duncan C. Clark. 

803 Mrs. E. Lloyd Howard. 

803 The Misses Haskell. 

S(»7 Mrs. James McEvoy. 

807 Mr. and Mrs. James McEvoy, Jr. 

808 Rev. and Mrs. Donald Guthrie. 

809 Dr. L. M. Allen. 

809 Mr. and Mrs. W. Graham Boyce. 

812 Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Rumsey. 

814 Mr. S. Alexander Earned. 

S14 Mr. and Mrs. William Kennon 

814 Mrs. Isabel E. Cook. 

815 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Baxter 


815 Miss Mary W. Johnston. 

816 Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Randolph. 

817 Mr. A. Morris Tyson. 

818 Mrs. Robert M. Wylie. 
818 Mr. Douglas M. Wylie. 

820 Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wilson. 

822 Mrs. Henry P. C. Wilson. 

823 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac II. Dixon. 
825 Miss Eliza Ridgely. 

825 Miss Freeland. 

827 Mrs. Thomas K. Carey. 

828 Mrs. J. Pembroke Thorn. 

828 Mr. J. Pembroke Thorn. 

829 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Knabe, 


831 Dr. and Mrs. Louis McL. Tiffanj 

s::i Mr. Wm. s. <;. Baker. 

834 Miss Eva Graff Baker. 

835 Mr. and Mrs. Norvell Elliott Miller. 
838 Mrs. ('has. Carroll Bombaugh. 

836 Miss Mira Lloyd Bombaugh. 
836 Miss Bombaugh. 

Park Av. 



837 Mrs. James F. Heyward. 

837 Mr. J. Hevward Taylor. 

837 Mrs. Winfield J. Taylor. 

838 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Carey. 

838 Mr. James Carey, Jr. 

839 Miss M. Louisa Steuart. 
839 Miss Emilv B. Steuart. 

839 Miss Isabel C. Steuart. 

840 Dr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Whit- 


842 Dr. and Mrs. Hiram Woods. 

842 Miss Mary R. Woods. 

542 Mr. Alan Churchill Woods. 

543 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Boijiie. Jr. 

843 Mr. and Mrs. Robert II. Bogue. 
843 Miss Alice M. Bogue. 

843 Miss Nelly S. Bogue. 

845 Dr. Ridgely B. Warfield. 


847 Miss Emily Gegan. 

S47 Mr. and Mrs. Parke P. Flournoy. 

S47 Rev. and Mrs. Chester M. Smith. 

840 Dr. and Mrs. A. K. Bond. 

849 Mr. Matthew Page Andrews. 

851 Miss Louisa K. Dunn. 

851 The Misses Klein. 

851 Miss A. P. North. 

853 Dr. and Mrs. James J. Mills. 

855 Miss Emma Elliott Johnstone. 

855 Miss Catharine Winter Gillet. 

857 Mr. and Mrs. E. Stanley Gary. 

857 Miss Louisa Macgill Gary. 

857 Mr. E. Stanley Gary, Jr. 


Mrs. John W. Roder. 

Miss Marie C. Roder. 

■ Miss Ellen S. Roder. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Whittingham. 

859 Mr. and Mrs. Bolton J. Love. 

859 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Snowden 

861 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bloomfield. 

801 Miss Elinor Marie Bloomfield. 

861 Mr. Arthur L. Bloomfield. 

865 Misses Bowdoin. 

867 Mrs. Alfred II. Powell. 

867 The Misses Powell. 

869 Dr. and Mrs. John G. Jay. 

8«9 Mr. Henry I>. Jay. 

869 The Misses Seevers. 

871 Mrs. William Reed. 

871 Mr. Jos. Osborn Martin. 

873 Mr. J. Du Gue Ferguson. 

873 Mr. Bond Ion Simons. 

s".'! Mr. and Mrs. James F. Ferguson. 

875 Mrs. Robert Marye. 

875 Mr. Robert Turner Marye. 

875 Mr. Percy B. McLaran. 

877 Mrs. John Tayloe Perrin. 

877 The Misses Perrin. 

S77 Miss Mary E. Fulton. 

879 Dr. and Mrs. John N. Mackenzie. 

887 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Handy. 

887 Mr. and Mrs. D. Barton Marshall. 

887 Miss Louisa Lusby. 

891 Mrs. Joseph Roby. 

891 Miss Roby. 

893 Mr. and Mrs. John Murdoch. 

893 Miss Alison Lawrence Murdoch. 

893 Miss Mildred Law Murdoch. 

895 Mr. and Mrs. Upshur Lloyd. 

1123 Mr. Harry T. Poor. 

1129 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Olivet. 

1223 Mr. and Mrs. F. Emerson Lamb. 

1223 Miss F. Marie Lamb. 

1301 Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Este Fisher. 

1305 Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Berkley. 

1307 Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Shackelford. 

1307 Mr. W. T. Shackelford, Jr. 

1307 Miss J. f). Shackelford. 

1309 The Misses Rolando. 

1309 Miss Maccoun. 

1311 Mr. Harry B. Smlrh. 

1S11 Mr. Frank B. Smith. 

1311 Mrs. Frederick Gibson. 

1311 Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Guest Gibson. 

1312 Mrs. Henrietta C. Congdon. 
1312 Mr. Samuel H. Congdon. 

1312 Miss Elizabeth C. Congdon. 

1313 Mrs. Hamilton Easter. 
1313 Miss Bessie Easter. 
1313 Mr. Charles B. Easter. 

1316 Dr. and Mrs. J. Ross Stevenson. 

1321 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. McKellip 

1321 Mrs. McKellip -Howell. 

1327 Mrs. Helen Murray Lamed. 

1327 Dr. Charles W. Earned. 

1329 Miss Margaret Meredith Smith. 

1329 Miss Virginia Smith. 

1331 Mr. and Mrs. William A. Casler. 

1331 Miss Nora Harrington. 

1401 Mrs. John Denegre. 

1401 Mrs. J. Dickson Brune. 

14dl Mr. J. Peirce Bruns. 

1401 Dr. R. Martin Bruns. 

1104 Mrs. Alexander M. Carter. 

1404 Mr. and Mrs. P. Bryson MUlikin. 

1405 Miss Leonora M. Paxton. 

1406 Mrs. Mary Johnson Woodward. 
1406 Mrs. Daisy Woodward. 

14(M*. Mr. and Mrs. II. Landon Davies. 


Park At. 


1407 Mr. Charles I-:. Cassell 

1412 Mrs. James A. Latane. 
14H' The Misses Latane. 

1411' Mr. .Tames A. Latane. Jr. 

1413 Mr. and Mrs. \Y. II. H?Courcy 


1414 Mr. and Mrs. John S. March. 

1418 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mozart Hay 

1418 Mr. Andrew R. Parkhurst 

1410 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Wickes. 

1420 Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Fisher. 

142<> Miss Crace Winchester Fisher. 

1420 Mr. Robert A. Fisher. 

1421 Mrs. Lee W. Sellman. 

1422 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Gault. 
1424 Mrs. Fred. II. Smith. 

1424 Miss Julia E. Smith. 

1424 Mr. Fred R. Smith. 

1420 Mr. and Mrs. Findlay H. Burns. 

1420 Miss I-:. L. Eichelberger. 

1427 Mrs. Jos. Johns, Jr. 

1427 Miss Johns. 

1427 Mr. W. E. W. Johns. 

1428 Mr. G. Harlan Williams. 
1428 Mr. Howard T. Williams. 
1428 Miss Carrie II. Williams. 
14 20 Mrs. Joseph P. Wood. 

1420 Miss Margaret Potter Wood. 

1420 Mrs. J. Elliott Jacohs. 

14 30 Miss Irwin. 

1430 Mr. Virgil M. Ilillyer. 

1432 Miss Rehecca D. Williams. 

1432 Miss Maria D. Williams. 

1432 Miss Emma J. D. Williams. 

1433 Mr. and Mrs. B. Howell Griswold 
1433 Mr. Rohertson Griswoid. 

1502 Mr. and Mis. Oliver I'. MeComas. 

15o:; Mrs. William A. Gale 

1504 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Judson Clark. 

1 506 Mr. James < !ori land. 

1506 Mr. J. Wakefield Cortland. 

1507 Mr. and Mis. Charles England. 
1507 Mr. Joseph Townsend England. 

1507 Miss Charlotte Barnard England 

1508 Miss Cora Elder Thomas. 

1508 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Thomas, Jr. 

1510 Mis. Charles K. Harrison. 

1510 The Messrs. Harrison. 

1511 Mr. and Mrs. B. Howard Ilaman. 

1511 Miss Coralie Howard Ilaman. 

1512 Mrs. Geo. W. Wood. 

1512 Miss.-s Wood. 

1513 Mrs. Charles (',. Kerr. 
1513 Mi<s Mary Bowie Kerr. 
1513 Mr. Reverdy Johnson Kerr. 

1514 Mr. Frank Frick. 

1514 Miss Lurman. 

1515 Mrs. Eugene Van Ness. 
1515 Mrs. Charles Frick. 

1517 Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Poe. 

1520 Miss Virginia C. Breckenridge 


1520 Miss Elizabeth Breckenridge Cross. 

1521 Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Williams. 

1522 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Gray. 

1522 Miss Gray. 

1523 Mrs. Edgar M. Lazarus. 
1.(23 Misses Lazarus. 

1526 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Blake Wilson. 

1520" Miss Mary Lansdowne Wilson. 

1520 Mr. and .Sirs. Claude Haines Hall. 

1528 Mr. J. Collins Lee. 

1528 Miss Elizabeth Collins Lee. 

1528 Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. l'arran. 

1530 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull. 

1530 Miss Grace Hill Turnbull 

1530 Miss Eleanor Laurette Turnbull 

1530 Mr. Edwin L. Turnbull 

1530 Mr. Bayard Turnbull. 

1532 Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Russell 


1533 Mr. I. Gorham Moale. 

1533 Mrs. A. L. Moale Fuller. 

1534 Madame Paul F. de Gournay. 
1534 Mile, de Gournay. 

1000 Mr. Laurence West. 

1600 Mr. Wm. Christopher West. 

1600 Mr. George P. West. 

1602 Mr. and Mrs. Clinton A. Wright. 

1002 Miss Fannie T. Turnbull. 

1604 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Allan Poe. 

1600 Miss Margaret E. Maund. 

1600 Miss Elizabeth A. Maund. 

1610 Mr. James Fisher Wagner. 

1610 Miss Mabel Waener. 

1010 Miss Anne M. Waerner. 

1610 Mr. Basil Wagner. 

1612 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Stlckney. 

1612 Mr. Henry Stickney. 

1012 Mr. George Lewis Stickney. 

1612 Mrs. Lloyd C. Stark. 

1613 Mr. W. Leslie Robinson. 

1615 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Taylor 

1622 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Nayh.r. 

1CLT. Mr. .1. W. Nook. 

1625 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley K. Green. 

1620 Mrs. A. Nlshet Turnbull. 

1629 Miss Anna Graeme Turnbull. 

1629 Miss Olivia Whitridge Turnbull. 

1620 Mr. Laurence C. Turnbull. 

1620 Mr. A. Nisbet Turnbull, Jr. 

Park Av., E. Preston St. 





Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Miller Allen. 

Miss Elizabeth M. Allen. 

Mr. and Mrs. Root. L. Chaniber- 


Dr. and Mrs. Horace Melville 

Mr. Halsey Melville Simmons. 

Mrs. Edwin Cugle. 

Mrs. Robert A. Wooldridge. 

The Misses Wooldridge. 

Miss M. C. Morton. 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Morton. 

Judge and Mrs. S. D. Schmucker. 

Mrs. Agnes D. Vail. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Deming. 

Mr. Jos. C. Deming, Jr. 

Dr. S. Jav Ulman. 
Mrs. Albert Weil. 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lehmayer. 

Mrs. Wm. T. Barnard. 
Miss Kate M. Tbo nas. 

1752 Mr. and Mrs. Erank Mudge. 

17.">2 Miss Dorothy S. Mudge. 

1808 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Norbury Mac- 

1808 Miss Mackenzie. 

1813 Miss M. L. Hill. 

1902 Mrs. E. Thomas Rinehart. 

1002 The Misses Rinehart. 

1902 Mr. T. Warden Rinehart. 

1913 Mr. and Mrs. F. X. Jenkins. 

1913 Mr. Wilson T. Jenkins. 

1913 The Misses Jenkins. 

1925 Mr. and Mrs. Edw. ('. Wilson. 

1931 Mr. and Mrs. James Stone Reese. 

1931 Mr. Edward Bartlett Reese. 

2001 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Bond. 

2001 Miss Eloise B. Bond. 

2001 Miss Anna Penniman Bond. 

2008 Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Baker. 

2026 Dr. and Mrs. Frank Morley. 

i'iiim; Mr. c. i>. Morley. 

2030 Miss Ella Webb 

2030 Mr. Edmund J. Webb- 

2030 Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Will 


2 Miss D. G. Fulton. 








Mr. and Mrs. A. R. H. Ranson. 

Miss Ranson. 

Mr. A. R. H. Ranson. Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Abercrom- 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Mayer 

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Murray Ambler 
Miss Sallie H. Ambler. 

Mr. and Mrs. Copeland Morton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alex. T. Leftwich. 
Mr. Vivian C. Leftwich, 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. I). Wight. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. C. Watts. 
Miss Mary Dorsey Watts. 
.Miss Elsie Watts. 

Miss Elizabeth J. Hopkins. 
Mr. Roger Brooke Hopkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. ('has. W. Hurst. 

Mrs. C Irwin Dunn. 

Mr. and Mrs. ("has. II. Knapp. 

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Gorter. 

Mrs. Henry M. Warfield. 

Mr. S. Davies Warfield. 

Mr. Henry Warfield. 

36 Mrs. Benjamin Franklin. 
36 The Misses Shiff. 

101 Mr. James W. Lyon. Jr. 
101 Mr. Samuel A. Lyon. 

106 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Frederick 

108 Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Keech. Jr. 

110 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis X. Hopkins. Jr. 

112 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wm. Carlyle 

114 Mr. and Mrs. S.Gordon Armistead. 

116 Miss Ellen M. Thomas. 

116 Mrs. John F. Preston. 

110 Miss Rita Stuart Preston. 

116 Miss Ellen Francis Preston. 



— Mr. and Mrs. Henry ('. Miller. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Poindexter 

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. A. Whelan. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tunstall Smith. 

Miss Marian Tunstall Smith. 

Judge and Mrs. Harry C. 


Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Reese. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ward P.aldwin Coe. 


E. and W. Preston St., E. Read St. 
















Mrs. Albania L. Anderson. 

Miss Leona M. Anderson. 
Miss A. Edwina Anderson. 
Mrs. Frederick Watts Forman. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wiley Gal- 

breal b. 
Miss M.iry Bowles Galbreatb. 
Mrs. Benry Warfield Ranson. 
Miss Ranson. 
Miss Prances W. Ranson. 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Kerchner. 
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. S. Janney. 
Miss Helen Forman Kerchner. 
Miss Virginia Hope Smith. 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Woods. 
Miss Mary Whelan. 

200 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. Paine. 

Mrs. William Lee. 
Miss Mary Lee. 

204 Mr. Thos. .7. Chew. 

204 Miss Jane B. Chew. 

204 Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Williams. 

205 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Detrick 
205 Miss Mabel Detrick. 

21 1 Mrs. (has. P. Pitt, Jr. 

21 1 Miss Sophie R. Pitt. 

212 Mr. and Mrs. Beverly W. Mister. 
I'll' Mr. George T. Mister. 

215 Rev. and Mrs. Peregrine Wroth. 

215 Mr. Lawrence C. Wroth. 

216 Mrs. Henry Hollyday Golds- 


216 Miss Margaret Lloyd Goldsbor- 


217 Mr. and Mrs. Fred. G. Boyce. 
217 Mr. Fred G. Boyce. Jr. 


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Cullen. 

Mr. C. McClure Fisher. 

Col. and Mrs. D. M. Matthews. 

Dr. Clyde V. Matthews. 

Mr. J. Marsh Matthews. 

Miss Emily McLean. 
Miss Margarel Gordon. 

Messrs. Gordon. 

Mrs. M. A. Hurst. 

Mr. and Mrs. Granville Smith. 

Dr. and Mrs. John McF. Bergland. 
Mrs. Robert II. Sherwood 
Mrs. Henry" P. Picking. 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Pegram. 

Dr. and Mrs. N. E. Berry Igle- 

Mrs. Alexander Santos. 
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Lilly. 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Urqu- 

Mr. and Mrs. Ilarvev Middleton. 

Mr. Nat han A. Middleton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer L. Carter. 

.:.", Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Goldsbor- 

37 Capt. and Mrs. Thos. W. Lay. 

37 Miss Catherine Lay. 

39 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ways. 

41 Mr. and Mrs. Jas. F. Heyward. 

43 Mrs. George Ross French. 

43 Mr. H. Findlay French. 

223 Miss Cary. 

223 Mr. Wilson M. Cary. 

225 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Ames. 

227 Mr. and Mrs. John Witherspoon 


227 Mr. George Williams. 

227 Mrs. Alice Stockton Gaither. 

227 Miss Nina Gaither. 

220 Mr. and Mrs. William Reynolds. 

220 Miss Nora Lightfoot Reynolds. 

220 Mrs. Leonard E. Locke. 

231 Mr. D. Sterett Gittings. 

231 The Misses Gittings. 

231 Mr. and Mrs. William Brogden. 

235 Miss Leila Gittings. 

251 Mrs. Frederic Tyson. 




Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Pollis. 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles O'Donovan, 

Miss I'nslon. 

Mrs. Edward Murray. 
The Misses Murray. 

Mr. and Mrs. Win. Bullock Clark. 

Mr. and Mrs. II. Marcus Denison. 

Miss Minnie Brandt. 






Miss Lettie Brandt. 
Mr. Jacob Brandt. 

Miss Helen Gordon. 

Miss Anne Irvine Robinson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Douglas Bud 

Miss Alice B. Gilmor. 

M iss .lane P. I layes 

W. Read, Reservoir, Robert, Saratoga and St. Paul Sts. 









4 or, 








Mrs. Henry A. Didier. 

Miss Helen* Didier. 

Mr. John J. Thomsen. 

Mr. David S. Hawkins. 

Mrs. Marian Thompson Morse. 

Miss Helen Knight. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. Julian Stuart Jones 

108 Dr. and Mrs. L. Ernest Neale. 

202 Mrs. Russell Wetmore. 

204 Dr. Frederic Taylor. 


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Trippe. 

(Jen. James Howard. 

Mr. Nicholas Romanoff Cottman. 

Mr. ('has. E. Grogan. 

The Misses Mickle. 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Bond. 
Miss Elsie Murdoch Bond. 
Miss Marian Bond. 

10 Mr. and Mrs. N. W. James. 

10 Miss Beverly James. 

Ki Mr. Henry James. 

12 Mr. Jesse Hilles. 

16 Miss Kennedy. 


Mr. William Whitridge. 

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Blackford. 


Mrs. J. Kemp Bartlett. 

Miss Helen Colliding Bartlett. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Marsden Smith. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stabler, Jr. 
Mr. Raymond P. Stabler. 
Mrs. William H. Love. 
Mr. and Mrs. James Carrington 






Mr. and Mrs. Thos. G. Sanders. 

Mr. I.eroy W. Sperry. 
Mr. Edward C. Sperry. 
Mr. Rich. E. Sperry. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bond. 
Miss Arlington. 

262 Miss Mallon. 




Rev. and Mrs. Arthur B. Kin- 


Miss Elizabeth A. Clagett. 
Mr. T. Buckler Ghequier. 
Mr. Walter de Curzon Poultney. 
Mr. Charles Bernard Tiernan. 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Shriver. 
Miss Olivia B. Shriver. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Owings 

Mr. Mark Owings Shriver. Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus M. Gingrich 

Mr. Gilbert Rieman. 
Mr. Parks Fisher. Jr. 

Miss Nannie C. Stokes. 
Mrs. Alexander Warner. 
Miss Emma Warner. 
The Messrs. Warner. 
Mr. and Mrs. James Charles Git- 
Miss Mary Gittings. 
Miss- Elizabeth Gittings. 

613 Mr. James Charles Gittings, Jr. 

613 Miss Virginia L. Hopkins. 

615 Mrs. James W. Tyson. 

615 Miss Brune. 

01.") Mr. Richard Trippe. 

619 Miss Elizabeth H. Stokes. 

619 Miss Nannie ('. Stokes. 

621 Miss Blanche Atkinson. 

621 Mr. Robert Atkinson. 

621 Dr. Henry J. Key. 

623 Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwin Murphy. 

703 Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Roberts. 

705 Mr. and Mrs. J. Chas. Linthicum. 

706 Mr. and Mrs. Aquilla B. Hanson. 
Tim; Miss Heighe. 

707 Dr. and Mrs. Hiifjh H. Young. 

707 Mrs. Wm. H. Young. 

708 Mr. and Mrs. C. Braxton Dallam. 

709 The Misses Til?hman. 
7(>!» Mr. Daniel Combs. 

St. Paul St. 


710 Mr. and Mrs. Elisha II. Perkins. 

710 Miss Charlotte Soutter Perkins. 

7P> Miss Jean Falconer Perkins. 

712 Mr. II. Noble 

712 Miss Virginia <>pie Hall. 

712 .Mr. Marcus P.. Allmond. 

71 2 Miss Theol ;i Id 

712 Mrs. George Longcope. 

712 Miss Prances Longcope. 

712 The Messrs. Longcope. 

71 - Mrs. George E. Reardon. 

71 "J The Misses Reardon. 

712 Messrs. Bosley. 

71.'^ Mr. and Mrs. Hardy ('. <iieske. 

715 Mrs. Andrew Onderdonk. 

717 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marechal 


717 Mr. Joseph M. Brown, Jr. 

717 Miss Mary Clare Brown. 

717 Mr. John Carroll Brown. 

718 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bowling. 
721 Mi>s Jenkins. 

72.°. Miss Anna Camphell. 

723 Mrs. George W. Lay. 

^nr, Miss Cator. 

303 Miss Louise Cator. 

803 Mr. P.. F. Cator. 

803 Mr. G. S. Cator. 

v| it Mr. and Mrs. James H. Brady. 

s'M The Messrs. Brady. 

804 Miss Katherine Brady. 

806 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Packard. 

806 The Misses Packard. 

807 Miss Simmons. 

807 Mr. S. Blount Mason, Jr. 

807 Dr. Win. II. Welch. 

808 Mr. and Mrs. Theodor G. Liirman. 
^"> Mi-. John S. Liii iau. 

S08 Mr. Gnstav W. Liirman. Jr. 

808 Mi-- Agnes Tilghman Liirman. 

sos Mr. Theodor G. Liirman. Jr. 

810 Mrs. Isrnel Cohen. 

810 Miss Cohen. 

810 Mr. Lloyd Collis. 

Kll Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Carter. 

812 Mi-, and Mrs. George Leeds Zell. 
siu Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold Wheeler. 


si 2 Miss NoIHp Grafton Dulany. 

siu Miss Elizabeth II. Williams. 

813 Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ellicott. 
813 Miss May Poultnev Ellicott 

813 Mis. Thomas !'. Handv. 
si:; Mr. William Winder Handy. 

814 Mr. and Mrs. Lrnault II. Will- 


814 Miss Hazlitt. 

si." Prof, and Mrs. Rol.l. W. \V 1. 

816 Mrs. Joseph Lancaster Brent. 

816 Miss Nanine M. Brent. 

816 Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Kenner Brent. 

817 Mrs. Wm. A. Wvlie. 
817 Misses Wvlie. 

817 Mr. William Bruce W T ylie. 

si 7 Mis. Frederic McLaughlin. 

819 Mrs. Gideon White 

819 The Misses White. 

821 Mr. and Mrs. Lilian Allen An- 

823 Mrs. William I. Brown. 

823 Miss Susan T. Brown. 

823 Mr. W. McCulloh Brown. 

825 Mrs. John H. Tegmeyer. 

825 Mrs. J. Randolph Crown. 

825 Miss Laura Tegmever Crown. 

825 Mrs. S. F. Grotjan. 

Si'7 Mrs. Robert Brown Morison. 

827 Miss Sidney Buchanan Morison 

900 Mrs. Wm. R. Martin. 

900 Miss Frances H. Hoffman. 

900 Miss Maria Frances Martin. 

900 Mr. Edward I >. Martin. 

900 Miss Ellicott. 

902 Mrs. L. Tiernan Williamson. 

902 Miss Selhv Williamson. 

902 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Lewis. 

904 Mr. and Mrs. W. Winder Edmond 

904 The Messrs. Edmondson. 

905 Mr. and Mrs. Franklin P. Cator. 

905 Mrs. A. E. Hurst. 

906 Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. West- 


906 Miss Anna Marie Westcott. 

906 Miss Eunice May Westcott. 

907 Mrs. Mary II. Sterett. 

908 Miss Elizabeth M. Morris. 

908 Miss C. Rosalie Morris. 

909 Prof, and Mrs. Wm. Woolsey John- 


909 I >r. Charles W. L. Johnson. 

910 Rev. J. II. Eccleston. D. D. 

911 Mrs. Isabella C. Berrv. 

911 Miss Elizabeth H. Berry. 

912 Miss Annie Etea Jackson. 

913 Mr. and Mrs. Chattncey Gambrill. 

914 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keidel. 
914 Mr. Charles Keidel. Jr. 

914 Mr. Ernest II. Keidel. 

914 Mrs. Edmund Sattler. 

915 Mrs. Charles O'Donovan. 

916 Miss Margaret K. Dent. 
916 Mrs. Anna A. 1 >. Hull. 
916 Miss Ann.' Adluni Hull. 
916 Miss Katharine Dent Hull. 

St. Paul St. 



918 Miss Sarah W. Conway. 

918 Miss Isabel Conwav. 

918 Mr. William M. Conway. 

918 Miss Caroline P. Remington. 

918 Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Hnrlbult. 

■918 Miss M. Horn. 

918 Miss Sarah Harrison Powell. 

919 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Jackson. 

920 Judge and Mrs. Pere L. Wickes. 
920 Miss Katharine B. Wickes. 
920 Miss Henrietta E. Wickes. 

920 Mr. B. Chambers Wickes. 

921 Mr. George H. Ferguson. 

922 Mr. John Marshall Thomas. 

922 Mr. John Gregg Thomas. 

923 Mr. and Mrs. John S. Tapscott. 

923 Miss Elizabeth Dorsey Ridgely. 

924 Mrs. Charles Goldsborough. 
924 Miss E'len Lloyd Goldsborough. 
924 Dr. Francis C. Goldsborough. 

924 Mr. Charles Goldsborough. Jr. 
!iL'4 Mr. Lilburn T. Goldsborough. 

925 Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Rich. 

926 Mr. George A. Pope. 
926 Miss Pope. 

926 Mr. George A. Pope, Jr. 

927 Mrs. J. Van Lear Findlay. 

929 Mrs. Alfred Walter. 

931 Mrs. John R. Kensett. 

931 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henry Demp- 
sey, Jr. 

935 Dr. and Mrs. Thos. McCrae. 

939 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ridgely 

939 Mr. D. Ridgely Howard. 

939 Miss Nannie H. Howard. 

939 Miss Rosa C. Howard, 

lool Mrs. George Hamilton Cook. 

Tioi Miss Jane J. Cook. 

1003 Miss Frances S. Cook, 

lool Mr. William James. 

1003 Mrs. Thomas G. Carroll. 

1003 Miss Bessie Lee Carroll. 

1003 Mr. T. George Carroll. 

1005 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. McLane. 

1007 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schenck. 

1007 Miss Mary Shippen Schenck. 

1007 Mr. Charles Carroll Schenck. 

1009 Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan Pitts. 

1009 The Messrs. Pitts. 

1010 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. 


1010 Miss Alice Lee W. Thomas. 

1010 Mr. John Hanson Thomas. 

1011 Miss Ellen Levering. 

1011 Miss Martha Coudon. 

1012 Mr. and Mrs. George K. McGaw. 

1012 Miss Mary Bartol McGaw. 

1013 Mr. and Mrs. J. Appleton Wilson. 
1013 Miss Adelaide Stansbury Wilson. 

1013 Miss Virginia Appleton Wilson. 

1014 Rev. and Mrs. Edwin Barnes 


1015 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Hough. 

1015 The Misses Hough. 

1016 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Col 


1016 Mr. George Anderson Colston. 

1016 Mr. Frederick C. Colston. 

1016 Mr. J. A. Campbell Colston. 

1016 Mr. and Mrs. John Boswell White- 


1017 Mr. and Mrs. William J. A. Bliss. 

1018 Mr. Isaac F. Nicholson. 

1018 Mr. and Mrs. II. C. James. 

1019 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Eveleth 


1019 Mr. Wm. Chase Greene. 

1020 Mr. James S. Woodside. 

1021 Mr. and Mrs. S. Johnson Poe. 
1025 Mrs. James Baily. 

1025 Miss Emily B. Baily. 

1027 Mrs. R. H. Kilpatrick. 

1027 Miss Kilpatrick. 

1027 Miss Mary G. Kilpatrick. 

1031 Mrs. Edwin H. Trust. 

1031 Miss Trust. 

1033 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Thomas. 

1035 Mrs. James H. Steuart. 

1035 Miss Henrietta Steuart. 

1035 Mr. James E. Steuart. 

1037 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Haxall. 

1039 Mr. and Mrs. William Patterson. 

1039 Miss Mary Patterson. 

1041 Mr. and Mrs. Rich. Cromwell. 

1041 Miss Sallie George Cromwell. 

1101 Mr. and Mrs. Gustavus Ober. 

1103 The Misses Sloan. 

1103 Mr. George F. Sloan. 

1107 Mr. and Mrs. John Hillen Jen- 

1107 Mr. Henry Hillen Jenkins. 

1109 Mrs. S. V. Hardesty. 

1109 Mr. Richard H. Thompson. 

1109 Mrs. Frederic A. Bryan. 

1111 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Marburg. 



Mrs. Francis White. 
Mr. Richard J. White. 

Mrs. Clinton Paxton Paine. 
Miss Mabel R. Paine. 
Miss Dorothv Paine. 


St. Paul St. 


1116 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Roberts 

1117 Mrs. Alfred B. Miller. 

1117 Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Waring. 

1117 Mr. Benjamin H. Waring, Jr. 

1118 Mr. and Mrs. William Chapman 


HIS Miss Elizabeth s. Rouse. 

1118 Miss Evelyn < '. Kousc 

ills Miss Roberta H. Rouse. 

ills Mr. John G. Rouse. 

ill!) Mr. and Mrs. Josias Pennington. 

J120 Mrs. William Donne] 1. 

1123 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Webb. 

112:? The Misses Webb. 

li Li.") Miss Laura l>. Dickinson. 

1127 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Geo. Brown 

1129 Mrs. William Thomas Wilson. 

1200 Miss Laura Patterson. 

1200 Miss Laura Swan. 

12<il Dr. and Mrs. Thomas II. Buckler. 

1202 Mr. and Mrs. R. Lancaster Wil- 


iL'o.'', Mr. and Mrs. R. Curzon Hoffman. 

1203 Miss Hoffman. 

ii'ii:; Mr. Richard Curzon Hoffman, .]v. 

1203 Miss Eliza Laurence Hoffman. 

1204 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Gordon, Jr. 

1205 Mr. W. W. Spence. 

1205 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Spence, Jr. 

1205 Mrs. O. N. Butler. 

1206 Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Bolton. 
1209 Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W.Watson. 
1209 The Misses Watson. 

1212 Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Ammidon. 

1214 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Buzby. 

1214 Miss Margarita V. N. Buzhy. 

1214 Mr. Stockton Buzby. 

1216 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Gordon. 

1216 Miss Gordon. 

1218 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ramsay. 

1222 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Stieff. 

1222 Miss Florence Stieff. 

1222 Mr. George W. Stieff. 

1222 Mr. Frederics P. Stieff, Jr. 

1224 Mrs. Albert Ritchie. 

1226 Mr. and Mrs. Francis \'. [glehart. 

1228 Mrs. Richard B. Buck. 

1228 The Misses Luck. 

1228 The Messrs. Luck. 

1230 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brooke Gilpin. 

ii':;o Miss Dorothy Gilpin. 

1230 Mr. Donald Newcomer Gilpin. 

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Armistead 


1 300 

1 302 





1 004 




Mr. and Mrs. Donnell Swan. 

Mrs. Win. II. Pagon. 

Messrs. Pagon. 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore K. Miller. 

Mr. and Mrs. John I 'ea rre ('amp- 

Mrs. Edward Julian Walter. 

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Piatt. 

Mr. Herman S. Piatt. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Sears Gibbs, 

Mrs. Samuel P. Morton. 

The Messrs. Morton. 

Mrs. ( larrie I tenmead. 

Mi^s Helen B. Denmead. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kill Parr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Parr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson 

Mr. and Mis. Win. A. Marburg of A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodolphe II. Mottu. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. W. Boykin. 

Mr. ;ind Mrs. ( '. Howard Reeder. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Austin Jenkins 

Miss Mary Adelaide J mkins. 

Mr. Austin Lowe Jenkins. 

Mr. Louis Lowe Jenkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Matthews. 

Mrs. .lames M. Maslin. 

Mr. Frank X. Maslin. 

Mrs. I-:. Calvin Williams. 

Miss Adelaide Williams. 

Miss Corinne Williams. 

Mr. R. O. C. Williams. 

Mrs. I'. Arrell Browne. 

Mr. Parkin S. Browne. 

Mr. ami Mrs. William W. Hob 


Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Banks, Jr. 
Miss Anne Mason Banks. 

Mrs. John B. Wilson. 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Blanken- 

Miss Louisa G. Riach. 
Misses Goldsborough. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Taylor Albert. 
Miss Henrietta Buchanan Albert. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lilian! von Knohlocb. 
Miss von Knobloch. 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Farber. 
M Iss Marjorie SI Irling. 
Miss Elizabeth Stirling. 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dunham. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. George Ilynson 
Mrs. Frederick Crawford. 
M >ss Bessie < Irawford. 
Miss Mary Crawford. 
Mr. Fred c. Crawford. 
Miss Mary Campbell. 

St. Paul St. 























Mrs. Chas. B. Hoblitzell. 

Miss Mary S. Groverman. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Hoke Fornev. 

Mr. ('has. L. Hoblitzell. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robertson Taylor. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wendell Belt. 

Dr. O. Parker Penning. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Martin. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Sattler. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Seddon. 

Miss Seddon. 

Mr. S. Venable Seddon. 


Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Pollard. 

Mrs. Mary F. Birch. 
Mrs. Fannie (4. Bowling. 
Miss Mary A. Bowling. 
Miss Isabella Hall Bowling. 
Mr. John Patterson Bowling. 
Miss Florence Louise Bowling. 
Mrs. Edward Franklin Duer. 
Miss Virginia Rose Duer. 
The Messrs. Duer. 

Mrs. John M. Miller. 
Mr. George H. Miller. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Amoss Dixon. 

Miss Mary G. Zollinger. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rutland 

MacLellan, Jr. 
Mrs. Fritz Lewis. 
The Misses Lewis. 
Miss Catherine Cook Stellwagen. 
Mr. Henry Edmund Stellwagen. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Reynolds. 
Rev. and Mrs. Robert P. Kerr. 
Mrs. Thomas Craig. 
Miss Craig. 

Mr. Robert Archer. 
Miss Mary A. Archer. 

Mr. and Mrs. Washington Bowie. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton R. Wardwell. 
Dr. Alexander Tinsley. 
Miss Harriet Garland Tinsley. 
Mr. A. L. Tinsley. 
Hon. George M. Sharp. 

Mrs. Clara Vickers Hartzog. 
Mr. Win. Hartzog Vickers. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Scott. 

The Misses Scott. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woods. 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bartley 

Mr. John Cassard. 
Miss Harriet M. Sudler. 
Messrs. Sudler. 
Miss Annette Massev Sudler. 

2118 Mrs. J. Henrv Giese. 

2118 Miss Florence M. Giese. 

2120 Miss Helen Deford Webb. 

2120 Miss Alice Prescott Webb. 

2120 Mr. Walter Howard Webb. 

2124 Mr. Wm. T. Morgan. 

2124 Mr. Goldsborough Morgan. 

2124 Mr. W. Archer Morgan. 

2124 Dr. and Mrs. Frank Bennett 


2124 Mr. Frank Blackford Adams. 

2124 Miss Mary Beirne Adams. 

2129 Dr. and Mrs. Waitman T. Willey. 

2201 Mrs. Thomas A. Hulme. 

2201 The Misses Hulme. 

2201 Mr. T. Albert Hulme. 

2203 Miss Florence C. Jenkins. 

2215 Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Calvert 


2215 The Misses Egerton. 


2231 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Granville 


2231 Mrs. J. Badger Brown. 

2313 Mr. John Franklin Goucher. 

2313 The Misses Goucher. 

2428 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Skipwith Coale 

2526 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sudler. 

2619 Mrs. Emma Thomas Miller. 

2619 Miss Fannv O. Thomas. 

2619 Miss Susie M. Thomas. 

2619 Miss Lina A. Thomas. 

2715 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Frank Reges- 


2715 Mr. and Mrs. J. Sewell Thomas. 

2717 Mr. and Mrs. John Ruse Larus. 

2719 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Mvers. 

2719 Mrs. W. A. Cashing. 

2739 Mr. Thos. W. Brundise. 

2739 Mr. T. Worthinston Brundige, Jr. 

2739 The Misses Brundige. 

2800 Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Maslin. 

2830 Mr. and Mrs. Talbott Denmead. 

2844 Dr. and Mrs. Jefferies Buck. 

•JS44 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. B. Cook. 

2902 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stewart Polk. 

2902 Mr. David Peale Polk. 

2^07 Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Veazey. 

l".h>7 Mr. George Ross Veazey. 

20 27 Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Dashiell. 

20-11 Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Marshall 

2947 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wesley Bas- 

■ Miss Presstman. cor 30th. 

3008 Mr. and Mrs. T. Humes McDannel. 

3029 Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Goldsborough. 

.".ill'!) The Messrs. Goldsborough. 

i' W. Saratoga, South, Twentieth, Twenty-first, Twenty-second Sts. 


108 Mr. Murray Hanson. 

32 Mr. Severn Roberl Allium. 


4 Mrs. \Ym. C. Woodyear. 25 Mr. Henry Neville Stephenson. 

4 Miss Elizabeth Y. Woodyear. 2 - Mr an(J Mrs Wa , ter w PolIard< 

19 The Misses Bloodgood. J7 Mrs. Graha-m Gordon. 
21 Dr. and Mrs. Christopher John- 1n ~ ^j,. s j enn i e r Byrd. 

*""'• , 105 The Misses Byrd. 

iv. Mr. and Mrs. Julian Henry Lee. ],,.-, The Messrs Byrd 

L':: Mr. Hillyard C. Lee. ' _, ' . _, ' " '. T , . ,„ . 

23 Mr. Stephen 8. Lee. }}} JJr. and Mrs. Frank Peyton ( lark. 

23 Mrs. 11. A. Guffey. }}} }; r - ^^rence Clark ., , . 

__ , _. , _ f ' „ . 111 Mr. and Mrs. Y\ . < 'hamplin Bobin- 

20 l>r. Mann Randolph Page Lee. son 

25 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Garrett. ... ,,' „ _. „„,., 

25 Mies Charlotte G. Garrett. 112 Mrs - Heni "y D - BealL 

25 Miss Kdmonie Louise Garrett. 120 Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart 
2." Mr. Reginald Stewart Brown. Brown. 


17 Mrs. Myra Lee Civalier. 37 The Misses Mankin. 

17 Mrs. William Pinkney Holmes. 


2 Mr. Holmes Thomas. - Miss Marie Louise Thomas. 


23 Mr. and Mrs. E. Edmunds Foster. 403 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Remington. 

II 2 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard 
403 Mis- Hattie A. Remington. Davis. 

110 The Misses Warden. 110 Mrs. Hugh Warden. 


1 Mr. and Mrs. S. Cordon Catchell. 4 Miss Mary Eudora Kinear. 

4 Mrs. J. C. Kinear. 4 Mr - H - S,Kvvn '- Kineai '- 


14 Mrs. Benjamin Sadtler. 104 Col. and Mrs. Ceo. W. P. Vernon. 

14 Miss Clara Virginia Sadtler. 104 Miss Vernon. 

14 Miss Kate Sadtler. ,.,., _,, .. . T „„„..„ 

III Mrs. Margaret I. Beatty 

26 Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge Washington m Mr. Castleman Beatty. 

Sadtler. 111 Miss Virginia Beatty. 

26 Misa Sophia P. Banks Sadtler. 

mi The Misses Reiche. 

206 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver I Iol.lit /.ell, Jr. 

123 Mrs. John Walter Hooper 
103 Mr. H. B. Voeke. 4-j;; Mrs. Soinervil le Hooper Stiles. 

W. Twenty-fifth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-ninth, Wilson Sts., Hotels. 317 

20 Mr. and Mrs. Win. F. Bowling. 38 Mrs. D. Lewis Bartlett. 


117 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raymond 


Mr. and Mrs. William S. Whiteley, Mr. Albeit Whiteley, cor Gilmor 

cor. Gilmor Lane. Lane. 

Miss Whiteley, cor. Gilmor Lane. 

146 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lucas. 154 Mr. and Mrs. Day Allen Willey 


Miss Ella Culbreth. 

Mrs. J. Henry Ferguson. 

Mrs. Louise Hillard Patterson. 

Miss Louise Hillard Patterson 

Mr. and Mrs. William Haigh. 

Maj. X. S. Hill. 

Capt. and Mrs. Henry P. Goddard. 

Mr. Calvin II. Goddard. 

Mrs. Charles H. Latrobe. 

Mrs. George Bvron Cole. 

The Misses Coie. 

Ex-Judge and Mrs. J. Upshur Dennis. 

Miss Dora Dennis. 

Mr. J. Murdoch Dennis. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roberts Smith. 

Miss Katharine A. Martin. 

Mr. George Morris Bond. 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Tome. 

Miss Mary S. W T hite. 

Miss Marie, F. Gibson. 

Mrs. James E. Lindsay. 

Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Posey. 

Miss Mary Regina Posey. 

Miss Julia Buddecke Kane. 

The Misses Buddecke. 

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Birkmaier 

Miss Ethel Randolph Birkmaier. 

Mr. Frank G. Dorsey. 

Miss Nannie E. Dorsey. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sterrett McKim. 

M'ss Alice Key Blunt. 

Miss E. Grace Burns. 

Mrs. De Witt Clinton Morgan. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton G. Morgan. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan. 

Mrs. Charles W. Washburn. 

Miss Annie Camak. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Cook. 

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Wysham. 

Mr. Edward C. Heald. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Garrett. 


Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Bowne. 
Mrs. A. V. Musp*ave. 

Mr. Ceo. W. s. Musgrave. 



Mr. and Mrs. Jacob W. Slagle. 

Mrs. Sallie II. Conrad. 

Mr. Charles A. Conrad. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Bates Blick. 

Misses Blick 

Mr. James M. Coekins. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kemble Oliver. 

Miss Margaret E. Oliver. 

Mr. and Mis. Wilbur W. Hubbard. 

Miss Miriam W. Hubbard. 

Mr. and Mrs. O. Howard Harvey. 
Mrs. I Dudley Williams. 

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Mandelbaum. 

Mrs. William George Scarlett. 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Conklin. 

Mrs. John H. Fowler. 

Mrs. A. K. Fulton. 

Miss Laura K. Fulton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil C. Buckman. 




Miss Helen M. l'aynter. 

Mi-< Eliza l>. Paynter. 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Love. 

Mrs. St. George Williamson Teackle. 

Mr. and Mrs. Win. I). Wight. 

Miss ( Caroline S. Fairfax. 

Miss Baillieux. 

Mrs. ( ,. orge P. Stellmann. 

Mrs. Joseph E. Dall. 

Miss Etta A. Dall. 

Miss Adeline Pratl Clarke. 

Mr. T. Noel de L. Purcell. 

Miss Morris. 

Miss Florence Mackubin. 

Miss Loulie Price. 

Mr. Frank S. Fisher. 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Barker, Jr. 

Mrs. Henry Moore. 


Rear-Admiral Robt. Potts, D. S. N. 
.Miss Frances G. Potts. 

Misses Hunt. 

Miss Asenath Ilarwood. 

Mrs. Richard K. Perkins. 

Mr. Elmer ( '. Perkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peirce Perkins. 

Mrs. Robert Rennert. 

Mr. and Mrs. Isidor Rayner. 

i >r. and Mrs. Frank Crouch. 
Miss Andrews. 
Mr. Edward L. Raborg. 
Miss Dammanu. 


Miss Mary C. Robb. 

Mrs. Juliet Hammond Price. 

Miss Rosalie Emorv Price, 

Miss M. Adele Price. 

Mr. T. Emory Price. 

Miss May Heberton Kerr. 

Dr. Eugene Kerr. 

Mrs. Leonard C. Mackall. 

Mr. Meade Balton MacBryde. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Albert. 

Mrs. J. s. Townsend. 

Mr. John S. Townsend. 

Mr. ('has. It. Cator. 

Miss Alice T. Tiffany. 

Miss Elizabeth Harrison McLean. 

Mrs. J. A. Russell. 

Mr. W. II. M. Russell. 

Mrs. Luther H. Tucker. 

Mrs. liar ton It. Jacobs. 

Mr. Wehtworth Tucker. 

Mrs. E. S. Beall. 

Miss Winn. 


Mrs. (". E. Phelps. 

Misses Phelps. 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bowie Howard. 

Mrs. < harles A. E. King. 

Lieut, and Mrs. Robert Livingston Denig. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pitts Xicholson. 
Mr. and Mrs. Talbott W. Jenkins. 
Mrs. Frances I'. King. 
Miss [Catherine King. 


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Robson. 

Mr. ('has. S. Robson. 

Mi - . J. Stra itli Briscoe. 

M Iss Rosa s. Briscoe. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar G. Miller. 

Miss Ethel M. Miller. 

The Messrs. Miller. 

Mrs. J. Boykin Lee. 

Mr. Eugene Grcenway. 

Mrs. William Erick. 

Miss Mary C. Erick. 

Mrs. j. Henry < Ireenway. 

Mr. and Mrs. < ;. ( !lem < loodrich. 

Mrs. Jackson Piper. 

Miss Adaline I>. Piper. 

Mr. and Mrs. William W. E. Cook. 

Mrs. Joseph Henriques. 

Mrs. Clarence McDowell. 

M'ss Mary L. Parker. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Elzey Waters. 

Mr. Thomas J. Cook. 

Mr. George A. Zell. 

Miss Manly. 

Mrs. William L. James. 

Mr. I >scar G. Murray. 


Rear Admiral and Mis. A. J. Pritchard. 

!'. S. X. 
Mrs. Walter P. Smith. 
Mr and Mrs. Malcolm van Vechten Tyson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Robson. 
Mr. < 'has. S. Robson. 
Mr. Walter I. Hawkins. 
Miss Mary A. Wade. 
Mr. Edmund Barroll. 


'Ti .ISC donilo postnls sent out 
In October must oo re- 
turned ly the 30th of that 
month, other wise, correc- 
tions and extra names y/ill Le 
charged 20 cents each line. 








C. & P. 

Fine Rugs woven from your old worn-out Carpet; any size; to fi' 
RUGS. Catalogue with Price List upon request. 

ORIENTAL RUG CO., 1101-1103 Cathedral St 


C. A- 1*. I'HONK 


ICaitos Sailors ani 


O. &. H. PHONE 




itAi/riMOHi:, Mi). 



Adams, Mr. and Mrs. John Morrow, 
Adams, Mr. John Qnincy, 

Adams, The Misses A. E. and L. B., 

Albert, Mrs. Jacob, 

Albert, Miss Virginia Green way. 

Albert, Mr. H. Greenway, 

Ancker, Mr. and Mrs. Walter W., 

Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., 

Austen, Miss Lucilla C. 

102 Roland Av. 
102 Roland Av. 

506 Woodlawn Road. 

"Stoneyhurst," Merryman Av. 
"Stoneyhurst," Merryman Av. 
"Stoneyhurst." Merryman Av. 

203 Ridgewood Road. 

Roland Park. 

"Briarheld," Station L. 


Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Win. S. G.. 

Charles and Wyndhurst 

Baker, Miss Eva Graff, Charles and Wyndhurst 

Baker, Mr. W. S. Graff, Charles and Wyndhurst 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gambrill (nee Moss) 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. (nee Bartlett), 

Ballagh, Dr. and Mrs. J. Curtis (nee Jackson), 

Bansemer, Mrs. Wm. G., 
Bansemer, Miss Caroline S.. 
Bansemer, Mr. Wm. S., 

Barnet. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R., 

Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. Edward L., Jr. , 

Belding, Mr. and Mrs. William S., 

Benson, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney, 

Berry, Miss Christina D., 

Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lansdale. 

Bidwell, Mr. and Mrs. O. Bird, Jr.. 

Bird, Mr. and Mrs. W. Edgeworth, 
Bird, Miss Sallie, 
Bird. Mr. Brooke Gwathmey. 
Bird, Mr. Fielding Lewis, 

Avs. (summer address). 
Avs. (summer address). 
Avs. (summer address). 

8 Hillside Road. 

204 Goodwood Gardens. 

415 Hawthorn Road. 

500 Woodlawn Road. 
500 Woodlawn Road. 
500 Woodlawn Road. 

413 Hawthorn Road. 

207 Woodlawn Road. 

104 W. Oakdale Road. 

118 Roland Av. 

2,22 Hawthorn Road. 
222 Hawthorn Road. 

109 Hawthorn Road. 

314 Roland Av. 
314 Roland Av. 
314 Roland Av. 
314 Roland Av. 



Boehm, Mr. and Mrs. G. Herbert (nee Kimball), 

Court MacSherry Lane,Roland Av. 

!'.<■« •no. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kennedy (nee Herbert), 

Oak Hill. Lake Roland P.O. 

Boullemet, Mrs. R. H., 102 Longwood Road. 

l:.. 111. .11. Mr. and Mrs. L. I I., Roland Av. 

Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Herndon, 215 Club Road. 

P.ryan. Mr. and Mrs. D'Arcy P., 5- [ Roland Av. 

Bryan, Mr. James Wallace 521 Roland Av. 

Burbank, Mr. Parker S., Baltimore Country Club. 

Burns,Mr.and Mrs. F. Highlands, 102 Club Road (for the Winter). 

Burrough, Mr. and Mrs. Horace, Jr., 222 Woodlawn Road. 

Bull, Mr. and Mrs. R. Berry, 419 Hawthorn Road. 

Bull, Mr. B. Kenneth, 419 Hawthorn Road. 


Cator,Mr.and Mrs. Wm. Whitefield, 5" Roland Av. 

Chandler. Mr. and Mrs. W. G., 15 Midvale Road. 

Chandler. Mr. Douglas, 15 Midvale Road. 

Chesnut, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Calvin, in Ridgewood Road. 

Chew, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel C. 3 Midvale Road. 

Chew, Mr. S. C, Jr., 3 Midvale Road. 

Chew, Mr. Henry D., 3 Midvale Road. 

Chew, '1 he Misses, 3 Midvale Road. 

Cloud. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Woodward. 

"Sunset Lodge," Boulder Lane and Sunset Path. 

Coale, Mis> Carrie P., 118 Roland Av. 

Coale, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac. Jr.. 407 Hawthorn Road. 

Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. J. Crossan (nee Jenkins). 

"Denbigh," Roland Lark P.O. 

Corkran, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin \\'.,Jr., 200 Goodwood Gardens. 

Corkran, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Griffith, 200 Goodwood Gardens. 

Crenshaw, Mrs. Nathaniel B., 

Lake,between Charles and Bellona Avs., P. O. Station II. 
( Irenshaw, Miss Fanny ( ... 

Lake.between Charles and Bellona ^. vs., P. O. Station II. 

Cromwell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kennedy (nee Franklin), Lake Roland P.O. 
Cromwell, Dr. and Mr-. Martin John (nee Jenkins), Lake Roland P.O. 


Daw son, Mrs. Mar}- S., 

De Witt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 
De Witt. Mr. and Mrs. Charles. Jr., 
De Witt, Miss Irma, 
De Witt, Miss Beatrice, 

Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac H., 

Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, 

Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. John R., 

Dorsey, Mr. Frank G., 
Dorsey, Miss Nannie E., 

Dresham, Miss Lncilla A., 

Dulany, Mr. Walter Guy. 

Duncan. Mrs. Richard McKim, 
Duncan, Miss Emily W., 

Dushane. Mr. John A., 
Dushane, Miss Narina Duke, 
Dushane, Miss Alexandra, 

Dushane, Miss Lncilla A., 


2 Boulder Lane. 

103 Ridgewood Road. 

103 Ridgewood Road. 

103 Ridgewood Road 

103 Ridgewood Road 

"Cliffehurst," Roland Park P. O. 

207 Hawthorn Road 

730 Roland Ay 

406 Forest Road (summer address) 
406 Forest Road (summer address). 

"Briarfield," Station L. 

"Stoney hurst," Merry man A v. 

411 Woodlawn Road. 
411 Woodlawn Road. 

"Bryn Dun," Roland A v. 
"Bryn Dun," Roland Ay. 
"Bryn Dun." Roland Av 

"Briarfield," Station L., Roland Aw 


406 Hawthorn Road. 

Egerton, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E., Jr., 

Ellicott. Mr. and Mrs. William M. (nee King), 

Ellicott, Miss Nancy P., Normandy Heights, Station L. 

Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Rhett (nee Marion L. Patterson), 

6 Hillside Road. 
6 Hillside Road. 

Elliott. Mr. John H.. 

Ewing. Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson, 
Ewing, Mr. H. Gordon, 

100 EdgeYale Road. 
100 Edsrevale Road. 

Emory. Mrs. Richard (nee Heiskell), Cherrv Tree Lod^e, Hawthorn Road 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Edward McC, 
Fisher. Mr. and Mrs. J. Harmanus, 
Fisher, Miss Grace Mactier, 

Formaii, Mr. and Mrs. James Cranston. 

Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D., 

Frick, Mr. and Mrs. John W.. 

10 Beechdale Road. 
to Beechdale Road. 
to Beechdale Road. 

ti8 Roland Av. 

330 Roland Av. 

101 Ridgewood Road. 



( iarrett, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 

Garrett, Mr. and Mrs.Robert Y., 

Gill, Mrs. M. Gillet, Sr., 

Gill, Mr. Howard. 

Gill. Mr. K..yal Wartield, 

Goode, Mrs. L. S. (nee Lelia Symington), 
l i m ide, Miss Lelia Stuart. 

Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H., 

"The Orchards, 

Graham. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patterson (nee 

Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Bowman (nee Lyons), 

Greiner, Mr. and Mr-. J. E., 
Greiner, Miss Lillian Burchell, 
Greiner, Miss Gladys Houston, 

Roland Park P.O. 

6 Boulder Lane. 

200 Ridge wood Road. 
200 Ridge wood Road. 
200 Ridgewood Road. 

415 Woodlawn Road. 

415 Woodlawn Road. 

Roland Park Branch P.O. 


102 Ridgewood Road. 

201 Oakdale Road. 

106 Ridgewood Road. 
106 Ridgewood Road. 
106 Ridgewood Road. 


Hammond, Mr-. Mary Bowie. 

Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Win. Saunders < nee 

Harvey. Mr. and Mrs. Joshua G. (nee Bessie 

Hilken, Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. L., 

Hilles, Mr. and Mrs. William S., 

i [iss, Mr. P. Hanson, 
1 li--. Miss Mary M., 
1 [iss, Miss Susan, 
1 [iss, Miss Caroline V., 

Holmes. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Abbot, 

Hood. Mr. and Mr-. John Mifflin. Jr.. 

Hyatt. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Randolph, 
Hynson, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Parr, 
Hynson, Miss Natalie X.. 
Hynson. Mr. Henry P.. Jr.. 
1 [ynson, Mr. \Y. Rodney, 

205 Club Road. 
Hall), 205 Club Road. 

M. Xorris), 114 Roland Av. 

512 Woodlawn Road. 

206 Goodwood Gardens. 

21 1 Ridgewood Road. 
2] 1 Ridgewood Road. 
211 Ridgewood Road. 
21 1 Ridgewood Road. 

"Wilton Villa," Roland Park. 

1 ')2 West Oakdale Road. 

519 Roland A v. 
504 Forest Road. 
504 Forest Road. 
504 Forest Road. 
504 Forest Road. 


Ireland, Mr. and Mrs. J. Herman, Cherry Ire.- Lodge, Hawthorn Road. 







Jones, M 
Jones. M 
Jones, M 

Mr. and Mrs. Everett E., Jr., 

Mr. and Airs. Joseph \Y.. 
Miss T. Isabelle, 
Miss Eleanor M., 
Mr. M. Ernest, 
Mr. T. Courtenay, 

105 Elmhurst Road. 

"Windy Gates," Roland Park P.O. 

"Windy Gates," Roland Park P.O. 

"Windv Gates," Roland Park P.O. 

"Windy Gates," Roland Park P.O. 

"Windv Gates," Roland Park P. O. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael (nee Jenkins), 

"Llewellyn Hall," Roland Park (Summer address). 

r. and Mrs. T. Barton (nee Dushane), 
iss Marion Dushane. 
iss Katharine Barton, 

"Brvn Dun," Roland Ay. 
"Br'vn Dun." Roland Ay. 
"Bryn Dun." Roland Av. 


Kimball, Mrs. Richard Puller, 
Kimball, Miss Charlotte Stuart, 
Kimball, Mr. Edward Norris, 

Knapp. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Payson ( nee Maris), 
Knapp. Mrs. E. Payson, 

Normandy Heights. 
Normandy Heights. 
Normandy Heights. 

10 Club Road. 
10 Club Road. 

Lansdowne. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. S., 
Lansdowne, Miss Leonora Parks, 
Lansdowne, Miss Florence Starr, 
Lansdowne, Mr. Geo. Edward, 

Latrobe, Mr. and Mrs. Gamble. 

Law, Miss Margaretta, 

Leakin. Rev. George A., D.D.. 
Leakin, Miss Margaret Dobbin, 

Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wirt (nee Jackson). 

Leviness, Col. and Mrs. Charles T.. Jr. (nee Alice 

Limerick, Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur ( nee Baillemet ) 
Limerick, Miss Caroline Beaumont. 

Lloyd, Miss Fannie ().. 

Lord. Mr. and Mrs. John Walter (nee Henrietta Hoffman), 

425 Hawthorn Road. 

425 Hawthorn Road. 

425 Hawthorn Road. 

425 Hawthorn Road. 

Normandy Heights. 

407 Hawthorn Road. 

"Laconia." Lake Roland. 
"Laconia," Lake Roland. 

119 Beechdale Road. 

Jones Dorman), 

120 Roland Av. 

T02 Long wood Road. 
102 Long wood Road. 

200 Good wo;. d Gardens. 

303 Club Road. 

< > 


MacSherry, Mr. and Mrs. Allan, 1008 
MacSherry, Miss Katharine, 100S 

MacSherry, Mr. S. Hillen, 100S 

Mallory, Mr. and Mrs. D wight Farlow, 

Marshall, Miss Lucy P., 

Martin. Mrs. D. B., 
Martin. Miss Jessamine, 
Martin. Miss Nell, 

Martin. Mr. and Mrs. A. Warfield, 
Martin. Mr. Lay, 

Meeker, Mr. and Mrs.Richards Carson, 

Miller. Mr. and Mrs. E. Kirkbride, 

Minnigerode, Mr. .and Mrs. Charles, 

Munroe, Mr. and Mrs. George S., 
Munroe, Mrs. Geo. A., 

Murphy, Mr. F. EC, 
Murphy, The Misses, 

Myers, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ross, 

University Parkway, Roland Park. 
University Parkway. Roland Park. 
University Parkway, Roland Park. 

4 Boulder Lane. 

3 Midvale Road. 

325 Roland Aw 
325 Roland Av. 
325 Roland Av. 

214 Longwood Road. 
214 Longwood Road. 

112 Ridgewood Road. 

410. Forest Road. 

T02 Club Road. 

Club Road, Cor. of Elmhurst. 
Club Road, Cor. of Elmhurst. 

3 Club Road. 
3 Club Road. 

500 Hawthorn Road. 


Nelson, Mrs. Thomas M. (nee Atkinson), 
Nelson, Miss Adelaide, 

Newbold, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sander-. 

Xewbold. Mr. and Mrs. David M., 

Noel, Miss, 

Nolting, Mr. and Mrs. William G., 

Norris, Mr. and Mrs. N. Horsey, 

Norton, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Willcox, 

208 Edgevalc Road. 
208 Edge vale Road. 

222 Longwood Road. 

Kenwood Av. 

5 Club Road. 

Club Road. 

1 14 Roland A v. 

Normandy 1 1 eights. 


Ober, Mr. and Mrs. Charles EC, 
Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. Sewall ECemble, 
Osburn, Mr. and Mr-. Carter Gibson, 

Elmhurst Road and Long Lane. 

107 1 law thorn Road. 
205 Ridgewood Road. 



Pattison. Misses, 
Pattison, [Messrs.. 

Passano, Miss Emily P., 113 Hawthorn Road. 

Passano, Mrs. Leonard, 222 Longwood Road. 

Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank G., 207 Edgevale Road. 

Pattison, Mr. and Mrs. E. K.. 109 Elmhurst Road. 

109 Elmhurst Road. 
109 Elmhurst Road. 

Peard, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Furnival (nee Price), 

Cor. Falls and Harvest Roads. 
Penniman, Mr. and Mrs. George Dobbin, 

Hawthorn Hill, Roland Park P.O. 
Penniman, Mr. John Alexander Dushane, 

Hawthorn Hill, Roland Park P. O. 

Pennington, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (nee Hanson), Brightside, Lake Roland. 

Perot, Mrs. William H., 410 Forest Road. 

Perot, Miss, 410 Forest Road. 

Perot, Miss Ellen H., 410 Forest Road. 

Perot, Miss Gladys M., 410 Forest Road. 

Perot, Mr. Adolphus F., 410 Forest Road. 

Perot, Mr. Charles G., 410 Forest Road. 

Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. John (nee Turner), 3 Upland Road. 

Piper, Miss Ellen, 322 Hawthorn Road. 

Presstman, Mrs. R. C, Stoneyhurst, Merryman Ay. 

Presstman, The Misses, Stoneyhurst, Merryman Av. 

Price, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Orne (nee Harrison), 509 Hawthorn Road. 

Protzman, Mr. and Mrs. Wni. Clarke, 514 Forest Road. 


Radcliffe, Mr. Thomas Broome, 
Radcliffe, Mrs. Sophie D., 

Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. Harold (nee Gary) 

Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas PL, 

Roberts, Mrs. Rosamond, 
Roberts, Miss Dorothy. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. William Pitt. 
Robinson, Mr. R. Cator, 

Rutherfoord, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander H., 
Rutherfoord, Miss Ellen Bruce, 
Rutherfoord, Miss Anne Clark, 
Rutherfoord, Miss Rosalie Seddon, 
Rutherfoord, Mr. Alexander H., Jr., 

109 Ridgewood Road. 
109 Ridgewood Road. 

222 Ridgewood Road. 

500 Woodlawn Road. 

508 Woodlawn Road. 
=;o8 Woodlawn Road. 

109 R 
109 R 

209 R 
209 R 
209 R 
209 R 
209 R 







Sadtler, Rev. and Mrs. John G., St. .Mary's Rectory. 600 Roland Ay. 

Savage, Mr.and Mrs. Frederick Adams (nee Hoge), 300 Goodwood Road. 

Seddon, Mr.and .Mrs. William C. (nee Judge), 206 Ridgevvood Road. 

Sellman, Mr. and .Mrs. Richard B., 212 Hawthorn Road. 

Sioussat, .Mr.and Mrs. Albert, "Stoney Croft," Lake Roland. 

Slagle, Mr. and .Mrs. Charles, Jr., Roland Park. 

Slagle, Mr. and .Mrs. D. Clinton (nee Bessie Ingram). 

208 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Sloan. Mr. and Mrs. George F., Jr., 

Smith. Mrs. Thomas Marsh, 

Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Conrtauld Wharton, 
Smith. Mr. 1). C. Wharton 2d, 

Smith. Mr. Robert W., 

Spear, Mr. and Mrs. James O., 
Spear, Miss Margaretta L., 

Speer, Mrs. Margaret Taylor, 

Starr. Miss, 

Starr, Miss Clara Edith. 

Starr. Miss Elizabeth Ellen, 

102 Club Road. 

31 t Roland A v. 

216 Ridgewood Road. 
216 Ridgewood Road. 

3 Mid vale Road. 

407 Hawthorn Road. 
407 Hawthorn Road. 

Woodlawn Road. 

114 Woodlawn Road. 
114 Woodlawn Road. 
114 Woodlawn Road. 

Steuart. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur (nee Ellicott). 

"Rosegarth," Normandy Heights. 

Steuart, Miss Hannah Fox, 
Steuart, Miss Susan E., 

Stokes, Miss Emma L., 
Stokes. Mr. William 1'... 

Stokes. Mr. and Mrs. John, 
Stoke-. Miss Phyllis Vusten, 

Swindell. Mr.and Mrs. Walter 1'... 

Symington, Mr.and Mrs. W. S. (nee Harrison). 

Symington, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas II. (nee Randolph) 

Symington. Mr. Charles J., 

'Rosegarth," Normandy Heights. 
"Rosegarth," Normandy Heights. 

•506 Forest Road. 
506 Forest Road. 

Station L. 
Station L. 

8 Club Road. 

2 Boulder Lane. 

218 Ridgewood Road. 
415 Woodlawn Road. 



Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald H. (nee Mary M. Parker). 

Harvest and Edgevale Roads. 

Theobald, Mr. and Mrs. Francis DeWolf, 

Stoneyhurst, Merryman Av.. nr. Roland Av. 

Thorn, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Mayo (nee Hopkins), ''Hillside," Roland Park. 

Thomsen. Mr. and Mrs. William E.. 321 VVoodlawn Road. 

Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Webster, 308 VVoodlawn Road. 

Turner, Mrs. Ida L., 3 Upland Road. 


Valentine, Mr. and Mrs. George, 
Valentine, The Misses, 

Valiant, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph William. 

Vinton, Mrs. Hammond, 
Vinton. Miss Eleanor Latrobe, 
Vinton, Miss Lillian Hazlehnrst. 


Watkins, Mr. Frank D., 

Weston, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius. 
Weston, Mr. B. Latrobe. 
Weston, Mr. Henry Bancroft, 

Weston, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hazlehurst, 

White, Mr. and Mrs. Francis A., 

Whyte, Mr. and Mrs. Clymer, 

Williams. Mr. and Mrs. W. Berkeley (nee 

Winslow, Dr. and Mrs. John Randolph, 

Winslow. Mrs. Caleb. 
Winslow, Miss, 

Wise, Mrs. Frederick May, 
Wise. Miss Julia Oelrichs, 

Wyatt, Mr. J. B. Xoel. 

Roland Park. 
Roland Park. 

108 Elmhurst Road. 

14 Hillside Road. 
14 Hillside Road. 
14 Hillside Road. 

208 Woodlawn Road. 

5 Midvale Road. 
5 Midvale Road. 
5 Midvale Road. 

113 Hawthorn Road. 

Normandy Heights. Station L. 

201 Ridge wood Road. 


Edgevale and Beechdale Avs. 

"Wyncote Lodge," Roland Park. 

514 Woodlawn Road. 
514 Woodlawn Road. 

100 Roland Av. 
100 Roland Av. 

■5 Club Road. 


Zell, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stanley, 

2CQ Goodwood Gardens. 




Principal Churches. 


Advent Chapel Patapsco and Ostend Sts. 

Ascension Church Lafayette Square. 

Christ Church Chase and St. Paul Sts. 

St. Andrew's Chester and Preston Sts. 

Church of the Holy Innocents Eden and Chase Sts. 

Church of the Messiah Gay and Fayette Sts. 

Church of the Prince of Peace Liberty Road and ioth St. 

Church of the Redeemer Charles-Street Av. and Melrose Av. 

Emmanuel Church Cathedral and Read Sts. 

Grace Church Monument St. and Park Av. 

Memorial Church Bolton St. and Lafayette Av. 

Mount Calvary Church Eutaw St. and Madison Av. 

St. Barnabas' Church Biddle St. and Argyle Av. 

St. Bartholomew's Church North Av., near Madison Av. 

St. John's Church Mt. Washington. 

St. John's Church Waverly. 

St. Luke's Church Carey St., near Lexington. 

St. Mary's Church 602 Roland Av. 

St. Michael's and All Angels' Church St. Paul and 20th Sts. 

St. Paul's Church Charles and Saratoga Sts. 

St. Paul's Chapel Columbia Av. and Callender St. 

St. Peter's Church Druid Hill Av. and Lanvale St. 

St. Timothy's Church Catonsville. 

Trinity Church Towson. 


Brown Memorial Church Park and Lafayette Avs. 

Northminster Church North Av. and St. Paul St. 

Central Presbyterian Church Eutaw PI., near Dolphin St. 

Fir^t Presbyterian Church Madison St. and Park Av. 

First United Presbyterian Church Madison Av. and Biddle St. 

Franklin Square Church Carey and Fayette Sts. 

Franklin Street Church Franklin and Cathedral Sts. 


Lafayette Square Church Carrollton Av., near Lanvale St. 

Maryland Avenue Church Maryland Av., corner 25th St. 


First Independent Christ Church Franklin and Charles Sts. 


First Methodist Episcopal Church St. Paul and 226. Sts. 

Guilford Avenue Church North, corner Lanvale St. 

Madison Avenue Church Madison and Lafayette Avs. 

Mount Vernon Place Church Charles St. and Mount Vernon PI. 

Strawbridge M. E. Church Park PI. and Wilson St. 


Eutaw Place Church Eutaw and Dolphin Sts. 

First Baptist Church Lafayette Av., near Fremont. 

Franklin Square Church Calhoun St., near Lexington. 

Seventh Church St. Paul St. and North Av. 


Orthodox Eutaw and Monument Sts. 

Western District Park PI., corner Laurens St. 


Cathedral Cathedral and Mulberry Sts. 

Chapel of the Visitation Convent Park Av. and Centre St. 

Church of the Corpus Christi Lafayette and Mt. Royal Avs. 

Church of the Immaculate Conception Mosher and Division Sts. 

St. Alphonsus' Church (German) Park Av. and Saratoga St. 

St. Ann's Church York Road. 

St. Ignatius' Church Calvert and Madison Sts. 

St. Martin's Church Fulton Av. and Fayette St. 


Associate Congregational Maryland Av. and Preston St. 

Principal Hotels 

The Albion Corner Cathedral and Richmond Sts. 

The Altamont Eutaw PI. and Lanvale St. 

Hotel Belvedere Corner Charles and Chase Sts. 

The Brexton Park Av. and Tyson St. 

Hotel Rennert Saratoga and Liberty Sts. 

The Sherwood 212 W. Monument St 

The Shirley 205 W. Madison St. 

The Stafford Washington Place 

St. James Hotel Corner Charles and Centre Sts. 


Flats and Apartments 

The Albany 6 E. Centre St. 

Arundel Charles St. and Mt. Royal Av. 

The 1 Berkeley 104 W. Eager St. 

The Brandon $77 Park Av. 

The Brightly 12 E. Read St. 

The Cathedral Corner Cathedral and Little Chase Sts. 

The Cecil North Eutaw St., near Dolphin. 

The Chatham 1720 St. Paul St. 

The Cleveland 14U Linden Av. 

The Colonial 1005 N. Charles St. 

Earl Court Corner St. Paul and Preston Sts. 

The Druid Corner Mt. Royal Ter. and Reservoir St. 

Duvall, Mrs. Mary V 24 E. Madison St. 

The Elmhurst 1815 N. Charles St. 

The Gordon 103 W. Franklin St. 

The Governor Cor. Charles and Read Sts. 

The 1 [offman 305 W. Hoffman St. 

The Holland 1305 Linden Av. 

The Marlborough Corner Eutaw PI. and Wilson St. 

Montreal Alt. Royal Av., near Charles St. 

The Mt. Royal Mt Royal Av. and Calvert St. 

The Mt. Vernon Apartments Cathedral St., near Monument. 

The Northampton 2 W. North Av. 

The Netherclift 827 N. Eutaw St. 

The Olney 5 E..Biddle St. 

The Pembroke Corner Park Av. and Richmond St. 

The Plaza Corner Wilson St. and Park PI. 

The Preston Corner Guilford Av. and Preston St. 

The Read E. Read St., near St. Paul. 

The Raleigh Corner Mosher St. and Linden Av. 

Reuling Flats 103 W. Monument St. 

The Rochambeau Corner Charles and Franklin Sts. 

The Royal ion Maryland and North A vs. 

The Si. Paul Corner St. Paul St. and Mt. Royal Av. 

The Severn Corner Cathedral St. and Mt. Vernon PI. 

I he Upton 329 Dolphin St., corner of Eutaw. 

The Walbert Corner Charles St. and Lafayette Av. 

The Washington Mt. Vernon PI. and Charles St. 

The Westover Corner Park Av. and Eager St. 

The Winona Corner Park Av. and Monument St. 

Tin- Wentworth Corner Cathedral and Mulberry Sts. 

A* ' 



Eugene Levering. 
Richard M. Venable. 
Bernard N. Baker. 
Francis M. Jencks. 
Waldo Newcomer. 

Johns Hopkins University 





R. Brent Keyser. 

William H. Buckler. 

Theodore Marburg. 
Blanchard Randall. 
Henry D. Harlan. 
Miles White, Jr. 
Thomas J. Morris. 

The President of the University, ex-offlcio. 

Blanchard Randall 
Eugene Levering. 


Executive Committee. 

Richard M. Venable. 
Theodore Marburg. 
William H. Buckler. 
The President of the Board, ex officio. 
The President of the University, ex officio. 

Finance Committee. 
Miles W t hite, Jr. Blanchard Randall. 

Eugene Levering. Waldo Newcomer. 

The President of the Board, ex officio. 

Building Committee. 
Richard M. Venable. Francis M. Jencks. 

Bernard N. Baker. William H. Buckler. 

The President of the Board, ex officio. 



Treasurer of the University. 
Charles J. Meyer. 


Ira Remsen, M.D., Ph.D., LL.D 214 W. Monument St. 

President of the University, and 15. \. Baker Professor of Chemistry. 

Basil L. Gildersleeve, Ph.D., LL.D., D.Litt 1002 N. Calvert St. 

Francis White Professor of Greek. 

Paul Haupt, Ph.D., LL.D., K.R.E 251 1 Madison Av. 

W. \V. Spence Professor of the Semitic Languages and Director 
of the Oriental Seminary. 

William H. Welch, M.D., LL.D 807 St. Paul St. 

Baxley Professor of Pathology. 

Edward H. Griffin, D.D., LL.D 1027 N. Calvert St. 

Professor of the History of Philosophy and Dean of the College 


William Osier, M.D., LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S Oxford, England. 

Honorary Professor of Medicine. 

Henry M. Hurd, M.D., LL.D The Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry. 

Howard A. Kelly, M.D., LL.D., Hon. F.R.C.S 1406 Eutaw PI. 

Professor of Gynecology. 

Maurice Bloomfield, Ph.D., LL.D 861 Park Av. 

Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology. 

A. Marshall Elliott, Ph.D., LL.D 1028 N. Calvert St. 

Professor of the Romance Languages. 

William S. Halsted, M.I).. D.SC, LL.D., Hon. F.R.C.S. . 1201 Eutaw PL 

Professor of Surgery. 

Harmon N. Morse, Ph.D The Cecil, N. Eutaw St. 

Professor of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry and Director of the 

Chemical Laboratory. 

Henry Wood, Ph.D 109 W. North Av. 

Professor of German 

Edward Renouf, Ph.D 416 W. Hoffman St. 

Collegiate Professor of Chemistry. 


John J. Abel, M.D Charles-Street Av. ( P. 0. Station L) . 

Professor of Pharmacology. 

William H. Howell, Ph.D., M.D.. LL.D 232 W. Lanvale St. 

Professor of Physiology and Dean of the Medical Faculty. 

Franklin P. Mall, M.D., SC.D.. LL.D 1514 Bolton St. 

Professor of Anatomy. 

James W. Bright. Ph.D.. LL.D.. D.Litt 246 W. Lanvale St. 

Caroline Donovan Professor of English Literature. 

William Hand Browne, M.D Sherwood. 

Professor of English Literature. 

Herbert Eveleth Greene, Ph.D 1019 St. Paul St. 

Collegiate Professor of English. 

William Bullock Clark. Ph.D., LL.D 8 E. Read St. 

Professor of Geology and Director of the Geological Laboratory. 

Joseph S. Ames. Ph.D.. LL.D 225 W. Preston St. 

Professor of Physics and Director of the Physical Laboratory. 

J. Whitridge Williams. M.D.. D.SC 1128 Cathedral St. 

Professor of Obstetrics. 

Frank Morley, SC.D 2026 Park Av. 

Professor of Mathematics. 

Harry Fielding Reid, Ph.D 608 Cathedral St. 

Professor of Geological Physics. 

Robert W. W r ood. A. B., LL. D 815 St. Paul St. 

Professor of Experimental Physics. 

Kirby F. Smith, Ph.D 719 Park Av. 

Professor of Latin. 

Jacob H. Hollander, Ph.D 325 Dolphin St. 

Professor of Political Economy. 

Edward B. Mathews, Ph.D 1410 Linden Av. 

Professor of Mineralogy and Petrography. 

Harry C. Jones, Ph.D 2523 Madison Av. 

Professor of Physical Chemistry. 

Lewtdlys Franklin Barker, M.D., LL.D 1035 X. Calvert St. 

Professor of Medicine. 


William S.Thayer, M.D., LL.D 406 Cathedral St. 

Professor of Clinical Medicine. 

John Martin Vincent. Ph.D., LL.D 313 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Professor of European History. 

C. Carroll Marden, Ph.D 2 Walcott A v., Mt. Washington. 

Professor of Spanish. 

Westel W. Willoughby, Ph.D 8 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Professor of Political Science. 

Charles M. Andrew.. Ph.D.. L.H.D T5->7 Bolton St. 

Professor of History. 

Duncan S. Johnson, Ph.D 500 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Professor of Botany. 

Marry L. Wilson, Ph.D.. LL.D 114 St. John's Road, Roland Park. 

Professor of Roman Archaeology and Epigraphy. 

Hermann Collitz, Ph.D 135 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Professor of Germanic Philology. 

Herbert S. Jennings, Ph.D.. LL.D 2442 X. Calvert St. 

Professor of Experimental Zoology. 

Edward Franklin Buchner, Ph.D 2120 Callow Av. 

Professor of Philosophy and Education. 

John Broadus Watson, Ph.D 2745 Maryland Av. 

Professor of Experimental and Comparative Psychology. 

Ethan A. Andrews, Ph.D 821 St. Paul St. 

Professor of Zoology. Acting Director. 

Christopher Johnston, Ph.D 21 W. 20th St. 

Professor of Oriental History and Archaeology. 

Walter Jones, Ph.D 2621 St. Paul St. 

Professor of Physiological Chemistry. 

Adolph Meyer, M.I ).. LL.D 

Professor of Psychiatry. 

Edward C. Armstrong, Pli.D 25 W. 27th St. 

Professor of Psychiatry. 
Clemens von Virquet, Ph. P.. M.D [18 W. Franklin Si. 

Professor of Pediatrics. 

Lucas Brothers 


Printers, Stationers 
Blank Book Makers 
Office Outfitters 

221-223 E BALTIMORE ST. 







iFmtmtl Dirrrtor 



V -J 

drinks ™* MtxpB 

Largest Variety 


MAPS 10c to $20.00 GLOBES 25c to $30 00 

Staff of Johns Hopkins Hospital 


Henry M. Hurd. 

Assistant Superintendent. 
Rupert Norton. 

Resident Physician. 
Thomas R. Roggs. 

Assistant Resident Physicians. 

Paul W. Clough. Clyde G. Guthrie. Fletcher McPhedran. 

J. S. Brotherhood. 

Resident Surgeon. 
John W. Churchman. 

Assistant Resident Surgeons. 

Charles M. Rem sen. George J. Heuer. Willis D. Gatch. 

Samuel J. Crowe. Montague L. Boyd. 

Resident Gynecologist. 
Edw. H. Richardson. 

Assistant Resident Gynecologists. 
Ernest K. Cullen. F. Webb Griffith. J. A. Sperry. 

Resident Obstetrician. 
Frank C. Ainley. 

Assistant Resident Obstetrician. 
.Arthur H. Morse. 

Resident Pathologist. 
George 1 1. Whipple. 

Assistant Resident Pathologist. 
Milton C. Winterxitz. 


Johns Hopkins Club 


George C ^tor. 

Philip Ogden. 


William II. HOWELL, M. D. 

George E. Barnett. 


W. 1). Lilly. 
W. II. Lewis. 
R. T. Abercrombie. 
G. L. P. Raikliffe. 
House Committee. 
Murray P. Brush, Chairman. 
C. Sparrow. G. E. Barnett. 

Library Committee. 
W. LI. Howell. Chairman. 
Donald MacKenzie. S. F. Acree. . 

Entertainment Committee. 
Philip Ogden, Chairman. 
George Cator. W. W. Willoughby. 

W. W. Willoughby 
Fabian Franklin. 
VV. II. Buckler. 
L. T. Griswold. 

Charcoal Club 

art school. 





E. H. Gottlieb. 

Tugs. C. Corner. 



II. II. Wiegand. 

James Stone Reese. 

Instructor of Art School. 
S. Edwin 


J. Evans Sperry. W. \V. Em mart. 

Thos. C. Corner. Edward Berge. 

Henry II. Wiegand. Fred'k II. Gottlieb. 

James S. Reese. J. Hemsley Johnson. 

Ei'HRAi.M Keyser. VV. Roby Purnell. 

S. Edwin Whiteman W. R. C. Wood. 


R. Curzon Hoffman. 
J. Livingston Minis. 
George May. 

Maryland Club 




R. Curzon Hoffman. 

J. Livingston Minis. 

George May. 

Henry C. James. 

Executive Committee. 

Henry C. James. 
J. Hough Cottman. 
George C. Jenkins. 
Henry M. Warfield. 


Abell, Charles S. 
Abell, Walter W. 
Ammidon, D. C. 
Ancker, Walter 
Andrews, Wm. L. 
Applegarth, Rnfus W. 
Archer. C. Graham 
Armistead, George 

Baer. W. S. 
Baetjer, Edwin G. 
Baker, B. N. 

Baldwin, Summerfield, Jr. 
Bankard, E. H. 
Barker, Lewellys F. 
Bartlett, Edward L., Jr. 
Bartlett, John F. 
Bartlett, J. Kemp 
Barry, J. Ramsay 


Basshor, C. Hazeltine 
Baugh, E. P., Jr. 
Beacham, Frederick B. 
Belding. William S. 
Bishop, George T. 
Black, H. Crawford 
Black, Van Lear 
Blackford, William H. 
Blackwell, Josiah L. 
Blakistone, George 
Bland, John R. 
Bloodgood, Joseph C. 
Bolton, Frank C. 
Bond, H. L., Jr. 
Bond, James 
Bond, N. P. 
Bonsai, Leigh 
Boone, Charles FT. 
Bosler, Herman E. 



Bosley, William H. 
Bouton, Edward II. 
Bowdoin, I [enry J. 
Bowdoin, W. G.. Jr. 
Brantly, William T. 
Brewster, Benjamin II.. Jr. 

les, Thomas H. 
Brooks, W. B., Jr. 
Brown, Alexander 
Brown, Arthur Geo. 
Brown, Frank 
Brown, George, Jr. 
Brown, H. Carroll 
Bruce, William Cahell 
Bryan, William S., Jr. 
Burke, Edward F. 
Bush, B. F. 

Campbell. John P. 
Capron, Richard J. 
Carey, Francis K. 
Carlton, Howard 
Carroll, Albert H. 
Carroll, John Lee 
Carter, Bernard M. 
Carter, Charles 1 1. 
Cate, Horace Abbott 
Cator, Franklin P. 
Cator. George 
Cator, \\*. W. 
Clark, Henry 
( "lot worthy, C. Baker 
Cohen, Mendes 
Cole, Robert C. 
( "'pieman. 'I homas C. 
Conklin, Daniel E. 

< kmrad, Charles V 

< ' m >]>'■]-. J. ( Irossan 

( lottman, J. I lough 

I lorkran, Benj. W. 
Cottman, Thomas E. 
Cover, Loring Andrews 
Crane. Charles T. 
Cromwell, W. Kennedy 
Cross, W. Irvine 
Cullen, Thomas S. 

Daingerfield, P. B. Key 
Davis, John Staige 
Deford, B. F., Jr. 
Deford, Thomas, Jr. 
Dennis, John M. 
Dickey, Charles H. 
Dixon, Isaac H. 
Duer, Douglas H. 

Early, John D. 
Ellard. John W. 
Ellieott, William M. 
Elliott, A. M. 
Elliott, Charles 
Ewing, George W. 
Eyre, Severn 

Farber, Edwin J. 
Ferguson. J. I [enry 
Field, Charles W. 
Findlay, J. V. L., Jr. 
Finney, John M. T. 
Fisher, I). K. Este 
Fisher, Edward McC. 
Fitzgerald, Charles G. 
Fitzgerald, I). S. 
Fleming, George VV. 
Foard, Joseph R. 
Foster, Arthur D. 
Foster, Reuben 
Franklin, Walter S. 
Frick, J. Swan 



Futcher, Thomas B. 
France, Joseph C. 

Gaither, George R. 
Galleher, T. W. 

Gamble, Cary B., Jr. 
Gans, Edgar H. 
Garrett, Robert 
Gary, E. Stanley 
Gary, James A. 
Gibbs, John S. 
Gibbs, John S., Jr. 
Gibbs, Rufus M. 
Gibney. G. Frank 
Gill, John of R. 
Gill, John. Jr. 
Gilmor, Harry 
Gilpin, Henry B. 
Gittings, Ernest 
Gittings, Henry May 
Gittings, John S. 
Goodenow, Rufus K. 
Goodrich, G. Clem 
Goodwillie, Thomas 
Goodwin, Percy H. 
Gordon, Alex., Jr. 
Gordon, Douglas H. 
Gordon, William McK. 
Gorman, Arthur P., Jr. 
Gorter, Nathan R. 
Gosnell, Frank 
Gould, Clarendon I. T. 
Grafflin. William H. 
Gregg, Maurice 
Griswold, B. Howell, Jr. 
Gross, John M. 
Hack, T. H. 
Haas, L. G. 
Halsted, William S. 
Hambleton, Frank H. 

Hambleton, T. Edward 
Harrison, Charles K., Jr. 
Hartman, J. H. 
Harvey, Alexander 
Harvey, O. Howard 
Harvey, W. Ewing 
Harvey, William P. 
Hay den, W. M. 
Hayward, E. Bartlett 
Heald, Edward C. 
Hendrick, Calvin W. 
Hendricks, John T. 
Henry, J. Winfield 
Hersh, Grier 
Hilken, Henry G. 
Hill, John Philip 
Hillen, Thos. O'Donnell 
Hoen, Frank N. 
Hoffman, R. Curzon 
Hoffman, R. Curzon. Jr. 
Hoffman, Wm. Gilmor, Jr. 
Homer, Francis T. 
House, William A. 
Howard, F. K. 
Howard, G. B. 
Floward, John D. 
Huffer, H. C. Jr. 
Hughes, J. Albert 
Hunting, E. B. 
Hurst, Harry S. 
Hurst. John E. 
Hurst. John J. 
Hurst. William B. 
Hutton, G. M. 

Iglehart. Francis X. 

Jackson, George S. 
Jackson, Lloyd L. 
Jackson, L. L., Jr. 
Jacobs. H. B. 



James, Charles I. 
James, ! [enry C. 
James, Nathaniel \V. 
James, Norman 
James, Thomas 

Janes, 1 Ienry P. 
Janney, Stuart S. 
Janney, Thos. S. 
Jencks, Francis M. 
Jenkins, Austin Lowe 
Jenkins. E. Austin 
Jenkins, George C. 
Jenkins. J. Hillen 
Jenkins, Joseph W., Jr. 
Jenkins, Louis L. 
Jenkins, Michael 
Jenkins, Spalding Lowe 
Jones, Alvan L., Jr. 
Jones, Julian S. 

Kalkmann, Chas. von H. 
Keech. Edward P., Jr. 
Keidel, Charles, Jr. 
Kelly, Howard A. 
Keyser, H. Irvine 
Keyser, R. Brent 
ECeyse.r, William, Jr. 
Knabe, Ernest J., Jr. 
Knabe, William 
Knapp, George W. 
Knapp, G. W., Jr. 
Knott, A. Leo 
Kummer, Arnold 

Lacy, Benjamin 
Latrobe, Ferdinand C. 
Latrobe, Gamble 
Lee, J. Harry 
Lee, J. L Griffith 

Leftwich, Alexander T. 
Leftwich, Vivian C. 
Lehr, Robert Oliver 
Lemmon, J. Southgate 
Levering, Eugene, Jr. 
Lockwood, William F. 
Love, John T. 
Liirman, Gustav W. 
Lyon, Samuel H. 
Landstreet, F. S. 

Machen, Arthur W. 
Mackall, Charles 
Mackenzie, John N. 
Mackubin, George 
Manly, William M. 
Manning, Sidney T. 
Marburg, Albert 
Marburg, Theodore 
Marburg, William A. 
Marbury, William L. 
Marburg, William A., of A. 
Markoe, Frank 
Marriott, Telfair W. 
Marshall, John W. 
Marshall, Robert E. Lee 
Martin, Frank 
Maslin, Frank N. 
Mathews, H. M. 
Matthai, William H. 
Matthews, Henry C. 
May. George 
McComas, H. C. 
McCrae, Thomas 
McEvoy, James, Jr. 
McKeon, E. H. 
McLane, Allan 
McLaran, Percy B. 
McNeal, J. V. 
Middendorf, J. William 



Middleton, Harvey 
Miller, D. H., Jr. 
Miller, Edgar G.. Jr. 
Miller, C. Wilbur 
Minis, J. Livingston 
Moale, Fred. L. 
Morgan, John H. 
Muller, Louis 
Munroe, George S. 
Murphy, Frank K. 
Murray, Oscar G. 

Nelson, Alexander C. 
Newcomer, Waldo 
Nicodemus, Harry 
Nolting, William G. 
Norris, J. Olney 
Norton, Arthur W. 

Ober, Robert 
Oliver, Charles K. 
Oliver, William B. 
Orrick, H. A. 
Osburn, Carter G. 

Paine, Gordon P. 
Parr, Henry A. 
Parr, I. M., Jr. 
Peard, Frank F. 
Pendleton, John C. B. 
Pennington, Harry 
Pennington, Josias 
Pennington, William C. 
Pennington, Yates 
Perin, Nelson E. 
Petre. R. W. 
Piper, James 
Pleasants, John 
Pleasants, Richard II. 
Poe, Philip L. 

Pope, George A. 
Posey, Charles R. 
Post," A. H. S. 
Post, Richard B. 
Potter, George L. 
Preston, Alexander 
Preston, James H. 
Purnell, Francis II. 
Purnell, J. Hurst 

Ramsay, H. Ashton 
Ramsay, John B. 
Randall, Blanchard 
Randolph, George F. 
Randolph, Harold 
Ranson, A. R. H. 
Rauschenberg, Herman 
Rayner, Isidor 
Reeves, Charles H. 
Remsen, Ira 
Rich, Edward N. 
Rieman, Charles E. 
Riggs, Alfred R. 
Roberts, Charles B., Jr. 
Robertson, Alexander 
Robinson, Ralph 
Robinson, W. P. 
Rollins, Thornton 
Rowland, Samuel C. 
Ruhstrat, Carl 
Rutherfoord. A. H. 
Ryland, S. P., Jr. 

Sargeant, George H. 
Savage, Frederick A. 
Schmeisser, Ernst 
Scull, Charles O. 
Seabrook, H. H. 
Seddon, William C. 
Sellman, James L. 


Semmes, John E. 
Shackelford, William T. 
Sharp. George M. 
Shaw. John EC, Jr. 
Shearer. T. L. 
Shriver, < ieorge M. 
Shriver, Robert S. 
Sinclair. Arthur. Jr. 
- in. Fisher 
Sloan, Frank B. 
Sloan, George F. 
Sloan. Robert N. 
Slocum. George W. 
Smith. A. Webster 
Smith, Carroll H. 
Smith. C. Wharton 
Smith, Jack Q. 11.. Jr. 
Smith. Wilson L. 
Smith, Willoughby X. 
Spate-. George P. 
Spence, William W., Jr. 
Steele, S. Tagart 
Stewart, David 
Stockbridge. Henry 
Strother, T. Nelson 
Stryker, Ueher H. 
Stuart, T. Keating 
Sutton. Eben 
Swan. Donnell 
Swann, Sherlock 
Symington, Thomas H. 
Symington, W. Stuart 
Symington, John F. 
Symington, John F. of S. 

Taylor. Archibald I I. 
Taylor. Robert 

Taylor. Robert A. 

Thayer, William S. 
Thomas, 1 louglas 1 1. 

Thomas, Douglas II.. Jr. 
Tin >mas, John I [anson 
Thomas. William S. 
Thompson, James M. 
Thomsen, I lerman I. 
Thomsen, J. J. 
Tiernan, Charles B. 
Tiffany, Louis McLane 
Todd, Frederick C. 
Tongue, T. W. 
Tyson, B. Howard 

Venable, Richard M. 
Vickers, W. H. C. 
Vickery, Edward M. 

Walters. Harry 
WaiTield, Edwin 
Warfield, Henry M. 
Warfield, S. D. 
Waters. Arnold Elzey 
Waters, Francis E. 
Watson, C. W. 
Ways. Charles E. 
Webb, Charles A. 
Webb, Edmund J. 
Welch, W. II. 
Weld, Albert H. 
West. Edward R. 
Wheelwright, Jere H. 
Whelan, Thomas A. 
Whelan. 'Thomas A., Jr. 
White. Richard J. 
White. J. McKenney 
White. Miles 

Whitclcy. J. I lolmes 
Whitcley. James S. 
Whit clock, George 
Whitney, J' iseph C. 



Whitridge, Horatio L. 
Whitridge, William 
Whitridge, William H. 
Whyte, Clymer 
Wickes, P. L. 
Widener, P. A. B. 
Wight, C. S. 
Wight, John H. 
Wight, William H. 
Wilcox, Henry B. 
Williams, Henry W. 
Williams, George Weems 
Williams, John Whitridge 
Williams, N. Winslow 
Williams, R. Gordon 
Williams, R. Lancaster 

Williams, W. S. G. 
Willis, George R. 
Wilson. J. Sawyer, Jr. 
Winans, Ross R. 
Winder, Charles S. 
Wood, Frederick W. 
W< lodside, James S. 
Wright, Clinton A. 
Wright, Wm. H. DeCourcy 
Wylie, Douglas M. 

Young, Hugh H. 

Zell, George A. 
Zell, Henry S. 


Adriance, Edward B. 
Anderson, Larz 
Andrews, Paul A. 
Arnold, C. G. 
Atterbury, W. W. 
Bacon, E. R. 
Baldwin, Carroll 
Bancroft, Samuel, Jr. 
Bent, Stedman 
Bishop, Henry A. 
Bissell, R. H. 
Bigelow, Ernest A. 
Brown, Kensett 
Buckler. William H. 
Burke, Julian T. 

Carroll, Chas. Gordon 
Carroll, Philip A. 
Carroll, Royal Phelps 
Carstairs, D. H. 
Carstairs, J. H. 
Clark, J. Peyton 

Cottman, L. Warrington 
Crozer, Edward 
Curtis, Clarence C. 
Dashiell, Julius M. 
Dashiell, Paul J. 
Davis, Thomas B., Jr. 
DeCourcy, William H. 
Deming, Charles C. 
Dixon, George D. 
Duffus, Harry K. 
Duncan, Louis 
Dunn, H. O. 
Duval, Hanson R. 
Duval, Reiman Gordon 
Dyer, Elisha, Jr. 

Ellis, Herman 
Emerson, T. M. 

Fabyan, Marshall 
Fairfax, Lindsay 



Felton, W. II. 
Ferguson, J. I ). 
Field, W. R. M. 
Fleming, A. B. 
Fuller* E. L. 
Garrett, John W. 
Gibson, William 
Griffin, T. A. 

Hall, James D., Jr. 

Hardcastle, Hughlett 

Hardy, Caldwell 

Harrison. H. H. 

Hollister, William H. 

H <»lden, H. L. 

1 lough, Edward H. 

Howard, Beale R. 

I hill Joseph 

I lurkamp. Chas. H. 

Huthinson, Cary T. 

Ingraham, Arthur 

Jacks- in. William P. 
James, 1 fenry 
James. 1 lenry A. 
James, Walter V>. 
Jenkins, Francis DeSales 
Jenkins. I tarry S. 
Jenkins, Tims. Courtney 
Jenkins. William B. 
Jones, Andrew I )., Jr. 
Jones, C. 1 1.. Jr. 
Jones. Louis 
Jordan. Eldridge E. 
Josselyn, B. S. 

Kealhofer, William 
Keating, John 
Keith, W. \V. 

Kemp, L. B. 

Kennedy. Moorehead C. 
Keyser, S. S. 
King, Thomas M. 

Langhorne, C. D. 
Larner, William A. 
Latrobe, Osmun 
Lawrence, W. W. 
Lee, William H. L. 
Lewis, A. Nelson 
Littlefield, Leland H. 
Lloyd, Edward, Jr. 

McCay, W. T. W. 
McCord, James Sturgis 
McDonald, John B. 
McKim, Smith H. 
Marye, George T., Jr. 
May. DeCourcy 
May, Henry 
McPherson, L. G. 
McShane, James E. 
Masterton, John G. 
Miller, Walton 
Mealey, Edward W. 
Micks, I lenry R. 
Middleton, John Z. 
Mitchell, W. N. 
Moore. Frank 
Moore, John P. 
Morrell, Edward 
Morris. John B. 
Morse. A. J. 
Murray, William 
Myers, W. 1 ley ward 

Needles. Arthur C. 
Norris, Octavus J. 

Newhall, Thomas 



Ogden, William B. 
Owen, William 

Page, Henry S. 
Page, William Byrd 
Parker, Lewis Wardbaw 
Paton, David 
Peirce, John 
Perin, Frank L. 
Pierce, Winslow S. 
Post, Edwin M. 
Price, Clarence 

Raborg, H. Mason 
Raborg, Thomas M. T. 
Raymond, Charles H. 
Richardson, Frank A. 
Robertson, Edwin W. 
Robinson, Moncure 
Robinson, Thomas H. 
Runkle, H. G. 
Riach, Alexander F. 

Schley, Buchanan 
Schoepf, W. Kesley 
Selden, John 
Sharp, W. G. 
Sims, C. S. 
Smith, Courtland H. 
Smith, Edward L. 
Smith, E. P. 
Smith, John Walter 
Smith, R. A. C. 
Smith, Oscar W. 
Speer, J. L. Dawson 

Steele, John N. 
Stevenson, Andrew- 
Stewart, Alex. Maii- 
Stewart, James C. 
Stewart, W. Plnnket 
Street, William G. 
Stump, Herman 

Tatum, C. F. 
Taylor, I. K. 
Taylor, Robert Coleman 
Taylor, William R. K. 
Thorn, DeCourcy W. 
Thomsen, A. L. 
Turner, Thomas M. 

Upshur, George M. 
Vandiver, Murray 

Whistler, Ross W. 
White, E. B. 
White, Henry 
White, J. G. 
Whiting, Guy F. 
Whitney, E. P. 
Wilkins, Geo. C. 
Williams, J. Skelton 
Winchester, James P. 
Woodruff, Ernest 
Woodward, C. H. R. 
Woodward, James T. 
Wright, Sydney L. 

Young, George W. 


Fraser, G., British Consul. 

Baltimore Club 





President. Morris Howard. 


James P. Gorter. 


Robert White Smith. 

Charles B. Reeves. 

Robert White Smith. 

J. \V alter Lord. 

1 1 ugh H. Young. 

Jos. S. Ames. 

1 1 1 ■: x r v Barton J a cobs. 

Morris Whitridge. 



John J. Milligan. 

W a s h i x ( ;tox Peri x e. 
William P. Riggs. 
James P. Gorter. 
Chas. B. Reeves. 


Abell, Walter R. 
Adams, Alvin P. 
Adams, Howard 
Adams, Irving 
Alk-n. Franklin G 
Appold, Lemuel T. 
Armistead, S. Gordon 
Atkinson, A. D. 
Ann--. Joseph S. 
Ancker, Walter 
Baker, B. V 
Baetjer, Edwin G. 
tjer, I larry X. 
Baldwin, Francis J. 
Baldwin. Summerfield, Jr. 


Baldwin. Willard 
Baltzell, Wm. Hewson 
Banks, Daniel B. 
Barker, Lewellys F., M.D. 
Bassett, Charles W. 
Bergland, John McF. 
Black, II. Crawford 
Black, Van Lear 
Blackford, W. S. 
Blakistone, George 
Black well, Josiah Low 
Bland, John R. 
Bland, R. Howard 
Blankenship, John M. 
Bliss, Wm. J. A. 




Bowles, Thomas H. 
Bond, Carroll T. 
Bond, Hugh L. 
Bond, Nicholas P. 
Bonsai, J. Purviance 
Boone, W: K. 
Bosley, W. H. 
Boyd, A. Hunter. Jr. 
Brady, Arunah S. A. 
Brandt, Jacob 
Brewster, Benjamin H., Jr. 
Brooks, W. B. 
Brooks, Gaylord 
Brooks, Walter B.. Jr. 
Brown, George, Jr. 
Brown, George M. 
Brown, H. C. 
Brown, Frank 
Brown, Alex. 
Brown, F. Donaldson 
Bruce, E. Skipwith 
Bruce, Howard 
Brush, Edward N., M.D. 
Brush, Murray P. 
Bryan, Charles E. 
Buchanan, Thos. G. 
Buckler, W. H. 
Buckler, Thomas H. 
Buckler, H. Warren, M.D. 
Burke, Edward F. 
Burns, Findley. 
Burns, F. Highlands 
Burman, Curtis F., M.D. 
Buzby, Samuel S. 
Buzby, Stockton 

Cadwalader, Thomas Francis 
Carroll, Douglas G. 
Cassilly, Robert 
Carey, F. K. 

Carter. Spencer L. 
Carter, Julian S. 
Cary, Wilson M., Jr. 
Cator, George 
Clark, Win Bullock 
Clotworthy, Charles B. 
Coale, R. Dorsey 
Coale, Wm. Ellis 
Cochran, William F., Jr. 
Cole, Robert C. 
Cole, Rufus J. 
Colston, George A. 
Colston, Frederick C. 
Conklin, Daniel E. 
Conrad, Chas. A. 
Coyne, Hooper 
Crain, Robert 
Crawford, Wm. C. 
Cromwell, M. John 
Crutchfield. E. Mulford 
Cushing, Dr. Harvey 

Dabney, William M. 
Dallam, C. Braxton 
Davies, Seabury 
Davis, S. Griffith, M.D. 

DeBullet, Eugene G. 
DeBullet. John C. 
DeBullet, W. Julian 
Deford, Thomas, Jr. 
Deford, B. Frank 
Deford, Robert B. 
Deford, John E. 
Dennis, J. Murdoch 
Denison, H. Marcus 
Denison, Charles C. 
Dobbin, Dr. George 
Drewry, Cooper R. 
Dulany. W. J. C. 
Duvall, Wm. E. P. 


Ehlen, Frank S. 
Elder. Win. V. 
Ellard, J. W. 
Ellicott, Chas. E. 
Ellicott. Win. M. 
Ewing, George W. 

Ferguson. J. 1 [enry 
Field. Chas. W. 
Finney. J. M. T., M.D. 
Fisher, William A.. M.I). 
Fitzgerald, Charles Gait 
Fitzgerald, Delano S.. M.D. 
Foard, Jos. R. 
Follis, Richard H., M.D. 
Frick, Jas. Swan 
Futcher, Thos. B., M.D. 

Garrett, Robert 
Gibbs, John S., Jr. 
Gibbs, E. Everett 
Gibbs, Rufns M. 
Gibson, Edward G. 
Gill, John of R. 
Gilpin, Donald M. 
Gilpin, Henry B. 
Gittings, D. Sterett 
Goodenow, Rufns K., Jr. 
Goldsborough, Chas. 
Goldsborough, Francis C, M.D. 
Goldsborough, William F. 
Goldsborough, Lilburn T. 
< k>rdon, 1 )ouglas I i. 
Gorter, James P. 

Gosnell, Frank 
Gosnell, Frank, Jr. 
Greenway, Eugene 

Griswold. B. I low ell. Jr. 
( rross, John M. 

11, Harry P. 

1 I all. J. Bannister, Jr. 
Halstead, W. S. 
I [ambleton, Francis 1 1. 
Hambleton, T. Edward, Jr. 
Harvey, Francis B. 
. Harvey, James W. 
Harvey, Roland B. 
1 larvey. Win. P. 
Hayward, E. Bartlett 
Harwood, Stephen P. 
Hendrick, Calvin W. 
i [ersh, Grier 
Hillen, T. O'Donnell 
Hilles, William S. 

i [opkins, G. T. 
Hopkins, Roger Brooke 

Hopper, A. M. 

Howard, Charles Morris 

Howard, Charles Ridgeiy 

Howard, Chas. McH. 

Hulings, Thos. M. 

Hull, J. Baker 

I limner. Guy L., M.D. 

Ireland, J. Herman 

Jackson, Edward A. 
Jacobs, Henry Barton 
Jackson, E. E., Jr. 
Jackson, Richard X. 
James, Norman 
James, X. W. 
James, Thomas 
Janes. 1 tarry P. 
Jencks, Francis M. 
Jenkins, Hugh 
Jenkins, J. Hillen 
Jenkins, Jos. W., Jr. 
Jenkins, Michael 
Jenkins, M. Ernesl 
J( ihnson, John Hcmsley 



Johnston, Bartlett F. 
Jones, T. Barton 

Keech, E. P., Jr. 
Key, Henry J. 
Keyser, W. Irvine 
Keyser, William, Jr. 
Keyser, H. Irvine 
Keyser, R. Brent 
King, William R. 
King, John H., M.D. 
Knapp, Alexander Payson 
Knox, J. H. Mason, M.D. 

Lanahan, W. Wallace 

Latane, James A. 

Lawford, J. M. 

Lee, Hillyard C. 

Lee, Columbus O'Donnell 

Leonard, William Wert 

Levering, Eugene, Jr. 

Levering, F. Johnson 

Lord, J. Walter 

Love, John T. 

Lucas, William F. 

Mackenzie, John N., M.D. 
Machen, Arthur W., Jr. 
Macklin, Charles F. 
Manly, William M. 
Marburg, William A. 
Marburg, Albert 
Marburg, Theodore 
Marbury, William L. 
Marie, Leon 
Marshall, Charles A. 
Mason, Stevens Thomson 
McEvoy, James, Jr. 
McKeon, Edward H. 
McKim, S. Sterett 
McLane, Allan 

McLane, Charles E. 
Montgomery, John S. 
Miller, Paul H. 
Miller, Robert T. 
Miller, D. H., Jr. 
Milligan, J. J. 
Moore, Ryland C. 
Mordecai, George P. 
Morrison, Geo. C. 
Morgan, Shirley C. 
Murray, Oscar G. 

Nelson, Alex. C. 
Nelson, Edwin D. 
Norris, J. Olney 
Norton, Rupert, M.D. 

Ober, Robert 
Ober, Gustavus, Jr. 
O'Donovan, J. H. 
O'Donovan, Charles, M.D. 
Ogden, Philip 
Oliver, Wm. B. 
Orrick, Johnson 
Osburn, Carter G. 

Pagon, Robinson C. 
Pagon, Wm. Waters 
Parr, G. Howell 
Parr, Henry A., Jr. 
Parr, I. M., Jr. 
Parker, Wm. A. 
Paul. John G. D'Arcy 
Penniman, Geo. Dobbin 
Penniman, Henry G. 
Penniman, Thos. D., M.D. 
Pennington, Josias 
Penrose, Charles B. 
Perin, Nelson E. 
Perine, Washington 
Perkins, Wm. H., Jr. 

' I 


Peters, J. < rirvin 

Phelps. Charles E., Jr. 
Phelps, Frank H. 
Pleasants, John 
Pleasants, J. II., M.l). 
Pleasants. Richard H. 
Poe, Edgar A. 
Poe, S. Johnson 
Foe, Gresham H. 
Poor, 11. T. 
Pope, Mica j ah W. 
Post, A. H. S. 
Poultney, Evan 
Poultney, C. Carroll 
Poultney, Thomas 
Poultney, William D. 
Powell, Robert H. 

Rabillon, Leonce 
Randolph. George F. 
Randolph, Harold 
Reed. Jos. 
Reeves, Charles B. 
Reeves, C. Harry, Jr. 
Reifsnider, Chas. T. 
Remsen, Charles M.. M.D. 
Rieman, Charles E. 
Riggs, Lawrason 
Riggs, Alfred R. 
Rigg-. Francis G. 
Riggs, William P. 
Riggs, Clinton L. 
Riggs, Harry G. 
Riggs, Jesse B. 
.. John D. 
Ritchie. Albert C. 
Robins, Thomas 1 1. 
Robinson, Ralph 
Robinson, W. Champlin 
Rowland, Samuel C. 

Russell, W'm. Wood 

Ruhrah. John. M.D. 

Scull, Charles O. 
Selden, Arthur T. 
Shaw, John K., Jr. 
Shoemaker, S. M., Jr. 
Slingluff, T. Rowland 
Sloan, George F., Jr. 
Smith, Robert White 
Smith. Henry Lee. M.D. 
Smith, Thomas Marshall 
Smith, Alan P., Jr. 
Smith, Nathan R. 
Smith, Frank B. 
Stewart, David 
Stryker, Heber H. 
Stump, Bertram N. 
Swann, Sherlock 
Symington. W. W. 

Taylor. R. Tunstall, M.D. 
Thorn, J. Pembroke 
Thomas, J. Marshall 
Thomas, John G. 
Thomas, Raleigh C. 
Thomas, J. I lanson 
Thompson, Richard H. 
Todd, Frederick C. 
Tongue, T. W. 
Tuck, Philemon H. 
Tucker, Robert 
Turner, Frank G. 
Tyler, Alfred 
Tyson. Matthew S. 

I'lman. Jacob A. 

Urquhart, Richard A., M.D. 

Vickery. Thomas H. 

Wagner, James F. 



Wagner, Basil 
Walker, Joseph R. 
Walters, H. 
Warfield, S. Davies 
Warfield, Ridgely B., M.D. 
Watson, C. W. 
West, Rowland C. 
Wetherall, William G, Jr. 
Wheeler, J. Harold 
Whedbee, James S. 
Wheelwright, Jere H. 
White, Miles, Jr. 
White, Richard J. 
White, Julian Le Roy 
White, Francis A. 
Whitman, Francis S. 
Whitney, J. C. 
Whitridge, John 
Whitridge, William 
Whitridge. Andrew. M.D. 

Whitridge, William. M.D. 
Whitehead. John B.. M.D. 
Whitridge, Morris 
Williams, Dudley, M.D. 
Williams, Geo. Weems 
Williams, N. Winslow 
Williams, W. S. G. 
Wilson, James W. 
Wilson, Dallet H. 
Wilson, John Sawyer. Jr. 
Wilson. Gordon. M.D. 
Winchester, William 
Winchester, Marshall 
Wood. Robt. W. 
Worthington, Rich. H. 
Wyatt. J. B. Xoel 
Whyte, Clymer 

Yearley, Thomas C. B. 
Young, Hugh H., M.D. 


James J. Archer Belair, Md. 

Henry C. Barrett 

Hope H. Barroll Chestertown, Md. 

E. Austin Baughman Frederick. Md. 

W. Roscoe Bonsai Hamlet. X. C. 

George G. Buck 

George Cameron, Jr Petersburg, Va. 

J Clement Clark. M. D Sykesville, Md. 

J. F. Collins 3^ Nassau St.. X. Y. 

Thos. G. Cook Merchants' Laclede Building, St. Louis, Mo. 

Dr. Chas. H. Conley Adamstown, Md. 

J. H. Covington Easton, Md. 

Carlos V. Cusachs U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis. Md. 

Frank Delia Torre Reisterstown, Md. 

John M. Denison Philadelphia, Pa. 

L Kemp Duvall 1405 F. St.. X. W.. Washington, D. C. 

Elisha Dyer. Jr Knickerbocker Club. Xew York. 

Robert L. Forrest 1300 Spruce St., Philadelphia. 


Philip A. S. Franklin 9 Broadway, New York. 

Jos. < latins, Jr 71 Central Park West. New York City. 

John \Y. I iarrett Rome. 

II. Gordon Gilpin Cincinnati, Ohio. 

George 1 1. Glover i Intel Marie Antoinette. New York. 

Robert G. Goldsborough Harrisburg, Pa. 

W. J. Gordon - Pope's Creek. Md. 

Walter 1 lieston Arlington I Intel. Washington, D. C. 

Win. C. Houston Rittenhouse Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

John J. Jackson, Jr 2033 Spruce St.. Philadelphia. 

Thos. C. Jenkins 106 E. Chase St.. Baltimore. 

Hugh J. Jewett, Jr - Glenville, Md. 

Arthur Johns 43 Cedar St., New York. 

I'd ward Key Rome. 

C. 1 1. Lloyd 333 Dolphin St.. Baltimore. 

Smith 1 1. McKim Irvington-on-Ffudson, New York. 

E. Gittings Merryman Cockeysville, Md. 

James F. Mitchell. M. D '. . 1344 19th St.. Washington, D. C. 

J. Randolph Mordecai Mainzer Strasse 20, Wiesbaden. Germany. 

Lewis C. Morris 716 X. 18th St.. Birmingham, Ala. 

I lerbert Noble 52 Williams St.. New York. 

William B. Ogden - Brixen, Tyrol. Austria. 

David M. Perine 3501 Forbes St.. Pittsburg. Pa. 

R. F. Perkins 1 lerndon, Fairfax Co.. Va. 

Edwin Poe First National Bank, Chicago, 111. 

J. Milton Reifsnider Westminster, Md. 

T. Dudley Riggs 10 Clinton St., Hartford, Conn. 

W. F. M. Sowers 1707 Massachusetts Aw. Washington, D. C. 

Guy W. Steele Westminster. Md. 

hen T. Stackpole Montgomery Inn. Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Charles F. Tatum Care of McKim & Co., Baltimore. 

Louis C. Tetard 30 Pine St.. New York. 

Rodney Thayer Newcastle, Del. 

I >e G W. Thorn Calvert Bldg. 

Horatio Turnbull 70 W. 35th St.. . Yew York. 

II. Elliott Waggaman Silver City, X. M. 

Edward II. Wales Box 256. P. 1 ). I [yde Park. Hudson River. X. Y. 

A. T. Watson - Fairmont, W. Va. 

Franklin Weemes Colorado Building, Washington, D. C. 

W. Whitridge Williams, M. D Cambridge, Mass. 


Army and Navy Members 

Clarence Deems United States Army. 

Cleveland C. Lansing United States Army. 

Walter J. Manion United States Army. 

Wm. M. Roberts United States Army. 

Baltimore Country Club 




Joseph S. Ames. 


George S. Jackson. 

Dwight F. Mallory. 

Executive Secretary. 
Douglas C. Turnbull. 


John W. Frick. 

Board of Governors. 

Joseph S. Ames. William G. Nolting. 

Thomas H. Symington. Wilson M. Cary, Jr. 

C. I. T. Gould. De Courcy W. Thom. 

Herbert M. Brune. A. D. Atkinson. 

Dwight F. Mallory. John Glenn, Jr. 

John W. Frick. George S. Jackson. 

University Club 



Joseph Packard. 

A. Marshall Elliott. 

Albert H. Buck. 

William Bowly Wilson. 


To Serve Until October, 1910. 
Benjamin Howell Griswold. 
James McEvoy, Jr. 

To Serve Until October, 1911 

A. Morris Tyson. 
Hiram Woods, ]u 

To Serve Until October, 1912. 

James W. Bowers, Jr. 

John Ruhrah. 
To Serve Until October. 1913. 

Albert C. Ritchie. 
J. Appleton Wilson. 


Abell, Walter W. 
Adams, J. Frederick 
Albert, A. James 
Ammen, Samuel Z. 
Andrews, Olivera 
Ashby, Thomas A. 
Atkinson, Harry W. 


Baer, John P. 
Baer, William S. 
Baetjer, Edwin G. 
Baker, William G., Jr. 
Bansemer, William S. 
Barton, Randolph 
Barton, Randolph, Jr. 



Bateman, Henry A. 
Bayard, Richard Howard 
Bennett. Jesse Lee 
Benzinger, Harry M. 
Bergland, Eric 
Birckhead, P. Macaulay 
Blanchard, Peter P. 
Bliss, William J. A. 
Bloomfield, Maurice 
Boise, Otis B. 
Bonaparte, Charles Joseph 
Bond, A. Kerr 
Bond, Duke 
Bond, Summerfield B. 
Bordley, James 
Bowers, James W., Jr. 
Boyce, Fred. G., Jr. 
Brady, Geo. Moore 
Branham, Joseph H. 
Brantly, William T. 
Brent, Robert F. 
Bridges, Henry P. 
Bright, James W. 
Briscoe, James, Jr. 
Brooks, Isaac, Jr. 
Brown, Gen. Stewart 
Brown, George Stewart 
Bruns, R. Martin 
Bryan, William Shepard, Jr. 
Buck, Albert H. 
Burrow, X. Trigant. M.D. 

Calwell, James S. 
Carroll, James J. 
Carroll, T. George 
Carter, Bernard M. 
Carter, Shirley 
Cary, Wilson Miles 
Cator, George 
Chambers, John W. 
Chesnut, W. Calvin 

Chew, Thomas J. 
Claggett, L. B. Keene 
Claggett, T. West 
Clapp, Frank W. 
Clark, Frank Peyton 
Clark, William Bullock 
Clarke, Powhatan 
Coale, R. Dorsey 
Cook, Vernon 
Coe, Ward B. 
Cohen, Mendes 
Colston, Frederick M. 
Compton, J. H. Sothoron 
Corner, Thomas C. 
Crouch. J. F. 
Cull, Roger Williams 

Dallam, C. Braxton 
Darnall, R. Bennett 
Dawkins, Walter I. 
Dennis, J. Upshur 
Dennis, James U. 
Dennis. James T. 
Denny, James W. 
Dohme, Alfred R. L 
Dorsey. Daniel B. 
Duffy, Edward 
Duffy, Henry 
Dunham, James A. 

Earle, Samuel T. 
Eccleston, James H. 
Edmunds, James R. 
Ellard, John Warren 
Elliott, A. Marshall 
Elliott. Thomas I. 
England, Charles 
England, Joseph T. 
Evans, C. de Lacey 

Faunt LeRoy. H. W. 
Ferguson, James D. 



Findlay, John V. L. 

Finney, John M. T. 
Fleming, George V 
Foard, Joseph R. 
Forbes, Theodore W. 
Ford, Charles E. 
Ford, William W. 
France, Joseph C. 
France, Joseph I. 
Friedenwald, Harry 
Friedenwald, Julius 

Galbreath, Joseph W. 
Gans, Edgar H. 
Garnett, James M. 
Garnett, J. Mercer, Jr. 
Garrett, John W. 
Garrett, Robert 
Gascoyne, William J. 
George, Samuel K. 
Gilchrist, Thomas C. 
Gildersleeve, Basil L. 
Glenn, John, Jr. 
Goddard, Henry P. 
Green, William 
Greene, Herbert E. 
Gregg, Maurice 
Graves, William P. 
Gresham, Thomas B. 
Griffin, Edward H. 
Griffith, Charles J. 
Griswold, B. Howell 
Guthrie, Donald 

Mack. Fred. II. 
Hall, Clayton C. 
Halsted, William S. 
I [aman, B. Howard 
I [ammond, Edward 
Hammond, Edward M. 
Handy, William W. 
I [arlan, I [enry D. 

Harlan, Herbert 
Harris, W. Hall 
Haxall, J. Triplett 
Hemmeter, John C. 
I Icnry, J. Winfield 
Hilken, Henry G. 
Hill, Charles E. 
Hill, C. G. 

Hisky, Thomas Foley 
Hollander, Jacob H. 
Homer, Charles C. 
Homer, Charles C, Jr. 
Homer, Francis T. 
Horwitz, S. Gross 
Hough, Samuel J. 
Howard, Charles McH. 
Hurd, Henry Mills 

Jacobs, H. Barton 
James, Norman 
James, Thomas 
Janvier, Meredith 
Jay, John G. 
Jencks, Francis M. 
Jenkins, Michael 
Johnson, Charles W. L. 
Johnson, John Hemsley 
Johnson, Robert W. 
Johnson, W. Woolsey 
Johnston, Bartlett S. 
Johnston, Richard H. 

Keech, Edward Parkin 
Kelly, Howard A. 
Kent, Frederick R. 
Keyser, R. Brent 
Kimberly, George M. 
Kinsolving, Arthur B. 
Kintzing, Pearce 
Knox, J. H. Mason, Jr. 

Law ford, Jasper M. 



Leary, Peter, Jr. 
Leser, Oscar 
Lippincott, Samuel W. 
Linthicum, Dr. G. Milton 
Lyon, Samuel H. 
Lyon, William P. 

McCormick, Thomas P. 
McDowell, Edward G. 
McElderry, Horace C. 
McEvoy, James, Jr. 
McGlannan, Alexus 
Machen, Arthur W. 
Machen, Arthur W., Jr. 
Mackall, Leonard L. 
Mackall, Thomas B. 
Mackenzie, Thomas 
Mahool, J. Barry 
Marburg, Theodore 
Markell, Charles, Jr. 
Marston, William S. 
Matthews, Edward B. 
Meekins, Lynn R. 
Merrick, Samuel K. 
Miles, Alonzo L. 
Miller, Edgar G. 
Minetti, Pietro 
Mitchell, Charles W. 
Mohler, J. V. 
Morley, Frank 
Morris, Thomas J. 
Moseley, William E. 
Mullikin, Addison E. 
Mullin, Michael A. 
Murray, John Gardner 
Murray, Nicholas 

Nelligan, John J. 
Nelson, John M. 
Niles, Alfred S. 
Noble, Eugene A. 

Norris, Isaac T. 
Norris, J. Olney 
Norton, Arthur W. 

O'Donovan, Charles 
O'Dunne, Eugene 
Olivier, Stuart 

Packard, Joseph 
Page, William C. 
Paton, Stewart 
Peirce, William H. 
Penniman, Nicholas G. 
Penniman, William B. D. 
Perkins, Elisha H. 
Perkins, William H., Jr. 
Phelps, John 
Pietsch. Theo. W. 
Pitt, Faris C. 
Piatt, Walter B. 
Pole, Armanus C. 
Pope, George A. 
Post, John E. H. 

Quick, Alfred M. 

Radcliffe, George L. 
Randall, Blanchard 
Reik, Henry O. 
Remsen, Ira 
Reynolds, George B. 
Rhodes, Frank V. 
Rich, Edward N. 
Riggs, Lawrason 
Riley, Charles H. 
Ritchie, Albert C 
Robertson, Alexander H. 
Rose, John C. 
Ross, Frederick P. 
Rowland, J. H. M. 
Ruhrah, John 



Sanger. Frank D. 
Sappington, A. DeRussey 

Schenck, Edwin 
Schnmckcr, Samuel D. 
Sellman, James L. 
Sharp, George M. 
Shipley. Arthur M. 
Shipley, George 
Shriver, Alfred J. 
Slaughter. R. Kemp 
Smith, Kirby F. 
Smith, Robert H. 
Smith, Truxton 
Spence, William W. 
Spencer, Lindsay C. 
Sperry, Joseph E. 
Spruill, St. Clair 
Spratling, Dr. W. P. 
Steele, John Murray 
Stanley, James G. 
Steiner, Bernard C. 
Stirling, Yates 
Street, David 

Tapscott, John S. 
Taylor, Archibald H. 
Taylor. Frank J. 
Taylor. H. R. 
Taliaferro. John C. 
Theobald, Samuel 
Thorn, DeCourcy W. 
Thomas, Daniel M. 
Thomas, Henry B. 
Thomas, W. D. Nelson 
'Thomas, John B. 
Thomas, William S. 
Thompson, H. Oliver 
Thompson, I [enry F. 
'Tiffany, George P. 
Tiffany, Herbert T. 

Tiffany, Louis McLane 
Tompkins, John A. 
Tompkins, John A., Jr. 
Trippe, Andrew C. 
Tuck, Philemon H. 
'Turner, Oscar A. 
Turnbull, Edwin L. 
Turnbull, Lawrence 
Tyson, A. Morris 

Vandevanter, Charles O. 
Van Ness, Eugene McE. 
Vlack, Frank Van 
Venable, Richard M. 
Vincent, John M. 

Walter, Moses R. 
Walters, Henry 
Warfield, Mactier 
Waring. William E., Jr. 
Warner, C. Hopewell 
Waters, J. Seymour T. 
Watts, Sewell S. 
Webb, William R. 
Wehr, Albert H. 
Welch, William H. 
White, Julian Le Roy 
Whiteley, James Gustavus 
Whitridge, William 
Will, Allen S. 
Willey, D. Allen 
Williams, George Weems 
Williams, Henry 
Williams, R. S. 
Williams, Thomas J. C. 
Willis, George R. 
Wilson, John Appleton 
Wilson, Robert T. 
Wilson, William Bowly 
Winans, Ross R. 



Winchester, William 
Winslow, Randolph 
Wise, Henry A. 
Wolff, Oscar 
Wood, Frederick W. 
Woods, Hiram 


Adkins, William H. 
Adler, Cyrus 
Ahrens, Adolph H. 

Baker, Thomas S. 
Bartol, James 
Bevan, William F. 
Brown, Edwin H., Jr. 
Brerton, W. D. 
Burton, R. 

Carpenter, George W. 
Clapp, F. W. 

Dahlgren, John B. 
Dawson, Benjamin 
De Goll, Louis E. A. 
Denys, F. Ward 
Devecmon, William C. 

Kllicott, David B. 

Farrow, Miles 
Fell, Thomas 
Fitzhugh, Henry M. 

Gibson, \V. Hooper 
Glenn, John M. 

Hiss, Fielder Israel 
Hoffman, Samuel V. 

Ballou, C. C. 
Craighill, William E. 

Worthington, Dr. Thomas C. 
Wyatt, J. B. Noel 

Wylie, Douglas M. 
Young, C. Mervyn 

Zimmerman, Louis S. 


Ala rye, George T., Jr. 
Mane, W. Nelson 
Myers, William Starr 
Mclver, Alexander 

Patterson, Samuel F. 
Poor, Charles Lane 

Roszel, Brantz M. 
Rouse, Willard G. 
Rumbold, Henry E. W. 
Rumbold, Cumberland H. H. 

Schouler, James 
Shreve, Arthur L. 
Shriver, J. Alexis 
Smith, C. Wharton 
Stockham, Edward V. 

Taveau, A. L. 
Tyson, Robert 

Von Spreckelson, Thomas 

Watson, Graham 
Williams, Stevenson A. 
Wilmer, Joseph 
Wilmer, L. Allan 


Cotton, Henry E. 

Bachelors' Cotillon Club 



( olumbus o'donxell lee. r. brent keyser. 

Roger Brooke Hopkins. Robert Oliver Lehr. 

Allan McLane. I). Stewart Ridgely. 

Clymer Wiivte. Robert Garrett. 

William F. Lucas, Jr., Secretary. 

Ahrens, Adolf H. 
Albert, Talbot J. 
Allen, Dr. L. M. 
Ames, Joseph Sweetman 
Archer, James J. 
Archer, C. Graham 
Archer, Robert 
Atkinson, A. Duval, M.D. 
Atkinson, Matthew S. 

Barker, John A., Jr. 
Barrett, Henry C. 
Barton, Randolph, Jr. 
Barton, Carlyle 
Belt, Charles W. 
Bayard, Richard II. 
Barton, Robert K. 
Baker, B. N. 

Baldwin, Summerfield, Jr. 
Baldwin, Willard A. 
Baldwin, F. J. 
Baltzell, William II., M.D. 
Barry, J. Ramsay 
Birckhead. P. M. 
Bird, W. Edgeworth 
Black, Van Lear 
Black, 1 1. Crawford 
Blackford, William S. 


Blackford, Eugene. Jr. 
Blackwell, Josiah L. 
Blakistone, George 
Blanchard, Peter P. 
Bliss, William J. A. 
Boehm, G. Herbert 
Bonaparte. Charles J. 
Bond, C. T. 
Bond, Nicholas P. 
Bond, 1 1 ugh L., 3d 
Bonsai, Frank A. 
Bonsai, J. Purviance 
Booker, John M. 
Boone, W. Kennedy 
Bowie, Carter Lee 
Bowdoin, W. G., Jr. 
Boykin, W. A. 
Boykin, William A.. Jr. 
Boynton, Jesse L. 
Brandt, Jacob 
Brent, Duncan K. 
Brent, R. F. 

Brewster, Benj. 1 1 arris, Jr 
Brogden, J. Charles 
Brogden, John G. 
Brooks, W. B. 
Brooks, W. B., Jr. 
Brooks, Isaac, Jr. 



Brown, Thomas R., M.D. 
Brown, George Stewart 
Brown, Horatio F. 
Brown, Frank 
Brown, Alexander 
Brown, George, Jr. 
Brown, George M. 
Browne, Chas. Willing 
Brown, George Dobbin 
Bruce, E. Skipwith 
Bruce, J. Marshall 
Brune, H. M. 
Brush, Murray P. 
Bryan, J. Wallace 
Buchanan, Charles M. 
Buckler, H. Warren, M.D. 
Buckler, Thomas H., M.D. 
Buckler, Riggin 
Bullet, W. Julian de 
Bullet, Eugene Gustave de 
Burns, F. Highlands 
Buzby, Samuel S. 
Bnzby, Stockton 
Burke, Edward F. 

Cadwalader, Thomas Francis 

Campbell. John P. 

Carey, James 

Carey, George G. 

Carey, John E. 

Carey, Charles H. 

Carey, Francis K. 

Cary, Wilson Miles, Jr. 

Carroll, Albert H. 

Carroll, Charles 

Carroll, Doug. Gordon 

Carter, Charles H. 

Carter, Julian S. 

Carter, Shirley 

Carter, Bernard M. 

Carr, W. Murray 

Chamberlainc, R. L. 
Chatard, Wm. M. 
Chatard, J. Albert, M.D. 
Clark, Frank P. 
Clark, William B. 
Coale, William Ellis 
Coale, R. Dorsey, M.D. 
Cochran, William F. 
Cogswell, Latrobe 
Colston, Frederick Campbell 
Colston, George A. 
Conrad, Charles A. 
Cooper, John Crossan 
Cottman, J. H. 
Cottman, Thomas E. 
Cottman, L. Warrington 
Cradock, Thomas 
Cradock, Arthur 
Crane, John A. 
Cromwell, W. K. 
Cromwell, Richard, Jr. 

Dabney, Wm. M., M.D. 
Dallam, C. Braxton 
Dallam, Lucien 
Daingerfield, P. B. Key. 
Daves, John C. 
Davis, John Staige, M.D. 
Deford, B. F. 
Deford, Thos., Jr. 
Deford, Robert B. 
Denison, Charles C. 
Dobbin, George W., M.D. 
Dobbin, Robert A., Jr. 
Donaldson, Frederick B. 
Donaldson, John J. 
D re wry, Cooper R. 
Duer, Douglas fJ. 
Duer, John 
Duer, Henry Lay 

■-Mti 1 . 


1 >uer, Leland B. 
Duer, Thomas M. 

Duer, A. Adgate 
Duvall, Win. E. Post William M. 
Elliott, Charles 

Ferguson, J. H. 
Fenwick, G. Bernard 
Field, Charles W. 
Fitzgerald, Delano S. 
Fitzgerald, Charles Gait 
Fisher, Edw. McC. 
Fisher, Frank S. 
Fisher, Parks, Jr. 
Fisher, Robert A. 
Fisher, D. K. Este 
Fisher, Alfred 
Fisher, Charles 
Fisher, Janon 
Foard, Joseph R. 
Fisher, Frank, of J. 
Fowler, Laurence Hall 
Franklin, Col. Walter S. 
Franklin, Geo. Small 
*Fraser, Gilbert 
Frick, James Swan 
Frick, Frank, Jr. 
Frick, John W. 

Gaither, A. B., M.D. 
Gaither, Geo. R., Jr. 
Gamble, Cary B., Jr., M.D. 
Garrett, Robert 

Garrett, John W. 

Gary, E. Stanley 

Gary. James A. 
Geor^< . Josias J. 
Gibson, George T. M. 

Gibson, Edw. Guest 
Giffin, Wallis 
Gill, John, Jr. 
Gilmor, John 
Gittings, John S. 
Gittings, James C. 
Gittings, D. Sterett 
Gittings, Ernest 
Gittings, Henry May 
Glenn, John, Jr. 
Goldsborough, Charles 
Goldsborough, Lilburn T. 
Goldsborough, Dr. F. C. 
Goodwin, William Devries 
Gordon, Alexander, Jr. 
Gordon, Douglas H. 
Gorter, James P. 
Gorter, Nathan R., M.D. 
Gregg, Maurice 
Greenway, Eugene 
Griswold, B. Howell, Jr. 
Griswold, Robertson 
Grogan, Charles E. 

Hall, Harry P. 
1 lambleton, T. Edward 
Harlan, Hon. Llenry D. 
Harris, W. Hall 
Harris, W. Hall, Jr. 
Harris, J. Morrison 
Harrison. Thomas B. 
Harrison, Charles K., Jr. 
Harrison, Robert B. 
1 tarrison, I tartman K. 
Harvey, O. Howard 
1 larvey, Roland B. 
Ilarwood, Stephen P. 
Hayes, A. Gordon 
I layes, I [arold K. 

•British Consul 



Hendrick, Calvin W. 
Hilles, W. S. 
Hillen, T. O'Donnell 
Hoffman, R. Curzon 
Hoffman, R. Curzon, Jr. 
Hoffman, William Gilmor, Jr. 
Hopkins, R. Brooke 
Hopkins, Lewis N., Jr. 
Howard, Charles Morris 
Howard, G. Beauregard 
Howard, John D. 
Howard, Frank Key- 
Howard, Charles Ridgely 
Hoffman, J. Latimer, Jr. 
Hull, J. Baker 
Hulings, Thomas M. 
Hutton, Gaun M. 

Iglehart, Francis N. 
Iglehart, Iredell W, 

Jackson, E. A. 
Jackson, George S. 
Jackson, Lloyd L. 
Jackson, J. J., Jr. 
Jackson, Lloyd L., Jr. 
Jacobs, LI. B., M.D. 
James, Nathaniel W. 
James, Norman 
James, Charles I. 
Janes, Henry P. 
Janney, Thomas S. 
Janney, Stuart S. 
Jenkins, Austin Lowe 
Jenkins, Thomas C. 
Jenkins, Hugh 
Jenkins, Michael 
Jenkins, Joseph W., Jr. 
Jenkins, George C. 
Jenkins, M. Ernest 
Jenkins, Louis L. 

Jenkins. Spalding Lowe 
Jenkins, Harry S. 
Jenkins, J. Hillen 
Jenkins, E. Austin 
Jenkins, T. Courtney 
Jencks, Francis M. 
Jewett, Hugh J. 
Johnson, J. Hemsley 
Johnson, Wm. Fell, Jr. 
Johnston, Bartlett S. 
Johnston, Bartlett F. 
Jones, Andrew D., Jr. 
Jones, Julian S. 
Jones, E. Bradley, Jr. 

Keyser, W. Irvine 

Keyser, R. Brent 

Keyser, William, Jr. 

Keyser, H. Irvine 

Key, Edward 

Knapp, Alex. P. 

Knox, J. H. Mason, Jr., M.D. 

Latrobe, Gamble 
Lee, Columbus O'D. 
Lee, O'Donnell 
Lee, Hillyard C. 
Lee, J. Harry 
Lee, John L. Griffith 
Lee, William 
Lee, Stephen S. 
Lee, Philip F. 
Lee, L. M. Dawson 
Leftwich, Vivian 
Lehr, Harry Symes 
Lehr, Robert O. 
Lemmon, J. Southgate 
Levering. F. Johnson 
Levering, Eugene, Jr. 
Levering, Ernest D. 
Lippincott, Samuel W. 



Lord. J. Walter 
Lovell, John Q. 
1 i iwndes, E. B. 
Lucas, William F., Jr. 
Lurman, Theodor, Jr. 

Mackubin, George 

Mackenzie, John N., M.D. 
MacSherry, Allan 
MacSherry, Richard 
Machen, Arthur W., Jr. 
Marbury. W. L. 
Manly, William M. 
Marriott, Telfair W. 
Marston, \\". Woodruff 
Marshall, Charles A. 
Marshall. R. E. Lee 
Martin, Frank, M.D. 
May, George 
Macgill, J. Charles, M.D. 
Miles, L. Wardlaw, M.D. 
Miller, Alfred J. 
Milligan, John J. 
Mc Henry, John 
Mc Henry, W. Cary 
Mcintosh, D. G., Jr. 
McKeon, Edward H. 
McKim, S. Sterett 
McKim, Smith H„ M.D. 
McLanahan, Austin 
McLane, Allan 
McLane, Charles E. 
Meiere, Thos. McKean 
Morgan, Shirley C. 
Morton, Richard 
Mumford, Thos. S. 
Mordecai, Randolph 

Nelson, Alex. C. 
Nelson, John M. 
Nelson, Edwin D. 
N'.irris. Alexander M. 
r, ( lustavus, Jr. 

O'Donnell, John 
O'Donovan, Charles, M.D. 
O'Donovan, John H. 
Ogden, William B. 
Ogden, Phillip 
Orrick, H. A. 
Osborn, Carter G. 

Paine, Gordon P. 
Parr, Ral 
Parr, G. Howell 
Parr, II. A., Jr. 
Pegram, Francis E. 
Penniman, George D. 
Penniman, N. G. 
Pendleton, J. C. B. 
Penniman, Henry G 
Pennington, Josias 
Pennington, Harry 
Pennington, Yates 
Penniman, W. B. D. 
Penniman, Thomas D. 
Perin, Nelson E. 
Perine, E. Glenn 
Perine, Washington 
Petre, Reginald W. 
Piper, James 
Pitts, Tilghman G. 
Poe, S. Johnson 
Poe, Neilson 
Pleasants, R. I I. 
Poe, Ldgar Allan 
Piatt, W. B., M.D. 
Pleasants, J. Hall 
Pleasants, John 
Post, A. H. S. 
Powell, Robert H. 
Preston, Alexander 
Poultney, Arthur E. 
Poultncy, Walter De C. 
Pleasants, William A. 
Poe, Philip Livingston 



Poe, Gresham H. 
Pope, Mica jah W. 
Poultney, William D. 
Poultney, C. Carroll 

Rabillon, L. 
Randolph, Harold 
Randall, Blanchard 
Randall, Daniel R. 
Reeves, Charles H. 
Reeves, Chas. H., Jr. 
Reeves, Chas. B. 
Remsen, Dr. Ira 
Ridgely, Ruxton M. 
Ridgely, D. Stewart 
Ridgely, John, Jr. 
Ridgely, Julian White 
Redwood, John 
Reid, Andrew M. 
Reynolds, Joseph G. 
Rieman, Charles E. 
Riggs, Clinton L. 
Riggs, Lawrason 
Ritchie, Albert C. 
Robinson, Edward A. 
Robinson, Ralph 
Robinson, W. Champlin 
Robinson, J. Randolph 
Robinson, Moncure 
Rogers, Kennedy G. 
Rowland, Samuel C. 

Schenck, Charles Carroll 
Schenck, James C. 
Selden, Arthur T. 
Semmes, John E. 
Semmes, John E., Jr. 
Sharp, Hon. George M. 

Shaw. J. EC., Jr. 

Shearer, Thomas L., M.D. 

Shriver, Clarence 

Shriver, Alfred Jenkins 

Simpson, Comdr. Edward 

Sling] uff, Jesse 
Slingluff, Fielder C. 
Slingluft, T. Rowland 
Smith, T. Marshall 
Smith, Robert W. 
Smith, R. Marsden 
Smith, Henry Lee, M.D. 
Smith, Talbot D. 
Smith, Frank B. 
Smith, Tunstall 
Smith, Alan P.. Jr. 
Smith, Dr. Nathan Ryno 
Smith, Edgeworth 
Smith, Wilson Levering 
Snowden, Basil H. 
Spencer, Jervis, Jr. 
Steele, John N. 
Steele, S. Tagart 
Stewart, David 
Stewart, Gustav I, 
Stewart, Redmond 1 
Spence, W. W., Jr. 
Stewart. C. Morton 
Strother, T. Nelson 
Steuart, James E. 
Steuart, Arthur 
Stewart, S. Liirman 
Stump, Bertram N. 
Sullivan, Felix R. 
Sullivan, Felix R., Jr. 
Swann, Sherlock 
Symington, John F. 
Symington (of S.), John F. 
Symington, W. Stuart, Jr. 
Symington, C. J. 
Symington, Thos. H. 
Symington, W. W. 

Taylor, Robert 

Taylor, Robert Tunstall, M.D. 
Thayer, W. S., M.D. 
Theobald, Samuel, M.D. 



Thomas, J. Hanson 
Thomas, Raleigh C. 
Thomas, John ( iregg 
Thompson, H. Oliver 
Thompson, Richard H. 
Thompson, James M. 
Thompson, Eustis 
Thomas, Douglas H., Jr. 
Thomas, Douglas H. 
Thorn, De Courcy W. 
Thorn, J. Pembroke 
Tiffany, George P. 
Tiffany, 1 [erbert T. 
Tiffany, L. McLane, M.D. 
Tompkins, John A.. Jr., M.D. 
Tuck, Philemon H. 
Tucker, Robert 
Turnbull, Graeme 
Turnbull, Edwin L. 
Turnbull, A. Nesbit, Jr. 
Tyler, Alfred 

Tyson, Malcolm Van Vechten 
Tyson, Jas. Wood, 3d 

Ulman, Jacob A. 

Van Ness, Carroll 

Van Ness, Eugene McE., M.D. 

Walker, Joseph R. 
Walker, J. Mosely 
Warfield, Henry M. 
Warfield, Henry M.. Jr. 
Warfield, R. B., M.D. 
Warfield, Hon. Edwin 
Watts, I lurry I )<>rsey 
Watters, W. J. II., Jr. 
Whedbee, M. Manly 
Whedbee, James S. 
Webb, Charles A. 
Weld, Albert II. 
Wetherall, William G. 
Wheeler, J. Harold, Jr. 

Wheelwright, Jere 
White, C. Ridgely 
White, Miles, Jr. 
White, Richard J. 
White, Henry S. Taylor 
White, William W. 
White, A. Robinson 
White. William Winchester 
Whitehead, John B. 
Whiteley, James S. 
Whiteley, J. Holmes 
Whiting, G. W. C. 
Whitridge, A. H., M.D. 
Whitridge, John 
W'hitridge, Thomas 
Whitridge, William 
Whitridge, Morris 
Whitridge, Horatio L. 
Whitney, Joseph C. 
Whyte, Joseph 
Whyte, Clymer 
Whyte, Charles Gilmor 
Wickes, Hon. Pere L. 
Williams, R. Gordon 
Williams, Dudley, M.D. 
Williams, N. Winslow 
Williams. J. Whitridge, M.D. 
Williams, W. S. G. 
Williams, R. Lancaster 
Wilson, James W. 
Wilson, Gordon, M.D. 
Wilson, James T. 
Winder, Edward Lloyd 
Winder, Charles Sidney 
Wright, Robert Clinton 
Wright, W. H. De Courcy 
Wyatt, J. B. Noel 
Wyatt, C. H., Jr. 
Wylie, Douglas M. 

Yeaton, J. Southgate 
Young, Hugh H., M.D. 

George S. Jackson. 
Thomas B. Harrison. 
Redmond C. Stewart. 

Junior Cotillon 


E. Ayrault Robinson. 
Wm. Graham Bowdoin, 
David G. McIntosh, Jr. 


Charles K. Harrison, Jr. 

Charles H. Carter. 

Ammidon, D. C. 
Allen, Dr. L. M. 
Ambler, James M. 
Adams, Irving 

Brogden, John G. 
Bowdoin, W. Graham, Jr. 
Bland, Richard Howard 
Brooks, W. B. 
Buckner, Chas. T. 
Bruce, E. Skipwith 
Boyce, A. Page 
Brown, Alexander 
Bryan, J. Wallace 
Brady, Jas. H., Jr. 
Brush, Murray P. 
Buchanan, Thomas G. 
Buchanan, Charles M. 
Buzby, Samuel S. 
Brent, Harrison 
Brady, S. Proctor 
Baldwin, Willard A. 
Boone, R. Sanchez 
Baldwin, Frank J. 
Bond, Duke 
Boykin, W. A., Jr. 
Bergland, Dr. John M. 


John G. Brogden. 


John Redwood. 


Baltzell, William Hewson 
Boynton, Jesse L. 
Bullet, John C. de 
Basshor, C. H. 
Baetjer, Fredk. H. 
Baker, George F. 
Bullet, Eugene G. de 
Barton, Carlyle 
Baer, Dr. William S. 
Boyce, Heyward E. 
Boyce, Frederick G. 
Brown, Marechal 
Baker, Cary F. 
Brush, Nathaniel H. 
Brooks, W. B., Jr. 
Bruce, J. Marshall H. 
Brown, George, Jr. 
Blankenship, J. M. 
Belt, H. D. 
Boykin, Robert H. 
Bullet, W. Julian de 

Carter, Charles H. 
Carroll, Douglas G. 
Constable, Wm. P. 
Craghill, Dr. James M. 
Carey, Charles H. 



Cadwalader. Thomas F. 
Clarke. A. Downing 
Cottman, J. If. 
Crawford, William C. 
Cloud, William Woodward 
Cross, W. Irvine 
Crain, Robert 
Cogswell, Latrobe 
Cary. Wilson M., Jr. 
Carey, James 
Cassard, Reese 
Compton, J. H. S. 
Chatard, W. M. 
Crane, John Alden 
Crutchfield, E. M. 

Darrell. H. C. 
Davis. S. Griffith, Jr. 
Duvall, William E. P. 
Duer, Henry Lay 
Duvall, Walter P. 
Dulaney, Grafton L. 
Donaldson, John J. 
Deford, B. F. 
Dennis, J. Murdoch 
Denmead, Garner \Y. 
Davis, Edward L. 
Duer, A. Adgate 
Deford, Thomas 
Deford, Robert 1'.. 

Elliott, J. H. 
England, Joseph T. 
Edelen, J. W. 

Fisher, Charles 
Fisher, Frank of J. 

Franklin, Walter S. 
French, 1 1. Findlay 
Fisher, Alfred 
Fowler, L. II. 

Freeman, Douglas S. 
Forbes, George 

Gary, E. Stanley 
Gary, James A. 
Gary, James A., Jr. 
Gambrill, Geo. T., Jr. 
Garrett, Joseph B. 
Greenway, Eugene 
Goldsborough, William F. 
Gittings, Ernest 
Goodwin, Percy H. 
Goodenow. Rufus K., Jr. 
Garnett, J. Mercer, Jr. 
Gosnell, Frank 
Goldsborough, Dr. F. C. 
Goldsborough. Lilburn T. 
Gibbs, Rufus M. 
Gosnell, Frank, Jr. 
Griswold, Robertson 
Gibbs, John S., Jr. 
Gibbs, E. Everett 
Giffen, Wallis 
Gorman, D. H. 
Gould, C. I. T. 

Harrison, Thomas B. 
Harrison, Charles K., Jr. 
Hutton, G. M. 
Huffer, H. C, Jr. 
Handy, William W. 
1 lodges, John. Jr. 
Harris, W. Hall, Jr. 
1 [arrison, 1 1. Patterson 
Houstoun, James P. 
Harrison, Robert B. 
1 [arrison, John T. 
1 [arrison, Evelyn A. 
Hamilton. W. 1 toward 
Hayes, Harold K. 
Hainan, B. Howard 



Harrison, Hartman K. 
Harris, J. Morrison 
Hayward, W. H. 
Hodges, Rowland W. 
Howard, Charles R. 
Haigh, William 
Hall, H. P. 
Hunter, R. Page 
Hopper, A. M. 
Hopper, Stuart C. 
Hunter, James F. 
Humrichhouse, Harry W. 
Hambleton, T. Edward 
Henry, Robert G. 
Hill, John Philip 
Hughes, Thomas, Jr. 
Hoffman, R. C, Jr. 
Hynson, W. George 
Hendrick, Calvin W. 
Hull, J. Baker 
Homer, Baldwin 
Hopkins, W. Worthington 

Iglehart, Francis N. 
Iglehart, Dr. N. E. B. 
Iglehart, Iredell W. 
Jackson, George S. 
Jenkins, J. Hillen 
Jenkins, Michael 
Jackson, Richard N. 

Keech, E. P., Jr. 
Kerr, Charles G. 
Kennard, Henry W. 
King, John H. 

Levering, F. A., Jr. 
Longcope, G. T. 
Larned, Dr. Charles W. 
Latane, James A. 

Leftwich, Vivian C. 
Levering, Harold W. 
Lemmon, J. S. 

Miller, Lloyd O. 
Mason, Stevens T. 
Machen, Arthur W., Jr. 
Myers, Howard 
Morton, John Stewart 
Mullen, James M. 
Martin, Frank 
Mackubin, George 
Marshall, T. Hartley 
Morton, Frederick M. 
Morton, Copeland 
Munroe, Geo. S. 
Myer, Robert J. 
Miller, Laurence M. 
Manning, Sidney T. 
Moore, Ryland C. 
Markoe, John S. 
Ma rye, R. Turner 
Ma rye, Wm. B. 
Meeker, R. C. 
Marriott, Telfair W. 
Morton, Samuel P., Jr. 
Middleton, Nathan A. 
Miller, Alfred J. 
Miller, F. Morris 
Macgill, C. C. 
Matthews, J. Marsh 
Matthews. Dr. Clyde V. 
Mason, S. Blount. Jr. 
Mcintosh, David G., Jr. 
McElderry, H. C. 
McLanahan, J. Craig 
McCay, H. Kent 
McComas, F. W. 
McKeon, E. H. 
McEvoy, James 


Nbrris, Jefferson D. 
Nelson, Edwin D. 

Ober. Gustavus, Jr. 
:k, Johns* >n 

Polk, I). Peale 
Poe, Edgar Allan 
Poe, S. Johnson 
Pearre, Aubrey, Jr. 
Phelps, Frank II. 
Penrose, Charles B. 
Paine. Gordon P. 
Perine, Washington 
Phelps, John 
Penniman, Thomas D. 
Penniman, Henry G. 
Penniman, Nicholas G. 

' g >n, Robinson C. 
Poultney, Eugene 
Poe, Philip L. 
Palmer, R. McGill 
Pitts, Tilghman G. 
Preston, James H. 
Poe, William C, Jr. 
Phelps, Charles E., Jr. 
Parr, J. II. 

Penniman, George Dobbin 
Penrose, Dr. Clement A. 
Penniman, W. B. D. 
Powell, Edward B. 

Ridgely, Charles R. 
Rutherford, A. H., Jr. 
Robinson, E. Ayrault 
Redwood, John 
Randall. Blanchard 
Rieman, Gilbert 1 1. 
Ridgely, John, Jr. 
-••. I [oward 1 1. 

Renshard, Robert H., Jr 
Ritchie, Albert C. 
Reeves, Cbas. 15. 
Ridgely, David Stewart 
Riefsnider, Chas. T. 
Ruth, Thomas DeC. 
Ruhrah, Dr. John 

Stewart, Redmond C. 
Spencer, Lindsay C. 

Stewart, David 
Shriver, Clarence 
Shriver, Edward J. 
Symington, C. J. 
Scott, Rossiter S. 
Stabler, H. S. 
Smith, Frederick R. 
Smith, Robert W. 
Shriver, Joseph N. 
Schenck, James C. 
Shipley, George 
Spruill, Dr. St, Clair 
Savage, Frederick A. 
Sinclair, Arthur. Jr. 
Steiner, Bernard C. 
Shriver, Alfred Jenkins 
Smith, A. Crawford. Jr. 
Stokes, Dr. William R. 
Snowden, Basil H. 
Snowden, Wilton. Jr. 
Swope. I larry Forest 
Shaw. John EC, Jr. 

Thorn, J. Pembroke 
Turnbull, Edwin L. 
Thomas, Raleigh C. 
Thorn, De Courcy W. 
Tyson, A. Morris 
Tabb, W, Lewis 
Tabb, T. Prosser 



Tabb, H. Noble 
Thomson, R. Lee 
Tormey, Alfred J. 
Thelin, E. Griswold 
Tyson, Malcolm V. 
Taylor. Howard R. 
Tyson, 3d, James \V. 

Ulman, Jacob A. 

Van Ness, Carrol! 
Vickery, Stephen G. 
Vickery, Thomas H. 

Waring, B. H. f Jr. 
Wilmer, John W. 
Whitman, Horace S. 
Whyte, Joseph 
West, Marshall B. 
Winchester, Marshall 
Webb, Oscar E. 
West. Rowland C. 
Whitman, F. S. 
Watts, Henry D. 
Winder, Edward Lloyd 
Wood, Robert W. 
White, Henry S. Taylor 
Wilson, John Sawyer, Jr. 
Walton, Dr. Duncan C. 
Wagner, James F. 
Wylie, Douglas M. 

White. C. Ridgely 
Whitman, Ezra B. 
White. W. Wilson 
White, A. Robinson 
Whiting, G. W. C. 
White. W. Winchester 
Whiteley, B. Albert 
Waiters. Sidney 
Waring. William E. Jr. 
Whelan, Thomas A., Jr. 
Wilson, Samuel B. 
Williams. W. S. G. 
Wroth, Lawrence C. 
Wight. Francis Loney 
Wagner, Basil 
Warfield, Edwin 
Waters. Richard T. 
Whitney, J. C. 
Webb. Charles A. 
Warner, D. List 
Warfield, Henry M.. Jr. 
Williams. Mason L. W. 
Wilmer, J. Wirt 
Williams. John H. C. 
Wheeler. J. Harold, Jr. 
Williams, Henry. Jr. 
Worthington. Ellicott H. 
Wickes, B. Chambers 

Young, Dr. Hugh I!. 
Yearley. Alexander III. 

Green Spring Valley Hunt Club 



John McHenry. 

Master Fox Hounds. 
Redmond C. Stewart. 

Stuart S. J \x.\ey. 
Acting Treasurer and Managing Governor. 
Arthur H. Hall. 
Albert T. Myer. James S. Whedbee. 

Arthur T. Selden. Stuart S. Janney. 

Brooks, Walter P... Jr. Allan McLane. 

Agnus, Gen. Felix 
Albert, Talbot J. 

Allen. L. M., M.D. 
Andrews. Raul. 
Abell, Walter R. 
Archibald, James F.J. ( 
Atkinson, M. S., Jr. 

Baldwin, Summerfield, 
P>aetjer, Harry N. 
Baetjer, Edwin G. 
Barton, Randolph, Jr. 
Basshor, C. H. 
Bell, W. Boyd 
Black, Van Leaf. 
Blackford, Eugene, Jr. 
Blackford, William S. 
Blunt, B. T. J. 

al, J. Purviance 


Bonsai, Frank A. 

Bowie, Carter L. 

Bowles, Thomas H. 

Bowdoin, W. Graham 

Boynton, Jesse L. 
Honorary.) Brady, S. Proctor 

Brewster, B. 1 1., Jr. 

Bridges. I [enry P. 
Jr. Brooks, Walter B. 

Brooks, Walter B., Jr. 

Brooks, Gaylord 

Brooks, S. Bonsai, Jr. 

Brown, H. Carroll 

Brown, Alexander 

Brown, Irwin M. 

Brown, George, Jr. 

Bruce, Edward Skipwith 

Buckler, I >r. Thomas A. 

Burns, F. Highlands 


Burke, Edward F. 
Buzby, Stockton 

Campbell, J. Vernon 

Carter, Spencer L. 

Carroll, Philip A. 

Clotworthy, C. Baker 

Cochran, W. F., Jr. 

Cockey. Edward A. (Honorary.; 

Cover, Loring A. 

Coyne, Hooper 

Cook, William C. 

Cottman, J. H. 

Cottman, Thomas E. 

Cottman, L. Warrington 

Cottman, Clarence 

Cradock, Thomas 

Cranwell, J. H. 

Cross, W. Irvine 

Davis, J. E. 

Day, Julian 
Dawson, J. Hill 
Deford, Thomas 
Deford, B. Frank, Jr. 
Diffenderfer, W. Stewart 
Diffenderfer, Claud A. 
Duer, John 
Dulany, W. J. Clarke 

Easter, James M. 
Elder, William V. 
Elliott, Charles 
Emory, German H. H. 
Ewing, George W. 

Foard, Joseph R. 
Fisher, Janon 
Fen wick, G. Bernard 
Fitzgerald, Charles G. 

Garrett, Robert 
Garrett, Geo. J. 
Garrett, Jos. B. 
Gilmor, Harry 
Gilmor, Robert 
Gittings, Henry May 
Goodenow, Rufus K. 
Goodwin. Percy H. 
Griswold, B. Howell, Jr. 
Groome, Alex. C. 
Gross, John M. 

Haigh, William 

Hall, Arthur H. 

Hall, Grayson M. 

Hambleton, T. Edward 

Harryman, George 

Harrison, Charles K., Jr. 

Harrison, Robt. B. 

Harrison, Thomas B. 

Haxall, Boiling W. (Honorary.) 

Haxall, J. Triplett 

Hendrick. Calvin W. 

Hill, Charles G., M.D. 

Hillen, T. O'Donnell 

Hoffman, WTlliam G., Jr. 

Hoffman, R. C, Jr. 

Hurler, Herman C, Jr. 

Hutchinson, Dr. James 

Howard, John D. 

Howard, Wm. R.. Jr. 

Howard, G. Beauregard 

Hughes, J. Albert 

Ingram, Charles 
Iglehart, Francis N. 

Jackson, Edward A. 
Janney, Stuart S. 
Jenkins, J. Hillen 
Jenkins, George C. 



Jenkins, Michael 
Jenkins, Joseph \\\, Jr. 
Jenkins, Spalding L. 
Johnson, William Fell 
Johnston, Bartlett F., Jr. 
Johnston. Gordon (Honorary.) 

Keating, Frank W., M.D. 
Kerr, William M. 
Keyser, W. Irvine 
Keyser, R. Brent 
Keyser, William, Jr. 
Knox. J. II. Mason. M.D. 

Lanahan, \V. Wallace 
Landstreet, F. S. 
Lee, O'Donnell 
Lee, Frank M. 
Levering, Eugene, Jr. 
Locke. James 
Lovell, John Q. 

Manly, William M. 
Marbury, William L. 
Marshall, R. E. Lee 
Mcintosh, David G., Jr. 
McHenry, John 
McKeon, Edw. II. 
McLane, Allan 
McLane, James L. 
McLean. Robert 
McSherry, S. Ilillen 
Merryman, James McK. 
Merryman, E. Gittings 
Middendorf, J. William 
Miller, Alfred J. 
Miller, Decatur II., Jr. 
Miller. C. Wilbur 
Miller. Lawrence M. 
Montgomery, John L. 
Moore. Ryland C. 
Mordecai, Geo. P. 

Mordecai, Lewis S. 
Morgan, II. McK. 
Morgan, Rowland 
Mudge, E. T. 
Myer, Robert J. 
Myer, Albert T. 

Nicholas, George S. 
Nicholas, Samuel M. 
Nicholas, T. J. Randolph 
Nicholas, Wilson C, Jr. 

Ober, Albert G. 
Ober, G , Jr. 
Oliver, William B. 
Orrick, Henry A. 
Orrick, Johnson 
Orrick, H. A., Jr. 
Offutt, J Fred. 

Page, Wm. Byrd 
Paine, Gordon P. 
Parr, I. M., Jr. 
Parr, Henry A., Jr. 
Pearre, Aubrey, Jr. 
Pearre, Sifford 
Peters, J. G. 
Pennington, Yates 
Perin, Nelson E. 
Piper, James 
Playford, Charles 
Poe, Edgar A. 
Poe, Gresham 1 1. 
Preston, J. I tarry 

Randolph, Geo. F. 
Reiisnidc- J. Milton 
Riely, Compton, M.D. 
Reeves, Charles B. 
Riley, John D. 
Rieman, Charles E. 
Rieman, Gilbert 



Robbins, C. H. 
Rogers, Kennedy G. 

Savage, Fitzhugh D. (Honorary.) 

Selden, Arthur T. 

Shaw, John K., Jr. 

Shoemaker, Samuel M. 

Shriver, George M. 

Sloan, Robert N. 

Sloan, Fisher 

Smith, Frank B. 

Smith, C. Wharton 

Smith, D. C. Wharton 

Smith, Wilson Levering 

Snowden, Wilton, Jr. 

Somerley, Capt. C. F. G. 

Spence, W. W., Jr. 

Spencer, Jervis, Jr. 

Stewart. W. Plunket 

Stewart, Gustav L. 

Stewart, Charles M., Jr. 

Stewart, Redmond C. 

Stewart, S. Liirman 

Stewart, W. Donnell 

Street, John Rush 

Stump, Norman 

Symington, Thomas 

Symington, John F., of S. 

Taylor, F. J. 
Thorn, J. Pembroke 
Thomas, Raleigh C. 
Thomas, J. Hanson 
Thomas, William F. 
Thomas, John G. 
Todd, F. C. 
Tyson, James W\, 11 1 

Valiant, Joseph W. 
Vickery, Thomas H. 

Wads worth, J. S. (Honorary.) 
Wagner, Basil 
Walker, John M. 
Warthen, Thomas V. 
Ward, George 
Watson, Clarence W. 
Webb, Charles A. 
Whedbee, James S. 
Wheelwright, J. H. 
White, Horace 
White, Horace W.. Jr. 
White, Richard J. 
White. Windsor T. 
White, Robert E. 
Whitney, Joseph C. 
Whitridge, William H. 
Whitridge, William 
Whitridge, Horatio L. 
Whitridge, Morris 
Wight, John H. 
Wight, Frank L. 
Wight, Wm. D. 
Wight. E. H. 
Williams, W. S. G. 
Williams. R. L. 
Wilson, J. S., Jr. 
Wilson, James T. 
Wolff, Oscar 
Womble. P. M.- 
Wright, W. H. De C. 
Wyse, W. P. E, M.D. 

Ulman, Jacob A. 

Zimmerman, Frank H. 

The Elk Ridge Hunt 



E. A. Jackson. 

Alex. Brown. 

Graeme Turnbull. 

Master Fox Hounds. 
Thos. Deford. 

11. A. Parr. 

il. W. Williams. 

Oscar G. Murray. 
Wm. M. Manly. 

N. W. Williams. 

E. A. Jackson. 
C. E. Rieman. 


For Four Years. 


Spalding L. Jenkins. 

For Three Years. 

Thos. Deford. 
Wm. A. Marburg. 

For Two Years. 

C. O'D. Lee. 
H. Carroll Brown. 

For One Year. 

Alexander Brown. 
W. S. G. Williams. 


Golf and Tennis. 

Wm. A. Marburg., Chairman. 
Graeme Turnbull, C. G. 

Josias Pennington. 
Alfred R. Rir.r.s. 




N. W. Williams, Chairman. 


Columbus O'D. Lee, Chairman. 

Thomas Deford, Jr. Spalding Jenkins. 

Stables and Kennels. 
Thus. Deford, Chairman. Spalding Lowe Jenkins. 


Abell, Charles S. 
Abell, Walter W. 
Abell, Walter R. 
Andrews, Wm. L. 
Applegarth. Rufus W. 

Baetjer, Edwin G. 
Baker, B. N. 

Baldwin, Summerfield, Jr. 
Bartlett, Edward L., Jr. 
Basshor, C. H. 
Black, Van Lear 
Blackwell, J. L. 
Bloodgood, Dr. Joseph C. 
Bond, N. P. 

Bond, Hugh Lennox. 3d 
Bonsai, J. Purviance 
Bosler, Herman E. 
Bouton, Edw. H. 
Bowdoin, Henry J. 
Bowdoin, W. Graham 
Boy den, D wight F. 
Brewster, Benj. H. 
Brooks, Walter B. 
Brown, Alex. 
Brown, Frank 

Brown, H. Carroll 
Brown, Frank R. S. 
Brown, George, Jr. 
Bruce, E. Skipwith 
Bruce, Howard 
Bryan, Wm. H. 
Burke, E. F. 
Bush, B. F. 

Carey, Francis K. 
Gary. Wilson M. 
Cator, George 
Clotworthy, C. Baker 
Cochran, Wm. F., Jr. 
Coleman, Thos. C. 
Conklin, Daniel E. 
Conrad, Chas. A. 
Cooper, John C. 
Crain, Robert 
Cross, W. Irvine 

Deford, B. R, Jr. 
Deford, Thomas 

Deford, John E. 
Deford, Robert Bell 

Dennis, John M. 



Dixon, Isaac 1 1. 

i hilany. \V. J. Clarke 

Dulany, Randolph Gordon 

Ellard, John W. 
Ellicott, Wm. M. 
Elliott, Prof. A. M. 
Elliott, Charles 

Farber, Edwin J. 
Fenwick, Guy Bernard 
Field, Charles W. 
Findlay, John V. L. 
Finney, Dr. J. T. M. 
Fitzgerald, Dr. Delano 
Fitzgerald, Charles 
Fleming, Geo. \V. 
Foard, Joseph R. 
Frick, J. Swan 

Gans, Edgar 1 1. 
Garrett, Robert 
Gilpin, H. B. 
Gilmor, Harry 
Gilpin, Donald N. 
Goodwin, Percy H. 
Gordon, Douglas H. 
Grafflin, Wm. il. 

Hambleton, Frank H. 
1 rarrison, Chas. K.. Jr. 
I [arrison, Alex. P. 
1 larvey, Francis B. 
1 larvey, O. Howard 
I larvey, W. E. 
Harvey, William P. 
1 larvey, R< land B. 
I [ersh, Grier 
Hill, N. S. 
Hillen, T. O'Donnell 
Hilles, Wm. S. 

I Inmer, R. Baldwin 
I [opkins, G. T., Jr. 

Hopkins, R. Brooke 
Howard, Chas. M. 
1 1 1 iward, Frank Key 
Hurst, John E., Jr. 
Hutton, G. M. 

James, Norman 
Jackson, Edvv. A. 
Jacobs, Dr. Henry Barton 
Janes, Henry P. 
Jencks, Francis M. 
Jenkins, Austin Lowe 
Jenkins, M. Ernest 
Jenkins, George C. 
Jenkins, J. Hillen 
Jenkins, Jos. W., Jr. 
Jenkins, Michael 
Jenkins, Spaulding Lowe 
Jenkins, T. Courtney 
Jenkins, Thomas C. 

Keidel, Chas., Jr. 
Keyser, W. Irvine 
Keyser, Wm., Jr. 
Knabe, Ernest J., Jr, 
Knapp, Alex. P. 
Knapp, George W. 

Lanahan, William 
Lanahan, Wm. Wallace 

Landstreet, Fairfax S. 
Latrobe, Gamble 
Lee, Columbus O'D. 
Lehr, Flarry Symes 
Lehr, Robert Oliver 
Levering, E., Jr. 
Levering, Ernest 
La ve. John T. 



Manly, Win. M. 
Marburg, Albert 
Marburg, Theodore 
Marburg, Win. A. 
Maslin, Frank X. 
Matthews, H. M. 
McComas, H. C. 
McHenry, W. Cary 
McKeon, Edward H. 
McLaran, Percy B. 
Minis. J. Livingston 
Murphy, Frank K. 
Murray, Oscar G. 

Nicodemus, Harry 
Nelson, Alex. C. 

Ober, Robert 
O'Donnell, John C. 
Ogden, Wm. B. 
Oliver, Wm. B. 

Paine, Gordon P. 
Parr, H. A. 
Parr, I. M.. Jr. 
Parr, G. Howell 
Parr, H. A., Jr. 
Pendleton, John C. B. 
Pennington, C. 
Pennington, Harry 
Pennington, Josias 
Pennington, Wm. C. 
Pennington, Yates 
Perin, Nelson E. 
Pleasants, Rickard H. 
Pleasants, John 
Post, A. H. S. 
Potter, George L. 

Randolph, Geo. F. 
Rieman, Charles E. 
Rieman, Gilbert 
Riggs, Alfred R. 
Riggs. Wm. P. 
Roberts, Chas. B., Jr. 
Robertson. Alexander 
Rowland, Samuel C. 
Ryland, Samuel P., Jr. 
Shaw, John K., Jr. 
Shearer, Dr. Thomas L. 
Slingluff, T. Rowland 
Sloan, Robert N. 
Smith, Marsden 
Smith, R. Manson 
Stewart, David 
Sutton, Eben 
Swan. Donnell 
Swann, Sherlock 
Symington, Thomas H. 
Symington. John F., of S. 
Symington, W. Stuart 

Thorn, De Courcy W. 
Thomas, J. Hanson 
Thomas, Douglas H., Jr. 
Thomas, Raleigh C. 
Thompson, J. M. 
Thompson, Richard H. 
Tongue, T. W. 
Turnbull, Graeme 

Ulman, Jacob A. 

Walters, Henry 
Wagner, Basil 

Warfield, Dr. Ridgely B. 
YVarfield, S. Davies 
Warfield, Henry M. 



Watson, Clarence W. 
Webb, George R. 
Whelan, Thomas A. 
Wheelwright, J. H. 

White, Francis A. 
White. Miles, Jr. 
White. R. J. 
White. S. Bonsai 
Whiteley, Jas. S. 
Whitney, Jos. C. 
Whitridge, William 

Wight, John H. 
Williams, H. W. 

Williams, N. Winslow 
Williams, R. Gordon 
Williams, W. S. G. 
Williams, Dr. Dudley 
Williams, R. Lancaster 
Winans, Ross 
Wilson, J. Sawyer, Jr 
Womble, P. M. 

Baugh, Edwin P. 

Clark, J. Peyton 
Crozer, Edward 

Dunn. Herbert O. 
Ducker, Harry T. 

Elkins. Hon. Stephen B. 
Edie, John R. 

Eraser, Gilbert 

Garrett, John W. 
George, Samuel E. 
Gilmor, Robert, Jr. 
Grasty, Chas. II . 

Hall. James D. 
Hayward, Ed. Bartlett 
i lurkamp. Charles H. 
Hough, Edw. 11 
Jenkins, II. Seckel 

Keith, W. W. 


Knabe, William 

Littlefield, Leland H. 

McKim, Dr. Smith H. 

Oliver, Thomas Henry 

Parrish, Morris L. 
Paton, David 
Perin, Oliver 
Perin, Lawrence 
Perkins, Richard F. 
Poullain, T. Noel 
Roberts, Dr. Win. M. 
Reed, Joseph 

Schenck, Elliott P. 
Smith. Edward L. 
Stevenson, Andrew 
Stewart, W. Plunket 
Street, William 

Vanneck, John T, 

Whistler, Ross W. 

The Woman's Literary Club of Baltimore 




Mrs. John C. Wrenshall. 

Mrs. Jordan Stabler. Mrs. Alan Smith. 

Recording- Secretary. 

Miss Lydia Crane. 

Corresponding Secretary. 
Mrs. Philip R. Uhler. 


Miss Elizabeth Lester Mulltn. 


Miss Virginia W. Cloud. Mrs. William M. Powell. 

Miss Annie Hollins. AIrs. Sidney Turner. 

Miss H. Frances Cooper. Mrs. George K. McGaw. 



Atwater, Miss Emily Paret Cloud, Miss Virginia W. 

Ashley, Mrs. Edward Lee Cooper, Miss H. Frances 

Crane, Miss Lydia 
Bates, Miss Octavia W. Davis, Miss Mary D. 

Bowie, Mrs. Robert B. 

Bowie, Miss Virginia Day, Miss Mary Forman 

Butler, Miss Mabel Dorsey, Miss Marian V. 

Dorsey, Miss Nannie E. 
Carter, Mrs. John M. Downes, Mrs. Joseph L. 

Cautley, Mrs. R. K. Duvall. Miss Ellen 



Edmonds, Mrs. William C. 
Elliott, Mrs. A. .Marshall 

Fayerweather, Mrs. Edward E. 

Gale, Mrs. William Adams 

I laman. Mrs. B. I toward 
i lammel, Mrs. \\ r . C. A. 
Haughton, Miss Louise O. 

I I ill, Mrs. Thomas 
Mill. Mrs. Samuel A. 

I fodgdon, Mrs. Alexander 
1 lollins, Miss Annie 
I looper, Mrs. John R. 

Jones, Miss Susie Morris 
Judik, Mrs. J. If. 

Latane, Miss Lucy Temple 
Long, Mr>. Alvin Maurice 
Lord, Mrs. Charles W. 

Marine. Mis-, | larriet V. 
Malloy, Miss Louise 
Marden, Mrs. Charles Carroll 
Markland, Mrs. Wrenshall 
Marriott. Mrs. J. I I. Willson 
McGaw, Mrs. George EC. 
Morgan, Mrs. Charles S. 
Mullin, Miss Elizabeth L. 

Nicholas. Miss Elizabeth C. 


Dandridge, Mrs. Danske 
Lanier, Mrs. Sidney 
Litchfield, Miss Grace Denio 
Miller. Mrs. Olive I home 
Richardson, Mrs. Albert L. 
Herrick, Mrs. s. B. 
Woods, Miss Katherine Pierson 
Coates, Mrs. Florence Earle 

Paret, Mrs. William 
Penrose, _\r rs . Charles 15. 
Perkins, Miss Marie E. 
Pope. Mrs. I )aniel I\ 

Powell, Mrs. William M. 

Reese, Mr-. Percy A I. 

Reese, Miss Lizette W. 

Rinehart, Mrs. E. Thomas 
Sadtler, Mrs. Charles E. 

Schnauffe'r, Miss Lillie 

Smith, Mrs. Alan P. 
Smith, Mrs. William M. 
Stevens, Mrs. F. P. 
Stabler, Airs. Jordan 
Stabler, Mrs. Edward 

Tait, Mrs. John R. 

Tancyhill, Mrs. G. Lane. Jr. 
Trail, Miss Florence 
Turnbull, Mrs. Lawrence 
Turner, Mrs. Sidney 
Turner, Miss Marie 
Tyson, Mrs. Frederic 

Chler, Mrs. Philip R. 

Vanderpoel, Mrs. Aaron 

Whitney, Miss Ann Weston 
Williams. Miss Nellie C. 
Wrenshall. Mrs. John C. 
Wylie, Mrs. Robert M. 


Fletcher, Miss Alice 

Rowland, Miss Kate Mason 
I [earst, Mrs. Phoebe 
Graham, Mrs. John T. 
I lamerik, Mrs. Asger 
Stiebler, Miss Lena 
Bullock, Mis. Waller 

Woman's Club of Roland Park 



Mrs. E. \V. Davison. 

First Vice-President. 
Mrs. Francis Sanderson. 

Second Vice-President. 

Mrs. George F. Cochran. 

Recording Secretary. 

Mrs. William R. Dorsey. 

Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. J. E. Price. Jr. 

Mrs. W. C. Van Sant. 

Governors for Two Years. 
Mrs. VVm. II. Appold. Mrs. J. Frederick Hopkins. 

Mrs. Benjamin Bush. Mrs. John D. Reynolds. 

Governors Held Over. 
Miss Emma C. Legg. Mrs. Wm. Thomsen. 

Mrs. S. M. Hinks. Mrs. Wm. C. Wood. 

Evening Dispensary for Working Women 

and Girls 



(C. & P. Telephone, 5229 St. Paul) 

Miss McLane. 

Lilian Welsh, M.D. 

Dr. Mary Sherwood. 
Board of Managers. 
Chairman, Miss McLane. 
Mrs. F. KL Carey. Mary Sherwood, M.D. 

Lilian Welsh, M.D. Mrs. R. Manson Smith. 

Miss J. R. Rogers. 


Sudbrook Park Golf Club 




I I. Arthur Stump. 

Hon. II. D. Harlan 


R. W. Graves, 

.308 X. Charles Street. 

Wm. E. Post Duvall. 

Chairman House Committee. 
Wm. M. Hayden. 

Chairman Greens Committee. 
H. Arthur Stump. 

Chairman Tennis Committee. 
S. S. Merrk k. 

Hon. Henry D. Harlan. 
E. H. Bankard. 
Oscar E. Webb. 
Wm. M. Hayden. 
Frederick B. Beacham. 
William R. Howard. 


Dr. Herbert Harlan. 
Wm. E. P. Duvall. 
R. W. Graves. 
Dr. Samuel K. Merrick. 
A. Hunter Boyd, Jr. 
Dr J. M. H. Rowland. 



^,j\! (JC doiiLJo postals sent out 
in October u.iast i>e re- 
turned by 2bo 20 th of that 
i no nth, otherwise, correc- 
tions and extra names will 3>e 
olw^ed 20 cents eaeii line. 


Isaac Hamburger & Sons 

Specialists in 


It 9 most aggravating to you to nave an 
appointment broken isn t it. 

Prompt appointments are a rigid rule 

with us. 
We have exceptional facilties to create a 

Street Suit or Evening Gown. 



Commercial and Society Engraving 
w?™ Lucas Brothers 



212-223 E. Baltimore Street 



Main Office: 417 N. CHARLES ST. YARD, BOLTON 


Arundell Club. 

OFFICERS— 1909-1910. 


Miss Alice T. Tiffany. 

Second Vice-President. 

Miss M. Louisa Steuart. 

Recording Secretary. 

Miss Julia B. Dixon. 

Mrs. Albert L. Sioussat. 
Mrs. R. H. Kilpatrick. 
Mrs. Joseph Blair. 
Mrs. J. Hemsley Johnson. 
Miss Fanny T. Turnbull. 
Mrs. J. Mark Baldwin. 

First Vice-President. 

Mrs. Chester B. Turnbull 


Mrs. John R. Cary. 

Corresponding Secretary. 
Mrs. J. Williams Lord. 

Mrs. Frederick Wood. 
Miss Margaretta Poe. 
Dr. Lilian Welsh. 
Mrs. Wm. M. Ellicott. 
Mrs. Mark O. Shriver. 
Mrs. J. Irwin France. 

United Daughters of the Confederacy 


Honorary President. 

Mrs. D. Giraud Wright, 



Mrs. Frank G. Oppenheimer, 

First Vice-President. 

Mrs. John P. Poe, 

Second Vice-President. 

Mrs. G. Smith Norris, 
Bel Air. 

Third Vice-President. 

Mrs. L. Victor Baughman. 

Fourth Vice-President. 

Mrs. R. Alexander Hammoni 

Division U. D. C. 
CERS— 1909. 

Fifth Vice-President. 

Mrs. A. T. B. Egee, 
Chesapeake City. 

Recording Secretary. 

Mrs. August Weber, 


Corresponding- Secretary. 

Mrs. Neilson Poe. Jr.. 


Mrs. Winfield S. Peters, 


Miss Mary Hall. 

lecorder for Cross of Honor, 

». Mrs. Samuel T. Brown, 



Daughters of the Confederacy in the State 

of Maryland 


Honorary President. 
M rs. 1 ). ( Jiraud Wright. 


President. First Vice-President. 
Mrs. John P. Foe. Mrs. Charles Marshall. 
Second Vice-President. Treasurer. 

Mrs. Charles K. Harrison. Miss J. M. Cary. 

Registrar. Recording Secretary. 
Mrs. J. Francis Dammann. Miss Bright. 

Corresponding Secretary. 
Mrs. B. Joxes Taylor. 

Mrs. T. B. Gresham. Mrs. E. S. Beall. 

Mrs. S. J. Hough. Miss Elizabeth Hall. 

Mrs. F. M. Colston. 

Maryland Line Chapter of the 
Daughters of the American Revolution 



Regent. Vice-Regent. 

Miss Lilian Giffin. Mrs. Michael Bertram Wild. 

Recording Secretary. Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. Claude H. Hall. Mrs. Louis I'. Goldsborough. 

Treasurer. Registrar. 

Miss Jennie Baylies. Mrs. Howard Adams. 

M iss Jane G. Ki-a s. 
Mrs. A. Marshall Ellio Mrs. Leonid as Levering. 

Miss Susan R. Groverman. Mrs. Harvey Middleton. 

M [SS VlKGl N I \ W [LSON. 

Thomas Johnson Chapter Daughters of the 
American Revolution 



Regent. Vice-Regent. 

Mrs. Henry W. Rogers. Mrs. James D. Iglehart. 

Recording Secretary. Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. John Thomson. Mason. Miss Alice M. Smith. 

1206 John Street. 
Mrs. B. F. Smith. Registrar. 

Treasurer. Miss Charlotte de Macklot Thompson. 

Mrs. James Mercer Garnett. 
Board of Managers. 
Mrs. Wm. Paret. Mrs. George W. S. Hall. 

Mrs. Hexry Stockbrid'ge, Jr. Mrs. Frank Peyton Clark. 

Miss Isabel Mordecai. Miss Elizabeth Ward Hall. 

Mrs. Eric Bergland. Mrs. Bex t am in H. Brewster. 

Society of Colonial Wars 



De Courcy W. Thom. 
Deputy Governor. Lieutenant-Governor. 

William Bowly Wilson. George Norbury Mackenzie. 

Secretary. Deputy Secretary. 

Julian Henry Lee. Edward Ferguson Arthurs. 

Treasurer. Historian. 

William Mozart Hayden. Bennett Bernard Browne, M.D. 

Registrar. Chancellor. 

Richard Mareen Duvall. McHenry Howard. 

Surgeon. Deputy Governor General. 

Dr. Walter B. Plait. J. Appleton Wilson. 


The Maryland Society of the Colonial Dames 

of America 




Honorary President. President. 

Mrs. Von Kapfp. Mrs. William Reed. 

505 Park Avenue. 

First Vice-President. Second Vice-President. 

.Mrs. Charles Marshall. Mrs. N. G. Penniman. 

Recording- Secretary. Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. J. J. Jackson. Miss Elizabeth M. Morris. 

Treasurer. Historian. 

Miss Elizabeth II. Siokes. Miss Mary Tilghman. 

Registrar. Genealogist. 

Mrs. E. S. Beall. Christopher Johnston, M.A., M.D., Ph.D. 
Advisory Board. 
Mr. Henry F. Thompson. Mr. Wm. B. Wilson. 

\)k. Christopher Johnston. Mr. Arthur Geo. Brown. 

Judge Henry Stockbridge. 

Daughters of American Revolution 


State Regent. 
Mrs. J. Pembroke Thom. 


Regent. Vice-Regent. 

Mrs. Charles Wesley P>assett. Mrs. W'm. I). Bowie. 

Registrar. Recording Secretary. 

Miss Janet VVier. Mrs. J. E. Rittenhouse. 

Corresponding Secretary. Treasurer. 

Mr-. Wm. T. Malster. Mrs. R. Ross Holloway. 


Miss Marion Y. Dorsey. 

Board of Management. 
Mrs. Arthur Lee Bosley. Mrs. Alex. I). McConachie. 

Mrs. Thomas Hon Mrs. John Gill Buck. 

Miss Virginia Bowie. Mr-. George Howser. 

Mrs. Walter B. Swindell, Mr.-. J. Charles Linthicum. 

General Smallwood Chapter 
Daughters of American Revolution 

Mrs. Robert C. Barry. 

Recording Secretary. 
Mrs. P. B. Watts. 

Mrs. Jesse Cassard. 


Mrs. Milliard F. Corkran. 

Corresponding Secretary. 
Mrs. Charles E. C. Smith. 

Miss Ada Hadel. 

Mrs. Charles E. Sadtler. 

Henry B. Gilpin. 

Rear Commodore. 

Walter Ancker. 

Secretary and Treasurer 
J. A. Davis. 

Robert Ramsay. 
jEO. M. Shriver. 

Baker Waters. 


Baltimore Yacht Club 




Isaac E. Emerson. 

Fleet Captain. 
J. Austin Dinning. 


F. W. Robertson. 


Arthur D. Foster. 
F. W. McAllister. 
House Committee. 

Robert Ramsay. 
William L. Andrews. 
Regatta Committee. 

W. T. KlHNS. 
C. W. Miller. 


Catonsville Country Club. 



Art mi: C Moni ell. 

Samuel 1 1. I [elfrii h. 

Bi n.i a mix Whiteley. 

Cary F. Baker. 
Board of Governors. 
Dr. Richard F. Gundry. E. P. Franke. 

G. Herbert Rice II- Clay Suter. 

Arthur C. Montell. Daniel B. Miller. 

Jacob Fran< k. Chas. E. Wilson. 

Cary F. Baker. Samuel II. Helfrich. 

li. |-;. Peddicoro. Benjamin Whiteley. 

Patapsco Hunt Club 

Dr. Wm. R. Eareckson. 
Rowland C. West. 
M. F. H. 
DORSEY .M. William.-. 
Board of Governors. 
Murry Han Frederick B. Donaldson. 

\. Roger William.-. D. Sterett Gittings. 

Wm. H. Assheton. W. J. H- Watters, Jr. 

Felix R. Sullivan. ' rusi w T. Dalcour. 

TaliC JoiiLlo postals sent out 
In October must Jro re- 
turned I>y the 20th of that 
.ttiontli, otherwise, correc- 
tions and e:xtra names will he 
oluir^od '^0 cents eacli line. 



Lucas Brothers 


Printers, Stationers 
Blank Book Makers 
Office Outfitters 

221-223 E BALTIMORE ST. 



"THE donMo postals s-ont out 
iw October uiust he re- 
turned by the 30lli ©I that 
taosath, otherwise, correc- 
tions and extra naines will he 
chafed 20 cents each Hue. 



North German Lloyd 
Steamship Company 


Baltimore to Bremen Direct 

Regular Steamers Every Wednesday 

From New York to Bremen 

Via Plymouth and Cherbourg. Fast Express 

Steamers Every Tuesday, Twin- 

Serew Passenger Steamers 

Every Thursday. 

From New York to Genoa 

Via Gibraltar, Naples, etc. 
Twin-Screw Passenger Steamers Every Saturday 

Passenger Service to 

Egypt, India, China, Australia 

Via Genoa and/or Naples 
Also between 

Marseilles, Naples and 


General Agents 






mP ^4 I 



Academy of music- Nixon - mis Zimmerman - 

imore MD- - Proprietor s ^Ha 

J.D. AILEN . Arch.lw - 

— 'Oil , Chc^tiwt Strut - 

Icademy or Music — 


Nixon ... Zimmermaw - 

-J.D. flUEN JKJlMa- 

- 1017 cliot.i"t "awrt — 

•M i H"l-*l"l"hl'l'/«/'/*/^>C^ 

: |, : |,| .' N . //,/, ^ r 


3 1M3D 02655735 fi 

a3 1 ^30028S27358b 

»«P NX V 


t'\ i 

ILL do more for your complexion than any amount 
of cold cream and "beauty preparations . The reason 
is that RESINOL SOAP is at once a Skin-Cleanser. 
Healer and Nutrient. It first thoroughly removes all 
y dirt and foreign matter, then antiseptically heals every 
little cut and abrasion, and finally feeds and nourishes the skin as 
nothing else can. This is largely owing to the fact that instead of 
containing harmful alkalies-as many toilet soaps do-it is medicated 
with "RESINOL", the best known remedy for all skin trouble?. 
Add to this the refreshing and comforting effects of the pure vegetable 
oils used, and you can understand why it is-as thousands have testified- 

that the best aid to a good complexion is 


That RESINOL is the most reliable remedy for Eczema and all 
skin diseases ■where there ia itching and irritation is recognized by 
the medical profession everywhere. 

RESINOL (Medicated) SHAVING STICK also contains the 
healing and antiseptic virtues that have made RESINOL 
OINTMENT so famous. Its free, creamy lather soothes and pre- 
vents the irritation incident to shaving. It is a real luxury and 
comfort to self-shavers. 

These preparations are for sale in all leading drug stores in every 
country of the world.